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1124.htm [This nonsense was downloaded from a Nazi-4-Christ (Oops! I mean a Computers-4-Christ) BBS. Not a single word is correct (hell, the math doesn't even add up to what the author(s) says it does!) and no re
adamhst.htm In Adamic historical theory, the first man, Adam, was the first kingdom- founder on earth, the originator of the monotheistic concept of kingship--i.e. the idea of supreme authority vested in an individ
adl_abrt.htm ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE, CATHOLICS FOR CHOICE: ABORTION OUR ``RELIGIOUS'' RIGHT CLUB OF LIFE by Linda Everett Among the dozens of <amicus curiae> briefs entered in the abortion cases the U.S. Supreme Court
boycottl.htm To: All who abhor the recent trends in network broadcast | | standards.
catolog.htm Computer Applications in Religious Research (CARR) [ARCNL01] ARC Bibliographic System ARC Bibliographic SearchesWhite papers are scholarly research papers with the highest degree of quality research, wr
chcults.htm April 20, 1990 CHRISTIAN CULTS GROWTH & THREAT OF CHRISTIAN CULTS The rapid growth of Christian cults combined with the very real threat which they pose to Biblical Christianity requires that t
chrisci.htm CRITIQUE SHEET: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE INCORPORATED NAME: Church of Chirst, Scientist COMMON DESCRIPTORS: Christian Science, CS FOUNDER: Mary Baker Eddy CURRENT PRESIDENT: Ruth Elizabeth Jenks
cruelcol.htm TESTIMONY OF A FORMER JEHOVAHS WITNESS by Ted Crisp Roland Gruel, now 83 years old, first came in contact with the Jehovahs Witnesses in 1925. His father, a farmer, boarded a young girl whose
crysball.htm SERMONETTE #2/6 20 November 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship "The Crystal Ball" Coming events cast their shadow before Oracle There are many psychics, prophets and for
cult.htm NOTICE: THE FOLLOWING IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. (Signed) Sam Cook WHAT IS A CULT? According to Walter Martin in his widely acclaimed book, "The Kingdom of the Cults", a cult is hereby defined: Quoting
cult12.htm CULT DECEPTIONS AND TRICKERY: CULT RECRUITING TECHNIQUES . In a majority of cases, those who join cults do not necessarily hold to the beliefs of the cult. Rather, the cult meets some needs or desire
cultbbs.htm [A list of cult-sponsored BBSs] CHRISTIAN COMPUTER SERVICES (Updated 12/21/89) ( *> = New Listing ) (??? = Not sure of the status) Abbot Loop Family Computer Net AK % (907) 522-3806 24 Hour Ideas Unli
d&d-game.htm DUNGEONS & DRAGONS..... THE GAME Mind against mind, the battle rages on with only the sharpest and fastest thinkers going out ahead of the pack of hungry and fighting players as each scheme and
def.htm DEFINFIONS OF "CULT' ARTICULATION REQUIRED Today, because the term"cult" is fraught with assorted shades of connotations as well as denotations, confusion is rampant over its meaning. Its use ranges from
devlplay.htm SERMONETTE #20 09 June 1985 Rainbow Revelations Fellowship "The Devil's Playground" While passing through the Mojave Desert on the way to Las Vegas there is a
dialogue.htm OPEN DAILOGUE by Keith Edwart Tolbert Just over a month ago, Open Dailogue, the TV program of ARC, piloted on TV-20 in Detroit. Certainly it must be considered the hand of
easterki.htm To: All Users Msg #225, 11-Apr-90 03:21am Subject: Easter and Passover EASTER AND THE PASSOVER The winter is past and spring rains wash the air and leaving a freshness
endor1.htm SERMONETTE # 7 24 April 1985 First Church of Computer Science "The Road to Endor" PART I Many have traveled the road to Endor. This is the road of no return. Meta
endor2.htm SERMONETTE # 8 28 April 1985 First Church of Computer Science "The Road to Endor" PART II The familiar Witch riding on a broom stick or the magic carpet of the Arabi
endor3.htm SERMONETTE #9 1 MAY 1985 First Church of Computer Science 'The Road to Endor' Part III Conclusion Hypnotic trance or mesmerism, named after Franz Mesmer, was received wi
evolutn.htm Volume 1, Number 2 April 1985 A publication for the members of SOR We have so much to report this time, I don't know if we can squeeze it all on to four pages. First, as you will notice, we have finished
facts.htm ????? Evolution ????? I have talked with so many people that "believe" evolution is practically scientific fact, yet they have not examined the facts for themselves. When you go out looking for a job, y
g-scottm.htm Msg#: 3615 *RADICAL_BIBLE* 03/27/89 11:24:04 (Read 17 Times) To: ALL Subj: DR. GENE SCOTT Although there exists a feverish interest in front-page TV-evangelist scandal, several of these "saints seem to avo
