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100perce.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Winning GOP candidates receiving a100% rating from the Christian Coalition U.S. House_ Matt Salmon, Arizona J.D. Hayworth, Arizona John Shadegg, Arizona George Radanovi
10years.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] 10 years ago:Is Falwell the phony? This summer's visit to South Africa backfired on Jerry Falwell. Thinking he could come back to America waving the banner for wh
abortion.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 BEST OF THE FREEDOM WRITER Terrorist war against abortion Violent attacks against abortion clinics continued to escalate in December. Letter bombs were mailed to clinics in
abuse.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] 'Prolife' activist arrestedon battering charges By Tom Burghardt Steven M. Butler, 32, a long-time activist with Operation Rescue of California, was arrested in Liv
agenda.htm Freedom Writer - August 1994 [ref001] Conference speakers bare hidden agenda By Mike Shaver From the beginning, gay rights proponents have claimed that anti-gay measures like Amendment 2 are driven by ind
alliance.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] California's Education Alliance By Jerry Sloan Soon after installing Ronald Reagan as president, social conservatives realized that controlling the presidency meant litt
antisemi.htm Freedom Writer - May 1994 [ref001] Anti-Semitism:Its prevalence within the Christian Right By Skipp Porteous A study by the Institute for First Amendment Studies found a prevalence of anti-Semitism within
apr-94.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] April 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Guerillas in our midst [ref003]Buzzwords [ref004]Questions for candidates [ref005]Tactics of the Right [ref006]Flush Rush! [ref007]N
apr-95.htm Freedom Writer - April 1995 [ref001] April 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Gramm's no cracker [ref003]John Stoos reveals ... a hidden agenda? [ref004]Dobson conference slams GOP [ref005]What went wrong? The R
armagedd.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 Pat's postmodern Armageddon By Edmund D. Cohen Almost as if he were bored or disappointed with his enormous influence on American politics and world events, Pat Robertson h
aug-94.htm Freedom Writer - August 1994 [ref001] August 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Inside Glen Eyrie Castle: the organized assault on gay rights [ref003]Who was there? [ref004]Conference speakers bare hidden age
baird.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Dear Mr. Baird: Thank you for your recent letter. I read it with great interest. The Diocese of Rockville Centre has and will continue to support peaceful and prayerfu
barker.htm Walk Away Losing faith By Dan Barker It was some time in 1979, turning thirty, when I started to have some early questions about Christianity. I was working on a musical for Manna Music (working title, "
bible.htm Walk Away The Bible:an ex-fundamentalist's perspective By May E. Dooley Let's turn to the issue of the Bible. To fundamentalists the Bible is the inerrant (without error), inspired (every word written un
bigotry.htm Freedom Writer - February 1994 [ref001] More bigotry on the ballot By Frederick Clarkson Anti-gay ballot initiatives continue to work as a major tactic in the Christian Right's drive for political power.
bloc.htm Freedom Writer - June 1994 [ref001] Catholics and evangelicals form political bloc New York, New York -- Catholic and evangelical leaders of the Christian Right recently took an extremely important step
bookstor.htm IFAS Bookstore [ref001] How to order Send check or money order to PO Box 589, Great Barrington MA 01230. Or use your credit card and call 1-800-370-3329. For shipping charges, add $3.50 for the first ite
buchanan.htm Freedom Writer - April 1996 Buchanan's narrow vision of America By Chip Berlet Persons concerned about separation of church and state, equal rights, and civil discourse have good reason to be worried by
burgdorf.htm Walk Away Mind over fundamentalism By Cindy Eggert Fundamentalism is taking a few knocks these days. A number of TV evangelists have gotten national media attention for actions in direct conflict with th
buzzword.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] Buzzwords The following list of words and phrases found in campaign literature or political speeches will help identify Christian Right candidates. The mere use of cer
californ.htm Freedom Writer - January/February 1996 CNP leads the way in California By Jerry Sloan Over sixty Californians are members of the Council for National Policy (CNP) and nowhere in the country have CNP memb
canada.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] Canada honored by PEARL _Editor's_note:_This_article_is_the_text_of_a_speech_given_by_Sen._ Howard_M._Metzenbaum_(D-OH)_at_the_National_Coalition_for_Public_Educati
catholic.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] Catholic politicians face Pope's wrath Catholic politicians who back abortion, even reluctantly, bear a greater responsibility before God than do women who undergo the
