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100000rd.htm From Reader's Digest, August 1973: ". . . a cave in southern Africa on the border between Swaziland and Natal was inhabited by men of modern type quite possibly as long as 100,000 years ago. . . the rema
10000evo.htm To: All Oct3093 01:16PM Subject: $10,000 offer "Dr." Kent Hovind (doctorate in education) travels around the country lecturing to churches about the evils of evo
100pcnts.htm "The honest scientist, like the philosopher, will tell you that nothing whatever can be or has been proved with fully 100% certainty, not even that you or I exist, nor anyone except himself, since he mig
13by13ar.htm Subject: Re: Voyagers on the Ark of Noah Actually, at least in multicellular organisms (i.e. slime molds), I would make a distinction between the several (13!) mating types and actual genders. One spec
910908fe.htm Public message 3283 SCIENCE Area 19:51 Wednesday 4Sep91 To: MIKE DAVEY Re: EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD 1 MB I understand that 'magnetic mapping' (for lack of the real term) MB has produced evidence tha
910908ge.htm Public message 3284 SCIENCE Area 19:52 Wednesday 4Sep91 To: MIKE DAVEY Re: EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD 2 .continued from previous It has been known since shortly after Gauss first measured the strength
910908he.htm Public message 3285 SCIENCE Area 19:52 Wednesday 4Sep91 To: MIKE DAVEY Re: EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD 3 .continued from previous Over longer periods of time (hundreds of thousands to millions of year
afact!e.htm Sorry; you're the one who is wrong. Evolution is as much a fact as the nearlyelliptical orbits of planets around a focal sun, waves of electro magnetism, and the composition of (ordinary) matter in "
atheory.htm 1) Creation theory predicts that living organisms are too intri cate in design and too complex in function to be the product of random molecular combinations and mu
atheryn.htm To : All Subj: Joe and t.o. Joe Morlan reintroduced himself to with a post of his claimed theory of creation with the subject line as "Is this a theory?" Kudos to Joe for floating this befo
abigen2f.htm To: All Msg #111, Sep0593 11:15AM Subject: Re: A FEW FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS CONCLUSION: Any theory of abiogeneis must be concerned with the origin of in
abiogen0.htm To: All Msg #271, May0593 12:42PM Subject: Teaching macroevolution (sic) Bill Rawlins ( has written, "Science has only speculation. So, why,
abiogenc.htm To: All Msg #69, Apr2093 10:25AM Subject: abiogenesis questions from J. Thomas In article 1qbo86$cbs@usenet.INS.CWRU.Edu bk186@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Julie Th
abiogene.htm To: All Msg #192, Apr0993 11:26PM Subject: Re: Albert Sabin In article (John E. King) writes: To: rh@ishmael.
abiogenf.htm To: All Msg #146, Sep0293 10:28PM Subject: The Abiogenesis MiniFAQ Abiogenesis. What is abiogenesis? It is commonly construed to mean the origin of 'life' from
abiogenj.htm Date: Thu Nov 26 1992 08:59:52 To: Richard Rearden Subj: abiogenesis Attr: science Rick, earlier you have questioned the probability of life
abruptev.htm To: All Msg #23, Apr0393 11:02AM Subject: theories of abrupt appearance Recently, a 'theory of abrupt appearance' has been offered on I would like
abtjrn.htm American Evolution Teacher Once upon a time, creationists were able to publish articles explaining their position in The American Biology Teacher (see, e.g., "Evolution and the Scientific Method" by J
abuseart.htm Abuses of Biology "The realm of nature is so vast," writes Howard L. Kaye (Sociology, Franklin and Marshall College) "and Darwinian fables so easily constructed that virtually any cause can find its masc
adamvew.htm Date: 25 Mar 94 16:58:30 To: All Subject: Views of Adam In response to the assertion that Adam can only be interpreted as a single, historical personage based on Genesis: ADAM an ongoing research pro
admitcof.htm "Science and Creationism," the chapter "Repealing the Enlightenment" Coffin said some amazing things. Quoting from the same book, pp. 2923, the court transcript said (Ennis was on the prosecution): E
aews1.htm 920728 Counting Your Failed Simulations Before They've Crashed A.E. Wilder Smith, in "The Creation of Life: A Cybernetic Approach to Evolution", says: Thus, Paley's work was destroyed by a theory for w
aews2.htm * continued from last message * %P 441451 %A Richard K. Belew %T When both individuals and populations search: Adding simple learning to the Genetic Algorithm %D 1989 %A Richard K. Belew %A Michae
aews3.htm * continued from last message * %A Charles P. Dolan %A Michael G. Dyer %T Towards the Evolution of Symbols %J Genetic Algorithms and Their Applications: Proceeding of the Second International Con
aews4.htm * continued from last message * %J SIGART Newsletter %N 95 %P 2931 %A Geoffrey E. Hinton %A Steven J. Nolan %T How Learning Can Guide Evolution %I Carnegie Mellon University %D 1986 %R CMUCS86128 %A
aews5.htm * continued from last message * %A H. Muhlenbein %A J. Kindermann %T The Dynamics of Evolution and Learning Towards Genetic Neural Networks %D pre1989 %I German National Research Center for Comp
aews6.htm * continued from last message * %D 1985 %A Darrell Whitley %T Applying Genetic Algorithms to Neural Network Problems: A Preliminary Report %D 1988 %I Computer Science Dept., Colorado State Univers
akkadian.htm FollowupTo: sci.archaeology I haven't yet got hold of the current Science issue, but today's (Tuesday's) NY Times has some further information: "The most revealing evidence has come from Tell Leilan,
alicehs.htm "I can't believe *that*!" said Alice. "Can't you?" the Queen said in a pitying tone. "Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes." Alice laughed. "There's no use trying," she said: "one *can't* bel
allegroe.htm To: All 940603 23:%:02 Subject: Allegro non Tropo For anyone who's interested, you might like an entertaining little Italian version of Disney's "Fantasia" call
alpalpg.htm To : Joe Morlan Subj: Phantasmagorialisticationalism JM Creationism has a neat explanation[sic] for the phenomenon JM of early life, while Evolution offers nothing except a cop JM out[sic] that abio
alternat.htm all "Just a theory" nonsense From Steve Geller, Internet: I get very annoyed at creationists when they try to portray evolution as "just a theory" as if it were some idle lunchhour speculation. They
amsaved.htm (Lawrence C Smith) writes: I've been lurking on this newsgroup for a long time . Hasn't it begun to become clear that no amount of argument or evidence will sway thes
amaturep.htm Forwarded (from: COMP.ORG.EFF.TALK) by Jan Maaskant using timEd. Originally from H Keith Henson (1:133/411.0) to All. Original dated: Feb 06 '94, 22:26 Date: Sun, 6 Feb 94 22:26:32 PST [I am reposting th
amberevo.htm On Friday, September 25, The Washington Post printed a story on Page A3 entitled "Entombed in Amber, Ancient DNA Hints of 'Jurassic Park'" under the byline of Boyce Rensberger, the staff writer who pr
aminoacd.htm Number: 207 (Read 0 times) Date: 25 Mar 94 18:43:42 To: All Subject: Complexity, Amino Acids, and the Face of God In article, Deaddog adelling@gold.ucs.
aminodna.htm To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #133, 08Mar93 08:48am Subject: Monkeys RS We're not the ones trying to make monkeys of men. No one is, the overwhelming evidence merely indicates tha
amphioux.htm This is on "Sam Hinton Sings the Song of Men (All Sorts and Kinds)", Folkway Records, FA2400, in the "SYSTEMATIC ZOOLOGISTS" section. The liner notes read: "For some years this was practically the theme
anagramc.htm Subject: Creationist Anagrams Subject: creationistrelated anagrams Date: 14 Apr 1994 01:17 MST creationism corniest aim monastic ire I'm satire, con satiric omen anemic riots ironic steam masonic rite meat inci
ancientb.htm On Monday, September 7, The Washington Post ran a story on the bee. It's on Page A2 in the "Science Notebook." Rather than type in the whole story, I'll just list the salient points. * A fragment of g
angerman.htm In article 2bra64$ (Georgia L. Winward) writes: GW So, let's teach Creationism along with Evolution and let GW the kids decide. Do you want to believe you
animalsb.htm USENET article on sauropod dinosaurs . There exists a dilemma in the study of the large animals which lived in our world in past ages.
animalse.htm alanf@tekig6.PEN.TEK.COM (Alan M Feuerbacher) Many creationists believe that animals lived at peace with one another before "Adam and Eve's fall into sin." But there is clear fossil evidence that this is
anisogmy.htm : Why are males considered nonreproductive individuals? Oh, goody! This gets down to the crux of several biscuits: Why these are really the costs of anisogamy, rather than just sex. Why the origin
answered.htm To: All Msg #111, Jan1193 07:07AM Subject: Worlds in confusion Ia. ~s Worlds in Collision/collusion/confusion .
answersf.htm Marilyn Burge To: Martin Goldberg On (01 May 93) Martin Goldberg wrote to Ron Stringfellow. MG 1. Where did the water for the flood come from? Ghod was pissed. You figure it out from there. MG 2. Where
antbas.htm DEFINT AZ '' ' Program ANTY.BAS by David Rice, based upon the article in ' ' July 1994 ScientificAmerican called "The Ultimate in ' ' A
antgam.htm THE ANTIEVOLUTION GAME by Dr Pepper Here's an opportunity to see how good you are at refuting evolution scientifically. That means using science, not faith. If you have faith that evolution is false, tha
anthropm.htm The "Anthrophic Argument" is a special case of the "Design Argument" (See: Hume, 1835), entwined with the "Argument from Ignorance" and "the Argument from Incredible Hubris and Egocentricity". Basically
antievo.htm To : KEITH RAY Subj: RE: WHAT "SPECIAL RIGHTS" KEITH RAY To: GEORGE RUDZINSKI, 100694 (18:58) Subj: RE: WHAT "SPECIAL RIGHTS" In this respect, I challenge you to explore creationism with an open min
antisci.htm Evolution Redefined by Geoff Moore fx: Science class looks old, cramped and packed with viles and beakers full of coloured liquids etc. Young blonde teenage girl (very cute! ed.) sits there in class holdi
antnot.htm To: All Msg #11, Apr0293 06:00PM Subject: Re: Evolution battle continues. In article writes: : This is s
apeevec.htm Creationist propaganda from the Krishna cult From Back to Godhead magazine, Sept/Oct 1992 WAS THERE AN EVE? by Sadaputa Dasa (c) 1992 by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. In a 1987 article in t
apemenev.htm Chris Colby Herb Huston Brett J. Vickers HH There's a minority view that holds that the division of pongids HH and hominids is unjustifiable based on findings in molecular HH biology. These folks would
appealnu.htm Check this out. Here is the verbatim text of a letter to the editor in today's (Sat. Nov. 6) Commercial Appeal: To The Commerical Appeal: The overhaul of science education in the United States by a natio
aquatica.htm To: All Msg #13, Nov0793 03:42PM Subject: Re: Request for Summary Aquatic Ape Theory FollowupTo: The Aquatic Ape Theory This is a summary of Elain
arcflaw.htm Author: Mark Isaak Title: Problems with a Global Flood and Noah's Ark Date: Nov. 2, 1992 Problems With a Global Flood version 1.4, last modified 9/30/92 Creationist models are often criticized for being to
arcfraud.htm Archaeopteryx Controversy Was Archaeopteryx a fraud? Yes, says Fred Hoyle and colleagues; no, says Stephen Jay Gould . In his article, "The fossil fraud that never was," New Scientist, 12 March 1987, pp
archaebr.htm Date: 06 Apr 94 01:58:48 To: All Subject: HA! Re: Archaebacteria and the Three Kingdoms Once upon a time, there was a little group of cells called "Archaebacteria". Her friends all called her "Archie",
archfake.htm Durant, John. "It's a Fake! It's Genuine!You Decide" [Review of] The Feathers Fly: Is Archaeopteryx a Fake? A special temporary exhibition in the British Museum (Natural Hi
archieev.htm Julie Thomas Archaeopteryx always makes for good origins fodder. Here is a fossil which certainly looks like a "reptile with feathers". So let me add my opinion to the debate which surronds this famous
archmus.htm Dickson, David. "Feathers Still Fly in Row over Fossil Bird" Science 238: 475476, 23 October 1987. Scientists at Britain's Natural History Museum claim new evidence proves that their
archy04e.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: Transitions AB [Originally, Archeopteryx] was considered a reptile with bird AB like features. Today, 'Archi' is known to be a 'true' bird. Archeopteryx is considered to be a "t
archyml.htm Marty Leipzig The Berlin Specimen, the Eichstatt Specimen, the British Specimen; plus three others of UND# designation. One was recently found at the AMNH, as it was misidentified for years as a small, t
argmtdes.htm Weissmann, Gerald. "The Argument from Design" [Review in] The Scientist, 21 September l987, p. 20. [Weissman is a professor of medicine at the New York University Medical Center, New
arkflam.htm In SKEPTIC Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 3, Jim Lippard gives a 12 page coverage of the laughable Sun Pictures / CBS "Noah's Ark" hoax uncovered by Jammal through the use of a hoax of his own. Arkologist debunk
arkhoax.htm Subject: Sun's Creationist Hoax "Noah's Ark" update FROM :LIPPARD@SKYBLU.CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Newsgroup:,sci.skeptic The following has been submitted for publication in Skeptic vol. 2, no. 4
arkprob.htm To: Russ Lopez Msg #417, 04Sep93 05:39pm Subject: Flood stuff To:Jason Rosendale JR Russ, if you remember correctly, I asked you some QUESTIONS about the flood? Re
ark011.htm The following is from Bible Studies Magazine, published by Evangelical Ministries, Inc, Philadelphia, PA, October 1980, pp 2936 As you read it you will find it has the typical problems of such accounts
ark012.htm Subject: Re: Noah and his lil' ark I thought the following would make interesting reading. Its from the March 92 ICR Acts and Facts: HOw could all the animals get on board Noah's Ark? by John D. Morris No
ark021.htm So the answers to the earlier questions are that both Jammal and LeRue are liars. Morris is just naive enough to have believed Jammal, because Jammal has been at it for so long (after all, keepi
ark031.htm LONG BEACH MAN ADMITS ARK HOAX Television: The outofwork actor who claimed on a CBS special to have located the biblical craft now says it was just a big setup. By Daniel Cerone L.A. Times Staff Writer (
ark032.htm George Jammal confessed to being a hoaxer on October 23 at the Freedom From Religion Foundation conference in Huntsville, Alabama. But he was almost certainly not the only hoaxer on the program. There
ark033.htm Date: 12 Apr 94 16:00:17 To: All Subject: Ark Hoax Update The following has been submitted for publication in Skeptic vol. 2, no. 4: Update on the Ark Hoax Jim Lippard There have been a number of notewor
arkathon.htm ARKathon II and ARK EXPO January 29,30 and 31, 1993 Monarch Motor Hotel Portland, Oregon Noah's Ark Did it exist? Does it still exist? Tantalizing stories that the Ark hides in the ice cap of Mt. Ararat
arkft.htm From the front page of the Sept 93 "Freethought Today" Jammal To Speak at FFRF Convention CBS "HOAX" TO BE EXPOSED California actor and mimer George Jammal, a Foundation member since 1986, will break his
arkspace.htm (Dan Day) Well, let's see. There are about 400,000 species of beetles. For male and female, that's 800,000 specimens. If you put each in a little box one centimeter on a
astralic.htm To : Bob Bloodgood Subj: ice here is a quick list of a few of the problems with the astral ice idea, that as far as i can tell from reading the echo, you have not addressed: 1. if the ice appeared rapid
astronmy.htm Subject: Astronomy and Origins Topics: } Helmholtz's contraction theory says the sun is 20,000,000 years. } Sun is shrinking by ~5 feet per hour. } Lunar dustonly 1 to 3 inches, not 54 feet. }
astronom.htm Oxygen isotope ratios (O18 to O16) in both ice cores and cores taken from the sea bottom represent fluctuations in temperature and global ice volume (ref 1). When potassium argon dating (directly or indi
atheneve.htm To: All Msg #47, Aug2393 03:00PM Subject: Re: AthenaVenusAphrodite In article 25aa52$ (Greg O'Rear) writes: Date: 2
atheory2.htm To: All Nov1793 03:47PM Subject: Special Theory of Bureaucratic Creation Proposed by Mark Schnitzius Standard creationist models claim a common designer as the ca
atheory3.htm To : Matt Giwer Subj: THEORY OF CREATION * On 06151994, Matt Giwer wrote to Joe Morlan * JM Maybe I need to post the whole dang thing again. The JM theory finds evidence for creations in t
bacteria.htm Genetic information can move among bacteria in three ways. First, some bacteria seem able to take up free DNA from the medium around them. If a double crossover event occurs, this DNA can integrate in
badfeet.htm To: All Dec2093 06:03PM Subject: Re: Due process In article, Adrienne Regard wrote: }Oh, come on. How
bahai.htm Subject: Baha'i teachings on evolution of creation in the universe "We have now come to the question of the modification of species and of organic development. inquiring whether man's descent is from
balesbob.htm From Bob Bales I've been absent from this group for much longer than I intended. Some may say, or may have said, that I've been hiding. What I've actually been doing is preparing a number of articles on
bambievo.htm To: All Msg #51, Aug0193 11:01AM Subject: Bambi and Evolution In an article that has expired here, Mickey Rowe mentioned "The Bambi Syndrome," an item by Matt
barnesma.htm Barnes and the Earth's magnetic field Here is a copy of the post I put up when the question of the Barnes version of the history of the Earth's magnetic field came up last February. Hope this tells you w
begetdna.htm Science News, May 28, 1994, page 349, reports: Tricks to make DNA beget DNA For scientists interested in how life came about, the chickenandegg controversy boils down to a question of molecular repl
beiele06.htm Area: Evolution Msg: #284 Date: 101994 14:15 (Public) To: ARTHUR BIELE Subject: Our "discussion" Today, at long last, you finally respond. I note that you sent me a s
believef.htm . "Abiogenesis/chemical evolution hypotheses take more faith to believe in than the presence of a creator." Andrew Ruys "Toymaking factories and shopping malls take more faith to believe in than S
benefits.htm I've always found it interesting that those who oppose evolutionary biology in theory never seem to oppose the benefits that come from (and can only come from) evolutionary biology. Whenever the opportu
bfrog1.htm The following is from the Creation/Evolution journal, Issue XVII (Vol. 6, No. 1) pp. 15 "Scientific Creationism and Error" by Robert Schadewald (1986) [deletions] Ironically, creationists make much of
bfrog2.htm James J. Lippard Jun1593 11:30AM Gish and the bullfrog One of the most serious criticisms of Duane Gish's honesty and integrity was raised by Robert Schadewald in "Scientific Creationism and Error," Cre
bibbord.htm Brett J. Vickers Jan2193 12:08PM News update: Creation/Evolution controversy From LA Times 1/21/93: BIBLES AND THE BOARD A SKIRMISH BREWING By Micahel Granberry VISTA, Calif.
bibcrei.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: SciCre [Quote] The scientific creationists themselves are men and women who have acquired all the standard credentials of the scientist, but who maintain that creation explains the
biblio2e.htm Since the debate on education is heating up, here's a bibliography that some might find of use. It's not meant to be biased, but since it was searched through conventional means, the creationist pub's ar
biblioge.htm A Short, Selective, and Provisional GA, Evolution, and Artificial Life Bibliography for distribution at ICGA4 1991 prepared by Geoffrey F. Miller ( and Peter M. Todd (todd@psy
biele3li.htm From : LARRY SITES To : ARTHUR BIELE RCVD Subj : TRANSITIONS, PART 8. ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 091994 00:25 re: TRANSITIONS, PART 8. ABAs can be seen from my
bielelie.htm To : ALL Subj: Biele pegged again From an InterNet post by Chris Nedin: OriginallyFrom: Observe my pitiful example of the creationist art of the "out of conte
bieleml.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: All of this, 'eh? My, my, my, Art. Either you have an inordinate amount of free time or a direct pipeline to the ICR. Apparently both. 25 whole posts, all directed to me. I suppos
bigbang.htm To: All Msg #71, Mar3193 01:41PM Subject: Big Bang/Big Crunch theory discredited? Prelude: I'm taking a class entitled Atheism and its Critics at Rice University
biglie2.htm To: All Msg #93, Jul1393 07:51PM Subject: The Big Lie Re: Creation as a Scientific Theory The following quotes should be put in one of the more important FAQ fil
bio&phil.htm Rapid developments in biology over the past two decades have spawned many scientific, moral, and philosophical controversies. Accordingly, a new journal has appeared, Biology and Philosophy , which i
biodoc.htm BIOMURFFS The program is designed to demonstrate how a succession of small changes, when stacked on top of one another, can lead to radical differences in the system affec
biointro.htm To: All Msg #138, Jun1593 11:47AM Subject: evolution FYI I'm going to post my "Introduction to evolutionary biology" file. The point has been raised
biomrfba.htm DEFINT AZ DECLARE SUB VectorPlot (posns%(), reflec%, vctr%) DECLARE SUB Mutate (BioMorphs%(), popn%) DECLARE SUB BP2 (posns%(), BioMorphs%(), Bio%) DECLARE SUB Choose (BioMorphs%(), popn%) DECLARE SUB Bio
bioploti.htm ' Subroutine BIOPLOT ' This routine plots the biomorphs according to the parameters held in the ' "gene" array, biomorphs%(). ' Each one is plotted in turn as a series of vectors, each vector being held '
biopoesi.htm To: Ron Stringfellow Oct2993 18:09:24 Subject: Mammallike reptiles Ron Stringfellow, dreaming of seeing the Great Karroo, said to Marty Leipzig: RS Hello god marty, ML
bipedala.htm To: All Nov1693 07:05PM Subject: Re: More Aquatic Ape Hypothesis The proponents of the AAH have asked the following question: "If bipedalism is such an easy (ref
birdlung.htm Rob Fargher GT I do not see such a problem the only difference between bird and GT other vertebrate lungs is primarily improved capacity, something which GT has no pro
birdrefu.htm Bird article on cosmology rebuffed: Cross posted from / USENET Article by Bill Jeffereys Bird mentions in his article as having doubts about Bigbang cosmology are Alfven, Arp, Hoyle, Narlika
bittergo.htm An Active God (was: Teaching macroevolution) (Seth L. Kroger) writes: but [creationists] expect God to intervene. . . The belief that God takes an active role in the world, even to the point of performi
blasphem.htm I must preface this by saying that as of now I cannot reply directly via posting which may be repaired soon. But I had to state my own position: or rather, the Bible's position. I wish more fundamen
blindbk.htm The Blind Watchmaker Dawkins, Richard. The Blind Watchmaker. New York, W.W. Norton, 1986, 332 pages. "We animals are the most complicated things in the known universe," begins Dawkins; this great compl
blinkwtp.htm Creator or Blind Watchmaker? (James J. Lippard) Johnson sent me a copy of the paper of this title from the January 1993 issue of First Things, and I thought some portion
bloodcre.htm Tag: David Dixon The following is a reprint of a section of a book entittled "The Philosophical Scientists". If the assertions are true, ( and they CAN be verified ) then they would seem to deliver a "Dea
bloomini.htm ACCORD MAY BE NEAR ON JESUS' PICTURE AT SCHOOL Detroit News, 11/16/93 LANSING Lawyers arguing the legality of hanging a conventional picture of "Jesus" on a wall in Bloomingdale High Schol cou
bogusark.htm From "Sunday Times" Perth Western Australia, Sunday, January 30th, 1994. Excavation pictures may reveal Noah's Ark by Andrew Turner ADELAIDE: An archaeologist has released graphic photos of the excavation
boguscre.htm To: Deborah Franks Msg #185, 930308 23:32:20 Subject: Re: Scientific Creationi In a msg on Feb 27 10:35, Deborah Franks of 1:385/18 writes: DF Moreland, J.P., "CHRISTIAN
bogusfaq.htm To: All Msg #125, Feb0593 07:26PM Subject: Expanded Kalki FAQ (was: FAQ) In article
bogusphd.htm I've been reading Science and Creationism (edited by Ashley Montagu) lately, and came across a real gem of a footnote last night. It's from Robert RootBernstein's article "On Defining a Scientific The
bonescre.htm FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE BONES: A STUDY IN DESIGN by Dr. David N. Menton I have often been asked if I teach creation in my medical school courses. In a sense, every instructor in the medical sch
bonesevo.htm Take a femur for example. Most everyone knows that long skeletal bones are hollow, with spongy ends and hard shafts. The hard shaft is not simply solid material, like concrete; it's composed of many
book4ev.htm Speciation has been directly observed. Several examples are noted in Strahler, Science and Earth History (New York: Prometheus, 1987), pp. 397400.
