OFFICIAL CHARTER OF THE M00SE ILLUMINATI 1) CHAPTERS: Each and every member of the M00se I

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OFFICIAL CHARTER OF THE M00SE ILLUMINATI 1) CHAPTERS: Each and every member of the M00se Illuminati is his or her own chapter. He or she is also the Bull M00se (spiritual leader), Grand Poobah (political leader), and treasurer (money-handler) of his own chapter. Therefore, a chapter could be listed as such: THE BILL DICKSON CHAPTER OF THE M00SE ILLUMINATI Bull M00se: William R. Dickson 261 Newt Road Aberdeen, CT 06011 (223) 699-1545 Grand Poobah: Billy Dickson 261 Newt Road Aberdeen, CT 06011 (223) 699-1545 Treasurer: Bill Dickson 261 Newt Road Aberdeen, CT 06011 (223) 699-1545 2) THRONGS: Any group of two or more chapters gathered together in one place is a throng. The more chapters, the bigger the throng. 3) SYMBOL: The symbol is a four-sided, eleven-step pyramid with an eye in the top step and a three-pronged antler on either side. It once was thought impossible to draw with text characters, but a case of extreme boredom one day was cured by the invention of a text-character symbol. /\ ___ / \ ___ / \ __ / \ __ / \ | \ / \ _ / <()> \ _ / \ / | | \_/ \_/ \_/________\_/ \_/ \_/ | \_________________/__I___I___\_________________/ This smaller version /_I___I___I__\ is used when time or /I___I___I___I_\ space is short. /___I___I___I___I\ /__I___I___I___I___\ _ /\ _ /_I___I___I___I___I__\ / \_/\_/ \_/\_/ \ /I___I___I___I___I___I_\ \_____/ () \_____/ /___I___I___I___I___I___I\ / \ /__I___I___I___I___I___I___\ / \__/ \ /_I___I___I___I___I___I___I__\ /__________\ 4) SECRET M00SE SIGN: Thumbs to side of head, fingers outstretched to simulate antlers. Usually accompanied by the Secret M00se Call. 5) SECRET M00SE CALL: BL00P! (Taken from Bloom County.) 6) PURPOSE: To confuse, obfuscate, bewilder, and befuddle the masses. 7) POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS: Varies according to the chapter. The M00se Illuminati as a whole will support any chapter's beliefs. Thus, the M00se Illuminati may, at any given time, be supporting any number of contra- dicting philosophies. 8) NEW MEMBERS: Any chapter can dub new members so long as it uses a silly, meaningless ceremony that is made up on the spot to do so. It would be very nice if the Bill Dickson chapter (DICKSON@HARTFORD.BITNET) were notified so it could record the new member/chapter. This will allow the Bill Dickson chapter to send all chapters any new information. 9) SECRET NUMBERS: The secret numbers of the M00se Illuminati are 11 (the number of steps in the pyramid) and 13 (11 + two antlers). Be on the lookout for these numbers, as they may hold some significance. Also watch out for 31 (13 transposed) and 11 (11 transposed). 10) PLURAL: The plural of M00se is M00ses--NOT M00se, moosies, moosi, moosei, moostachios, or Bim Skala Bim. 11) SLASHED 'O's: The 'O's in M00se, Bloop, and all other EXTREMELY m00sey words are slashed: 0. This apparently originated in the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this with the lower-case on a computer. In fact, it is now difficult to do it with the upper-case, as most computers no longer have slashed zeros. We use the zero where we would want a slashed 'o' anyway, to remind us that we are making an attempt. Please draw the slashes in if you print a hardcopy. 12) FLEXIBLE RULES: Any of the rules may be changed except for numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 11. If you attempt to change a rule in such a way as to create a paradox, remember that m00ses don't care about paradox. 13) ALWAYS REMEMBER: Bloop! Bloop bloop? BL00P! Bloop? BL0000000P!


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