Atari 2600 Manufacturer Number St Name (unknown) Brick Kick (unknown) Clown Down Town (unk

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Skeptic Tank!

Atari 2600 Manufacturer Number St Name ================================================================================ (unknown) Brick Kick (unknown) Clown Down Town (unknown) Criminal Pursuit (unknown) TP-605 Dragon Defender (unknown) TP-617 Farmyard Fun (unknown) Flying Saucer (unknown) TP-606 Hole Hunter (unknown) Kid Vid (unknown) Lie Low (unknown) NR Lost And Found (unknown) Mariana/River Raid II/Car Racing/Pyramid War... (unknown) Missile Attack (unknown) Motocross / Boom Bang (unknown) Number Zapper (unknown) OOPS (unknown) Pitfall/Super Invaders (unknown) Planet Patrol / Wall Defender (unknown) NR Planet Protector (unknown) Predatori Del'Arca Perduta (unknown) Ski Hunt (unknown) Ski Runner (unknown) Space Ark (unknown) Stomp It (unknown) Treasure Island (unknown) UFO Patrol (unknown) Wolf Fighting (unknown) Wrestling Absolute EU My Golf xI Absolute AK-045 Pete Rose Baseball x Absolute AG-042 Skate Boardin': A Radical Adventure xI Absolute AG-041 Title Match Pro Wrestling xI Absolute AK-046 Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator Access LipStik Plus Action Hi-Tech Bank Heist Action Hi-Tech 605077 Crab Control (or Activision Crackpots) Action Hi-Tech F-18 vs. Aliens Action Hi-Tech Galaxy Invaders Action Hi-Tech Space Grid Action Hi-Tech Tank City Action Hi-Tech War Zone xI Activision AX-013 Barnstorming xI Activision AZ-036 Beamrider xI Activision AG-002 Boxing x Activision AX-006 Bridge x Activision AG-003 Checkers xI Activision AX-015 Chopper Command xI Activision AK-043 Commando Activision AZ-041 Contenders x Activision AG-038 Cosmic Commuter xI Activision AX-029 Crackpots x Activision AZ-030 Decathlon xI Activision AX-024 Dolphin xI Activision AK-050 Double Dragon xI Activision AG-001 Dragster Activision NR Dreadnaught Factor xI Activision AX-026 Enduro xI Activision AG-004 Fishing Derby xI Activision AX-009 Freeway xI Activision AX-031 Frostbite x Activision AZ-108 Ghostbusters xI Activision AX-014 Grand Prix x Activision AZ-036 H.E.R.O. xI Activision AX-012 Ice Hockey xI Activision AX-010 Kaboom xI Activision AX-025 Keystone Kapers xI Activision AX-039 Kung Fu Master xI Activision AG-008 Laser Blast xI Activision AX-017 Megamania xI Activision AX-023 Oink! xI Activision AB-035 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns x Activision AX-018 Pitfall! xI Activision AX-027 Plaque Attack x Activision AZ-032 Pressure Cooker xI Activision AG-034 Private Eye x Activision AK-049 Rampage x Activision AX-020 River Raid xI Activision AK-048 River Raid II xI Activision AZ-028 Robot Tank xI Activision AX-022 Seaquest xI Activision AG-005 Skiing xI Activision AX-019 Sky Jinks xI Activision AZ-033 Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space xI Activision AX-021 Spider Fighter xI Activision AX-011 Stampede xI Activision AX-016 Starmaster xI Activision AG-007 Tennis Activision NR Zenji xI American Tax Avoiders x Amiga 3120 Mogul Maniac Amiga 3105 NR Mogul Maniac (for Power Module) xI Amiga 3130 P Off Your Rocker Amiga 3115 NR Off Your Rocker (for Power Module) Amiga NR Power Play Arcade 1 Amiga NR Power Play Arcade 2 Amiga NR Power Play Arcade 3 Amiga NR Power Play Arcade 4 Amiga NR Power Play Arcade 5 Amiga 2105 NR SAC Alert Amiga 3135 NR SAC Alert (for Power Module) Amiga 2100 NR Scavenger Hunt (for Power Module) Amiga 2115 NR Strafe (for Power Module) Amiga 3125 Surf's Up Amiga 3110 NR Surf's Up (for Power Module) Amiga 1100 NR 3-D Ghost Attack/Depth Charge (for Power Module Amiga 2110 NR 3-D Havoc (for Power Module) Androbot NR Androman Answer ASC2001 P Confrontation Answer ASC1002 Gauntlet x Answer ASC1001 Malagai Answer Personal Game Programmer xI Apollo AP2009 Final Approach Apollo AP2008 Guardian xI Apollo AP2006 Infiltrate Apollo AP2007 Kyphus Apollo AP2005 Lochjaw (or Shark Attack) xI Apollo AP2004 Lost Luggage Apollo AP2011 Pompeii xI Apollo AP2003 Racquet Ball x Apollo AP2005 Shark Attack (or Lochjaw) xI Apollo AP1001 Skeet Shoot x Apollo AP2002 Space Cavern xP Apollo AP2001 Space Chase Apollo