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a-hoax.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Alien Autopsy Hoax 12 'Alien Autopsy' hoax.(Investigative Files) Joe Nickell 112195 Skeptical Inquirer It keeps going and going and. . . . The Roswell crashed-saucer myth ha
a-quote.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Autopsy Goofs, 12 "Alien Autopsy" - Blooper List "Alien Autopsy" Goofs - The Master List This list is based on the "complete footage", as seen at the end of the Fox home video rele
aba.htm By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: Geocentrism Contra Mundum No. 6 Winter 1993 What is Geocentricity? by Gerardus D. Bouw Copyright 1993 Gerardus D. Bouw To hear tell, geocentrism, the ancient doctrine that the
abuse2.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz To: Fredric Rice Re: ABORT ALL THEM Promise Keepers! (Then eat Staal's remains.) FR I must opine that women don't leave abusive men for the primary reason FR that they have nowhere
ac0001gu.htm By: Mark Bunner Re: Expanded AC 1 of 3 The American Rifleman, February 1996 THE (expanded) ARMED CITIZEN Studies indicate that firearms are used over two million times a year for personal protection, and t
alpha.htm By: DAVID RICE To: JESSE JONES Re: Christmas -= Quoting Jesse Jones to David Rice =- Quoting DAVID RICE to JESSE JONES on 01-03-96 JJ I have enjoyed watching you all scurry for cover. JJ [Jesse's
amiles.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Autism Miles Well, roll me in oats and fry me in custard! I "won" a contest that Rev Austin Miles (San Francisco hyper-Christian) held in his propaganda rag called _The_Connecting_Link.
antigun.htm By: Victor Dura Re: MD-Anti Gun events Maryland: Two anti-gun events will be held by an organization called the Bon Secours Spiritual Center this Friday, January 5. This group is located at 1525 Marriotts
aog-book.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Army of God? [19] The Army of God: Overview For several years, people in the pro-choice community have heard rumors of the existence of a manual of anti-abortion terrorism, which
archieng.htm ARCHI: to archivee messages. I needed an efficient way to archive all messages appearing in an echomail area. My idea was this: use a "ghost" point, and forward to it all messages (like it was a normal
archiita.htm ARCHI: per archiviare i messaggi Come moderatore dell'area Filosofia, ed ispirato dal Grande Archiviatore Stefano Costa, avevo la necessita' di salvare su di un file di testo TUTTI i messaggi che trans
armstron.htm By: Jeff Miller Re: Garner Ted Armstrong steps down DALLAS (ITN) * Television evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong has stepped down as head of his ministry amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a masseus
asa.htm By: Scott Laroche Re: Won't you be my psychic friend? (As recieved in the mail today, December 7, from "Astrology Society of America": CONFIDENTIAL OFFICIAL BUSINESS December 1, 1995 Dear Scott LaRoche, If yo
attack.htm By: Tony Belding Re: Excessive Force Here is a letter that appeared today in the Hamilton Herald-News: Dear Editor, People are laughing about our Sheriff's Department, but it's no laughing matter. A man r
autistic.htm By: Gary Walsh Re: Facilitated Communication Today's (Jan 21) Toronto Star has a front page article titled "Autism 'miracle' a nightmare for family." Through "facilitated communication", a couples autist
autopsy.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Still MORE on the "Autopsy" Found this recently (I would have seen it sooner, but I accidentally let my subscription lapse): Skeptical Inquirer January 1996 Special Report A Surgeon'
beachfun.htm MAFiA presents. FUN AT THE BEACH FOR THE TRUE ANARCHISTS! ON YOUR WAY TO THE BEACH Ok, your at your local beach city, and you need a wetsuit, surfboard, fins, boogie board, ect. Have your friend drive a
bibvscda.htm By: Shelby Sherman Re: CDA bans bible! - SPREAD THE WORD!!! THE BIBLE CHRISTIAN VS THE COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT (c)1996 by A.Lizard Non-commmercial use of this document INCLUDING THIS COPYRIGHT NOTICE v
blood.htm [Image] Canada NewsWire [Image] Give us your message. We'll give you the world. Attention NewsHealth Editors: NEW TREATMENT REDUCES NEED FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS ONLY APPROVED TRANSFUSION ALTERNATIVE IN CA
