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144disk.htm The following is an exerpt from a text file writtencomplied by one A.D. Longton of Rockville, MD. I have omitted the discussion of how to make a 1.44M disk from a 720K disk with a soldering iron since
144meg.htm Subject: How to upgrade your ST floppies to 1.44Meg 3.5" drives Date: 18 Jul 90 16:14:16 GMT Sender: nobody@uvm-gen.UUCP Tried to post this yesterday from GnuEmacs - no go. Here it is, Hartmut Semken(AKA
144ctrl.htm The Control Team proudly presents: Zaphod Beeblebroxs notes on using Pc 1.44 Mb 3.5" drives with STSTEs with a minimum of trouble. If you have Tos v2.06 and STE, even the TOS will recognize that you h
1541tri.htm X-NEWS: hylka comp.sys.cbm: 9773 Subject: 1541 disk drive commands. Date: 25 Sep 1993 19:20:47 +0100 TWO RARELY USED 1541 DISK DRIVE FUNCTIONS 1. The Utility Loader command. INTRODUCTION A little k
1pt4mbin.htm This file was downloaded from ALIENS BBS ISRAEL, the BEST BBS in ISRAEL! Call now! 052-506539 24H 250Mb on-line! NOTES ON THE USE OF 1.4 MB DRIVES IN AT-COMPATIBLES: I wasnt long after 1.4 Mb drives
24to96x.htm Regarding the file "", which "explains" how to increase the speed of a 2400 baud modem to 9600: THIS FILE IS EITHER A HOAX OR ABSOLUTELY THE WORST TECHNICAL DOCUMENT EVER WRITTEN. DONT TRY
25mgupgd.htm A 2.5 Meg Socketed Ram Upgrade for the 1040ST A Shareware File by Barry Orlando Dated: Dec. 28, 1988 Introduction This shareware text file provides a procedure which details a 2.5 megabyte on board
288khst.htm U.S. ROBOTICS ANNOUNCES THE LAST MODEM YOULL EVER BUY Provides Migration Path to Forthcoming CCITT 28.8 Kbps Standard SKOKIE, Ill. -- June 8, 1992 -- U.S. Robotics today announced an upgrade program for
2ndrs232.htm Date: Wed, 15 Jul 87 22:36:06 MEZ Subject: A 2nd RS232 port Comment: Extracted from digest info-atari16 87-283 To: HOW TO GET A SECOND RS232 PORT FOR YOUR ATARI It might hap
450baud.htm by Scott Loftesness May 28, 1983 Many users have asked about using 450 baud with this RBBS system. Typically, they are asking why such an option exists (the N option on the main RBBS menu) when their mod
486vs040.htm CISC : The Intel 80486 vs. The Motorola MC68040 Source : Advanced Microprocessors by Daniel Tabak Scribe : X- Mike -X - July 92 System Comparison Most of the space in this text is dedicated to the
4chan8bi.htm Subject: CHEAP 8-BIT ADC FOR IBM PC PLANS FOR A 4-CHANNEL 8-BIT ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER FOR PC Francis J. Deck This is an extremely simple ADC for the PC. It connects to th
500hacks.htm From - (Lewin EDWARDS) - A DIY Guide to Computer Repair Modification (PC and Amiga 500) - [Note : To people who saved my earlier post re: installation of t
500mm.htm The following is an article published in "Video Computing (tm)", The Journal Of Interactive Video And Optical Storage Applicatio
68040.htm 68040 Info: This new CISC microprocessor offers RISC performance Motorola has officially unwrapped its newest 32-bit microprocessor, the 68040. Manufactured with 0.8-micron high-speed CMOS technology, the
8bitcomp.htm The Designing and Building of an 8-Bit Computer: A Personal Story Written by Mark Balch Copyright 1990 by Mark Balch, All Rights Reserved. You may freely copy and distribute this text file provided that: it
8chan12b.htm Subject: Cheap 12-bit ADC circuit for PC CHEAP 12-BIT ADC FOR IBM PC Francis J. Deck This is an 8-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter that hooks up to the parallel printer
8megexp.htm Amiga 8meg ram expander (C)1991 Silicon Synapse Electronics Designed by John Kamchen Support BBS: (204) 589-1078 Wpg,MB Canada Nov.28 This project is ShareWare. If you build it, and it works (why wou
9600data.htm Filename: 9600DATA.TXT Version : 1.2b Updated : 1111991 A Comparison of High Speed Modems CompatibilityFeaturesDifferencesPrices Including: HST, V.32, V.32bis, V.42, V.42bis By Mike Ehlert,
9600inf.htm Not long ago, many data communicators thought that dial-up modem manufacturers had pushed transmission speeds to the limit with the introduction of 2400 bit per second (bps) modems. Recently, however,
9600info.htm 9600 Baud MODEM Not long ago, many data communicators thought that dial-up modem manufacturers had pushed transmission speeds to the limit with the introduction of 2400 bit per second (bps) modems. Rece
a5000.htm Be very welcome to **FLOODLAND BBS - Hagsatra !
