GameBusters Revision 4.0. ! This file was created by Shinobi. I told you more would come,

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GameBusters Revision 4.0. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This file was created by Shinobi. I told you more would come, here they are! This file still has the old ones as well. Space Ace ========= Type 'DODEMODEXTER' during the game and it will show you the entire game, completed. Batman - The Movie ================== While the introduction is displayed, type 'JAMMMM'. The words 'Cheat Mode On' should appear at the top of the screen. You now have unlimited lives. Also, pushing F10 will skip to the next scene. Dogs Of War =========== While playing the game type 'TIMBO'. Then press F5 and the game's sprite detection will be turned off. Gemini Wing =========== Type the corresponding passwords to warp to each level. Level 3 - classics 4 - whizzkid 5 - gunshots 6 - doodguyz 7 - d.gibson Dragon Spirit ============= Pause the game by pressing F9, and type 'DRAGON HEAD'. Then press F10 Strider ======= Pause the game by pressing F9. Now hold: HELP, LEFT SHIFT, and the 1 key on the main keyboard. Let go of all three, then push F10 to restart the game. Now when you play 1 - 5 = Warp to levels, 1-5 F1 - F4 = Warp to part 1 through 4 of current level When you use the F1-F4 your strength is also renewed. New Zealand Story ================= Pause the game, then press M. You should hear a laser gun sound. Type 'MOTHERF**KENKIWIB**TARD'. Unlimited lives are yours Dragon Scape ============ Press the TAB key, then 2 to warp to the next level. PacLand ======= Type AVALON on the title page. It should flash indicating unlimited lives. Or, start a two player game. Kill player One. On the screen right after you get your magic boots, push the third cactus. An extra man will appear. Get it. Now kill player two. Continue play with player one and every time he dies, continue to get the extra man with player two. As long as you do this, player one will never die. Zany Golf ========= There is a secret level. Make it to the last level (Energy). There is a mouse hole where two eyes appear occasionally. When these eyes turn red putt the ball into the hole to warp to the secret level, called 'Mystery'. Fusion ====== Press ESC (to quit the game) and after restarting hit E. Otherwise type 'SWAMP THING' on the high score table, and then E as well. You can now skip levels with the + and - keys. To enter the built in game editor, push Diag/Up/Left, and push fire, then E. IK+ === After you get hit, pause the game, then unpause again. You will be invulnerable. Be careful though, this works for the computer as well! Roadblasters ============ When on the starting line, type 'LAVILLASTRANGIATO', then: X - Spins car S - Next stage P - Refuel G - End game 1 - Mount UZ cannon 2 - Cruise missles 3 - Electro shields 4 - Nitro injectors 0 - Remove all weapons Goldrunner ========== Type 'easymode' on the high score table. During the game, F9 skips levels and makes you invulnerable. F8 removes cheat. Rambo III ========= Get a high score, for your name enter 'RENEGADE'. Then 1, 2 or 3 will skip levels. Flying Shark ============ On the high score table, enter HSC for infinite lives, or KDJ for invulnerability. Return of the Jedi ================== On the high score table, enter 'Darth Vader'. From now on F2 will skip a stage. Voyager ======= On the options screen, type 'WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL'. You will then have access to a cheat menu. Stormtrooper ============ On the high score table, enter 'JAMES CAMERON'. Now press F9 whenever you need more lives. Thunderbirds ============ Level 2 Password: RECOVERY 3 : ALOYSIUS 4 : ANDERSON Cybernoid II ============ On the title page, type 'NECRONOMICON'. Spitting Image ============== The game is easiest if you fight in this order: 1) Reagon, Pope 2) Gorby, Pope 3) Ayatollah, Pope 4) Botha, Pope 5) Margaret, Pope Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Game) ========================================= On the title page, type 'IEHOVAH'. The screen should flash. Now, during the game press L to skip levels or 1 - 2 to pick sections of current level. Xybots ====== On the high score table, enter 'ALF' for infinite lives. Ghouls and Ghosts =================== At the beginning of the game, after pressing fire to start, type 'KAREN BROADHURST' for invulnerability. Rick Dangerous ============== Enter 'POOKY' on the high score table to continue on the current level. No use unless you can at least pass level 1! Switchblade =========== Enter 'POOKY' on the high score table, but press 1 - 5 to pick levels. CHASE HQ ======== Hold down the left