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Here you will find The Skeptic Tank's main text archives. This main index will eventually provide links to over 130 sub-index web pages which in turn will provide links to well over 60,000 HTML pages -- text files which have been converted into HTML to allow search engines like AltaVista and Google to find and index.

Thank you Zenon for your firm conviction that information wants to be free. Information is power and it is hoped that these large archives will empower everyone who puts these archives to good use (as opposed to evil. <smile>) If you wish to contribute to this effort by submitting manuscripts and texts of your own creation, please feel free to submit them through e-mail so that others may benefit from your works.

conspire directory Conspiracy buffs. Here you will find a great many text files on a broad spectrum of conspiracies and such. Strap your foil hat on tightly and don't forget to ground yourself when reviewing these.

cultinfo directory Cult information. Every religion is a cult. Every religion meets the primary, secondary, and tercerary definition of contemporary word usage of the term "cult." These files cover all cults, not just those that warring cults like to call cults.

skeptic2 directory More Skeptically oriented files. The age of the Earth, why Mike Warnke is an unmitigated liar -- and why he knows he is.

religion directory A few Religion files. Newspaper articles, religious beliefs et al. The most valuable document within in FORGERY IN CHRISTIANITY by Joseph Wheless -- a must have!

newest directory Many of the text files deal with the allegations that the CIA is mostly responsible for the spread of cocaine among various ethnic groups in the United States. A great many newspaper articles on all kinds of things. Christian Clergy rape of children is a major newspaper coverage as well.

books directory Books on disk. Here you will find a large variety of books that have been collected over the years. There are also a large number of other texts collected along the years.

crank directory Crank "Science" Files. Tesla factors greatly in these archives as do many other lunatic pseudo-science assertions.

cwr directory Within these files you will find information which debunks the religious beliefs of Christians about Wicca and Pagani. These contain text from the old Cult Watch Response which has closed it doors after many successful years debunking nonsense.

evo2 directory Even after reviewing the directly-observed instances of evolution and speciation, Creationists are incapable of accepting the undeniable fact of evolution. Are Creationists insane? Could be. Probably.

evolut directory Within these files you will find Creationist debunking materials and detailed information on how and why evolution takes place, what the fossil record shows, what laboratory experiments prove et al.

ezine directory A sample of the electronic magazines that one can acquire around various networks is provided here.

ark directory Creationist Ark nonsense. Sun Pictures perpetuates hoaxes for their idiot gods, with a lot of help from CBS and the insane ICR cult. What kind of nut believes Creationist claptrap? Shouldn't Creationists be locked up and looked after for their own good? No, but they can't be ignored since they actively work to adversely impact the quality of science and reason.

aclu directory A few American Civil Librties Union files. There will probably be some attempt in the future to expand this archive somewhat.

atheist directory Atheist files. These files contain a great deal of information on all aspects of atheism, ranging from the political oppression of non-Christians in America to the hate-laws that fundamentalists seek to enact against homosexuals. It also contains a great many newspaper reviews of sexual mollestaion and rape of children by Christian clergy and other newspaper reports of lunatic followers doing the most stupidist of ignorant things for their gods.

false directory The growing problem of False Memory Syndrome and what motivates therapists to implant false memories is covered in detail here. Find out what the new trends are in destructive religion-motivated pseudo-psychology.

faq directory FAQ files on various topics. These Frequently Asked Questions Files cover several topics.

hate directory Hate files. A few hate files specifically directed toward Jews. I have been asked to remove these files many times yet the answer is always the same: It is best to expose those who hate out in public than to force them underground where they can't be watched.

human directory Welcome to this interesting collection of articles, essays, commentaries, lists, etc. I hope you find it as stimulating in the reading as we found it in the writing and compiling.

icr directory Creationist cults. The Institute for Creation Research is a religious cult which does no research, publishes no peer-reviewed materials in any journal, staffed by self-proclaimed "professors" which lack any discernable credentials in the field within which they pontificate. In brief, they're insane and they want their ignorant and gullible followers to be just as insane asd they are. Indeed, the ICR is commonly refered to as the "Institute for Credulous Retards." Review this insane nonsense and you'll see why.

ignor directory Ignorance. Mostly of a religious kind. Text files within this folder cover a great many topis, ranging from the most stupid of ignorance-motivated beliefs about Holoween to the totally silly beliefs about board games being "tools of Satan."