accel.htm Amiga 500 processor accelerator project by Leslie Ayling p.o. box 334 GLEBE 2037 Welcome once again to cheapskates corner, where we try and buy the world for a song. This time around we shall increase the
act-13.htm VOL 1 NUM 1 The Amatuer Crackist Tutorial Version 1.3 By Specular Vision Special Thanks to: Mr. Transistor Ironman The Grand Elusion Banzai Buckaroo Another fin
addcard.htm A1000A500 86-pin to 100-pin Expansion
addictio.htm THE TRAGEDY OF AN ON-LINE ADDICTION - by Steve King - "Did you know that last months (expletive) phone bill is over $450?" my wife scolded me in her harshest, my-husband-the-child voice. "Thats m
addrive.htm Generic 3.5 Inch Double Sided Disk Drive for The 5201040 Series by James Lacassagne Purpose: This document is a description of the hook-ups and mod- ifications that I found necessary in adding a 3.5 inch do
aids.htm MARCH 1990 AIDS TROJAN MARCHES ON LONDON - It has been almost three months since infected Aids Information disks started landing on users desks. Despite the high level of publicity, users continue to ignor
alt-bin.htm Notes on DECODEing .GIF pics etc. This file is intended to be a general introduction to the group, answering some common questions concerning pictures posted here, namely how to
ami-chts.htm Aaargh! You can easily defeat any monster in a fight for an egg, hold your ground and punch forward, jumping around and breathing fire is not the way to go. After three or four falls, your foe will stay
ami-init.htm Amiga Boot Sequence After getting a number of inquiries from fellow Amiga users about whats wrong with their Amigas when their Caplock key starts flashing, or, why the screen flashed odd colors, I dec
amihist.htm On Monday March 2, RJ Mical (RJ) spoke at the Boston Computer Society meeting in Cambridge. Fortunately I was momentarily possessed with an organizational passion, and I took copious notes. I present
amiport.htm The following is an excerpt from an article scheduled to appear in the February 1991 issue of Amazing Computing. Please refer to that article for more information about the IO Board as well a
amscsi.htm SCSI CONTROLLER This is a very preliminary doc. for a SCSI interface for the AMIGA. I know that it is fragmented, but I am trying to get something together quickly. Feel free to send me your comments. At
anetwork.htm This program is an attempt to try to make a very simple ST to ST link. The main objective was to make it as transparent as possible to the user and to other programs. LOADING AND SETUP ANET uses three us
anonftp.htm ATTENTION: If you have any questions, comments, or anything else feel free to mail me, but please read the rest of this header first! NEW: I have added the GMT timezone info for each site that has t
antiarq.htm Do you know the terror of ARQ-FLASHING ? I am sure you know.... I have to admit that my method cant remove line-noise but the most ARQ-Discos are not caused by a bad line but by a slow retrain of the HST.
apple.htm TEXT OF APPLE-MICROSOFT AGREEMENT AGREEMENT This Agreement is entered into on this 22nd day of November, 1985, by and between Apple Computer, Inc., a California corporation having its place of business at
arthayes.htm COLUMNS Host net 508, Node:5084 Tel. int+55 421284 Ignaat Simons Chopinlaan 3 7333GA Apeldoorn Netherlands HAYES modems and compatables. 1. Introduction. In the world of modem freaks and slowly on in the in
atamnesa.htm IBM Wouldnt Do This, Would They? (But They Did!) I am not currently an AT user. Otherwise, I might have discovered this before now and probably at some inconvenience. I pass it on so that many of
backdoor.htm What is the Filename to read? backdoor.txt February 20 1989 This is BACKDOR1.arc ... the first in a series of "back doors" to various games. The source of this info is various magazines, and I have p
basunixh.htm Basic Unix Use By Lord Lawless Phortune 500 Board of Directors March 8, 1987 This file is basically a brief introduction and overview for the beginning hacker to the
bbsnoise.htm [ YOUR SYSTEM HAS NOISE ] Written by Bill Noel Your system has noise!! Ever heard that from one of your users? Of course you have. And did you have a
begunix.htm UNIX for Beginning Users Developed by: User Liaison Section, D-7131 Denver Office [Name and Phone number deleted at authors Request] Revision Date: September 16, 1991 I. INTRODUCTION A. Audience This course
being.htm 90-02BeingInNothingness BEING IN NOTHINGNESS Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace By John Perry Barlow Published in Microtimes Magazine "Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily
bestcps.htm FIRE Starter : Get the BEST out of JRCOMM
biprint.htm Subject: Bi-directional IO on printer port - Hardware mods Summary: make you old PC printer port bi-directional Keywords: printer port, bi-direcional Date: 10 Jul 91 03:41:44 GMT Sender: markb@tplrd.tpl.