mouse button and joystick button while typing 'GROWLER'. Whenever you need more time, press T. Also, at the beginning of every stage press the space bar before the speech finishes and you will use a nitro without it being deducted. To make your steering easier, use the 'Z' and 'X' keys to steer. Hard Driving ============ Use Manual controls, and when you get to full speed press N (neutral). You will now continue to cruise along at top speed, invulnerable. You will have better steering and will not skid. As long as you stay in neutral you will have unlimited time as well. Another trick is to repeatedly hit 4th gear (4 key) until the program has an error. Continue with the right mouse button. Repeat until you get a high score. Fighter Bomber ============== On the name entry, type 'BUCKAROO'. The computer will respond by typing 'Oh no, it's a buckaroo!'. Now you can try out all 16 missions. Barbarian ========= Type '04-08-59' for invulnerability. The screen should turn grey. To beat the final stage, block the fire with your shield so that it rebounds towards the enemy. Operation Thunderbolt ===================== Get a high score of 50,000. For your name, enter 'WIGAN NINJA'. From now on hit F7 to skip levels, but remember you need at least 1 hostage from every area first. P-47 ==== Enter 'ZEBEDEE' on the high score table. Now, F1 skips levels and F2 renews your lives After the War ============= The second level code is 101069. On the first level, hold ALT, 1, and D for invulnerability. On the second, hold ALT, 1, and J. Untouchables ============ To skip levels, pause the game and enter the following passwords (depending on the level) 1 - 'BRIDE ROLLS' 2 - 'MACN ALLEY' or is that 'MAC N ALLEY'? 3 - 'KID ZAPPING' 4 - 'A NIT IN TIME' Chaos Strikes Back (DM II) ========================== Find a dragon. Cast the spell MON ZO GOR SAR. Press ESC to pause the game. Hold ALT and type 'LORD LIBRASULUS SMITHES THEE DOWN'. Unpause, and kill the dragon. It will leave behind a firestaff, and your party will be invinceable. Rings of Medusa =============== After entering your name, type 'DESOXYRIBONUKLEINSAEURE', then HELP. Beach Volleyball ================ Type 'DADDY BRACEY' during the game. The screen should flash. From now on F1 will skip levels. R-Type ====== Enter SUMITA on the high score table for unlimited lives. Battle Squadron =============== While playing the game, type 'CASTOR' for invulnerability. Also, if you type 'ELECTRONIC' on the title page, you have access to a cheat mode that lets you edit game options. Rock and Roll ============= Enter 'RAINBOW ARTS' for your name. The screen should turn grey. Now, to warp to any level enter : Level Number, XX, followed by four digits that when added together equal the level number, and then the level number reversed. Examples: To Play level 12, enter: 12 XX 3333 XX 21 12 is the level, 3+3+3+3=12, 21 is 12 reversed. If you want to hear the tunes type 'COUNTRY' and a menu will appear. A.P.B. ====== While driving, hold down the fire button. This will sound your siren and everyone will clear the streets. Now you can drive full speed without worry of crashing. Continental Circus ================== Want a fast start of the line? When the first red light comes on push the joystick forward. When the second red light comes on release the joystick. As soon as the green light flashes on, push the joystick forward. Denaris ======= To enter the training mode, simply press ' Z ' after Game Select, plug the mouse in the second joystick port and press the right mouse button while the game loads. Eye Of Horus ============ When you have entered the password and "Press Fire To Start" appears on the screen enter ' SPAM ' to activate the cheat mode. You will have unlimited lives and will not need to find colored keys to activate the elevators. Ninja Warriors ============== Try the following cheats. They're not actually cheats, just fun special effects. Put CAP LOCK on and then type the following cheat you require and then and then turn CAP LOCK off. All of the effects can be combined and run together if you are feeling in a really silly mood! THE TERMINATOR - Ninja body parts explode when you die. MONTY PYTHON - Enemies walk on backward. SKIPPY - Enemies bounce. A SMALL STEP FOR MAN - Moon gravity. Jumping baddies jump right of the screen. STEVE AUSTIN - Press S during play toggles slow motion on and off. PACLAND (Hints, the cheats are above) ===================================== Level 1 - In the one player mode, run to the right, and when you get to the third fire hydrant, jump over it and push it to the left. This will give you a blue hard hat which protects you from falling ghosts. Level 2 - On this