booklife.htm A mini book review The Book of Life Stephen Jay Gould, General Editor 1993, Random House Australia, ISBN 0091827647 I joined the Double Day History Book club recently. In a catalogue I saw The Book of L
bp2inc.htm SUB BP2(posns%(2),biomorphs%(2),bio%) local presntbase%,oldbase%,itn% x% = 320 reflec% = 320 y% = 125 locate 1,1 input"What magnification do you want ";magn line (x%,y%)(x%,(y%(magn * biomorphs%(bio%
brainmac.htm To: All Msg #20, Jul2292 11:16PM Subject: Brain / Computer When I was younger I thought that human thinking was completely different from the way that machines (
brainswo.htm "Brains are wonderful things. Speaking from the admittedly biased point of view of a largebrained primate, I would say that there is no better solution to one's environment no claw so sharp, no win
brieflye.htm (Darius A. Lecointe) writes: Is there *anyone* who can *briefly* state the theory of evolution? All organisms alive today are descended from organisms that lived in the re
btgen1.htm This article is brought to you compliments of: HIS BOARD (805) 6521478 Sysop: Bob Harris {CS ICR GRADUATE SCHOOL UNDER ATTACK! The ICR Graduate School is currently in serious danger of losing its stat
btgen2.htm This article is brought to you compliments of: HIS BOARD (805) 6521478 Sysop: Bob Harris {CS A MODERN BABEL? CONFUSION IN AMERICA by Ken Ham In Isaiah 5:20,21, we read, "Woe unto them that call evil goo
btgen3.htm This article is brought to you compliments of: HIS BOARD (805) 6521478 Sysop: Bob Harris {CS WHERE DID THE RACES COME FROM? by John D. Morris, Ph.D. Waiting in airports and long airplane rides have bec
bugsdoc.htm B U G S (Carnivorous Mutating Tribbles From Hell) Version 2.0 31 Jul 89 Alpha Chi Rho Programming Cooperative 1621 Tibbits Avenue Troy, NY 12180 Software and Documentation Copyrights: Version 0.8 Copyri
burdenpr.htm It would seem your opponent in the good old creationism/evolution debate has gotten a little hot under the collar. How entertaining. However, a veteran of many such arguments, I would like t
buttercu.htm Preservation of the mammoth remains was somewhat different than has been imagined by the uninformed. The mammoths were 'mummified', a process that is quite easily done in a cold environment. Guthrie c
bwmakerp.htm Phillip E. Johnson June 29, 1992 The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker [Stephen Jay Gould published a 3page attack on Phillip E. Johnson and his book Darwin on Trial in the July, 1992 issue of Scientif
cdecaya.htm The Decay of CDecay by Robert P.J. Day [Originally appeared in the OASIS Newsletter, 385 Main Street, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada L0K 1A0] "If you propose that the universe and all in it is the product o
csaganc.htm CARL SAGAN: PROPHET OF SCIENTISM by David N. Menton, Ph.d copyright (c) 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. Carl Sagan has gained international attention through his popular writings on science a
calibrat.htm To: All Rcvd: NO Re: Nonequilibrium Radiocarbo Status: Public I got the following info from an article by Robert L. Whitelaw. [1] Definitions SPR: Specific Production Rate of
callthe.htm Does anyone have the phone number of the ICR? If so, can you post it or email me (see correct email address below). The ICR's phone number is (619) 448 0900. Fax's: (619) 448 3469. They also h
call4pap.htm C A L L F O R P A P E R S for Second International Conference on Creationism July 30 August 4 1990 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia, USA Quality papers are now being accepted for the Second Internationa
calteche.htm To: All Msg #66, Feb1793 12:40AM Subject: "Evolution and Creation" seminar at Caltech, Part 1 Disappointing. That is my one word summary of the event which I fir
canopy00.htm Subject: Re: Canopy Theory (Leslie Walker, please note) Date: 12 Nov 91 16:07:06 GMT In article writes: #I have some notes on the slcalled canopy theory w
canopyba.htm TB As far as the water canopy goes, I will have to post a theory on TB how a liquid canopy could stay above the earth. There are several TB things that must be accounted for in order to see if a sphe
carbonol.htm Two papers which examine this are: M. L. Keith & G. M. Anderson, "Radiocarbon dating: Ficticious results with mollusc shells", Science, v141, 16 Aug 1963, pp634637 M. Rubin & D. W. Taylor, "Radiocarbon
catalist.htm In article Matthew P Wiener, writes: The first predator was some boring bacteria. Feh. Staphylococcus: armed to the honking teeth. More hydrolyti
catastro.htm To: Dave Suess Msg #112, Dec1592 06:31PM Subject: Uniformity: miniscule [sic] cause a OK, that's it. I'm getting sick of this whining about "uniformitarian bias" and p
catholic.htm EVOLUTION & CREATION A Catholic Understanding by Rev. William Kramer This book has the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur markings. Starting page 113: "In the PASTORAL CONSTITUTION ON THE CHURCH IN THE MODE
cating2c.htm Date: 25 Mar 94 17:13:27 To: All Subject: Carbon 14 dating Not long ago, I read a book titled "Meditations At 10,000 Feet, A Scientist in the Mountains, by James Trefil (who, by the way for those keepi
cbsark2.htm * Original: FROM.David Bloomberg (1:124/6119) The following is a preview of the "REALLity Check" to be published in the next issue of The REALL News, dealing specifically with the recently revealed
cbsark9.htm This is some info re the Noah's Ark TV program that was trying to pass itself off as scientific proof of its existence. It was a load of rubbish. Fernand Navarra and son claimed to recover pieces of the
cbsarkh.htm CBS and Noah's Ark Okay, I brought in the article. It ran on the AP wire and was reported by The San Jose Mercury News. Here is a synopsis: * The show, which contained segments other than the one on Noah
chaetogp.htm Wesley R. Elsberry I just got a little scanner and OCR software package, which means that I can now transcribe some of my notes on invertebrate zoology. Here's the synopsis of Phylu
chatbird.htm Chatterjee, Sankar. (The Museum, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409) Skull of Protoavis and Early Evolution of Birds. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 7 (Supplement to n
chesmstr.htm Richard Harter Nov2092 06:07PM Lionel's chess program In article 1992Nov20.140744.7237@city.cs (Lionel Tun) writes: . Lets say there is a computer progr
chesterb.htm "Chesterton, Seer of Science" Jaki, Stanley. Chesterton, Seer of Science. Stanley Jaki's work in the history and philosophy of science often concerns issues of origins such as: relations of science and r
chimpdna.htm From Science 250:376, an article by Ann Gibbons (that's really her name) entitled "Our Chimp Cousins Get That Much Closer": It wasn't long afterwards, however, that actual DNA sequences from nuclear ge
chloropl.htm Chris Colby Feb2593 03:20PM more bad design and the origin of chloroplasts I got an email message awhile back correcting a mistake in a post of mine concerning bad design. In
chroband.htm Gibson, James L., "A Creationist view of chromosome banding and evolution" Origins 13(1) 1986. From the Geoscience Research Institute (Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 92350). From a synopsis: Four h
chromosm.htm To : Joe Morlan Subj: ADAPTION=EVOLUTION? JM Would it have taken as much time as it took writing the above JM paragraph to simply explain that each chromosome is a DNA JM molecule and each chromosome
chrstian.htm Area: Evolution Msg: #316 Date: 102094 10:18 (Public) To: Barbara Davidson Subject: Help BDHi. I need some help understanding evolution vs. creation. I am
chuckdb.htm The Chuck Maier Whopper Database Release 1.01, 25 November 1991 Preface: Over the past several months, Chuck Maier has advanced a SciCre outlook on the origin and evolution of life. When Chu
chuckre.htm [ I received the following text from Chuck Maier on 920117. I added a few comments here or there, but have removed none of Chuck's text. All my additions are in square brackets and initialed. Got y
cleverdi.htm Marty Leipzig Whilst digging again, alas, through some old files, I found this little gem. I hope you enjoy. If not, too bad, it's already locked in your synapses. STRUTHIOMIMUS, or the danger of bein
coexiste.htm A friend of mine asked: "Do you believe that the mammals coexisted in time with the dinosaurs? And if so, why are they not found together in the fossil record?" Answer: Yes, and although mammals are
cofffrst.htm Coffin, Harold G. "Sonar and Scuba Survey of a Submerged Allochthonous "Forest" in Spirit Lake, Washington" Palaios 2: 178180, l987. [Coffin, a wellknown creationist, is at the Geosci
coffin00.htm A few weeks ago I posted a summary of the Coffin Creation Seminar given here in McMinnville Oregon. A week or two after the seminar I wrote a fairly long letter to the organizer of the seminar here in
coffincr.htm Hi everyone, Below I am posting a summary of the notes I took at a "Seminar on Science and Creation" held this weekend, here in McMinnville, Oregon USA. The seminar was conducted by Harold Coffin (the g
colorvi.htm To: All Msg #82, Nov2992 01:11PM Subject: evolution and color vision I: Opsin genes Bob Bales brought up an interesting topic in a recent post (well, it was rece
colsonre.htm To: Jon Strayer 931205 11:46:00 Subject: Chuck Colson JSRemember the offer of information "disprooving" evolution from Chuck C JSfew weeks ago? Did anyone receive the
columnge.htm To: All Msg #136, Jul1393 05:26PM Subject: Geologic column (was: "Re: Creation and Evolution") Lionel Tun writes: Such as: fossils are dated by observing what
columnro.htm I suspect that Jim does not believe that the data is this convincing. It is difficult to treat the issue properly in a short USEnet article, but I am going to try to give a brief overview of a handful o
comeons.htm Date: 31 Mar 94 16:29:58 To: All Subject: HA! U. of E. pub pickup lines For starters: Hey baby, can I give you a demonstration of plate subduction? How'd you like to feel a molten magmatic intrusion?
comet2cr.htm Creationist Comet Crock A commonly encountered creationist argument for a young solar system is the claim that all shortperiod comets would be burned up in a few thousand years. This was the first evide
comisatn.htm One more question. I'm a grad student in evolutionary biology. Do you think that I am A.) part of some big commie/satan conspiracy B.) being conned by evolutionary biologists (the ones in the hypo
comparec.htm What creationists do What scientists do Adhere to a specific set of beliefs Adhere to a specific set of beliefs as described in the Bible as supported by observation Are m
competit.htm Asia, track down the Discover magazine devoted to sex. Amazingly enough, you've got it right (not that I mean it's amazing you got it right, but that this is the amazing conclusion "cheati
compiiba.htm 500 DIM SEQ(2,MAXL) 510 NSEQ=2 515 FOR I=1 TO 2 520 PRINT :PRINT USING "Enter sequence number##:";I; 525 INPUT " ",A$ 530 FLAG=INSTR("~?",LEFT$(A$,1)) 535 IF FLAG=3 THEN FILES DISK$+"*":GOTO 520 540 IF FLAG
conodont.htm Date: 15 Apr 94 02:31:51 To: All Subject: Conodonts LONG (was Re: Help! Transitional form lost) Date: Fri, 15 Apr 1994 02:31:51 GMT In article 2ojlsc$ jgacker@news.gsfc.nasa
constant.htm To: All Msg #112, Feb2193 02:10PM Subject: Re: What are the rational criteria? In article 1ljajt$ frank@D012S658.uucp (Frank O'Dwyer)
constdoc.htm Subject: Re: CREATIONIST INTRODUCE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT In article 12620@well.UUCP pan@well.UUCP (Philip Nicholls) writes: }FROM: National Center for Science Education REPORTS } Volume 9 No
contradc.htm To: All Jan1494 20:37:14 Subject: ICR Contridicts Self I am about half way through the just published Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics by Duane Gish. G
controlb.htm 500 KEY(1) ON:ON KEY(1) GOSUB 560 505 KEY(2) ON:ON KEY(2) GOSUB 575 510 KEY(3) ON:ON KEY(3) GOSUB 590 515 KEY(4) ON:ON KEY(4) GOSUB 620 520 KEY(5) ON:ON KEY(5) GOSUB 605 525 KEY(6) ON:ON KEY(6) GOSUB 635 53
correctd.htm The following two letters appeared in this week's (March 31, 1993) ChronicleofHigherEducation (page B6): To the Editior: As faculty in the Division of Biological Sciences and the Department of Anthro
cosmicic.htm The Story of Hanns Hoerbiger's Cosmic Ice Theory This is the story of a remarkable cosmology concocted by an Austrian mining engineer, Hanns Hoerbiger. Hoerbiger was not only a mining engineer, he was an
cosmolgy.htm James G. Acker Apr0293 02:18PM Religion & cosmology article Interesting article from "New Scientist" 27 Feb 1993, page 10: "Cosmologists explore links with religion" (Roger Lewin) It was just a year ago
crebook.htm Here is a list of books on creationism. I haven't read them all. I recommend numbers 8, 14 and 19. You should also look in the index of The Skeptical Inquirer. 1. Call #: QH371 .B45 1986 Title:
creevoa.htm I wrote the following response to the creation/evolution article which was published in the June 1992 issue of Good News, a Tucsonarea evangelical Christian newspaper which I previously posted here (an
cresci3.htm To: Larry Sites 940530 08:%:04 Subject: Fox quote Larry, this is one of the Fox quotes that I have. "The geological record is extremely imperfect and this fact will to
cretest.htm 930606 18:32:00 Evutionary knowledge test I've thought up a test to adminster to creationist to help nip the usual garbage in the bud. Please comment. SO YOU WANT TO ARGUE AGAINST EVOLUTION Dear Creation
crevev.htm The fundamentalists believe that there is a book containing the words of God the truth of those words are not subject to dispute. + Science has respect for the great scientists of the past, but no "Bi
cre030.htm In, (Stefan Aeberhard) writes: [stuff about asking questions of a creationist on his own ground deleted] . I am looking for some sugge
cre040.htm Scott W Roby writes: Seriously, I get the impression that both sides in this debate are discussing only ONE theory the pros and cons of the theory of evolution. Is the creation theory so unworthy
creatno.htm Why are amino acids and other organic molecules (not life, but the building block of life) found in galatic space clouds and in meteorites from outer space. Were they created, too, at the same time,
creat032.htm | Is teaching Creation is considered to be a valid academical exersize, | it will open the Pandoras box of pseudoscientific teaching. Would | you like to have your children spending time in High Sch
creat2do.htm Seems to me that some time ago, a state legislature was convinced at how nice the world would be if pi were a rational number. Three being the obvious choice, a law was passed making it the legal value
creat3do.htm Subject: evolution data (extremely nasty post) Date: 9 Mar 91 23:20:26 GMT This post is rather long, but it contains a lot of info (as opposed to opinion) so I don't think it is a complete waste of bandwi
create06.htm Creationism is an essential part of an argument that leads to control. It supplies us with the premise "God made us. So He meant for us to do bla bla bla.". Creationism is essential to the argument yo
create08.htm Rich Fox Creationists, especially the virulent "scientific [sic]" variety, are *deathly* afraid of science, particularly historical disciplines. Here is the bottom line why. It has to do with soteriolog
createbi.htm Here is a list of the academic and professional credentials for Henry Morris, Duane Gish, and Thomas Barnes. My source is the 1992 1993 edition of "American Men and Women of Science". I doubt that they
createfa.htm Richard Harter The Creationist FAQ There has been a considerable call for a creationist FAQ, which doesn't seem to be forthcoming in any great hurry. In the interests of facilita
createho.htm Just because a theory isn't proven doesn't mean that it is incorrect. You tell me the flaw in the theory of God creating the universe that makes you not believe it. Bobby Mozumder Ok, here are severa
createje.htm "There is one theory, of course, that does fit all the known facts of physics, chemistry, and astronomy without exception. Furthermore it is the simplest and most direct system of cosmogony that could
createne.htm To: All Msg #87, Apr0893 12:38AM Subject: A New Theory of Creation [a parody] A New Theory of Creation, or, Genesis Explained Truthfully Originally the earth was
creaters.htm To: All Msg #199, Jul1493 05:56PM Subject: Re: How many creation scientists? In article 222353$, tjt@scn1.Jpl.Nasa.Gov writes. Henr
creation.htm What does creationism lack that makes it not a science? Everything. 1. It lacks any mathematical models, even something as simple as Mendel's laws. When creationists do attempt some math (as in their
creatist.htm Conversation with a Creationist by Ranse Traxler There are just some things that are too memorable for a person to forget. A few years ago I had such an experience at one of the monthly meetings of the M
creatnst.htm "Special Creation" on the Left: Philosopher Michael Levin, in his "Feminism and Freedom" (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books, 1987), draws the following parallels between feminist theory and Creationis
crebad.htm By Davis A. Young, a conservative evangelical writer who is also a geologist. Author of two books devoted to separating evangelical theology from youngearth and creationscience theories. "What is muc
crebc.htm B.C. Comic Strip. (2/21/93) By Johnny Hart. Frame 1. [Redhaired guy is sitting on a rock on a beach with the ocean in the background. There are some clouds and birds in the sky. Blondehaired guy i
crebib.htm A CRITIQUE OF EVOLUTION I: BIBLIOGRAPHY (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The following books examine and critique the concept of evolution. The authors do n
crec.htm Date: Fri, 2 Aug 91 13:57:29 hst For many years molecular biologists have been mystified by the fact that very little of an organism's DNA seems to serve any useful function. I have solved the mystery.
crecbs.htm The following is the first draft of the letter I will be sending to CBS concerning "Ancient Secrets of the Bible." Critical comments are welcomed, but please respond through email unless you think your
credef.htm Creationism is a lie with a political ajenda to weaken secular society for the benefit of small enclaves of Christian communities who were trying to isolate themselves from it's intrusion via compulsery
credent2.htm Subject: Re: Creationist credentials Summary: Bogus Degrees ? Below, I try to update information on schools listed in James Merrit'a article on "Creationist Credentials." The source of my information is
credentl.htm Subject: Creationist credentials Dr. Carl Baugh, a fundamentalist Missouri Baptist minister with no scientific background, claims to be an archaeologist. He also claims to have a Ph.D. from the
credoc.htm What is an example of the "religious beliefs" that creationists want to teach? It was clearly shown in the Arkansas case that the creationist "model" (they can't call it a theory because it isn't) is e
credrp.htm "Geology shows that fossils are of different ages. Paleontology shows a fossil sequence, the list of species representing changes through time. Taxonomy shows biological relationships among species. Evo
crefaq.htm Bruce Salem examines the "Creationism" opposition to education. The problem is that the politics of organized oppostion to the teaching of evolution in school as an established scientific fact have force
creflw.htm (I) Creationism is not falsifiable, as it can claim devine intervention to cover any flaws. (II) The entire thrust of creationist "research" is comprised of clumsy attempts to invalidate evolution. This
creman.htm To: All Msg #16, Jan0294 03:34PM Subject: Man and Creation Before Christmas I mentioned that I had recently obtained a copy of Michael Bauman, editor, Man and Cr
crenut.htm To: WESLEY R. ELSBERRY 940428 19:%:32 Subject: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. there are many reasons that I can prove that evolution is not true here are some: 1. since the earth is spi
creqst.htm Author: Jeff Otto Over the past few years, in the SCIENCE echo, there has been a continuous Creation vs Evolution debate. In these discussions, individuals that support Cre
crerh.htm There are really only three roads to creationism ignorance, deliberate deceit, and compartmentalized thinking. Ignorance comes easier to someone whose focus is entirely in their area of specializatio
cresfs.htm Subject: C'ism = science @ SFSU ? (Hmmm.I'm new here so I hope this works out.) I may have missed any note of it, but are you aware of the current controversy at San Francisco State University? A long
cretry.htm "Creation, on the other hand, is a scientific theory ." Henry Morris, Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth, p. iv Hey, while looking for my old copy of ThePhantomTollbooth, I found a copy of this
crisci.htm . "To do science, one has to answer the critics and not just be one." (Wade Hines)
critdgc.htm James J. Lippard May2993 02:35PM Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics The latest (June 1993) issue of the ICR's Acts & Facts announces a new book from Duane Gish, Creation Scientists Answer Their
criticgs.htm Jul1093 03:34PM Gish Answers His Critics Here are Gish's comments from this weeks broadcast of the ICR's "Science, Scripture & Salvation." Enjoy. Host: Although our educational institutions are dominate
criticsc.htm Creation Scientists [sic] Answer Their Critics My copies of Duane Gish's Creation Scientists [sic] Answer Their Critics and Marvin Lubenow's Bones of Contention have arrived! (And significantly faste
criticsg.htm The following is a pagebypage critique of Gish's book I started working on during the summer but have never completed: Gish Replies to His CriticsSort Of By Jim Lippard Duane T. Gish, Creation Scienti
crsoath.htm All members of the Creation Research Society must sign a statement of faith. This statement does not restrict itself to religious issues, but covers scientific ones as well. Here is the text taken from
cytochrm.htm ==* CYTOCHROMEC PHYLOGENY MDENTON HOMOLOGY THEORYINCRISIS After all I have seen posted here of what I consider suspect data, I decided that I would perform some analysis of my own. The following dat
daddybig.htm The most relevant Chick tract to this newsgroup is "Big Daddy?", an incredibly obnoxious young earth creationist comic which repeats the standard antievolutionary arguments and concludes with the obser
dardoc.htm DARWIN'S ARENA v. 1.1 Now with ARCADE MODE controlled combat!! TANDY 1000 SERIES USERS SEE NOTE BELOW ABOUT THE TANDY SPECIAL GRAPHICS VERSION OF DARWIN'S ARENA ! Darwin's Arena is a combination of the o
darkmatr.htm | I think in the Feb. 93 issue of Scientific | American it was mentioned that for the Big | Bang theory to remain plausible, | dark matter must exist. As in a post regarding the 2nd law of thermody
darrow00.htm To: All Msg #141, Oct0693 09:21AM Subject: Re: Found on soc.religion.christian In article Seth J. Bradley, sbradley@scic.i
darrowqo.htm Found this quote in a .sig on soc.religion.christian. Does anyone know in what context this quote was made? "[It] is bigotry for public schools to teach only one theory of origins" ACLU Atto
darwin1.htm = THE DARWIN TIMES = A Column on the Field of BIOLOGY and other Related Fields With an Emphasis on MEDICAL NEWS, ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, PSYCHOLOGY, and EVOLUTIONARY THEORY by RAY LOPEZ MC 414500 First Issue
darwin2.htm = THE DARWIN TIMES = A Column on the Field of BIOLOGY and other Related Fields With an Emphasis on MEDICAL NEWS, ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, PSYCHOLOGY, and EVOLUTIONARY THEORY by RAY LOPEZ MC 414500 Issue #2
darwin2m.htm To : Joe Morlan Subj: Allopatric Speciation: Fa You've stated in several messages that the reductionist definition is based upon a false theory, and therefore it, too, must be false. Is this a general pr
darwin2r.htm Just to add a couple more Darwin quotes to the ones flying around, here's an excerpt from Stephen Jay Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man" (W. W. Norton and Company, 1981, page 36): Charles Darwin, the kindly
darwin2t.htm Bill Hamilton The following communication appeared in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation) Vol 44 No 4, December 1992 pp253, 254 I
darwiney.htm To: ALL May2394 16:33:00 Subject: Mark Fox misquotes Hey everybody, remember all those quotes from Mark? He even claims this one shows that Darwin didn't believe
darwinma.htm To: Joe Morlan 931109 22:42:24 Subject: Mayr on Darwin I've been checking the TAMU library pretty regularly, and just this evening was able to check out Mayr's "One Lon
darwinno.htm SCIENTIST THREATENS TO MAKE DARWIN EXTINCT by Neville Hodgkinson, Science Correspondent It is like asking Christians to abandon the Bible. The world of science this week faces the biggest challenge yet t
darwinpe.htm To: All 940227 23:%:26 Subject: Darwin and P.E. From page 439, Origin of Species (first edition): I can answer these questions and grave objections only on the su
darwinpr.htm [This is from an old clipping from a National Lampoon magazine from a few years back (1987?) JC] In keeping with the Supreme Court's decision to strike down Louisiana's mandatory teaching of "creatio
darwinra.htm In The Voyage of the Beagle Darwin condemns the treatment of slaves in Chile, arguing that they are people just like anyone else. He specifically speaks against racism. Gould writes of Darwin's relatio
datingc1.htm Micheal Cranford Lou Montgomery says : "[ . ] Could the Earth look old to we [sic] humans because our methods for determining age are flawed? I'm not sure. Let's take a scientific look and see what falls
datingdn.htm To: Jeff Doles 940429 19:%:00 Subject: Re: dna dating = Quoting Jeff Doles to All = JD SCIENCE SPOT JD DNA dating: JD Fascinating evidence that the fossils are you
datingka.htm To: David Myers 09Jun89 03:37pm Subject: Re: IQ ETC. DM I heard a creationist once claim that potassiumargon dating could DM give misleadingly large dates because o
dawkinsq.htm To: Fredric Rice Oct2693 13:50:00 Subject: Please check this FRBill Wolff made the following claim: FR FRRC Others here have recommended The Blind Watchmaker. FR FR
dawkinst.htm Richard Dawkins David Rice Care of W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 500 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10110 I've read and thoroughly enjoyed your book The Blind Wat
dc9evo.htm To: All Msg #68, Jun0193 02:14PM Subject: The DC9 Argument [a la the Watch] (Tahir Ijaz) writes: Chance and trial and error has little
debate02.htm all Why We Work So Hard I came across this on USENET, in the newsgroup. It discusses why the educated need to continue to work hard at answering questions of others with the facts. We cannot b
debatewh.htm I'm new to this group, and I have been fascinated by the Creationism vs. Evolution thread going on here. I was especially interested in the analogy between creationists and bank robbers. It made me th
debating.htm To: All 940514 10:%:14 Subject: Creationist Debating This article forwarded from Eugenie Scott, Exec. Dir. of the National Center for Science Education: article
decay4c.htm Date: 27 Mar 94 03:10:35 To: All Subject: A Creationist speaks In article Kwsxu*, writes. In article, James
decay03c.htm Subject: Norman/Setterfield How they did it. Posted: 21 May 88 03:42:21 GMT About a week ago, I posted a fairly long, three part review of the Norman/Setterfield paper which purports to show, via a rev
decay2c.htm To: All Msg #336, Jul1593 03:23PM Subject: SN1987A Distance Since the distance to SN1987A has recently come up, and since I am the one who (as far as I know) fir
decayc.htm If you thought that was pretty scary, there's a physicist by the name of Thomas G. Barnes who's an outright creationist. I was writing an article for a newsletter on creationists' views of physics and w
decayhaf.htm To : Bob Sewell Subj: Constant Decay = Quoting Bob Sewell to C. J. Henshaw = BS On (30 Jun 94) C. J. Henshaw wrote to Bob Sewell. MG the decay of radioactive isotopes of the elements is constant
decayrat.htm To: All Nov2993 08:50AM Subject: Re: Science and Evolution (really decay rates) (Ken Smith) [Decay rates can vary in high pressure conditions,
degreeic.htm Micheal Cranford Our mainframe has been unable to post news articles for a few months. This is a repost of an article that I sent (unsuccessfully) some time ago. I hope that you will not find it too date
dencrt.htm Oct2893 07:28AM Denton's Criticisms A little while ago, I agreed to take a look at Denton's criticisms of the molecular clock starting on page 294 (chapter 12) of his Evolution: A Theory In Crisis. H
denton2r.htm To: All Msg #48, Oct0293 06:57PM Subject: "Review" of Denton book In article: sbradley posted: An Essay Review by Michael
dentoncr.htm On checking my files, I find the following archived postings: Article 3749 of Subject: Re: Denton's book Summary: I read it Date: 15 Aug 88 22:42:03 GMT The main weakness I recall was a confu
dentoncy.htm Date: 23 Mar 94 17:23:35 To: All Subject: Is there a Denton FAQ? In article, (MICHAEL J. BEHE) wrote: Is there a FAQ somewhere on Micha
dentonle.htm * Origin: toadnet (86:86/200.0) Number: 404 (Read 0 times) Date: 17 Apr 94 19:57:00 To: All Subject: Re: What is the point of all this? Date: 17 Apr 94 19:57:00 GMT In article CoF3Lz.K6
dentonmg.htm To: David Rice Nov2493 17:15:48 Subject: Denton's Follies, #3 DR On page 284 he produces a list of protein sequence differences DR between a lamprey and some other sp
derision.htm Why Creationists deserve derision on (I) They espouse a theory that is clearly false in it's particulars, (II) which is never stated in a complete form. (III) They cannot tell that abusing
desertme.htm The Mediterranean Was A Desert In the past three decades convincing evidence has been found that the Mediterranean Sea has completely dr
design2.htm It seems that while I was away for Easter, somebody has resurrected that tired old argument that life is simply too improbable to have arisen by chance. Now, in one sense, I have to agree, that the previ
design8b.htm To: All Msg #77, Feb1493 05:00PM Subject: Re: "Bad" design :: From: (William E. Hamilton) :: MessageID: :: We hu
designba.htm Many organisms show features of appallingly bad design. This is because evolution via natural selection cannot construct traits from scratch; new traits must be modifications of previously existing trait
designby.htm Subject: argument by design redux? John Polkinghorne, a British physicist turned priest, is visiting our university, giving a series of lectures on science and religion. It is part of the "Pascal lectur
dinobyd.htm Greetings erstwhile friends and vile enemies. I'm back from the abyss (a 200person lecture section of business flunkout math, a grant proposal, and two papers, all of which happened in the same semest
dinodig.htm Jurassic Dinosaur Dig Field Course in Wyoming to excavate Mesozoic Dinosaurs! Plans are being made now to continue the field paleontology program in July 1995 and return to eastern Wyoming to excavate Up
dinosaur.htm From Science, Vol. 262, Dec. 24, 1993 A Closer Look at the DinosaurBird Link Arrangements for family reunions, even for partly extinct families, rarely go completely smoothly. Over the past several ye
disclaim.htm As t.o. regulars are already aware, creationists regularly misrepresent British Museum paleontologist Colin Patterson as a supporter of their views, despite the fact that he has explicitly disclaimed th
discover.htm Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd list some of the advances in research noted in the endofyear issue of Discover magazine. I KNOW it's not a research journal, so don't inform me of that fact in
disevo.htm Subject: Evolution in Action Challenge for Creationists Just read in the latest Discover magazine (highly recommended, lots of evolutionary science goodies this month :) ) about a recent discovery whi
disrna.htm To: Kirby Nixon Dec2193 21:33:00 Subject: Fundi, ICR Junk Saturday December 18 1993, Kirby Nixon writes to Derek Clayton: KN "preserve themselves through endless repro
diversel.htm Greetings, HolySmokers, from Holland. During the past two days, a rare chance to examine book reviews presented itself by virtue of taking my ease at the lakeside resort Hotel Baron. Among one of the man
dnaicrd.htm To: All 940405 13:%:00 Subject: DNA Dating Anyway this morning I downloaded the following article (along with a few other aritcles from Creation Ex Nihilo,
dnaproof.htm Subject: fossil, schmossil. what about the bug!? In article (Scharle) writes: In a recent issue of Science, there is a review arti
dotheyc.htm To: All Msg #95, Feb0293 09:10AM Subject: Creation Research Facilities Somebody wanted to know if Creationists were actually doing research, and if so where. Th
dobsonle.htm To: All 940503 00:%:58 Subject: DOBSON LETTER To everyone: I don't normally inhabit this echo; I have a low threshold for it. But I recently sent the following l
doctrint.htm "Today, the theory of evolution is an accepted fact for everyone but a fundamentalist minority, whose objections are based not on reasoning but on doctrinaire adherence to religious principles." James
dolphins.htm To: All Msg #48, Oct1993 09:03AM Subject: Re: How smart are dolphins, really? In February of 1991, I went to Monkey Mia World Heritage Region in Western Australi
dust6000.htm wrote: This actually solves one of the major problems that the dead bodies to dust observation poses for old earth theories, to wit: where is all the dust that should have accumulated
dyanimal.htm To: All Msg #261, 930910 19:57:24 Subject: Dynamics of Animal Populations 930831 The text that follows is my set of notes for the WFSC 624 course here at TAMU, "
dyingbk.htm The Great Dying Hsu, Kenneth J. The Great Dying. New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986, 292 pages. An account of Hsu's geological research (and how that research provided support for the Cretaceou
dynamice.htm To: All Msg #175, Sep1293 12:54AM Subject: Book Review The Dynamics of Evolution FollowupTo:,rec.arts.books,,sci.anthropology
dyndes.htm The following article appeared in the Winter 1994 issue of The Skeptical Inquirer (Vol. 18, #2), pp. 187191, and is copyrighted by them, with all rights reserved and all that. Saint George and the Bar
dynicr.htm I couldn't let this one pass. In a Back to Genesis article, the ICR staff must really be out in the deep end on this one: "Did Dinosaurs Survive the Flood?" by John D Morris, Ph.D. The Bible is clear. The
dynoo&s.htm FollowupTo: In article (Ross Morley) writes: Well I, for one, would like some rational explanation of why this theory can't
dynosaur.htm 1. How does the Bible deal with the *demonstratable* fact the Dinosaurs existed and then were victims of a mass extinction? In the libraries of the church schools I attended, I do not remember seein
escottl.htm To : All Subj: Eugenie Scott Lecture Approximately five months ago I learned that the main chapters on evolution were being skipped in my daughter's biology class. One of the first things I did was ask
earth01a.htm Entitled "Questions and the answer for chronologists", this is taken from the most recent issue of "New Scientist" Review of "The Age of the Earth", by G. Brent Dalrymple, Stanford Univ. Press, 474 pages
earth02a.htm To: All Msg #215, May0493 04:45AM Subject: Dalrymple's work (was: "Re: The obvious is not politically cor Rob Derrick wrote: Brent Dalrymple could recite, on c
earth03a.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Age of the Earth Updated: 09/24/92 Overview: (I) How old is the earth, and how do we know? (II) Common creationist "dating methods" (III) Common cre
earth04a.htm To: All Subject: "radioisometric dating" (was: "Re: The Vapor Canopy") In article, (Chris Stassen) writes: Brent Paulson writes: 2.