bitnetin.htm Subject: Document for beginners using BITNET Subj: BioBit No 17 (Bitnet for the complete idiot) 1717171717 1717171717 1717171717 1717171717 171 171
bitsbaud.htm Heres an excerpt from The Modem Reference, written by Michael A. Banks and recommended by Jerry Pournelle in Byte, The Smithsonian Magazine, et al. The right to reproduce this article is granted on th
bot.htm From Wed Jul 8 02:29:58 1992 Received: by (5.57Ultrix3.0-C) id AA15604; Tue, 7 Jul 92 14:31:52 -0400 Date: Tue, 7 Jul 92 14:31:52 -0400 To:
brief.htm -:^: AnTaReS CyberSurfing Division : - : Access Antares ::- DATE : 080994 Hi! I Was Quite Surprised That Many People Than Have Access To iNET Didnt Know ANYTHiNG About IRC .... Here iS So
buildit.htm THE OBESE AGNUS,THE NEW 500 BOARD AND OTHER RECENT EXPERIENCES. `````````````````````````````By Andrew Wilson 230789. WARNING..
builditd.htm Building an IBM Compatible or How to be a real Clone DJ Elliott PC HELP Box 19401 Baltimore, Md 21206 301-661-1921 GKHF68A-Prodigy DISCLAIMER
c64midi-.htm The following text is a construction article for building your own MIDI interface for the Commodore 64 or Commodore 128 cartridge port. If you are used to building digital electronic projects, you shou
cable.htm QUICK GUIDE TO COMPUTER CABLES by Bill Becwar LEGAL STUFF - This guide is as complete and accurate as I can make it, however, I cant be responsible for errors, omissions, typing mistakes, bad downloads,
carriers.htm #2 33 07 Aug 85 06:32:49 $0.00 To: Sysop And All On on Fido #100 in Net #115 Subject: Long Distance Services Everyone has asked at one time or another which of the long distance services are the best
cart.htm The Atari STs 128 Kbyte read-only cartridge port can be transformed into a 64 Kbyte readwrite port by using this cir- cuit. Writing to this port is slower than reading it by a
cascade.htm The following is the personal account of one of the aggrieved parties, David Garner of Cascade Electronics. I personally met John in August or September of 1987 at a meeting of Minneapolis computer use
cbmdead.htm A little note to all Commodore (Amigac64) users. COMMODORE IS NOW DEAD! Quoted below is an article from the Melbourne AGE newspaper dated 15th feb 1994. Commodore sell-off is a sad footnote (GARETH POWEL
chaos.htm Chaos, Strange Attractors and BrainMaker Plots Take the last 200 years data on cotton production. Plot a point which is one years production versus the next years. You get data points scattered all
clintons.htm [The following is provided via the courtesy of the Internet Society White House Press Release Gopher Service.] E X E C U T I V E O F F I C E O F T H E P R E S I D E N T THE WHITE HOUSE Office of t
closingn.htm "Closing the Net" by Greg Costikyan [Reproduced with permission from the January 1991 issue of Reason magazine. A one-year subscription (11 issues) is $19.95. Copyright 1991 by the Reason
colors32.htm 32,768 Colors! STR Feature Just keep on ..keeping on....... 32,768 Color Support for the Atari ST by Barry Orlando Public Domain, Dated 09-09-89 Heres a hardware modification for the standard
colr.htm GUIDE LINES FOR EFFECTIVE COLOR TERMINAL USAGE Based on research done at Tektronix and reported in Handshake, 1985. PHYSIOLOGICAL GUIDELINES: Avoid simultaneous display of highly saturated, spectrally
comdefsh.htm The following are "Data Processing Definitions": Assumed Decimal Point - Located two positions to the right of a programmers current salary in estimating his own worth. Bit - The increment by which prog
comlptpr.htm Well, heres my 3 cents worth on LPTCOM port addresses and IRQs: The "standard" addresses for the LPT and COm ports are: COM1 3F8 IRQ4 COM2 2F8 IRQ3 COM3 2E8 IRQ4 COM4 2E0 IRQ3 LPT1 3BC
compdev.htm Some Thoughts on the Development of Personal Computers by Duane Bristow, Computer Consultant The Helping Hand BBS (606) 387-4002 Albany, Kentucky 42602 June 14, 1991 Personal Computers were first availabl
compho1.htm Subject: Re: "The Devouring Fungus" at a bookstore near you ...a collection of anecdotes and stories about computer technology and the people who spend their time working with computers... This is
compiler.htm Compilers and How They Work: An Overview Lou Morgan Madison IBM-PC Users Group What are compilers and how do they work? Many computer users ask themselves this question after the programming bug
comrappr.htm --: COMRAPS :-- GUIDE TO REMOTE DATABASE SYSTEMS For New Users Copyright (c) 1985 by COMRAP Committee for Remote Database
conclus.htm Based on the committees investigation and two separate court rulings, it is clear that high level Department of Justice officials deliberately ignored INSLAWs proprietary rights in the enhanced
config.htm Your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT by Barry Simon Copyright (c) 1986, by Barry Simon Written expressly for and posted on Compuserves IBM Forum. May only be reproduced commercially with the authors perm
copyprot.htm Authors Note: The following article was written for submission to ComputerFun magazine. Alas, the mag died! Some information, specifically that about pirates and piracy, is somewhat biased, due to t
copyrigh.htm Copyrighting Public Domain Programs by June B. Moore, JD Member, California State Bar Also: Marin RBBS (415) 383-0473 There is concern about the copyright status o
crtstuff.htm The Quest for the
designer.htm SAPPHIRE DESIGNER NOTES by Tim Campell. This section contains no especially important information. It is presented here for those people who might want to know why Sapphire was designed the way it was.