level, go right, and when you've jumped over the the third cactus, push it to the left. This will make you invincible for the rest of the level. Level 3 - At the end of this level you will be given a pair off magic boots. On the way back, push the cactus on the edge of the lake to make a big yellow Pacman appear, then collect it for an extra life. - Jump on the roof of the approaching ghosts' cars to escape. - Only collect power pills when ghosts are in range, otherwise, its wasted. - When you approach the Breaktime sign, jump about one inch away from it to receive the maximum bonus. Pipeline ======== Here are the codes for the higher levels: FOLD TEAR DUCT EYES PEAS PODS EGGS Shadow Of The Beast =================== Unlimited lives! Simple! Boot disk 1 and when the "Beast" title appears, press both mouse buttons and the joystick button at the same time and keep them depressed until asked to insert disk 2. Told ya it was easy! Snoopy ====== Trouble getting a hold of that elusive blanket. Read On! Pick up the food bowl and go right. Give the bowl to Charlie Brown, wait and eat the food. Go to the hut, pick up the typewriter, use and give letter to Charlie Brown. Eat cookies and use cookie jar to catch the frog. Get umbrella, and use it to walk under the rain cloud and get the ball. Kick the ball onto the river, pick up the coin and jump over barrels and ball. Toss the coin into the well. Jump back across and get catapult. Jump back and burst the balloons. Get the pump. Pump up Lucy's paddling pool. Fill pool with hose water. Get frog in jar and scare Lucy by letting the frog loose. Pick up horse and take it to the tree with the kite. Get pump and pump up the horse. Jump on horse to get the kite. Go to the rain cloud with the kite, and give the kite to Charlie Brown. Follow him, pick up the key, use key in school lockers. Get blanket and give it to Linus. Voila! Stormlord ========= To get further in this pretty arcade adventure, here's how to activate the cheat mode. As the game starts to load hold down the joystick button and the left mouse button and keep them held down until the game has finished loading. Then when the game starts, quickly press SPACE to pause the game. Now type in the following: ' MNBVC '. This will give you infinite time and lives. Pause the game and press ' L ' to skip to the next level. Treasure Island Dizzy ===================== Here are some objects and where to use them: CHEST - Below the cliff SNORKEL - In the water GRAVEDIGGER SPADE - In the grave, which is on Island 2. MAGIC STONE - Totem pole, which is also found on Island 2. DETONATOR & DYNAMITE - In the mine on Island 1. AXE & BIBLE - Bridge on Island 1. POGO STICK - Pogo place on ship. SACK OF GOLD COINS - Shop, where else? FIRE-PROOF SUIT - In the smuggler's cave on Island 2. BRANDY - Shop. GOLD EGG - Shop. BRASS KEY - Smuggler's cave. CROWBAR - Rock in water. X-OUT ===== Here's a tip to help with this tough shoot'em up. On the equipment screen, select the white bug-shaped ship and put it in the grid area. Choose the single orange-colored laser, drag it up to the face of the shop owner and keep clicking on the left mouse button and you'll get 500,000 credits. Now arm yourself to the teeth and blast away to you hearts content. Xenon II ======== WHAT AND WHERE TO BUY LEVEL 1: First shop buy Health, Super Nashwan. Second shop sell Rear Shot, buy Double Shot, Side Shot. LEVEL 2: First shop buy Side Shot. Second shop sell Side Shot. LEVEL 3: First shop buy Health, Rear Shot. Second shop sell all Rear Shot, buy Side Shot, Laser, Power Up. LEVEL 4: First shop sell Rear Shop, sell Side Shot. N.B. Try to stick with your best weapon, and end up with 2 x Cannons, 2 x Lasers and either Side Shot or Rear Shot. ALWAYS SPEND YOUR MONEY IN THE SHOPS AS YOU CAN'T TAKE LEFTOVER CASH WITH YOU. WHAT YOU'RE UP AGAINST SEAWORMS: Annoying. Found on Level 1. Don't dies easily. Drains energy. EYES: Found on Level 2. Very fast - collision is almost ineviatble. Usually appear in large groups. SLUGS: Found on Level 3, in the 'Maze'. Try to shoot them before they fire richocet shots. EELS: Found on Level 3. Enter the screen regularly, usually from bottom. WALL SNAKES: Found on Level 3. Difficult to spot at times. Go below them order to kill. DINOSAUR HEADS: Found on Level 4. Similar to Wall Snakes except they don't pop out. FIRE: Found on Level 4. Similar to wall snakes. HALFWAY AND END MONSTERS SNAIL: Shoot at eye. Avoid Mines. ALIEN: Shoot at eyes at either side of top. Scroll backwards and shoot centre eye. Avoid snakes. SPIDER: Destroy as much web as possible. Fly down to face spider and fire continuously. Avoid fireballs. CRAYFISH: Travels in a figure eight. Stay