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3rdstate.htm you can't complain now, ireshi. '> it seemed to him that the day was dragging on deliberately. it was intensely frustrating. realising that there was nothing better to do about it, he deliberately tem
a-cache.htm Cache - `He says Why - Why do we do this? This is the very thing that's preying on his mind.' shriekback, `everything that rises must converge' An hour later, Ranfurlie was still sitting there, staring
a-ed209.htm gratuitously rude text alert w a r n i n g `.superior fire-power, combined with, in the revision B firmware, an extensive neural-network pattern recognition storage/retrieval system
a-hell0.htm THE MORNING AFTER a very short HELLRAISER film scene a darkened bedroom. morning sunlight creeps in under the curtains. the room is an absolute mess, blankets, pillows, clothes scattered all over the
a-hell4.htm `.how could Nature. assure us that we must not, however, decide to love ourselves if that might cause others pain?' Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade Hani watched over Andrey's shoulder as he
a-hell5.htm please note for the best effect, this story should be read while listening to `Spahn Dirge', by Skinny Puppy, from their `Rabies' compact disc. also please keep in mind that it was written from a male
a-hell7.htm This is, indeed, hell. Not one of your `philosophical' infernos, no frozen lakes with sinners buried up to their necks in the ice, no `woman trapped in a small room with an impotent gay'. this is the r
a-p_fone.htm this is a true story. isn't it, kel? '> i feel a certain degree of shame and self-disgust when i consider the fun i had recalling the occasion and writing it down. this is my imitation of he
actor.htm Steve Schiff 70530,3063 IMP work in progress. THE ONLY GOOD ACTOR IS A DEAD ACTOR by Steven L. Schiff Bradley Marks, the 48 year old president and CEO of Marks Media-Vision, snapped off h
adam2.htm Duncan Long CompuServe ID# 72707,3525 Copyright (C) 1993 by Duncan Long. All rights reserved. ADAM'S OFFSPRING In the future, The structure of the human body will change. Human beings will exist in many
amber.htm [This file is from the Sf-Lovers Archives at Rutgers University. It is provided as part of a free service in connection with distribution of Sf-Lovers Digest. This file is currently maintained by the
android.htm okay, this is the true story of how nikolai and kelanie met. there was a knock at the door. nikolai looked up from the screen of the PC that was attack-dialing `the cafe'. there was a blurry shape on the
arcasty.htm Story written by In the early morning light, the wide Alderaani forests were tipped with gold. Danah Antilles, Dowager Princess of Alderaan, surveyed the dappled pelt of gilt leaves and sh
bgcspoof.htm Subject Parody Bubble Gum Cards Date 16 Jan 92 233140 GMT Well, due to the overwhelming demand for it (namely one person 8^), I'm reposting Ryan Mathews' it's-not-a-classic-but-it-should-be BGC paro
bishop00.htm Pyramid Scheme Written By Douglas M. Warren Copyright 1993 James washed his hands in the stained sink. Checking them a final time, he shook them dry, spattering droplets on the cloudy mirror. He skept
blind.htm BLIND SIGHT c Lyn Nichols <CIS 71574,3436> 8/93 "What would happen if you dove into the Seeing Pool?" Kitry asked in an offhand manner. She was idly twirling the base of her wine glass in lazy circles o
bureau.htm `Anyone who has not worked for them simply cannot understand them.' - Mille Vennamun, introduction to `The Use of Ashes Bureau of Procuration Manual' Half past eight. The bedside alarm woke Kelanie up
charlie.htm . Earth's Dreamlands Info on RPG's, (313)558-5024 area code RPGNet World HQ & Archive Drugs, Industrial
critpath.htm DANCING ON THE CRITICAL PATH fade in. .somewhere in the electric nightmares, between the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Kwajalein Uplink. Two million common market creds flash like a school of crystal
dskool.htm DREAM SCHOOL CHAPTER ONE Early Years A. First Choices Jon was three now, so it was time to find the best possible pre-kindergarten for him. His parents, Eldon
