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ala-moon.htm AP 07/19 2356 Another Look: Bayou-Moon By GARRY MITCHELL Associated Press Writer BAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. (AP) -- South Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon's quiet visits to this coastal Alabama fishing to
alamo.htm 9 03-24-88 04:40 pcs Ark., Mo. Sheriff takes boys from commune SANTA CLARITA VALLEY, Calif. (UPI) _ Sheriff's deputies Thursday removed three young boys from a controversial religious comm
allegro.htm APn 02/22 1446 Obit-Allegro LONDON (AP) -- Dr. John Allegro, renowned for his work in deciphering the Dead Sea Scrolls but ridiculed for his theories that Western religions were based on the wo
amen.htm AP 06/19 1526 Amen Capture HEMET, Calif. (AP) -- Last week, Lightning bolted. But authorities have proved that the long arm of the law can strike twice against the same church leader. Lightning
amycarte.htm AP 04/09 0754 Carter-Hoffman By CAROLYN LUMSDEN Associated Press Writer NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) -- Jury selection in the trial of Amy Carter, Abbie Hoffman and other anti-CIA protesters dragged into its
arbookst.htm APnv 05/07 2330 Obscenity SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- An Arizona law imposing fines of up to $1 million for selling certain sexually explicit material has been upheld by a federal appeals court that r
arnudist.htm APaz 05/06 1751 Nudist Jailed Kingman (AP) -- Federal immigration authorities say they are moving ahead with deportation proceedings against a Greek-Canadian nudism advocate currently
belli.htm AP 06/22 1408 PTL By WILLIAM STRACENER Associated Press Writer TEGA CAY, S.C. (AP) -- Lawyer Melvin Belli said today that a caretaker should run PTL while he helps Jim and Tammy Bakker fight to re
bhadra.htm APnv 06/19 0428 Bhadra Released PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- A woman who pleaded guilty to trying to kill the personal physician to Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has been released from federal prison s
biblio.htm GRAY ROBERT KEITH Turkey 1983-84 Blumenthal,S. Rise of the Counter-Establishment. 1988 (81) Christic Institute. Sheehan Affidavit. 3/25/88 (41-2) Covert Action Information Bulletin #27/87 (42) Goulden,J.
boone.htm APia 06/29 2218 PTL--Pat Boone IC IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) -- Entertainer Pat Boone said he would hesitate to get involved in the scandal-plagued PTL ministry because of the hostile feelings tha
brid-dep.htm APnv 12/10 1707 Bride of Christ ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) -- Five men have been acquitted of burglary and kidnapping charges after they argued they were trying to rescue a woman and her two child
charis.htm APnc 06/26 0206 Falwell-Remark CHARLOTTE (AP) -- The Rev. Jerry Falwell says the modern charismatic movement that teaches a "prosperity theology" is satanic in origin, according to a tap
chiroprt.htm APil 09/04 0052 Chiropractor-Victory By JEFF HOLYFIELD Associated Press Writer LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- The American Medical Association's "disgraceful plot" to destroy the chiropractic profession
congrs.htm APtx 07/24 0305 Holy Ghost Rally By A. DENITA GADSON Associated Press Writer NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Bible thumping, hand clapping, feet stomping Pentecostals and charismatic Christians set asi
contras.htm 3 02-20-88 02:53 pps Oregon political group tied to Moon's church PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) A Portland-area group that has lobbied on behalf of aid to the Nicraguan Contra rebels and on other political
den-sent.htm 1 02-24-88 01:49 pcs sweden, neb. DENVER (UPI) _ Two Nebraska men were placed on two years probation Wednesday for the kidnapping and attempted deprogramming of a follower of the Rev.