boylan.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: Boylan's Appeal - End of Story * Original To : All, 1:308732 * Original From: Ed Stewart, 88:460217 * Original Area: I_UFO * Original Date: Feb 16 16:29 * Forwarded on Feb 18 00:44 by
boylan1.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Licensing From _Skeptics UFO Newsletter_ (SUN), Jan. 1996, by Philip J. Klass: Abduction Therapist Boylan Seeks To Regain License The Sacremento (Calif.) Superior Court will soon c
boylan4.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Boylan 2 Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 23:46:14 To: All Subj: Rich Boylan: Recent Coverage INFO.PARANET - CHANNEL 3 REPORTS - 6PM NEW
brice2.htm By: David Worrell Re: Brice 15 I was on IRC #atheism tonight, and guess who appears? Brice Wellington. One of the participants was quick enough to start logging it, and I thought I'd share the log wit
brooklin.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Prolife Tactics Help Commemorate the Brookline Anniversary On December 30, 1994, a lone gunman entered two clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts, and opened fire, killing two women a
bushbio.htm Article 15189 of alt.activism: Subject: Part 1: Unauthorized Biography Of George Bush Date: 15 Jan 92 03:55:59 GMT George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin With
cascoly.htm CASCOLY WINDOWS PACKAGE (Rev: 8 Apr 1996 ) To order just one program, use the individual order forms on the following pages. * Choose any THREE for $40 (normal price up to $90) : Windows
ccfalls.htm By: Marilyn Burge Re: For your info. Forwarded here by Marilyn Burge (1:10540.666) Area: A_THEIST Date: 22 Jan 96 23:42:48 Public To: All Subject: Christian Coalition Numbers * Copy of messag
cmiller.htm By: Janet Tyler Re: A visit 14 A visit with Xian Miller. I was curious as to whether the person posting as Christian Miller was genuine or not. So, when the rates were low, I loaded up the term program an
cn66.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Fred Rice Re: U_Know_Who_Bomber * Original To : All, 1:1069788.2 * Original From: John Powell, 1:2611201 * Original Area: BAMA * Original Date: Nov 23 16:17 Subj: Conspiracy Nation -
common.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: Michael Hardy Re: Re: ASKING SILLY QUESTIO HP Isn't it _odd_ (and _convenient_) that miracles quit occurring when HP xtianity began getting noticed? :-) RB Isn't it od
compporn.htm ATTENTION "ADULT RATED" BBS SYSOPS: BIG BROTHER MAY BE WATCHING YOU! [Editor's Note: We received a printed copy of this article in the mail anonymously. We don't know what the intention of the send wa
control.htm By: Stewart Draper Re: Conspiracy To Control Human Intelligence The conspiracy of lies is and has only one purpose to limit human intelligence so as to enable cosmic control over human consciousness's on
cows.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Fred Rice Re: Sacred Cows in traffic * Original To : All, 1:308732 * Original From: Robin Murray-o'hair, 1:3821006 * Original Area: THEIST_WATCH * Original Date: Aug 23 11:02 by Conrad G
cross.htm By: Norbert Sykes To: George Mooth Re: The Cross George Mooth Elliott Finesse : The Cross EFI have a worse shock in store for you. There are NO CROSSES IN EFCHRISTIANITY! There are no crosses ANYWHERE
cyber1.htm Date: 07-26-89 16:10 To: All Subj: Cyber Wicca Proposal Cyber Wicca Cyber Wicca-the art of living that integrates rational and irrational process through mythopoetic structures primarily from Wic
davies.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: Roger Hunter AS fundamental significance. Through conscioius beings the universe has AS generated self-awareness. THIS CAN BE NO TRIVIAL DETAIL, NO MINOR AS BYPRODUCT OF MINDL
debunk.htm By: Norbert Sykes To: Brad Jackson _ _ Brad Jackson All : Doctrine BJ Greetings! BJ I was give this track yesterday by a very good friend BJ out-lining the: BJ The Ap
deviate.htm By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Deviate of a Different Color SYNDICATED COLUMN By Patricia Nell Warren (WildcatPrs@AOL.COM) January 26, 1996 NEWS YOU DIDN'T SEE ON TV - A DEVIATE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR By Patricia Nell
dittos.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: Rush Limbaugh in the comics My wife brought me this today, the LA Times comics section. "Non Sequitur." The first frame shows a kid looking at a Jack-in-the-box music box. Second frame
