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0001fbi.htm Meangering nonsense 1
0002fbi.htm Meangering nonsense 2
0004fbi.htm Meangering nonsense 3
0006fbi.htm Meangering nonsense 4
092793.htm From The Dialy Oklahoman Newspaper, September 27, 1993, Page 1: COMPUTER PORN CASE TRIGGERS LEGAL QUESTIONS By David Zizzo, Staff Writer Is talking to Anthony Davis hazardous to your health? In a manner o
bwm31.htm From Boardwatch Magazine, written by Jack Rickard OKLAHOMA BBS RAIDED ON PORNOGRAPHY CHARGES The legal assault on bulletin boards continues this month with a raid by Oklahoma City Police Department Vice
bwm48.htm From Boardwatch Magazine, Written by Lance Rose TONY DAVIS & THE SHOWBIZ COPS OF OKLAHOMA CITY The arrest of Tony Davis was reported in last month's Boardwatch. Davis operated the Oklahoma Information E
c0rpse02.htm C0rpse Issue 2 How to Spot A Lamer Well, here I am on New Years day. It would seem that I'm putting these out on all of the major holidays eh? Oh well, it's not intentional, but just whenever I'm in
c0rpse03.htm C0rpse Issue 3 Tom the Unfortunate Aardvark Well, I'm back again with another lovely file full of incoherent babbling, drooling, and muttering inane comments. Actually, I thought that this would, perh
cheap001.htm CHEAP TRUTH ONE EDITORIAL: Hi. You want to know the truth. We want to tell it to you. Let's try to keep the ECONOMICS between us to a minimum, okay? Right, let's do
cheap002.htm CHEAP TRUTH 2 EDITORIAL: "Dirt Cheap Literary Criticism With the Honesty of Complete Desperation" PUBLIC SHUDDERS AT "BEST OF THE YEAR" It can't be the editors' fault.
cheap003.htm $ CHEAP TRUTH 3 $ EDITORIAL. It has come to our attention that unscrupulous black marketeers have been retailing copies of CHEAP TRUTH at astronomical prices, some going as high as
cheap004.htm 0$ CHEAP TRUTH 4 EDITORIAL. This issue heads for the fringes of SF with nonfiction books, comics, and, perhaps least central of all, the plans of publishers. Fut
cheap005.htm $ CHEAP TRUTH 5 0 EDITORIAL. "Exploring a 21st Century Pop Ideology" $$ Guest grump Sue Denim vents
cheap006.htm 0$ CHEAP TRUTH 6 0$ EDITORIAL. radical, hard SF seeing signs that something new is imminent new fiction from the bounty of new technology. the perspectives opened up by
cheap007.htm CHEAP TRUTH 7 EDITORIAL. Magazines have an immediacy and recklessness unmatched by any other SF medium. Cheap, disposable, instantly gratifying, SF magazines are the t
cheap008.htm 0$$ CHEAP TRUTH 8 $ EDITORIAL. Read more fanzines. "Get Into Print" $ CHEAP TRUTH stalwar
cheap009.htm 0$ CHEAP TRUTH 9 EDITORIAL. Ghettos are insular places. The antics of ghetto elders or sinister youth gangs may assume absurd importance to a degraded and indigent po
cheap010.htm 0$ CHEAP TRUTH 10 $$ HOW THE OTHER HALF READS THE DAY LASTS MORE THAN A HUNDRED YEARS by Chingis Aitmatov, translator John French, Indiana University Press, 1983. People in t
cheap011.htm CHEAP TRUTH 11 SF WRITER EATS OWN FOOT TO SURVIVE! Scifi writer Russell M. Griffin, after a succession of poorlymarketed novels, each from a less successful publish
cheap012.htm CHEAP TRUTH 12 Awardwinning writer, critic, and CHEAP TRUTH shill Candace Berragus, who remembers the 1950's personally, turns the skeptical eye of experience upon her chos
cheap013.htm CHEAP TRUTH #13 EDITORIAL: SF notions dominate the current Geneva arms talks. In this issue, CHEAP TRUTH responds to the zeitgeist. P
cheap014.htm CHEAP TRUTH 14 EDITORIAL by Todd Refinery. Regular CT editor V. Omniaveritas is currently out of touch in Haiti, where he is pelting the Tonton Macoute with concrete blocks. And longtime CT contributor
