Commodore C64 x Manufacturer Number Name x Activision H.E.R.O. xI Activision Pastfinder x

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Commodore C-64 x Manufacturer Number Name ================================================================================ x Activision H.E.R.O. xI Activision Pastfinder x Activision Space Shuttle xI Activision Toy Bizarre x Atari Batt;ezpme x Atari Dig Dug x Atari Jungle Hunt x Atari Pole Position x Broderbund Seafox xI Broderbund Serpentine x CBS Software 55360 Big Bird's Funhouse x CBS Software 55040 Coconotes x CBS Software 55370 Letter-Go-Round xI CBS Software 55060 Movie Musical Madness x CBS Software 55150 Peanut Butter Panic x CBS Software 55030 Sea Horse Hide'n Seek xI CBS Software Time Bound x Commodore Clowns x Commodore Gorf xI Commodore Jupiter Lander x Commodore Music Composer Commodore Music Machine x Commodore Omega Race x Commodore Sea Wolf x Creative Astroblitz xI Creative Crisis Mountain Creative In the Chips xI Creative Moondust Creative Pipes x Creative Save New York x Creative Spitball x Creative Trashman x HES Gridrunner x HES Turtle Graphics II xI Parker Brothers Frogger II Threedeep! x Parker Brothers Gyruss x Parker Brothers Popeye x Parker Brothers Q*bert x Riska H&P Comp. Final Cartridge III x Sega Congo Bongo x Sierra On-Line Jawbreaker x Sierra On-Line Learning with Leeper Spinnaker Alphabet Zoo Spinnaker Cosmic Life xI Spinnaker DLD-C6 Delta Drawing Learning Programming x Spinnaker Facemaker xI Spinnaker Kids on Keys xI Spinnaker Story Machine This list last compiled 03/16/94 by Dean Dierschow ( Contact at: 3634 Congress Court, Fremont, California, 94538, (510) 226-8219. This list is available on Usenet via mailserver. For more info, send e-mail to "" with "help" as the body of the message. For the cartridges index, put "send CARTS.LST" in the body of the message. That file also contains the magic decoder ring for the rest of these files.


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