flktrp.htm Flak Trap Stepping out onto the tarmac from the hangar, the sun rising over the hills glinted off of the flight helmet in his hand. "A beutiful morning." he said to himself gl
friends.htm My Pop always called them "storm dogs." "Some dogs always bark 'fore a storm comes," he told me. He said it was a more sure sign than his pop's trick knee. Sure, Pop. That's why you were killed by a
gift2.htm The Gift of the Iron Mother Copyright (c) Kent Brewster 1992 All Rights Reserved Prrt floated, inverted and comfortable within the warm, sea-wet atmosphere of the cavernous brood-chamber. Salty currents o
girlclub.htm . Earth's Dreamlands Info on RPG's, (313)558-5024 area code RPGNet World HQ & Archive Drugs, Industrial
gpic.htm We'll Return, After This Message by John Walker December 1st, 1989 When the foundations of everything you think you know shift beneath you, you can feel it. The night Art Crane and I found the Message,
jh001012.htm Background A South American organization, Montaigne Paradisio, has set up research bases in Seattle, and has produced a number of nasty biotech innovations including the ghoul-plague that left Redmon
jh013024.htm 13. Jayhawk dreamed that night, a dream of memory, crisp and clear as if stored in circuitry and woke disoriented, imagining for a moment that she was back in Seattle. For a long time she lay curled in
jh025036.htm 25. Decision Jayhawk was working on the Matrix, stringing together detection code, when the 'door' buzzed. "Come in," she said, amused, and Martha entered the node. "Morning! How are you feeling?" "A
jh037048.htm 37. Lost "Jayhawk?" Caroline winced at what she'd just said, went on anyway "I felt something, on the Pyramid.I think I might be dead, my body I mean. I caught the lashback of the-of what I d
jh049060.htm 49. Conquest Jayhawk and Piebald were engaged in cleaning up the results of their latest attempt at defending the system from 'impossible' intruders it had shattered all over the node they tested it in,
jh061072.htm 61. Manifestation Caroline had an intuitive feeling that she could exist in the physical world, and curiosity nagged at her to try it, difficult though it was to imagine. A little experimentation told
jh073084.htm 73. Crow Caroline circled the islands, late-afternoon sun casting her shadow sharp and dark below her. She was trying to picture the changes she would have to make. Jayhawk was counting on her to comp
jh085096.htm 85. Repairs "Can I get you to do me a small favor?" said Jayhawk to Forked Lightning during their evening meeting. "Sure!" "Can you get into the basement lab in the English Department? There's a printer
jh097108.htm 97. Kraken Eluding her escort by going first to the garden, then to the Matrix, Jayhawk slipped off to Bangkok. She had several addressses to try, courtesy of the Turing Police. The first two seemed to
jh109120.htm 109. Sword Curious about the new owners, and hoping to learn something from the Gate's programming if it hadn't been deleted, Jayhawk went back to Cavilard Base. The hedgerow SAN was still there, but a
jh121132.htm 121. Collapse Jayhawk sat huddled in a prism of silvered glass, surrounded by reflected images of her shattered selves, and tried to think of a way out. Why was she here? What had the IC-construct done
jh133144.htm 133. Tombstone The path narrowed, twisting through forest now alive with birdcalls, though Jayhawk never saw any of the birds. Above the canopy there was still a trace of crimson sunlight, but it was r
knuckle.htm . -Earth's Dreamlands- (313)558-5024 - Supra 14.4 - Sysop Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
maan.htm This is a write up of a game at the last DunDraCon. Not everything that happened in the game happened in this story and not everything that happened in this story happened in the game but it's a fairl
mattress.htm this story should be read while listening to `Lorelei' by the Cocteau Twins. There is a knock at the front door. I rush to open it, because I know who it will be. you stand there, with an overnight