AP2012 Squoosh xI Apollo AP2010 Wabbit Artic SM8002 Astrowar Artic SM8001 Space Robot (or Atari Missile Command) Atari CX26133 P A-Team, The xP Atari CX2613 Adventure Atari CS Adventures Of Max xI Atari CX2602 Air-Sea Battle x Atari CX26103 Alpha Beam With Ernie Atari CX2696 EU Asterix (or Taz) xI Atari CX2649 Asteroids xI Atari CX2617 Backgammon Atari NR Baseball (for VC) x Atari CX2661 Basic Math (or Fun With Numbers) x Atari CX2620 BASIC Programming xI Atari CX2624 Basketball xI Atari CX2681 Battlezone Atari NR Battlezone (for VC) xI Atari CX2650 Berzerk Atari NR Berzerk (for VC) xIO Atari CX26104 Big Bird's Egg Catch Atari NR Bionic Breakthrough xI Atari CX2651 Blackjack Atari CX26190 BMX Airmaster Atari CX26128 NR Boing (or First Star?) xI Atari CX2628 Bowling xI Atari CX2664 Brain Games xI Atari CX2622 Breakout xI Atari CX2607 Canyon Bomber xI Atari CX2652 Casino Atari NR Caverns Of Mars (for MFC) xI Atari CX2676 Centipede xI Atari CX2616 Championship Soccer (or Pele's Soccer) Atari NR Children's Introduction To Programming (for MFC Atari CX26124 NR Choplifter! xI Atari CX2630 Circus Atari xI Atari CX2643 Codebreaker xI Atari CX2601 Combat Atari CX2642 Concentration (or Hunt and Score) xIO Atari CX26102 Cookie Monster Munch Atari CX26142 CS Crack'd Atari CX2683 Crazy Climber x Atari CX26139 Crossbow xI Atari CX26110 Crystal Castles xI Atari CX26151 Dark Chambers xI Atari CX2609 Defender xI Atari CX26120 Defender II (or Stargate) xI Atari CX2615 Demons To Diamonds xI Atari CX26140 Desert Falcon Atari MAO17600 Diagnostic Cartridge x Atari CX2677 Dig Dug xI Atari CX2637 Dodge 'Em Atari CX26108 P Donald Duck's Speedboat Race Atari NR Donkey Kong (for MFC) x Atari CX26143 Donkey Kong (or Coleco) x Atari CX26144 Donkey Kong Jr (or Coleco) xI Atari CX26159 Double Dunk Atari CX2678 P Dukes Of Hazzard Atari CX26115 P Dumbo's Flying Circus Atari CX26126 NR Elevator Action xI Atari CX2674 ET: The Extra Terrestrial Atari NR Family Finances (for MFC) Atari CS Fatal Run xI Atari CX2644 Flag Capture Atari CX2693 NR Food Fight xI Atari CX2625 Football Atari NR Foxbat Atari CX2665 P Frog Pond Atari CX26147 NR Frogger (or Parker Brothers) Atari CX2661 Fun With Numbers (or Basic Math) Atari CX26116 NR Galaga x Atari CX2684 Galaxian Atari CX26132 NR Garfield xI Atari CX2634 Golf Atari CX26112 NR Good Luck Charlie Brown xI Atari CX2685 Gravitar Atari CX26127 Gremlins Atari CX26106 P Grover's Music Maker xI Atari CX2662 Hangman xI Atari CX2654 Haunted House Atari NR Home Filing Manager (for MFC) xI Atari CX2623 Home Run Atari CX26130 NR Honker Bonker xI Atari CX2627 Human Cannonball xI Atari CX2642 Hunt & Score (or Concentration) Atari CX26177 Ikari Warriors xI Atari CX2611 Indy 500 Atari NR Introduction To Programming (for MFC) Atari CX26165 NR Jinks x Atari CX2691 Joust x Atari CX26123 Jr. Pac-Man x Atari CX2688 Jungle Hunt xI Atari CX2689 Kangaroo Atari CS Klax x Atari CX2682 Krull Atari CX26134 NR Last Starfighter x Atari CX2697 Mario Bros xI Atari CX2658 Math Gran Prix xI Atari CX2635 Maze Craze: A Game Of Cops And Robbers x Atari CX26129 Midnight Magic x Atari CX26118 Millipede xI Atari CX2626 Miniature Golf Atari CX26113 NR Miss Piggy's Wedding xI Atari CX2638 Missile Command Atari CX26131 NR Monstercise x Atari CX2692 Moon Patrol Atari CX26171 Moto Rodeo Atari CX26141 NR Motorcycle xI Atari CX26146 Mouse Trap (or Coleco) xI Atari CX2675 Ms Pac-Man xI Atari CX2633 Night Driver Atari CX26117 P Obelix xI Atari CX26168 Off The Wall x Atari CX26101 Oscar's Trash Race xI Atari CX2639 Othello xI Atari CX2605 Outlaw xI Atari CX2646 Pac-Man Atari CX26135? NR Peek-A-Boo Atari CX2616 Pele's Championship Soccer Atari CX2616 Pele's Soccer Atari CX2690 Pengo xI Atari CX2673 Phoenix xP Atari CX26114 Pigs In Space xI Atari CX2694 Pole Position Atari NR Preppie xI Atari CX26150 Q*bert (Parker Brothers) Atari CX2686 Quadrun Atari CX26176 Radar Lock xI Atari CX2659 Raiders Of The Lost Ark Atari NR Rally-X xI Atari CX2640 Realsports Baseball Atari CX2679 NR Realsports Basketball xI Atari CX26135 Realsports Boxing x Atari CX2668 Realsports Football x Atari CX2667 EU Realsports Football (international edition) x Atari CX2667 