aj directory Alan Jennings ("The Bish") files from the Holy Cloakroom and CompuChurch. Rev. Jenings runs a highly successful ministry which seeks to ordain potential and new ministers through the mail or right on-line while you wait. The church advocates reason and rationality rather than dogmatic occultism and ahearance to supersition though it's membership isn't completely free from scientific ignorance. ELVIS thinks you're NEAT! Distributed by The Church of Elvis via CompuChurch (tm) 504-927-4509. For Information, send S.A.S.E to: The Church of Elvis, P.O.Box 64575, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575

krish directory Please be aware that the sysop In =NO= =WAY= endorses, nor supports, the Krishna movement. Most of these files are decidedly counter-Krishna consciousness. They're the accumulation of archives from numerous sources.

nazi directory They are a very small sample of a very real and present danger America faces -- the myth of "White Supremacy." Hate needs no excuse, but it does need a target.

neocat directory Creationist nonsense redux. We once again get a good look at the type of scholarship employed by Creationists (that is, none whatsoever.)

origins directory Talk Origins files: Creationist debunkings and scientific discussions of the origins of life. These archives cover the debunking of Creationist lunatic pseudo-science beliefs.

rumor directory Various Rumors and reports of "Satanic rituals" that get performed around the world. These archives contain accusations against unspecific religious groups and individuals as well as debunkings of same -- often from members of the maligned group or individual.

science directory Science. Here are some science texts which might be quite useful for a number of school papers and research assignments.

scifi directory Science fiction, television, books, movies; mostly Star Trek.

silly directory Silly nonsense from aliens taking over the government to Bob.

skep2 directory Science, Pseudo-Science, Religion, and Skepticism (Skeptical files 2) Additional files covering Creationism and the hoaxes that Creationists attempt to pull.

skeptic2 directory More Skeptic files. Newsletters from organized skeptics groups can also be found within theis folder, several of which groups are still running strong.

subgen directory Church of the SubGenuius. What about Bob?

tanj directory There Aint No Justice.

think directory Thinker files. Text files pulled from another site's archives. All kinds of intellectual text files have been collected and placed here.

tos directory Role Playing Game information and a number of other related issues. These files don't cover the Christanic belief that playing games has something to do with their 'Satan' god.

ufo1 directory Silly UFO Nonsense. These archives contain a great many files on flying saucers, government conspiracies, alien abductions... you know the story; you want to believe!

ufo2 directory Even More Silly UFO Nonsense. Flying Saucer hoaxes exposed. Is George Bush an alien from another planet (I've always said so.) Area 51?

urban directory Urban legends. Everyone loves an urban legend.

waco directory Waco Texas. Here are some files which talk about the slaughter of the Branch Davidians by the combined forces of the FBI and the BATF. Some of the text files you'll find here are written by right-wing extremist gun nuts that are profoundly insane -- to the point that they call themselves "militia" and "General." One of the most widely known insane nutter of that genre is Linda Thompson who was given the title "Hate Queen" by none other than the National Enquirer which runs hard news from time to time.

weird directory Weirdbase Files. These files were pulled from Brad Hick's Weirdbase archives. They cover many years of newspaper articles and issues.

misctext directory Even more various text files. A broad spectrum of issues are carried in this folder. Evolution, UFOs, Creationist nonsense...

atheist2 directory More atheist related text files.

newbooks directory New Books on Disk. This is the second folder which contains ASCII books.

mcdowell directory Josh McDowell Gets Debunked. McDowell holds no discernable credentials in any of the areas that he professes expertiece within. He remains, however, one of the most widely-believed liars for the Christian pantheon in contemporary times. These archives debunk his religious beliefs utterly.

moretext directory Even More Text Files (Mostly related to religion.) Newspaper articles and such as well as informational text files pulled from a variety of discussion forums.

fbi directory The official FBI explanation of the FBI's murdering of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge is an interesting story -- and it certainly sounds like a total fabrication by government liars.

nullif directory Nullifidian Magazine (anti religion)

skmag directory Skeptic Magazine (Skeptics Society) articles. Skeptic Magazine is published by the Skeptics Society out of the Los Angeles area. It is by far the best, most informative skeptics publication.