ccnyc.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 BEST OF THE FREEDOM WRITER Christian Coalition enters New York City By Joe Conason Pat Robertson's political disciples are challenging the secular culture they want to destr
chalcedo.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Profile:Chalcedon Founded in 1964 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, Chalcedon (cal-SEE-don) is a leading think tank of the Christian Right. Chalce
choice.htm Freedom Writer - July 1994 [ref001] Project Choice = Project Hoax By Anne Bower The pretty butterfly landing on a flower was the logo of Project Choice, a national survey of abortion providers designed to
church.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] Church organization is key to Coalition's success While the Christian Coalition will never find broad appeal among mainstream voters it doesn't have to. As Paul Wey
clueless.htm Freedom Writer - April 1996 The politics of cluelessness By Barry Lynn Just a year ago, I was sitting in a broadcast studio with Pat Buchanan for about nine hours each week co-hosting "Buchanan & Co.," h
cnp.htm Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Clandestine council meets in Virginia By Skipp Porteous Approximately 375 members of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP) held closed-door meetings at the Ri
coalitio.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Profile:Christian Coalition The mission of the Christian Coalition is simple," says Pat Robertson, the organization's president and founder. It is "to mobilize Christ
cohen.htm Walk Away How I walked away By Edmund D. Cohen None of the usual factors that make involvement in fundamentalist Christianity destructive were present in my case. No family relationships were wrecked. No
colorado.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] Colorado says no to bigots On October 11, 1994, the Religious Right's agenda of depriving gay people from discrimination in jobs and housing suffered a crushing bl
coming.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 BEST OF THE FREEDOM WRITER Robertson to televise second coming The Rev. Pat Robertson's Sept. 17th multimillion-dollar, three-hour extravaganza will be broadcast in 220 cit
computer.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] Using computers to fight the right Scores of groups formed to oppose the hard right's political agenda are springing up across America. Some are small, sustained by
concerne.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] Why we are concernedabout the Religious Right By Rev. David Heckenlively Every citizen of this country has the constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and t
concerns.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Current concerns The Christian Coalition is currently opposing the nomination of Dr. Henry W. Foster Jr. for Surgeon General. The Coalition has distributed form lette
conspira.htm Freedom Writer - March 1996 Grand jury won't issue indictments By Adam Guasch-Melendez On March 26, 1996, a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia is scheduled to conclude an 18-month investigation i
contract.htm Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Contract on the American family By Skipp Porteous On May 17, Ralph Reed unveiled the Christian Coalition's Contract with the American Family, a 10-point legislative pro
counseli.htm Walk Away Exit counseling for walk aways By Madeleine Landau Tobias For those who walk away, get kicked out, or are abandoned by their cult leaders, it is often a surprise to find that freedom from the c
court.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] What does the Supreme Court say? By Barbara Simon, Esq. The most recent case decided by the Supreme Court re: religious displays on public property is the 1989 deci
creation.htm Freedom Writer - September 1994 [ref001] Creationism: the growing threat By Eugenie C. Scott The teacher from Florida had a sense of urgency in his voice. A group of state legislators had proposed a reso
cross.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] The Old Lighted Cross _To_the_tune_of_"The_Old_Rugged_Cross"_ Valerie: On a tree in Hyde Park Stands an old lighted cross Violating our dear Constitution. Though most l
cwa.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Concerned aboutConcerned Women for America By Julie Schollenberger Concerned Women for America (CWA) held its 11th annual national convention in mid-September, just
dean.htm Walk Away Just as I am By David Dean To understand why I first embraced fundamentalism, and in time rejected the dogmas and doctrines of the Christian Religious Right, one must understand my personal and
dec-94.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] December 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Christian Coalition warns of conspiracy [ref003]The Grinch: eight years later [ref004]'The Old Lighted Cross' [ref005]What do
defector.htm Walk Away Confessions of a Jews for Jesus defector By Ellen Kamentsky Heidi was a master at handling me and her contacts (the people we "ministered" to). She'd slide into their lives, identify why they r
defensiv.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] Defensive Action Declaration We, the undersigned, declare the justice of taking all godly action necessary to defend innocent human life including the use of force.