earthage.htm The Age of the Earth G. Brent Dalrymple Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA (1991) 474 pages including index ISBN 0804715696 Library of Congress catalog number QE508/D28 An excellent and indepth sum
earthhet.htm From the New York Times News Service by Walter Sullivan, New York Times Science Editor Article appeared in The Oregonian, Wednesday, July 14, 1993 Abstract: Scientists find that giant plumes of hot ro
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einstenx.htm ".As the first way out there was religion, which is implanted into every child by way of the traditional educationmachine. Thus I came despite the fact that I was the son of entirely irreligious (J
emergent.htm David Tinker Nov1192 07:50AM Emergent Properties. I. Introduction FollowupTo: The recent spate of articles in on "emergent properties" generated some
encyclop.htm Saw this in today's Chicago Tribune, Books section, paperbacks: The Encyclopedia of Evolution: Humanity's Search for Its Origins, by Richard Milner (Owl, $25) Review by Clarence Petersen Milner, a seni
endocrin.htm Evidence from endocrine system Hi Guys I was reading 'Evolution' by A Franklin Shull (McGraw Hill, 1936) (*), which goes over the evidence for evolution. (ie, descent with modification from a common ances
enduring.htm 1. If creationsim is capable of enduring the scientific method, then (a) there are testable hypotheses and predictions made by some creationist theory (by the way, what IS the theory of creationism?), (
enterbas.htm 400 CLS:KEY(1) ON:ON KEY(1) GOSUB 6:GOSUB 500 410 PRINT:PRINT "Strike any key to continue.": 420 A$=INKEY$:IF A$="" THEN 420 ELSE GOTO 10 500 INPUT "Enter the name of the file to be used: ",FILE$ 510 IF F
entevo.htm Daniel R. Brooks & E.O. Wiley. 1986. Evolution as Entropy: toward a unified theory of biology. The University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0226075818 From the preface: "That organisms have evolved rather
entrophy.htm Nov1291 07:38PMSubject: Re: Thermodynamic arguments In article writes. For the sunshine to accomplish anything useful, it has to shine on something
entropyf.htm Look in any textbook on thermodynamics, and you will find a definition for entropy. Here it is: S = k ln(N(E)) where S is entropy, k is Boltzmann's constant, and N(E) is the total number of states accessi
equakesr.htm To: All Jan0694 12:26PM Subject: Re: Blown Prophecy (was: It was six in the morning.) FollowupTo: In article m9q8.29.0@UNBSJ.CA m9q8@UNBSJ.CA (
equaldoc.htm The people who want creationism given equal time in the classroom rarely say much about WHICH creationism is to be taught there. Here are just a few of the alternatives: The Bartose of Zambia say the cr
equltime.htm The definition of Creationscience: from Arkansas ACT 590 of 1981, Section 4, Definitions. 1. Sudden Creation of the Universe, energy, and life from nothing 2. The insufficiency of mutation and natural s
eugen1.htm THE EVOLUTION OF A MONSTER! Adolf Hitler and Eugenics BY ED GARRETT, B.S. This article is taken from the magazine: CREATION EX NIHILO SEPTEMBER, 1986 When Darwin proposed his theory of evolution, it was hail
eukarypc.htm Noting an interesting tidbit in John Gribbin's new book, "In the Beginning" (Little, Brown & Co.; 1993), which is about evolution, life, and the universe as a whole. Scanned in, page 114 (Referen
eve.htm Subject: Re: I need information on 'Eve' Date: 5 Nov 91 19:49:10 GMT In article 4124@mrsvr.UUCP, barbiaux@links.uucp (Bill Barbiaux 46031) writes: This is a request for information about the theory b
evidence.htm New Evidence for Creation! Since we have seen recently how recent scientific research into the changing body temperature of man has established that humanity is no more than a few thousand years old, I
evievo.htm This is a compilation of my "evidence for evolution" posts to It is not in any particular order because each post can stand on it's own. The intro and data section for #2 are, however, spli
evinot.htm His name is Josh McDowell, and he is a liar of the worst order. He claimed to be an atheist, but from the book, it's pretty obvious he already drew his conclusions in presenting the "evidence" for Jesus
evocreo.htm A week ago, I suggested that volunteers be collected to summarize the content of various relevant periodicals for the group, and asked for feedback on the idea. I promised to summarize the response tha
evofact.htm RM P.S. If evolution is science fact why do they still call it RM the Theory of Evolution. It's a misunderstanding the meaning of a scientific theory. Here is an essay by Larry Moran which I hope you
evogodf.htm Warren Vonroeschlaub This is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about the compatibility of belief in evolution and God from talk origins. This text presupposes the reader's belief in
evothry.htm . "THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION: Hydrogen is a colourless and odourless gas, which, when given enough time, turns into people." Gish and Morris
evoall.htm The Plot of creationists, as faithful as an old hound dog: New Creationist face with "fresh" perspective crashes onto EVOLUTION echo as a valiant crusader. The "fresh" perspective is, underneith its shin
evobookr.htm The absolute best single text I've seen is Monroe W. Strickberger's Evolution, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, (1990). 544 pages. ISBN 0867201177. It's an extremely good survey of the scien
evol001d.htm EVOLUTION vs. CREATION DIGEST VOL 1. NO. 1 17 Jan 1990 | Message may have been editted to correct spelling, | | improve readibility, or fix formatting problems. Every | | effort has been made not to
evol002d.htm TO: Jonathan Rogers Subject: RE: EVOLUTION VS. CREATIO Date: 15 Jan 90 23:50:55 We have proof of the Big Bang: some scientists at Bell Laboratoies discovered the remnants of the Big Bang c
evol2doc.htm One of the most interesting results over the last couple of decades has been the application of molecular biology to the question of evolution. One considers molecules from different species that are fu
evol3doc.htm Subject: Memes, Evolution, & Creationists (LONG article 24k) Memes, Evolution, and Creationism Copyright 1989, the authors. For paper publication rights, contact the authors, 1794 Cardel Way, San Jose, C
evoldoc.htm The claim has frequently been made on this newsgroup that there is no experimental verification for evolution. I will, in this article, present one such piece of experimental verification. But first, a
evolfact.htm DO THE FACTS PROVE EVOLUTION? (YES!) Darwin said: 'I am well aware that there is scarcely a single point discussed in this volume on which the facts cannot be adduced, often apparently leading to conclus
evoltion.htm A CRITIQUE OF EVOLUTION II:kh BIBLIOGRAPHY (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The following articles and books examine the concept of evolution and are found ma
evolut00.htm Subject: Re: Evolution, falsification, and all that. Date: 1 Nov 91 21:43:26 GMT (Robert Low) writes: I'm not convinced that this is the right place to ask this question, but I can'
evolut08.htm evolution1: The common biological ancestry of all life on earth from a small number (probably one) of ancestral forms. This is commonly called the "fact of evolution." While, like anything else in sc
evolutfa.htm AN INTRODUCTION TO EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY BY CHRIS COLBY * INTRODUCTION Evolution is one of the most powerful theories science has ever known. For
evolutgo.htm Evolution has NOTHING WHATEVER to say about a creator * * one way or the other. Nothing, nil, nada, zip, zero. * * There is,
evolutin.htm "Evolutionists have been very clear about this distinction of fact and theory from the very beginning, if only because we have always acknowledged how far we are from completely understanding the mechani
evolutn0.htm Ivan OrdonezReinoso writes: I have been reading this newsgroup for sometimes, and I have often read questions about the point of discussing such a subject. So I have a question: has anybody out there
evolutnp.htm Tales of Future Evolutionary Pasts all around; Machine World falls apart because of lack of spare parts and Air Force pricing regime Now wait. long honking time. Joshua Lederbug looks up from his sequencer,
evoluton.htm * MicroRules of the EVOLUTION Echomail Conference. * Modified 11 DEC 1992, ripped off from the SCIENCE
evolutwo.htm INTRODUCTION Evolution is one of the most powerful theories science has ever known. For a variety of reasons, however, it is also one of the most misunderstood. One common misunderstanding is that the phr
evolutxi.htm To : Davey Jones Subj: CREATION SCIENCE DJ I would agree that acceptance of evolutionism is anathema DJ to Christianity. (I.e., Matt. 19:4), but is rejection of DJ evolutionism a rejection of scienc
evolve01.htm The "veryrecent" evolution of human beings from nonhuman hominids is now quite well documented. * One step back, 45,000 years ago, we find numerous wellpreserved skeletal remains of Neanderthal man in
evolve1i.htm EVOLUTION IS RELIGION, NOT SCIENCE Institute for Creation Research Dr. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. Evolutionists often insist that evolution is a proved fact of science, providing the very framework of scien
evolve2i.htm Creation or Evolution? Part III: The Fossil Record By Winkie Pratney Copyright (C) 1982, 1984 Last Days Ministries Typed by Servant, 2/28/87. Used without permission [This has taken too long to type, so p
evolve3i.htm Evolution and Christianity Galileo In 1633, Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Inquisition in Rome. The charge was "suspicion of heresy". He was teaching the Copernican theory, that the e
evolve4i.htm MEDIA SPOTLIGHT "ORIGINS" AN ANSWER TO EVOLUTION FILM REVIEW "The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who perceive their role as the proselyti
evolve5i.htm T O A D S Darwin's suggestion that evolution came about through small successive modifications or changes cannot be applied to every observed creature. Darwin admitted, "If it could be demonstrated tha
evolve6i.htm CARL SAGAN: PROPHET OF SCIENTISM By David N. Menton Carl Sagan has gained international attention through his popular writings on science and especially through his 13 part television series "Cosmos". In
evolve7i.htm BRAINWASHED by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. . (Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. (Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley) is Associate Director of the Institute of Creation Research and Professor of Natural Sc
evolvec.htm #include stdlib.h #include string.h #ifndef TURBOC #define randomize() srand48(getpid()) #define random(x) (lrand48() % x) #endif #define MAXSTRING 128 #define MAXCREATURE 100 #define MAXCHAR 96 char e
evolvedb.htm To: All Msg #57, Oct2993 06:00AM Subject: Re: Attention Chris! Attention Chris! Ok here comes a semi serious attempt at a beer cladogram. The early beer histor
evolvego.htm Subject: Evolution I am new to this discussion; I hope I have not grossly misunderstood anyone. I am one who spends his days in the admiration of God's work, and who spends his nights blaspheming His n
evolvels.htm JC Someone on this echo once said that a species had been bred in a JC laboratory somewhere, and that this species had been "evolved"[sic] JC into a new noncrossfertile species. It happens hundreds
evolvepr.htm Subject: Re: Evolution Simulation Software FollowupTo: In article (young.u.huh) writes: In his book, "The Blind Watchma
explaint.htm See, the good ol' T of E was. um, invented? Discovered? Whatever the term is, it was come up with by a couple of scientists (Darwin, and another fellow whose name eludes me) studying animal distribut
exposing.htm What Price Fame? Exposing CBS By Tom Malone The gospel according to Andy Warhol promises that each of us will one day be famousif only for 15 minutes. Well, imagine my astonishment when I learned only a
extinct3.htm Well, there are several bursts in species diversity I can think of. The Cambrian and Ordovician explosions resulted in a vast increase in animal diversity. Likewise, after the onetwo punch of the Permia
extinctr.htm The main bone (:)) of contention here is wether the dinosaur extinction was very rapid (catastrophic) and very numerous (mass extinction) or very slow (gradual) and very few (normal extinction) or some
eyedoc.htm THE EYE by David Menton (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The evolutionist Dr. Ernst Mayer once said: it is a considerable strain on one's credulity t
eyeevo.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Eye Evolution From the State JournalRegister (Springfield, IL), 11/6/94: Evolution in the blink of an eye by Carol Yaesuk Yoon N.Y. Times News Service One of the most fascinating ye
fmims00.htm To: All Msg #87, Oct0593 11:05PM Subject: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 0 of Subject: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on Sc
fmims2.htm To: All Msg #112, Oct0693 08:24AM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmims3.htm To: All Msg #123, Oct0693 11:38AM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmims5.htm To: All Msg #135, Oct0693 02:10PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmims6.htm To: All Msg #136, Oct0693 02:05PM Subject: Forrest Mims here's a dime, buy a clue FollowupTo: Is Mr. Mims aware that freedom of the press in the
fmims7.htm To: All Msg #156, Oct0693 06:27PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmims8.htm To: All Msg #159, Oct0693 05:22PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmims9.htm To: All Msg #9, Oct0793 07:41AM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight o
fmimsc.htm To: All Msg #81, Oct0793 01:00PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmimsd.htm To: All Msg #84, Oct0793 04:11PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmimse.htm To: All Msg #89, Oct0793 05:27PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmimsit.htm To: All Msg #127, Oct0693 12:05PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fmins00.htm To: All Msg #36, Oct0793 01:39PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fminsb.htm To: All Msg #40, Oct0793 02:48PM Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight on SciAm (Part 1 Subject: Re: Forrest Mims: Setting the record straight
fabnaqev.htm Author: Tom Scharle ( Title: FABNAQ Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions I have decided to post for your criticism a list of FABNAQ frequently asked but never a
factdoc.htm Subject: Evolution; fact and theory Many people have pointed out that evolution is a fact but Allen Olson says, "I doubt that you will find many scientists that agree with your loose usage of the term "f
facts4c.htm A Quick Description of the Theory of Evolution for Creationists By Dr Pepper First we have to distinguish between the theory of evolution, and the fact of evolution. I'll start with the fact. Well you've
faithasa.htm The American Scientific Affiliation P. O. Box 668 Ipswich, MA 01938 Full membership: $45/year Associate membership: $40/year Student membership: $20/year "Friend" of A
fallacie.htm To: All Msg #128, May2593 06:22AM Subject: A few more fallacies. I've recently finished David Hackett Fischer's Historians' Fallacies (long on my reading lis
falseevd.htm 17 "EVIDENCES" AGAINST EVOLUTION [AND FOR CHRISTIAN IGNORANCE] By Kevin Martin 1. Moon Dust 2. Magnetic Field 3. Fossil Record 4. Embryonic Recapitulation 5. Probability 6. Second Law of Thermodynamics 7. Ves
falsify2.htm "We are lucky to have fossils at all. It is a remarkably fortunate fact of geology that bones, shells and other hard parts of animals, before they decay, can occasionally leave an imprint which later
familyli.htm To : Lane Lester Subj: Adaption=evolution? LLYou said to DAVID BUSHARD: LLJM I thought that multiple LLJM identical DNA molecules in the nucleus of each germ cell are LLJM carried on different chro
fancybas.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 505 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 510 CODON$="TTT,TTC,TTA,TTG,TCT,TC
farghere.htm To: Ron Stringfellow Nov0493 21:43:48 Subject: Perceptions, Vol. 3 RF Now, here's a little secret, Ron. Evolution does not deny God! RS No it blasphemes God. That is an utt
fasold2a.htm To: All Jun0194 18:00:58 Subject: Fasold book As promised, here is my report on The Ark of Noah by David Fasold, the book that "Raoul Newton" calls evidence fo
fasold3a.htm To : All Subj: David Fasold Part 1 of 5 * Originally by, 1:102/851 * Originally to Fredric Rice, 1:102/890 * Originally dated 1 Jun 1994, 3:17 From!CCIT.ARIZONA.
fasoldre.htm To: Raoul Newton May2694 14:59:00 Subject: The Ark of Noah Well, I managed to find a copy of David Fasold's book and, giving you the benefit of the doubt, I have read it
feather3.htm Richard Harter May2393 10:22PM In article (Mark Isaak) writes: In article 1082@fedfil.UUCP news@fedfil.UUCP (news) writes: Trying to get from a n
feathers.htm Bob Bales has claimed that no one has refuted the points that he has made about how scales could have evolved into feathers. I find this puzzling, since I posted this to the net, from the same city, with
fingergo.htm GENESISCREATIONACCOUNT from Hugh Ross' "The Fingerprint of God" Typical Creationist occultladen propaganda piece. Enjoy! Summary The "higher critics" of the last two centuries have badly misin
first6c.htm To: All 930503 13:07:00 Subject: fresh meat * Forwarded from "Interfaith" * Originally by Gunter Kirchhoff * Originally to All * Originally dated 30 Apr 1993, 19:28 A NEW CREATION CONCEPT. A
first2li.htm (Scanned from Science News, 5/28/94 issue, used without permission, but probably within the copyright law definition of "fair use." Any text errors are the result of the scanning process jb) "For scien
firstlif.htm It's a long way from Primaevifilum The press has recently carried some announcements of the discovery of signs of early life in the northwest of Western Australia. This is a short summary of the discov
fishrep.htm Evolution did not happen like this: fish amphibian reptile but like this: fish amphibian reptile \ \ / \ \ / \ \ / \ \ / \ \ / \
fishevo.htm To: All Msg #69, Mar3093 11:05AM Subject: Re: Fishy Fetuses In article (Joel Bradford Klammer) wr
floddate.htm To: All Nov1593 05:44PM Subject: Re: Flood(TM) Dates. In 2c93q8$ (Jim Blakeman) writes: I looked this up a long time ago.