modmhead.htm MODEMHEAD eddy vasile Eek is a retard and he knows it. He knows it because kids have been calling him that for about 27 years now. They also call him Eek because
paink-ws.htm William Slattery 76630,3416 PAINKILLER Nurse Laurie Schroeder's hand rose in small jerks as if it were surprising itself, each movement bringing the middle knuckle of her mid- dle finger inexorably closer
pregn.htm Pregnant Pause Dorothy Lindman A tired-looking young woman opened the door four inches and peered over the chain. "Can I help you?" He looked her over quickly. Her face was white and drawn, her eyes swol
pulse.htm Gaeren was sitting on the floor, hunched up against the 'fridge with his arms wrapped around his head when Anya returned home. She practically danced in, swinging the bag that contained the clothing sh
rainda.htm Rain Dance Rain pounded on the cockpit glass as Devon moved his machine through the steamy marsh. The dark water swirled around the monstrous machines legs. The mech resembled an armored giant
rifts.htm The evil men pounded down the door. Somebody screamed, and the four ment brought up their standard issue laser rifles, switched them to stun, and mowed down the entire family.sixteen brothers and
roger1.htm In Residence by KaRylin Jennifer worked slowly but methodically at the task of pulling up grass and weeds to create an area of bare dirt. A hundred square feet should be enough. Tall for a woman, with
roger2.htm A VISIT FROM PAULIE by KaRylin "My niece is coming for a visit," Jennifer commented to Roger as she put away the last of the dishes. "Oh?" Roger was in the process of cleaning his hand
roger3.htm "FOR SALE" by KaRylin Jennifer opened her eyes and looked at the clock on her bedside table. Ten o'clock! She hadn't meant to sleep in so late. She put on her housecoat and went downstairs. From a b
roger4.htm County Fair 2094 by KaRylin "Here, boy." Roger, repelled by the smell of decomposing blood, held the lump of hamburger well away from his face. "Come on, Duke, there's a good dog." But Kenneth's Great D
running.htm RUNNING Saundra Langford sighed. The elderly drunk who had been harassing her finally decided to leave and wobbled across the store, bouncing off a L'egg's display, multicolored plastic eggs rolling ac
search.htm note on pronunciation the words `Bythe' and `Bythian' rhyme with `python', more or less the `TH' sound is similar to that in the word `the'. Up Against The Wall Gaeren was seated at his terminal, idly c
shulk.htm The Hunter and the Hunted Lieutenant Brown sat in his command pod 1 kilometer away from the enormous space hulk, a huge, derelict space ship thousands of years old. He sat in the dim room hunched over t
sick-kid.htm . -Earth's Dreamlands- (313)558-5024 - Supra 14.4 - Sysop Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
spiderdl.htm Duncan Long CompuServe ID# 72707,3525 Copyright (C) 1993 by Duncan Long. All rights reserved. SPIDER B GONE Should I ever find myself in front of a US Congressional committee,
sqzply.htm Copyright 1989 Michael A. Stackpole Squeeze Play As the bar's natural atmosphere raped my nostrils I had a sudden urge to remodel the place with a flame-thrower. From the outside, the boarded-over wind
sre-dark.htm SRE's Darker Half Written by Chris Trendle Edited and Paul Gerth Compiled by Robert Chapman Robert Chapman There was an empire once deeme
takebusi.htm Taking Care of Business is a story stemming from an email game I've been running since this summer. The only player in the game is Karl Friesen ( His character, Silk, was one of the ch
tearglas.htm . -Earth's Dreamlands- (313)558-5024 - 9600 v.32 - Sysop Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
tilt.htm sorry about all the exposition, net-people. think of it as foreplay. if your imaginations don't stretch that far, the rude bits start around line 206. nikolai `Comme je deviens vielle fille, a manquer du
whitehan.htm . Earth's Dreamlands Info on RPG's, (313)558-5024 area code RPGNet World HQ & Archive Drugs, Industrial


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