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[ref001] apologetics: DEBATE LOGS - 3/9/96 apologetics: DEBATE LOGS - 3/9/96 [12:39] JustFacts (jf@as7s33.erols.com) joined #apologetics. [12:39] Aco: and how similar are the details? [12:39] deanr similar enough [12:40] example? [12:40] peace! [12:40] Justfacts: now you have a forum to explain your understanding of the texts you mentioned [12:40] deanr u'll see in a second [12:40] okay [12:40] The Enuma Elish are 7 tablets [12:40] Acolyte: Did you eventually tire of Chuck Smith's failed predictions of Christ's return? [12:40] that have the birth of our curent solar system [12:40] Alcuin one of many things [12:40] and pro-creation of man [12:41] BRB-me runs to his car [12:41] these 7 tablets corrospond to the 7 days of creatioon spoken of in the bible [12:41] same events take place [12:42] parallel to the days in the bible [12:42] Moses is said to write Genesis [12:42] but he was not there during this time [12:42] Moses grew up in Egypt and studied in theor schools [12:43] Egypt gets in culture from teh Ancient Sumerians [12:43] ok back [12:43] who kept rrecords of these events [12:43] told to themm by beings they reffereed to as the Anunaqi [12:43] from where you get your Elohim [12:43] in Hebrew [12:44] same beings [12:44] hey acolyte, my one yr old was crying....could not see you [12:44] JF how do you know the Egyptians kept recoreds of the Enu? [12:44] Ra [12:44] also known as Anu [12:44] in cunnieform [12:44] can we talk some other time today or tomorrow? I have a page called "the sawhorse" on the web [12:45] Anunaqi = those who Anu sent to Qi in groups of 50's [12:45] rev ok or email me [12:45] Qi - is the ancient name of Earth [12:45] after the accident [12:45] JF please explain how you know that the Egyptians kept recoreds of the Enu [12:45] Acolye - they have the same stories [12:45] differnt tongue [12:45] thus different names [12:46] Ishtar = Isis [12:46] Osirus = Enlil [12:46] Horus = Tammuz [12:46] etc [12:46] JF they have similar sotires [12:46] JF, what does theEnuma speak of? Whcih gods? [12:46] JF: what is your reference for all this? Is there a journal I can find and read? [12:46] in the cunieform Tammuz is also called Adonis [12:47] JF what deities does it mention? [12:47] JustFacts: From the fact that Moses studied in Egypt, it does not follow that his version of the Creation and the Patriarchal history derive from that source. There was doubtless substantial oral and written history among the Jew s from which he was able to draw information. [12:47] Adonis is the same as in bible Adonai [12:47] meaning master [12:47] Tammuz was the master assigned to mortal Man [12:47] called Enoshites [12:47] fine, please answer my question-what deities are mentioned in the Euma? [12:47] chrissie (cskomro@ccsnet.com) joined #apologetics. [12:47] in the bible [12:47] Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, though similar, are complexly related. [12:47] fine, please answer my question-what deities are mentioned in the Euma? [12:47] fine, please answer my question-what deities are mentioned in the Euma? [12:47] fine, please answer my question-what deities are mentioned in the Euma? [12:47] ok [12:47] anu [12:48] Id [12:48] Revswife (none@wrbg01-16.2sprint.net) joined #apologetics. [12:48] Enqi [12:48] acolyte: I will attempt to email you and so bid you goodbye [12:48] Enlil [12:48] revwillie (wtburns@dialin18.mwtech.com) left irc: [12:48] Nergal [12:48] Zeno (Zeno@hun18.ramlink.net) joined #apologetics. [12:48] Arishkigal [12:48] Ishtar [12:48] Tammuz [12:48] Kalkael [12:48] who else? [12:48] Kalkal [12:48] who else? [12:48] Sumerian culture [Abraham's culture...] may very well *reflect* the patriarchal account of Creation and early history. [12:48] Murdoq [12:48] ok [12:48] Damkina [12:48] Would that be...Rupert Murdoq? [12:48] Enkidu [12:48] justfacts what does the Enuma speak of about MArduk? [12:49] Murdoq - was a being who commanded the planet/ship called Nibiru [12:49] JF what relationship does the Enuma describe in the creation acount with respect to Marduk? [12:49] ok what else? [12:49] Murdoq - or Nibiru - came in collision with Tiamat (earth) [12:50] not Nibiru itself [12:50] Action: Alcuin observes that mere linguistic similarity of names does not *at all* demonstrate actual etymological derivation or status as cognates. Consider "protein" and "proton" and "Proteus"... [12:50] JF who else did Mardul clas with? [12:50] but 4 other satallies [12:50] Maldek [12:50] or Vulcan [12:50] JK what other dieties does Marduk clash with? [12:50] im answering you [12:50] Action: Achimoth must admit this IS a fascinating discussion [12:50] "Adonis is the same as in bible Adonai" --- uh, right.... [12:50] JF what are the 2 primodail sources in the Enuma? [12:50] yes Alcuin [12:51] Murdoq - also clashes with Kingu [12:51] alcuin shot yourself in the foot budy [12:51] JF who else? [12:51] now known as the Moon [12:51] JF what are the 2 primodail sources in the Enuma? [12:51] Acolyte: really? why doesn't it hurt? [12:51] primodial? [12:51] sources [12:51] yes [12:52] what are the two primordial sources in the Enuma? [12:52] JF who are they? [12:52] Enuma Elish is a story on the birth of our solar system [12:52] jd do you know? [12:52] I know what it is [12:52] Tiamat is ancient earth [12:52] ok who else? [12:52] Tiamat and who? [12:53] then you have Anshar [12:53] JF: solar system? To what extent? [12:53] Kishar [12:53] Lahmu [12:53] Lahamu [12:53] No Apsu was [12:53] Anu [12:53] Apsu [12:53] correct Tiamat and Apsu are the two initial dieties [12:53] Apsu - is the sun [12:53] right [12:53] no [12:53] they are planets [12:53] they are deities [12:53] named after beings [12:53] as well [12:54] now [12:54] the question is, what was apsu and Tiamats status originally? [12:54] Apsu - is a name of the Sun in the 19th galaxy [12:54] called Illyuwn [12:54] JF perhaps, but that is irrelevant presetnly [12:54] I am more conerned with the theology than the astronomy here [12:54] Apsu & Tiamat were one at one time [12:54] CTCP SOUND: d:mircsoundlaugh.wav :) from JustFacts (jf@as7s33.erols.com) to #apologetics [12:55] then what? [12:55] Excuse me, could you tell me the name of the book you are talking about