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INFORMATION ON VARIOUS M00SE ILLUMINATI SUBDIVISIONS 1) THE SOUTH WINDSOR AUTODUELLISTS OF THE M00SE ILLUMINATI SWAMI was formed to keep the streets clear of dangerous drunk drivers, idiots, Yugos, orange trucks, the guy who, suddenly and without warning, turns left in front of you when you have the right of way, and other things that could in any way interfere with the pleasure of any m00se's driving. SWAMI units are not above the hijacking and looting of ice cream trucks. The vehicles of individual SWAMI units are vastly different from one another, excluding one thing -- all are heavily armed and armored, and all are driven by highly proficient autoduellists. 2) THE SECRET M00SE SERVICE The S.M.S. was formed in 1986 by a man whose real name cannot be printed, for obvious reasons. He may only be referred to as 'Chip'. The S.M.S. was formed to protect m00ses from the subversive influences of various rival groups, especially the Ancient and Powerful Illuminati of Bavaria. Enemy agents are usually tickled and forced to eat pickled herring by our torture expert, one Opus P. Bell. The S.M.S. naturally uses covert means to reach the ends it desires, occasionally calling in SWAMI units for military-type operations. All m00ses can rejoice in their new-found freedom from worry now that the Secret M00se Service is protecting them. 3) CHAOS ENGINEERING MII 321 CHAOS Engineering MII 321 offers a comprehensive study in CHAOS Engineering. There are no technical prerequisites as such, but a comprehensive background in sarcasm, subordination, obfustication, and random behaviour patterns are highly recommended. Students will learn various methods of non-violent actions designed to be counter-productive to the machinations of any sort of administration, large or small. Such methods will include back talk, petition drives, subversive paper work (see also MII 274 Forms Substitution for Maximum Disruptive Effect), and malicious sign posting. Non-lethal weaponry will be briefly discussed, and covered in depth in the course's continuation, MII 322. MII 322 Advanced CHAOS Engineering: Use of Non-Lethal Weaponry MII 322 picks up where MII 321 left off, and covers extensively the use of such Non-Lethal Weapons such as water guns, water grenades, powder bombs, shaving cream, and, for extreme cases, splat-ball guns. There is a $75 lab fee. THE OFFICIAL M00SE ILLUMINATI SUGGESTIVE SOURCE MATERIALS LIST Subsection One: Books Anything by Dave Barry Bloom County books --by Berke Breathed Bruce's Loose Tooth --by Eileen Landay Hitchhiker's Trilogy, the --by Douglas Adams (all possible versions) Illuminatus! --by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson POLITICS@UCF1VM (send this command to LISTSERV@UCF1VM: SUB POLITICS Your Name) Superguy Digest (send this command to UMNEWS@MAINE: BBOARD SUBSCRIBE SUPERGUY) Various poems by Chris Phillips, in particular Ode To Stuff Subsection Two: Audio-Visual Media Any Charlie Brown movie --by Charles Shultz Any movie --by Monty Python Brazil --by Terry Gilliam Garden of the Gods --by Sandstone, Wind Erosion, and Millions of Years Subsection Three: Role-Playing and Other Games Illuminati --by Steve Jackson Games Toon --by Steve Jackson Games If you have anything to add to this Official Information File, like a new subdivision or new suggested something, send it to Bill Dickson at: DICKSON@HARTFORD.BITNET


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