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1_bible.htm CHAPTER 1: WHY I BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE (Composition Argument) Dr. Kennedy begins his book with a chapter on the why he believes the Bible. I must say, a right proper beginning. After all, the Bible forms
2_stones.htm CHAPTER 2: THE STONES CRY OUT (Argumentum Ad Verecundiam) In Chapter 2 of Why I Believe, D. James Kennedy continues with his explanation of why he believes in the Bible, this time using evidence from a
3_apndx.htm CHAPTER 3 APPENDIX ANALYSIS OF THE TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT by Eric Sotnak ( University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 15 March 1993 The motivations of creationists are often m
3_god.htm CHAPTER 3: WHY I BELIEVE IN GOD (Non Causa Pro Causa) The first two chapters dealt with Biblical history as it relates to prophecy and archaeology. This chapter veers away from history and enters the re
4_cretin.htm WHY I BELIEVE IN CREATION (Bifurcation) I said to myself concerning the sons of men, God has surely tested them in order for them to see that they are but beasts. For the fate of the sons of men and the
56_hv_hl.htm CHAPTERS 5 & 6: WHY I BELIEVE IN HEAVEN / HELL (Non Sequitur) After that long analysis of the chapter on creationism, I need a rest! Fortunately, the next two chapters in Why I Believe can be reviewed
7_moral.htm CHAPTER 7: WHY I BELIEVE IN MORAL ABSOLUTES (Contradiction) Note: At this point, my hard-working little laptop computer died for good. Fortunately, I had backups of my finished work (chapters 1 through
89ab_end.htm THE REST OF THE BOOK The remainder of this commentary will touch on a few issues in the remainder of the book. I had collected sufficient notes for a detailed review of each chapter, but these were los
8_apndx.htm LAST APPENDIX A PARABLE by M. M. Mangasarian, 1909 Bank of Wisdom, Box 926, Louisville, KY 40201 Public Domain - copies may be given away, but not sold By education most have been misled, So they believe
99_concl.htm WHY I BELIEVE CONCLUSION I do not consider myself a Christian, or an atheist. If one were to pigeonhole my own personal philosophy with a label, it might be "weak atheist" or "strong agnostic," because
answers.htm Answers to Tough Questions Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About The Christian Faith By Josh McDowell and Don Stewart [NOTE: The followi
charade.htm Josh McDowell's Charade by Gordon Stein, Ph.D Copyright by Gordon Stein Josh McDowell> is one of the most popular writers that fundamentalist Ch
consider.htm Critique of 'Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity' From still@rintintin.Colorado.EDU Sun Oct 30 10:03:29 1994<B
etdav.htm (Under Construction) The Jury Is In: The Ruling on Josh McDowell's "Evidence" The Jury Is In - The Ruling on Josh McDowell's "Evidence" This director
fabnaq.htm FABNAQ (Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions) Tom Scharle ( 1. Is there any reason to believe in your theory rather than some other version of creationism? 1a. If y
fabulous.htm This text copyright (c) 1993 by Jim Lippard, 2930 E. 1st St., Tucson, AZ 85716 ( Permission is granted to redistribute this file electronically provided this notice is retained. The Fa
faq-misc.htm Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution Mark Isaak ( Last update: January 3, 1995 A large part of the reason why Creationist arguments against evolution can sound so persuasive is becau
jesus.htm The Jesus of History: A Reply to Josh McDowell By Gordon Stein, Ph.D. NOTE: The following article is a slightly modified version of an article th
mcproofs.htm" Skepticism and McDowell's "Proof" By Jerry Wayne Borchardt They are from The American Rationalist 27 (July/August 1982). Copyright 1982 by The
my-sum.htm Reply to message 448 By: Fredric Rice To: Doug Lee Re: Josh McDowell St: Local @MSGID: 1:102/890.666@FidoNet 7b8c5016 @REPLY: 1:134/67.0 30394feb @PID: FM 2.02 SM> Bullshit. This is more regurgitated Josh McD
stupid.htm How to Make Atheists Look Stupid [NOTE: McDowell did not actually write a book entitled, How to Make Atheists Look Stupid, nor did he actually s
topten.htm Top Ten List Of More Accurate Names For Josh McDowell's "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat c
verdict.htm" A Verdict That Defies the "Evidence" By Bernard Katz Copyright 1982 by The American Rationalist The fundamentalist Christians have once again r


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