cheap015.htm CHEAP TRUTH 15 EDITORIAL. Science fiction today is in a rare state of ferment. This happy situation has been created only with great effort and must now be prolonged and intensified. In this issue, gues
cheap016.htm CHEAP TRUTH 16 EDITORIAL. How stands the Empire? In this special issue, we publish the first results of our mystic quest for truth and Vimto. First, a guest writer presents a very typically British thren
clothdog.htm How To Become a Man of The Cloth by Glenn Gatlin One of few things I admire about organized religion is that, despite being completely bogus, it manages to work itself into a figure of authority in almos
denyguns.htm Originally By: Thomas Kryston Originally To: All Originally Re: Guns and "Abusive" parents Original Area: FIDOAENNews Service Forwarded by : Blue Wave v2.12 BILL TO DENY GUNS TO ABUSIVE SPOUSES
dinodna1.htm WRONG NUMBER FILE NAME: DINODNA1.ZIP [From The New York Times, July 1, 1993] CELLS OF DINOSAUR APPARENTLY FOUND Scientists Believe Blood Cells in Tyrannosaurus Rex May Lead to Traces of DNA By MALCOLM W.
dinosau2.htm Date: 112990 21:44 Subj: Extraterrestrial Hunters? DENVER The discovery of two giant dinosaurs in Wyoming is reigniting debate over why the huge beasts became extinct. Colorado paleontologist Rober
disarmus.htm The following material was prepared and distributed by Bernadine Smith of the Second Amendment Committee, P.O. Box 1776, Hanford, CA 93232, telephone (209) 5845209. DO YOU WANT T
dogma.htm ElfSystems Presents. A Dogma The
dos50doc.htm This little article can also be found in the latest issue of MODEMNEWS (#24) or on some BBSs as DOS5NEWS.ZIP. It is NOT I who has written this, I just copied it! What will be new with DOS 5.00? Well, D
editions.htm Dear Readers, May 1st brings you the 49th Issue of ModemNews Magazine and it will be released in the following formats. We would like your comments. MNEWS49.ZIP Our original DOS ANSI version
editorsd.htm Dear Readers, This is a preissue of Dogma, and as with any first issue there is a need to set forth a certain set of objectives, the goals toward which a magazine aspires. Well, surprise! We don't have
eff601.htm EFFector Online
eff602.htm EFFector Online
eff603.htm EFFector Online
eff604.htm EFFector Online
eff605.htm EFFector Online
eff606.htm EFFector Online
eff608.htm EFFector Online
eff701.htm EFFector Online
firearms.htm COMPARISONS BETWEEN CIVILIAN AND POLICE USE OF FIREARMS (Source: Civil Rights Attorney Don Kates, St. Louis University School of Law, in Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out, Firearms
freeside.htm This space will be provided for advertising, announcments and just about anything else you'd like to have published for free. Just send what you'd like to have included, twentyfive words or less by the
horscare.htm EXCERPTS FROM: Y O U N G ' S D E M O N S T R A T I V E T R A N S L A T I O N O F S C I E N T I F I C S E C R E T S ; O R A C O L L E C T I O N O F A B O V E 5 0 0 U S E F U L R E C E I P
inslaw.htm INSLAWTHE INSLAW OCTOPUSSOFTWARE PIRACY, CONSPIRACY, COVERUP, STONEWALLING, COVERT ACTION:Just another decade at the Department of Justiceby Richard L. FrickerThe House Judiciary Committee lists t es
itv1n1.htm It 1 n 1
itv4n1.htm It 4 n 1
johnmedi.htm "HACKER'S STORY: Two days on long distance" SOURCE: Toronto Computes! June '91 ENTERED BY: Anarchy Tech [ This is a typical example of someone that "became" (Hahahahaha) a "hacker" (as he calls himself) f
lawsuitb.htm April 12, 1988 Privacy, BBS's, ECPA, and Thompson v. Predaina Information: This is a discussion, from a local San Diego BBS, about online privacy including a look at the Thompsonv.Predaina BBS
moose17t.htm MOOSE Issue 17.tg1 (Do It Yourself!)