Realsports Soccer xI Atari CX2680 Realsports Tennis xI Atari CX2666 Realsports Volleyball Atari CX2663 Road Runner Atari Robotron: 2084 Atari CX2698 Rubik's Cube Atari CX26119 NR Saboteur Atari CS Saving Mary xI Atari CX26170 Secret Quest Atari CX26183 Sentinel Atari CS Shooting Gallery Atari MAO1760 Signal Tracing Cartridge Atari CX26122 P Sinistar xI Atari CX2629 Sky Diver x Atari CX2653 Slot Machine xI Atari CX2606 Slot Racers x Atari CX26111 Snoopy & The Red Baron Atari CX26107 NR Snow White xI Atari CX26136 Solaris x Atari CX26109 Sorcerer's Apprentice xI Atari CX2632 Space Invaders xI Atari CX2604 Space War xI Atari CX26155 Sprintmaster Atari CX2655 NR Star Castle xIO Atari CX2660 Star Raiders Atari NR Star Raiders (for VC) xI Atari CX2603 Star Ship x Atari CX26120 Stargate (or Defender II) Atari CX2614 NR Steeplechase (or Sears) Atari CX2619 NR Stellar Track (or Sears) Atari CX26167 CS Street Fight xI Atari CX2612 Street Racer Atari CX2647 NR Submarine Commander (or Sears) xI Atari CX26152 Super Baseball xI Atari CX2608 Super Breakout xI Atari CX26154 Super Football Atari CX26138 NR Super Soccer xI Atari CX2631 Superman xI Atari CX2641 Surround Atari CX2672 NR Swordquest: Airworld xI Atari CX2656 Swordquest: Earthworld xI Atari CX2657 Swordquest: Fireworld Atari CX2671 Swordquest: Waterworld xI Atari CX2699 Taz Atari CX2687 NR Tempest x Atari CX26125 Track & Field Atari CX26148 NR Turbo (or Coleco) Atari NR Typo Attack (for MFC) xI Atari CX2669 Vanguard xI Atari CX26145 Venture (or Coleco) xI Atari CX2636 Video Checkers xI Atari CX2645 Video Chess Atari CX2670 Video Cube xI Atari CX2621 Video Olympics xI Atari CX2648 Video Pinball xI Atari CX2610 Warlords Atari CX26184 CS White Water Madness Atari CX26172 Xenophobe Atari CX2695 P Xevious xI Atari CX2655 Yar's Revenge Atari CX26149 NR Zaxxon (or Coleco) Atari CX26121 NR Zookeeper Atari CX26105 NR 3-D Asteroids xI Atari CX2618 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe Atari CX26163 32 in 1 Avalon Hill 50010 Death Trap xI Avalon Hill 50020 London Blitz Avalon Hill 50050 Out Of Control Avalon Hill 50040 Shuttle Orbiter xI Avalon Hill 50030 Wall Ball Bit PG206 Bobby Is Going Home (or Coleco Smurf: Rescue) Bit PG205 Dancing Plates Bit Fishing Bit PG207 Mission 3000AD Bit PG209 Mr. Postman Bit PG204 Open Sesame Bit PG203 Phantom Tank Bit PG201 Sea Monster x Bit PG208 Snail Against Squirrel Bit PG202 Space Tunnel Bomb CA281 Assault Bomb CA282 Great Escape Bomb NR Splendour Bomb CA285 Wall Defender Bomb CA283 Z-Tack Brasar Mr Postman Broderbund NR Sky Blazer Broderbund NR Solo Carrere Octopus x CBS Games 80030 Blue Print xI CBS Games 80010 Gorf CBS Games Kick Man CBS Games NR Maddenness (John Madden Football) x CBS Games 80080 Mountain King xI CBS Games 80090 Omega Race xP CBS Games 80020 Solar Fox x CBS Games 80070 Tunnel Runner CBS Games Wings x CBS Games 80000 Wizard Of Wor Chalk Board NR Bear Jam Chalk Board NR Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush Chalk Board NR Leo's Links Chalk Board NR Leonardo's Logo Chalk Board NR Logic Master Chalk Board NR Micro Maestro Chalk Board NR Music Math Coleco CO2658 Berenstein Bears (for KV) Coleco Berenstein Bears: Big Number Hunt (for KV) Coleco Berenstein Bears: Great Letter Roundup (for KV) Coleco Berenstein Bears: Spooky Spelling Bee (for KV) xI Coleco CO2468 Carnival Coleco CO2464 NR Cosmic Avenger x Coleco CO2451 Donkey Kong x Coleco CO2653 Donkey Kong Junior x Coleco CO2665 Front Line Coleco CO2463 Lady Bug Coleco CO2654 NR Looping x Coleco CO2459 Mouse Trap xI Coleco CO2656 Mr Do! Coleco CO2695 Mr Do's Castle Coleco One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss Coleco CO2655 NR Pepper II x Coleco CO2667 Roc'N Rope Coleco CO2652 NR Rocky Battles The Champ x Coleco CO2465 Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel's Castle Coleco CO2661 NR Smurfette's Birthday (for KV) Coleco CO2511 Smurfs Save The Day (for KV) Coleco 12813 Smurfs Save The Day: Greedy Smurf (for KV) Coleco 12812 Smurfs Save The Day: Handy Smurf (for KV) Coleco 12811 Smurfs Save The Day: Harmony Smurf (for KV) Coleco 261905 NR Sword And The Sorceror Coleco CO2662 NR Tarzan Coleco CO2663 