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childded.htm CHILD DEDICATION CEREMONY by Patricia Burnet April 1991 I light this candle in honor of Sara Estelle Burnet. I light this candle in honor of Kyla Anne Burnet. This ceremony is an opportunity for us to shar
creation.htm DEALING WITH "SCIENTIFIC" CREATIONISTS by Frederick Edwords An effective response to the political, social, and educational aspirations of so-called "scientific" creationists requires first an understandi
decpeace.htm A HUMANIST DECLARATION OF PEACE Throughout the ages, people of conscience have pondered the brutalizing character of war and the denial of human worth which it occasions. While the multitudes have follo
envjust.htm "What Do You Mean, Environmental Justice?" Sermon Delivered by the Rev. Ned Wight at Summit Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Sunday, November 28, 1993 Reading: "To Savor the World or Save It" by Richard
freethot.htm FREETHOUGHT CHALLENGES OF THE '90s by Frederick Edwords We live in a period of rapid technological and social change unparalleled in the history of the world. A significant number of trends, developments
globaldo.htm The Declaration of a Global Ethic The world is in agony. The agony is so pervasive and urgent that we are compelled to name its manifestations so that the depth of this pain may be made clear. Peace elud
humanism.htm WHAT IS HUMANISM ? by Frederick Edwords Executive Director, American Humanist Association What is humanism? The sort of answer you will get to that question depends on what sort of humanist you ask! The wor
humanist.htm Die Gedanken sind fri (German: "These thoughts are free") Die Gedanken sind frei My thoughts freely flower Die Gedanken sind frei My thoughts give me power, No scholar can map them No hunter can trap them No
humartdo.htm HUMANISM, REASON, AND THE ARTS by Frederick Edwords We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams; World-losers and world-forsak
huminter.htm SAMINTER.JTM - An brief interment ceremony originally done by James T. McCollum for the family of a person who died of AIDS MEMORIAL SERVICE for HAMISH MacTAGGART Mt. Hope Cemetary 21 December 1993 In the pre
humwed-1.htm HUMWED.JTM - A non-theistic Humanist wedding ceremony put together by James T. McCollum The Wedding Ceremony of ANGUS ANDREW MALCOLM and HEATHER JEAN CAMPBELL at the University of Rochester, Interfaith Chap
humwed-2.htm SAMPWED.JTM - A non-theistic wedding ceremony by James T. McCollum well suited to mixed faith marriages, where the couple are basically Humanists The Wedding Ceremony of ANGUS ANDREW MALCOLM and FLORA MacD
ingersol.htm VISIT THE BIRTHPLACE OF ROBERT G. INGERSOLL by Fred Edwords After years of planning and restoration, the Robert G. Ingersoll Birthplace Museum opened its doors to the public on June 2, 1993. It is now reg
kwanzaai.htm WHAT IS KWANZAA ? The word kwanzaa is Swahili and means "first fruits of the harvest." The celebration named Kwanzaa is an Afrikan-American holiday that was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga. Th
lebrun.htm HUMANISM WITH A CAPITAL H by Harvey Lebrun The indiscriminate use of the term "humanist" for anyone considered to be working for the good of humanity once led Paul Kurtz to ask in The Humanist magazine:
loveltr.htm LETTER TO TEENAGERS MAKING LOVE EMBRYOS Dear Ms. and Mr., Happiness comes easier to those who avoid being self-destructive; seldom will anyone hurt you more than you hurt yourself. Life replication is an a
manifest.htm American Humanist Association HUMANIST MANIFESTOS I AND II Humanist Manifesto I The Manifesto is a product of many minds. It was designed to represent a developing point of view, not a new creed. The in
meditat.htm NON-THEISTIC RELIGIOUS MEDITATION RITUAL by C. Lee Hubbell April 18, 1991 This ritual is non-theistic because it is grounded in the postulate there is no sort of God at all, neither the deity of theistic r
memlserv.htm A HUMANIST MEMORIAL SERVICE Compiled by Larry Reyka Humanist Chaplain Humanist Society of Friends ORDER OF SERVICE: Musical Opening Opening Words Candle Lighting Address Readings Eulogy/Personal Reflections Addi
morality.htm THE HUMAN BASIS OF LAWS AND ETHICS Without God, how can you be moral? by Frederick Edwords There is a tendency on the part of many theists to assume that the burden of proof is on the nontheist when it co
myth.htm MYTH AND SYMBOL IN THE PATTERN OF TRUTH by Frederick Edwords The same myths, the same symbols, can have vastly different meanings at different times and places. Myths and symbols need not be viewed as un
not-dead.htm CREATIONISM IS NOT DEAD by Frederick Edwords In the second half of 1987 and the first half of 1988, "scientific" creationists suffered three major court defeats in a row, their most significant legal loss
patriota.htm THE RELIGIOUS CHARACTER OF AMERICAN PATRIOTISM It's time to recognize our traditions and answer some hard questions by Frederick Edwords In the last few years, we have witnessed a number of patriotic celeb
periodic.htm HOW TO LABEL YOUR PERIODICAL ACCURATELY AS TO FREQUENCY OF ISSUE OCCASIONALLY Issued at irregular intervals BIANNUALLY Issued once every other year ANNUALLY Issued once per yea
poetseye.htm THE POET'S EYE Words: Jerry Atinsky Tune: Amazing Grace (American Gospel) The poet's eye looks down on me With visions I can see; Beyond the sounds of stubborn pride, And says I can be free. The dreamer wea
polandar.htm A CLERICAL AND PRESENT DANGER by Mieczyslaw Maneli The Catholic Church is Polish democracy's: (a) best friend; (b) worst enemy; or (c) both. How does this represent the threat of author- itarian reaction i
populate.htm THE VATICAN AND WORLD POPULATION POLICY An Interview with Milton P. Siegel by Stephen D. Mumford There is a growing consensus among international public health leaders that the gains made by their earlies
positive.htm POSITIVE HUMANISM by Gerald A. Larue, Ph.D. There is a certain aspect of Humanism that inspires a Humanist to debunk the superstitious and simplistic assumptions of pseudoscience and organized religion.