sciento directory Within these archives you'll find information on the Scientology cult ranging from its criminal activites to what the cult is all about; materials it sells to the ignorant is discussed with "Fair Use" extracts provided to underscore the validity of the text.

pk directory Information about the Promise Keeper cult. The Promise Keeper cult is an organization which hates women and uses the classical Christanic mythologies to justify the oppression of women -- all under the rhetoric of "being of service" to women. Knuckle dragging Neanderthals, actually, pretty much describes these "promise keepers."

belliq directory They finance mock "research" which is specifically designed to "prove" that non-whites are inferior to whites, mostly along I. Q. In other words, they're racist asshole bastards. Can't stand 'em.

xhate directory Christian Hatred Files. Disgusting but informational. These files are a must if you're researching the history of oppression of domestic populations.

sr directory These files are debunkings of beliefs that the classical Christanic mythologies contain no errors or contradictions.

fw directory Institute for First Amendment Studies Freedom Writer / Walk Away. This archive contains copies of the Freedom Writer, describing what the extremist Religious Right are up to. Additionally it contains Walk Away, the newsletter created to help Fundamentalist walk away from the more destructive brands of Christianity in favor of something a little more reasonable.

almanac directory Ken McVey maintains extensive research materials on hate groups, right wing extremist groups, and religious groups which advocate the installment of theocracy or the obliteration of non-Christian nations.

rich directory The Skeptic Tank is now accumulating information directly from right-wing conspiracy-minded BBSs around the world. To start us off, Rich Allen, a Nazi Christian fascist, fully exposes himself.

hacker directory Hacker Corner / Computer Underground Digest. As you can see there is some attempt to keep these archives current. As new issues of magazines are produced, I will do my best to acquire them and put them here.

new directory Scientology, flying saucers, all kinds of conspiracy beliefs, computer hacking, murder of children for the gods -- it's all here.

socialis directory Socialism Online files. These files were pulled from the "Socialism Online" service -- a BBS which is still in operation today. The subject materials cover much more than socialism.

misc2 directory All kinds of text files covering a great many topics. Find out if the American govwernment is responsible for creating AIDS! Listen to Steve Winter throw a Christanic curse on another Christian!

cults directory The authorship of these files on cults has his or her own motivations for providing them and will contain his or her own bias.

hitler directory Adolf Hitler: Many people pretend he wasn't a Christian. In fact Hitler was a devout Christian right up until the day he killed himself. Hitler was many things, true, yet he was most certainly a Christian. It's time that people accepted the fact anf got over it -- not to mentionr recognize Christianity has historically been (and continues to be) a tool of evil.

bones directory A Creationist nut wants to pretend that a rock he looked at is a human bone.

randi directory James Randi is a conjurer and a magician... He's also a liar -- and he feels good about it! When he's not entertaining with magic, he's debunking those who use magic to bilk the ignorant out of their money.

mom directory The "Mysterious Origins of Man" hoax perped by Bill H. Cote gets soundly debunked. MOM was a horridly silly religious show which pretended to be a scientific documentary on CBS. Some people probably actually fell for Cote's hoax but nobody with any education whatsoever fell for it. In my opinion, Cote needs to be sedated and put in a home so that he can be looked after, juding from his insane notions.

flateart directory Currently all believers in a flat Earth in westernized civilizations are Creationist Christians who believe the Christian mythologies over what their own senses and reason tells them.

liarclub directory There is a Christan cult on the undernet IRC server called #apologetics. The cult members try to convince each other that they have evidence for their deity constructs while at the same time pretending that their own cult is something unique that didn't have its basis in many previous religions (such as Mithra, Loki, Summerian grain gods etc. and et al.)

anarchy directory Only a couple anarchy-type books. The Skeptic Tank no longer helps distribute specific bomb-makig materials as the information was being misused.

Mysteria part 1 directory These are over 700 of the 2,800 or so Mysteria files -- part 1 of 5. These are part of the massive Mysteria archives and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, usually of a paranormal or strange nature.

Mysteria part 2 directory These are around 730 of the over 2,800 Mysteria files -- part 2 of 5 These are part of the massive Mysteria archives and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, usually of a paranormal or strange nature.

Mysteria part 3 directory These are around 740 of the over 2,800 Mysteria files -- part 3 of 5 These are part of the massive Mysteria archives and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, usually of a paranormal or strange nature.

