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[ref001] apologetics: DEBATE LOGS - 3/2/96 apologetics: DEBATE LOGS - 3/2/96 [05:44] Acolyte (st_aidan@delta1.deltanet.com) joined #apologetics. [05:45] Mode change '+o Acolyte ' by ApoloBot!bibleman@xlab1.fiu.edu [05:45] Topic changed by Acolyte!st_aidan@delta1.deltanet.com: the Home of rational Theism [05:49] delux (rinkdink@dialup077.lava.net) joined #apologetics. [05:49] wow [05:50] there ya go [05:50] anytime you want to join a channel just do /join #channel name [05:50] anyhow [05:50] u were asking [05:50] i didn't know i could do that I'm still knew to IRC [05:50] about how I am sure [05:50] thats kewl [05:51] Well basically it goes like this [05:51] the thing is i'm always curious about peoples belifs but i'd rather talk about it rather than them trying to convert me [05:52] thats kewl [05:52] I will just tell you then why I am sure [05:52] ]how old r u [05:52] ok? [05:52] me? [05:52] 24 [05:52] u? [05:52] 27 [05:52] ic [05:52] where r u? [05:52] where u from and at [05:52] Hawaii but im from california [05:52] southen California, USA [05:53] oh whre in CA? [05:53] im from san diego [05:53] ah [05:53] u [05:53] I am in Orange County [05:53] Anaheim [05:53] near Disneyland [05:53] my dad lives in seal beach [05:53] kewl [05:53] anyhow [05:53] i was born in glendale [05:53] me la Mirada [05:54] about the sure thingie [05:54] I think it kinda goes liek this [05:54] Ithink Reason shows that God is a necessary beleif [05:54] im surprised you r from cali because most people from there aren't so religious [05:54] Evidence shows that God enetered history in Jesus of Nazereth [05:54] well u'd be suprised [05:55] do u really think the bible isw true? [05:55] I rely on the authority that Christ Established and that the Bible is true [05:55] and I experience Christ working in my life personally [05:55] I don't mean to offend but i think the bible is bull [05:56] Ic, no offence [05:56] now, I have a quesiton for you [05:56] go [05:56] delux do you have good reasons for that? [05:56] my own i guess [05:56] ok, like what? [05:56] give me your best one [05:56] I would like to hear it [05:57] or "see" it rather [05:57] :) [05:57] too far fetched [05:57] well try me [05:57] oh you think it is too far fetched? is that it? [05:57] Why do you think that? [05:58] the bible is too far fetched. who know what the politics where back then [05:58] what do you mean? [05:58] what about Politics? [05:59] Delux what do we know about political theory back then that somehow make the Bible farfetched? [05:59] other religions have similiar books and older ones. I mean, maybe jesus was like the tv ministers and oprayed on the weak and sold his story [06:00] delux ok, maybe he was. [06:00] delux now I want to ask, what evidence would lead you to think that about Jesus? [06:01] Delux what I amsking is, we should form our beleifs based on the evidence we have right? Not on what "could be" or might be, or "maybe" right? Doesn't that m ake sense? [06:02] thats what i mean. I find it hard to believe in some guy that said that he was the son of god and took over. What if mary was afraid to tell that she had sex with a man that she wasn't married too and still claimed that she was a virgin and started blieving it [06:02] delux what if? what evidence do u have for the "what-if" tho? Thats what I want to know. [06:02] none [06:03] delux I simply can't believe a theory with no evidence, Know what Imean? [06:03] do u really think a virgin had a child [06:03] delux ok, then we have to go with what we have evidence for. That is how we should form our beleifs, right? [06:03] yes I do. [06:03] delux have you ever heard of parthenogeneisis? [06:04] no [06:04] delux parthenos=virgin genesis=life [06:05] well in some species, they virgin females that normally concieve with a male via sexual union, can have offsrping without sex at all [06:05] Rabbits for example [06:05] female rabbits can concieve without a male at times [06:05] how about we talk about something else because i don't know about the early stuff [06:06] its not impossible then that God could have a women concieve a child without sex [06:06] ok [06:06] what else then? [06:06] sinning [06:06] whats on your mind? [06:06] what about sin? [06:06] i don't believe in sin [06:06] oh, do you know what sin is? [06:07] not in your terms [06:07] oh, well then how can you not believe in it then? [06:07] i have an idea what christians belive is sin [06:08] delux I didn't beieve in lots of things. Doee that mean that they did not exist when I did not believe in them? I don't think so [06:08] delux ok shoot [06:08] i am not a christian [06:08] ok [06:08] what do you think we think of it as? [06:09] BTW r u male or female? [06:09] i belive in reincarnation and that everything u do is correct and no one can change their destiny. Where u are is where u r supposed to be. I am m [06:10] ic well I would believe in reincarnation if it were reasonable and have sufficient evidence for it. But I don't think it does [06:10] Delux I need reasons and evidence before I believe in something [06:11] delux I am not gonna buy into something unless someone shows me reason to [06:11] dont get me wrong, im not saying that cheating on your wife or killing someone is the right thing to do but people r people [06:11] delux ok why do you think reincarnation is true? [06:13] before we continue, lets respond like a conversation. read my response and then type back. I'm not as fast as u,. I'll start so give me a minute [06:13] okie [06:14] i think it's kind of weird that someone under hypnosis can speak a diffr=erent language, recalling a past life maybe, even if ,in this life they never learned that language [06:15] delux ok, so its weird. So? [06:16] i'm not saying that that is proof, but there is no proof to anything just strong personal opinion [06:16] delux, well I think there is evidence and proof for lots f things [06:16] gravity for example [06:16] lots of proof for that [06:17] through science but thats not we are talking about [06:17] delux I think so [06:17] delux religious beleifs sometimes can be tested by science [06:19] and proven unexplainable by scienc. but is that religion or something just unexplainable? any religion has the same argument. but why do u feel that your religion is the right one [06:20] delux I do not feel any religion has the same argument. [06:21] delux that is why I think one is true [06:21] delux I think other religions are not reasonable and lack evidence. I think mine is reasonable and lahs plenty of evidence. [06:22] for example, someone might pray for something and be "shown" the way and when that happens it builds their faith but doesn't that happen in any religion [06:23] I don't think that yours is reasonable [06:23] delux well may I repond? [06:24] delux I don't decide what I believe based on what I feel [06:24] delux if you notice what I said at the beggingin, experience was LAST on my list [06:24] thats wrong [06:24] I use Reason first [06:24] why? [06:24] you should believe what u feel [06:25] delux why? [06:25] my feelings change [06:25] what if you are a Jew and I am a nazi. And I feel I should kill you. Should I do that because I feel it? [06:25] personal belief should be the foundation of anyones belif [06:26] you don't belive that [06:26] delux oh so reason and evidence should not be the basis? [06:26] I don't believe what? [06:26] if you personaly belief the evidence then yes. [06:27] delux ok but my beleif is base dnot on what I FEEL but on what is logical [06:27] delux thatis the difference [06:28] you think that some guy that was born from a virgin and said that he was the son of god is logical [06:28] delux yes, and I think I have evidence for it. [06:28] delux you think we allhave souls and come back again and again in a never ending cylce. Do you have any evidence for it? [06:29] pascoe2 (pasc8891@xslip15.csrv.uidaho.edu) joined #apologetics. [06:29] hey pascoe [06:29] Nick change: pascoe2 -> pascoe [06:29] hello Acolyte. [06:29] your evidence is the bible and you should have more than that. no i do not evidence 4 that [06:30] delux did I say that I only had the Bible as evidence? [06:30] no [06:30] delux No I did not say that, did I? [06:30] no [06:30] ok then [06:30] I have evidence thatthe Bible is true, that is not based on the Bible. [06:30] for example [06:31] Archaeology that confirms with what the Bible says happened [06:31] don't u think that if u where born somewhere else your belief would be different [06:31] delux maybe, but theya re not now. whichis what is the issue [06:31] Elektra1 (grail@grail1213.nando.net) joined #apologetics. [06:32] Elektra1 (grail@grail1213.nando.net) left #apologetics. [06:34] delux (rinkdink@dialup077.lava.net) left irc: Ping timeout for delux[dialup077.lava.net] [06:36] Acolyte (st_aidan@delta1.deltanet.com) left irc: Leaving [ref002]Return to #apologetics Home Page [ref003]Return to LOGS Page [ref004]Go to the MCU Virtual Library [ref001] http://mcu.edu/library/logs/log_3_2_96.html [ref002] http://www.fiu.edu/~wgreen01/apologetics.html [ref003] http://www.fiu.edu/~wgreen01/logs.html [ref004] ../


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