demar.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 BEST OF THE FREEDOM WRITER Radical Religious Right responds! _On_January_4,_1991,_The_Freedom_Writer's_Skipp_Porteous_ appeared_as_a_guest_on_"Sound_Off,"_hosted_by_Paul_ Gon
desmoine.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 Right triumphs in DesMoines By Adele M. Stan IOWA — Ever since the Christian Coalition seized control of the Iowa Republican Party last year, even local politics here have
diamond.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 BOOK REVIEW Diamond's 'Roads to Dominion'provides a solid look at the Right ROADS TO DOMINION: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States by Sara Diamond
digest.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] 'Reader's Digest' errs onchurch-state separation By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. Over the past few weeks several readers have sent us copies of an article printed in the
dobson.htm Freedom Writer - April 1995 [ref001] Dobson conference slams GOP By Julie Schollenberger, Esq. Approximately 568 people attended Focus on the Family's (Focus) "Protecting the Family, Defending the Faith"
empire.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Pat Robertson's empire Pat Robertson has a mammoth media, educational, and legal empire with an estimated value of a billion dollars. These enterprises work hand in h
endofthe.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 Robertson fails as novelist By Paula Xanthopoulou Pat Robertson's first novel, _The_End_of_the_Age_, is finally available at your local bookstore. You no longer have to ple
equality.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Conservatives push religious-equality amendment Religious Right groups are urging Congress to add a so-called "Religious Equality Amendment" to the U.S. Constitut
exorcist.htm Walk Away The exorcist By Skipp Porteous Exorcisms are long, arduous, and often violent. The church elders and I usually went to private homes to perform exorcisms. On some occasions our wives went with
falwell.htm Freedom Writer - September 1994 [ref001] Is Jerry Falwell a liar? By Jerry Sloan For over 25 years the Rev. Jerry Falwell has been spewing forth his "gospel" of misinformation and vindictiveness over the
family.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] By Liz Gore I spent five summer days with crowds of well-behaved evangelists who gathered in Denver, intent upon reaffirming their "commitment to Jesus Christ, wh
feb-94.htm Freedom Writer - February 1994 [ref001] February 1994 Table of contents [ref002]More bigotry on the ballot [ref003]Do-it-yourself hatred in Colorado [ref004]Religious Right update [ref005]Religious Right i
feb-95.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] February 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Profile: NACE/CEE [ref003]Simonds' 'exceptionally successful platform' [ref004]Newt set strategy for Religious Right -- 10 ye
feminazi.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] Feminazis versus machonazis Feminism looms as a formidable threat to the power structure of our male-dominated society. That is why loudmouths like Rush Limbaugh employ
fiesta.htm Freedom Writer - January/February 1996 Coalition's fiesta lures Hispanics By Liz Gore Two years ago, Ralph Reed spoke publicly about his goal of attracting ethnically diverse activists to the Christian C
florida.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] Florida Religious Right hits some snags 'America First' policy scrapped The Christian Right hotbed of central Florida continues to make headlines. After weeks of co
focus.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] Profile:Focus on the Family Focus on the Family (FOTF) was founded in 1977 as a 501(c)(3) organization. The 1000+-employee organization moved from California in 19
fresno.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Coalition activist booted from Fresno DA's office FRESNO, California — Deputy district attorney Diane DiMaggio, a founder and past president of the Christian Coalition
fw-index.htm Freedom Writer - January 1994 Coalition opens doors to public, but forgets welcome mat New Coalition video aims to deceive; Robertson softens on abortion issue Council for National Policy memb
gaybashi.htm Freedom Writer - March 1996 New video targets Pat's gay-bashing By Paula Xanthopoulou Mel White, you'll remember, is Pat Robertson's former ghostwriter. For many years he fought against his sexual orient
gleneyri.htm Freedom Writer - August 1994 [ref001] Glen Eyrie:The organized assault on gay rights By Skipp Porteous In 1990, _The_Freedom_Writer_ announced the "rebirth" of the religious right. At that time, many obse
glossola.htm Walk Away Glossolalia: the gift of gibberish By D. James Janes Strolling through the television one day, I encountered one of the many televangelists available for video perusal. Normally, the image of a
godslove.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 Robertson on God's love Virginia Beach, Virginia — Throughout history, from Biblical times until this day, every extremist movement has attempted to annihilate its enemies
gramm.htm Freedom Writer - April 1995 [ref001] Gramm's no cracker By Skipp Porteous Senator Phil Gramm of Texas, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, is no dummy. Bolstered by a barrel of
