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acuteone.htm Here's a cute one for the Creationists from our local newspaper in Australia, Ian Plimmer once took a camera crew to a site claimed to be the ramains of the Ark and debunked it with wit and flair. Dr
aidata.htm - The copyright for this material rests with Amnesty International. You may download and read this material. You may not
black.htm (26) Tue 17 Dec 96 13:13 By: Don Martin Re: Our tax dollars at work Here is an item of interest from the New Republic of Dec 30, 1996, page 6: the TRB column on why taxpayer
caretti.htm (1378) Mon 23 Dec 96 18:31 By: Richard Smith Re: Dog Psychic Hello All! Here's another bit of mirth for your holiday enjoyment that I pulled off the InterNet. I think you'll find it amusing. Lady Read Min
carlsaga.htm We've lost Carl Sagan, and I can't quite adjust to the fact. When Asimov went, it was bad enough, but now that both these bright lights have gone out, I'm desolated. Up until the end, he was confident,
councilf.htm NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release 12/31/96 For More Information, contact Barry Karr at (716) 636-1425 AMHERST, N.Y. — The Council for Media Integrity (CMI) and the Committee for the Scientific Investigati
cults.htm Welcome to CultMaster 2000 B > The power of modern computer technology joins the ancient battle against cults! Have you ever felt like you were the only authentic Christian left? Now you can prove it, with
d-child.htm (1040) Sat 28 Dec 96 21:41 By: DAVID RICE To: GERRY DANEN Re: December 25 >CG> I wish everyone a pleasant December the 25th, >CG> and a Good New Year. GD> Are you trying to be politically correct, or are GD
darkside.htm (238) Mon 9 Dec 96 13:00 By: DAVID RICE To: ROBERT BURKE Re: Dark Bible #4 -> Quoting Robert Burke to David Rice <- >DR> The "basic tenants" of Christianity is fear, >DR> ignorance, hatred, racism, and
darwins.htm -The Supernatural Biochemist-, a review by John Forester of -Darwin's Black Box,- by Michael J. Behe Copyright 1967, John Forester, 726 Madrone Ave, Sunnyvale CA 94086. 408- 734-9426 Behe, Associate Profe
deadmiss.htm (380) Fri 27 Dec 96 1:45 By: Richard Smith Re: God misses victims . . . The following was posted by someone named Barbara Mikkelson, obstensibly from A World Of Luck, A Library Of Curious And Unusual Fa
die-hs.htm (397) Fri 13 Dec 96 17:55 By: John Jeanneault To: ALL CHRISTIANS Re: HOLYSMOKE Hi Fellow Christians. This is what I propose. Let us put an end to the HolySmokers fun by no longer posting here. There is no
endofthe.htm Nineteen ninety-six was an interesting year. Rush Limbaugh became the Republican nominee for President; Roseanne killed off her popular TV character; cures for baldness, arthritis, and AIDS were announc
euthanas.htm Consistency in the application of one's moral principles is apparently difficult to achieve on the part of some moralizers. Consider the following - Joseph Fletcher, a Protestant spokesman for voluntar
faith.htm (1152) Sun 22 Dec 96 13:37 By: ROBERT CURRY Re: Losing Faith in Faith I've been enjoying Dan Barker's book, LOSING FAITH IN FAITH, since it was brought to my attention recently by Michael Hardy's mention
federalf.htm Alanson Chronicle - 12-28-96: The Alanson Littlefield Public School board announced today that it is declaring "Yooponics" to be an independant language. The strange dialect, spoken by "Yoopers" (reside
godandbu.htm For the past several months I've worked in my companies receiving inspection department. I open the boxes, check in parts and inspect them. Today for the first time I opened a box in which along with t
gods17.htm (493) Wed 25 Dec 96 12:54 By: ROBERT CURRY Re: to combat the evil JJ> The gathering of heathens here to bash believers evidences JJ> deep-rooted insecurity, a profound fear that there may indeed JJ> be a
grigor.htm (540) Sat 14 Dec 96 22:21 By: David Worrell Re: giggle snot From the Sydney Morning Herald: Jews want action on computer racism, By JON CASIMIR A Sydney man who runs a computer bulletin board which dissem
grunch.htm (255) Thu 19 Dec 96 8:27 By: Richard Smith Re: Legal Christmas. THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, LEGALLY SPEAKING Whereas, on or about the night prior to Christmas, there did occur at a certain improved piec