flodmyth.htm To: Steve Bedard Oct1393 21:38:32 Subject: No Nonsense On (08 Oct 93) Steve Bedard wrote to Marilyn Burge. SB SB Do you have evidence for these claims? I doubt it. J
flodprob.htm Problems With a Global Flood vers. 1.7, last modified 2/11/93 Mark Isaak [Email comments and contributions to this collection are welcome. I would especially like to add more refere
flodrate.htm "The Book of Genesis says of the Flood that 'all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered'. Taken literally, this seems to indicate that there were 10,000 to 20,000 feet of water on t
floevo.htm Seton Lloyd's The Archaeology of Mesopotamia, revised edition 1984, Thames & Hudson. From p. 93ff: "One intial problem concerned the date and significance of 'the Flood', which figures so prominently i
floodev.htm To: Mike Staab Mar3094 12:07:44 Subject: Flood Mike Staab, who get fired up over incendiaries, said to: Marty Leipzig MS Marty, I've a question for you that I hope you
flood001.htm My thanks to Steven Timm who wrote this. Date: Mon, 2 Jul 90 23:53:54 EDT It was suggested a while ago that someone calculate the amount of water required for a global flood which would cover the highest
flood016.htm In article (Robert Broberg) writes: }I asked for evidence and was told about a mastodon found frozen }in the arctic. He said it "had" to be frozen insta
flood032.htm Karl Kluge Lionel Tun is one of those rare literalists who read the Genesis geneologies in the obvious way. Which raises the following problem (repost of an old, old post of mine). L.T. should feel free
flood3no.htm I hope you take the time to actually read this. By : David Nash Dept. Of Chemistry Univ. of illinois We seem to have another pupil of the Michael Courtney school of atmospheric physics. First, cloud
flooddat.htm To : Jesse Hornbacher Subj: flood myths around t JH If you present no evidence of such you are engaging in JH axiomatic arguments. Without presenting a basis for the JH statement "there were other
flooddoc.htm Subject: The Flood and creation Topics: }Religion's views }Science's views }Parallel myths }Subject: Noah's Ark the construction problems }What to leave behind }Subject: the issue of marine animals being
floodgeo.htm Many creationists claim `Flood geology' accounts for most of what is found in the `record of the rocks'. Yet simple observations prove that so many events happened over such a tremendously long time pe
floodinc.htm To: All Msg #150, Jul1493 12:06PM Subject: wild speculation anyone? flooding in Midwest Well, my sister is supposedly helping sandbag the Iowa City water trea
floodmth.htm original by: Marty Leipzig If, for no other reason to educate some and irritate others, follows a mathematical treatise on the impossibility of a Biblical Great Flood. In order to flood the Earth to the
floodno!.htm I am reposting this information since it is germaine to the discussion regarding the Bibical Flood. Please note the ENORMOUS volume difference between actual water on earth and the amount needed for ev
floodprb.htm I've made quite a few changes to the Flood FAQ since the version which Brett Vickers just posted (mostly in the "Aftermath" and beginning of the "Geological effects" sections). Here, then, is the most
floodtwo.htm From the Dictionary of Science & Creationism, Ronald Ecker, 1990. The Genesis Flood narrative is believed by most biblical scholars to be a conflation of two main literary sources, designated (in what
floodwtr.htm Tillites are rocks formed from till, which are glacial deposits. Period. They are in no way deposited by "flood waters" nor are they formed by anything other than glacial activity, and later indurated. (W
folliesf.htm To: All Feb0494 08:29:46 Subject: Flood Follies Well, gang. Here we go again. When the smoke cleared (I'm doing my annual officecleaning (i.e., demolition of tr
fooevo.htm The location where the so called "human" and dinosaur footprints occur together is Paluxy Creek in Texas. Following are extracts from a letter in Scientific American, June, 1983. from Wm. Stansfield, Bio
football.htm To: All Msg #107, Jan3093 05:16PM Subject: football as an argument for atheism In article (Charles Ge
footprnt.htm Description for file "footprints.gif" 769 X 1308 pixels, 1 bitplane. Part of figure 88 of Balsley, 1980. Balsley, John K., 1980. Cretaceous wavedominated delta systems: Book Cliffs, east central
footprts.htm Human Footprints Footprints, footprints.and you thought it stopped with Paluxy. Well, James Monroe (Dept. of Geology, Central Michigan University, and an OR contributor; see vol. 7, no. 2, Fall/
forfunc.htm There are times in life, when one sees a deal that is too good to be true for example, that one must back up and try to see the bigger picture. If someone calls you and offers to send you a cashiers che
forestmi.htm What follows are selected excerpts from an open letter by Forrest M. Mims III to Daniel Jimenez (this was written in May, 1991). I have not made any changes (not even spelling corrections) to the text. [
forteane.htm To: All Msg #14, Dec0392 02:05PM Subject: Re: Richard Milton Creationist or What? In article mathew writes
fossil2d.htm Subject: Fossil and creation Topics: }There are gaps in fossil record } Oldest living things }Man and dinosaurs coexisted. }The suddenness with which major changes }Many extinctions lack obvious reasons. }"c
fossildo.htm Subject: gaps in the fossil record } the evidence from the fossil record to support evolution is largely } missing and that critical gaps indicate a single creation of life } as it is today. }The fossil r
fossildr.htm As for evidence against the creation myth, just look around. fossils sedimentary rock formations human body ( tonsils, flat feet, appendix, etc. ) It is quite evident that the human race was not created o
fossilho.htm Fossilization is a rare event. Not every animal that dies is turned into a fossil. It would be unusual if we *did* find examples of every creature that ever lived. Yep. In fact it goes even deeper t
foundatn.htm To: Ron Stringfellow Oct2393 09:24:38 Subject: evolution/faith = Quoting Ron Stringfellow to All = RS been to ascertain from the bulk of you slgh's is that after you cut RS through the smoke
framewrk.htm CALIFORNIA SCIENCE FRAMEWORK LABELLED IRRESPONSIBLE Colorado Springs, CO (October 1, 1990) Access Research Network, an organization recently established to make scientific knowledge accessible to th
frauds2a.htm To: All Oct2493 11:22AM Subject: Re: "Experts" on CBS/Sun Pictures "Noah's Ark" Show In article, (Jordan C. Lund) writes.
fraudsar.htm To: All Oct1993 04:21PM Subject: "Experts" on CBS/Sun Pictures "Noah's Ark" Show The following is a list of the "experts" which appeared on "The Incredible Disco
freebeer.htm To: All Subject: Dale Crowley, Jr.'s $5,000 Challenge (and possible free beer) A local Creationist, Dale Crowley, Jr., has a radio show called "The King's Business". He regulary blasts the "lies, and wil
friendly.htm To: All Msg #18, Jul3093 05:43PM Subject: Re: The problems of creationism (longish) Creationism (by and large) is filled with factual and scientific errors and
frogsevo.htm To: All Msg #88, Oct1292 07:37PM Subject: Molecular Homologies Alan M Feuerbacher wrote, "Indeed, in a larger perspective, the close resemblance of human and chim
frozenma.htm To : BOB BLOODGOOD Subj: Quick Frozen! BB Millions of quickfrozen mammals?! Please advise your BB source of this information. BBIvan T. Sanderson, "Riddle of the Frozen Giants", BBSaturday Eveni
fsmlibc.htm #include stdio.h #ifndef TURBOC #define randomize() srand(getpid()^(unsigned) time(NULL)/2); #define random(x) (rand() % x) #endif #ifndef MAXFSM #define MAXFSM 50 #endif #ifndef MAXSTATE #define MAXSTAT
future2c.htm Future evolution of Creationism (Mark Isaak) Okay, I'll add my speculations. The primary purpose of the modern Creationism movement is to spread hate. Many religious groups use it both t
futurecr.htm To: All Msg #216, Jul1393 11:30AM Subject: Where are the Creationists of tomorrow? Where are the creationists of tomorrow? Laugh at them, rage at them while you
futureev.htm Scenario #1: Mainstream humanity will probably continue its current dysgenics program well into the future, as further medical advances make it possible to retain and concentrate what would otherwise be
futurewi.htm Subject: Physics, Ted, and the future Ted Holden, of fame, has often claimed that future generations of scientists will look upon him and his beliefs as well as Velikovsky's with the same so
gaiahyp.htm There are at least two forms of the Gaia hypothesis: The Weak Gaia Hypothesis: The ecosphere of the earth has a suite of feedback mechanisms which tend to result in some degree of homeostasis. I.e., thes
genenew.htm In past messages, I have noted that the origin of novel genetic information new genes, with new functions is really the only question of interest. Evolutionists claim that duplication and subsequent
genesevo.htm To: All Msg #157, Sep0193 01:11PM Subject: genes and evolution (for Joe) Joe Morlan (Joe.Morlan@f216.n914.z8.rbbsnet.ORG) wrote: : I think the real reason that
genesise.htm To: All Msg #110, Jan3193 12:34AM Subject: Genesis Seminar in Pasadena, California A while ago I posted an announcement about an "Evolution and Creation" seminar
genetica.htm To: All Dec0893 11:11AM Subject: Something for Creationists to chew on. Well, it's been pretty clearly documented on this newsgroup that most Creationists aren
geneticm.htm To: Bill Wolff Oct2693 14:05:04 Subject: Creationist Follies KBBWwish things like this could happen. Unfortunately, it is nothing KBBWmore then some more tall tales
genewhat.htm Manoj Joshi, Social Zerology, Physics ( wrote: : can anyone xplain to me what a gene is? See Portin, 1993, "The Concept of the Gene: Short History and Present Status", Quarterly R
genprore.htm Since a number of Sci.Skeptic readers seem to be into GAs, this seems like a good cue to mention a great new book on this subject: Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural
gentry4l.htm To : David Rice Received: 13 Oct 94 10:56 Subj: Re: DIFFERENT KINDS OF SCIENCE = Quoting David Rice to John Brawley = JB Gentry's reported facts do support his
gentrypo.htm To : All Subj: Gentry There have been several recent mentions of Robert V. Gentry's Polonium Halo Hypothesis. I repost this, which is over a year old, in five parts. Gentry students or detractors pleas
gentrywh.htm and Robert Gentry. Both had impeccable credentials and were praised by their collegues. The latter worked at Los Alamos laboratory, and when he raised the issue of pleo chroic halos in basement r
geomagn.htm To: All Msg #45, Sep1093 04:33PM Subject: Re: Earth's magnetic field and Cowling's (sp?) In article, () writes:
geodetic.htm Start with this . "Geophysical Applications of VeryLongBaseLine Interferometry" by Douglas S. Robertson Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol 63 #4, October 1991, Pp 899918. The NASA Crustal Dynamics Progr
geologyd.htm Subject: Geology and creation Topics: }There are gaps in fossil record }Methods of dating the earth are inaccurate. }KAr dating of Hawaiian lava is wildly inaccurate. }Erosion should've dumped at least 3
gilgames.htm The Sumerian flood legend is contained in the epic, "Poem of Gilgamesh" a ledgendary hero/king. basically the god Enlil is angry and decides to destroy the race of man by drowning. However Enki, God of w
gillslit.htm To: All Msg #109, Feb1793 02:28PM Subject: Re: Gill Slits In article, (Russ PaulJones) writes: | |
gingerbr.htm Apr0293 04:50PM Subject: The Truth About Hansel And Gretel This posting should have been finished yesterday, but I didn't make it. If you want to make a longer thread out of it, please be aware that it
giraffsh.htm RG Question: Why do we never find fossils of these "short giraffes?" You do not because you don't know where to look. Try a paleontology text. I suppose you'll get lost on your way there, so here's a fe
gishshr.htm Number: 395 Date: 18 Mar 94 15:29:04 To: All Subject: Gish/Shermer Debate: An Account (Part 2 of 2) I apologize for being so late with this second part of the summary. A paper and a proposal deadline
gish03cr.htm * Original To : All, 1:124/4115.221 * Original From: Graham Kendall, 1:170/600 * Original Date: Sep 28 01:56 Report on the Duane Gish lecture, On Sept. 22, Duane Gish, famous creationist, gave a lecture
gishkid.htm I've tried to track down references by Gish, as I think it is possibly more concrete to critique his actual writings than second hand oral accounts ofhis talks. This is what I came up with: "Dinosaurs: t
gishkind.htm To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Baramin? saramin! ARTHUR BIELE to MARTY LEIPZIG on 090594 01:01 re: "COLLAPSE OF MARTY L. ABIf there is no Creator, then baramins do not exist. Since the existence ABof a Crea
gishross.htm William E. Hamilton CS50 CS/50 hamilton "Focus on the family" discussion with Hugh Ross and Duane Gish August 12, 13 1992 Jim Dobson, the host opened the program: Dobson: (addressing Mike Trou
giveupb.htm To: All Msg #111, 930105 00:31:34 Subject: BSN update The latest issue of the "BibleScience News" arrived today, Volume 30:9. A few highlights: In an editorial
glovercr.htm More ignorance and lies by the "Institute for Creation 'Research,'" showing that it is okay to lie as long as one is lying for one's god. A surgeon looks at creation Interview with Dr Warwick Glover, M.B
godlied.htm "The Revered Charles Kingsley, an intellectual leader of unquestionable devotion to both God and science, spoke for a consensus in stating that he could not 'give up the painful and slow conclusion of fi
goffto.htm To: All Msg #75, Oct1092 03:35AM Subject: Goff's back. FollowupTo: This and a few other "evo is crap and this is a wellknown scientific fact" posts
goodbad1.htm To: All Msg #68, Nov2392 05:53PM Subject: "good"/"bad" mutation ratio answer to Rice In article writ
goodbad2.htm To: All Msg #69, Nov2992 06:39AM Subject: Probability of good, neutral and bad mutations. The original question (from David Rice?) was, "What is the probability
goodbook.htm BOOK REPORT Evolution and the myth of creationism Tim M Berra Stanford University Press 1990 0804715483 QH371.B47 213d020 A wonderful book. It is concisely written and covers all the bases. I would have p
goodevil.htm Date: 21 Feb 94 18:45:25 To: All Subject: New theory on the evolution of human good & illwill a new theory I've developed on the origins and nature of good and evil. My dilemma is that to do my theory j
gouldlaw.htm Subject: Legal View (This is a repost of a message I prepared as part of a debate on the merits of creation as a "science". I don't believe any of the proponents FOR creation ever responded to any com
gouldlec.htm Date: 07 Apr 94 06:09:42 To: All Subject: Gould: Science and Creationism lecture Lecture Outline: Steven Jay Gould's Science and Creationism By popular demand, here it is. Be warned: it's a bit lengthy. T
gouldmqu.htm To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Gould ARTHUR BIELE to MARTIN GOLDBERG on 090594 14:37 re: TRANSITIONALS, PART 6. AB"All paleontologists know that the fossil record contains precious AB little in the way of in
gouldpej.htm JUDGING A SELFAPPOINTED IMPEACHER An introduction to Phillip E. Johnson's response to Stephen Jay Gould's book review of "Darwin on Trial" By David N. Menton It has long been understood that one dares to
grandca.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Evaluation of ICR Grand Canyon Research Project [DRAFT] Updated: 02/27/92 NOTE: Austin has promised to publish all of his data at some point, and this work cannot real
grashopr.htm The text goes (it's Leviticus chap. 11, verse 21): KJV: Yet these may ye eat of every flying creeping thing that goeth upon all four, which have legs above their feet, to leap withal upon the earth; Hebre
grasseli.htm To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Grasse lie What liar did you steal your quotes from this time? ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 100694 19:55 re: "COLLAPSE OF EVOL." 2 ABThe Failure of Mutations to provide the necessary
grassese.htm Grasses, the plant family Gramineae, first showed up in the Early Cenozoic, specifically in the Paleogene (sometime in the Early Paleocene). They did not reach their full ecological potential until the
greenriv.htm The famous Green River Formation (including shale and limestone) covers tens of thousands of square miles. In at least one place, it contains about twenty million varves, each varve consisting of a th
habook2.htm To: All Oct3193 05:39PM Subject: Re: HA! Creationist Book Titles The Anthorpic Creation Principle By Bradley Smith PhD with help from Gawd the allmighty Himse
habook3.htm The Collected Writings of Stephan Jay Gould: Abridged and Annotated, Dr. Guane Dish, editor. No writer on the topic of Evilution has been more prolific or iconoclastic than Dr. Gould, noted Harvard pal
halflife.htm Q3 How is the half life of an element determined? For something that takes 60 billion years to partially decay, how is an exact measure of the decay rate determined in a few hours? I kn
hallucig.htm Ramskold, L., 1992, The second leg row of Hallucigenia discovered. Lethaia, v.25, p.221224. Ramskold examined and reprepared the holotype of Hallucigenia, and discovered the second row of legs. T
halop00.htm His book states, for example, that the halos are found "in clear areas" of the mica "far from" any other source of radioactivity. This is false. He states that the halos are found "in granites." This is
haloesan.htm (Thermal) Neutron Capture Radiohalo Manufacturing Chain: Copyright (c) 1992 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 by John Brawley 204 Pb (Stable nonradiogenic '
haloesas.htm (Thermal) Neutron Capture Radiohalo Manufacturing Chain: Copyright (c) 1992 컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴 by John Brawley 204 Pb (Stable nonradiogenic 'original' lead) n 
haloesc.htm /* TheDraw C Screen Image */ #define IMAGEDATAWIDTH 80 #define IMAGEDATADEPTH 22 #define IMAGEDATALENGTH 3520 unsigned char IMAGEDATA [] = { "(\x0ET\x0Eh\x0E""e\x0Er\x0Em\x0E""a\x0El\x0E)\x0E \x0EN\x0E"
haloespr.htm (Thermal) Neutron Capture Radiohalo Manufacturing Chain: Copyright (c) 1992 by John Brawley 204 Pb (Stable nonradiogenic 'original' lead) +n
harmfuld.htm I am posting the following program in direct response to the creationist claim that mutation is always harmful. The program reads in a "creature" that plays a game called "prisoners dillemma". The rule
haswrot.htm From Micheal Cranford Creationists have been "explaining" how things in our universe operate for several thousand years now. Modern science, in comparison, is only about 400 years old. Yet it has devel
heart04.htm Let's look at the development of the human heart in more detail to determine if it really helps the notion that "hearts evolved". For my primary source, I'll use the text "The Developing Human" by Keit
heart008.htm Well, I was about to leave this topic, but it seems another actor has walked onto the stage, Mr. Lungfish. Let's set the context for his part in the story. (Using Torey's and Feduccia's "Morphogenesi
heart08e.htm To: All Msg #369, Sep2193 06:22AM Subject: Repost: Evolution of three and fourchambered hearts Julie Thomas' critique of theories of heart evolution, posted a
heartsev.htm I have often found that the more I learn about biology, the more easier it becomes to become skeptical of evolution. Let's consider our three to four chamber heart transition in more detail. At first
helens2s.htm To: John Musselwhite May2294 04:06:46 Subject: Raoul bring Iraq to Geology class. Thanks for the anecdote regarding St. Helens. I was "allowed" to accompany the first group o
helium2c.htm To: All Subject: Evidence #11 for a Young World In article Alan Scott wrote: #11. Not enough helium in Earth's atmosphere All naturally occurring families of radioact
helium4c.htm 1. Accumulation of Helium in the atmosphere The creationst argument goes something like this: Helium4 is created by radioactive decay (alpha particles are helium nuclei) and is constantly added to the
heliumev.htm Subject: young earth & helium Posted: 4 Oct 88 15:42:10 GMT The Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ) v 24 n 3, 12/87, pp152154 has an article by Dudley Benton arguing for scientific carefulness by
hemoglob.htm From Medline UNIQUE ID: (NLM)93164275. AUTHOR(S): Otsuka J.; Miyazaki K.; Horimoto K. INSTITUTION: Department of Applied Biological Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Science University of T
hemsim.htm To : ALL Subj: Next post The next post is to Jesse Hornbacher. He has asked me for references that in many species Hemoglobin is very similar and that, in particular, the similarity rate between humans
historyl.htm To: All Msg #27, Apr0393 12:58PM Subject: a brief history of life I got the information for this post from "History of Life" by Richard Cowen (1990, Blackwell Sc
hoaxsun.htm . "Even our exhaustive research would have failed to uncover this hoaxer if that in fact is what he is by his own future admission." Sun International Pictures . "Jammal prepared a piece of wood
holden00.htm Ray Ingles In article 22@fedfil.UUCP news@fedfil.UUCP (news) writes: [deletions] Primative peoples (in our day and age) tend to worship whatever strikes them as most awesome, amazing, exciting etc. in
holden03.htm Tero Sand Mar2193 06:17AM FAQTTNA (reorganization) Or: Frequently Asked Questions That Ted Never Answers. All occurrences of "you" are, naturally, referring to Ted. I have r
holden05.htm "These ideological underclasses include communists, the politically correct, evolutionists, and a few others. I see them as ideological equivalents of crack babies." Ted Holden 1. humans and animals c
holden5.htm Peter Lamb Eggshaped antediluvian world This is the refutation of Ted's earlier, nearidentical posting from his "Categories of evidence series of postings". htePath: csis!!manuel!munnari.o
holdenba.htm To: All Msg #254, Sep2293 02:32PM Subject: Wow, things are getting weird. Well, things have gotten stranger and stranger. I decided to call FedFil, the corp.
holdnism.htm Tom Williams May2893 09:07AM Re: Improving your bookstore In article 1120@fedfil.UUCP news@fedfil.UUCP (news) writes: References:* 127749@
hollowsu.htm I came across the following in Martin Gardner's 1957 Fads & Fallacies on page 327: "It was also in Germany that pseudoscience recently took a drubbing. A West German patent attorney, Godfried Bueren
homegame.htm Below is my proposal for making debating on t.o. a competitive event. Posters can score points depending on what they induce the creationist (C'ist) they are debating to do or say in the t.o. forum. Emai
hominide.htm The current hominid fossil situation is thus: we can trace the human line backwards, through a wellestablished bushy line of transitional fossils, through H. erectus and H. habilis into the Australopit
homology.htm HOMOLOGY Evidence For Evolution? David N. Menton St. Louis, MO October 1987 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. Since the time of Darwin, the argument from similarity comprises mu
homosape.htm To: Jack Brannan Msg #358, 940320 11:%:00 Subject: HOMO SAPEINS ERECTUS: NOT On 14 Mar 94 11:52am, Jack Brannan wrote to Phil Nicholls: JB Can you tell us just what is t
honig02e.htm Bill Honig and Creationists I am posting excerts from an article that appeared in West, the sunday magazine of the San Jose Mercury News, for Sunday, May 2, 1993. The article by Mark Dowie concerns the
honigwoe.htm Politics and creationism in California See the story in the San Francisco Chronicle for 3/30/92 entitled "Honig's Woes Give Critics an Opening", page one, by Chronicle Staff Writer Louis Freedberg. Bill H
horse2ev.htm To: All Msg #86, Sep2993 05:04PM Subject: Re: Horse ribs and scattered bones FollowupTo: The more 'Philip'ers amongst you may be interested in a n
horseevo.htm * HORSE EVOLUTION FAQ * OUTLINE: 1. Historical background why fossil horses are famous 2. Timescale and horse family tree 3. Small equids of the Eocene 4.