grinch.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] The GrinchEight years later By Valerie White, Esq. In December of 1986, I began my career as the grinch who stole Christmas. A friend and I complained to county and
guerilla.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] Guerillas in our midst By Holly Gunner In many communities across the country, parents and others who care about the quality of their schools have mounted strong oppos
guide.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Activist's guide:Coalition building A coalition, or alliance, consists of individuals or organizations working together in a common effort for a common purpose to
guide1.htm Freedom Writer - April 1996 ACTIVIST GUIDE Communication techniques Communication skills are crucial to the successful activist. Language communicates a message. A clear message highlights the real issue
guide2.htm Freedom Writer - April 1996 ACTIVIST GUIDE Mel White's soul force Last month the Rev. Mel White shared some of his principles for activists. While his religious philosophy may not be for everyone, we fee
hatred.htm Freedom Writer - February 1994 [ref001] Do-it-yourself hatred in Colorado Colorado for Family Values (CFV) has arguably led the campaign of hatred and bigotry against gays and lesbians. Now, based upon C
haveyou.htm Walk Away Have you walked away? If you have, your story can help our readers. Multitudes suffer from guilt and anxiety because they walked away from destructive religious groups. Others would walk away
hoyne.htm Walk Away Moody Bible graduate walks away By Skipp Porteous Fresh out of Moody Bible Institute, Jim Hoyne received his baptism of fire as a police recruit for the Chicago suburb of Addison, Illinois. A f
indx0196.htm [Image] January/February 1996 Table of contents Council for National Policy instrumental in government shutdown CNP rules and regulations Sampling of CNP members CNP leads the way in California Coalition's f
indx0396.htm [Image] March 1996 Table of contents Secret files menace doctors Pro-life faction safe from conspiracy charges Clinic violence: the python of choice Phillips sets tone for strategy briefing Texas precinct po
indx0496.htm [Image] April 1996 Table of contents On the road with Pat Buchanan Interview: Phillips on Buchanan Pat Buchanan: the politics of cluelessness Buchanan's narrow vision of America Turning back the clock in Ten
indx1195.htm [Image] November 1995 Table of contents * GOP shells out to Sheldon * Right victorious in Des Moines * Best of The Freedom Writer o Terrorist war against abortion o Robertson to televise second coming o Chris
indx1295.htm [Image] December 1995 Table of contents * Road to Armageddon * Pat Robertson quiz * Pat's postmodern Armageddon * Robertson fails as novelist * Diamonds are Robertson's best friend * Christian Coalition's Cat
invitati.htm Walk Away Beware these invitations When offered an invitation like any of these - beware! "You can increase your true potential by taking this special course." "Come and see what miracles God is performin
irs.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] New York church runs afoul of IRS In what scholars believe to be the first case of the Internal Revenue Service revoking a church's tax-exempt status for partisan politi
jan-94.htm Freedom Writer - January 1994 [ref001] January 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Coalition opens doors to public, but forgets welcome mat [ref003]New Coalition video aims to deceive; Robertson softens on abor
jan-95.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] January 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Profile: Chalcedon [ref003]Right victorious nationally [ref004]Winning GOP candidates receving 100% rating from the Christian Co
jews.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] Ultraconservative Jews pose threat By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. The Christian Coalition's fourth annual Road to Victory conference featured five ultraconservative Jewi
jul-94.htm Freedom Writer - July 1994 [ref001] July 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Graduation prayer advisory [ref003]What to do when the Religious Right comes to town [ref004]Project Choice = Project Hoax [ref005]Abor
jul-95.htm Freedom Writer - July/August 1995 [ref001] July/August 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Plot revealed to usurp Republicans in 1996 [ref003]Operation Rescue hits LA [ref004]How to write your Congressmen [ref005
jun-94.htm Freedom Writer - June 1994 [ref001] June 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Profile: Rutherford Institute [ref003]Legal perspective: is separation a myth? [ref004]Right responds to 'Schindler's List' [ref005]Rel
jun-95.htm Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] June 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Militia madness [ref003]Excerpts from the field manual of the Free Militia [ref004]Contract on the American Family [ref005]Clandestine
karrer.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 _How_the_Christian_Coalitionuses the Internet_ Like many organizations, the Christian Coalition is still a novice on the Internet. Nevertheless, key people in the organizat