gs2.htm (366) Thu 19 Dec 96 12:58 By: DAVID RICE To: DAVID WORRELL -> Quoting David Worrell to All <- [cuts- drice] H> "It would seem to me to be tragic if, just as H> the Parliament gets around to putting an
hagan.htm (254) Thu 19 Dec 96 17:07 By: Richard Smith Re: Das Uber Noel PREACHER THREATENS BOYCOTT: MERRY ''CHRISTMAS'' - OR ELSE! Is "Christmas" going to be the next litmus test of theopolitical correctness? It m
holyhate.htm Holy Hatred: Religious Conflicts of the '90s James A. Haught, ISBN 0-87975-922-4 Prometheus Books 59 John Glenn Drive Amherst, New York. 14228-2197 It is a bitter irony that today millions who claim to be r
hominid.htm (1449) Mon 30 Dec 96 14:29 By: DAVID RICE To: BILL WOLFF Re: Wolff the fundy liar BW> please tell us where mankind came from? From our ancestors, silly fundy. From Joel Hanes: The current hominid fossil sit
ianplime.htm We of the Board of Directors of the James Randi Educational Foundation, through our Legal Fund, are delighted to fund the visit to Australia of Dr. Eugenie Scott, for purposes of aiding Dr. Plimer's lega
jealous.htm (419) Wed 25 Dec 96 14:04 By: Glen Todd To: Gwenny the Pooh Re: Sola Scriptura Heilsa, Gwenny the Pooh! Tuesday December 17 1996 08:01, Gwenny the Pooh wrote to Brett Johnson: BJ>> Well, the relationship
jeanedix.htm By Richard S. Russell (, Atheists and Agnostics of Wisconsin: The daily newspaper in my city carries Jeane Dixon's astrology column. Since she's now dead, the advance supply of columns
kramer2.htm FAR OUT Taylor Kramer, rock musician, rocket scientist, entrepreneur, has vanished into thin air. He could be a suicide. A homicide. A runaway. An Alien Abductee. Finally, he is what he always wanted t
leaf.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: Dear LEAF Inc. Leaf Inc Fredric Rice Lake Forest, IL. ### #### ######## 60045
meatandt.htm Since the issue of vegetarianism and meat has come up again, let me ask: has anyone been following the McDonald's libel case in England? McDonald's is suing two environmental activists for distributing l
meetingw.htm [For where to write to have your address changed or be added/removed to the hotline, please see the end of this message] Since I've had only profound silence from Earl Gordon Curley concerning our propos
mithras.htm Here's one for the bulletin board at work. ) For over three hundred years the rulers of the Roman Empire worshipped the god Mithras. Known throughout Europe
monster.htm Tue 10 Dec 96 10:13 By: Richard Smith Re: Something Monstrous 1/2 Something monstrous 11/19/95 The Independent - London ON 13 March this year a pretty, blonde 10-year-old girl went for a drive around Wenatch
morm9evl.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: Mormon occultism: End times FR> Some of them wait for a "rapture;" others don't. I don't think Mormon FR> cultists do. They're still waiting for the mass starvation that their FR>
mormsex.htm Subj: Sex Case Hits Mormon Spokesman Date: 96-11-15 09:28:48 EST .c The Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A Mormon church spokesman whose radio broadcasts often decried the evils of sexual abuse has
myrant.htm -> Quoting Larry Falcone <- LF> My goal in posting here is not to convince anybody LF> evolution or creation is false [or] true, Which is a lie. You posted over one dozen religious devotionals against e
myrelati.htm My lawyers are being fierce with me, and have made me promise to be silent as things develop with the Curley matter. I hope you'll understand. I'll have all sorts of opinions and things to say, but I'l
newlife.htm (227) Fri 27 Dec 96 9:46 By: Mimi Milstein Re: Life on Earth I noticed with amusement a headline today in our local morning paper Business Day - "New Theory on Life Raises Stink". Dr Andrei Arkhipov, of
newsflas.htm [Sorry if I'm a bit late with this. Ten days is hardly enough notice, and this came out 4 weeks ago. So much to do, so little time . . .] The End of the World As We Know It - it's due. Again. Famed a
nosin.htm (253) Thu 12 Dec 96 13:10 By: DAVID RICE To: JIM STAAL Re: Ask And Ye Shant Receive -> Quoting Jim Staal to David Rice <- >>JS> I have never said Jimmy Swaggart was innocent. >>JS> Nobody is: (Rom 3:23
nutcase.htm (782) Sun 29 Dec 96 1:05 By: Richard Smith Re: Unsettling religious training . . . Hello All! Just when you think you've finally seen just about the oddest person there is, you run into something new.