Time Pilot Coleco CO2455 NR Turbo xI Coleco CO2457 Venture Coleco CO2660 NR Wild Western x Coleco CO2454 Zaxxon CommaVid CM008 Cakewalk xI CommaVid CM003 Cosmic Swarm xIO CommaVid CM001 MagiCard CommaVid CM005 Mines Of Minos CommaVid CM010 Mission Omega xI CommaVid CM004 Room Of Doom CommaVid NC Rush Hour CommaVid CM009 Stronghold CommaVid Underworld CommaVid CM002 Video Life Compumagic Pogoman Cumma NR Atom Smasher Cumma NR Look Ahead Cumma NR Poltergeist xI Data Age DA1004 Airlock x Data Age 116007 Bermuda Triangle xI Data Age DA1005 Bugs xI Data Age DA1001 Encounter At L-5 x Data Age 116008 Frankenstein's Monster x Data Age 116006 Journey Escape Data Age 116006 Rock 'N Roll Escape (or Journey Escape) Data Age P Secret Agent xI Data Age DA1003 Sssnake xI Data Age DA1002 Warplock Dimax Astrowar Dimax Space War DSD/Camelot Tooth Protectors El Duende Azul 13 Cosmic Ark/Barnstorming/Boby Bo Home... Emag GN-070 NR A Mysterious Thief Emag GN-040 Cosmic Corridor Emag GN-020 Dishaster Emag Fire Bug Emag GN-080 NR Fire Spinner Emag GN-010 I Want My Mommy Emag GN-060 Immies & Aggies Emag GN-050 Pizza Chef Emag GN-030 Tanks But No Tanks Entex NR Beginning Algebra Entex NR Beginning Math Entex NR Home Finance Entex NR Logo Entex NR Number Games Entex NR Speed Reading Entex NR Spelling Games Entex NR Sports Statistics Entex NR Touch Typing Entex NR Word Games xI Epyx 19319R California Games xI Epyx 08519R Summer Games Epyx CS Super Cycle x Epyx 08919R Winter Games Exus NR Exus Health Cycle Program Exus Foor Craz Control Exus Video Jogger Exus Video Jogger/Video Reflex Exus Video Reflex Fantastic Game 0810 Berzerk/Sky Alien/Pitfall/Asteroid... Fantastic Game 0814 Mariana/Laser Blast/Ice Hockey/Space Raid... Fantastic Game 0807 Pac Man/Donkey Kong/Grand Prix/River Raid II... Fantastic Game 0817 Paratroopers/Football/Laser Blast/Fancy Tank... Fantastic Game 0818 Tennis/Space War/Fishing/Freeway/Boxing... x First Star Boing! Frobco The Frob xI Froggo Games FG1007 Cruise Missile (or Sancho Exocet) xI Froggo Games FG1001 Karate (or Ultravision Karate?) xI Froggo Games FG1008 Sea Hawk (or Sancho Seahawk) xI Froggo Games FG1009 Sea Hunt (or Sancho Scuba Diver) x Froggo Games FG1002 Spiderdroid (or Parker Brothers Amidar) x Froggo Games FG1003 Task Force (or Spectravision Gangster Alley) x Funvision Bowling (or Atari) x Funvision Chess (or Atari Othello) x Funvision Cross Force x Funvision Football (or Atari Pele's Soccer) Funvision Galactic x Funvision Little Bear (or Activision Frostbite) x Funvision My Way x Funvision Pac-Kong (or Coleco Donkey Kong) x Funvision Pele's Soccer (or Atari) x Funvision S. O. S. (or Imagic Fire Fighter) x Funvision Seesaw (or Atari Circus Atari) Funvision F2001 Space Monster (or Ultravision Condor Attack) x Funvision Valleyball (or Atari Realsports Volleyball) Gakken Marine Wars Gakken Pooyan Gakken Strategy X Games People Pla NR Deep Throat Gammation Gamma Attack Garden & Green Video Fitness System GCE NR Scramble GCE NR Star Trek Great Game Co NR Family Feud Great Game Co NR Jeopardy Great Game Co NR Joker's Wild Great Game Co NR Password Great Game Co NR Price Is Right Great Game Co NR Tic-Tac-Dough Great Game Co NR Wheel Of Fortune HES Challenge HES Hot Action Pack HES Mega Funpack HES Pigs N' Wolf HES Rad Action Pack HES Smash Hit Pack HES Sports Action Pack HES Star Warrior HES Super Action Pack HES Super Hit Pack HES Wall Defender Homevision 11 Asteroid Fire Homevision 13 Base Attack Homevision Col 'N' Homevision Cosmic War Homevision Frisco Homevision 3 Gogo? Home Monster Homevision IQ 180 Homevision 17 Lilly Adventure Homevision Magic Carpet Homevision Panda Chase Homevision Parachute Homevision Plate Mania Homevision Racing Car Homevision 83014 Repro Cart Homevision 1 Robot Fight Homevision 12 Sky Alien Homevision Tanks War Homevision Teddy Apple Homevision Tennis Homevision Topsy Homevision 14 Wall Break Homevision 2 War 2000 Homevision 9 World? Trap? Imagic IA3409 NR Aerial Ace x Imagic IA3203 Atlantis xI Imagic IA3204 Cosmic Ark xI Imagic IA3200 Demon Attack x Imagic IA3611 Dragonfire x Imagic 03205 Fathom xI Imagic IA3400 Fire Fighter x Imagic 03208 Laser Gates x Imagic 03207 