kiryas.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] Kiryas Joel's impact on separation By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. On June 27, 1994, the Court decided Board of Education of _Kiryas_ Joel_v._Grumet_ (No 93-517). It captu
korea.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 _In_Korea,_world's_largest_churchhas tremendous political clout_ By Ju-lan Kim Over the past century, the world has been witness to the growth of Christianity throughout Wes
lader.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 BOOK REVIEW Lader's latest focuses on RU 486 A PRIVATE MATTER: RU 486 and the Abortion Crisis by Lawrence Lader. 257 pp. Prometheus Books (1995). In _A_Private_Matter_, Lawr
leaders.htm Freedom Writer - May 1994 [ref001] Christian leaders can helpdiminish anti-Semitism The Institute for First Amendment Studies believes that, although we may have political or theological differences, man
legal.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Legal update By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. U.S. District Court upholds Georgia "moment of silence" law Last fall we reported on the case of Brian Bown, a Georgia teache
lincoln.htm Walk Away Former Wheaton student walks away By Skipp Porteous The Scofield Reference Bible is a mainstay for Christian fundamentalists. C.I. Scofield, an early dispensationalist, produced the famous anno
madalyn.htm Freedom Writer - January/February 1996 Woman, Atheist, Anarchist _Madalyn_Murray_O'Hair,_76,_perhaps_the_world's_best-known_ atheist,_mysteriously_disappeared_last_August._Rumors_ abound._In_poor_health_i
maguire.htm Walk Away How I walked away By Patrick MaGuire I'll start at the beginning. I was born. It was a virgin birth, naturally. I can't imagine my mother having anything to do with sex. Of course, it did happe
manual.htm Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Excerpts from theField Manual of the Free Militia Biblical authority_ Before we can rightly consider arming and organizing ourselves as a militia, we must consider whet
mar-94.htm Freedom Writer - March 1994 [ref001] March 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Moon over Bridgeport [ref003]Peacocke gets ready to 'kick a little butt' [ref004]The net widens [ref005]Religious Right update [ref00
mar-95.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] March 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Profile: Christian Coalition [ref003]Pat Robertson's empire [ref004]Current concerns [ref005]Coalition activist booted from Fresno
may.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] What churches may do Conduct non-partisan voter registration/education drives. Host candidate forums where all are invited and are treated impartially. Distribute vo
may-94.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] May 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Anti-Semitism: its prevalence within the Christian Right [ref003]Christian leaders can help diminish anti-Semitism [ref004][ref005] Ret
may-95.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] May 1995 Table of contents [ref002]An olive branch with thorns? [ref003]Florida Minutemen [ref004]10 years ago: Sam Ervin's legacy [ref005]Feminazis versus machonazis [ref00
maynot.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] What churches may not do Endorse political candidates. Contribute to political candidates or PACs. Participate in fundraising projects for political candidates. Make
media.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] Telling your story to the media By Pat Lewis Working with the media is tough, but ignoring it is tougher. In the end, it's also a losing strategy. Ease the way by pl
members.htm Freedom Writer - January/February 1996 Sampling of CNP members National elected officials Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX), Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX), Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), Rep. Bob Dorna
miles.htm Walk Away How I walked away By Austin Miles Before being "saved" and initiated into the better life with Christ, I enjoyed a wonderful career as a circus ringmaster. I had money, a high public profile, r
militia.htm Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Militia madness By Skipp Porteous An hour and a half after the April 19 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the Institute for First Amend
minority.htm Freedom Writer - February 1994 [ref001] Coalition strategy courts minorities Declaring that the Christian Right will no longer "concede the minority community to the political left," Christian Coalition
minuteme.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] Florida Minutemen By Paula Xanthopoulou Last month, the Christian Coalition of Florida launched a unique marketing plan for recruiting neighborhood coordinators. Shamele
mobutu.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Friends of Pat When Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition holds its September convention in Washington, Republican Party luminaries from Bob Dole to Newt Gingrich t
moon.htm Freedom Writer - March 1994 [ref001] Moon over Bridgeport Controversy has roared, both before and after the 1992 takeover of the University of Bridgeport (UB), in Connecticut, by an arm of the Unificatio