please? [12:55] !JustFacts laugh.wav [12:55] Who did they represent? The Oceans perhaps? [12:55] the Enuma Elish is not to be mistaken as some theological myth [12:55] JF oh so it is not a myth? [12:55] Does this book have a Website? [12:55] Tiamat has a water [12:55] connotation [12:55] no [12:56] its not a myth [12:56] Chrisse it is an acient babalonian text [12:56] JF what is it, if not a myth? [12:56] right knowledge [12:56] about what? [12:56] told to you as a myth [12:56] JF define myth [12:56] becuase its not overstood [12:56] is it on the net? [12:56] myth - tales not proven [12:56] chrissie I think but I am not sure [12:57] JF-if this tale proven or no? [12:57] neother false or true [12:57] i will look it up never mind. ;-) [12:57] JF-if this tale proven or no? [12:57] yes these are facts [12:57] the Sumerians have star maps [12:57] So if it is proven then it is not a myth is it? [12:57] to back up the info [12:57] no its not a myth [12:57] JF and the Gensis account is allagedly based on this truth? [12:57] but its "told" as a myth [12:57] revwillie (wtburns@dialin18.mwtech.com) joined #apologetics. [12:58] ok fine [12:58] yes [12:58] Baimei (baimei@ joined #apologetics. [12:58] genesis is based on it [12:58] ok so the Genesis acount is based on facts then? [12:58] yes or no? [12:58] yes Gensis is a summarry version [12:58] of teh detailed account [12:58] Boozer (scott@daphne.gfdi.fsu.edu) joined #apologetics. [12:58] JF so what is the problem? Genesis is factual then [12:58] not as its told [12:58] tofay [12:58] today [12:59] vin (VinceRed@www-27-118.gnn.com) joined #apologetics. [12:59] JF depends onwho you read [12:59] Revswife (none@wrbg01-16.2sprint.net) left #apologetics. [12:59] the Elohm are physical beings [12:59] JF how about reading the Fathers [12:59] JF he is? [12:59] JF where is Elohim then? [12:59] some are here [12:59] as their children [12:59] Jf where is elohim? [12:59] called sons of "god" [12:59] hey, Acolyte...could you dcc me your email address? [12:59] JF what and WHERE is elohim? [13:00] Elohim is hebrew is a plural word meaning These Beings [13:00] its a title [13:00] used for teh Anunaqi [13:00] JF perhaps, but WHAT and WHERE is Elohim [13:00] JF perhaps, but WHAT and WHERE is Elohim? [13:00] Elohim as a what are a group of beings [13:00] Where - all over [13:00] JF and wherea re these beings? [13:00] thanks [13:00] JF where precisely is there location? [13:00] they are from the 8th planet in te 19ht galaxy [13:00] their even [13:01] called illyuwn [13:01] revwillie (wtburns@dialin18.mwtech.com) left irc: [13:01] oh IC and how do you know they are there? [13:01] with 3 suns [13:01] oh IC and how do you know they are there? [13:01] Action: Deanr chokes on his coffee [13:01] do you talk to them somehow? [13:01] Evidence [13:01] oh, ic, what evidence would that be? [13:01] three suns???? Now we're talking myth. [13:01] deanr - no [13:02] Action: Acolyte notes that most systems are binary [13:02] 3 suns in another galaxy [13:02] deanr: you need a towel or something.. ;) [13:02] the Dogaon [13:02] Jf what evidence do u have that there is life on other planets? [13:02] Dogons have star maps also from where they came [13:02] Jf what evidence do u have that there is life on other planets? [13:02] Acolyte - physical [13:02] evedence [13:02] Jf so you have a bodyof oneof them? [13:02] records [13:03] pictures [13:03] jf oh ic, oh really? WHERE? [13:03] etc. [13:03] in my possesion [13:03] JF where are these pictures? [13:03] am i in the UFO channel by mistake. lol [13:03] oh in your possension. IC [13:03] where did you get these pictures? [13:03] there are many books on this subject [13:03] chrissie: ;) [13:03] do some research [13:03] JF I am sure there are. Where did you get the pictures? [13:03] I have but that does not answer my question [13:04] JF where did you get these pictures? [13:04] what i s your quesstion? [13:04] JF where did you get these pictures? [13:04] JF where did you get these pictures? [13:04] JF where did you get these pictures? [13:04] JF where did you get these pictures? [13:04] from the person who took them [13:04] and who is this person? [13:04] haha, this is most entertaining. [13:04] chrisse :) [13:04] JF: 1) there is no evidence of any solar systems around any binary stars. 2) there is no evidence of any star systems that have three stars within the same system.. and if there was, the gravitational forces would prevent the creat ion of protoplanets. [13:04] not to mention a little informative... [13:04] chrissie: :) [13:05] Dr. Malachi Z. York [13:05] Hi, Boozer [13:05] JF and what field is he in? [13:05] hello. [13:05] "Pataphysics?" ;) [13:05] deanr - i beg to differ [13:05] JF what did he get his Ph.D. in? [13:05] Zeno (Zeno@hun18.ramlink.net) left irc: I haven't quit yet... I haven't even gotten there yet!!! [13:05] Action: Deanr apologizes for the diversion into astronomy. :) [13:05] Acolyte - he wrote over 360 books [13:05] Deanr: Sorry, but there's plenty of evidence of binary stellar systems. [13:05] on this subject [13:05] true Achimoth, can hardly wait to read the book. ;-) [13:05] i can send you some info [13:05] JF sure but what is his Ph.D in? [13:06] Alcuin: none with planets. [13:06] Deanr: i think the closest thing to a trinary star system is the Centauri system [13:06] languages sciences [13:06] cuture [13:06] theology [13:06] IC, not astronomy? [13:06] brb [13:08] JF ok what dose NASA think of Mr. York? [13:08] so im telling you i can send info [13:08] for you to read [13:08] to save your question [13:08] revwillie (wtburns@dialin18.mwtech.com) joined #apologetics. [13:08] sure, I want more answers before I get soething toread [13:09] ask NASA [13:09] JF what does NASA think of his work, and SETI as well? [13:09] im not at NASA [13:09] JF if there is life on other planets, why did SEIT close down? [13:10] SETI even [13:10] Hmmmm, no entries for Malachi York in the state of FL libraries either. Is that the right spelling? [13:10] ask the people in charge of SETI [13:10] _zeno_ (Zeno@hun18.ramlink.net) joined #apologetics. [13:10] i found something! [13:10] http://www2.gsu.edu/~gs01hrf/nubian.html [13:10] they tell you want they want you to know [13:10] JF I have, No extraterrestrial