denver.htm 1 05-29-87 09:41 aed Moon follower abducted for deprogramming DENVER (UPI) _ The Swedish parents of a 29-year-old woman arranged for her abduction so she could be deprogrammed from the influence of
eccl-dth.htm WP 10/16 AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged in Fatal Beating Of AROUND THE NATION; 3 Charged in Fatal Beating Of Group Leader's Daughter. PORTLAND, Ore. - Three people have been charged with murder in t
eccl1119.htm 28 11-19-88 09:43 pps Ex-Ecclesia members lament founder's fall. PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) _ A former Ecclesia Athletic Association member who worked closely with leader Eldridge Broussard Jr. in Los An
eccle225.htm By JOHN ANTCZAK Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The leader of the controversial sports and religious group called Ecclesia told mourners at the funeral of one of its members that he was
ecclesia.htm APca 06/23 1927 Ecclesia By WILLIAM McCALL Associated Press Writer SANDY, Ore. (AP) -- The Ecclesia Athletic Association, a Los Angeles-based group that has moved at least 100 members to Oregon,
eccls627.htm AP 06/27 2110 Ecclesia By WILLIAM C. CRUM Associated Press Writer SANDY, Ore. (AP) -- The leader of a group that says it plans to run a farm and athletic camp for inner-city children said Saturday
est-poli.htm APn 05/30 1359 ELN--Candidate Sued SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- Werner Erhard and Associates have filed a $5 million lawsuit against a congressional candidate who's opposing Erhard's brother in
fre-abdt.htm 8 11-04-88 08:41 pes Abductors of Unification Church member acquitted of kidnapping By BRAD SMITH DENVER (UPI) _ Two men who admitted abducting a woman at her parents' request to get her away from t
fre-dpr.htm 8 11-04-88 08:41 pes Abductors of Unification Church member acquitted of kidnapping By BRAD SMITH DENVER (UPI) _ Two men who admitted abducting a woman at her parents' request to get her away from t
fundanon.htm APva 06/20 1544 Fundamentalists Anonymous Fundamentalists Anonymous Says Bakkers Fall Helped Organization. FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- The fall of PTL leaders Jim and Tammy Bakker has he
grant.htm APin 07/20 0218 Catholic School Grants FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) -- A Washington-based group says if the Fort Wayne City Council approves a plan to spend $35,500 on video equipment for two Catholic schools,
gurupois.htm APwa 12/15 1455 Rajneesh Conspiracy By BRIAN S. AKRE Associated Press Writer PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- A lawyer for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh claims the federal government poisoned the Indian guru in 1985
holistic.htm APn 02/14 0137 Mummy-Health Cult Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. CHICAGO (AP) -- A family that secretly kept a mummified body in their home for more than eight years has b
indnude.htm APnv 05/27 1328 Drost Suit LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) -- A California nudist camp operator who once owned the Naked City nudist resort near Roselawn has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the state of Indiana
insuranc.htm 6 03-22-88 06:54 pes (1grafadd x x x any price _ allstate denies wrongdoing) By JERRY BERGER United Press International Eight states filed suits Tuesday charging four major U.S. insurance comp
intvarsi.htm MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A campus religious organization whose president resigned because of rumors about an adulterous relationship decided to tell the public because it wants to be honest a
iowa.htm ASSOCIATED PRESS-IOWA 06/08/87 APia 06/08 1036 Iowa Focus-Moon Trip QC Rev. Moon Hosts Iowa Minister Visit to Orient By LINDA COOK Quad-City Times DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- The Unification Church, led
italycul.htm 06/13/87 AP 06/13 0020 Italy-Cult ROME (AP) -- Police arrested two women from a religious cult that refuses to bury the dead after finding two decomposed corpses in their house near Rome, newspa
jones1.htm 8 04-25-87 02:36 aed Rev. Jim Jones' use of sex to control followers By PAMELA A. MacLEAN SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ Cult leader Rev. Jim Jones sometimes engaged in sex with followers of his Peop
