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12budord.htm 1. Thou shalt love thy BBS with all thy heart and all thy bytes. 2. Love thy hacker as thyself 3. Thou shalt not POST IN ALL CAPS. 4. Honor thy Sysop and Cosysop. 5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's
adial.htm ADIAL Version 2.0 by Gerard Lane ADIAL is a sequential autodialer used to find and record the phone numbers of other computers. This is similar to the program used in the movie "Wargames
abbbs.htm Well, it's over. Here are a few things that you might find interesting. Or maybe not. SPOILER WARNING SPOILER WARNING All the secrets of Another Bloody BBS revealed for the first ti
abuse.htm The following is a portion of a bulletin captured on MicroSellar BBS. Please read it carefully and react accordingly! These guys gals are letting us use their computers, their time, and their money so
abusebbs.htm The following is a portion of a bulletin captured on MicroSellar BBS. Please read it carefully and react accordingly! These guys gals are letting us use their computers, their time, and their money so
accessap.htm Altered States BBS Access Application In order to eliminate the problems of " Hackers, Twits, Dorks " that attempt to cause pro
arrest.htm GETTING BUSTED an experience and a warning By Paranoid Punkpig Resident 415 Bum I'm sure most of you have done some kinds of illegal activity, and betcha might've gotten
arubin.htm Spies is shutting down because the time has come. I've been running it for about 7 years, ever since I was a freshman attending college in upstate new york. It's survived through 4 moves, and was run
bbs30asc.htm The 30 Commandments of BBSing Some very intelligent SysOp gave some great thought to how a BBS should be operated and came up with these 30 BBS Commandments. 1. Thou shalt love thy BBS with all thy h
bbsdeath.htm What ever happened to real bulletinboard systems? First off, I'd like to make it perfectly clear that I cannot be objective in these notes. These are observations, but they are from 1 a Sysop 2 a
bbsethic.htm Ethics for BBS users The following are a few points of general BBS etiquette. If you wish to maintain your welcome on whatever system you happen to call, it would be to your advantage to observe th
bbsfaq02.htm Continued from previous message PART 2 SHAREWAREFREEWARE BBS SOFTWARE
bbsfaq03.htm PART 3 REMOTE ACCESS INTRODUCTION TO REMOTE ACCESS The Remote Access BBSpackage has been written by Andrew Milner, and is released by Wantree Development. The current
bbsfaq04.htm Continued from previous message PART 4 VISIONX VISIONX FEATURES USER Configurable MENU Support 100 Conference Support Realtime multinode chat Leech ZMODEM
bbsfaq05.htm Continued from previous message PART 5 CHAPTER 3 SYSOPING WITH MACINTOSHAPPLE
bbsfaq07.htm Continued from previous message PART 7 CHAPTER 5 BBSing WITH AMIGA
bbsfaq08.htm continued from previous message PART 8 Reccoon Features in Rcn v0.55 A nice GUI configurationprogram using gadtools. Alternative textbased configurationprogram that can be u
bbsfaq09.htm PART 9 CHAPTER 8 SETTING UP FILE LIBRARIES Q Where can I get
bbsfaq11.htm PART 11 10.03 Can I make money running a BBS? The BBS As A Profit Center How To Successfully Run a BBS for Profit By S. Carol Allen Review by Dan D. Gutierrez,
bbsfaqto.htm "T H E O F F I C I A L" B B S F A Q Version 1.0 Copyright C 1994 AuthorEditor Claire Walters BBSFAQ@AOL.COM SUBJECT Frequently asked questions for, alt.bbs, alt.bbs.allsy
bbsinfil.htm Computer Terror and Distruction Issue #1 BBS Infiltration By the Chamelion This article starts of the first issue of Computer Terror and Distruction. Each issue will deal with a particular area of compu
bbslawma.htm Version 1.1 BBS LEGAL GUIDE Including legal forms, statutes and "how to do it" information Copyright 1993, Clary and Kraft March, 1993 All Rights Reserved Will I get in trouble for having xrated gifs a