Moonsweeper xI Imagic IA3312 No Escape! Imagic NR Nova Blast x Imagic 03211 Quick Step xI Imagic IA3600 Riddle Of The Sphinx x Imagic IA3410 Shootin' Gallery Imagic NR Sky Patrol x Imagic 03206 Solar Storm x Imagic IA3201 Star Voyager x Imagic 03213 Subterranea xI Imagic IA3000 Trick Shot Imagic EIZ-002-04 Wing War Interphase NR Blockade Runner Interphase NR Sewer Sam ITT Family Games554-33391 Meteor Defense (or Homevision ?) K-Tel Flight Commander K-Tel Space Monster (or Atari Missile Command) K-Tel Spitfire Attack x Konami 011 Marine Wars x Konami 001 Pooyan xI Konami 010 Strategy X M-Network Advanced Dungeons & Dragons M-Network MT7175 NR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Tower Of Mystery M-Network MT4325 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure Of Tarmin x M-Network MT4317 Adventures Of Tron x M-Network MT5861 Air Raiders x M-Network MT5661 Armor Ambush x M-Network MT5666 Astroblast x M-Network MT7045 Bump 'n' Jump x M-Network MT4518 Burgertime M-Network MT4318 NR Computer Revenge xI M-Network MT5667 Dark Cavern x M-Network MT5664 Frogs And Flies M-Network MT4627 NR In Search Of The Golden Skull x M-Network MT5687 International Soccer x M-Network MT4648 Kool-Aid Man xI M-Network MT5663 Lock 'N Chase M-Network MT4323 NR Locomotion x M-Network MT4319 Masters of the Universe: Power of He-Man M-Network Mystic Castle M-Network Sea Battle x M-Network MT5659 Space Attack x M-Network MT4313 Star Strike x M-Network MT5665 Super Challenge Baseball x M-Network MT5658 Super Challenge Football x M-Network MT5662 Tron Deadly Discs M-Network MT4609 Tron Deadly Discs/Adventures Of Tron M-Network MT4324 NR XIV Winter Olympics Milton Bradley 3501 NR Scramble (GCE) x Milton Bradley 4363 Spitfire Attack Milton Bradley 3500 NR Star Trek (GCE) x Milton Bradley 4362 Survival Run Multivision NR Battle Of The Sexes Multivision NR Harem Multivision NR Heartbreak Multivision NR Rescue Of Emmanuelle xI Mystique 1002 Bachelor Party Mystique NR Bachelorette Party Mystique 1003 Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em Mystique NR Burning Desire Mystique NR Cat House Blues xI Mystique 1001 Custer's Revenge Mystique NR Gigolo Mystique NR Jungle Fever Mystique NR Knight On The Town Mystique NR Lady In Wading Mystique NR Philly Flasher x Mythicon MA1002 Fire Fly x Mythicon MA1001 Sorceror x Mythicon MA1003 Star Fox On Base Co. Splendour Palmex NR Fire! Panda NR Baseball Panda NR Conservation: The Watt Way Panda 106 Dice Puzzle (or Sancho) x Panda 109 Exocet (or Sancho) Panda NR Galactic Invaders Panda 110 Harbor Escape Panda NR Midnight Rider Panda 104 Scuba Diver (or Sancho) Panda 108 Seahawk (or Sancho) I Panda 100 Space Canyon (or Apollo Space Cavern) xI Panda 105 Stuntman (or Sancho Nightmare) Panda 101 Tank Brigade (or Zimag Tanks But No Tanks) Parker Brothers PB5920 EU Action Force (or GI Joe: Cobra Strike) x Parker Brothers PB5310 Amidar Parker Brothers NR Astrochase xI Parker Brothers PB5300 Frogger x Parker Brothers PB5590 Frogger II: Threeedeep! xI Parker Brothers PB5920 GI Joe: Cobra Strike (or Action Force) x Parker Brothers PB5080 Gyruss Parker Brothers PB5940 NR Incredible Hulk Parker Brothers PB5110 NR James Bond As Seen In Octopussy x Parker Brothers PB5110 James Bond 007 Parker Brothers PB5950 NR Lord Of The Rings: Journey To Rivendell Parker Brothers NR McDonald's x Parker Brothers PB5760 Montezuma's Revenge: Starring Panama Joe x Parker Brothers PB5820 Mr Do's Castle (or Coleco) x Parker Brothers PB5370 Popeye xI Parker Brothers PB5360 Q*bert Parker Brothers PB5550 Q*bert's Qubes x Parker Brothers PB5330 Reactor xI Parker Brothers PB5350 Sky Skipper xI Parker Brothers PB5900 Spider-Man xI Parker Brothers PB5060 Star Wars Return Of The Jedi: Death Star Battle Parker Brothers PB5065 Star Wars Return Of The Jedi: Ewok Adventure xI Parker Brothers PB5000 Star Wars: Jedi Arena Parker Brothers PB5540 Star Wars: The Arcade Game xI Parker Brothers PB5050 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back x Parker Brothers PB5910 Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-ups xI Parker Brothers PB5320 Super Cobra xI Parker Brothers PB5340 Tutankham