jones2.htm 5 04-24-87 02:41 aed Layton forced into homosexual acts, attorney says By PAMELA A. MacLEAN SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ Peoples Temple gunman Larry Layton would not testify on his own behalf and opposed
jones3.htm 3 04-23-87 05:05 ped Layton seeks third murder-conspiracy trial By PAMELA A. MacLEAN SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark said Thursday former Peoples Temple gunman
jones4.htm APwi 06/30 1733 Guyana Attorney LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) -- The knighted attorney who was the lawyer for cult leader Jim Jones in Guayana says 1,200 persons -- not 900 as reported in the media -- died a
jones71.htm APwi 06/30 1733 Guyana Attorney LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) -- The knighted attorney who was the lawyer for cult leader Jim Jones in Guayana says 1,200 persons -- not 900 as reported in the media -- died a
jonesdc3.htm 1 09-18-88 11:37 aed Jonestown `diary of the dead' resurfaces SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ Prophetic notes written just before more than 900 people died a decade ago in a mass murder-suicide at a Guyana cult
jonesdoc.htm SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Eight boxes of correspondence and memos from the Peoples Temple commune at Jonestown, Guyana, where 913 people died in a mass suicide 10 years ago, have become available for s
judah.htm 6 03-04-88 03:06 pes Mich. CINCINNATI (UPI) _ Slavery convictions of seven members of a Michigan religious cult camp, where a whipping block and axe handle were used to beat members and their chi
kidnap3.htm APne 06/04 1839 Moonie Kidnapping DENVER (AP) -- Two Omaha detectives are free on bond after a judge reduced bail on kidnapping charges to $5,000 each. Dennis Whelan, 52 and James Hilzenderger 27, w
kidnap63.htm APks 06/03 2044 Moonie Kidnap DENVER (AP) -- A Denver judge on Wednesday reduced bond to $5,000 for two Omaha, Neb., men charged with kidnapping a Unification Church follower who later f
kidnap66.htm APne 06/06 0210 Moonie DENVER (AP) -- Britta Adolfsson said Friday she forgives her parents for hiring deprogrammers to snatch her from the Unification Church, but will never again trust them
kidphoto.htm APma 05/28 1444 MA--Pornography Charge WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) -- A high school teacher on leave from his duties has pleaded guilty to charges of taking nude photographs of young girls. Harold
kor-suic.htm AP 08/30 1242 Attic Deaths By PAUL SHIN Associated Press Writer YONGIN, South Korea (AP) -- A cult leader called "Benevolent Mother" and 31 disciples took drugs and strangled each other in a murder-suic
la-csaw.htm APwi 11/25 1941 Chainsaw Murder By LINDA DEUTSCH Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A California State University professor who told authorities three different stories about a grisly sl
la-sante.htm APn 07/22 0637 Santeria-Animals By RICHARD DE ATLEY Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Animal torture and slayings attributed to devil worshipers and the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion appea
laytn616.htm AP 06/16 0927 Layton SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Larry Layton, a former Peoples Temple member convicted of aiding in the murder of a congressman, has been returned to jail pending the outcome of his appe
layton15.htm 6 06-15-87 04:33 ped (1grafld; picksup2ndgraf: u.s. district _ rewording) By ROBERT STRAND SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ A federal judge Monday revoked $250,000 bail for Peoples Temple cult survivor Larry Layt
layton3.htm APnv 06/04 0219 Layton By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Former People's Temple member Larry Layton has been denied a new trial on charges he aided in the 1978 murder o
layton69.htm APca 06/08 2259 Layton By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A federal prosecutor, citing a judge's finding that Larry Layton made "several untruthful statements" during a hea
leake.htm 1 06-15-88 01:22 aed utah Alleged Mormon Temple hostage taker wants dead prophets to testify ROCKVILLE, Md. (UPI) _ A man accused of seizing hostages at the Mormon Temple in 1986 is mentally compe
ma-debt.htm APut 12/11 1042 Sheela-Oregon THE DALLES, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon attorney general's office has gone to court to try to bring Ma Anand Sheela, former secretary to Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Ra