pres-aha.htm HISTORICAL LIST OF THE PRESIDENTS OF THE AHA 1941 through 1943: Raymond B. Bragg, Unitarian minister 1944 through 1946: E. Burdette Backus, Unitarian minister 1947 through 1948: J. Hutton Hynd, Ethica
progress.htm TOWARD A PROGRESSIVE PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY by Larry Reyka, Administrator The Humanist Special Interest Group What is it that progressive social action groups have in common with one another? I believe it t
promise.htm THE PROMISE OF HUMANISM by Frederick Edwords Every religion has its promise, the special reward it offers to the faithful. Such a promise is often the main feature that attracts outsiders in. As such, i
relright.htm GETTING OUT "GOD'S" VOTE: PAT ROBERTSON AND THE EVANGELICALS by Frederick Edwords and Stephen McCabe (As published in the May/June 1987 issue of The Humanist, with additional bibliographic material provid
rybwsng.htm Red and Yellow, Black and White (to the tune of Gale Garnett's Prism Song, 1964) Copyright 1992 by Musetta Giles (Humanist and Mensa publications may reprint freely as long as the whole song, the backgrou
school.htm SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS: COUNTERING THE FUNDAMENTALISTS by Frank Prahl Within the past decade, Texas Governor. Mark White, with the help of Ross Perot, replaced a fundamentalist dominated state school bo
service.htm DETAILED ORDER OF SERVICE FOR WORLD HUMANIST DAY Orgon or piano: Eighteenth Century fanfare. Reader: Our ancient reading is from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Come fill the Cup, and in the fire of Sprin
speakerd.htm To all TV and Radio reporters and talk show hosts: IS SECULAR HUMANISM A THREAT OR AN OPPORTUNITY? Are there REALLY Secular Humanists out there, or are they just a figment of the Religious Right? And if
stoicism.htm ANCIENT STOICISM AND RATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: HUMANISTIC WAYS TO MENTAL HEALTH by Frederick Edwords "To be a philosopher," said Thoreau, "is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, bu
suckered.htm I Was Suckered Into A Debate--And Survived! Fred K. Parrish (C) Copyright 1988 by Fred K. Parrish Dr. Parrish is an associate professor of biology at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He received his
thebible.htm SOME REASONS WHY HUMANISTS REJECT THE BIBLE by Joseph C. Sommer Introduction: This article sets forth some reasons why Humanists assert that the Bible is not the word of God. Humanists are convinced that
uuhymnsn.htm NOT TO OUR DENOMINATION by Rev. C.G. Raible Not to our denomination Comes a moment to decide; Ev'ry question is kept open, Never do we take a side. Hesitation is a virtue, Now is not the time to choose. Safet
vital.htm LIFE IS TO BE LIVED NOW: A VITAL, PERSONAL HUMANISM by Frederick Edwords Executive Director, American Humanist Association When one hears the word Humanism, one thinks of that philosophy spelled out in do
wedding.htm A FORMAL HUMANIST WEDDING WITH FULL ORCHESTRA Opening music: Processional (Early part of second movement of Beethoven's fifth symphony) [Bride and groom enter from opposite sides of the room, come to the
weddings.htm WEDDING SERVICES (Compiled by Revs Maureen and Carl Thitchener) CEREMONY PROCESSIONAL OPENING WORDS (Select one or more of following.) A-1 Marriage is a relationship which embodies all the warm and preci
whybaddo.htm ON THE ISSUE OF WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN... by David B. McCalmont When people who believe in the existence of a kind, all-knowing, and all-powerful god are asked why such a god permits so much cruelty, tortur
ynotuudo.htm WHY I AM NOT A UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST by Larry Reyka, Humanist Chaplain Humanist Society of Friends INTRODUCTION: This was my last sermon preached from a Unitatian Universalist pulpit, it was delivered in


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