newsysop.htm March 1992 rev 1.54 ModemNews Magazine co The GreenBird Group 116 Dean Street Suite B Stamford, Connecticut 069026251 203 359.2299 BBS (24009600) 203 969.1183 Voice (79 PM EST) [ModemNews can be reached vi
nodisect.htm FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CASE OF STUDENT ANIMAL RIGHTS ADVOCATE SETTLED A settlement has been reached between Woodstown Pilesgrove school officials and Joseph G. McCool, father of Maggie McCool, the high sc
nralady.htm Originally By: Al Thompson Originally To: All Originally Re: Congresswoman belittles NRAselfdefense Original Area: FIDOAENNews Service Forwarded by : Blue Wave v2.12 AP 1015 13:15 EDT WASHING
phrack33.htm ==Phrack Classic== Volume Three, Issue 33, File #1 of 10 Phrack Classic Newsletter Issue XXXIII Index %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% September 1, 1991 Yes, Phrack is still alive. I know this
phrack34.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Three, Issue Thirtyfour, File #1 of 11 Issue XXXIV Index P H R A C K 3 4 October 13, 1991
phrack35.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Three, Issue Thirtyfive, File 1 of 13 Issue XXXV Index P H R A C K 3 5 November 17,1991 Don't Tread on Me! Phrack Inc. is going great! In fact
phrack36.htm ==Diet Phrack== Volume Three, Issue ThirtySix, File 1 of 11 Issue XXXVI Index P H R A C K 3 6 December 31, 1991 "You've Got The Right One Baby, UH HUH!" Happy New Year E
phrack37.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Four, Issue ThirtySeven, File 1 of 14 Issue XXXVII Index P H R A C K 3 7 March 1, 1992 %Promoting The Free Exchange Of Information In The New
phrack38.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Four, Issue ThirtyEight, File 1 of 15 Issue XXXVIII Index P H R A C K 3 8 April 20, 1992 "Countdown to SummerCon '92" "Get ready for the bigge
phrack39.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Four, Issue ThirtyNine, File 1 of 13 Issue XXXIX Index P H R A C K 3 9 June 26, 1992 You're Not Dealing With AT&T Welcome to Phrack 39. Thi
phrack40.htm ==Phrack Inc.== Volume Four, Issue Forty, File 1 of 14 Issue 40 Index P H R A C K 4 0 August 1, 1992 Baby's Got Back! Welcome to the special 40th Anniversary issu
pleasese.htm Did you know that ModemNews Magazine maintains a conference on RelayNet?
polyamor.htm Subject: My File on Polyamory (LONG) Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1993 21:20:15 GMT [From one of my email friends:] So, Jon, tell me about polyamory... I am both happy and apprehensive that you ask me about that.