bbspeak.htm ADN Any day now AFAIK As Far As I Know AMF Goodbye Adios Mutha...... AWGTHTGTTA? Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again? BBS Bulletin Board System BTW
bbsting.htm POLICE SET UP BULLETIN BOARD STINGS By Jim Forbes Infoworld Staff AUSTIN, TX Law enforcement officials here have joined a gr
bbsmnrs.htm !!! GOOD MANNERS FOR BULLETIN BOARD USERS !!! Data Port Premium Bulletin Board System The following are a few points of general BBS etiquette. If you wish to maintain your welcome on whatever system you
besysop.htm SO YOU WANT TO BE A SYSOP? by Wally Byczek WallyWorld BBS 1989 To start a BBS, you first need a computer. No matter what computer you curren
blitzend.htm Unauthorised Access UK 0636708063 10pm7am 12oo24oo The end of Blitzkri
boards.htm MY SECRET LIFE ON THE BOARDS By J.D. Hildebrand Reproduced by permission I learned everything I know about gerbil ranching from a computer enthusiast I know only as Sysmoose. I've engaged in serious philos
bob2man.htm Private Sector Bust By Shooting Shark The following article appeared in the August, 1985 On July 12, 1985, law enforcement officials seized the Private Sector BBS, the official computer bu
bradford.htm READ THIS AND SPREAD EVERYWHERE! All sysops be on alert for someone with the real name of Bradford Ludes or sometimes just Brad Ludes. He may seem like a decent user however that is because he has
bre.htm Rules for joining the BRE league within GENERIC NET. 1 You must be a member of Generic Net obvious ehh and you must also have at least the required echos installed and active. 2 Your BRE game must
bullshit.htm Hello everybody and welcome back to the Pirates of Puget Sound SuperSystem. First of all I would like to talk a little about what everyone has been talking about. The crash of the hard drive. The mast
callback.htm CALLBACK VERIFICATION IS FOR CHUMP SYSOPS! by Colostomy Bagboy Don't you just HATE SySoPs who think it's cool to have a callback user verification system? I have a few methods that can be used to fuck
capitol.htm CALIFORNIA CAPITOL CONNECTION ONLINE copied from the ONLINE TODAY magazine Although Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock would have been puzzled by the thought, the California Assembly is looking at ways t
cbv.htm How to hack CBVs Callback Verification Systems by Morpheus Many BBSs today use "Call Back Verification Systems" to verify new users, as opposed to having to voice verify all the new users. Most of th
coolhand.htm COOLHAND.NFO Message 74 of 99 Posted 020392 at 738 am Subject bust To Everyone From Cool Hand User Note INC Vice Pres. ─────
crashhac.htm NETWORKS
danger1.htm Area ASKACOP Msg# 582 Rec'd Date 102993 2237 To All Mark Subj Info To Parents #1 The following letter is copied verbat
danger2.htm @MSGID 12604309 85E4BBE0 Area ASKACOP Msg# 583 Rec'd Date 102993 2242 To All Mark Subj Info To Parents #2 ...continu
danger3.htm Area ASKACOP Msg# 584 Rec'd Date 102993 2241 To All Mark Subj Info To Parents #3 ....continued from previous message I
dead1.htm Dedaparamaaginos Productions presents . . . THE HISTORY OF THE BBS USER A Musical Drama in V parts INTRODUCTION This is the first in a series that may go as long as five parts. This file and the oth
deflibbb.htm D E F A M A T I O N L I A B I L I T Y O F C O M P U T E R I Z E D B U L L E T I N B O A R D O P E R A T O R S A N D P R O B L E M S O F P R O O F John R. Kahn CHTLJ Comment Computer Law Semi
designbb.htm Waiting for caller Exit program Recent Callers Stats Local Login Login Sequence Confirm Handshake show baud, whatever Greeting Prompt NameNumberHandle Password Welcome User info 'Hi' Status, Name ' you have '
diaryh1.htm Diary of a Hacker Part 1 What I am about to write about happened in October of 1988, right after I had turned 16. Yes, I had a Computer. Yes, I was a hacker. Yes, this is my story. This story is all true.