life [13:10] JF I see the experts lie then? [13:10] what are angels? [13:10] experts lie? [13:10] Watergate? [13:10] JF are you saying that the experts at SETI and NASA lie? [13:10] Roswell? [13:10] what of those [13:11] perhaps, perhaps not [13:11] no [13:11] Im saying ask them [13:11] guilt by association [13:11] I have [13:11] i dont work with them [13:11] but are you saying there is a coverup, that they LIE? [13:11] obviously [13:11] the title of the page is: "Nubians & The Gods: Elohim Anunnaqi" [13:11] acolyte, I sent some mail...did you get it..my mail receipts say "user unknown" [13:11] i back now. [13:11] thanks Achimoth [13:12] rev ok [13:12] Achimoth interesting... [13:12] Achimoth: what did you search with? [13:12] what are angels acolyte? [13:12] what words? [13:12] JF depends on who you ask [13:12] you [13:12] JF non-material beings [13:12] im asking you [13:12] JF but I want to know more [13:13] where is that from? [13:13] My name is FARD. I am a kosmosan who's pen name is Dr.R. I am of a family of doctors whose purpose is to cure the sickness of ignorance on Tiamat (earth) with Right knowdlege-wisdom and overstanding. I created this page to help give guidance to those who are onhe gates of ILLYUWN (heaven). You will see the ANUNNAKI : [13:13] oops [13:13] Action: Alcuin has now visited the New Age site specified by Achimoth. [13:13] .. heh trying to copy part of the intro paragraph [13:13] JF are you suggesting that NASA and SETI have given false information to the public? [13:13] i searched for Malachi Yorl [13:13] Action: Alcuin has discovered many interesting things. Here's a sample: "One purpose of the scrolls written by our [13:13] teacher and guide Dr. Malachi Z. York, is to help organize and put the minds of Nubians in unity and order [13:13] " [13:13] York even [13:13] Acolyte - i deal with facts - and i dont know what they have told tha public - so i cant answer [13:14] alcuin u serious? [13:14] hehehe.. sounds like we found the source of all this. [13:14] Acolyte: Honest Abe. [13:14] JF so you don't know what the experts say? [13:14] There is going to be a special meeting at 10 tonight on the UFO channel, i think you all should go to it. ;-) [13:14] its there [13:14] JustFacts: Ever been to Sausalito? [13:14] chrissie no thanks [13:14] JF so you don't know what the experts say? [13:14] you call them experts [13:14] The information presented here was taken from several books written by the master teacher and guide Dr. Malachi Zodoq York who is an extraterrestrial incarnate from the 8th planet RIZQ In the 19th Galaxy. [13:14] yet they theorize [13:14] and opinionize [13:14] thats the last sentance of the intro [13:15] chrissie: we'll be there, insofar as we will not.... [13:15] ok fine, NASA and SETI are experts, ok [13:15] revwillie (wtburns@dialin18.mwtech.com) left #apologetics. [13:15] JF I grow tired of this clap trap nonsense [13:15] vin (VinceRed@www-27-118.gnn.com) left #apologetics. [13:15] JF this is absurd [13:15] acolyte what is? [13:15] JF NO TEXTUAL CRITIC in his right mind agres with this. NOT ONE [13:16] JF have you been reading Von Donakin? [13:16] i love the extraterriestial incarnate part.. hehehe [13:16] acolyte agrees with what? [13:16] Chariots of the Gods? [13:16] i knew you would, me too. lol [13:16] JF your theory [13:16] its not a theory - [13:16] Acolyte check out the web page, its... intersting.. heh [13:16] Action: Alcuin observes that someone who rejects Christ but accepts "overstanding" is not likely to be susceptible to rational persuasion. [13:16] JF no textual critic agrees with your theory [13:16] achimoth no thanks [13:16] i have no theory [13:16] acolyte [13:16] jf please leave [13:17] i answred your questions now answer mind [13:17] JF I grow tired of this nonsense [13:17] what nonsense? [13:17] you asked I answered [13:17] Jf if you wisht o /msg someone else about it fine,but cease this thread [13:17] I am done asking [13:17] JustFacts: your sermon has been interesting. May we tell you about Christ? [13:17] alcuin no more far out than his story, thats for sure [13:17] Acolte - so i cant question you? [13:17] Jf no you can question me [13:18] what are angels? [13:18] who is God [13:18] where is God [13:18] non-material beings [13:18] where is heaven? [13:18] God has not spatial location [13:18] not=no [13:18] How did we get here? [13:18] Creatin [13:18] creation ex nihilo [13:18] JustFacts: Questioning involves the measured use of rationality. The cosmology that you have been describing betrays an immoderate gullibility. For this reason, your questioning does not seem credible. [13:18] Theistic Evolution IMO [13:18] BRB [13:19] alcuin [13:19] can you answer them [13:19] angels were not portrayed with wings till later centuries, before that they werealways men, no girl angels. [13:19] what are angels? [13:19] non-material beings [13:19] that is a start [13:19] JustFacts: Angels are abstract beings. [13:19] acolyte where is that from? [13:19] bible? [13:19] Summa Theologia [13:19] Summa Theologica [13:20] actually, this stuff sounds like a new age balck superiority thing [13:20] at least this home pasge does [13:20] Achimoth: ?? because of "nubian" ? [13:20] The Ancients further maintained that eternal life for a person or a race is continuous pro-creation (perpetual reproduction) of that person's family or kind. For example, no Nubian(Ethiopian-Kuwshites, Woolly-Haired person) is e ver dead (in the ethnical sense) as long as two breeding Nubians (male and female) are still alive and together, because all Nubians are of the same origin or ancestral tree. Hence, as long as two breeding Nubians live [13:21] Achimoth how do animals become extinct? [13:21] Right Knowledge organizes and unifies the minds of Nubians, individually and collectively. If Knowledge is not to be confusing and thereby effective, then it must be in sequence. Knowledge recieved must be in an organized sequen ce in order to put the mind in order and unity. One purpose of the scrolls written by our teacher and guide Dr. Malachi Z. York, is to help organize and put the minds of Nubians in unity and order enough to qualify for [13:22] JustFacts: We are willing to engage your questions and your arguments, if indeed you have any. It