myths.htm Freedom Writer - July 1994 [ref001] Abortion myths By Marlena Sobel Abortion is murder. Only a person can be murdered. Therefore, abortion is not murder unless one considers the fetus to be a person. Acc
nacecee.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] Profile:NACE/CEE he National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) was founded in 1983 as a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Citizens for Excell
name.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 BEST OF THE FREEDOM WRITER What's in a name? By Skipp Porteous _For_most,_it's_a_question_of_money._For_American_Continental_ Corporation,_it_is_a_question_of_morals._Widely_
net.htm Freedom Writer - March 1994 [ref001] The net widens In its efforts to "cast a wider net," thus expanding its voting bloc, Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition hopes to lure Catholics and conservative blac
newt.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] Newt set strategy for Religious Right— 10 years ago! "For us, AIDS is a great rallying cry." — Newt Gingrich House Speaker Newt Gingrich set the agenda for the R
nov-94.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] November 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Road to Victory [ref003]Church organization is key to Coalition's success [ref004]What churches may do [ref005]What churches
nrb.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] National Religious Broadcasterssnub Clinton at annual shindig Washington, DC -- With almost 4,000 in attendance, this year's National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Jan
nurember.htm Freedom Writer - March 1996 Secret files menace doctors By Skipp Porteous In preparation for the day when they hope abortion rights will be outlawed, the American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA) has l
oct-94.htm Freedom Writer - October 1994 [ref001] October 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Why we are concerned about the Religious Right [ref003]Using computers to fight the right [ref004]Kiryas Joel's impact on separa
oct-95.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 [ref001] October 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Road to Victory '95 [ref003]So much for 'casting a wider net' [ref004]Texans prepare to 'kick liberal boot' [ref005]How the Chris
official.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Keeping in touch with elected officials By Linda J. Yanney One thing elected officials do -- and do well -- is count. They count votes, they count contributions to t
olive.htm Freedom Writer - May 1995 [ref001] An olive branch with thorns? By Skipp Porteous Christian Coalition leader extends an olive branch to American Jews. Headlines of that sort appeared in papers across the
ontheroa.htm Freedom Writer - April 1996 On the road with Pat Buchanan By Adele M. Stan "We are on the verge of taking back our country as prelude to taking back the destiny of America," bellowed Patrick J. Buchanan
overview.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 _Road_to_Victory_'95_ By Skipp Porteous While the Christian Coalition's annual Road to Victory conference and strategy briefing is a political event, this year's meeting rea
particip.htm Freedom Writer - August 1994 [ref001] Who was there? Speakers Will Perkins Chairman of Colorado for Family Values Robert Linden Conference moderator and a production manager at Hewlett Packard John Eldridge Di
peacocke.htm Freedom Writer - March 1994 [ref001] Peacocke gets ready to 'kick a little butt' A California minister has proposed the formation of neighborhood militias as a way to fight crime. Dennis Peacocke, head o
phillips.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Dobson, Phillips form third-party pact Under the headline "Taxpayers Party urges Christians to prepare to bolt GOP," the July 6 _Washington_Post_ picked up the Ju
platform.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Simonds' 'exceptionally successful platform' Bob Simonds counsels school board candidates to "learn secular language in elections that is not Christianized so easil
plot.htm Freedom Writer - July/August 1996 [ref001] Plot revealed to usurpRepublicans in 1996 By Skipp Porteous In the likely event that the Republicans fail to nominate an ultra-conservative ticket at their 1996 c
pole.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] San Diego, CA — The fifth national observance of See You At the Pole is set for 7 a.m. on September 20, 1995. The Religious Right conceived the event as a way to
porteous.htm Walk Away How I walked away By Skipp Porteous As all Christian fundamentalists do, I grew up believing that "all scripture is by given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,
prayer.htm Freedom Writer - July 1994 [ref001] Graduation prayer advisory Public school officials should resist Religious Right pressure to include prayer in graduation ceremonies, according to Americans United for
precinct.htm Freedom Writer - March 1996 Texas precinct politics heats up By Liz Gore Reacting to a reactionary movement can be tricky business. I study the Christian right to understand the nature of the political p
profile.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 ACTIVISTPROFILE _Julie_Schollenberger_and_Paula_PileckiInstitute for the Study of the Religious Right_ One of _The_Freedom_Writer_'s new features is our Activist Profile.