Playaround 206 NR (unknown) Playaround 205 Bachelor Party (Mystique)/Gigolo Playaround 202 Bachelorette Party/Burning Desire Playaround 204 Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em (Mystique)/Lady In Wading Playaround 203 Jungle Fever/Knight On The Town Playaround 201 Philly Flasher/Cathouse Blues Probe 2000 NR Lord Of The Dungeon Probe 2000 NR Pink Panther, Pursuit of the Probe 2000 NR Power Lords: Quest For Vulcan Probe 2000 NR War Room Puzzy Bobby Is Going Home Puzzy Boom Bang Puzzy Chess (or Atari Othello) Puzzy Cross Force (or Spectravision) Puzzy Dancing Plate (or Zimag Dishaster) Puzzy Earth Attack (or Atari Defender) Puzzy Fancy Car (or Fox Bank Heist) Puzzy Farmer Dan (or US Games Gopher) Puzzy Fishing (or Froggo Seahunt) Puzzy Football (or Atari) Puzzy Mission 3000 A.D. Puzzy Mr. Postman Puzzy My Way Puzzy Open Sesame Puzzy Phantom Tank Puzzy Pyramid War (or ACTV Chopper Cmd/diff. gfx) Puzzy S.O.S. (or Imagic Fire Fighter) Puzzy Sea Monster Puzzy Seesaw (or Atari Circus Atari) Puzzy Snail Against Squirrel Puzzy Space Tunnel (or Bit Corp. [?]) Puzzy Spider (or Activision Spider Fighter) Puzzy Tennis (or Activision Tennis) QDI 87 Glib Quelle Die Ente und der Wolf Quelle Dschungel Boy Rainbow Catch Time (or Activision Plaque Attack) Rainbow Curtiss (or Imagic Atlantis) Rainbow Hey! Stop! (or Activision Keystone Kapers) Rainbow Mariana (or Activision Seaquest) Rainbow Netmaker (or Parker Bros Amidar) Rainbow Pac-Kong (or Tigervision King Kong?) Rainbow Tom Boy (or Activision Pitfall) Rainbow Tuby Bird (or Activision Dolphin) Rainbow Vision SS-013 Bi! Bi! (or Sancho/Panda Scuba Diver) Rainbow Vision SS-016 Boom Bang (or Activision Crackpots) Rainbow Vision SS-015 Catch Time (or Activision Plaque Attack) Rainbow Vision SS-019 Curtiss (or Imagic Atlantis) Rainbow Vision SS-012 Hey! Stop! (or Activision Keystone Kapers) Rainbow Vision SS-017 Mariana (or Activision Seaquest) Rainbow Vision SS-006 Netmaker (or Parker Bros Amidar) Rainbow Vision SS-003 Pac-Kong (or Tigervision King Kong?) Rainbow Vision SS-020 Tuby Bird (or Activision Dolphin) xP Rob Fulop Cubicolor Roklan NR Ripley's Believe It Or Not Salu EU Acid Drop Salu EU Ghostbusters II Sancho Dice Puzzle Sancho Eli's Ladder Sancho Exocet Sancho TEC006 Forest Sancho Nightmare Sancho Scuba Diver Sancho Seahawk Sancho TEC003 Skin Diver Sears 49 75154 Adventure (Atari) Sears 99829 Arcade Golf (Atari Miniature Golf) Sears Arcade Pinball (Atari Video Pinball) Sears 49 75163 Asteroids (Atari) Sears 99848 Backgammon (Atari) Sears 99819 Baseball (Atari Home Run) Sears 99826 Basketball (Atari) Sears 99805 Blackjack (Atari) Sears 99842 Bowling (Atari) Sears 99818 Brain Games (Atari) Sears 99813 Breakaway IV (Atari Breakout) Sears 99841 Cannon Man (Atari Human Cannonball) Sears 99828 Canyon Bomber (Atari) Sears 99824 Capture (Atari Flag Capture) Sears 99807 Chase (Atari Surround) Sears Checkers (Atari Video Checkers) Sears 99817 Chess (Atari Video Chess) Sears 49 75122 Circus (Atari Circus Atari) Sears 99815 Code Breaker (Atari) Sears 99843 Dare Diver (Atari Sky Diver) Sears 49 75186 Defender (Atari) Sears Demons To Diamonds Sears Dodger Cars (Atari Dodge 'Em) Sears 99827 Football (Atari) Sears 49 75121 Golf (Atari) Sears 99822 Gunslinger (Atari Outlaw) Sears Haunted House (Atari) Sears 99808 Math (Atari Basic Math) Sears 99825 Maze (Atari Slot Racer) Sears 49 75157 Maze Mania (Atari Maze Craze) Sears 99814 Memory Match (Atari Hunt & Score) Sears 49 75166 Missile Command (Atari) Sears 49 75119 Night Driver (Atari) Sears 49 75162 Othello (Atari) Sears 99803 Outer Space (Atari Starship) Sears 49 75185 Pac-Man (Atari) Sears 99816 Poker Plus (Atari Casino) Sears 99806 Pong Sports (Atari Video Olympics) Sears 99821 Race (or Atari Indy 500) Sears 99823 Slots (Atari Slot Machine) Sears Soccer (Atari Pele's Championship Soccer) Sears 99812 Space Combat (Atari Space War) xI Sears 49 75153 Space Invaders (Atari) Sears Space Robot Sears 99804 Speedway II (Atari Street Racer) Sears 99811 Spelling (Atari Hangman) Sears 49 75187 Star Raiders (Atari) xI Sears 49 75126 Steeplechase xI Sears 49 75159 Stellar Track xI Sears 49 75142 Submarine Commander Sears 49 