Mysteria part 4 directory These are around 740 of the over 2,800 Mysteria files -- part 4 of 5 These are part of the massive Mysteria archives and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, usually of a paranormal or strange nature.

Mysteria part 5 directory These are around 760 of the over 2,800 Mysteria files -- part 5 of 5 These are part of the massive Mysteria archives and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, usually of a paranormal or strange nature.

cia-drug directory The latest news during October 1996 is that the the United States terrorist organization known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been heavilly involved in trafficing in crack cocain since the 1960's deliberately to suppress the domestic black populace and to keep them down. The stories have taken on all the attributes of an urban legend except that it should more properly be considered a national hoax. The difficulty of just passing off the stories as nonsense stems from the history of the CIA's involvement in selling drugs for firearms and firearms for drugs to support "freedom fighters" in other countries. (Cnl. Oliver North's admissions of guilt were validated.) The history of the CIA lends credability to this latest series of allegations and it's certain to be a long-lasting topic among conspiracy buffs and human rights organizations. The Chairman of The Skeptic Tank routinely archives urban legend stories such as these and makes them available to the general public as a matter of the Tank's charter -- we don't often hold the opinion expressed within these archives. - flr

evenmore directory Here there are more text files describing the debunking of religious fundamentalist beliefs (such as Creationism) as well as text files covering newspaper accounts of fundamentalist evils of late.

gay directory Among these files you will find samples of hate laws enacted (or atempted) against homosexuals in the United States -- all of which have been found unconstitutional. The extremist Religious Reigh needs an outgroup to demonize. Gays are it this year -- you will be it next year.

american directory American Atheists archives. These archive files were pulled from the American Atheist archive server on 27/Feb/97. The Skeptic Tank will make an effort to keep this folder updated.

cp002 directory The files in this area concern various groups historically linked with, or rumored to be, members or offshoots of the mytholigical "Illuminati." The nonsense contained within this folder is really freakish, to say the least. The contents of the Rosicrucian cult are the rantings of insane lunatics -- download a few and see for yourself.

cp003 directory MOOism is a Canadian based organization involving conspiracy and alternative religious beliefs.

cp004 directory Various strange things concerning MOOism.

en001 directory Television stuff, Monty Python skits and songs

en002 directory Various text files concerning conspiracies, strange pheudoscience, anarchy, and a broad spectrum of topics

en003 directory Part 1: Music, songs, words, news stories, things not suitable for children.

en004 directory Part 2: Music, songs, words, news stories, things not suitable for children.

in001 directory Artificial life newsletters, Anime stuff, newspaper articles about things expected in the future, various electronic magazines.

md001 directory Various pieces of medical information. Some of it's actually of some value while the rest of it (such as acupuncuture) is totally superstitious nonsense. (Part 1.)

can directory Cult Awareness Network. The Cult Awareness Network started out as a worthwhile organization specifically designed to help expose the activities of destructive religions. After the Scientology criminal enterprise racketeered and framed the CAN, further racketeering in the court system resulted in CAN going bankrupt which allowed the Scientology crime syndicate to start using the name Cult Awareness Network. Now, when people call the new CAN, they're unknowingly talking to the Scientology crime syndicate.

ccin directory Hatred against Pagans and Wiccans motivated by ignorance and fear.

cowtext/100 directory Various text files that are not cataloged very well

cowtext/adventure directory The old text-based adventure games -- text files which describe cheats and hints and stuff.

cowtext/ansi directory Describes ANSI and ANSI bombs.

cowtext/apple directory Do you remember the Apple computer? Here are text files that cover some of the first Apple computers.

cowtext/arcade directory Arcade machines! Here's information about jumper settings, switch settings, and various other useful pieces of information

cowtext/art directory More ANSII and ASCII art. This was art back in the days before there was graphics and laser printers. A bit of history.

cowtext/bbs directory Text files covering BBSs. These are quite old, I believe, so they'll be mostly out of date. Still, information like this shouldn't be allowed to die in the interest of history.

cowtext/comput~1 directory Text files covering modems and computers. These will also be fairly old text files covering old technology. That's okay since we want to make sure that old stuff gets moved to the Internet for safe keeping for historic reasons.

cowtext/conspi~1 directory It's a conspiracy, man!!! (It always is.)


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