diagnose.htm An Introduction to Troubleshooting Your IBM PC by Jerry Schneider Capital PC User Group The IBM PC family of computers (PC, Portable, XT and AT) comes complete with built-in diagnostic procedures to assist
dmaasc.htm DMA Techniques for Personal Computer Data Acquisition Introduction Data acquisition generally involves sampling some set of "real world" signals at a regular rate, and storing the results for pro
docwaste.htm ATTENTION ALL PROGRAMMERS...... I download alot of Shareware programs, and find many of them to be at least useful, if not great. But, I am real discouraged when I print out the DOCS, and watch my printe
dodont.htm GET THE MOST OUT OF Y
domain.htm What is a USENET domain? What is a Domain? Mark R. Horton Bell Laboratories Columbus, Ohio 43213 ABSTRACT In the past, electronic mail has used many different kinds of syntax, naming a computer and a login na
dos-user.htm PC Users Guide To Unix If you are a PC user, the transition to Unix will be easier for you because of the similarities between DOS and Unix. One similarity is the hierarchical file system. As in DOS, U
doshist.htm THE DEVELOPMENT OF DOS Personal computers began appearing in the mid 1970s, initially as hobbyist toys that didnt even have keyboards or screens. The first real one, named Altair by a magazine editor
dosmem.htm PC Memory Management Overview DOS users are faced with a confusing array of memory configurations today. Theres conventional memory, upper memory, expanded memory, extended memory, and the high memory
dosmnual.htm PCMS-DOS THE ESSENTIALS A Brief Guide for Users PCMS-DOS THE ESSENTIALS A Brief Guide for Users by George Campbell Computer Services (805) 528-1759 Page 2 INTRODUCTION In order for you to use your computer ef
doserr.htm DOS 2.0 HAS PROBLEMS WITH REDIRECTION OF IO There are problems in DOS 2.0 with the redirection of IO and piping for programs that use the original DOS 1.1 INT 21 function calls for inpu
drigsb.htm Documentaion for SBDSP - SoundBlaster APT Demodulation Program This program and documentation are the property of the Dallas Remote Imaging Group (BBS 214 394 7438). If it is used on other systems, th
drives.htm DRIVING US CRAZY, BUT FOR A REASON by Alan Brenden In the early days of the PC, there wasnt much involved with the decision-maki ng process when a new hard disk was to be bought or repaired. The first
dvinter1.htm DESQview Interrupt List Release 90.3 Last change 71590 Please distribute all of the following files (unmodified) together in an archive called DVINT390: DVINTER.1ST this file DVINTER.LST the
dvscript.htm This File details the process for creating and using Scripts with DESQview What is a startup script you ask? Well, the main benefit is that it will automate the process of opening the windows that you
eastereg.htm Xref: icaen alt.folklore.computers:47386 bit.listserv.win3-l:23927 comp.os.msdos.misc:15621 Subject: Ye Olde Secrete Screene Cheete Sheete (l
echtutor.htm  ECHOMAIL TUTORIAL This is a brief tutorial about a new Fido phenomena called EchoMail. The first half of this tutorial is for users. It explains how you enter messages, and
eightlws.htm "The Adventures of Lone Wolf Scientific" An electronically syndicated series that follows the exploits of two madcap pioneers of technology. Copyright 1991 Michy Peshota. May not be distributed without acc
electrop.htm ELECTROPOLIS: COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNITY ON INTERNET RELAY CHAT Elizabeth M. Reid Honours Thesis 1991 University Of Melbourne Department Of History Internet email: emr@ariel
essays.htm ART IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL DISSEMINATION CLASS ESSAYS from a Fine Arts Course taught at the University of Victoria, B.C., Canada by Brad Brace, 1993 Contact: or, Brad Brace, 503-230-11
execnois.htm From Exec-PC Multi-user BBS, 414-964-5160 Bob Mahoney, SYSOP 71687 IF YOU ARE GETTING GARBAGE ON THE SCREEN, OR ARE HAVING TROUBLE COMPLETING FILE TRANFERS: If you see random characters o
fbisys.htm From the Illumi-Net BBS Decatur, GA Conspiracy Theory Conference 404-377-1141 Summary of FBI Computer Systems By Ralph Harvey This article is reprinted from Full Disclosure. Copyright (c) 198
fileid.htm FILEID.TXT v1.9 by Richard Holler [CIS 73567,1547] Last Revision 051794 This text file was prepared at the request of the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals), but the information contained in
floppies.htm EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT FLOPPY DISKS....... BY Ted Jensen So, youve just spent 400 bucks for that super piece of software, made your back-up and are working away with your w
gfxhints.htm COMPUTER GRAPHICS Some Hints on How to Improve Your Graphics Here are some hints for those of you who would like to improve your
gifstd.htm G I F (tm) Graphics Interchange Format (tm) A standard defining a mechanism for the storage and transmission of raster-based graphics information June 15, 1987 (c) CompuServe Incorporated, 1987 All rights re
glossary.htm Yet another computer glossary... (There are a zillion of these computer glossaries floating around, but this one was actually amusing.} Thanks to RASTAMAN JA for contributing this text file. beta test, v.