polyvir.htm Subject: Polymorphic Virus Here is a new entry from the Computer Virus Catalog, produced and distributed by the Computer AntiVirus Researcher's Organization (CARO), at the University of Hamburg. Note t
prelim.htm Oct 25th was the second round in the legal situation of the State of Oklahoma vs Tony Davis and the seizure of the Oklahoma Information Exchange BBS. On that day the Preliminary Trial took place. Gene
purit100.htm PURITY TEST Score by adding "no" answers. "MOS" means member of the opposite sex. 1 point for each no answer out of 100 possible. HAVE YOU EVER: 1. had a date? 2. been out on a date past 4 am? 3. had a
purit15k.htm Subject: 1500 purity test Date: 4 Dec 92 13:33:45 0600 1500 Point Purity Test Page 1 of 42 THE UNISEX PURITY TEST VERSION 6.6b 1500 QUESTIONS If you thought the millenial purity test was bad, well you
purit400.htm Article 4163 of Subject: Re: 400 question Purity Test Date: 11 Oct 88 16:39:07 GMT THE UNISEX, OMNISEXUAL P U R I T
purit500.htm THE UNISEX, OMNISEXUAL P U R I T Y T E S T Version 4.0 (500) Final Release 23Apr1988
quan5n2.htm Quanta
quan5n3.htm Quanta
rebut40.htm For those who may not be familiar with it, PHRACK magazine is one of those underground online information sources that bears reading by anyone interested in getting a "second opinion" about controversi
soulcatc.htm The protection mechanism is a special contractual clause, the soulcatcher clause, which is part of the MJSS software license agreement. It simply states that, upon violation of the program license agre
spitfire.htm This file comes to you courtesy of Jacque Shipley of the Mother Board BBS. We just can't thank her enough. Please be aware that the contributed SPITFIRE SF.BAT commands or the Wildfire script commands r
stuf10.htm ANIME STUFF 111 00000000 111 000 000 111 000 000 111 000 000 111 00000000 "Reviews and Information for the Anime Gourmet!" 491989 This is the 10th in a series of newsletter
stuf11.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Goods" ISSUE 11 9251989 This is the 11th in a series of files of comments and revi
stuff1.htm 1187 The following is a list of some of the products that I have bought from the Books Nippan mail order catalog over the past few months and some thoughts and descriptions about them. I feel this mig
stuff12.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 12 371990 This is the 12th in a series of files of comments and re
stuff13.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 13 761990 Special Mail Order Services Review No. 2 This is the
stuff14.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 14 11181990 This is the 14th in a series of files of comments and
stuff15.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 15 4271991 This is the 15th in a series of files of comments and r
stuff16.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 16 1271991 This is the 16th in a series of files of comments and r
stuff17.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 17 8171992 This is the 17th in a series of files of comments and r
stuff18.htm ANIME STUFF "Reviews and Information on Japanese Animation Software" ISSUE 18 3121993 Special Mail Order Services Review No. 3 This is the
sundev.htm {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {} {} {} PUSH BUTTON FELONIES
syslaw.htm Book Review: SYSLAW: The Sysop's Legal Manual by J. D. Abolins SYSLAW, the Sysop's Legal Manual by Jonathan D. Wallace Esq. and Rees Morrison Esq.; LLM Press, 150 Broadway, Suite 607, New York, NY 1003
tanj080.htm There Aint No Justice
tj1.htm () The LODH Technical Journal: File #1 of 12 Volume 1, Issue 1 Released: Jan. 1, 1987 LODH TECHNICAL JOURNAL INTRODUCTION: W
tj2.htm THE LODH TECHNICAL JOURNAL INTRODUCTION: This is issue #2, we had originally planned to put out 6 issues a year, but it looks as if this will become a quarterly newsletter instead. This is due to the fact
tj3.htm The LODH Technical Journal, Issue #3: File 01 of 11 Released: October 21, 1988 THE LODH TECHNICAL JOURNAL INTROUCTION: When putting together a high quality newsletter, it is sometimes difficult to locate
tj4.htm The LODH Technical Journal, Issue #4: File 01 of 10 Finally Released: May 20, 1990 THE LODH TECHNICAL JOURNAL INTRODUCTION We are still alive. This publication is not released on any schedule. Past attemp
tls015.htm The Lawless Society Welcome To The Lawless Society. Issue #15.
uxu-138.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-139.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-140.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-141.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-142.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-143.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-144.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-145.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-146.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-147.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-148.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-149.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-150.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-151.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-152.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-153.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-154.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-155.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-156.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-157.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-158.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-159.htm Underground eXperts United
uxu-160.htm Underground eXperts United


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