horsefaq.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: Transitions In a msg to David Bloomberg on Sep 18 23:17, Arthur Biele of 1:278/108 writes: DB But, here is some info about transitional forms: DB==============================
hostages.htm SCIENCE HELD HOSTAGE: What's Wrong With Creation Science AND Evolutionism by Howard J. Van Till, Davis A. Young, and Clarence Menninga (Downers Grove: Intervarsity, 1988) 189 pages. ISBN 0830812539 My b
houseape.htm During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Keith and Cathy Hayes reared a baby chimpanzee named Viki as if she were a human child. In The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior, Jane Goodall writes: Du
hovind4c.htm Date: 19 Feb 94 18:38:39 To: All Subject: Pt 1/2: Kent Hovind Arguments Since I've received very little response to my previous article about the Babinski/Hovind debate, I thought I'd just post some of H
hovind5c.htm Date: 22 Feb 94 00:48:10 To: All Subject: Hovind on Radiometric Dating Here's another page of Hovind nonsense, for comment. Once again, I'll [Lippard] collect replies and send them to Babinski for his deb
hovind6c.htm Date: 23 Feb 94 17:10:16 To: All Subject: Kent Hovind Arguments In article James J. Lippard, writes(quoting Hovind): 5). The M
hovinddr.htm Tonight, Friday February 25, I attended the event with Mr. Kent Hovind. He is either one of the most incompetent wambly boggarts there is, or he is the most deliberately dishonest slubberdegullion to
hovindic.htm To: All Jan3094 16:00:28 Subject: ICR speaks in San Diego The Institute for Creation Research is sponsoring a talk by Kent Hovind, popular Creation Evangelist,
hovindls.htm To: All Feb2794 16:06:16 Subject: Dino and Phoney show Dino and Phoney Show Last night I attended The Institute for Creation Research sponsored talk by Kent Hovind
hovindsj.htm REALLity Check by David Bloomberg Underhanded Creationist Tactics The Peoria Journal Star (June 25) had an article about Kent Hovind, an evangelist who is offering $10,000 to anybody who can provide empiri
howlife.htm HOW DID LIFE BEGIN? In bubbles? On comets? Along ocean vents? Scientists find some surprising answers to the greatest mystery on earth. By J. MADELEINE NASH/LA JOLLA THE PRIMORDIAL CHEMISTRY LAB Life's be
hownot1.htm Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 12:09 MST Subject: Re: Info request To: Status: R Yes, I've heard from Lawson English about the Evolution Echo. I will send you a copy of my article, and you hav
hownot2.htm (Part 2 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) Fossil Gold Chains Ex Nihilo
hownot3.htm (Part 3 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) Loss of Funds by the CSF Both
hownot4.htm (Part 4 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) The Mysterious Book Vandalism
hownot5.htm (Part 5 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) Conclusions Ray Hyman (1987),
hownot6.htm (Part 6 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) 6. Snelling (1988, p. 18) po
hsdating.htm ==* RADIOMETRIC DATING SHAW ISOCHRON DECAY CARBON14 PART1 Public message 2072 SCIENCE Area 17:18 Wednesday 5Jun91 To: DAVID BUMP Re: RADIOMETRIC DATING It's been a while since I posted an explanatio
humancol.htm The Human Evolution Coloring Book says, with regard to DNA similarities: 97.6% Chimp 94.7% Gibbon 91.1% Rhesus Monkey 90.5% Vervet Monkey 84.2% Capuchin Monkey 58.0% Galago (an African prosimian, looks like
humankil.htm Lawrence C. Foard writes: : (Christopher Peters) writes: : : 2. Humans exhibit the rather unusual characteristic of killing : great numbers of their own kind. Why? This question bothered me, but
humorto.htm Article 24791 of Subject: Who is he *really*? (was: two questions for Jim Loucks (+digression)) Date: 15 Apr 92 19:48:08 GMT In article (Chris Colby) asks
humphrey.htm In the August, 1993 issue of ICR Impact, No. 242, Russell Humphreys expanded upon his theory, and added quite a few new conclusions. However, he backpedalled rapidly on earlier creationist conclusions
hypocrit.htm To: All Msg #92, Jul1393 03:28PM Subject: hilarious hypocrisy by Henry Morris Every so often I've been putting in a little bit of work on my detailed critique of
icecore2.htm From the New York Times News Service by Walter Sullivan, New York Times Science Editor Article appeared in The Oregonian, Thursday, July 15, 1993 Begin article Ice Analysis Finds Shifts In Climate Fast,
icecoref.htm ==* BRINKMAN ICECORE DATING VOSTOK REFS From Fri Nov 13 19:58:41 1992 Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1992 19:58:34 0800 (PST) Subject: FAQ: IceCore Dating Techniques To: elsberry@beta.tri
icecorek.htm BRINKMAN : 1 DATING : 1 ICECORE : 1 REFS : 1 VOSTOK : 1
icrcult.htm To: All Mar2994 12:22:02 Subject: ICR Watch ICR Watch April Fools Edition. Well the April 94 edition of the ICR's Acts & Facts just arrived, and true to the d
icrdegr.htm This is from Volume 10 Number 1 of the NCSE Newsletter (1990): (The article is somewhat out of date.) The Institute for Creation Research, internationally known flagship academy for training in "scientif
icrmony.htm There has been a lot of traffic recently concerning Gish's debating tactics. I have a hypothesis that could explain it (I'm sure it has crossed everyone's mind at some time). Is Gish (or any other bigna
icr138.htm Yes, this Creationist cult really is as insane as they seem to be
icrfaq.htm ==* TOFAQICRCRED ICR CREDENTIALS BAUGH BURDICK BLISS Article 27663 of Subject: Re: ICR Faculty Credentials Sender: References: 1992Jun18.093307.22165@bronze.ucs.indiana
icrlaw.htm The following is from the ICR. The first part contains the history of the lawsuit according to the ICR, the judgement follows the history. This article was posted for informational purposes only and is
icroath.htm The Institute for Creation Research began in 1970 as a division of Christian Heritage College, the later established by Henry Morris, Tim LaHaye and Scott Memorial Baptist Church (of San Diego, CA) as "t
idiotscr.htm Chris Colby Lionel: Example: would you like to take a ride in an Airbus whose computer program was modified randomly? Why not? After all, the theory of evolution states t
illogic2.htm The Illogic of Creationism An Essay Review by Michael T. Ghiselin, based on "Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by Michael Denton Adler & Adler, Bethesda, MD 1986,$19.95 William Harvey's book entitled "De Motu
illogicc.htm The Illogic of Creationism An Essay Review by Michael T. Ghiselin, based on "Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by Michael Denton Adler & Adler, Bethesda, MD 1986,$19.95 William Harvey's book entitled "De Motu
imitlife.htm From Back to Godhead magazine, March/April 1992 IMITATORS OF LIFE by Sadaputa Dasa (c) 1992 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Used by permission. Omni: "So then, aren't you artificial life guys playing God?" Chr
inferred.htm Evolution can be inferred from studying extant populations of organisms. The process of evolution can be directly observed. The inference of common descent can be made from this and an examination of ho
innerear.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: Transitions, part 5. 2/2 AB It should be pointed out that the socalled movement of the AB therapsid's two jaw bones, migrating toward the ear to become the AB other two ea
insanecr.htm James W. Meritt Was Velikovsky deliberately lying, or was he just insane? This was taken from a continuation of my evaluation of Velikovsky's book WorldsInCollision as he proc
intermed.htm Subject: Zuckerman Help I have some ICR literature where Gish, Bliss and Bird quote Zuckerman as saying that there are no "fossil traces" of a transformation from an apelike creature to man. I found th
introevo.htm To: All Msg #187, Nov3093 04:08PM Subject: Microevolution AN INTRODUCTION TO EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY BY CHRIS COLBY *
introicr.htm Larry Sites 030914 10:29:00 Introducing ICR In Sept. 1993, I picked up the undated ICR pamplet Introducing ICR, A worldwide outreach to families and nations. The Institure for Creation Research address
invaders.htm Foreign Invaders The July 2 issue of Science had an interesting article about the spread of marine organisms to other areas being facilitated by ships. When ships are empty the take on ballast water, w
iscrapc.htm Creationism is Crap (John Brock) Let's approach this from a different angle. Suppose I tell you I have a scientific theory. I'm not going to tell you what the theory is right now, but I a
isgoda.htm To: All Msg #109, Oct0693 07:07AM Subject: Re: Christianity & The Age of The Earth Lionel Tun ( wrote: : Matthew 24:379: As it was in the
isochrn2.htm ISOCHRONS AND EVOLUTIONARY DATING by Dr. Steven Austin As the media constantly tells us, the Grand Canyon is supposed to be "Exhibit A" proving evolution. But have those Grand Canyon rocks reall
isochron.htm Robert W Bales Nov0492 12:41PM Isochron Errors I The accuracy of isochron dating has been a topic in this group. Those who insist that the only idea which should be consider
isofaq.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Isochron Dating Updated: 02/27/92 Outline: 1. Generic Radiometric Dating 2. What's wrong with nonisochron dating methods? 3. Generic Isochron Dat
isotoped.htm To: All Nov1793 15:08:44 Subject: Well, I was gone again. Well. I made a short trip over to Moscow and Tashkent last week and completely missed most, if not all
jargonad.htm To: All Nov0993 02:25PM Subject: Re: t.o. & Evolution Echo Jargon File version 1.03 In article 2bhb8c$, Wesley Royce Elsberry wre2889@tamsu
jargonto.htm To: All Nov0693 03:16PM Subject: t.o. & Evolution Echo Jargon File version 1.03 The Echo Jargon File Version 1.03 931106 Compiled by: Wes
jastroex.htm all Jastrow "Quote" was a Wolff lie, #1 of I read the book. Here's what Bill Fundy Liar Wolff said: "God and the Astronomers" by Robert Jastrow, 1978, pp. 11, 14. "It turns out that the scientist behaves
jastrow.htm "God and the Astronomers" by Robert Jastrow, 1978, pp. 11, 14. "It turns out that the scientist behaves the way the rest of us do when our beliefs are in conflict with the evidence. We become irritated,
jhonsond.htm "I keep waiting for the fundamentalist Christians to attack PBS for science series like the recent Secret of Life, a fascinating study of DNA that matteroffactly confirmed the theory of evolution
jobbib.htm Will you bring unfair arguments for God? Will you tell lies on his behalf? Will you be sycophants of the Almighty? Will you be special pleaders for God? Will it be well when he probes you? Can you d
johnson2.htm JUDGING A SELFAPPOINTED IMPEACHER An introduction to Phillip E. Johnson's response to Stephen Jay Gould's book review of "Darwin on Trial" By David N. Menton It has long been understood that one dares to
johnson9.htm Subject: Re: Topic for Discussion? XNewsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL6] References: Date: 29 Jan 93 11:26:51 CST Mark Isaak ( wrote: : In article 1993Jan
johnsonc.htm To: All Dec1893 12:46PM Subject: Re: Announcement Phillip E Johnson ( wrote: : I wish I could afford to give a free copy to everyone
johnsonp.htm To: All Dec2393 01:42PM Subject: Johnson's publisher Didn't Phillip Johnson tell us that the publisher for the new edition of his book, Darwin on Trial, was In
junkyard.htm To: All Msg #17, Mar2693 04:26AM Subject: Re: the 747 from a junkyard argument In article 1993Mar24.174155.275@ucsu.Colorado.EDU, apodaca@spot.Colorado.EDU mu
jupitere.htm Sep0993 11:52PM Velikovsky right theory, wrong planets?? FollowupTo: I found this in one of the latest aquisitions to the library here: Zharkov, V.N. (1993) The Role of Jupiter in the Fo
jurasic2.htm Jurassic Park review (Chris Colby) I saw Jurassic Park last night great show. The sequence of events follows the same general pattern of the book, but the details are different. For
jurpom.htm Jurassic Park is melting in the dark All the hot red blood is running down Someone let the dinos out in the rain And I don't think I really own 'em Though it took so long to clone 'em And I'll never have t
jurprk.htm To: All Msg #119, May2893 08:43AM Subject: How to Clone a Dinosaur Jim Hutchins raises a point about whether it is possible to regenerate an extinct organism fro
juryrig.htm evidence for jury rigged design (Chris Colby) This is a post that presents evidence to back up my claim that there is evidence of juryrigged design in nature. The first part is mine,
justath.htm To: Dan Forster Msg #988, Apr1994 01:36:00 Subject: a religious state df Evolution, the last time I was taught it, was still df considered just a theory even by some o
justatr.htm "If evolution is a fact, why is it still called a theory?" First, "evolution" has come to have multiple meanings, including the fact of evolution (what happened) and the theory of evolution (how it happe
karevo.htm 2) The citing of rocks which date to 3.9 billion years as evidence that the earth is actually at least that old. The problem here is that no
ktbdry.htm May 9, 1991 RELEASE: 9171 NASA DISCOVERS IMPACT LIKELY TIED TO DINOSAURS' DEMISE The first surface evidence of a buried impact crater formed by a comet or asteroid which may have caused the extinction o
kenhamc.htm Date: 22 Mar 94 22:08:06 To: All Subject: Ham's "lecture", 3/22/94 Presentation by Ken Ham, 3/22/94: Twosentence summary: It is hard to believe so much wrong information could be packed into one hour.
kenyon00.htm I don't know if anybody's been following the stuff going on in the Wall St. Journal, but here is some of it. Below is an opinion piece that appeared on December 6, written by Stephen C. Meyer of Whitwo
kenyon2e.htm To: All Dec1693 11:59AM Subject: More on Kenyon/SFSU After collecting additional information, I have shed my skepticism about whether or not the biology departme
kenyon3e.htm I was browsing the pages of Science (24 December, 1993, Vol 262, pp 19452108) when I noticed in the Random Samples Column (pp 19761977) an item of interest to (Reprinted without permis
kenyon4.htm Article 25227 of Subject: Scott on Dean Kenyon Date: 18 Mar 1994 16:15 MST Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 20:19:30 0500 (EST) From: Erik Wheaton Sorry folks I ommitted the pertinent data on Insigh
kenyon4e.htm From Science, Vol. 262, Dec. 24, 1993 Random Samples, by Holden "Intelligent Design" at San Francisco State Two important conceptsacademic freedom and the theory of evolutionare currently clashing a
kenyon6c.htm Number: 381 Date: 19 Mar 94 09:25:35 To: All Subject: Scott on Dean Kenyon Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 20:19:30 0500 (EST) Subject: Round 2 INSIGHT article Sorry folks I ommitted the pertinent data on Insig
kgnwam8.htm Jeff Lowder, Jan1694 02:33PM My Account of Evolution Show on Creationist Radio Station KGNW AM 820 On Saturday, January 15th, Jason Robar and myself appeared on creationist radio station KGNW AM 820's
kibitzpj.htm To: All Msg #126, Feb0393 05:00PM Subject: Kibitzing on Colby/Johnson I have agreed to let Chris Colby be my surrogate in a debate with Phillip Johnson. I agree
kindscre.htm SPECIES, SPECIATION AND THE GENESIS KIND By David N. Menton St. Louis, MO 1987 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. In his "table talks", Martin Luther spoke of the Greek scholar Cic
koko10go.htm "You [pointing] dirty [back of hand on chin] bad [hand moving down face] toilet [clenched fist over nose]!" Koko, as quoted in "Conversations with a Gorilla," National Geographic 154(4):43865 (Octo
kokohand.htm From "20 Questions: Koko" in Playboy 33(12):1823, we learn: Playboy: What's it like having hands on your feet? Koko: Good there [floor] there [mesh fence]. [They're good for use on the floor and on th
korancre.htm Micheal Cranford "Here are some of the passages from the Qur'an which Leonard Newnham wanted to be cited as a proof of existence of scientific facts in the Qur'an:" You are apparently suffering from extre
kousov.htm On the request of an occassional poster to these newsgroups, I recently did a database search for papers by the creationist Dmitri A. Kouznetsov. Searches of the MELVYL MEDLINE, CURRENT CONTENTS, and ME
kouznet2.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: Russian Creationist Dmitri Kouznetsov is no scientist Jim Loucks ( defends Scientific Creationism by quoting from an i
kouznets.htm Ah, Dmitri Kouznetsov. There's a t.o FAQ about him. I think you will find that Mr. Kouznetsov is far from brilliant. In fact, it appears that Mr. Kouznetsov is prone to "making up" facts when they su
kuznetsv.htm Dr. Dmitri A. Kuznetsov (M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.), Moscow, USSR Education: three earned doctorates M.D. (Internal Diseases) Moscow 1st Sechenov Sch. of Med. (1978); Ph.D. (Biochemistry() Moscow State Universi
lakebeds.htm Youngearth creationists believe that the earth is less than a few hundred thousand years old. The following infor mation about ancient varves gives strong evidence that the earth is at least hundre
language.htm To: All Msg #42, Feb1693 12:37PM Subject: My Update NostraticReferences List Here are some references on some interesting recent work on IndoEuropean, Nostrati
lanold.htm Loren I. Petrich I guess that not many of you people confront this kind of crackpottery very often, but I'm discussing this question just as a starter for anyone interested, and al
law2nd.htm dG = dH TdS (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) This mathematical relationship between Gibbs free energy (G), enthalpy (H) and entropy (S) is invariably true for any "closed system" i.e. one which does not
layerkt.htm The K/T border "Some of the more aware dinosaurs were worried about the environmental consequences of an accident with the new Iridium enriched fusion reactor. 'If it goes off only the cockroaches and mam
learnga.htm To : All Subj: Interesting paper Parisi, Domenico, Stefano Nolfi, and Federico Cecconi. Learning, behavior, and evolution. Technical Report PCIA9114, Institute of Psychology (C.N.R. Rome). [Quote] Ab
liejwre.htm Book Report Life: How did it get here? By evolution or by creation? Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Copyright 1985. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. First, some background: The Jehovah's
liesby1.htm Wesley R. Elsberry 931003 18:50:54 Gould quoted by SciCreist Some time ago, a newbie SciCreist posted a batch of "quotations" from various sources as being supportive of the SciCre position, or at leas
liesby2.htm Wesley R. Elsberry 931003 19:36:44 Gould quoted by SciCreist Here is another attempted quoted of Gould by the same SciCreist: [Quote] Stephen J. Gould Natural History Vol. 93; Feb. 1984 "I regard the f
liesby3.htm Phil Nicholls Scientific creationists have done everything from taking quotes out of context to baldfaced lying. This is not ad hominiem, it is documented fact. These include: o Claiming that no trans
liesby5.htm Oct 29 Monkey Business Falsely Called Science. Michael Girouard, M.D. I attended Michael Girouard's talk of this title in Tucson on December 1, 1989. In his talk on that date, he claimed that Donald
liesby9.htm Niles Eldredge, in The Monkey Business: A Scientist Looks at Creationism (1982, Washington Square Press, pp. 130131) writes regarding the ICR's Gary Parker and Luther Sunderland: The ICR's Gary Parker
liesbyi.htm To: All 930911 17:42:00 Subject: More Icr Lies Well the ICR is STILL actively lieing. When I was at the ICR, I picked up the September copy of Acts & Facts. O
liesbym.htm Evolution is RELIGION[sic] not SCIENCE by Henry M. Morris Institute for Creation Research[sic] Dr. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. Evolutionists[sic] often insist that evolution is a proved fact of science, provi
lifeext.htm Ultimate Satanic Trick? By Ammond Shadowcraft On lifespan extension for our future. Recently I found Alan Harrington's book, THE IMMORTALIST, at a used books store. He wrote in 1970 (Discus Books by Avo
lifehist.htm To: All Msg #255, May0493 08:06PM Subject: the history of life I posted a brief history of life a month (?) or so ago and asked for criticisms(*). Here is a sign
lifejw.htm The following is extracted from a general commentary on the Watchtower Society book Life How Did It Get Here? By Evolution Or By Creation?. Paragraph 33 of the Life book discusses the creature cal
lifestep.htm Stage I: enrichment of the environment of precursors to amino acids. Stage II: production of amino acids Stage III: enrichment of the environment of amino acids Stage IV: Random formation of simp
lightdoc.htm Subject: The speed of light controversy. Topic: The speed of light controversy. By Robert Day rpjday@gold.unspecified in the Creationism Digest From "The Velocity of Light and the Age of the Univers
lighting.htm To: All Jan0394 10:49AM Subject: Re: Tree Rings, Ice Cores, and 14C (was: Re: Age of the Earth) :*The wackiest Creationist claim I have ever heard dealt with 14
lightsno.htm Subj: More Light NOT! Area: BIOGENESIS Date: 93/09/10 During my recent visit to the ICR, I purchased several pamplets from the Science, Scripture, & Salvation radio series. This post conserns
listoff.htm Tim Tyler 930613 00:22:22 FAQ's available here Hi All! Here is a list of freqable files available at 1:374/48. Anyone may file request, nodelisted or not. Speeds supported are 300 bps 14,400 bps with
lithotpy.htm Joseph E Boxhorn Apr0493 07:13PM of Wisconsin Milwaukee A couple of email messages which can be best summarized as "HUH?" have convinced me that my discussion of the ecologica
littercr.htm Current Contents of Selected Creationist Literature, #2 September 30, 1991 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. * Origins, V. 17, No. 2, 1990, pp. 4992, Ariel
logicals.htm I would suggest that all "pseudoscience" (on at any rate can be discerned based on the inclusion of one or more of the following fallacies. Argumentum ad CAPLOCK The logical fallacy that ho
lucyicr.htm To: All Feb1794 23:04:32 Subject: Lucy and ICR March 1st and 2nd, KPBS in San Diego will be airing a 3 hour Nova titled "In Search of Human Origins". According to the
lucyevo.htm On November 26, 1986, Donald Johanson gave a lecture at the University of Missouri at Kansas City at which creationist Tom Willis was present. During the question and answer session, someone asked Joha
lunacy2i.htm To : ALL Subj: ICR Lunacy A while back, I reported on the ICR's half hour radio show called "Apollo, Quest for the Moon". It concluded by offering a free publication, "The Moon, Creation, and Compositi
lunatics.htm To : ALL Subj: ICR Luna(tics) In an attempt to rip off the 25th anteversity (sp?) of the moon landing, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has produced a half hour radio show called "Apollo, Ques
lyingsw.htm when: 22Jun93 01:10am what: BibleScience? Nah! I discovered something interesting about the creationist BibleScience echo. Not only do they resort to the usual creationist distortions, but also to cen
macmice.htm To : David Bushard Subj: Adaption=Evolution? In a msg on Jun 30 06:49, David Bushard of 1:2245/101 writes: DB 2. "what we call today 'macroevolution'" who is this "we" DB you are talking about?
madeeasy.htm This appeared in *Sacramento News and Review*, a weekly publication in Sacramento, CA. March 24, 1994. Marghe Covino works for "Project Tocsin", an organization that monitors the religious right. Creat
magevo.htm To: All Msg #94, Feb1793 04:39PM Subject: Creation Science and Magnetic Fields In his report on the CalTech "Evolution and Creation" seminar, Wayne Broughton men
magfld.htm Isn't it interesting to note the following about the strength of the Earth's magnetic field: 8000 bC 98 Gauss 6000 bC 35 " 5000 bC 20 " 4000 bC 12 " 1970 AD 0.62 " (I)
magnet01.htm Subject: ICR & MAGNETIC BUNK Well, in another series of distortions and lunacy, this month's addition of "Impact" from the Institute of Creation Research. An indepth, fallacious look at how the ICR thin
magnetic.htm To: All Rcvd: NO Re: What aeon Considers Una Status: Public myrddin!nbn!sgiblab!swrinde!!usc!!news.Cerritos.e u!news.Arizona.EDU!
mammaltr.htm [taken from the "transitional species" faq.] Transitional fossils from early eutherian mammals to primates: Early primates paromomyids, carpolestids, plesiadapids. Lemurlike clawed primates with g
mammoth0.htm I've seen a few mentions of mammoths, "frozen so quickly that the grass in their mouthstheir last mealwas still fresh!" This is usually cited as evidence for a sudden catastropic change in climate.
mantrack.htm To: Steve Quarrella Subject: Off to see the Lizards Location: FidoNet's HOLYSMOKE Echo ML Yep. shaking head, snickering Many, many times. Remind ML me to tell you the time a bunch of us from th
mantrak2.htm To: Dr Pepper 930516 22:32:00 Subject: "Mantracks" DR PEPPER to ALL, 051293, re: "WilderSmith" The last two days the radio show "The Bible Answer Man" has feature one A. E. WilderSmith
markovse.htm Markov matrix for selection pressure on AA and aa. p = probability aa will die before mating due to being an aa q = probability AA will die before mating due to being an AA (note that these probabiliti
marsface.htm Subject: Re: selfdeceptive belief maintenance In article (James J. Lippard) writes: I would like to collect examples of self
marsupia.htm The marsupials and placentals diverged from a pantotheran stem stock in the late Cretaceous. The first marsupials appeared in North America approx. 80 Mya e.g. Alphadon (marsupials can be distinguishe
mathdoc.htm Subject: Mathematics and creation Topics: }rift between mathematicians & biologists }exponential population growth }Various conceivable patterns fail to emerge }Complexity from Simplicity Here's an inter
meatplnt.htm Alan M Feuerbacher I have some questions for evolutionary biologists about convergent evolution in carnivorous plants. The Thursday, Sept. 24,1992 Oregonian newspaper, Portland, Oregon, printed an art
meme002.htm (H Keith Henson) Memes, Evolution, and Creationism (this seemed on subject, so I postedKH) Copyright 1989, the authors. Copyright 1990 Institute for Memetic Research. A close
metazoae.htm The Early Evolution of the Metazoa in one easy post :) Part the First: The Ediacaran fauna (pronounced ediakran) is a Precambrian (Neoproterozoic) assemblage, which existed from about 610 million ye
meteorml.htm To: Gary Glunz Nov2693 09:54:26 Subject: CARL SAGAN AGAIN Gary Glunz, who told the glacier: up your crevasse, said to Bill Wolff: BW Did the dinosaurs die out for a re
micmace.htm To: All Msg #90, Oct1292 07:38PM Subject: Microevolution and Macroevolution Onar Aam writes is trying to come up with a theory that distinguishes between micro
mimsmg.htm This is from Martin Gardner's column "Notes of a Fringe Watcher" in Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Summer 1991), p. 355: Although he prefers to call himself an evangelical, Mims is a Southern Bapt
mirund.htm To: All 931214 22:18:12 Subject: Evolution/Creation Letter A couple weeks ago (Nov. 24), Springfield, Illinois' local free weekly, the Illinois Times, printed a
misconcp.htm The Misconceptions of Evolution By Ransom R. Traxler In spite of our technical society and our public school system, most people believe in many misconceptions about evolution. This is due, in part, to e
misevo.htm I was asked by somebody in another echo to post this article in here. It was written by Ranse Traxler, the Executive Director of the St. Louis Association for the Teaching of Evolution (SLATE) and origin
mismeasr.htm Nature 296:5857 8 April 1982 p.506 What skulduggery? Steve Blinkhorn The Mismeasure of Man. By Stephen J. Gould. Pp.352. ISBN 0393014894. (W.W.Norton: 1981.) $14.95, L9.95 WITH a glittering prose sty
misquote.htm To: All Msg #78, Oct0393 02:06PM Subject: Re: Gould, Politics and Science (sort of) (was: Re: Concealed Subject: Re: Gould, Politics and Science (sort of) (was:
misrepcr.htm Creationist misrepresentation of Richard Lewontin I'd like to find out in which creationist publications, if any, an article by Richard Lewontin was first misrepre sented by creationists. Richard Lewonti
missling.htm Recent African Find Newsweek October 3, 1994 Out of Africa, a "Missing Link" Science: The fossil of our unknown ancestor is what researchers expected. Its lessons aren't. BY SHARON BEGLEY SCIENTISTS DREAM O
missquot.htm Brett J. Vickers Colin Patterson quote misuse (ftqz's quoting) Not long ago, Gene Newman (ftqz) posted the following quotes by British paleontologist Colin Patterson, trying to giv
modelcre.htm Tag: Aaron Boyden Define "the theory of creationism." Has =ANYONE= ever actually defined what this theory is?! I've never heard it, nor read about it. Exactly what is the "theory of creationism?" As
moleculr.htm Subject: Criticism of Molecular Evolution SUMMARY: I defend molecular evolution against the criticisms of Schwabe and Warr as posted by Chuck Maier. Chuck Maier ( writes in support of
molevo.htm Scott Faust Molecular Evidence Here we go again folks with M. Denton's silly "typology" argument. ANADI DASA to ALL, 060993, re: "Does Evidence Support Des" In recent years, geneticists have discove
mondust2.htm Subject: Re: Moon Dust Argument (SIMON, ANTHONY JOE) writes: Hopefully, someone will be able to fill in all the details and/or correct me where I'm wrong. From the (a) FAQ } Lun
monkeybu.htm Niles Eldredge, in The Monkey Business: A Scientist Looks at Creationism (1982, Washington Square Press, pp. 130131) writes regarding the ICR's Gary Parker and Luther Sunderland: The ICR's Gary Parke
monotrem.htm Following is the monotreme file, as mentioned by Kathleen Hunt. Subject: Monotremes and the reptilemammal transition. In,
moondst2.htm To: Mark Fox Msg #2234, Jun0194 23:20:00 Subject: Magnetic fields = Quoting Mark Fox to David Rice = DR Mark claimed that the Earth's magnetic field is "decaying
moralscr.htm Moral Implications of Creation/Evolution From (Mark Isaak) MessageID Many Creationist evangelists claim that teaching evolution promotes a variety of
morelie.htm DARWIN'S BODYSNATCHERS by Carl Wieland, M.B., B.S. People deliberately killed to provide 'specimens' for evolutionary research. A GRUESOME trade in 'missing link' specimens began with early evolutionary/r
moreqot.htm "The simplest explanation is this: it doesn't make any sense." Prof. Buechner "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing personal opinion." Proverbs 18:2 Galbraith's Law of H
morefact.htm Subject: Religion and creation(was bible and science) Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time because evolution is only a theory. }The doctrine of evolution is atheistic and therefore immoral. }Competiti
morefile.htm To: All 940430 22:%:02 Subject: More Files Here's a list for everybody from my evolution/creation area. These can be FReq'ed at 2430/2112 or downloaded at 217787
morelies.htm Larry Sites 930909 21:34:00 Creationists Lies Today, Sept. 9, 1993, I, Larry Sites went to the Institute for Creation Research, 10946 N. Woodside Av. Santee, Ca 92071 phone 61
mormon01.htm Duwayne Anderson Jul1593 03:00PM Mormonism and Evolution Hello. I've been following this news group for about the last year and find it very interesting. I don't have much time to post, but I woul
mormonev.htm To: All Nov2893 12:45PM Subject: Books on Evolution \ Mormons on Evolution Over the last few months I have posted several requests for information regarding evolut
morrish.htm Daniel A Ashlock Jun2493 08:46AM Henry Morris, racist? some data Apparently Iowa State goes out of it's way to collect Creation/Evolution books and we have a "special collection" devoted to the subject.