seems out of place, however, to merely *propound* a viewpoint (especially an admittedly *non-rational* one) in the context of a cha nnel devoted to rational inquiry. [13:22] Clairvoyance (clear vision) will return and you will see again. Right Knowledge leads to right thinking, and right thinking leads to right action. [13:22] alcuim - i asked 4 quesstions [13:22] Achimoth: anyone who's *really* interested will go to the page. Your posting of the URL was sufficient, IMO. [13:22] have any answers [13:22] alcuin sorry.. just showing some interesting concepts.. sorry [13:22] you said angels are abstract bings [13:22] thank you Achimoth.;-) [13:23] where is that from? [13:23] Yes, thanks Achimoth. I'm not sniping. Just recommending. [13:23] wait, i got it in my book, aangels are originally pagan creatures, becuase believe in them is older than belife in the God of the bible. [13:23] Achimoth: The passages you selected *are* interesting, btw. [13:23] Action: Acolyte wonders why the word "certifiable" comes to mind [13:23] do you wanat me to go on? [13:23] hhmmmm????????????????????? [13:23] chriss angellos means messanger [13:24] Action: Acolyte wonders why the phrase non-verifiability comes to mind. [13:24] hhhmmmm???? [13:24] right, it says in my book Assyro-Babylonians belived in angels, messangers and servanat sof gods. [13:24] why are they non-material? [13:25] Although belief in such beings as angels can be found in ancient cultures prior to the writing of the Torah, there is no evidence that those "pagan equivalents" do not derive from the Hebrew con cept. [13:25] Action: Acolyte wonders why the phrase conspiracy theory........ [13:25] no they uses human bodies it says in my book. [13:25] JustFacts: They are non-material because they are not extended in space. [13:25] Acolyte: lol [13:25] JF: run your astronomical claims by any credible astronomer or astrophysicists.. and they will explain to you why planets in a trinary star system would be impossible. [13:25] Angels are physical in the bible [13:25] Jf they are? WHERE? [13:25] gen 18 [13:25] JF read the Apocrapha [13:25] gen 6 [13:25] gen 19 [13:26] where in gen 6? [13:26] gen 32 [13:26] alcuin: you ought to check out the page about annunnaki, it gets REALLY wild.. ;) [13:26] verse 1-4 [13:26] the Nepilim? they were men [13:26] no they were physical before the bible was written, babylonia syria time pre bible when there was no one God. [13:26] JF the Nephilim were tall men [13:26] JustFacts: On the contrary, Angels in the Bible are able to manifest a material aspect to their being, under narrowly defined circumstances. They are normally not physical. [13:26] where are they from? [13:26] earth? [13:26] JF the phrase "son of God" does not mean they were angels since Adam is called a son of God in Christ's geneaologies in the NT [13:26] JF adam and Eve [13:27] JF sure why not [13:27] Acolyte - Nephilim froo the root Nafal means to fall [13:27] not giants [13:27] JustFacts: Angels are part of the created universe. "From" is a metaphor that presupposes spatial extension, and so does not apply to angels. [13:27] Except it is weird because one angel had a machine with wheels. [13:27] nephilim - plural [13:27] means those who fell [13:27] just so? so is daughters [13:27] Bon (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) joined #apologetics. [13:28] or landed [13:28] JF how did the fall? [13:28] JF is falling and Sin connected at all? [13:28] ghiborim [13:28] chrissie: was it a Harley? [13:28] is majestic ones [13:28] Alcuin: :) [13:28] ezek 10:14 has the angel with wheels [13:28] as in Jabaarians [13:28] brb [13:28] Acolyte - no [13:28] ciao, Bon [13:28] not in hebrew [13:28] Bon (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) left irc: Leaving [13:29] JF you are a fruit ok [13:29] totally differnt [13:29] JF does sin have anything to do with falling? [13:29] why cause I dont agree with you? [13:29] not in hebrew [13:29] Acolyte - no [13:29] Topic changed by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: Rational Theism--Babylon is falling, to rise no more... [13:30] jf look its like a Harley Davidson, If you have to ASK YOU JUST DON"T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [13:30] Acolyte: Ad hominem is [a] uncharitable, and [b] indicative of inadequate reflection on one's own status.... [13:30] The chief scientist Enqi and the chief medical officer Ninti of the Anunnaki used genetic manipulation and In-vitro fertilization, which is fertilization of a biological entity or process developed or maintained in a controlled, non-living environment, as a laboratory vessel; or in glass tubes as depicted on the seal of an ancient Sumerian cylinder. This was done in a laboratory called SHIMTI meaning "House where the wind of life is breathed [13:30] this is funny.. :) [13:31] _zeno_ (Zeno@hun18.ramlink.net) left #apologetics. [13:31] they even have pictures.. heh [13:31] The wind of life petries in the Shimti house. Sounds credibe, right Deanr? [13:31] i don't know whether to stay here and read this or go on the webb, you lucky youcan do both Achimoth. ;-) [13:31] l [13:32] chrissie what OS you using? [13:32] JustFacts!jf@as7s33.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: !!!ALERT!!! YOU HAVE EXCEEDED THE CHANNEL'S FRUITLOOP AND QUACAKDOX CAPACITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [13:32] chrissie: you can check out the web anytime.. ;) [13:32] i AM SORRY HE NEEDED IT [13:32] oh, not fair bring him back. lol [13:32] hahahahahaha [13:32] that guy is LOONEY [13:32] oh man thats funny [13:32] BONKERS [13:32] GONE [13:32] how about a total flake [13:32] that was wickedly entertaining. ha ha [13:33] Acolyte: or perhaps just like us when we lack the mind of Christ... [13:33] what's amazing is he believes all this stuff! [13:33] Nick change: Boozer -> Pot [13:33] Hey Kettle, you're black. [13:33] at least Von Danniken(?) made a LITTLE sense [13:33] Nick change: Pot -> Boozer [13:33] but, I've seen stranger.. so I'm not all that amazed. [13:33] No more amazing than that Bertrand Russell believed as he did, except that BR engaged with greater rigor. [13:34] i noticed something, they insist Tiamat is the earth, yet the have a picture of Tiamat.. hmmmmm [13:34] achimoth tiamat 7 headed dragon [13:34] That was clever, Boozer.... [13:34] achimoth and here you were all worried [13:34] Oh watch out, you getting hooked into it. ;-)))) [13:34] sheesh [13:34] Achimot: what's the resolution on that photo? [13:35] what a quack [13:35] worried? nahh.. just wasnt sure on how to deal with him, he was comng out of left field [13:35] achimoth always make them make their case [13:35] alcuin: dunno.. its a moderately nice looking black woman [13:35] a painting tho [13:35] achimoth ever read Crash Go the Chariots? [13:35] oh is it a Nubian? [13:35] chrissie: yep [13:36] yep Nubians are actually alinens.. (doing a JF imitation) hehehehehe [13:36] aliens even [13:36] Sounds racist from where I'm standing... [13:36] yah [13:36] its a similar religion to the ones who claim they follow this guy called Yahweh ben Yahweh [13:37] yea Nubians are an interesting bunch, saw a tv program on them. Nubian women are supposed to be the most beautiful in the world. [13:37] Describing those of African or Middle Eastern origin as alien life forms--even under the pretext of honoring them--strips them of their humanity and dignity. [13:37] that's right [13:38] Acolyte: you did a nice job of helping our visitor to draw out the substance of his belief "system". [13:40] alcuin thank you [13:40] alcuin too gracious [13:40] alcuin seriously thanks [13:40] chrissie (cskomro@ccsnet.com) left #apologetics. [13:40] man he was LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOO [13:40] haahaha [13:41] hmmmmm [13:41] let see [13:41] Nick change: Boozer -> Pot [13:41] i thought id never see the day someone peaked aco's lame-o-meter [13:41] I just want to laugh [13:41] Action: Pot calls the Kettle lame. [13:41] achimoth that was it [13:41] Nick change: Pot -> Boozer [13:41] Boozer, hey at the very least some of the greatest minds the world have ever seen have been xian. [13:42] usually ive seen you take athiests and handle em with no probs for hours... [13:42] boozer and 1.5 billion can't all be totoally stupid [13:42] achimoth who? [13:42] such as? [13:42] Aco: you.. I mean I've seen you be patient for hours and hours with folks [13:42] boozer Aquinas [13:42] achimothis that whats that called [13:42] Acolyte: some of the lamest minds the world has ever seen have been Christian, too. [13:43] achimoth his theory was not methodologically falsifiable. If the experts lie, why trust his experts? [13:43] aco: true [13:43] Alcuin this is so, Atheists as well [13:43] Acolyte: yes. [13:44] Alcuin I am only trying to say that Xian Theism is not anywhere close to being as far out as Boozer seems to think [13:44] alcuin by pointing to the ratationl persons who held to it [13:44] The problem was not that JustFacts was more "lame" than anyone else, but that he had recognized that he couldn't provide a rational account of his experience, and had therefore opted for an irra tional account. Not exactly unprecedented. [13:44] alcuin it was methodologically unfalsifiable tho [13:45] no way to check it in any sense [13:45] Boozer: Seems to me that some versions of Christian Theism are extremely far out--no less so than what JF was propounding--while other versions of Christian Theism are intellectually satisfying. [13:45] and no matter what I said, nothing would ever occur to him that he was wrong [13:45] I've yet to hear the satisfying version. [13:45] JF (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #apologetics. [13:45] boozer what have you read on the topic? [13:45] Acolyte: You are right. A position that rejects rationality on principle cannot in the nature of the case be verified. Such a position consists entirely of belief, rather than of knowledge. [13:45] or maybe I have, and I haven't been satisfied. Know what I mean? [13:46] boozer what have you read on the topic? [13:46] alcuin - so finish what you were telling me [13:46] Acolyte: it's no different with any cultists. [13:46] Deanr yes it is [13:46] You're getting into that "repeat question a million times" mode again Acolyte. [13:46] Boozer: You have yet to hear a satisfying version. That doesn't surprise me. They're not easy to come by in the culture of the late 20th c. However, they are out there. Here, for example. [13:46] what should I read? I took philosophy in college. we had a wide variety of readings. [13:46] deanr some cultists attempt to be rational, I can "see" their argument, this guy was doing Flew's Invisible gardener thingie [13:47] JF: pardon? What was I telling you? [13:47] Nick change: JF -> JustFacts [13:47] about Christ [13:47] or angels [13:47] Substitute "she" for "he" in the above observations. [13:47] boozer if I you would answer about the first one I would not have to repeat it [13:47] Acoyte - you believe in angels? [13:47] boozer what have you read on the topic [13:47] Bon (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) joined #apologetics. [13:47] JF yes I do [13:47] JustFacts: I'll be glad to answer whatever questions you have. [13:48] re Bon [13:48] re [13:48] Aco: well, they certainly have their theology which they rationalize.. however, nothing is verfiable.. is my point. [13:48] acol - where are they? [13:48] Acolyte, you have an annoying habit of asking the same question twice in quick sucession before one even has a chance to answer it. [13:48] JT no where [13:48] Supposedly patience is a virtue. [13:48] boozer ok answer it now [13:48] acuin - i thought you were telling me somethiing [13:48] JF angels lack location [13:48] Acol - have you seen any? [13:48] Jf no [13:49] Acolyte: Maybe Boozer hasn't read on the topic. Maybe he's been exposed to some versions of Xianity first hand. Maybe he has engaged in "history of religion" from an academic standpoint.... [13:49] but you believe in them? [13:49] JF I have not seen any angels [13:49] Acolyte, and the answer is: I can't possibly list every article I have ever read on theology, philosophy, etc. Can you? [13:49] alcuin that is why I am asking [13:49] boozer give me a general idea then [13:49] Boozer: Don't go there. Acolyte *might very well* start listing what he's read. Right Ac? ;) [13:49] they lack location? [13:49] does the bible say that? [13:49] alcuin not quite as long as your list tho [13:49] Jf I think so [13:49] Action: Achimoth is having a hard time keeping his breath as he reads the web page... hes laughing too hard. [13:50] JustFacts: Yes, angels normally lack location. [13:50] acolyte [13:50] Furthermore, I don't remember the names of all the authors because they really aren't important. it's the concept that it important. [13:50] normally? [13:50] :) [13:50] Boozer: points granted. It's the ideas. Why do you reject Christianity? [13:50] Boozer ok what Theists have you read? I mean sources? [13:50] BRBR call [13:50] Action: Boozer sighs. [13:50] brb AGAIN [13:50] Bon (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) left irc: Leaving [13:51] Action: Deanr wishes he could continue in this entertainment... but, has to run. Later all. [13:51] Boozer: Doesn't matter what you've read. [13:51] I doubt this is going to help "Introuction to Philosophy" "Modern issues in the phil of religion" [13:51] Where was Jes from? [13:51] Bye, Deanr [13:51] Jsus [13:51] Jesus [13:51] some other book for my belief and unbelief class. [13:51] alciun [13:51] Deanr (deanh@KENDACO.TELEBYTE.COM) left #apologetics. [13:51] Boozer: The sources you name show that you have tried to seriously engage the issues. Respectable. [13:52] I reject xianity because it is based on principles contrary to reality. [13:52] JustFacts: Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judah. [13:52] Boozer: OK, now we have something to work with. [13:52] Why did he say he was from above? [13:52] can someone explain the logic of this passage: [13:52] To go from the highest level, An Etherian to Anunnaqi to Rizqiyian which is the lowest end. If The 360 deg. are conquered here, the Anunnaqi becomes an Etherian again. If the 360 deg of disagreeable conquers the being rules with the Lucerferians. Humans have 360 deg. of what is called WILL. When 180 deg of agreeable overcomes the 180 deg. of disagreeable, that person takes step towards becoming an Eloheem and even an Etherian but on a lower l [13:52] alcuin [13:52] you don't have anything to work with. I didn't come here to get converted, or have anyone try. [13:53] Boozer: Your claim is that Christianity is based on principles contrary to reality. Our claim is that having a concept of reality is not possible apart from Christian principles. [13:53] i cant find anything but double talk [13:53] Boozer: Don't fear. No one will try to convert you if you're not interested. [13:53] yes, I've heard that before. [13:53] Alcuin - Why did he say he was from above? [13:54] Boozer: Oh, so you're willing to lump me, whom you've never engaged in conversation, with some prejudice of yours? I feel fairly treated :) [13:55] Alcuin, what makes you think that? [13:55] Boozer: If you're interested in analyzing your ideas together, here I am. If not, I certainly won't bother you.:) [13:55] Boozer - what is your religion? [13:55] I think it was ProfG who was telling me and some others that logic has no place in the atheist paradigm (he loves that word). [13:56] And that you must first have god to introduce knowledge, logic, etc. [13:56] Something along those lines anyway. [13:56] Action: Boozer is without religion. [13:56] Boozer: The use of logic presupposes the existence of God. [13:57] Baimei (baimei@ left #apologetics. [13:57] JustFacts: Jesus said that he was from above because his existence preceded his physical essence temporally and logically. [13:57] above meaning what? [13:57] a place [13:57] or what? [13:57] what does Anu mean? [13:57] in greek [13:57] Alcuin, see what I mean? You just said it yourself. [13:57] JustFacts: "above" being a metaphor for non-materiality. [13:58] Alcuin where is that ffrom? [13:58] non-materiality [13:58] Boozer: You mean that affirmation of the preconditions of logic? Yes, I put that there to help identify the position you were attributing to ProfG. [13:58] where can i fid that definition? [13:58] of Anu [13:58] JustFacts: To ask a "where" question about something that isn't even extended in space is mighty confused. [13:58] Acolyte: does Kahlil Gibran ring a bell? [13:59] Alcuin, I'll let you deal with JustFacts for now. [13:59] achimoth yes it does, but hol don i amon the phone [13:59] JustFacts: Try _Encyclopedia of Philosophy_ under "abstract" or "concrete" for these and similar definitions. [13:59] Achimoth Muslim/Gnostic/syncritistic [13:59] Anu means non-materiality? [13:59] thats who York bases his stuff on [13:59] Achiomothe not true [13:59] Boozer: Agreed. However, I must leave for a short while. Perhaps we can get to the bottom of this "logic" and this "contrary to reality" issue later? [13:59] t all [14:00] perhaps. [14:00] A Note from The Translator: I, Dr. Malachi Z. York, am translating this book for the Holy Tabernacle Ministries. I did Not write this book entitled "the Prophet" based on Pro-religious propaga nda. The Fact is that the writings of Khalil Gibran (1883-1931a.d) are gifts from the masters, and he has written some of the most profound writings of its time, in which I intend to rekindle, within the hearts of the ENOSITES (Mortal Man), for this alo n [14:00] bbl [14:00] Alcuin (kingtutor@remote4-line14.cis.yale.edu) left irc: Don't neglect to quit not being illogical! [14:00] justfacts: read it and weep.. ;) [14:00] achimoth - he translated his book [14:00] not get info from it [14:00] i have the book [14:00] Achimoth [14:00] from Arabic [14:01] to english [14:01] justfacts: however he does seem to put some weight to Gibrans writings [14:02] one called the Prophet [14:02] that is misunderstood [14:02] have you read it? [14:02] boozer - what is your religion? [14:02] chrissie (cskomro@ccsnet.com) joined #apologetics. [14:02] here is what York said: [14:02] Khalil Gibran was born in Basharri, Lebanon on January 6 1883 a.d and died April 10,1931 A.D. His pen was guided by the masters for the wisdom which flowed through him when he wrote, is not found on this earthly realm. [14:03] Achimoth - yes [14:03] have you read the book? [14:03] JF, you already asked that. I am without religion. [14:03] sounds like he repsects Gibrans writings to me [14:03] oh didnt see it [14:03] Achimoth - yes he does [14:03] I have read gibrain, a fruit as well [14:04] define fruit [14:04] brb [14:04] acolyte [14:04] hey, not