disaster.htm E U R O P E A N H E A D Q U A R T E R
dljunkie.htm Confessions of a Download Junkie Okay, lets face it, I'm a download junkie!!! When do you know you are addicted to downloading!!! 1. You wake up, make coffee maybe, then hit the BBS's 2. You never read
document.htm It has come to my attention that there is a need for software catering to the elite BBS's. I decided to write one so 1 Nobody gets on except with invitation and 2 It can speed up things by having me
dodontae.htm The Do's and Don'ts of Ascii Express Written by Qu
donatenw.htm The following text has been seen on several BBS's around the area. I have included it here so that you may see the particular views expressed by other users that you may agree, or disagree with. I have
downtime.htm POLICY REGARDING BBS DOWNTIME This BBS operates 24 hours daily, with scheduled maintainence from 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. daily. This schedule may be altered upon 7 days notice to users. Every effort is made to
dti1.htm Public Computer Profile's PCP This Weeks Presentation MCWS Midnite Computer Wiring Society WrittenResea
elites.htm Now I am so FUCKING tired of the this fucking PRIMITIVE SHIT program AmiExpress or unexperienced SYSOPS! Isn't it so fucking lame that AE can't spare a user define setting for "ANSI graphics"!?!!! Or can
flamerul.htm A GUIDE TO BBS FLAMES It has now become clear that some form of guideline must be set down on the topic of BBS "flames". The simple questionand answer discussion which follows is an attempt to define
gatewaya.htm Here is more Information about Gateway '89 our thanks to Paul Waldinger and the Sound of Music BBS for this listing. ╔══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ ║ Mr
hagroto.htm No description
howtobbs.htm How to Become an Unsuccessful, BurnedOut SysOp It seems as if everyone who gets a modem and calls bulletin boards toys with the idea of running his own BBS at some time. The plain truth is th
iiu001.htm phile #1 IIU 1990 Bust Avoidance For Dipshits typed by Derision Notice how the feds and other appendages of law enforcement pop up every so often and take down people. Ever wonder if your going to be
introfun.htm This login written exclusivley for Hollow Hills, By Ragon. Yeah buds its getting 'round xmas time and you deicde you gotta go visit santa and his old lady down at the east street bar, near the north po
kileach.htm PRESENTS
killtlgd.htm W.C.C.P. How tah krash a Telegard BBS! By The Crypt Keeper with a bit of assistan
loserusr.htm Section 2 of 6 Released Dec 11,'85 Part 2 The Traits of a Loser. We will take the groupings one by one, and discuss the signals prevalent within each category. There are many things that will giv
mailsysp.htm Sysop Liability for Enroute andor Encrypted Mail Mike Riddle 128527 The following article is under submission. Reproduction on computer bulletin boards is permitted for informational purposes
mass.htm It just seems to happen over and over again. What am I talking about? I'm reffering to the constant happenings of "Max". You remember Max. The one that was forever imortalized in TLS5. Well, it just se
master.htm RA Express Held The Young Master
modem.htm ARE YOU A BBS ADDICT? 1. Do you own a modem? if the answer is NO, STOP! read no further. Anyone who would use a borrowed modem to access a BBS may one day be a BBS addict, but is not one at this ti
modemlif.htm The Modem Life. Is it Really Worth it? Written by The Nomad, for all BBS's that wish it. NoteWarning The author of this file will go detailed into his life. He enought to handle what the author is goi
modempai.htm From Sun May 13 081646 1990 Subject ModPail A while back, one of our users started a discussion about all the different types of users that show up on a BBS. This inspired us to chall
modemspf.htm SPLIT PERSONALITIES ON ELECTRONIC BULLETIN BOARDS by Rangott Spliekin During my brief visit to the United States in the fall of 1987, I was able to study certain specialized cases of split personalities.