hackpom.htm Casey at the Byte (with apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer) The meeting at the White House Wasnt going well that day; The budget plan was lost, Thus causing ulcers and dismay; And when Jones failed at the
handles.htm From -- F I D O N E W S -- Vol. 9 No. 9 (2 March 1992) The newsletter of the FidoNet BBS community Published by: "FidoNew
hayes.htm Technical Reference for Hayes(TM) Modem Users 2 November 1990 Version 1.0 Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. P.O. Box 105203 Atlanta, Georgia 30348 Europe Office Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc. 1 Roundwood A
hitchhik.htm The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet 25 August 1987 Ed Krol This document was produced through funding of the National Science Foundation. Copyright (C) 1987, by the Board of Trustees
how2mnp.htm PREFACE If you are reading this, you probably have a modem. Your modem may be equipped with MNP error correctioncompression protocols (probably MNP 4 or 5 - will be explained soon). MNP can
i4004.htm Section One: Before the Great Dark Cloud. Part I: The Intel 4004 (1972) The first single chip CPU was the Intel 4004, a 4-bit processor meant for a calculator. It processed data in 4 bits, but its instru
infoshee.htm Linux: Free Unix Information Sheet 0.1 Introduction to Linux Linux is a completely free clone of the unix operating system which is available in both source code and binary form. It is copyright
internet.htm Network Working Group G. Malkin Request for Comments: 1177 FTP Software, Inc. FYI: 4
intrntcm.htm Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication Compiled by John December (, Release 1.6, 01 Sep 92 Additionscomments welcome. This document or updates are avail
ircnfo.htm (1) What is IRC? IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It was written by Jarkko Oikarinen ( in 1988. Since starting in Finland, it has been used in some 20+ countries spanning the gl
jargn10.htm # THIS IS THE JARGON FILE, VERSION 2.9.10, 01 JUL 1992 # This is the Jargon File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, a
jrquiet.htm Silencing the noisy PCjr disk drive is as easy as lubricating two rods inside your computer. The drive head carriage hangs on two rods and sometimes hangs up, causing the noise. The rods are lubricated
karpovpr.htm Karpov vs. DEEP THOUGHT Cambridge, Massachusetts Reported by Darren Bedwell, Compuserve 73510,2300 On February 2, 1990, a crowd gathered in Memorial Hall at Harvard University to witness a game between G
killerpr.htm Killer DOS Stalks Software -- by John C. Dvorak From the May 7, 1984 Infoworld When I was in Arlington Heights, Illinois, recently, I heard a story that at first I thought was pretty funny, then I reali
language.htm Subject: The Language List V1.9 Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1993 19:38:08 GMT [This contains all 9 parts, concatenated.] The Language List - Version 1.9, January 13, 1993 Collected information on about 2000 compute
maccrack.htm Hey dydes, wnat some cool Crax from Mac International? Here they aere: DISCLAIMER: This file is posted for the expressed purpose of allowing legal owners of the software packages listed in t
mailordr.htm 23 June 1984 Sir: This is one of those once upon a time letters...... Once upon a time, this writer decided to upgrade his IBM-PC with a hard disk option. As prices were dropping almost every week, it be
manners.htm Computer Etiquette, by Mel North.