maphotos.htm AP 05/29 0324 Pornography Charge WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) -- A high school teacher has pleaded guilty to taking nude photographs of girls from behind a two-way mirror as they changed clothes in a dress
masters.htm APor 05/23 0329 Masters Lawsuit GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) -- Radio evangelist Roy Masters' Foundation of Human Understanding has been recognized as a cult by the Internal Revenue Service, his attor
mon-rein.htm APn 03/30 1743 Moon-Reincarnation WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some Unification Church members are upset because their church founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, believes one of his followers from Zimbabwe is
mon-suit.htm APn 10/18 0335 Moonie Lawsuit By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Former "Moonies" can sue the Unification Church for alleged deception and brainwashing because freedom of re
muhammed.htm 1 10-30-88 03:37 pes Former cult member says collections go for personal use ATLANTA (UPI) _ The bulk of the money collected by four supposed non-profit organizations from travelers at Atla
murphy.htm APca 07/14 0149 Rajneeshee Arrested SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) -- A fugitive follower of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was captured Monday night in Santa Cruz, where she was visiting her grave
nh.htm By TIM SANDLER CONCORD, N.H. (UPI) _ Lawrence Guay, a $100-a-year state legislator from the North Country, returned a changed man from an anti-communism conference in Washington sponsored by
no-name.htm 1 03-01-88 10:16 aps ill., texas, n.j. SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) _ A controversial church has disbanded in the wake of the death of the 10-year-old son of one of its members of untreated juvenile di
no-name1.htm 3 11-14-88 06:08 pps ill, ore. Stiff prison term is message for abusive cults SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) _ A judge issuing a warning to religious cults that child abuse will not be tolerated Monday when
north.htm APn 02/20 1936 North-Moon Copyright, 1988. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story on a new conservative lobbying group launching a nationwide campaign to win a pardo
nu-group.htm 2 02-26-88 11:48 aps New group wants to clear guru's name By PETER GILLINS PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) - Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who once drove around the Oregon desert in Rolls Royces, now lives as a
nudistch.htm COLORADO CITY (AP) -- A justice of the peace has ordered a self-described apostle of the Nudist Christian Church jailed for contempt of court. Janice Herr, the secretary of Colorado City Justice I
nuns.htm APwa 09/03 1936 Island Nuns SHAW ISLAND, Wash. (AP) -- One of three small groups of nuns that broke away from a mainstream religious order has been criticized by neighbors and called a cul
ny-kelly.htm APny 11/06 0047 Court-Moonies By ROBERT BELLAFIORE Associated Press Writer ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A private investigator who specialized in deprogramming religious cultists has had his $24,000 libel award
quayle.htm APn 10/05 1656 ELN--Quayle-Religion By EILEEN PUTMAN Associated Press Writer OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- Sen. Dan Quayle was "very proud" of his wife Marilyn's defense Wednesday of her father's interest
rainbow.htm APnc 06/19 1438 Rainbow Family Graham Residents, Rainbow Family Members Meet ROBBINSVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- The Rainbow Family, during a meeting aimed at easing the concerns of Graham County resident
rainey.htm APtx 06/23 0249 Minister-Attack By WALTER C. PUTNAM Associated Press Writer DALLAS (AP) -- The Rev. Walker Railey said he tried to commit suicide eight days after his wife was almost strangled to deat
raj-taxe.htm APwa 12/11 0348 Rajneeshees-Taxes THE DALLES, Ore. (AP) -- Companies operated by followers of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh owe Wasco County almost $772,000 in delinquent real estate and p
rajretrn.htm PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who was ordered out of the United States after he pleaded guilty to immigration charges in 1985, will seek permission to return, his personal secretar
recruit.htm APnc 12/12 1447 Religion-Cults ASHEVILLE (AP) -- The campus ministry at the University of North Carolina at Asheville is trying to draw the line when it comes to "cult" religions, and a
