DOOM CHEAT KEYS [121893] Copies of various messages posted on CIS regarding hidden cheat k

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DOOM CHEAT KEYS [12/18/93] Copies of various messages posted on CIS regarding hidden cheat keys in DOOM. Thanks to those who discovered and/or posted the information! This document compiled by The Maverick [70671,1524]. Please let me know of any new developments.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following information was initially posted by Thomas Christie 71777,204 (original message lost) Make a file called D.BAT in you DOOM directory consisting of: DOOM -DEVPARM -WART 1 %1 -SKILL %2 Then type D (map number) (skill level) to run DOOM on the selected map at the selected skill level. For example, D 9 4 would start you on level 9 (the secret level) at skill level 4 (ultra-violence.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507235 S7/Action/Arcade Games 17-Dec-93 07:41:50 Sb: #Doom - debug keys? Fm: John E Marquardt 73021,2437 To: Jake Pearson 70604,556 For DOOM, while you are playing type the following. idkfa=full weapons and keys (No BFG 9000 or Plasma gun in the SW version tho') iddqd=god mode idbehold and S,V,L,A, and some other to turn on the LI Goggles, etc. Play with this one, it would look like idbeholdL and so on. idclev followed by an episode number (defaults to 1 if you have the SW version) and then a level number. Hope that helps, and Happy Blasting! I really do have more fun with the game without the debug keys, but they are fun sometimes. John Marquardt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507778 S7/Action/Arcade Games 17-Dec-93 21:08:21 Sb: #507235-Doom - debug keys? Fm: michael maceri 76270,3211 To: John E Marquardt 73021,2437 Also, "idspispopd", turns clipping on and off, allowing you to walk through walls and amazingly jump to openings, because of the x,y co-ordinate system used... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 506368 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 07:13:42 Sb: #DOOM - UNDOCUMENTED Fm: Joseph Patriarca 76424,614 To: ALL While playing with DOOM I've discovered some undocumented Keys and command Line parameters. Keys: ,(comma) and . (Period) are strafe left and strafe right. Very useful for avoiding the fire balls thrown by the imps and for running along the walls looking for secret passages, use with shift to move faster In map mode the G key will turn on a grid. Command Line Parameters (usage c:doom -devparm) -DEVPARM turn developers mode on, this is the most usefull command by far. When you use this parameter the F1 key will save the current content of the screen as a PCX file. This is very handy when in map mode. When you have explored a level you can go to map mode and press the F1 key to save a copy of the map. You can then print it out and use it to mark the secret doors and location of treasures. Hopefully some person will then upload these maps. -WART episode game This needs to be used with the DEVPARM parameter and allows you to warp to any level of the game. The parameter episode is the game number 1 for the shareware version and game is the level 1 to 9 (1 to 8 are the normal levels and 9 is the secret level) . Use with the -SKILL parameter to set the skill level. USAGE DOOM -DEVPARM -WART 1 9 -SKILL 1 to get to the secret level at the whimpy skill level. Other parameter I have not as yet found a use for -FILE -PLAYDEMO -TIMEDEMO -DEBUGFILE -RECORDFRINM -RECORD -NODRAW -NOBLIT HOPE THIS HELPS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 506710 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 15:09:21 Sb: #506368-#DOOM - UNDOCUMENTED Fm: David Saraniero 71005,2557 To: Joseph Patriarca 76424,614 (X) About the -devparm... The -record and -recordfrom options are for 'recording' your movements. -playdemo and -timedemo will play these back in demo format. Once in the record mode, press Q to stop recording. -recordfrom will start recording from a saved game. (I think I might have explained this better before...) Hope that makes sense. It seems the -noblit and -nodraw could be for timing purposes? I'm not sure. The game runs and quits fine, it's just that there is nothing on the screen! Then it gives time specs... I haven't figured those out yet either... -David ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507765 S7/Action/Arcade Games 17-Dec-93 21:01:03 Sb: #506710-DOOM - UNDOCUMENTED Fm: Kris Pelley 72763,2357 To: David Saraniero 71005,2557 Blitting is fancy word for copying images into a video buffer or the video display itself. Drawing (in this instance) probably means copy the video buffer into actuall video memory (so that you can see). These two are probably only for determining the speed of the game under various conditions. Kris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507032 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 21:01:31 Sb: #506890-#DOOM 1.1 Problems Fm: Software Recording