ojmad.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: O. J. Simpson is murdered! "Just when he was convinced he had gotten away with murder, O. J. Simpson tasted the blades of revenge. His blood- curdling howls of agony were heard throu
oops.htm Sheldon's address was given to me - by Sledon himself! - with two letters "l," but should have only one. Those who've used one "l" ( tell me it belongs to David Icke! Thi
pfails.htm (252) Thu 12 Dec 96 12:53 By: DAVID RICE To: JIM STAAL Re: ASK AND YE SHAN'T RECEIVE -> Quoting Jim Staal to David Rice <- >DR> May as well shake a rattle and chicken bone at the >DR> moon while they're
presents.htm (1252) Mon 23 Dec 96 13:07 By: DAVID RICE To: JESSE JONES Re: 'Atheists do no good' -> Quoting Jesse Jones to Steve Quarrella <- JJ> I am astounded that you and your fellow heathens JJ> would brag about
quadrocu.htm I just learned that the executives of Quadro Corporation are due to be tried on criminal charges January 21. This should be very interesting. No amount of scientific testimony will ever answer the most
randxmas.htm Xmas Eve. While I go about mumbling "Bah! Humbug!" a lot, I take great joy in this season. Mind you, Florida isn't exactly my idea of The Holiday Season, at 70 F. and bright sunshine. But I can stic
rapidchr.htm Just to get the list going again, I found the below at a Christian site. As I recall there were some few asking why some of us are sometimes so rabidly anti-Chirstian I think this excerpt will answer tha
sagan.htm CARL SAGAN, 1934-96 Carl Sagan, one of the world’s greatest popularizers of science, died today at the age of 62, after a long battle with a bone marrow disease. Sagan was one of America’s pre-eminent s
sagan3.htm Subj: Sagan-tribute solicitation Date: 96-12-20 13:52:20 EST December 20, 1996 Dear Colleagues: News reports this morning have brought the terrible news that Carl Sagan has died. Our hearts go out to A
shiva.htm from The Daily Press, Newport News, VA, p.C2, Dec. 30, 1996: GOD'S WILL: At least 25 religious pilgrims drowned in November when an overcrowded ship sank in the Acara River in northern Brazil; the boat
staal.htm (435) Wed 25 Dec 96 20:32 By: Gwenny the Pooh To: Jim Staal Re: Oops, Caught Again Heilsa, Jim! Remember how you were recently saying that Wild is a wife abuser? Remember how you claimed I had never told
startrek.htm Star Trek with Dilbert Management After the crew is told they are now empowered, Dr. Crusher begins doing medical experiments on unsuspecting enlisted personnel while Worf slaughters everyone he conside
sw-faq.htm Steve Winter FAQ V2.02 Subject: The Steve Winter FAQ, v 2.02 Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 02:03:36 GMT [This is version 2.02 of the FAQ. Thanx to those who have contributed information. If you have informatio
teresa.htm (143) Sun 8 Dec 96 0:25 By: Sean McCullough To: Robert Burke Re: Darkness > JB> You'd better start reading some real newspapers yourself. Keating, t > JB> guy CONVICTED of swindling a lot of people out
thefirst.htm We're working day and night to get together the first issue of "Swift," the newsletter of the JREF. I've been given permission to print a translation of the account appearing in the January 1991 issue o
unexpla.htm Forwarded message: To: Date: 96-12-31 14:29:39 EST I recently received the following note: To: Contributors to UFO show on A&E _UFOs vs. The Government_ will launch the new series _The


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