revcrack.htm 89 03-04-88 09:43 pps (refiling as bc-revcrack) SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) _ A self-proclaimed minister was indicted Friday for allegedly lying to grand jurors about real estate purchases made for a suspe
rolls.htm APpa 07/26 1407 Rajneesh-Rolls Royce By DANIEL J. WAKIN Associated Press Writer NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- When the unusual Oregon community of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh collapsed two years ago,
ryan.htm 1 11-15-88 12:43 aps xxx of dignity. Patricia Ryan, who serves on the board of the national Cult Awareness Network, maintains to this day that her Congressman father, who was slain at the Port
santeria.htm Santeria church brings church into open UPI NewsFeature (1,200-picture MHP071302) adv sun july 19 or thereafter By ELISABETH MALKIN HIALEAH, Fla. (UPI) Santeria, a church born in Cuba among west
sc-calif.htm APor 12/11 0537 Moonie Suit By BOB EGELKO Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A case involving the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church may determine whether controversial church r
sd-causa.htm APnd 12/21 2247 Lawmaker-Moonies SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) -- A Republican state lawmaker defended her participation in conferences sponsored by a group that recieives funding from the Unification
seoul.htm 6 09-19-88 11:49 aed Olympics day 3: Heartbreak, controversy, demonstrations By DAVID W. JONES SEOUL, South Korea (UPI) _ Elation, heartbreak and controversy colored day three of the Olympics Monday as
stonehen.htm 5 06-21-88 03:41 ped Mystical dawn rites turn into riot SALISBURY PLAIN, England (UPI) _ Thousands of hippies hurling rocks, iron bars and bottles clashed Tuesday with police in clearings around
sullivan.htm WP 07/27 THERAPY By Paula Span Washington Post Staff Writer NEW YORK - It will not be an ordinary custody hearing. The people involved seem unremarkable enough. Paul Sprecher, a 38-year-old computer con
survival.htm Pn 07/26 1222 Survival Community By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS Associated Press Writer. GOLDENDALE, Wash. (AP) -- Amid the fir trees and hills of the Klickitat Valley, Larry and Meg Letterman are p
taggart.htm APnc 07/11 0416 PTL-Taggart CHARLOTTE (AP) -- PTL auditors say they have found several cases in which it appears that former PTL Vice President David Taggart may have used the TV ministry's mon
taxscams.htm AP 07/21 0510 PTL-Falwell By STEVE BAKER Associated Press Writer PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (AP) -- PTL "tax scams" eventually will lead to audits of television preachers who want to prove their credibilit
trippers.htm APor 09/11 0411 Smith-Seoul PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- U.S. Rep. Denny Smith, R-Ore., is traveling to South Korea later this month to address a media conference sponsored by a group linked to Rev
tvethics.htm APor 09/11 2052 Televangelist Ethics CHICAGO (AP) -- Representatives of religious broadcasters met Friday to complete a code of ethics designed to head off scandals like the one that forced Jim Bakker t
vanuatu.htm Pacific church members await the return of American pilot. UPI Special Report: Winds of Change in the Pacific (940-picture) adv sun july 19 or thereafter By STEWART SLAVIN SULPHUR BAY, Vanuatu (UPI) _ I
voting.htm APca 05/06 2001 Voting SACRAMENTO (AP) -- A GOP assemblyman brought in a county clerk from Oregon and a state representative from Wisconsin on Wednesday to bolster his opposition to Democratic
weaver.htm APor 06/13 1355 Prosecutor Resigns PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Robert C. Weaver, the chief prosecutor whose work led to te deportation of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the imprisonment of his top aide,
whelan90.htm APne 09/01 0047 Colorado Cults WH OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- An Omaha private detective who expects to be indicted by a Colorado grand jury for the alleged kidnapping of a religious cult member called Color
wp-mon33.htm WP 03/30 Theological Uproar in Unification Church; Rev. Theological Uproar in Unification Church; Rev. Moon Recognizes Zimbabwean as His Reincarnated Son By Michael Isikoff Washington Post


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