manyhint.htm ATARI ST Guaranteed Cheat Codes and Strategies: Compiled by KTH This is a collection of cheats and codes taken from seven seperate text files from the sewer disk collections. I have merged them together
may-bust.htm # B U S T E D ! # #
mdic150.htm The Modem Dictionary (C) Copyright 1993 R. Scott Perry All Rights Reserved Version 1.50 "What is this, why, and who is this guy?" I feel that this dictionary fills a major void. In my years of using BBSs
mism16ha.htm No description
mism18ha.htm No description
mnemonic.htm From ames!ptsfa!ihnp4!alberta!ubc-vision!majka Tue Aug 4 18:22:08 PDT 1987 Article 921 of comp.misc: From: majka@ubc-vision.CP (Marc Majka) Subject: Mnemonics Date: 4 Aug 87 20:46:16 GMT The recent dis
modemlif.htm The Modem Life. Is it Really Worth it? Written by The Nomad, for all BBSs that wish it. NoteWarning: The author of this file will go detailed into his life. He enought to handle what the author is goi
modprobs.htm NOTE CAREFULLY:- The "call waiting" and "call forwarding" information in this article is correct for Bell Canadas territory which is primarily the provinces of Quebec and Ontario in CANADA. It has not
morph.htm In article Does anybody know how they did that effect in the new Michael Jackson video with all of the faces merging together? It looks an awful l
muck.htm COMMANDS Terminology: + MUCK additon Wizard only # Restricted with GODPRIV B Builder command -- may be restricted P Programmer command -- restricted unless MUCKERALL Optional % Special @ACTION
muckedi.htm Commands available from the MUF program editor: Program commands: compile compile program delete delete lines insert insert program lines list
muckfor.htm The MUF Cheat-Sheet, as seen by Sammael (Arthur, The., etc) -or- Reference manual for MUCK Forth ("MUF") -terse v2.2 August 4, 1990 ENTERING EDITING MODE @prog program name (creates a new program if no
muddic.htm These docs were written with the help of Three, who wrote probably the best library Ive seen. Contained herein are her docs, and some examples that Ive written. -- Chrys Threes Unabridged Dictionar
mudrepor.htm Interactive Multi-User Computer Games Dr Richard Bartle, MUSE Ltd., 34, Grantham Road, Great Horkesley, Colchester, Essex. CO6 4TU, UK. email: Copyright (c) MUSE Ltd, British Te
muf16t.htm ฤ Area: [ECHO] BATCH POWER PROG. Msg#: 4967 Date: 09-12-93 20:18 To: ALL M
mufexa.htm This first program checks the contents in a room and assembles a string which is an english description of the contents. For example, for Contents: a bell a book it would print: a bell, a
mufman.htm MUF REFERENCE MANUAL: This manual was compiled largely from the original MUF reference manual, with help from BlackDougal. It is intended more as a reference work than as a tutorial, and should be curre
muftut.htm From stinglai@bureau.World.GOV Tue Jun 5 08:50:55 1990 Subject: Beginners guide to MUF programming Keywords: MUD Muck MUF forth Atlantis and a partridge in a pear tree Date: 5 Jun 90 09:19:45 GMT [ Upd
netnews1.htm Subject: An Important Top Ten List. Date: 21 Aug 89 13:53:57 GMT Top Ten Problems with Netnews: 10. Too many people think theyre lawyers and know everything about copyright laws and how (and when) theyr
nethorm.htm FTPd from File pubvirus-ldocsnet.hormones Date: Thu, 16 Mar 89 20:56:18 +0100 Net Hormones: Part 1 - Infection Control assuming Cooperation among Computers Copyright (c) 1989 David S. Stodol
newstupr.htm PS NEW TECHNOLOGY DIGEST Heres news of intriguing developments--large and small--in the world of modern technolgy. STEALING HBO
noise.htm Line Noise and the Problems it Can Cause with File Transfers Many people have left messages on my bulletin board asking me why there are so many garbage characters on their screens and why file transf
noise1.htm Modem Noise Killer (alpha version) With this circuit diagram, some basic tools including a soldering iron, and four or five components from Radio Shack, you should be able to cut the noisegarbage that a
ohs-rcs.htm "6231352.TXT" (9670 bytes) was created on 12-12-88 ORBITAL MANEUVERING SYSTEM The orbital maneuvering system provides the thrust for orbit insertion, orbit circularization, orbit transfer, rendezvou
optwagr.htm Optimal Wagering Copyright 1991, Michael Hall Permission to repost, print for own use. I think Ive got some good discoveries here... even if you dont follow the math, you can get some useful blackjack i
packet.htm PACKET SWITCHING NETWORKS Revised 4-Mar-85 Contains former file GERMAN.TXT (modified) If you are interested in CompuServe access and file transfer through packet switching networks like those found in som
pagingg.htm Date: 17 March 1981 13:59 est Subject: The Paging Game To: sipb at MIT-MC, info-cobol at MIT-AI The following appeared in a recent issue of "Multing", an on-line magazine distributed on one of Honeywel
paranoia.htm PROCESSED THOUGHTS By John C. Dvorak PARANOIA RUNS RAMPANT THROUGH COMPUTER COMMUNITY As I was perusing the various information services I ran into a notice that the State of Califor
password.htm VERY good advice about your password. Originally sent on STaTus BBS, and reprinted here by permission of the author. Message : 9359 [Open] 3-31-91 9:40am From : Murray Moffatt To : Jon Clarke (x