fair, his writings are beautiful. ;-( [14:04] chrisse theologically heretical too [14:04] chrissie: they are beautiful, but are they right? [14:05] thats Aco's point i believe [14:05] what is in it to be right or wrong? [14:05] you mean are they authentic? [14:05] interesting point, some of them i find beautiful and right. for inst. what he wrote about raising children is just beautiful. [14:06] "his pen was guided by the masters for the wisdom which dlowed through him when he wrote" [14:06] the bible is beutiful - but is it right? [14:06] flowed even [14:06] Achimoth - and Dr. York translated it [14:06] i don't choose to believe that. [14:06] belief is ignorance [14:06] you should know [14:07] i have to ask, do you both believe every single thing in the Bible, literally? [14:07] Action: Acolyte hands a copy of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to Justfacts saying "Here, read this, he does it better." [14:07] Action: Acolyte hands a copy of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to Justfacts saying "Here, read this, he does it better." [14:07] Acolyte - define fruit? [14:07] chrissie: is both = achimoth and justfacts? [14:08] Fruit=Justfacts [14:08] yea, but you too [14:08] Action: Acolyte hands a copy of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to Justfacts saying "Here, read this, he does it better." [14:08] Action: Acolyte hands a copy of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to Justfacts saying "Here, read this, he does it better." [14:08] Action: Acolyte hands a copy of C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy to Justfacts saying "Here, read this, he does it better." [14:08] acolyte - why regress to name calling? [14:08] this is absurd [14:08] 6. Egoism is the "I-ness and My-ness" which creates the illusion that the physical body is the real you. [14:08] this sounds like Christian Science, and gnosticism among others [14:09] justfacts i kicked you before for this thread cease and dessist [14:09] chrissie no I dont [14:09] chrisse but Gibran was influeneced by Gnosticism adn Islam [14:09] both are false religions [14:09] Acolyte - Acimothis quoting not me [14:09] chrissie: there are parts of the bible, esp in the Prophets and in Revelation that are symbolic [14:09] JF thats fine [14:09] which religion is true? [14:10] JC christianity [14:10] prove it [14:10] JF why do I need to? I am already convinced [14:10] you made a statement [14:10] Jesus Christ is Truth [14:10] JF it was already proven to be rational to me, why should I convince myself again [14:10] so I did [14:10] backit up [14:10] why do I need to? [14:10] yes i agree with you, but God speaks through everyone, not just Christians, and some of gibran's writings, to me, arae truly god inspired. ;-) [14:10] how is the others false [14:11] brb [14:11] Aco: now that i have this web page, all i have to do when JF starts up is refer them to the URL.. heh [14:12] Achimoth - prove anything on the page wrong [14:12] all you have is myths [14:12] haha, what a challenge. [14:12] and no answers [14:12] JR perhaps I do [14:12] justfacts: why should I.. it speaks for itself... [14:12] just beliefs [14:12] perhaps not [14:12] speaking of facts.. you have less than i do [14:13] jf but why do I need to prove anything? [14:13] Acolyte - you dont [14:13] to make statements [14:13] JF perhaps I don't So what [14:13] you should back it up [14:13] you are pushing this mushmash of the Bible, babyloniation texts, and racism [14:13] JF why should I? [14:13] mishmash even, not to mention a lot of Islam and Gnosticism mixed in [14:13] Achimoth - where do you see racism [14:13] ? [14:14] all i see is genuine bullshit [14:14] aco: that too [14:14] ;) [14:14] Achimoth - where is the racism? [14:14] and Islam [14:14] and gnosti.. [14:14] achimoth and YES that is a technical TERM [14:14] where is it [14:14] JF why should I? [14:14] ? [14:14] dont [14:15] justfacts: the fact that all these folks mentioned, the Annunaqi are all nubian? [14:15] Achimoth its a fact [14:15] What was Jesus? [14:15] JF why not do this, when you convice the #atheism channel you can come over here and try us? hows that sound? [14:15] its a pure theory.. no fact [14:15] God and Man=Jesus [14:15] Abraham [14:15] Moses [14:15] your "facts" are total BS [14:15] abraham=freind of God [14:15] Noah [14:15] what are they? [14:15] Moses=lawgiver [14:15] what race? [14:15] MEN [14:15] Semites [14:15] you are as close to facts as I am to Jerusalem [14:15] no such word [14:16] Noah was before Shem [14:16] sure is [14:16] check in the dictionary [14:16] Hey, don't dump your garbage on the #atheism channel. [14:16] boozer: huh? [14:16] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: bye [14:16] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:16] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: bye [14:16] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:16] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: GO [14:16] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:16] what is the problem [14:16] justfacts leave or I will ban you [14:16] ? [14:16] why? [14:17] I don't want this BULLSHIT On my channel ok [14:17] what have i done? [14:17] take it somewhere else [14:17] you ask me here [14:17] the insult me [14:17] with names [14:17] now I am asking you there [14:17] then wantto ban me? [14:17] yup [14:17] fruit [14:17] crazy [14:17] lame [14:17] you presented us with contrivances disguised as supposed "facts".. [14:17] irrational [14:17] certifiable [14:17] looney [14:17] bonkers [14:17] all it is theory and speculation and a lot of New Age doctrine [14:17] WACKED [14:17] Action: Boozer hears the pot mumbling something about the kettle again. [14:17] oh i see - This is the friut of Christianity? [14:18] ok [14:18] name calling badgering [14:18] etc. [14:18] yeah very Christ-Like [14:18] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: BYE [14:18] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:18] ok ban time [14:18] JF: go back to Rizq [14:18] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) left #apologetics. [14:18] leave now or be banned [14:18] I am sorry [14:18] but THAT had to go [14:19] hahaha [14:19] Boozer, the pot might hitcha too if youdon't