Corp. 76447,3264 To: Marc L. Allen 72347,3442 (X) I don't know about your first 2 problems, but the directory C:\DOOMDATA is hardcoded into DOOM. The only way to change it is to edit the binary (that is, executable) file. Steve Snyder ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 508055 S7/Action/Arcade Games 18-Dec-93 08:22:13 Sb: #507993-Doom Patch Fm: Software Recording Corp. 76447,3264 To: David Peel 71644,1251 No one claimed that the use of C:\DOOMDATA would be changed by the patch. The patch is intended to fix several problems in the DOS extended that DOOM uses and to correct an incompatibility with the original (v1.0) Sound Blaster. Steve Snyder P.S. If the C:\DOOMDATA is really that intolerable, you can edit DOOM.EXE to change the hardcoded path. There are 3 references to the ASCIIZ string "c:\doomdata\xxxxxxxx.yyy", where xxxxxxxx.yyy is a file type (savegam.dsg or default.cfg). It worked for me. With a binary editor, search on the string "c:\doomdata". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 506459 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 09:12:39 Sb: Doom Cheat Fm: Pete Phillips 70446,1431 To: All Just uploaded to section 7, to go online when a SYSOP gets around to it. Title : Saved Game Cheat For Doom Keywords: DOOM CHEAT ID This is a save game file for the game Doom. It starts you out from the beginning just like "New Game", and on the highest difficulty level, but with 199% health, 999% armor, a chainsaw, pistol, shotgun, chaingun, and a rocket launcher. It also removes the limits on the amount of ammo you can carry, and starts you out with 999 rounds for each weapon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 506752 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 16:02:26 Sb: #DOOM codes found... Fm: Andre Perkowski 76330,3454 To: all In case no one posted them yet, here are cheat codes for DOOM. IDDQD God Mode IDKFA Very Happy Ammo mode (also gives all 3 skulls) IDSPISPOPD No clipping (does unspeakably wierd things, but great for finding secret areas, and going outside) IDBEHOLD Gives lots of items (invis, night-vision, etc) I think there's a few more as well. You don't need to enter anything at the C prompt...just hit the above letters in sequence during play. Andre ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507599 S7/Action/Arcade Games 17-Dec-93 17:47:31 Sb: #506752-DOOM codes found... Fm: Ron Eisner 74010,3011 To: Andre Perkowski 76330,3454 (X) Andre, > ... here are cheat codes for DOOM. Thanks for posting them! Unfortunately they do not seem to work in network games. Each code begins with "ID"; but "I" is also the key to press to chat with the "indigo" player (black), so pressing "I" sends everything after the "I" as your chat text to the indigo player. If you find codes that work in network games, please post them! Ron ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 506886 S7/Action/Arcade Games 16-Dec-93 18:31:04 Sb: #DOOM maps revealed Fm: Dave Timoney (Humongous) 72662,1360 To: All Well, I don't think it's been mentioned here, but since someone already mentioned the -devparm feature for the DOOM command line, I'd like to add something. This information is courtesy of the Internet, where many folks have spent a lot of effort to learn this information. Among the many things you can do once you're in the game with the -devparm enabled, go to the map screen (you _did_ read the instructions and press F1, right?) and type 'iddt' (no quote) to reveal the entire map for the level. While, at first, I thought this info would ruin the game for those that can't resist walkthrus, hintfiles, and the like - I've since come to realize that just knowing where a passage is doesn't necessarily help you get there And, as mentioned, with the -devparm enabled, pressing F1 gives you a screen dump, in PCX format. If you have a 'paint' program, you can possibly print the maps out so you can make notes. Dave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #: 507223 S7/Action/Arcade Games 17-Dec-93 07:01:31 Sb: #507127-DOOM maps revealed Fm: Crusader [GAMPUB] 72662,1051 To: Dave Timoney (Humongous) 72662,1360 (X) Not only does it provide the full map (and it stays active as you move from level to level, so you don't need to type it again... but it ALSO, when typed a second time will show ALL OBJECTS (I belive) on the level, enemies, barrels, powerups, etc., etc... when typed a THIRD time it will revert the map back to the state it would be in normally... and you DO NOT need to start the game with -DEVPARM to get it to work... :) Note that there ARE some areas that will be shown that you will never be able to get to, but they don't count on your secret score (but they are intresting to explore with 'no clipping ()' active, like the monster holding room for the pentagram at the secret military base... --Crusader-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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