morris8c.htm The following is an excerpt from a radio program I taped. Those interested in crackpots might find it entertaining. For example, there is the claim below that the Stoics and the Epicureans were evolution
morris9c.htm The authors of this nonsense is unknow, published unknown, but it soulds like Henry Morris. It shows a remarkable lack of even the basic understanding of evolution, logic, and sanity. Typical. drice A
morrisde.htm To: All Oct2493 10:25AM Subject: Re: The Aquatic Ape news In article, NICHOLLS PHILIP A wrote
morrisdo.htm Subject: Morris the Moron a book review of "The Bibilical Basis for Modern Science" by Henry M. Morris copyright 1984 Watta farce! For instance: p 14 makes up stuff that makes it obvious that he has a
mottoevo.htm Our motto is "ignore peer pressure until you drop because you were wrong, or your peers drop because you were right." That's science. Dr Pepper
msevo.htm Mark Sholund EVOLUTION, FACT OR FALLACY? MS "This is a research paper I recently did for my Comp class. MS I welcome feedback of any kind, but please do not copy, I MS worked hard on this." You will wis
multicel.htm from Raphael Carter to Kevin P France 930628 20:30:00 Subject: multicelled life = Dixit Kevin P France in re multicelled life: = KP I've been asked by a scientific c
mutagene.htm In a recent PNAS, Barry Hall has a paper demonstrating directed mutagenesis (he's calling it selectioninduced mutation now) in yeast. He shows that the mutation in question occurs more often when adapti
mutantno.htm Jeff Otto 930511 16:04:44 Noah's mutant ancestors Most geneticists firmly believe that the amount of genetic variety that we see today in the human population simply cannot be accounted for assuming a st
mutateev.htm To: All Msg #64, Jun0793 11:01AM Subject: Re: the role of mutation in evolution Chris Colby ( The vast majority of mutants with any phenot
mutatein.htm ' Subroutine MUTATE ' This calculates the gene for mutation and the mutation occurring ' The routine takes as parameters the array holding the biomorphs, which has ' biomorphs%(x%,y%) where x% is the bio
ncsemar.htm NCSE Reports came the other day, a bit late. Some interesting topics: Letter to the editor from a Creationist went like this: When you die you will go to Hell and oblivion, you're intolerant and will be p
ncseevo.htm Subject: Re: Clinton and Creationism Bill Collum writes: Maybe I missed something, being neither a devout "beliver" nor an avowed "skeptic" (well, maybe more skeptical than most), but is "Scientific
nebraska.htm from Marty Leipzig Ahem. "Nebraska Man" or "Why Creationists Haven't a Clue About Science" "Nebraska Man" is the popular name given to a fossilized tooth discovered in Nebraska by geologist Harold Cook,
newbird.htm The following item came over the Associated Press wire and was printed in The Washington Post on Monday, April 19, 1993, in "Science Notebook" on Page A2: Paleontology: Another Clude to Origin of Birds
newcore.htm New Ice Core Information Last week I attended a conference on the last interglacial. Sigfus Johnsen gave a talk on the recently retreived ice core from the greenland ice divide (the summit core). For re
newfrog.htm If you remember Cunchy Frog's original string evolving program you will recognize this as a variation on it. The recent talk about sex allowing better convergence to an optimum made me wonder how much
newthry.htm To: All Msg #90, Feb0293 12:05AM Subject: Unified Creation Theory Well, gang, I've finally gotten a chance to catch up on this whole exciting topic of whether th
newgamee.htm To: All Msg #277, Jul1593 10:07AM Subject: Evolution simulator available Fellow t.o readers, I have uploaded a program for PCs that while simple, illustrates some
newspeci.htm DJ Howard's evolutionary biology lab at New Mexico State University, in collaboration with the departments of psychology and philosophy (they're the only ones who can get money for this sort of thing) h
nicetry.htm To: All Msg #156, Jun2593 05:49PM Subject: A Solid Theory of Creationism Last night I was listening to Dr. Gene Scott (channel 38 from about 9 pm to midnight in
nilssonq.htm To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Nilsson ARTHUR BIELE to MARTIN GOLDBERG on 090594 14:36 re: TRANSITIONALS, PART 2 2/ ABN. Heribert Nilsson laments that his 40 years trying to demonstrate ABmacroevolution by
noarkcr.htm James J. Lippard I previously reported that the September 1992 issue of the ICR's Impact publication debunked the claims by Ron Wyatt, David Fasold, and others to have found Noah
nocreat.htm The Oregonian July 1,1993 Many Christians reject Creationism To the editor:: I object to your June 20 headline, "Nation watches after Christians take over school board," over the story about Vista, Calif.
nofaq.htm To: All Msg #333, Sep2293 10:59AM Subject: Laminar Flood vs. FAQ (long) O.K. gentlepeople, it's time to show the creationists how it's done. The Laminar Flood ta
noflood.htm Message #4204 HolySmoke Date : 15Oct92 02:53 From : Sean Mccullough To : Steve Quarrella Subject : Flood Of Ignorance Replies : #4197 #4274 Hi Steve! Hail Odhinn! On 101692 STEVE QUARRELLA wrote
nopluto.htm (Brett J. Vickers) Recently several people have mentioned that we have not observed an entire orbit of Pluto about the Sun. In fact, we are have only directly observed parts of Pluto's orbit. Therefore, I
noacbs.htm To: All Msg #132, Feb2293 07:50AM Subject: Re: NOAH'S ARK ON TV FollowupTo: In article,
noahark.htm The following quotation is from Robert A. Moore, "Arkeology: A New Science in Support of Creation?", Creation/Evolution issue VI (Fall 1981), p. 9: However, two lines of inquiry have thrown a cloud ov
noahmorn.htm To : ALL Subj: Moron of the Week Thought you'd like this quote. I'm going to try and get this cretin over here. * Original To : All, 1:124/4115.221 * Original From: John Clifton, 1:153/6.4 * Original Da
noahwhel.htm From Marty Leipzig: Humorous anecdote time: During my last sojourn overseas, I had some accumulated R&R (much R&R&R&R&R) time coming. Being the rather bizarre type as I am wence, I decided to go to Turke
nobiblee.htm "Nothing in the Bible can be proven wrong" means that the Bible cannot be tested. See, a hypothesis gets elevated to the status of "theory" through tests, and these tests have to be able to return eithe
nonsense.htm Subject: Life is Unique Date: 19 Oct 91 08:10:01 GMT Life is Unique Chapter 31 in 'Origin by Design' by Harold Coffin [note: In the previous post of chapter 25, Coffin made a 'bold assertion' with out the
norse2cr.htm * * I've only been reading this newsgroup for a week, but that's been time to explore the depths of the creationism/evolutionism argument and realize that there is truth to one of the main po
notlife.htm Here's the relevent paragraph from Henry Morris' The Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth (CreationLife Publishers, Inc 1st English edition 1972. My copy is a later edition published by Bethany Fellowshi
notes.htm Programing Notes Here are some hasty notes for those interested in modifying these sequence programs. First it might be useful to know which programs are which. Most of the programs are simply the func
oathcrs.htm To: All 940318 18:%:00 Subject: CRS OATH All members of the Creation Research Society must sign a statement of faith. This statement does not restrict itself to
observd3.htm The following are four cases of observed speciation. 1) Speciation occured in a strain of Drosophila paulistorum sometime between 1958 and 1963 in Theodosius Dobzhansky's lab. He wrote this up in: Dobzha
observed.htm One animal CAN evolve into another because they have been OBSERVED DOING JUST THAT. Can you please site some of these OBSERVATIONS? Sure thing, with apologies for the ages of the sources I looked
observes.htm (Bill Rawlins) writes: You make a point here that I have been trying to make. We have a degree of confidence in that which we have OBSERVED. Macroevolution is not based on occurre
obsrvd2e.htm One animal CAN evolve into another because they have been OBSERVED DOING JUST THAT. Can you please site some of these OBSERVATIONS? Sure thang, with apologies for the ages of the sources I looked up (n
occurede.htm To: All Msg #27, Jan2593 11:27AM Subject: Re: Has Macroevolution Occured? In article (Russ PaulJon
oceanici.htm Journal Star, Peoria, Monday, Sept. 12, 1994 SciTech Briefs, Study: Ocean iron helped boost climate NEW YORK Results of an experiment that added iron to a 25squaremile patch of the Pacific Ocean b
oldlie1.htm ++ | Some very, very old lies, falsehoods, deliberate minconceptions, and | | longsince debunked occult prattle from superstitious
oldlie2.htm ++ | Some very, very old lies, falsehoods, deliberate minconceptions, and | | longsince debunked occult prattle from superstitious
oldlie3.htm ++ | Some very, very old lies, falsehoods, deliberate minconceptions, and | | longsince debunked occult prattle from superstitious
omphalos.htm To: All Msg #81, Sep3093 12:00PM Subject: Re: Source of Adam's Bowels Argument (Thomas Clarke) writes: Some time ago I read a book in wh
onlifeh.htm To: Sean McCullough Msg #824, Oct1593 11:17:44 Subject: Fox on life. Sean McCullough, caught in the Deccan Traps, said to Marty Leipzig: SM Hello, Marty!! Good to see you b
onrep.htm 1) That Phillip Johnson advances arguments, which on their face appear to be nonsensical, is a logical avenue for further discussion. 2) That Phillip Johnson refuses to either clarify or support certai
ontrial.htm To: All Msg #107, Jan2793 09:06AM Subject: Re: Topic for Discussion? wrote: : wrote: [The Pepper Challa
ontrial4.htm To: All Msg #35, Feb0693 10:12AM Subject: Darwin on Trial A few days ago, I read Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial for the first time. I had previously read a
orig1.htm LIFE MAY HAVE BEGUN IN CLAY Mountain View, California: The theory that life arose from a chemical "soup" in the oceans is being challenged by scientists who have found evidence that a common clay possesse
orig10.htm WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION? Have you ever thought about where you came from? For centuries, Christians accepted the Bib lical account which says that God miraculously created
orig11.htm From book three The Ironies of "The Treasure" by Morris D. Armstrong (this writing was selected to respond primarily to those who may still be befuddled about who is "man" why is "man" and how did w
orig12.htm American Scientific Affiliation 5 douglas Ave. Elgin, IL 60120 Association for Biblical Research P.O. Box 31 Willow Grove, PA 19090 Baltimore Creation Fellowship, Inc. P.O. Box 356 Perry Hall, MD 21236 Bibl
orig13.htm Origins: What Does the Fossil Evidence Reveal? In 1859 Charles Darwin published a book entitled The Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection. This one book has spawned hundreds more and raised c
orig14.htm Evolution and Christianity Galileo In 1633, Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Inquisition in Rome. The charge was "suspicion of heresy". He was teaching the Copernican theory, that the ea
orig2.htm EVOLUTION IS RELIGION, NOT SCIENCE Institute for Creation Research Dr. Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. Evolutionists often insist that evolution is a proved fact of science, providing the very framework of scienti
orig3.htm MEDIA SPOTLIGHT "ORIGINS" AN ANSWER TO EVOLUTION FILM REVIEW "The battle for humankind's future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who perceive their role as the proselytiz
orig4.htm CREATION 1. God's plan or random chance. God's Word explains how the universe and life on earth are a part of God's eternal plan. The only alternative to divine creation is evolution, a sequence of random
orig5.htm Mike Paulson on EVOLUTION (The Origin of Life) The theory of evolution has a fatal flaw right at the beginning: it is impossible to account for the origin of life in the first place. The popular noti
orig6.htm SCIENCE AND SCRIPTURE DO THEY AGREE ? Modern science has shaped a new earth, or so it seems, and promises next to transform the heavens. Beyond many of the fondest dreams of the past, science and techn
orig7.htm BRAINWASHED by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. (Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley) is Associate Director of the Institute of Creation Research and Professor of Natural Science and
orig8.htm LET THE OCEANS SPEAK by Harold Camping Introduction 1 The Oceans A Key to the Past 2 Time Schedule Based on Ocean Water 3 A Look at Sediments 4 Another Look at Sediments 5 Ocean Sediments Analyze
orig9.htm Could the Miracles of Jesus Christ have any bearing on His claim to Deity, and do they in fact verify that Jesus Christ IS in fact GOD, the Creator; as He claimed to be in John 10:30 and numerous other
orig2s.htm Subject: a short course in flood geology [I am posting this for my husband, (Steve Watson) who used to contribute to this group when he had a job and a Sun and usenet access. Neither he nor I agree with
origin1d.htm Subject: Geographic Distribuion of Quadrupeds Topics: }Life is too complex to have happened by chance. }Mutations are almost always harmful. }Mutations rarely occur. }3000 years was time enough for all lan
origin3d.htm Subject: Scientific Origins, part three For those who say "but it can't just be so", the following references have been collected to demonstrate that the proposed processes COULD produce the expected re
origincr.htm THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR THE ORIGIN OF MAN David N. Menton, Ph.D. St. Louis, Missouri 1988 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. INTERMEDIATE FORMS One of the most fundamental belie
origins0.htm Subject: FAQ: Fossil and creation Date: 30 Oct 91 00:05:05 GMT Topics: }There are gaps in fossil record } Oldest living things }Man and dinosaurs coexisted. }The suddenness with which major changes }Many ext
origins2.htm Date: 05 Apr 94 04:10:13 To: All Subject: Review: Origins 20(1) Origins 20(1) Winter 1993 pp. 621 "An Alternative Explanation of Oceanic Magnetic Anomaly Patterns" by Norm Smith and Jane Smith Review
origins3.htm Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time because evolution is only a theory. }The doctrine of evolution is atheistic and therefore immoral. }Competition for survival implies "strife, hatred, war, and de
originsd.htm An Opinion on Science & Theories of Origins by Bill Zimmerly (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. Science is defined in Webster's Third New International Dictionary as "a branch of
originst.htm Written by Rupert Goodwins for The Independent Newspaper (London). I FOUND JESUS IN MY LAPTOP! Modern technology is keeping alive a debate that first famously flared at a meeting of the British Asso
overbas.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 505 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 510 DIM SEQ(3000) 515 LNGTH=0 520 IN
overthst.htm To : LEON BROOKS Subj: TESTABLE! LEON BROOKS to KELSEY BJARNASON on 101094 17:33 re: TESTABLE! LBFourth, go to any large overthrust. The Lewis overthrust is a classic LBexample. You will find a light
overview.htm alanf@tekig6.PEN.TEK.COM (Alan M Feuerbacher) This past weekend, February 2527, 1993, an International Creation Conference was held in Beaverton, Oregon. I went to some of the main sessions on Saturday
oxygenfr.htm To : Arthur Biele Subj: Evolution Arthur Biele, uptight about suppositories, said to John Musselwhite: JH life has evolved from inorganic matter, name the source. Not a JH theory of how it might hap
phalosf.htm POINTSOURCE PLEOCHROIC HALOS; update 3/21/93, by John Brawley Unambiguous, unquestionable photographic evidence now exists which demonstrates the formation of Polonium218 (3ring only) pleochroic point
paggaeat.htm My post was in response to Ted's (oftposted) "The supercontinent and antediluvian gravity". In that work, Ted dismisses the standard geological interpretation of Pangaea, using the argument that it is
paintedc.htm To : John Brawley Subj: Chimps & mirrors As SUE told JOHN about EVOLUTION MYTHOS on 062594 11:19 JB (A chimp, it is said, when a paint mark is JB put on its face where the chimp can't see it or fe
parasite.htm In hostparasite associations, there is often a geneforgene mechanism of infection. What this means is that certain parasite genes must "match" certain host genes for the parasite to be able to infec
parrotsn.htm This is the article in the Sept/Oct 1991 Audubon magazine for those of you who are interested in reading it but can't get that back issue. BTW the typo's will be mine. At first sight Alex appears out o
partiton.htm To: All Dec0593 04:33AM Subject: Pretty Good Partitioning I've been very sick recently. I spent about 18 hours straight in bed, interrupted only to dash to the b
pedafile.htm "I am not confused about evolution. I was taught it in school. Now they want to hand out condoms to my children, and teach them about alternate life styles. Soon it will be pedaphilia." quote from C
peloza2e.htm Creationists gets it wrong again Tip a glance. Not only does this Creationist get origins of species confused with the origins of life, he continues to try to exact revenge from the school which emp
pelozacr.htm John Pelosa, a southern California high school teacher was barred from teaching creationism and transferred to the PE department. Apparently PE is his original area of expertise, not biology. Anyway he
penrose.htm Article 6660 of Subject: Re: Human intelligence vs. Machine intelligence Date: 5 Oct 92 00:55:43 GMT ArticleI.D.: castle.26536 References: BvM75v.A
pensoree.htm On page 197 Penrose divides scientific theories into three broad categories: SUPERB, USEFUL, nad TENTATIVE. (Yes, he uses caps) The paragraph following this list reads: Into the SUPERB category must go
perspect.htm James G. Acker Jun1493 07:00AM Creationist perspective Mark Isaak ( wrote: : It occurs to me that I have seldom if ever seen addressed on : the only reason I have seen a Cre
pestsevo.htm Mark Isaak May2893 08:05AM More on Pesticide Resistance, and Wings A while ago I posted something telling how the theory of evolution is used against the problem of pesticide resistance. An article in
physicsd.htm Subject: Physics and creation Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time }Evolutionists themselves admit they have no proof }evolutionists themselves have admitted to flaws in their arguement. }some scientis
pilman.htm To: Steve Quarrella Nov1893 09:34:36 Subject: Piltdown Man Steve Quarrella, dreaming of seeing the Great Karroo, said to Fredric Rice: SQ Hwaet, Fredric! SQ 28 Oct 93, dixi
pilpre.htm Number: 403 (Read 0 times) Date: 25 Feb 94 21:45:30 To: All Subject: Axioms of Creation In article 2keqor$, (Mark Schnitzius) wrote: [del
piltdown.htm Msg #: 4829 of 5260 Area: ORIGINS Subboard To: All Rcvd: NO Re: Piltdown Hoaxer Unmasked? Status: Public Subject: Piltdown Hoaxer Unmasked? Date: Sat, 23 Apr
plaintru.htm Religion and Science, according to The Plain Truth The latest (July 1993) issue of The Plain Truth (sent to you free for the rest of your life by request, The Plain Truth, Pasadena, CA 911230210) cont
plantemb.htm To: All Msg #118, Jan3193 01:11PM Subject: embryos, plants and a tangential rant In article rh@ishmael.UUCP (Richard Harter) w
plantscr.htm Msg #: 5211 of 5260 Area: ORIGINS Subboard To: All Rcvd: NO Re: (r)creation Similar To Ev Status: Public I had to jump in here at some point and indicate th
platypia.htm You don't need to know any more about platypi than to have read the correct SciAm article, and be able to detect contradictions in your opponent's logic. Here's the irony I promised: they begin by want
plot1.htm F = coyfemale f = fastfemale M = faithfulmale m = philanderingmale PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 * *
plotgph.htm F = female M = male PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 F M F
polebear.htm To: All Msg #92, Jun1893 08:10PM Subject: Polar Bear Hair I finally found the reference I remembered to the myths about polar bear hair. It's in "Letters", Sci
polfac.htm I offer this here, in five parts, not to irritate, but to provide the results (so far) of an independent direct study of Dr. R.V. Gentry's Pleochroic radiohalo hypotheses. These five messages may be reco
polonium.htm "PoloniumType" Radiohaloes and Dr. Gentry's work. a possible mechanism for their creation over geologic time. by John Brawley Po Box 224, Eureka, MO, 630250224 In the process of studying Creati
polydact.htm Chris Heiny Ted and Mutations I just thought of an example counter to Ted's assertion that all mutations (whether by his definition, or others) are deleterious: feline polydactyly (that is, multitoed cat
polyplod.htm To : All Subj: POLYPLOIDY the % polyploid species among the vascular plants in selected regions REGION % POLYPLOID West Africa
polythes.htm ST VATICAN II I recently read an interesting book by Philip St. Romain, CATHOLIC ANSWERS TO FUNDAMENTALISTS' QUESTIONS, published by Liguori Press with the imprimatur of Edward O'Donnell, Vicar General
pongidev.htm To: All Msg #67, Sep3093 08:12AM Subject: Re: Man's origins (was: re: A friendly Challenge) (Richard Trott) writes:
popperev.htm To: All Msg #72, Oct0893 01:18PM Subject: Re: Evolution Hey kids! It's another antievolutionist playing the Popper quotation game!!! Look how easy and fun it
popperli.htm Message #1302 [Holysmoke] To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Popper pooper ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 090594 01:02 re: "THE COLLAPSE OF EVOL 1/ ABTHE FAILURE OF DARWINIAN 'NATURAL SELECTION'! Part One. ABWista
populate.htm In the 1930's someone did a study of the population growth of snowshoe hares in Canada. At the growth rate then found, if extrapolated backwards in the same manner as this creationist argument goes, the
populus.htm Populus! RAH! RAH! RAH!