hallsuit.htm Halloween-Satan Tie Spurs Feud FREDERICK, Md. (AP) - Fewer students in ghost and goblin get-ups will be parading through the halls of Frederick County schools this Halloween because of some parents' comp
hellgate.htm TO: All SUBJECT: THE GATES OF HELL OPENED? Scientists are afraid that they have opened the gates to hell. A geological group who drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers deep (about 9 miles) in the crust o
hem_orar.htm OREGON STATE REP TO INTRODUCE HEMLOCK SOCIETY'S NAZI [sic] LETHAL INJECTION BILL CLUB OF LIFE by Linda Everett Some Oregon legislators think they have found the final solution for shrinking Oregon's state bu
ignoranc.htm = This file was downloaded from a Christian occult = = BBS, and should be regarded as suspect in areas of = = factuality. The Christian cult has seldom displayed = = any aversion to lyi
illumind.htm [The make-believed "facts" on the birth and survival of Illuminati. Note that none of this is correct.] T H E I L L U M I N A T I . . . . R E A L O R I M A G I N E D ? NO SECRETS HID FROM GOD! In recen
infocom.htm RELIGIOUS FRINGE HAS OWN IDEAS ABOUT INFOCOM By Steve Meretzky, in "The Status Line," Winter/Spring 1987, p. 8. Pat Robertson isn't president yet, but that hasn't stopped a lot of religious fringe types
isue02d.htm Introduction: . The following is an essay written by Darren Molitor, a former D&D player. Darren was a very devout D&D player who sometimes played marathon games that lasted for days. . The friends
isue04c.htm ARE THE HEATHEN LOST ? By Dr. Paul E. Griffis . The answer to this question is simple and conclusive - YES. There can be only one answer. The heathen are lost! They will die in their sins, without G
isue04k.htm WHAT DO WE HAVE TO EAT? . As far back as I can remember mature Christians around me have talked about sermons as MILK or MEAT. I don't remember ever asking any of them what they mean by these terms,
isue07d.htm THE OUIJA BOARD Is it really a harmless game? . A harmless game? "It's fun to play Ouija Board!" "It scared me!" "It shocked me with the things it told me!" These are just some of the remarks you hear
isue07e.htm THE DOOM OF SATAN'S LIE . A strange and mysterious struggle is going on within our world. It affects our whole Society, not for Good but Evil. . What is happening? A struggle is going on between
isue07f.htm Satan... . Why would a loving, true God allow suffering, murder, crime, and bad things to take place? Is one of the questions that I often hear. The answer is quite simple; it's not God who is doin
isue07g.htm SATANISM ON THE INCREASE . The rapid growth of Satan worship and similarly related cults has many people worried. Law enforcement agencies, clergy, and even animal-rights activists are dealing with a
jesusflm.htm "The Last Temptation of Christ"--Facts Origin of the Story: Nikos Kazantzakis wrote a fictional novel, "The Last Temptation of Christ", for which he was excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox Church. The
jhvhwit.htm DEALING WITH JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES by Major Matt Mason Saturday morning, 10 AM. I'm quietly conducting a Q-scan on this very board when the doorbell rings. Leaving the Mac, I go into the hall and look out.
jwcol.htm A DONATION OF WATCHTOWER MATERIAL by Ted Crisp "What a Jehovahs Witness treasure chest!" Keith exclaimed when he first saw just a part of the large donation of Watchtower Bible & Tract Society books g
jwcritiq.htm INCORPORATED NAME: Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania COMMON DESCRIPTORS: Jehovah's Witnesses, Witnesses, Russellites, JW's FOUNDER: Charles Taze Russell CURRENT PRESIDENT: Fredrick W. Fran
kidscult.htm CULTS and KIDS A Study of Coercion By Robert W. Dellinger BACKGROUND ..... "There's always a pretty good numbgr of self-appointed pied pipers, self-appointed messi
killeast.htm KILL THE EASTER BUNNY The Lord is after your Easter bunny. Will you let him kill it? God wants to bless His people with a deep understanding of His Holy Word. Will we let God show us life through death
mason.htm SO MOTE IT BE THE QUESTION OF FREEMASONRY The question of the Christian stand regarding Freemasonry seems to confront our ministry at every turn lately. Because we have seen the exact parallels
morm-rit.htm THE TEMPLE CEREMONIES . Throughout the following account of the Temple ceremonies certain explanatory notes have been added to help you understand the flow of events. The temple ceremonies are set fo
naconspr.htm THE NEW AGE CONSPIRACY How certain elements of the Evangelical Christian movement sees Occult, Human Potential, Holistic and Pagan groups by Michelle Klein-Hass Editor, The Christian Hate Archives (XIANHA