modmhead.htm MODEMHEAD eddy vasile Eek is a retard and he knows it. He knows it because kids have been calling him that for about 27 years now. They also call him Eek because
mondo.htm Riding the BoardzZz A Guided Tour of the Underground An article taken from MONDO 2000 Issue 8 You are going to hear the Real Voice of the kid down the block. He's handsome, what they call clean cut. He
moritz.htm Type Read Text Files Enter Filename MORITZ.TXT MORITZ.TXT Text file describing bill moritz's act. Complete description of the Bill Moritz Affair, Circa 619011190 By Kevin Paradine, Sysop, Zeppe
mustsee.htm Rusty n Edie's BBS This program is brought to you with the blessings ║ ║ of Rusty n Edie's
mydaywss.htm The Hotel California 312 2346237 FORMATTED FOR UPPER LOWER CASE IN 80 COLUMNS . My Day With The Secret Servic
narcfbi.htm WARNING !! Well it looks like the F.B.I is at it again...They now have Modem users infiltrating the Elite world.The FBI is in cooperation with ATT to bust Phreakers and Sotware Pirates...Most of the Peo
ne3.htm Newsflash! The real purpose of the National Enlightener is to take a objective look at the piratephreak world. With it's piratephreak cast as rock star syndrome. We have nothing against anyone, but f
nenewfsh.htm Courtesy Of The Altered Reality Newsflash! The real purpose of the National Enlightener is to take a objective look at the piratephreak world. With it's piratephreak cast as rock star syndrom
net282.htm .PL From Steve Sherwick Network Coordinator, Twin Cities Metronet 12820 TO All Concerned SysOps and BBS Users Sub. 12821 AKA P.C. Info Exchange AKA Midwest Echo Star And John Richard
nysastat.htm Telecommunications, and, more particularly, computer to computer telecommunications, has experienced major growth in the last two years. We expect that growth to continue in the years to come. Of partic
opinion.htm One Sysops Opinion I have run an RBBS since Nov. 1,1983. I held off security for 8 months before being forced to go to a tight validation and registration system for users. Since the system is run as a
patrio1.htm AMERICAN PATRIOT BBS 314 2480078 0600 to 1800 UTC MF 0000 to 2400 UTC S,S 708 Birch Street Hannibal, MO 63401 VietNam Veteran Bill Boltinghouse AKA SUPERSPY Hoping to start operation 040492 with a
pcinfo.htm Report on PC Information Exchange Last Updated 07311988 PC Information Exchange Was a BBS System run in the Twin Cities Area as Net Node 2821. It was also known as the Midwest Echomail Star. The Sysop
pcorip1.htm Are all of you folks out there in BBS land aware of what the phone companies are trying to pull off this year? Well, here's a synopsis of a thread that I've been tracking for the past few w
pcorip2.htm OK, so what do we do to try to prevent the local phone companies from strangling the "hobby" BBS? Well, I'm not an expert about the FCC and phone company regulation, but I have an idea. If there is a
protogen.htm East¨West¨South and North
restory.htm FILES FROM THE FBI BULLETIN BOARDS AND BADGES RUSTY EDIE'S BBS SEIZED BY THE FBI Rusty Edie's BBS touted the fact that they had only two rules 1. Have fun and 2. No More Rules. It would appear the
radshack.htm From CIS; this is just an informational forward, and does not represent EFF positions or policy. Should your employer prohibit you from operating a BBS, on your own equipment, at your own expense, on yo
raid.htm FBI raids major San Fernado valley computer bulletin board; action follows joint investigation with SPA The Federation Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday, Sep. 13, 1994, raided "Moonbeams," a computer b
realgphi.htm G U I D E T O Through my vast experience of reading and c
safeinfo.htm Safehouse Blueprints 24 Hours 3001200 baud 16 Megabytes Online Two seperate phone lines The Safehouse is run off of two seperate Apple
sbbbs85.htm "BBSing in L.A Yes, it's quite different from here Santa Barbara, mainly because most boards are specializedthere are Commodore boards, Apple boards, Atari boards, CPM boards, IBM boards; gaming