below and fire into its face. Avoid claws. SNAKE: Attacks from left of screen. Circle round, shooting head as it goes in and out of alternate sides. DRAGON: Shoot the side heads first, then tail, then main head. HEAD: Shoot both eyes, avoiding laser fire and extending tongue. Shoot at head when tongue goes in. TANK: Use heat-seeking missiles. GRAND SPACESHIP: Shoot all cannons until totally destroyed. ITEM COST COMMENTS Advice 200 Only useful after Level 1 Speedup 500 Essential to survival Half Health 500 Restores half your energy Autofire 500 Essential if joystick hasn't one Nashwan 600 10 seconds of sheer heaven Full Health 1000 Restores all energy Rear Shot 1000 Very effective on later levels Small Mine 1000 Useless Side Shot 1000 Cannot be used with Rear Shot Eletroball 1200 Too sensitive to control Power-Up 2000 Double size of bullets Large Mine 3000 Useless Double Shot 3000 Recommended on later levels Cannon 4000 Effective when using two Dive 4000 Waste of money, but fun Missiles 4000 Weak to start with Laser 4000 Awesome when two or more used Drone 4500 Too slow to be effective Flamer 5000 Extremely limited range Bomb 5500 Limited range but very powerful Extra Life 6000 Speaks for itself Homers 6000 Four slow but powerful missiles Protection 6000 Doesn't do much Bitmap Shades 6000 Darkens screen - Utterly useless Xybots ====== Play the game until you've killed you last man. If you were good enough to put your your name on the high score table, enter ' ALF '. Now you can start the game again with unlimited energy and all the extras. Arkanoid ======== Start the game, and pause it with the space bar. Type 'DSIMAGIC' (don't hit return) and hit space to unpause. Now a yellow Power capsule named DS will fall down. Catch it. Now you can get any power capsule you want any time. Press the first letter of the capsule you want, and it will fall down for you to catch: Break Catch Disruption Expand Laser Player Slow Catch some Player capsules first to get extra lives. You can also use two capsules at the same time, like Disrupt the ball into three balls, and use Lasers also. Pressing the F key will send you to the Finsl screen where you fight DOH, the Dominion Over Hour monster on the cover of the package. You'll need lots of lives first. Skip over any screen by pressing Enter on the keypad, or get through the screen fast (with points too) using a Break capsule. Arkanoid II - Revenge of DOH ============================ On the high score screen, type in the name DEBBIE S (with the space), and you'll have infinite lives. Or, after you die in the game, on the title page hit CAPS-LOCK and type 'DALEY-88'. Or, (!) when the title screen appears type 'ROBOCOPPETER' for continuous mode. Or, (!!!) after dying, on the title screen smash your CAPS-LOCK and type MAGENTA, now during the game hit 'S' to skip levels. Barbarian ========= Boot and run the game as usual, but at some point after the game has started, type in: 04-08-59 ...It will make the Barbarian character almost invincible, but he can still be killed by very high falls, and by the flame-hurling horned demon in the dungeon deep, pictured on the cover. After you type 04-08-59 the screen will turn gray, telling you that you're invincible. Once you make it to Necron, you must have a shield. Face Necron when he turns to face you. When he throws a fireball at you, press the defense button as it hits your shield. Bard's Tale =========== How to hoard millions in gold without trying: Load your party, go to the stats screen for the first player. Pool all of the party's gold to the first player, then remove him from the party, then load him back in. Then pool the gold to another player. Repeat this for each player. Then turn off the computer without saving the game. Reboot and each player will have gold equal to the TOTAL the party had before. Repeat if you're really greedy ! Better Dead Than Alien ====================== If you are just about to be hit by an alien or a bomb, press the ESC key to pause, move your ship out of the way, then press N to resume the action. Type CHAMP on the options screen, then press the HELP key. You'll be shown a list of cheat keys. The password for the last level is 'QUARANTINE'. Capone ====== To find the "special bonus", go to the front of the Post Office. Shoot the ball at the top of the flag pole, and your score will go way up. If you shoot it again, you'll see a screen of the programmers! Shoot again and you'll be invincible, standing in the bank. At the end of that round, you will start at the beginning, except you'll be in warp speed. Defender of the Crown ===================== During the game, when it is loading hold 'K' and you should get 1,024 