populusd.htm Populus 2.10, August 1992 Overview The Populus software contains a set of simulation models that we use in teaching population biology and evolutionary ecology at the University of Minnesota. All of the
populuse.htm AWESOME computer program (Populus) A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a truly great ecology/evolution simulation program. I thought some of the folks here might like to hear about it. The program is calle
precambr.htm To: Gerard Trigo Msg #186, 930409 08:02:28 GT From your earlier post, I gather that you have access to a GT Precambrian lagerstatten in Siberia. I am dying for more in
predict1.htm To: All Jan3194 01:47PM Subject: Re: Evolution is WRONG!!! Evolution makes numerous predictions. For example, plate tectonics and radioactive dating make it very clear t
predictr.htm FIrst of all, it's not a "dream registry," it's a prediction registry. As to how it's run, it's simply a mailing list, with archives. Here's the message anybody who subscribes receives: PACKAGE: PREDIC
preserve.htm To: jonny vee May0994 06:31:20 Subject: Flood myth question jonny vee while keeping an eye out for the Cyclops, said to Marty Leipzig: jv The second assertion, tha
pressrel.htm Press Release: Tuesday, October 18, 1994 NEW THEORY REFUTES EVOLUTION A new scientific theory that explains the origin and diversity of life on Earth, and that contradicts the widely accepted fundamental
pressure.htm SE Sun Vienna Va. Sep1093 05:27AM The Flood is Absurd rticle, (L. Drew Davis) writes: I found the pressure argument presented a few weeks back interesti
primate2.htm Here is a good time table based on primate fossils available. First primatelike mammals appear perhaps 66 million years ago. First true primates appear about 52 million years ago. These animals resembl
primates.htm Paul Neubauer Oct2893 01:48PM The Aquatic Ape news FollowupTo: In article, (Pat Dooley) writes: The geological history of NE Afric
printbas.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 510 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 520 N=0:FIRST=0 530 PRINT TITLE$;:I
printerb.htm 500 CLS:CHRPTCH=1:LNPTCH=1:BF=2:MARG=0 510 KEY(1) ON:ON KEY(1) GOSUB 610 520 KEY(2) ON:ON KEY(2) GOSUB 690 530 KEY(3) ON:ON KEY(3) GOSUB 780 540 KEY(4) ON:ON KEY(4) GOSUB 810 550 KEY(10) ON:ON KEY(10) GOSU
privates.htm Subject: Private vs. Public school JB Does it bother you to know that private religious schools are JB producing such excellent students? They teach of a creator and JB their students easily outperfo
problem2.htm No evolution means no new forms of live. No new forms of live means that any form of life on the planet now must have been on the ark. It is estimated that there are between 10 and 40 million differen
problem8.htm GREAT MYTHS OF EVOLUTION #8 by David N. Menton (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. GIVEN ENOUGH TIME ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE EVEN EVOLUTION This myth is the ultimate argument of thos
problems.htm Mark Isaak "There lives more faith in honest doubt, Believe me, than in half the creeds." Tennyson A FEW PROBLEMS WITH CREATIONISM Epistomological problems Creation
profld.htm Problems With a Global Flood version 1.4, last modified 9/27/92 Creationist models are often criticized for being too vague to have any predictive value. A literal interpretation of the Flood story in G
proofevo.htm Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof. Ashley Montague
propgnda.htm To: All Msg #37, Apr0793 10:50AM Subject: Michael Ruse and the FTE The following is a letter from Jon Buell, Director of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics (F
proteins.htm Scott H Mullins Jun0793 08:10AM Protein and amino acid sequences A creationist with whom I am debating has recently brought up supposed problems with protein sequences. He has cited the following eviden
proteint.htm To: All Subject: TATABinding Protein (or TFIIDtau, if you like) We were privileged enough to get Steven Burley to give a seminar here in Toronto last week, and he spoke on his work on the 3D structure
protolif.htm To: Eddie Johnston Msg #72, 930625 09:04:14 Subject: Creation failure EJ On the other hand, it is incumbent on those who say that life is simply EJ a combination of chemi
proveitt.htm To : Davey Jones Subj: CREATION SCIENCE No. What is scary is that evolutionism is so ensconced in the halls of academia that anyone who should have the temerity to
puncteqe.htm Date: 060693 (05:25) Number: 7565 To: PATRICK CRAIG Recvd: NO Subj: Theistic Evolution Conf: (70) ESCIENCE PATRICK CRAIG to JEFF PHELPS, 032993, re: "Theistic
punctequ.htm Sure. But the more obscure the data, the more disagreements. There is (according to Eldridge) virtually as many theories as their are evolutionary biologists. What does that tell you about the cla
punctgld.htm To: Barbara Brasfield 930309 15:29:46 Re: Gould and Eldridge: "We proposed the theory of punctuated equilibrium largely to provide a different explanation for pervasive trends in the fossil record. Trend
punkeek.htm Evolution by Jumps? Critical genes? As is wellknown to many of you people by now, Punctuated Equilibrium (punceq) states that evolution occurs in bursts, with small populations budding off from larger
punkeeak.htm To: All Nov0993 08:55AM Subject: Punctuated Equilibrium I've been noticing a number of posts on punctuated equilibria recently, but haven't seen a clear concise
punkeek3.htm Jack, you still don't get it. Eldridge questions gradualism. Instead, he champions punctuated equilibrium. Both approaches advance theories to explain the fact of evolution. The geologic column is divi
punkeekc.htm To: All Msg #86, Jul2493 12:52PM Subject: punk eek as artifact and my own macro theory There's been a little talk about punk eek recently on t.o. Since I hadn't
punkeekg.htm There is a passage that discusses the concept a bit. Henry Farfield Osborn was the director and president of the American Museum of Natural History during the earlier part of this century. He was a power
puzzlers.htm Loren I. Petrich Sep2993 10:14AM Puzzler for Creationists: Dolphins and Whales All you net.creationists out there, how do you explain the fact that cetaceans (dolphins and whales) need to come up to the
pwbc.htm #include stdlib.h #define MYSWAP 1 #define NUMPLAY 30 #define NUMKEEP 60 #define MAXFSM 100 #include "fsmlib.c" int ispwb[MAXFSM],ran=0; int origbeasts[MAXSTATE][4],ofirst; void cswap(int p1,int p2){ int hol
quehm.htm To: All Msg #237, Jul1393 04:58PM Subject: Re: Henry Morris Lecture In article, (Richar
question.htm Questions directed to scientific creationists, youngearth creationists and others in opposition to conventional science Introduction This is a collection of questions which many people who support convent
queston2.htm 1. What is it about the Earth that leads you to believe it is young? Note that the Bible is not a valid answer to this, you must restrict yourself to the natural world. Oh yeah, pointing out ways in whi
quizeve.htm Chris Colby's "eve" quiz Chris Colby writes that under some circumstance we can determine the geographical origin of a population from mitochondrial DNA; "Allow me to explain using a simple model. Let's
rabbitki.htm The story of rabbits in Australia ia another fascinating case history in evolutionary biology. Rabbits are not native to Australia. Before their introduction, the ecological niche was filled by a gr
reface2.htm James G. Acker May2193 05:41AM Venus Resurfacing I "The Resurfacing Controversy for Venus: An Overview and a Mechanistic Perspective" Sean C. Solomon (DTM, Carnegie Inst. of Wash., 5241 Broad Branch Rd.,
refacev.htm James G. Acker May2193 05:54AM Venus Resurfacing II "An Assessment of Resurfacing Models for Venus" Walter S. Kiefer (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX 77058; phone number and email address on
realflod.htm Michael Siemon Sep2893 06:23PM Mediocre Flood (Warren Vonroeschlaub) writes: Were there any mediocre floods in the appropriate area some time between,say, the founding of civilization and the first k
reasoncr.htm Does anyone here have any knowledge of Dr. Hugh Ross, or his "Reasons to Believe" outfit, with current headquarters in Pasadena CA? Last night, for sheer comic relief, I attended a lecture of his at Ohi
reasonru.htm Phillip Johnson Jan1893 08:25AM SWAA Lecture This is the text of the plenary session lecture which I gave at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Anthropological Association in
rebutedc.htm Subject: Astronomy and Origins Topics: } Helmholtz's contraction theory says the sun is 20,000,000 years. } Sun is shrinking by ~5 feet per hour. } Lunar dustonly 1 to 3 inches, not 54 feet. }
recantcd.htm Before Darwin died, he announced that his theory was made up, and false. You have fallen for a myth which is popular among fundamentalists and frequently related by preachers or in tracts. This one
recantmt.htm Before Darwin died, he announced that his theory was made up, and false. You have fallen for a myth which is popular among fundamentalists and frequently related by preachers or in tracts. This one
redlist.htm To : All Subj: A little list. With the latest crop of H. nesciens idiotus (both varieties) arising from their sleep of the ages to electronically infest this very forum, I thought that a quick list of
redshift.htm To: All Msg #114, Jun2593 01:29AM Subject: Re: Arp and quasars (was Old Astronomer jokes) FollowupTo: I apologize for posting this twice, but I was
referenc.htm To: Marilyn Burge May1794 17:14:32 Subject: References by the passle. Fredric Rice noting that icepicks are the best climbaxe, said Marilyn Burge: mb Watchmaker" and tho
religion.htm Subject: Religion and creation(was bible and science) Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time because evolution is only a theory. }The doctrine of evolution is atheistic and therefore immoral. }Competiti
removing.htm In 1976, U.S. Rep. John Conlan (RAZ) amended an education appropriations bill to state that no funds could be used to support "secular humanism." (It passed the House but died in HouseSenate confere
repmam2.htm From Chris McGowan's handout: Reptile Features Mammal Feature undiferentiated teeth specialized teeth teeth lack cusps cusps in teeth multiple bones in
repmaml.htm Reptiles Mammals 1 Single occipital condyle Double occipital condyle 2 Undifferentiated dentition Differentiated dentition 3 No secondary palate secondary palate 4
repealen.htm Micheal Cranford Corey Carroll states: Recently I went to the Dallas public library and got some books on Evolution that the JW's Life book quotes from. I just got a chance to look at Evolution From S
repealot.htm Every once in a while, some poor fool creationist gets trapped in precisely this quandary, and shoots himself squarely in the foot. From "Science and Creationism," the chapter "Repealing the Enlightenme
reply23c.htm (Karen) writes: Many people have posted in strong reaction against my claim that creation is a viable theory. In analogy, they show state that there are still those who cla
replysor.htm To: All Msg #47, Oct2893 11:53AM Subject: Re: CONCEPT OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN Research group actually reads the responses to the drivel they've posted here, I'm se
rewrd10.htm To: Jim Blakeman Msg #16, Nov1093 10:38PM Subject: About Evolution to: Jim Blakeman I see where you've been expressing discomfort at the amount of material involved in the
richs.htm THE BASIC PREMISE Polonium halos are small spherical "shells" of radiation damage that surround radioactive inclusions within certain minerals in rocks, which Gentry has described in his book "Creation's
roastpig.htm 930124 Gould, Stephen Jay. Jan 1989. An Essay on a Pig Roast. Natural History, Jan., pp. 1425. ABSTRACT A description is presented of the 1922 trial between William Jennings Bryan and Henry Fairfield
rockdate.htm Not the dreaded creationist biostratigraphy argument again! Don't creationists ever come up with anything original? I will simplify the reasoning behind biostratigraphy so that even our creationist frie
rocklife.htm Think of it this way. The person making the argument is saying that life is so unlikely, it must have been designed to happen. Point out that if life didn't happen, that there'd be no life around
rockslid.htm To: All Msg #291, Nov1793 12:21AM Subject: Re: Teaching C'ism? (Was: Re: Churches as Leeches) FollowupTo: In article CGDvq6.77K@noose.ecn.purdue.e
rodentpi.htm Rodents & Monkeys in S. America From DISCOVER Magazine, February 1994, p. 17: Pioneering Rodent Between 80 million years ago, when South America split apart from Africa, and 3.5 million years ago, when t
rs0hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Worst Silly Fool! Was: "Worse Nightmare!" RS You forget God made iron float once. LAUGH! You forget that humans make iron float every day.
rs1hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #1 with: Simon Ewins SE So is the sun (which doesn't move round the earth) standing SE [still for a day] RS I've posted evidence for the belief that in
rs2hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #7 DR What? Where? How? When? Who says? Ron calls this "Evidence?!" DR This Bold, unsupported assertion. Where's the evidence? How does DR this suppo
rs3hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #3 RS What we know of the earth and it's history has been learned by RS water, more accurately rain that has carried 30,000 tons of RS sediment a year t
rs4hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #4 RS EVIDENCE [sic] #1 RS RS Marine deposits. There is a children's game which we have all RS played where we look at pictures and determine what d
rs5hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #5 RS EVIDENCE [sic] #2 RS RS Widespread deposits. 70 miles east lie the Shinarump RS conglomerate. A belt 90 feet thick, covering 100,000 sq miles RS
rs6hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #6 RS EVIDENCE [sic] #3 RS [cuts] They discovered what we call TURBIDITY CURRENTS an underwater avalanche. These usually occur at the mouth of a river w
rs7hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #7 RS EVIDENCE [sic] #4. RS RS Lack of Erosion the Sedimentary layers in Grand Canyon appear RS to be an orderly record of the past. but great
rs8hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #7 RS I must confess this has taken much more of my time then I cared RS to spend on a "Hobby" as you suggest. However it is not my HOBBY RS but my life
rs9hs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #8 Problems with a global flood #1: Angular unconformities, where one set of layers of sediments have been extensively modified (e.g., tilted) and eroded b
rsahs.htm Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #9 Problems with a global flood #2: How did marsupials get back to Australia? And why are so many marsupials limited to Australia; why are there no wallab
rshs.htm Ron Stringfellow Worst Ignorant Fool! Was: "Worse Nightmare!" with: Martin Goldberg MG No book is ever completely true. I will tell you this. MG schoolbooks written by real scholars (not just scienc
rsxhs.htm To: Kelsey Bjarnason Msg #455, 03Sep93 05:32pm Subject: Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts! DR facts that God has given. Creationism must be abandoned by DR Christians bef
runbear.htm Here is an illustrative story: There were two hunters sitting by a campfire. Suddenly, a bear roars and starts coming at them. One starts calmly putting on a pair of running shoes and lacing them correct
rybkaicr.htm Date: 14 Apr 94 01:01:00 To: All Subject: Re: Theodore W. Rybka Date: 14 Apr 1994 01:01 MST In article 2oiosh$pdu@kruuna.Helsinki.FI, custts@cc.Helsinki.FI (Tero Sand) writes. On the Finnish skeptic
samesex.htm SAMESEX TENDENCY, OR RATHER, TENTACLES by Tim Friend USA TODAY Scientists aboard the submarine Alvin have stumbled across two male octopuses [sic] of different species engaged in sex on the ocean floor
sanityev.htm Lawrence C Smith Apr2793 04:48AM Is "Sanity" A Survival Characteristic? I've been lurking on this newsgroup for a long time popping in now and then to catch up on the fundievs
sauropod.htm Wayne Throop Feb2093 09:29PM : From: (Michael Agney) : MessageID: : While a lot of what Ted has to say (of what I've see
scicreg.htm THE SCIENTIFIC CREATION GAME by Dr Pepper Here's an opportunity to see how good you are at presenting the case for scientific creation. That means using science, not faith. If you have faith that God did
scilist.htm Except for the more recent scientists named, I suspect the original author got the list from Scott Huse's The Collapse of Evolution. This incredible piece of work contains as an appendix "Scientific Di
scimeth.htm First, it has been said time and time again here, and I will say it one more time: Science does PROVE anything! Not in the sense of a mathematical proof as you seem to want. It is not a failing of sc
scicre01.htm ==* SCICREAPOLOGY TUN Article 24426 of Subject: Re: Does theory of evolution affect belief in God? Date: 3 Apr 92 14:40:45 GMT References: 1992Mar30.151720.5719@city.cs 702207187.25590@
scicreat.htm Subject: Re: creationism and education Date: 4 Jul 91 15:19:18 GMT In article (Arthur T. Manning) writes: [I wrote:] Perhaps you ought to mak
scicreli.htm ==* MORRIS SCICRELIE WHITCOMB Article 26281 of Subject: Hey, Morris and Whitcomb, God is looking! :) Date: 24 May 92 13:06:34 GMT References: In article 18037@pla
sciencea.htm Science can be viewed as an algorithm: 1. Observe. 2. Hypothesize. 3. Test the hypothesis. (controlled observation, i.e. an experiment.) 4. if the hypothesis survived the test then: its validity has incr
scienceb.htm The following is from "Science at the Bar Causes for Concern" by Larry Laudan, from Science, Technology and Human Values 7, no. 41 (1982):1619, reprinted on pages 351355 of Michael Ruse's But Is I
sciencee.htm Keith Doyle My tentative hypothesis is that "creation science" is antirational. That is, the arguments are not simply poorly thought out, but are meant to be a rejection of reasoning. If they we
sciencer.htm THEM SMARTALECKY SCIENCERS Goldang it, them sciencer folks are goin two far and we ain't goin to put with no more of it! They's bin at it two long now and us what knows better are goin to make kids hea
sciences.htm Bruce Salem History or Science? So my question, why does the creationist focus on "science?" mark The glibb answer is so he can lie and say that his religious beliefs are science. A more complete ans
scientst.htm All New Scientist bonanza The 30 October 1993 issue of New Scientist has numerous articles with relevance to origins. The cover is a deep blue representation of submersibles exploring volcanoes on th
sciod.htm David Bloomberg Theories. From College Chemistry, 8th Edition, by Henry F. Holtzclaw, Jr. and William R. Robinson (U of Nebraska and Purdue U, respectively), D.C. Heath and Company, p. 10 (anything in
scirel.htm To: All Msg #64, Sep0693 12:04PM Subject: Re: Origins and Faith In article (Seth J. Bradley) writ
scopescr.htm "INHERIT THE WIND": A HOLLYWOOD HISTORY OF THE SCOPES TRIAL David N. Menton St. Louis, MO; October 1984 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. In his book the 'History of Modern Creatio
scopesha.htm To : All Subj: Scopes trial The mention of the Scopes trial had me look in the transcript again. Every time I open this, I find new bits of interesting dialogue. Gen. Stewart: My objection is to making a
scottnat.htm Scott, Eugenie C. "Creationism lives" Nature 329: 282, 24 September l987. Sir The National Center for Science Education is pleased with the Supreme Court creationism decision (see Nature 327,
scgamee.htm Public message 1749 SCIENCE Area 02:01 Saturday 21Mar92 To: CREATIONISTS Re: Shall we play a game? Let's play a game, shall we? The name of the game is: EVIDENCE FOR SCIENTIFIC CREATION Anyone may joi
sclies.htm Article 26281 of Subject: Hey, Morris and Whitcomb, God is looking! :) Date: 24 May 92 13:06:34 GMT References: In article ortmann@plains.N
searchba.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 510 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 520 PAL$="":PRINT "Enter the seque
seawater.htm To: All Msg #231, Jun1693 12:24PM Subject: Seawater =/= blood, but. Sea water is not blood. Well, that much should be obvious! Sea water is pure and clear, whi
second2l.htm One problem with this argument is the earth is not a closed system. Another is, biological complexity is not the same type as any sort of complexity that would be relevant when talking about thermodynam
second3l.htm "the second law" The second law of thermodynamics is often misquoted eps. in the popular press and by physics students and most especially by creationists. It does NOT say that entropy always increas
second4l.htm To: All Msg #123, Feb1793 08:47PM Subject: Re: Thermodynamics and Evolution For what it's worth, Morris reportedly claims that the 1st law of thermodynamics was
second5l.htm To: All Msg #55, Feb2893 10:43PM Subject: Re: Ted's intent. The problem which most educated people have with creationism is that it seems to imply that Jerry F
second6l.htm To : Cavalier Subj: an article I wrote. = Quoting Cavalier to John Brawley = Ca Hello, I'm delurking for a moment or two, so that I can Ca get something cle
secondla.htm One problem with this argument is the earth is not a closed system. Another is, biological complexity is not the same type as any sort of complexity that would be relevant when talking about thermodynami
sediment.htm To : LANE LESTER Subj: POSITIVE EVIDENCE LANE LESTER to ROB FARGHER on 091894 21:32 re: POSITIVE EVIDENCE LLRather than "evidence" I prefer to think in terms of "observations" LLand how well or poorl
seldna.htm To: Joe Morlan 931109 11:02:56 Subject: SELFISH GENES In 1976 Richard Dawkins (Prof of Zoology, Oxford) wrote a book titled : THE SELFISH GENE (a second edition ,which
selectcc.htm To: All Msg #105, Jan3093 03:37PM Subject: Re: evidence for cumulative selection In my previous post I tried to clearly explain the difference between natural se
selectin.htm ' Subroutine CHOOSE ' This routine is called once the user has seen the biomorphs. The selection ' is done by number and this takes care of the reorganisation of the data. SUB CHOOSE(biomorphs%(2),popn%)
selecton.htm Hmph. Let me see if I can remember the cheezy layman's explanation that is not to be taken seriously. =) Farmer Bob has 13 daughters. 12 of these daughters have smallish chests,, and all else being th
selfish2.htm Number: 241 (Read 0 times) Date: 21 Feb 94 19:07:04 To: All Subject: Test for evolution ::: Can "altruistic" traits be passed onto progeny ? There's the ::: WynneEdwards observation where
selfishd.htm }I have heard this assertion a couple of times, and actually find }it rather puzzling just how does, in your opinion, Dawkins assign }a meaning to the term "selfish?" By writing it in the first chapter
seminarc.htm To: All Nov0893 11:15AM Subject: Creationist Seminar Yesterday I attended a creationist seminar put on by David McAllister, the pastor of the Tucson Community Ch
sensesev.htm (Loren King) The experiment which replicated hypothesized atmospheric conditions on early earth, and generated simple proteins, was first carried out by a Professor Miller at the Un
setupev.htm Author: Rob P. J. Day Title: Public Debate with a Creationist On Friday, October 19, I debated the merits of creation science with Ian Taylor of the Creation Science Assoc. of Ontario (CSAO) at the Unive
seterfld.htm This occultbased nonsense, where the author has redefined the speed of light to fit his cults' agenda, is ammusing. He bases his changes on the measurements of the speed of light that were taken over 3
setrfld3.htm Author: Robert P.J. Day Title: The Decay of CDecay [Originally appeared in the OASIS Newsletter, 385 Main Street, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada L0K 1A0] "If you propose that the universe and all in it is th
sexrepo.htm is death a universal reality? For the mystery of birth and the mystery of death, evolution has no answer. SEXUAL REPRODUCTION: I'm not sure when in the history of life sexual reproduction b
sexevo.htm The question of how sexual organisms evolved from asexual ones was recently raised. This is one the most puzzling questions in evolutionary biology today. Sex is thought to be maintained because of recom
shrink02.htm To: Jack Brannan Msg #108, 930402 20:11:14 Subject: Re: Helium = Quoting Jack Brannan to Carl Wilson = JB Carl I lost your original message on this, I wanted JB to reply to it. I
sibertrp.htm Subject: Permo/Triassic quandary O.K. I went back to the library and read the article (from the N.Y. Times) closely. Basically, the investigators used ion microprobe dating analysis (SHRIMP) of zircons
sidneyfo.htm To: John Brawley 931031 21:21:00 Subject: Microspheres JB Would someone please be so kind as to post a findable JB reference to Fox's work(s) and especially any wor
sillygri.htm To: Fredric Rhyce Msg #207, 17Sep93 11:11am Subject: Re: Listing Ron Stringfellow's faults FR 3) This from a guy who claimed that the Loma Linda University FRwas in
simlifee.htm Its sort of sad when the computer game SimLife provides more rigorous definitions of scientific terms than a text book on the subject. (from SimLife, my comments in []) Evolution: Change in the genetic
skullnew.htm Chicago Tribune, 3/31/94 Skull sheds new light on prehumans' evolution New York Times News Service The first reasonably complete skull of the earliest recognized human ancestors after the splitoff from t
slapstik.htm To: All Msg #145, Apr1393 02:33PM Subject: Velikovskyian slapstick Well, since Ted seems so intent on focusing on what he believes to be the "slapstick" antics o
slowerc.htm To: Jack Brannan 930330 09:37:20 On (28 Mar 93) Jack Brannan wrote to John Brawley. JB JB The universal constants, including radioactive decay rates, are JB JB ti
smallerm.htm James G. Acker Apr0293 02:20PM Lighter paleomammals Just to show you that Ted Holden occasionally isn't as far off the mark as all probably believe by now, here's an article from New Scientist (13 Feb
somefact.htm Subject: Biology and creation Topics: }Life is too complex to have happened by chance. }Mutations are almost always harmful. }Mutations rarely occur. }3000 years was time enough for all languages, religion
songs!ev.htm To: All Msg #174, 940210 22:%:58 Subject: Good Songs The following are letters from a recent issue of SCIENCE (didn't copy the page with the date on it). They a
sorfos.htm I promised an article about fossil sorting; here it is. It is quite long. And it's Andrew MacRae, not Andy McRae. Tero Sand Article 20512 of klaava!hydra!!fuug!mcsun!uunet!n
sortingf.htm Micheal Cranford Tom Scharle writes: [ . ] The fossils were hydraulicly (or is it "hydrologically" could someone tell me?) sorted in the Flood. So the creationists tell us. Wouldn't that be a violati
spam!evo.htm To: All Msg #116, Feb1593 10:41AM Subject: New Theory Exposes Great Satanic Scientic Conspiracy and Denie In the interests of furthering Truth and saving the so
specfos.htm To: All Msg #87, Sep0693 06:48PM Subject: Refs for speciation in the fossil record Hi all I've found some references for speciations that can be seen in the f
speciat2.htm To: MAURY MARKOWITZ Re: species Maury Here is another citation to add to your list of speciation events. This regards the speciation of laboratory strains of mice from the wildtype natural population fr
speciate.htm Authors: Chris Stassen (stassen@netcom.uucp), jwm@sun4.uucp (James W. Meritt), Anneliese Lilje (, L. Drew Davis ( Title: A List of Observed Speciation Events
speciati.htm Scott Faust Speciation Hi, Wes. Have recently been posting a somewhat edited down version of the speciation file on your BBS to good effect in several forums. ("Good effect" thus far seems to mean that
speciato.htm A LIST OF SPECIATION REFERENCES: Weiberg, James R. Starczak, Victoria R. Jorg, Daniele. Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory. Evolution. V46. P1214(7) August, 199
speciesd.htm Subject: Species and creation Topics: }No new species (alternately, "kinds") are evolving today. }Slight variation can't turn one kind into another. }Just because two animals LOOK similiar does not mean t
speciesf.htm ==* NONEWSPECIES SPECIATION SPECIES MERITT From Tue Feb 25 06:14:08 1992 } No new species (alternately, "kinds") are evolving today. "Three species of wildflowers called goatsbear
speciesi.htm Joe Morlan 940429 10:%:00 SPECIES. Unfortunately, the concept of what constitutes a "species" is still a matter of considerable debate among systematists. There are three basic species concepts, 1) mo
spefaq.htm Author: Joseph E. Boxhorn ( Title: FAQ: Observed Instances of Speciation 1.0 Introduction and Acknowledgements 1.1 Introduction This FAQ presents descriptions of instances where
spehow.htm There is simply no evidence that speciation occurs as the result of a single point mutation, or even that it occurs in a single generation. As a general rule, except for fatal mutations and mutations cau
spenat.htm Weiberg, James R.Starczak, Victoria R.Jorg, Daniele. "Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory." Evolution. V46.P1214(7) August, 1992. Kluger, Jeffrey. "Go fish. (rapid
speob2.htm To : Charlie Ray Subj: Evolution Charlie Ray, who thinks tribology is slick, said to: Matt Giwer CR This list is all interpretative information regarding supposedly CR transitional FOSSILS. You made
sperat.htm To: All Msg #129, May2193 01:22PM Subject: Re: speciation list? In article (Chris Colby) writes: Brett, do you have references for the fish and
statefai.htm Arthur T. Manning May1793 07:34PM Creationist statement of faith In the interest of providing subjects pertinent to the t.o debate, I have in the past provided my own version of a statement of faith. I w
stoninge.htm Stoning non conformists is part of science. Stoning conformists is also part of science. Only those theories that can stand up to a merciless barrage of stones deserve consideration. It is the creationis
