Pinouts for +quot;Gravitar+quot; (Atari, 1982) P20: 44pin edge connector component side so

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pinouts for "Gravitar" (Atari, 1982) P20: 44-pin edge connector component side solder side -------------- ----------- GND A 1 GND +5V B 2 +5V C 3 +22 VDC D 4 -22 VDC 10.3 VDC E 5 COIN LOCKOUT F 6 COIN CTR R COIN CTR L H 7 P1 LED P2 LED J 8 K 9 L 10 P1 START M 11 P2 START SW GND N 12 SW GND P 13 CABINET R 14 SLAM AUX COIN S 15 SELF TEST T 16 COIN L COIN R U 17 V 18 W 19 X 20 +5V Y 21 +SENSE (+5V) GND Z 22 -SENSE (-5V) P19: 24-pin edge connector component side solder side -------------- ----------- X OUT A 1 X GND Y OUT B 2 Y GND C 3 SHIELD D 4 FIRE ROT LEFT E 5 ROT RIGHT F 6 THRUST RED GND H 7 RED GREEN GND J 8 GREEN BLUE GND K 9 BLUE L 10 AUDIO GND M 11 AUDIO 2 N 12 AUDIO 1 Notes: ------ - For testing purposes, Black Widow boards can be plugged directly into a Gravitar harness. If you want to actually play the game, you'll have to add 4 extra wires at P20:[8/9/K/L] for the extra control panel inputs. - The "CABINET" pin (P20:R) is potentially interesting. I haven't played with it, but suspect that if you tied it to GND (or left it open), you could play the game on a cocktail cabinet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


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