dowsing.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Smithsonian The January issue of the Smithsonian magazine ran a major article that is extremely shocking, bearing in mind the reputation of this periodical. It's hard for me to im
dtod.htm By: Kevin D. Mckenzie Re: Door to door missionaries From the Internet Infidels: How To Get Rid of Door-To-Door Missionaries A chalk outline of a human body on the sidewalk, and a few copies of The Watchtow
escorts.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Clinic Escorts Sunday 4493 Pittsburgh Post Gazette (reprinted without permission) Abortion foes imitate clinic escorts By Ellen M. Perlmutter On at least two Saturdays a month, 18-
evidence.htm By: Sue Armstrong To: Timothy Bowlby Re: Evidence For God And Brave Sir Timothy ran away, screaming "Evidence For God"! JS Based on the scope of religion in the world JS I would imagine evidence does ex
exodusch.htm 41 - Number of people in file 62 - Number of events in file = PEOPLE ** 0 Rim-Sin -1753 2 -1693 2 King of Larsa 3 13 0 0 ** 1 Sin-muballit -1744 2 -1725
expose.htm By: Ian Hebert Re: Oppose the Religious Right Found this item in alt.society.labor-unions; thought it might be of interest here, so I'm posting it for everyone's information. Subject: Expose the Right! Dat
fairfax.htm By: Victor Dura Re: VA-C.D.L. news January 4, 1996 Virginia Fairfax County politicians are attempting to limit your rights to self-defense by prohibiting law-abiding citizens who have received carry permits
fairfax2.htm By: Mark Bunner Re: FAXALERT: Gingrich on Re NRA FAX ALERT 11250 Waples Mill Road * Fairfax, VA 22030 Phone: 1-800-392-8683 * Fax: 703-267-3918 Vol. 3, No. 1 1
fiction.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: Hot Tub Boylan on RAH Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 To: Kurt Lochner KL Robert A. Heinlein wrote in his _Notebooks of Lazarus Long_ that KL the way to tell how much a person knew about sc
fidohst1.htm FidoNet History and Operation 8 Feb 85 This is a long and convoluted document; it has been sorely needed for months now, and it finally got done. FidoNet is growing at a tremendous rate, and newer sys
fidohst2.htm This is Part Two in the history of FidoNet. It turned out that the original FIDOHIST.DOC (now called FIDOHIST.DC1, or just "Part One") was useful, and many people read it. Unfortunately, by the time ever
fof.htm To: IFAS@BERKSHIRE.NET Greetings, Freedom Writer Editor. I just read the December issue of Freedom Writer - specifically the "Letters" forum - and was surprised to read a comment by R. McCabe about "Kil
fof-cens.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: FOF = censorship James Dobson and his Focus on the Family's latest censorship attempts are covered by Americans United for Separation of Church State in a recent fund raising letter. Ac
fofup.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Tim Pauly Re: FOF update, Staal FR Focus on the Family is a charasmatic cult. I worked inside of their FR cult at Pomona, California, for several months and learned first hand FR h
fraud.htm By: Shelby Sherman Re: Exorcists Well, it looks as if religious shysters are not limited to the U.S. TOYKO (AP) _ Police have arrested six Buddhist monks accused of convincing ill or troubled people the
gemston1.htm July, 1986 This is a verbatim transcript from a photo-copy that some person gave me. He said that part of this document or related documents were published in serial form in the late 1970's in some kind
gemston2.htm FILE #2 OF 4 FOR THIS DOCUMENT Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald: Officer Tippitt was dispatched in his police radio car to the Oak Cliff Section, where Oswald had rented a room. Tippett may have met Oswald o
gemston3.htm File #3 of 4 for this document. April 18, 1971: Howard Hughes, a human vegetable as the result of serious brain damage during his 1957 hustle, plus fourteen years of heroin, grew sicker and sicker. A f
gemston4.htm This is file #4 of 4 for this document. May, 1972: J. Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File: threatened to expose Dallas-JFK in an "anonymous" book, The Texas Mafia. Instead, someone put sodium morphate i
genesisc.htm By: Styx Allum To: Brad Jackson Re: God's Word -= Quoting Styx Allum to Brad Jackson =- SA I said to read (both) chapters 1 & 2 of Genesis. Read chapter 2 SA to see how it suddenly reverses to Adam fir
genomyth.htm By: Gwenny the Pooh Re: Atheistgate 1 Heilsa, All! While bumping down stairs after Christopher Robin, Gwenny the Pooh heard Bill say to All: - If anything is known about Jesus, it would be the following.