knights in your army and 1,024 at home. Dragon's Lair ============= To see the entire game completed, hold the following keys at the SAME TIME: '' 'R' '/' 'L' 'N' '7'. Then press FIRE on the joystick. Dungeon Master ============== To advance Ninjas a level, stand in a hall and throw all your weapons, then get them and repeat. This also works with magic and Fighter levels: cast a spell at the air, or slash and bash until you gain a level. F/A-18 Interceptor ================== Select option "2 Free Flight, no enemy confrontation" from the main menu. Then select zero instead of 1 to 4. The screen will go into a spiral and scroll way south to 34 by 117 degrees, placing your plane somewhere without a runway. To take off you have to use the afterburners. 117 degrees is the furthest south you'll be able to fly, but you can go in other directions. (Is there more to this back door? hmm) Fairy Tale Adventure ==================== Sometimes you can accumulate all the treasure you want by going near the item, press space bar, and keep pressing 'T'. You'll receive an infinite supply of that treasure. Save your position in a dungeon. Then go through it until you don't have anymore keys. Restore your position. All doors already opened will still be open, and you'll have a new supply of keys. Repeat if needed. Also works in cave. Jump on the turtle and start slashing. Your bravery points will go up to infinity, but doesn't hurt the turtle or you. On the island with the Crystal Castle, press the right mouse button while talking to the Sorceress and your luck will go to 65. "Ask"ing the Sorceress several times will normally boost your luck. If running low on green keys, use a secret entrance for the fort - it is on the left side, almost even with the door. Hybris ====== Boot game and don't do anything until the high scores screen appears. Then type COMMANDER and click the fire button. When it starts, wait a few moments and press the F10 key. If the extensions of your ship get flickery or glimmer, you're now invincible and have unlimited expansions and smart bombs. Get to the other 6 levels of expansions by pressing F1 through F5 when you're in unexpanded mode, or capture the special "capsules" in the usual way. Move to other game levels (there are three) with the F8 key, and turn invincibility off or on with the F10 key. No High scores are collected when you're invincible. Karate Kid II ============= Press the P key in single player mode to be taken to the next screen. You can go as far as the Final Encounter. In 2-player mode, you can go to the next-to-the-last screen. Leisure Suit Larry ================== Press ALT and X at the same time to bypass the proof-of-age questions. Starglider ========== Slow down your ship completely Press F1 for fixed sights Hit backspace to pause the game and type 'js arg s'. Now you should be invincible. Press 'P' for more missles. Your fuel and shields will never be depleted. Also, a secret built-in 3D object viewer running in the background is available by pressing the z key once you've entered the invincible mode. Use the keyboard to pause [p], select [, and .] and manipulate objects - use all keys except q and ESC. Use the mouse to change point of view and magnification and hold down the right button. .... Starglider II ============= Once the game has started, press F for fixed sights and then slow the ship to a halt. Press BACKSPACE to pause, and type the words: WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD. Then press 1 (one) on the keyboard (not keypad). Your shield and energy levels will drop to a fixed point. Press the letter K to get all the weapons in the game, including the neutron bomb. If you run low on weapons, you can get them all back by repeating the process. Sword of Sodan ============== Type NANCY then press RETURN on the high scores screen for unlimited lives! Another method is to play your game and then die, then select Play again. Select the girl, and hit return repeatedly for unlimited lives. Test Drive ========== Holding down the joystick button while going around curves prevents you from hitting the wall or going off the cliff. Test Drive II ============= During the game, type 'aerf' for ultra-fast acceleration and slow-down. Type 'bgass' to go directly to the gas station and have an outrageous average time. Type 'bgasst' to go to the gas station with real time. And I beleive I'm the first person to figure this one out, on the second level where the sign says 'Play grand prix circuit' type ',bruce' and watch it change to 'Bruce Dawson wrote this!' There is another cheat ('6outran') but I don't know what it is for. Three Stooges ============= To really slow down "the