watch it [14:19] the BS level was reaching record proportions [14:19] he on EFnet #bible too.. if he starts up in there he's banned there too [14:19] funny how one man's BS is another man's fertilizer. [14:21] boozer by anyother name stillsmells like shit [14:21] aco: ROFL [14:21] a rose by any other name is still a rose [14:21] Shakespeare [14:21] ;) [14:21] Bon (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) joined #apologetics. [14:22] I think you missed my point. [14:22] lol [14:22] Crap by anyother name still smells as bad-Perry Robinson [14:22] chrissie (cskomro@ccsnet.com) left #apologetics. [14:22] boozer I know your point, it misssed tho [14:26] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #apologetics. [14:26] what do you talk about in here? [14:26] Holy tabernackle Ministries eh? [14:26] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: BYE [14:27] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:27] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: BYE [14:27] JustFacts (Sonja@as23s24.erols.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:27] I am gonna ban you [14:27] why am i beingkicked? [14:27] THINK REALL HARD ABOUT IT [14:27] just tell m [14:27] that [14:27] Action: Boozer always loves the "Why am I being kicked?" question. [14:27] Why am I being kicked? [14:27] Action: Bon grins innocently [14:28] why acolyte? [14:28] look its like a harely davidson, if you have to ask, you don't GET IT [14:28] just for kicks :) [14:28] my sides are hurting.. :) [14:28] is it becuase idont agree with your theories? [14:28] need some painkillers achi? :) [14:28] Acolyte, can you explain the Harley Davidson analogy? [14:28] bon: nah.. ;) [14:28] just need to relax a little more [14:29] :) hehe [14:29] boozer its a t chirt [14:29] shirt [14:29] Jf cause your CRAZY [14:29] jf now comes the ban [14:29] Action: Bon is crazy 2 [14:29] Mode change '+b *!*Sonja@*erols.com ' by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu [14:29] bye\ [14:29] :( [14:30] JustFacts!Sonja@as23s24.erols.com kicked by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu: BYE [14:30] Nick change: Bon -> Bawn [14:31] CTCP PING: 826399667 from Bawn (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) to #apologetics [14:31] Action: Bawn shrugs [14:32] next time someone asks me why I'm not an xian I'll just say "It's on a T-shirt." [14:34] Action: Boozer pokes Bawn. [14:35] aigh [14:35] it wasn't that hard of a poke :) [14:35] boozer this guy claims to be a reincarnationof Jesus [14:35] hah! you werent the one with a finger in between your ribs [14:35] which guy? [14:36] that must have been someone else poking you Bawn. I was poking your eye :) [14:36] Nick change: Bawn -> Cranberry [14:36] justfacts "expert" says he is the reincarnation of Jesus [14:36] Nick change: Cranberry -> Bawn [14:36] among other ppl [14:36] maybe he is :) [14:36] hhehehe [14:37] I saw a headline on a tabloid that said "Jesus to make triumphant return in 1996." [14:37] cool [14:37] but he wont be reincarnated [14:37] because he aint dead [14:38] what form do you suppose the second coming would take? [14:38] DOfstead (DOfstead@www-36-189.gnn.com) joined #Apologetics. [14:38] Nick change: DOfstead -> Dave_O [14:38] prolly as it is described in la biblia [14:38] :) [14:38] which is? [14:38] on clouds [14:38] and triumphantly [14:39] what's it going to look like? [14:39] would that be altostratus or cumulonimbus clouds? [14:40] cirrus [14:40] I am dizzy [14:40] Action: Bawn wonders if she is getting sick again [14:40] Action: Bawn sighs [14:40] cirrus are high clouds. I would think a nice low cumulus would be more convincing. [14:41] but cumulus are so dark [14:41] I think he would be on something nice and white [14:41] fair weather cumulus. [14:41] hey maybe he will create a new cloud just for that day [14:41] puffy white things. [14:41] Action: Bawn sits quietly and watches the room rotate around her [14:42] If you don't know, just say you don't know. [14:42] dont know what? [14:42] don't know what the 2nd coming is going to look like. [14:43] how would we know? I told you what the bible says. You can look into it for yourself. I can guarantee it wont be as a reincarnated Jesus however [14:43] what if I miss it? [14:43] if you dont wish to accept my answers that is fine [14:43] The bible says that the entire world will see it. [14:43] all you said was on clouds and triumphantly. [14:44] hey look it up :) [14:44] its like in matthew and Revelations [14:44] triumphantly is rather vague and subjective. [14:44] they got Adam as a black man.. hehehehe [14:44] Action: Bawn shrugs [14:44] Adam was a black man [14:44] :P [14:45] actuthe root for A'dam is red, or ruddy [14:45] "Certainly looking triumphant today Mr. Jordan." [14:45] hey boozer [14:45] yes? [14:45] go drink a brewski [14:45] :) [14:45] I wouldn't mind. [14:45] Action: Bawn feels so ill. [14:46] Action: Bawn contemplates going home. [14:46] Action: Bawn goes to work on her spreadsheets some more [14:46] Action: Boozer hands Bawn a greasy pork sandwich in a dirty ashtray. Enjoy. [14:46] gee thanks [14:46] don't mention it. [14:47] Action: Bawn hands boozer a glass of cranberry juice and tofu [14:47] enjoy :) [14:47] thanks for the juice. [14:47] Action: Bawn smiles maniacally ( because she can) [14:47] Bawn (simpsonb@UCS.ORST.EDU) left irc: dont let the white man get you down [14:48] well? [14:49] doogie (doogie@ppp-11.wspice.com) joined #apologetics. [14:49] doogie (doogie@ppp-11.wspice.com) left #apologetics. [14:52] something for you guys to consider: Don't all begin your nicks with A. Acolyte, Alcuin, Achimoth. It gets confusing, especially since you all sound the same. [14:52] Have a nice day. [14:52] Boozer (scott@daphne.gfdi.fsu.edu) left #Apologetics. [14:55] Dave_O (DOfstead@www-36-189.gnn.com) left #Apologetics. [15:06] Acolyte (st_aidan@delta1.deltanet.com) left #apologetics. [ref002]Return to #apologetics Home Page [ref003]Return to LOGS Page [ref004]Go to the MCU Virtual Library [ref001] http://mcu.edu/library/logs/log_3_9_96.html [ref002] http://www.fiu.edu/~wgreen01/apologetics.html [ref003] http://www.fiu.edu/~wgreen01/logs.html [ref004] ../


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