storkvs.htm Ross Atey How Life Begins Ovulation versus Cretinism There are two major theories about the origin of human children: the theory
strngflo.htm To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #828, Oct0193 20:00:40 Subject: Archeological rambling Hi Ron, RS 1) Ramapitheciece : a piece of jaw and several teeth which RS suit the orangutan
sundrlnd.htm To : ALL Subj: Biele's authority ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 091994 00:06 re: TRANSITIONS, PART 6. 1/ ABAs I have posted, [In 1979, Creationist Luther D Sunderland, on behalf of the NYS Board of Regents an
surprise.htm A. Nother Observation Ya know, the recent brouhaha with has made me realize a scary factoid. People don't actually believe us. I take evolutionary fact and theory for granted; it's part of my wor
swaa1pej.htm Article 28265 of Subject: SWAA Lecture Date: 18 Jan 1993 16:25:42 GMT This is the text of the plenary session lecture which I gave at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Anthropological As
swaa2pej.htm (continued . Subject: SWAA Lecture Date: 18 Jan 1993 16:25:42 GMT Dobzhansky's review summarized Grasse's central thesis succinctly: The book of Pierre P. Grasse is a frontal attack on all kinds of "Darwi
swaa3pej.htm (continued Subject: SWAA Lecture Date: 18 Jan 1993 16:25:42 GMT There is a political and religious dimension to the issues Grasse and Dobzhansky were debating which must also be considered. To say as Gras
swaa4pej.htm (continued Subject: SWAA Lecture Date: 18 Jan 1993 16:25:42 GMT Darwinism's rules of reasoning not only protect the cultural authority of Darwinists. They also permit Darwinist writers to take the mutati
swaa5pej.htm (continued Subject: SWAA Lecture Date: 18 Jan 1993 16:25:42 GMT Readers familiar with Gould's writings know that he has at times expressed great skepticism concerning the neoDarwinian theory that Dobzhans
swinburn.htm To: All May0894 12:01:34 Subject: Swinburne on evolution G'day All: I thought the following quotation might prove interesting to some. It's from Swinburne's "For
synopsis.htm === INDEPENDENT BIRTH OF ORGANISMS: === === A SYNOPSIS OF THE THEORY === Copyright 1994 by Periannan Senapathy, Ph.D. All rights reserved. *
synthesa.htm Evolutionary Synthesis What was the value, and influence, of the "evolutionary synthesis," the theory (or theories) of evolution which dominated biology from the late 1930's until recently? Here are t
talkorig.htm Chris Heiny May2793 06:17AM The t.o Theories FAQ There've been quite a few updates to the theories FAQ since I first sent it a couple of months ago. Some are serious, some are spoofy. At any rate, it's
taphonom.htm Marty Leipzig ml Fredric Rice, dying to be a taphonomist, said to : Kim Kelley FR Great. opening the dictionary I just acquired No such FR thing. }:} "One who studies thananthoconoeses (save yo
tartigrd.htm NEEDLESS BIOLOGICAL DIGRESSION There is a phylum of animals called Tartigrades. These animals are about half a millimeter big and look like little bears (kind of). They can withstand temperatures from 15
taxiall.htm "Taxi!" by David Rice One of the many arguments Creationists make against evolution is the idea that the advent of life on Earth is so improbable, it must have been created. They often state that if on
teachers.htm 1. "creation science" makes some claims that lie outside the purview of science and other claims which have been rejected as unsupported by the scientific evidence; it therefore has no place in the scie
tempoevo.htm Authors Schad W. Institution Institut fur Evolutionsbiologie und Morphologie, Universitat Witten/Herdecke, Germany. Title Heterochronical patterns of evolution in the transitional stages of vertebrate classe
tenets2.htm To: All Dec1793 12:27PM Subject: Re: INFO ON ICR? In article, (Dave Jones) writes. I wonder if one of you eviluti
tenetscr.htm Rob Derrick posted some information culled from creationist writings about their "theory of creation". Some time ago I put into a file the socalled "Tenets of Creationism", written by Henry M. Morris in
tera.htm TERA Introduction: Once upon a time a professor decided to try to simulate evolution on a computer. He set up a block of memory and a language so that programs could copy themselves. He set things up so t
testinge.htm Evolutionary fact is that species DO evolve from other species and that man and other animals and plants and all known living organisms evolved from common ancestors over billions of years. This can no
text1nf.htm CUMULATIVE SELECTION AS A MULTIDISCIPLINE METATHEORY: AN ANALYSIS AND COMPUTER SIMULATION Michael E. Mills, Ph.D. Psychology Department Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, CA 90045 Copyright (c) 1989
theark0.htm Sep0193 11:09AM Sun Pictures, George Jammal, and Noah's Ark (James J. Lippard) The following article appears in the most recent (vol. 22, no. 9, September 1993) issue of
theark1.htm To: All Msg #70, Mar0193 11:06AM Subject: Re: That docufantasy of the Flood on CBS (Robert A Rethemeyer) writes: (Joel Ar
theark2.htm Subject: Re: NOAH's ARK Docudrama Summary: my favorite quotes from the show Date: 22 Feb 93 21:35:11 GMT What a scary show HUGE leaps of faith from point to point, with no indepth explanation (or proo
theark3.htm (scharle) And some people complain about "evolutionists" resorting to personal attack on "creationists". Perhaps you could, rather than getting emotional about this, addres
theark4.htm To: All Msg #41, Feb2493 12:54PM Subject: Re: NOAH'S ARK ON TV FollowupTo: Some highlights of "Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark", which aired on C
theark6.htm To: All Msg #74, Feb2493 07:32PM Subject: Re: Noah's Ark on TV In article (JONATHAN SCOTT GIBS
theark7.htm To: All Msg #118, Feb2593 11:52AM Subject: CBS, science, and Noah's Ark I watched CBS airing of an old presentation of stuff that is claimed to "prove" the exist
theark8.htm To: All Msg #107, Feb2693 06:12AM Subject: Re: NOAH'S ARK ON TV I'm pretty sure Milind was posting this to show the wilder elements of the show, but the problem
theark9.htm To: All Msg #96, Feb2793 07:07PM Subject: John Morris Can't Find Noah's Ark Those who were impressed with last week's Noah's Ark special might be interested in r
thearkm.htm Mp'sj's Ark Many thousands of years ago, the civilization of Mars was at its peak. Mighty cargo ships travelled the network of canals, trading goods between the big Martian cities. However, all was not w
thearkr.htm Jason Rosendale Noah's Ark I just checked out one of the most. bizarre books from the High School library. It's 'In Search of Noah's Ark' (Soon to be a major motion picture) by Charles E. Sellier. I ju
theatom.htm Andy Peters Bill Rawlins: Chemistry Isn't Science! The following is an excerpt (reprinted without permission) from reference [1]. I'm posting it for the benefit of The Coter
theeyec.htm THE EYE by David Menton (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The evolutionist Dr. Ernst Mayer once said: it is a considerable strain on one's credulity to assume that finely balance
thefact.htm To: All Msg #101, Jan2393 02:22PM Subject: EVOLUTION IS A FACT EVOLUTION AS A FACT AND A THEORY version 2.1 (January 22, 1993) When nonbiologists talk about biol
theliec.htm : This is a request for information on the following book titles. : I bit the bait and got into an argument with a creationist. : 1. The Lie: Evolution, by Ken Ham. This one's a classic. The cover is
theoath.htm To : ALL Subj: CREATION OATH CRS All members of the Creation Research Society must sign a statement of faith. This statement does not restrict itself to religious issues, but covers scientific ones as
theark11.htm The following is from LA Times TV critic Howard Rosenberg's daily column in the Calendar section. July 7, 1993 CBS on 'Ark': Mum's Still the Word by Howard Rosenberg Television: Despite allegations that th
thedatec.htm From : Marty Leipzig If, for no other reason than a rainy Sunday afternoon, I recall someone about asking about Archbishop Ussher's date of creation. For no particular reason, I dug out of my library the
thefact2.htm EVOLUTION AS A FACT AND A THEORY version 2.1 (January 22, 1993) When nonbiologists talk about biological evolution they often confuse two different aspects of the definition. On the one hand there is th
theflood.htm To: All, Msg #52, Dec1291 07:22AM Subject: Re: How Could Fish sruvive the Genesis Flood [Don Lindsay wrote:] You must posit yet another heavenly miracle, just to have Noah's Ark survive somethi
themth.htm Marty Leipzig If, for no other reason to educate some and irritate others, follows a mathematical treatise on the impossibility of a Biblical Great Flood. In order to flood the Earth to the Biblicial de
theory!c.htm A Theory of Creation, by Darren M. Forbes BSc. and Jonathan M. Ashley BSc. Communications should be addressed to the authors. Abstract A complete gr
theory2c.htm To: all 940422 14:%:00 Subject: THE SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF CREATIONISM #1. The physical universe of space, time, matter, and energy has not always existed, but was
theory2j.htm To : Wesley R. Elsberry Subj: Just a Theory RB Evolution is just that "widely accepted scientific theory" not RB necessarily FACT!!!! RB It has a great deal of support, so do false polititions, doesn'
theory2n.htm To : All Subj: NEW THEORY STAY TUNED A new scientific theory that contradicts the widely accepted fundamentals of Darwinian evolution, and that proposes an alternative explanation of the origin and d
theory3c.htm To : David Rice Received: 15 Oct 94 20:01 Subj: SCICRE FALSIFIED? * On 10071994, David Rice wrote to Arthur Biele * DR #1: =WHAT= "Creation Theory?" I ha
theoryev.htm Subject: The theory of evolution INTRODUCTION Evolution is one of the most powerful theories science has ever known. For a variety of reasons, however, it is also one of the most misunderstood. One co
theoryon.htm To: All Mar2294 04:26:36 Subject: Theories and science *Crossposted from the EVOLUTION echo* = Quoting Tom Clayton to Trent Hall = TH suggested explanation a
theorysj.htm To: Raoul Newton Apr3094 17:53:10 Subject: stuff RN BK~ Sure! Make an erroneous assertation reagrding evolution RN BK~ first, and I will attempt to refute it:) RN
thermode.htm What thermodynamics says is that we can only get useful work out of a physical system if we have a difference in energy levels. For example, if we have a high potential in one place and a low potential
thermody.htm From "Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution" by Douglas J. Futuyma, 1983 The first law of thermodynamics holds that the sum total of energy in the universe is constant and neither increases nor decrea
thermofa.htm Thermodynamics FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) o What is Thermodynamics? o What are the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics? o How are the Laws of Thermodynamics applied to various systems? o Does Sn
thetw.htm From" Tyler A. Wunder To: Steven Stout In a msg of Friday May 28 1993, Steven Stout writes to John Musselwhite: SS Is there any evidence that against the Flood? Tons. A flood that covered the entire ear
thinkbak.htm Micheal Cranford When confronted with considerable evidence that his uninformed claims were false Gene Newman has resorted to even sillier justifications and dissembling. A few exa
thompson.htm Robert Derrick Nov2292 06:18PM Review of Chapter 8. . of Richard Thompson's Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science Chapter 8, "The Doctrine of Evolution", argues that the S
thremo05.htm I realize that Bruce Salem has a longstanding emnity against engineers in creationist positions. However, at risk of starting a flame war, there IS some evidence to support his position. An a
tierra31.htm Subject: Tierra V3.11: Evolution of Digital Organisms FollowupTo: sys,alt.cyberspace,alt.cyberpunk,,alt.ketchup, mut,alt.religion.computers,
tierrain.htm Subject: Synthetic organisms Date: 5 Nov 91 18:03:16 GMT TIERRA UPDATE: (Source release, abstract, publications, lectures, new results) This message contains: 1) Announcement of release of Tie
tillhov.htm David Bloomberg 940315 21:%:08 TillHovind Debate, I/II The following is an article from the March issue of The REALL News. It was originally printed by The Skeptical Review in the Winter 199394 is
timeline.htm To: All Jan1794 09:38AM Subject: Geological/Evolutionary Timeline ASCII VERSION Geological/Evolutionary Timeline Version 0.0 This is an ASCII copy of a geological/evol
timepej.htm Article 27775 of Subject: TIME cover story Date: 27 Dec 1992 23:03:18 GMT Last week's TIME magazine cover story (Dec. 28) was titled "What Does Science Tell Us About God?". The story (by Ro
timescal.htm To: All Msg #745, Oct1693 00:25:48 Subject: Geologic Timetable Hi All! This was posted in our local CALGARY echo and I thought some people might appreciate the cr
timestnd.htm The standard for time measurement is NOT a radioactive decay. It is an electronic transition in the cesium atom. The second is defined as 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the tr
timpic.htm To: All May1094 08:31:14 Subject: The Geological Time Scale What with all this "Young Earth" nonsense floating about, I proudly present the Geological Time Scale
tofaqkd.htm To: All Msg #121, Feb0393 04:59PM Subject: FAQ Welcome to Frequently asked question: What is the purpose of this newsgroup? was created
tojokes.htm There once was a fellow named Ted, Whose postings were best left unread. The problem, you see, Just between you and me, Is that HTE mewlings are brain dead. Astronomer Joke: [Two scientists at a conference.
tracksma.htm The following is a description of the Paluxy River "man track" scene, as compiled by Ron Hastings. This is a reprint of the text distributed to participants of the Paluxy River tour hosted by CSICOP
tranfoss.htm In the hopes of benefitting Jim, lets define some other terms which might help him to understand how biologists think about transitions. The first term is "intermediate". An intermediate organism is on
trans.htm The fossils mentioned in this list are from species and/or genuses that represent transitions from one vertebrate group to another. This list is necessarily highly incomplete, because: a) I skipped entir
trans07.htm There are 3 fossil categories that we can just call "Transitional forms". They were not categorized as "mammal", "reptile", "Amphibian", or "fish" because they were none of the above. (1) Seymoromorphs
transcc.htm From Chris Colby And now, for those of you who are still with me. I have a few comments about "transitional fossils" in general. When The Origin Of Species was first published, the fossil record wa
transfaw.htm Author: Kathleen Hunt ( Title: Transitional Fossils FAQ I've recently been rereading Colbert's Evolution of the Vertebrates, and was reminded of the old "there aren't any transi
transfos.htm In several animal and plant groups, enough fossils are known to bridge the wide gaps between existing types [species]. In mammals, for example, the gap between horses, asses and zebras (genus Equus) an
transist.htm Transition from reptiles to mammals: Pelycosaur synapsids classic reptilian skeleton, intermediate between the cotylosaurs (the earliest reptiles) and the therapsids (see next) Therapsids (e.g. Dimet
transpos.htm To: Joe Morlan 931210 18:57:04 Subject: (speciation == evolution) Transposon is the word refering to transposable elements which refers to segments of DNA that move aro
treeevo.htm Atheists DO NOT state that nonintelligence can make something as complete as man. Your example is obviously based on the false premise that an intelligence is required to form life. It is simply your la
treelife.htm Loren I. Petrich Jun0793 05:34PM FAQ suggestion: Family Tree I have an idea for a FAQ file: a summary of what is known of the family tree of Earth life. The purpose of it is to illustrate a
treering.htm To: All Msg #360, Sep2193 11:59AM Subject: Tree ring data Here are tree rings for 11,000 years, 5000 years, 7272 years, 8000 years, 9000 years, 9400 years, .
trefaq.htm In article (Richard A. Schumacher) writes: }The Teen Mission conveniently ignores the fact that you don't }need a single live tree to get a cont
tribobit.htm To : RAY SPEAKMON Subj: THE ARK OF NOAH RS Explain why a RStrilobite was found compressed in a child's footprint (Dr. Clifford RSBurdick) as there should be approximately 50 100 million years betwee
trilobit.htm Trilobite fossils In article, (Darius A. Lecointe) writes: Why don't you give me a good layman's view of trilobite fossils and I can then gi
trot.htm Trotsky, Marxism, Gould, and Evolution by Walt Stumper (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. I recently came across the following quote by Leon Trotsky (Marxist and follower of Lenin)
trotskyc.htm Trotsky, Marxism, Gould, and Evolution by Walt Stumper (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. I recently came across the following quote by Leon Trotsky (Marxist and follower of Lenin)
tuesdayi.htm To: All Dec0993 02:44PM Subject: Re: Quitting the Evolution Debate In article 2e0ef0$, (Dan Day) writes
tunism00.htm "Not the wrong newsgroup at all. Jurassic Park clearly shows Man [sic] and Dinosaurs [sic] alive at the same time, as the Bible [sic] indicates. As they say, photographs do not lie." Lionel Tun, lio
tunismcr.htm It seems to me that the theory of evolution is suffering severe setbacks here and may soon be entirely in ruins, being bashed down under the onslaught of pure logic and powerful science.
turnrevw.htm Turner, Frank M. Review of David C. Lindberg; Ronald L. Numbers (Editors). God and Nature: Historical Essays on the Encounter between Christianity and Science. xi + 5l6 pp.,
turtleev.htm To: All Msg #166, Oct0693 03:30PM Subject: Turtle ancestors identified The Sept 24, 1993 issue of Science has an article about turtle evolution. Turtles have lon
typebas.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 510 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 520 INPUT "Enter the file to be ty
typicalc.htm Brett J. Vickers Apr2093 03:11PM Rawlins debunks creationism [typical Creationist quoting style] (John E. King) writes: "The modern theory of evolution is so inadequate that it deserves
underhnd.htm REALLity Check by David Bloomberg Underhanded Creationist Tactics The Peoria Journal Star (June 25) had an article about Kent Hovind, an evangelist who is offering $10,000 to anybody who can provide empiri
updatewi.htm VELIKOVSKY UPDATEIntroduction It was Immanuel Velikovsky's claim in "Worlds in Collision" that the spectacle of VENUS AS A COMETLIKE BODY MARAUDING ABOUT THE HEAVENS was once witnessed by ancient cult
usagebas.htm 500 IF PRTFLG=1 THEN OPEN "LPT1:" FOR OUTPUT AS #2 505 IF PRTFLG=2 THEN INPUT "Enter the file which is to recieve the output: ",A$:OPEN DISK$+A$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2:PRINT 510 RESTORE:DIM SEQ(5000),USED(64)
vegcatcr.htm Loren I. Petrich Mar2193 10:12PM AllVegetarian Garden of Eden? I propose this as an addition to FAQ files on creationism. Was the Garden of Eden AllVegetarian? Some creationists
velikovc.htm Subject: Cosmos without Gravitation FollowupTo: An interesting paper. In CosmosWithoutGravitation, Immanuel Velikovsky writes: Phenomena not in accordance with the Theory of Gravitati
velikovp.htm Another Velikovsky perspective (long) I am posting this for a friend, John Godowski ( Please direct followups to him. This is a long post, so you might want to download it for la
velikovs.htm Is there a FAQ on Velikovsky, and how can I get it? There aren't really FAQs as such for the group, rather a number of people maintain files which address certain points. I haven't posted this in a while
verdict2.htm Subject: Evidence That Demands a Verdict: section II Date: 12 Feb 92 20:28:24 GMT EvidenceThatDemandsaVerdict is aa book that presents "historical evidences for the christian faith". It is produce
verdictd.htm Subject: Evidence That Demands a Verdict: section I Date: 12 Feb 92 20:13:59 GMT EvidenceThatDemandsaVerdict is aa book that presents "historical evidences for the christian faith". It is produced
vestigl0.htm In my article on vestigial features, I had promised to omit the animal kingdom, in the expectation that others would have superabundant animalkingdom examples. That expectation only partially fulfilled,
vestigl3.htm To: All Msg #121, Dec0992 05:20PM Subject: More vestiginal features. Fused bones. These are bones that start out separate and become knitted together for added
virusok.htm To: All May2694 20:47:26 Subject: Ask Mr. Science I came across an editorial in Science magazine today and thought that a few here might find it amusing. It is a
viscr3.htm SCHOOL BOARD EASES CREATIONISM STAND By Michael Granberry, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer May 21, 1993 OCEANSIDE, Calif. Hundreds of parents crowded into a middle school gymnasium Thursday night and sh
viscr4.htm To: All Msg #135, May2193 04:04PM Subject: Re: News: School board eases creationism stand Again, there is the question about how much extremism is concentrated i
viscr5.htm [The following has been reproduced without permission] BOARD IN VISTA ORDERS TEACHING OF CREATIONISM Education: Christian right majority approves change defying state guidelines. Many teachers and paren
viscr6.htm [The following appeared on the editorial page of the LA Times of 8/17/93, and is reproduced without permission.] CAN 80% OF US BE DEAD WRONG? By Phillip E. Johnson Those wicked fundamentalists on the Vist
viscr7.htm Chicago Tribune, 8/25/93 Creationism gets toehold in class California district orders teaching of biblical story By George de Lama Tribune Staff Writer VISTA, Calif.Marine biologist John Ljubenkov did
viscr8.htm To: All Msg #352, 930912 11:25:42 Subject: Letters to Editor Tribune My letter, and that of NCSE Exec. Director Eugenie Scott, were not printed by the Chicag
viscre.htm Henling, Lawrence M. May2093 07:08PM Vista Creationists launch attack on science The LA Times of Thursday May 20 has an update on the Creationist dominated school board in Vista, a 76,000 population res
visiticr.htm Steven Linke I visited the ICR (Imbeciles for Creationism Rhetoric) in person FollowupTo: sci.skeptic I visited the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) on August 27th. This institute seems to be a com
vistaca.htm CREATIONIST TREND CAUSES STIR By Michael Granberry, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer May 20, 1993 VISTA, Calif. A nationally watched debate that may ultimately be resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court has c
votingic.htm To: All Nov1693 06:18PM Subject: CRS voting membership Voting members of the Creation Research Society are members who possess a master's degree or Ph.D. in a sc
vtrploti.htm ' Subroutine VECTORPLOT ' This routine does the screen plot for each biomorph vector as BIOPLOT ' generates it. Parameters are the vector array (only one part of this is ' used at each call, but as it is
warlockd.htm HA! Creationist Book Titles "Warlock in a Waistcoat: the Truth about Charles Darwin", by Prof. Righteous Titilation. Charisma Press, 1988. Here for the first time is the full story of Charles Darwin, exp
watercan.htm 1. How could a canopy of water sufficient to cause the flood be held aloft (unless they had invented AntiGrav devices) The physics behind this is quite simple. Temperature gradients produce gase
waterevo.htm Date : 25Apr93 10:42 From : Hector Plasmic To : Rev Ronnie Subject : Water in the ground Here's some facts for you to "IS NOT!" at, Ronnie: "Most ground water is derived from rain and snow and other form
waterram.htm Area: BIOGENESIS Date: 24 Aug 94 08:16:34 Public To: Salvatore Pallotti Subject: Flood stats On (20 Aug 94) Salvatore Pallotti wrote to John Brawley. SP And there is one of the major flaws
welcomet.htm Welcome FAQ V. 1.01 (beta) Written and maintained by Andy Peters ( Sections or passages included at the suggestion of someone else are denoted by that person's initial
whalesa.htm The following abstract is from the January 14th, 1994 issue of Science pp 210212. It shows the stepwise evolution of primitive ungulates into modern whales. Fossil Evidence for the Origin of Aquatic L
whale03e.htm The Cetacea were thought to be most closely related to the Perissodactyla or the oddtoed ungulates which include the horse, the tapir and the rhinoceros (ungulate = approx. hoofed, planteating mammals
whale2ev.htm In 1990 a late Middle Eocene whale was described with complete (though vestigial) hindlimbs. The whale, Basilosaurus has a paraxonic arrangement of digits where the digits symmetrically extend about
whale2le.htm To: Marty Leipzig 940131 03:%:00 Subject: Whale With Legs MARTY LEIPZIG to ROB FARGHER, 011494, re: "There's no Law Against Ev" As such, have you seen the latest
whaleleg.htm WASHINGTON (UPI) More than 50 million years ago, whales walked on land, says a report in the journal Science. Scientists from Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, Ohio; Howa
whalessj.htm Neal Eldred Posted: 22 Sep 94 10:57 And in 1994, to add to your quote collection, we have Stephen Jay Gould, writing of whales in Natural History 5/94, pp.815: ". I am ab
whatis2.htm Subject: Definition of Evolution WHAT IS EVOLUTION? Most nonscientists seem to be quite confused about precise definitions of biological evolution. Such confusion is due in large part to the inability o
whatis3.htm To: All Msg #72, Jan2393 02:19PM Subject: DEFINITION OF EVOLUTION WHAT IS EVOLUTION? version 2, January 22, 1993 Most nonscientists seem to be quite confused abo
whatis4.htm To: Justine Levine 03Jun93 07:10am Subject: Evolution Justine Levine, who thinks fumaroles are a real gas, said to All: JL I know you guys have had this subject before but i never had
whatis5.htm I need to make clear that I distinguish between creationists and Creationists. A creationist believes that God created the earth. A Creationist believes that God created the Bible, and give lip service t
whatisd.htm To: All Msg #51, Mar2793 12:35PM Subject: FAQ: What, if anything, is "Darwinism" From time to time on, new posters attempt to refute one or another
whatise.htm Evolution FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY Introduction What is evolution? What isn't evolution? What evolution isn't Genetic variation How is genetic variation described? How m
whatmake.htm Keith Doyle What makes a creationist? 1) Have anyone done a psychological profile of a creationist? What are his motives? An attempt to reconcile conflicting "truths" (a
whitbang.htm Captain Chris' Whiz Bang 1. Darwin (or name your scientist of choice) recanted later in life. 2. "If we are descended from apes, how come there are still apes around?" 3. "Do
whoispj.htm To: All Msg #86, Jan2993 09:26AM Subject: Re: Darwin, Schroedinger, and Bethe on trial In article, (Matth
whoisicr.htm LIST OF PUBLICATIONS BY ICR FACULTY AND ADVISORS The following table lists all faculty members and technical advisors of the ICR cult who are in scientific research fields. Science education faculty are
whoppers.htm Authors: Various Title: ICR Whoppers This is a small sampler of creationist whoppers, gleaned from in recent months. When I wrote that I had sent an unnamed creationist a small sampler of I
whycrea.htm To: All Msg #84, Feb2093 11:11PM Subject: Re: CREATIONISM II: Other Planets (was Re: Evolution Vs. In article rcheek@acces
whyicr.htm I recently attended an ICR Creation Seminar (mostly out of curiosity), and the reasons for the "battle" were abundantly clear. I'll do my best to regurgitate them from memory. You can divide the world i
whyliec.htm From The Skeptical Review Front Page: spring 1992 THERE'S A LIVING IN IT A subscriber in Florida recently raised an interesting question: "Why can't these preachers simply admit that the Bible is not t
wic002.htm James W. Meritt This is a continuation of my evaluation of Velikovsky's book WorldsInCollision as he proceeds through other books and talks. This is to demonstrate how little he improved and how mu
wic004.htm Sue Bishop and a few others continue to accuse me of ignoring "facts" in these posts. Consider the facts which Bishop and the others are quite happy to ignore. Worlds in Collision begins with an applicat
wizardto.htm To: All Msg #66, Feb2893 10:06AM Subject: The Wizard of t.o Well, when I have some free time (and even when I don't :) I like to relax by writing. Influenced b
woodshol.htm Wesley R. Elsberry 930305 00:12:04 Visit to Woods Hole The library of the Marine Biological Laboratory at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution represents almost an embarrassment
worldold.htm To: All Msg #96, Dec1391 01:23AM Subject: Biblical perspective on the age of the world The Biblical Perspective on the Age of the World Chapter 24, Origin by Design, by H. Coffin. Str
worldsco.htm Subject: Re: Goofballs In article 2686@fedfil.UUCP news@fedfil.UUCP (news) writes: }Three reasons why I don't try to include formulae in my postings, Cage: }1. UUCP/Usenet is not really amenable to it.
worshipd.htm . dogs are really neotenous wolves. Man likes his 'best friend' to be playful and so he breeds more and more juvenile dogs. A fully grown domestic dog still leaps and bounds and plays with his master
xian05ev.htm In article C8D7uC.4rI@unixhub.SLAC.Stanford.EDU sschaff@roc.SLAC.Stanford.EDU (Stephen F. Schaffner) writes: (in a followup of a post by Lionel Tun) By the way, I'm still waiting for you to state the
youdie!.htm ETHNOTHANATOTIC SETS The Hedonistic Calculus of Executions by J. Frank Tims ABSTRACT: This paper introduces a flexible, convenient method for imposing death sentences which meets the requirements of a bro
youngmon.htm Number: 518 (Read 1 time) Date: 27 Feb 94 19:41:39 To: All Subject: Kent Hovind Arguments Loren I. Petrich ( wrote: : In article lippar


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