hand" which selects the scenes, do the slapping game and pull Curly's ear: pull it continuously until the time runs out. Xenon ===== Let yourself be killed off at the beginning of the 2nd stage of the 2nd level, and all aliens in the round are destroyed. Falcon ====== Tired of those migs blasting you out of the sky? Would you like unlimeted missles and guns? When playing Falcon on the Colonel level by pressing the control x key together you plane will be rearmed. Platoon ======= By typing HAMBURGER-HILL using the minus sign on the keypad, this will allow you to use the F1 thru F4 keys to move to differnt levels. Virus ===== Hold down the enter key on the numeric pad and press the P key. While holding down the enter key on the numeric keypad and press O. F = Refuel L = Add 1 more life C = Special Effects on/off N = Resume game Forgotten Worlds ================ Here's a quick and easy tip for this brill Amiga blaster. On title screen, type ARC then hit HELP. Now press S for next shop and N for next level. Thunder-Blade ============= On the high score table, type CRASH and you can skip levels by pressing HELP. Couldn't be simpler eh? Afterburner =========== Fly to the top left of the screen to avoid incoming missiles. Slow down on levels 8 and 17 to avoid rocks, and go full speed to dodge infra-red missiles. Robocop ======= Type 'BEST KEPT SECRET' during the game for invulnerability. Helter Skelter ============== For tons of lives follow these intructions... In a two player game, player one must firstly get an extra life. Then, both players must lose all of their lives. Player two will return with 99 lives and, when he loses only one life, player one will recieve 99 lives too. Cybernoid II ============ When the title screen appears, type NECROMONICON to ward off death. Also, if you pause the game and press N you will proceed to the next level. Alternatively, press L to restart the current level. Spherical ========= Here are the passwords to let you progress to the later levels... RADAGAST YARMAK ORCSLAYER SKYFIRE MIRGAL GHANIMA GLIEF MOURNBLADE JADAWIN GUMBA CHACHMAL New Zealand Story (another cheat, also look above) ================= On level 2.4, stand at the entrance to the room in which the giant octopus is located and fire to the right a few times. A Warp will appear which, when entered, will take you to the beginning of level 3.1. Sim City ~~~~~~~~ Citizens less than willing to agree to higher taxes? At the beginning of each year, set the tax rate from the budget level to zero %. Play in the usual way until Decemeber, or November if the speed is set at high). Go to the budget window and set the tax rate to maximum (20%). Return to the editor. When the budget window pops up in January, reset the tax rate to zero %. This way the income will always be maximum and the citizens will live happily, believing that they live without taxes. Or, if you need cash, hold SHIFT and type 'FUNDS' for $10000. It causes an earthquake every third time you do it, so do it BEFORE you start making your city. Falcon ====== For a full belt of cannon rounds and eight AIM 9L missiles, press CONTROL, Left ALTERNATE, and X. Also, as landing is near impossible, go to End Of Mission to end the game and get your medals and points. Thundercats =========== If you're finding this game a bit hard when you come to the "Rescue Tygra" stage, find a place where bonuses pop up frequently, and grab them. If you're careful, this'll give you loads of lives. Marble Madness ============== Stay where you are on the first level of this enjoyable game for a suprise. Super Hang-On ============= To activate the cheat mode, you must beat the current continent's high score table. Africa is fairly easy. Enter 750J on the high score table and it should change to "....". The cheat mode is now enabled. To get into the cheat mode, hold down Control, left Alternate, Z and T while the attract screen changes from the credits screen to the options screen. The cheat mode screen appears when you let go of the T and you will be prompted to enter new coefficients for the road turn effect using the numeric keypad. Once the cheat mode has been enabled, it can not be disbaled, so it is worthing remembering that the initial settings are 60 for outer turn and 45 for inner. The bike gains machine guns when the cheat mode is activated. It is used by pressing the Amiga key. The stream of bullets can be used to destroy other bikes or roadside obstacles except check points and goal gates. Exolon ====== For infinite lives type in "ad astra" (lowercase with space) on the high score screen. X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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