promise.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Profile:Promise Keepers The Promise Keepers is the fastest-growing men's movement in America, and also the fastest-growing Religious Right group. This year, 600,00
proselyt.htm Walk Away Questions for proselytizers Extremists using biblical inerrancy dogmas have trained followers to inculcate and legislate their religion upon the rest of us. The practice of witholding relevant
question.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 _Question_of_the_month_ Who funds the Religious Right? This is probably the question most frequently asked by our readers. Many people think that if they could just pinpoi
quiz.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 _What_do_you_know_about_separation?_ The word God appears in the U.S. Constitution how often? _[ref001] not at all once six times The U.S. Constitution guarantees religious li
rapture.htm Walk Away The Rapture By Skipp Porteous The People's Tabernacle of Faith, a large wooden structure with peeling gray paint, reverberated with lively gospel singing, a hard-driven organ, and enthusiastic
recovery.htm Walk Away Recovery from religious abuse By Eric Merrill Budd What happens to individuals who have been psychologically abused and morally betrayed by fundamentalist cultic religious groups? how can they
reed.htm Freedom Writer - February 1995 [ref001] Reed masks Coalition's true agenda Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed recently took the American Jewish Congress (AJC) to task for falsely claiming
rescue.htm Freedom Writer - July/August 1995 [ref001] Operation Rescue hits LA By Paula Pilecki On Saturday, May 27, the anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue converged on Los Angeles and orchestrated a highly
resource.htm Walk Away Resources for walk aways Internet EX-TIAN. Internet mailing list for ex-Christians. Send an email message to [ref001] with _subscribe_EX-TIAN_firstname_ lastname_ in the
rhetoric.htm Freedom Writer - August 1994 [ref001] Responding to homophobic rhetoric Right-wing opponents to civil rights for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people use similar arguments and rhetoric around the country, w
rickross.htm Walk Away Interview: exit-counselor Rick Ross By Skipp Porteous Countless thousands of Americans have submitted their lives to the control of unscrupulous leaders who claim to be ordained by God. The lea
right.htm Freedom Writer - January 1995 [ref001] Right victorious nationally By Skipp Porteous Around mid-morning on Election Day, November 8, 1994, an Atlanta woman called me at my Massachusetts office. Having jus
robertso.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 Road to Armageddon By Skipp Porteous Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson is the undisputed king of religious broadcasting. Additionally, he is a significant figure in American po
roundup.htm Freedom Writer _Road_to_Victory_roundup_ David Barton David Barton, founder and president of the Texas-based Wallbuilders, often dresses in red, white, and blue attire. His presentation focused on defend
rtv.htm Freedom Writer [ref001] Road to Victory [ref002] [ref003] [ref004] [ref005] Left to right: Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed, former U.S. vice-president Dan Quayle, political strategist Pa
rtv-3.htm Freedom Writer - January 1994 [ref001] Coalition opens doors to public,but forgets the welcome mat Cloaked in secrecy in 1991 and 1992, this year's Road to Victory conference was allegedly open to the med
rules.htm Freedom Writer - January/February 1996 CNP rules and regulations In order to "allow open, uninhibited remarks" from the speakers, CNP members must adhere to strict rules regarding the meetings. A memoran
rush.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] Flush Rush! Lakeland, Florida -- Rush Limbaugh, the loud-mouthed darling of the Religious Right, has taken on an additional responsibility. With a reported $1 million
rutherfo.htm Freedom Writer - June 1994 [ref001] Profile:The Rutherford Institute The Institute for First Amendment Studies receives many calls concerning a number of Religious Right organizations. Near the top of the
safescho.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Massachusetts school meets challenge By Janice Doppler During the fall of 1993, a Safe Schools Task Force (SSTF) was formed at Hampshire Regional High School in ru
schindle.htm Freedom Writer - June 1994 [ref001] Right responds to 'Schindler's List' Great Barrington, Massachusetts -- At a special screening of _Schindler's_ List_ for high school students, anti-abortion radicals h
seigel.htm Walk Away Gideon leader walks away By Skipp Porteous Other than a bed, what is the item most commonly found in hotel and motel rooms throughout the world? If you answered a Gideon Bible, you're right. The
sep-94.htm Freedom Writer - September 1994 [ref001] September 1994 Table of contents [ref002]Is Jerry Falwell a liar? [ref003]Creationism: the growing threat [ref004]Religious Right update [ref005]Rob Schenck launches
sep-95.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] September 1995 Table of contents [ref002]Profile: Promise Keepers [ref003]OR founder calls for a Christian nation [ref004]Massachusetts school meets challenge [ref005
separati.htm Freedom Writer - June 1994 [ref001] Is separation a myth? By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution contains a mere 45 words, yet protects our individual rights to re