pc869kb.htm WHAT IS HIGH MEMORY, WHY DO I CARE, AND HOW CAN I USE IT? BY CY ATKINSON WHAT IS IT: The 8088 chip, the engine in the PC and XT, can address one meg in 16 64K segments numbered 0 thru F. IBM has designed
pentium.htm Intel Pentium(TM) Processor Technical Backgrounder Intels Pentium(TM) Processor: The Next Generation of Power The Pentium(TM) processor is the newest and most powerful member of Intelsx86 family of mic
perstest.htm Mind reader: do personality tests pick out bad apples? by Tim Beardsley For years, employers have given job applicants paper-and-pencil tests to assess basic skills such as reading and arithmetic. These
photoscn.htm Photographing TV and Computer Screen Images From the brochure "KODAK Scientific Imaging Products", pages 26 and 27: Photographing TV and Computer Screen Images It is a relatively simple task to record a
piracy.htm SOFTWARE PIRACY: AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW Jim Thomas and Gordon Meyer (5 March, 1990) Jim Thomas is an associate professor in Sociology. Gordon Meyer received his M.A. in Sociology in 1989. They are curre
pntqa.htm The PentiumTM Processor Q A March 22, 1993 Background On March 22, Intel Corporation announced production shipments and technical details of its fifth-generation, compatible processor, the PentiumTM proce
privacy.htm PALO ALTO, Calif.-- For the first time in more that a decade, civil libertarians and computer professionals are banding together to stop what many consider a Big Brotherish attempt by the FBI to keep tra
raspeedr.htm From the files of The Hack Squad: by Lee Jackson, Moderator, FidoNet Intl Echos SHAREWRE WARNINGS The Hack Report Volume 2, Number 6 File Test Results Result Repo
realhack.htm The Meaning of `Hack - The Jargon File "The word {hack} doesnt really have 69 different meanings", according to Phil Agre, an MIT hacker. "In fact, {hack} has only one meaning, an extremely subtle and
rehabots.htm ROBOTICS FOR REHABILITATION from Epitomes-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation The Western Journal of Medicine August 1988 pp 205-206 Computer-based, voice-controlled robots can enhance the quality of li
removead.htm Subject: The other crusade Date: 29 Nov 92 02:59:28 GMT This post has absolutely nothing to do with origins, but rather with the one other crusade I occasionally indulge in on usenet, i.e. the crusade to
rightspr.htm COPYRIGHT INFORMATION FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARE HACKS from June B. Moore Attorney at Law 32 Salinas Avenue San Anselmo CA 94960 Ph 415-456-5889 (after 5:30 pm) Writers of software program
ripscrip.htm RIPscrip Graphics Protocol Specification "Remote Imaging Protocol" Copyright (c) 1992-1993 TeleGrafix Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved Revision 1.53.00 May 12th, 1993 INT
rpgrules.htm This file contains the rules for Roleplaying in all of the games within Galactic Net. All persons wishing to take part in any of the Roleplaying games in Galactic Net should download and read this fil
rs232.htm .pn A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing Lawrence E. Hughes Mycroft Labs, Inc. P.O. Box 6045 Tallahassee, FL 32301 The following information is intended to collect together in one place, and explain in
script.htm How to use uSu Script formats - By:Cyberglitch Ok basically uSu Script format is pretty simple and will do alot if you take the time to work it through. O
secret.htm Windows 3.1 Secrets Hey, if you use Windows 3.1, check this out: In the Program Manager, go to the Help menu and select About. Youll see the typical info window with the windows logo. Hold the Control
secretsj.htm Users Guide to Little Known Facts About Computers Definition(s): Computer: a digital machine with a non-dedicated cpu unit 1. All computers are sentient and possess consciousness. 2. All computers are l
serial.htm Heres some bits and pieces that might be of interest. INT 14 - SERIAL IO - INITIALIZE USART REG AH 0 REG AL INITIALIZING PARAMETERS BIT 7 - 6 - 5 4 - 3 2 1 - 0 -BAUD RATE- PARITY STOP WOR
sharewri.htm Association of Shareware Professionals
taeislng.htm Taeis Languages FTPd from File pubantontaeislanguage.lang dragon.lang.1 dragon.lang.2 kingdoms.lang ohs.lang petrocea.lang These are artificial languages for the "Taeis" world, as defined
taoprogp.htm THE TAO OF PROGRAMMING BOOK ONE: The Silent Void Thus spake the master programmer: "When you have learned to snatch the error code from the trap frame, it will be
taopro1.htm T h e T a o O f P r o g r a m m i n g T r a n s l a t e d B y G e o f f r e y J a m e s - 1 - T a b l e o f C o n t e n t s Book 1 -- The Silent Void Book 2 -- The Ancient Masters Boo
technoma.htm This is an archive of a few files relating to Steven Roberts and technomads in general: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Subject: Re: Looking for man on $1.2M bike... Summary: tech
teletype.htm Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1991 20:33:50 -0600 To: telecom Subject: History of Morkrum Company - Ancestor of Teletype Corporation [Moderators Note: Attached is a very interesting piece I received which is too lar
theory1h.htm WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF POWER Resonating Planet Earth by Toby Grotz Theoretical Electromagnetic Studies and Learning Association, Inc. 522 West Third Street Leadville, CO 80461 (719) 486-0133 Abstract Many