namcon.htm A NEW AGE OVERVIEW From time immemorial man has grappled with himself and his environment. Deep down, He knows something is amiss: men kill each other, children are maimed in a tornado and people starve
namsem.htm SEMINAR NOTES ON THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT By Robert Hill, editor Keith E. Tolbert, director of ARC Fellowship, presented a two-day seminar November 4th and 5th, sponsored by Fairlane Assembly of God, Dear
newworld.htm THE NEW WORLD TRANSLATION by Keith Edward Tolbert by Robert Hill Dr. Robert Countess delivered a major paper at the 2nd annual ARC symposium. His paper titled, "A Critique Of The New World Translation: A
noriegar.htm Expert Scrutinizes Noriega's Rituals By, Larry Jolidon USA TODAY PANAMA CITY --- Army Chief Warrent Officer James Dibble easily has the oddest task of the U.S. invasion force here: He must sort out Manuel
othr13.htm A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF WORLD RELIGIONS AND CHRISTIANITY by Edward Rommen 1. INTRODUCTION Few of us would question the fact that we live in a religiously pluralistic world. In fact, the ever increasing expos
othr27.htm Satan and Satanism by M. F. Unger and I. Hexham Satan (Heb. satan, "adversary"). The devil, a high angelic creature who, before the creation of the human race, rebelled against the Creator and bec
renincr.htm REINCARNATION/KARMA PHILOSOPHY CRITIQUE SHEET A Publication of Apologetic Research Coalition INCORPORAFD NAME: Reincarnation is not a particular organization, but a doctrine held by several world religio
rosc.htm CULT 009 ROSICRUCIANS The claim is made by R. Swinburne Clymer in his book THE SECRET SCHOOLS that "the founders of the Rosicrucian system, were originally identical with the Chaldeans" (Page 16). On the o
satan5.htm To: Ann Waldrum Msg #223, 08-Feb-90 10:22pm Subject: Satanism Anyone who claimed that they could give you a succinct overview of Satanism is probably about as credible a
sataninc.htm SATANISM ON THE INCREASE . The rapid growth of Satan worship and similarly related cults has many people worried. Law enforcement agencies, clergy, and even animal-rights activists are dealing with a
science.htm SCIENTOTLGY CRITIQUE SHEET A Publication of Apologetic Research Coalition INCORPORATED NAME - Church of Scientology COMMON DESCRIPTORS - Scientology, Dianetics, International Association of Scientologist
shakers.htm THE SHAKERS / ONEIDA COMMUNITY by Randall Hillebrand (Part One) The Shakers and the Oneida Community were contemporaries for approximately 31 years from 1848 to 1880. This was the approximate length of t
testimoy.htm TESTIMONY OF A FORMER CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST by Keith Edward Tolbert Vincent Perna, a former Christian Scientist, has donated his entire Christian Science collection to the Library of Apologetic Research Coa
theway.htm THE WAY INTERNATIONAL CRITIQUE SHEET A Pubulication of Apologetic Research Coalition INCORPORATED NAME: The Way International, Inc. COMMON DESCRIPTORS: The Way, Way Corps, WOW Ambassadors FOUNDER: Victor
unity.htm UNITY CRITIQUE SHEET A Publication of Apologetic Research Coalitin INCORPORATED NAME: Unity School of Christianity, Inc. COMMON DESCRlPTORS: Unity, New Thought, Practical Christianity FOUNDER
upci.htm UPCI CRITIQUE SHEET A Pubilcation of Apologetic Reasearch Coalitin INCORPORATED NAME: United Pentecostal Church International, Inc. COMMON DESCRIPTORS: UPCl, Jesus Only, Oneness, New Issue,
walton.htm by Keith Edward Tolbert Judy Norton Taylor, former TV star of The Waltons, has recently turned to exploiting her bygone celebrity status for promoting Dianetics, the controversial self-help book writt
wit01.htm TRACTS A good tool for sharing Christ (evangelism) and defending the faith (apologetics) are tracts. Tracts are handout mini-messages for presenting the Gospel. Tracts can be handed out personally, put o
wit03.htm BIBLE TAPES Downtime. Youre traveling back and forth to work or school. Youre stuck in traffic, when youre waiting for your wife, husband or kids. What can you do with your downtime? Use it wisely an
witchhat.htm "Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live." Exodus 22:18 Witchcraft/Wicca/Neopaganism/Druidism -- What does the Bible say? THE TRUTH OF THE HOLY BIBLE The existence of Witches goes back into antiquity just
worldwid.htm WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD CRITIQUE SHEET INCORP0RATED NAME: Worldwide Church of God, Inc. )lJlJ0N DESCRIPTORS: Worldwide Church, WCG, Radio Church of God, Armstrongism FOUNDER: Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-198


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