sheldon.htm Freedom Writer - November 1995 GOP shells out to Sheldon By Jerry Sloan Republicans in California are in an uproar because the week before the general election the state Republican Party paid $47,000 to
silence.htm Freedom Writer - December 1994 [ref001] Moment of silence in public schools By Barbara A. Simon, Esq. Thirty-two years ago in _Engel_v._Vitale_ the Supreme Court ruled that state-sponsored school prayer v
solicit.htm Freedom Writer - July/August [ref001] Oh, those letters! _The_Freedom_Writer_ office receives hundreds of direct mail solicitations each month. Some are bizarre; some are amusing. Here are a few excerpts
stealth.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] Stealth? Deception? You decide. The Christian Coalition claims it doesn't back candidates. It claims it doesn't run stealth campaigns. It claims its voter guides are
stoos.htm Freedom Writer - April 1995 [ref001] John Stoos reveals ...A hidden agenda? By Jerry Sloan Remarks by a leading figure closely associated with the Christian Coalition have fueled more accusations of anti-
support.htm Walk Away Recovering together: Support groups for walk aways By Eric Merrill Budd Why a support group? There are two good reasons for the establishment of support groups for former members of fundamentali
supreme.htm Freedom Writer [ref001] Potential church-state casesfor the 1994-1995 term The Court may decide to accept two church state cases for review this term. The first is a challenge by a group of Christian stud
tactics.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] Tactics of the Right Writing frequent, emotionally charged op-ed pieces and letters to the editor in local papers, with the result that a handful of people appear mor
taggart.htm Walk Away Five years in hell By Ron Taggart I woke up on June 17 and savored a number of things most take for granted: a decent amount of sleep, a bed, no physical threats or fear, a roof over my head, t
terry.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] By Skipp Porteous Randall Terry, founder of the radical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, recently told a gathering in Washington that he wants to build a Chr
texas.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 _Texans_prepare_to_'kick_liberal_boot'_ By Liz Gore For the Christian Coalition's Texas contingency, political priorities reside deep in the heart of lone star hearth and ho
tvc.htm Freedom Writer - April 1994 [ref001] TVC yanks short story from English curriculum In mid-February, California state education officials removed a short story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walke
ultimatu.htm Freedom Writer - March 1995 [ref001] Reed issues ultimatum to GOP WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Ralph Reed, executive director of the Christian Coalition, has sworn that the Religious Right would withdraw support
update.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 _Religious_Right_update_ Flip flips Jane Roe Dallas, TX – Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of the 1973 _Roe_v._Wade_ case in which the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion, b
video.htm Freedom Writer - January 1994 [ref001] New Coalition video aims to deceive;Robertson softens on abortion issue In its recently released video, "America at the Crossroads," the Christian Coalition attempt
violence.htm Freedom Writer - March 1996 Clinic violence:the python of choice By Anne Bower Like a python surrounding its prey, violence at the nation's reproductive health clinics is choking the life out of legal ab
warning.htm Walk Away Early warning signs These early warning signs, compiled by exit-counselor Rick Ross, may serve as a useful checklist to determine if you, a family member, or a friend has become involved in a
weyrich.htm Freedom Writer - October 1995 _The_rights_and_wrongsof the Religious Right_ Paul Weyrich is one of the top strategists of the Radical Religious Right. He is credited with persuading the Rev. Jerry Falwe
whattodo.htm Freedom Writer - July 1994 [ref001] What to do when theReligious Right comes to town Form a group to study and research the groups and activists in your area. Find out where they stand on the issues, an
winell.htm Walk Away Leaving the fold By Marlene Winell I was one serious kid. Despite my healthy sense of humor, I worried a lot about the Big Questions. When in bed with a severe cold, I pondered my death. Especi
wordspic.htm Freedom Writer - November 1994 [ref001] Road to Victory '95in words and pictures [ref002]Pat Robertson addressed the more than 3,000 activists in attendance at the Christian Coalition's 1994 Road to Vict
write.htm Freedom Writer - July/August 1995 [ref001] How to write your Congressmen One of the best ways to get your point of view to members of Congress is through a personal letter. Elected officials pay close at
wrong.htm Freedom Writer - April 1995 [ref001] What went wrong?The Religious Right and the American Jewish community By Edmund D. Cohen The recent cooperation of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with Delaware Valle
zaire.htm Freedom Writer - December 1995 Diamonds are Robertson's best friend By Ju-lan Kim Thirty-five years ago, Pat Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which laid the foundation for his


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