thedark.htm From rec.arts.anime Sun Jan 24 18:19:51 1993 !!krim Subject: New Ranma 12 Fanfic Keywords: Bear with me Sender: (The Network News) Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1993 21:
tjhelp.htm TIPS AND TRICKS FROM TJ SOFTWARE Revised: 08071994 WILDCAT! 4.x Problems may develop using the DOOR.SYS drop file if you have a LARGE number of conferences. I would suggest picking up a copy of a file
toobadpr.htm "The Sysops Survival Guide" Written by: ance stro Well, this guide can be used by the Sysops of today or tomorrow, or whenever. Now, I guess I will start by listing the things that I, as a Sysop ha
trivia1.htm The second Computer Bowl sponsored by The Computer Museum was held in Boston in April 1990. The questions used are listed below. For a more detailed report see the August 1990 issue of Communications of
trivia2.htm The third Computer Bowl sponsored by The Computer Museum was held in San Jose at the San Jose Convention Center on April 26, 1991. The questions used are listed below. [Keep in mind these questions were
trojanpr.htm Mark Garvin -- Xymetric Productions -- New York City 3-7-87 I guess I have stirred some interest with my recent messages to BBSs concerning Trojan horse programs. I have decided to write t
tutor2.htm Written by Ronald van Loon, July 31, 1991 (IRCNICK : rvl) [ PART TWO : PUBLIC CONVERSATIONS, CHANNELS AND CHANNEL MODES ] Most of the information in this file can also be obtained by issuing: HELP CHANN
tutor3.htm Written by Ronald van Loon, August 27, 1991 (IRCNICK : rvl) [ PART THREE : CUSTOMIZING YOUR OWN ENVIRONMENT - VARIABLES AND DEFAULTFILES ] Most of the information in this file can be obtained by issuing
tutorial.htm July 26th, 1991 - written by Ronald van Loon (rvl). [ PART ONE : BASIC COMMANDS, PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS ] IRC for beginners - an introduction [NOTE: IRC II, the client we are using in our group, has most o
twxhist.htm As our Moderators response said, Telex certainly should be called the original form of E-Mail. Far from "dead" on a global basis, UN reports published in the "Brittanica Book of the Year" indicate there
ultra.htm ณ Gravis Ultrasound Tech Specs The Unofficial Dox Written December, 1992 By Tran of Renaissance and Joshua Jensen OK, folks, here it is. This is the programming informat
unixfun.htm Article 7392 of rec.humor: From: hirayama@suvax1.CP (Pat Hirayama) Subject: Fun With Unix -- Summary -- LONG! Keywords: all those unix jokes (?) Date: 25 Aug 88 23:17:19 GMT OK folks. Here is a summary
unixsec.htm IMPROVING THE SECURITY OF YOUR UNIX SYSTEM David A. Curry, Systems Programmer Information and Telecommunications Sciences and Technology Division ITSTD-721-FR-90-21 Approved: Paul K. Hyder, Manager Com
unravel.htm UNRAVELING UNIVERSE Is the cosmos younger than the stars it contains? Was Einsteins biggest blunder not a mistake? Heres why cosmology is in chaos Time Magazine (Mar 6) Tod Lauer is starting to feel mo
utsof.htm [ We believe this policy was current as of early 1990, although it may not have been and it may have changed or change at any time. If you want to be sure, dont believe this but rather consult the Uni
v42bis.htm A Laymans Explanation of High Speed Modems Stan Simmons Business Forms Estimating Systems, Inc. April 4, 1991 High speed modems have 4800 bps or faster data transfer rates. Until recently most high speed
vcbackup.htm How to Back-up your PC VisiCalc disk How to Back-up your PC VisiCalc disk Dual drive disk copy procedure: The following technique
vidtrix.htm Tricks with a video camera Subject: what to film with your video camera The volume of the response to my last article was underwhelming :-( 8( I had asked: Do you rich people with movie collections edit "
viewers.htm Information on different picture viewing programs - Updated 5th Oct 1991 ณ ิอออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออออ
weird21.htm high weirdness by email v2.1 send info and errata to: This version supersedes previous "editions"; they may safely be deleted without loss of important information. As always, th
weirdstf.htm  WEIRD STUFF SOURCE LIST An access guide for hard-to-find items, equipment, and information Last Updated: 080193  ART BY MAIL  Art Matrix Contact: Homer
wellmanh.htm THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE WELL (WHOLE EARTH LECTRONIC LINK) Written by Mick Winter TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Why the WELL? How much is it? WELL etiquette Hints on using t
win31doc.htm GENERAL COMPATIBILITY ISSUES WITH WINDOWS 3.1 The introduction of a new operating environment often changes the interaction between applications or utilities and the new environment. The Windows 3.1 int
xmodem.htm ! ! ! Lightning House Software Co. pre
xtformat.htm .BAT and .TXT files for DOS 2.0 for use with hard disk. FORMAT utility for the
zen.htm ZEN AND THE ART OF SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION (Translated from the P-u-tung hua dialect by W.C.Carlson) Editors Note: The following are excerpts from the only known treatise on Zen Software Documentat
zork3.htm How to backup Infocoms ZORK III game: Insert DOS disk in drive A ADISKCOPY A: B: -- Ignore the errors on tracks 1-3! Place your ZORK III disk in drive A and a blank disk in drive B. A Now take out

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