75165 Super Breakout Sears 99845 Superman (Atari) Sears 99801 Tank Plus (Atari Combat) Sears 99802 Target Fun (Atari Air-Sea Battle) Sears 49 75127 Warlords (Atari) Sears 49 75167 Yar's Revenge (Atari) Sears 49 75123 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari) x Sega 005-01 Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom x Sega 006-01 Congo Bongo Sega 011-01 Spy Hunter Sega 007-01 NR Star Trek III: The Search For Spock x Sega 004-01 Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator x Sega 002-01 Sub Scan xI Sega 001-01 Tac Scan x Sega 010-01 Tapper xI Sega 003-01 Thunderground x Sega 009-01 Up 'n Down Simage Eli's Ladder Sirius Squish 'Em x Sirius/Fox 11002 Beany Bopper x Sirius/Fox 11004 Deadly Duck x Sirius/Fox 11003 Fast Eddie x Sirius/Fox 11001 Worm War I Sparrow Music Machine Sparrow GCG 1001T Spectravision SA-218 Bumper Bash Spectravision NR Cave-In xI Spectravision SA-206 Challenge of Nexar (or Fox) Spectravision Chase the Chuckwagon Spectravision SA-205 China Syndrome Spectravision SA-203 Cross Force Spectravision SA-216 NR Drive 'Em Crazy Spectravision SA-221 NR Eagle Mountain x Spectravision SA-201 Gangster Alley Spectravision SA-217 Gas Hog Spectravision SA-211 Glactic Tactic Spectravision SA-212 Mangia' Spectravision SA-210 Master Builder Spectravision SA-222 NR Master Cylinder xI Spectravision SA-202 Planet Patrol Spectravision SA-209 NR Protobob Spectravision SA-224 Romper Room 1 Spectravision SA-225 Romper Room 2 Spectravision SA-226 Romper Room 3 Spectravision Save the Whales Spectravision SA-220 NR Sector Alpha xI Spectravision SA-204 Tape Worm Spectravision SA-213 NR Time Scape Spectravision SA-218? NR Vertinko Spectravision SA-217? NR Vortex Starpath Clone Attack xI Starpath AR4101(2) Communist Mutants From Space x Starpath AR4400(6) Dragonstomper Starpath AR4200(5) Escape From The Mindmaster Starpath NR Excalibur xI Starpath AR4300(3) Fireball Starpath NR Frantic Starpath AR4105(9) Frogger Starpath NR Jungle Raid Starpath AR4103(7) Killer Satellites Starpath Labyrinth Starpath Last Line of Defense xP Starpath AR4302(10) Party Mix xI Starpath AR4000(1) Phasor Patrol Starpath AR4104(8) Rabbit Transit xI Starpath AR4102(4) Suicide Mission Starpath AR4401(12) Survival Island Starpath NR Sweat: The Decathlon Game Starpath AR4201(11) Sword Of Saros Studio Games NR Knight Rider Studio Games NR Magnum PI Sunrise Glacier Patrol Sunrise NR Noah And The Ark Sunrise 1603 Quest For Quintana Roo Sunrise Snowplow Suntek 9 Bermuda (or Activision River Raid) Suntek 2 Galactic Suntek 6 Netmaker (or Parker Bros Amidar) Suntek 3 Pac-Kong (or Tigervision King Kong?) Suntek 4 Pyramid War (or Activision Chopper Command) Suntek 1 Time Race Synapse NR Relax Syncro NR Kamikaze Saucers System Garden Video Fitness Technovision Adventures Of GX-12 (or Mattel Advents Of Tron) Technovision Nuts Technovision Pharoah's Curse Technovision Save Our Ship Telegames Adventures Of GX-12 (or M-Network Adv. Of Tron) Telegames Air Raiders (M-Network) Telegames Armor Ambush (M-Network) Telegames Astroblast (M-Network) Telegames Bobby's Cosmic Adventure Telegames 5861 A030 Bogey Blaster (M-Network Air Raiders) Telegames Bump 'n' Jump (M-Network) Telegames Burgertime (M-Network) Telegames Deadly Discs (M-Network Tron Deadly Discs) Telegames Dungeon Masters (M-Network) Telegames Frogs And Flies (M-Network) Telegames 5667 A106 Glacier Patrol (Sunrise) Telegames In Search Of The Golden Skull (M-Network) Telegames International Soccer (M-Network) Telegames Kung Fu Superkicks: Pursuit Of The Ninja Telegames Lock 'N Chase (M-Network) Telegames Night Stalker (M-Network) Telegames 6057 A227 Quest For Quintana Roo (Sunrise) Telegames Space Attack (M-Network) Telegames Star Strike (M-Network) Telegames Super Challenge Baseball (M-Network) Telegames Super Challenge Football (M-Network) Telegames 7602 A305 Universal Chaos (M-Network) Telesys NC Bouncing Baby Monkeys x Telesys 1001 Coconuts x Telesys 1002 Cosmic Creeps Telesys 1006 Demolition Derby xI Telesys 1003 Fast Food Telesys NR Impossible Game Telesys Quest for Quintana Roo Telesys 1004 Ram It Telesys Space Maze x Telesys 1005 Stargunner Thorn EMI