sbbstips.htm SUPERBBS TIP FILE Len Morgan QST BBS P.O. Box 13965 Sacramento, Ca. 958533965 Fido Address 1203730 BBS Phone 916 9201288 This file contains most common mistakes when setting up SuperBBS. I have tried
sbfree.htm Welcome to the Strictly Business!BBS
scaredpw.htm ver 4 sty default.sty files prn Epson FX80 lang 1 desc 724464632 1 724463712 fopts 0 1 0 0 lnopts 2 Body Text docopts 5 2 l1 0 pg 1 10 0 0 1025 49152 0 0 65535 65535 Standard 0 0 0 0 0 0
security.htm WILDCAT!tm BBS system Security Emergency Documentation January 2, 1989 Richard B. Johnson PROGRAM EXCHANGE 303 4400786 There exists within the WILDCAT!tm external protocol pro cedures the considerable
spoof.htm Spoof for Sysops especially Ever seen anything like this? Hi! I'm New. HI!!!! I AM A NEW USER ON THIS BBBS!!!!! SEND MUY OOOPPPPSSSS!!!!! SNED ME OOOPPPSSS!!!!!! SEND ME M
sundevil.htm Good text file about Operation Sundevil What follows is a description of hacking cracking? Funny, I've heard people use 'cracking' as a synonym for having sex generally as well as the government'
sysop.htm Golden Rules For Sysops March 10,1989 James Taylor Sysop and Author Windsor Manor BBS 12036884973 Windsor, Connecticut 1. I will never post Golden Rules for Users, User Creeds, etc, etc to intimid
sysopsui.htm Access Denied Publications Presents... "SysOp Suicide! A Day in the Life of a System Operator" By James C. Goldbloom @ March 1988. ADP, Inc. P R E F A C E The daylight has not yet become visible and
tbk1.htm You are sharing this universe with 0 The Black Knight in teleconference with 84 min Parser is Power! Opponents wanted for 1 Tracker in tele
telegard.htm Msg # 1320 Base BBS Problems Date Sat 14 Mar 1992 859p Stat Public From Dragon #8 To Shit Man! Title Telegard what else? Reply This message has 1 reply
tgbackdr.htm TG SysOp's Protect Your Selves From Baddies by Man Against The Mob ─── ─── The Pie BBS 5166895413 ─── Hey you, don't be silly, put a rubber on your willy! As telegard is a popular BBS
thetruth.htm The Real Story By Michael Levy AKA The Dark Knight 10892 I am writing this for 2 main reasons 1 You will all find out about it by the end of the month anyway, one way or another, so its better you hear
toxicnet.htm ToXiCNeT Node Application ToXiCNeT is an underground Fido compatible network, before applying, make make sure your BBS software can support this. There is a limit of 2 nodes per area code
toxnetqa.htm You are required 1. To have a mailer system that can poll a FrontDoorInterMail system for mail. 2. Your system must be up 24 hours, 7 days a week. 3. You must poll every 24 hours. 4. ToXiCNeT uses P
truth.htm Well, I am sure you have all heard that I had a small legal problem today, and I know how stuff gets blown out of proportion, so I thought I'd explain the story myself. Here goes... I have carded a few
txnetrul.htm ToXiCNeT Rules o No fighting at all or that user will be removed from the net and maybe your board if the entire board is doing it ie you are responsible for your user's actions. o Keep one line me
ua.htm Project Underground Alliance A Proposal for Change
ucgg0591.htm THE U.C.G.G. NEWS LETTER Dated May 1991 Editorinchief Robin #23 With special Thanks toAngel And everyone else who helped make this letter a success... Leech The new online
v32v42.htm WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF MNP? By David Terry, Salt Air BBS There are three benefits and I'll discuss both MNP and v.42 since they have the same benefits and the same reasons for being 1 MNP or v.42 pr
warning.htm WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! This text is dedicated to all ya guyz out there whos running a board which contains any kind of ILLEGAL stuff WARNING ! WARNI
wasphqan.htm No description
whome.htm SO YOU WANT TO BE A SYSOP by Al Gutkin "The Tax Board" 714 9743730 PREFACE Here I am, 3AM in the morning, can't sleep. Why? because tomorrow is the big day. Installation of PCBOARD version 10. For the o
winfrend.htm Computer Etiquette, By Mel North The following are a few points of general BBS etiquette. If you wish to maintain your welcome on whatever system you happen to call, it


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