Jumbo Jet Pilot Tigervision TV7-013 NR Changes Tigervision Condor Attack Tigervision TV7-012 Espial Tigervision TV7-009 NR Intuition Tigervision TV7-002 Jawbreaker x Tigervision TV7-001 King Kong x Tigervision TV7-005 Marauder xI Tigervision TV7-008 Miner 2049er Starring Bounty Bob Tigervision TV7-011 Miner 2049er Volume II Tigervision TV7-007 Polaris Tigervision TV7-004 River Patrol Tigervision TV7-010 NC Scraper Caper Tigervision TV7-014 NR Sky Lancer Tigervision TV7-006 Springer Tigervision TV7-015 NR Super Crush x Tigervision TV7-003 Threshold TNT Games CX26190 BMX Airmaster Ultravision 1043 Condor Attack Ultravision NR Karate Ultravision 1007 NR Quest For The Idol Ultravision 1006 NR Spider Kong Unitronics NR (?) (?) Hunt Unitronics NR BASIC Unitronics NR Dazzler Unitronics NR Those Little (?) Universal Gamex 1005 X-Man Universal Picts NR Jaws US Games Catch US Games Darts xI US Games VC2003 Eggomania x US Games VC2007 Entombed US Games Fly, The x US Games VC2001 Gopher x US Games VC1012 MAD US Games Maze Chase US Games Missile Intercept x US Games VC2004 Picnic US Games VC2005 Piece O'Cake US Games VC2006 Raft Rider xI US Games VC2002 Squeeze Box x US Games VC1009 Towering Inferno US Games Weird Bird USA Air Raiders USA Armor Ambush USA Astroblast USA Bobby's Cosmic Adventure USA Burgertime USA Deadly Disks USA Dungeon Masters USA Frogs And Flies USA In Search Of The Golden Skull USA International Soccer USA Lock 'N Chase USA Night Stalker USA Space Attack USA Star Strike USA Super Challenge Baseball USA Super Challenge Football Venture Vision NR Inner Space Venture Vision VV2001 Rescue Terra I Venture Vision NR Solar Defense VidCo NR A Mysterious Thief VidCo NR Fireball Spinner VidCo NR Immies And Aggies VidCo Pizza Time VidCo Video Copy Cart Video Game Ind. Chase the Chuckwagon Video Gems Missile Control Video Gems Mission Survive Video Gems Steeple Chase Video Gems Surfer's Paradise: But Danger Below! Video Gems Treasure Below Video-Spiel Bobby Geht Heim Videosoft VS1000 Color Bar Generator x VidTec VC1004 Commando Raid x VidTec VC1007 Name This Game VidTec VC1004 Robot Commando Raid x VidTec VC1002 Sneak 'N Peek xI VidTec VC1001 Space Jockey x VidTec VC1003 Word Zapper Wizard Video NR Flesh Gordon xI Wizard Video 007 Halloween x Wizard Video 008 Texas Chainsaw Massacre xI Xonox 99004 Artillery Duel x Xonox XO6230 Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox NR Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor Xonox XO7210 Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak I Xonox 99003 Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox NR Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor Xonox XO6003 Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's Peak Xonox 99002 Ghost Manor x Xonox XO6210 Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak I Xonox 99008 Motocross Racer Xonox 99005 Robin Hood Xonox XO6220 Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot - The Joust Xonox 99006 Sir Lancelot Xonox 99001 Spike's Peak Xonox 99007 Tomarc The Barbarian xI Zellers Frontline xI Zellers Laser Volley xI Zellers Ocean City Defender xI Zellers Radar xI Zellers Turmoil Zimag 708-111 Cosmic Corridor Zimag 711-111 Dishaster Zimag 710-111 I Want My Mommy (KidStuff series) Zimag Immies & Aggies Zimag Pizza Chef Zimag 707-111 Tanks But No Tanks xI 20th Cent. Fox 11006 Alien x 20th Cent. Fox 11012 Bank Heist 20th Cent. Fox NR Challenge Of Nexar (or Spectravision) x 20th Cent. Fox 11031 Crash Dive x 20th Cent. Fox 11009 Crypts Of Chaos x 20th Cent. Fox 11020 Earth Dies Screaming 20th Cent. Fox 11018 NR Fall Guy x 20th Cent. Fox 11008 Fantastic Voyage xI 20th Cent. Fox 11015 Flash Gordon xI 20th Cent. Fox 11011 M*A*S*H x 20th Cent. Fox 11005 Megaforce 20th Cent. Fox 11029 NR Meltdown xI 20th Cent. Fox 11013 Porky's x 20th Cent. Fox 11016 Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Cent. Fox Six Pack x 20th Cent. Fox 11022 Spacemaster X-7 x 20th Cent. Fox 11007 Turmoil 20th Cent. Fox 9 to 5 This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow ( Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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