geosync.htm By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: Geocentrism #1 of 2 [context cut by me- drice] JH Besides, it's a lot of fun to sit in the lounge car and JH watch all the Flat Earth Christians standing along the JH t
gods.htm By: Frederick Leff To: Richard Morrison Re: Gods, not god Richard Morrison wrote in a message to Hector Plasmic: RM If you are going to dispute what I believe you should at RM show enough intelligence to
gun-dyk.htm By: Paul Nixon Re: Did you know! * Originally By: RIC DUNCAN * Originally To: ALL * Originally Re: Did you know! * Original Date: 15 Jan 96 21:28 * Original Area: PRMLITIA * Forwarded by : Blue Wave386 v2.
gunlist.htm By: Richard Comer Re: Internet Sites Subject: Internet Sites for Shooters If you know of any others, please let me know! If you discover any errors, please let me know! Thanks Rich E-mail:
gunnote.htm By: Mark Bunner Re: FAXALERT: Campaign Refor NRA-ILA FAX ALERT 11250 Waples Mill Road * Fairfax, VA 22030 Phone: 1-800-392-8683 * Fax: 703-267-3918 Vol. 3, No. 5
gunwin.htm By: Mark Bunner Re: ALERT: CA - Big Win for February 5, 1996 CALIFORNIA BIG WIN FOR CALIFORNIA GUN OWNERS: On Wednesday, January 31, the Assembly passed AB 638 (Knight), the NRA and CRPA backed right to ca
hack101r.htm From the files of the Hack Squad: The Hack Report Report Date: April 10, 1992 Welcome to the thirteenth issue of The Hack Report. This is a series of reports that aim to help all users of files found on
hangem.htm By: George Rudzinski To: Christian Miller Re: coincidence screw up -= Quoting Christian Miller to Martin Goldberg =- MG Stop dancing. Stop avoiding asnwering this question. Answer it or MG be laughed
hargis.htm By: Elliott Finesse Re: HONEYMOON HARGIS RIGHT WING REV. PERVERT OFFERS ADVICE ON FAMILY VALUES After you read this file consider sending BJ e-mail telling him what you think. "Americans a
harris.htm By: Dan Ceppa Re: Perpetual Hoax Machine For those of you that have been wondering what Stewart Harris has been up to: * Originally By: Jeff Sterling * Originally To: Stewart Harris * Originally Re: Perpetu
hillary.htm By: George Rudzinski Re: Hillary! In a stunning revelation yesterday a righteously outraged Senator Alfonse D'McCarthy has revealed stunning new revelations that Hillary Clinton, during the time of the Tr
hist01.htm History of Witchcraft As I am trying to put this all together, I hope to bring about an understanding that Witchcraft, like any religion, has undergone it's changes throughout the centuries. It
hist02.htm History of Witchcraft (part 2) From Mesopotamia lets move over to Persia. Unlike the Mesopotamians, and Egyptians, who believed that all was done with either the favor or lack thereof of the Gods,
hist03.htm History of Witchcraft (part 3) From here, let us move on to Egypt where we will look at other mystical symbols and more history of magic and the craft. The Sphinx was a mythological creature with lio
hist04.htm History of Witchcraft (part 4) As Christianity became a part of this nation, there is much evidence to show where the Christians of the time, and the pagans lived peacefully together. In theology
hist05.htm History of Witchcraft (part 5) It's with these beliefs and doctrines that I state that not only was the doctrine, or teaching almost identical, but the vocabulary was extensively the same. Gr
hist06.htm History of Witchcraft (part 6) As we can see, even though the pagan community has been trod upon, it was never destroyed. The date of Christmas was purposely fixed on December 25 to pus
hist07.htm History of Witchcraft (part 7) We have looked briefly at the similarities of the philosophies and vocabularies, but is that all that they had in common? Let's look at symbologies. For many years, t
hs-ircdo.htm 0 0 000 0 0 0 0000 0 0 000 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 0 0 0 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0 00000 0 0 0 0 0 000 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0
insuranc.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: More on immortality. needs *no* comment. = Forwarded Message Follows = # Originally By: Dave Coble # Original Date: 26 Dec 95 22:52:00 # Ori
iridolog.htm By: Scott Laroche Re: Iridology I found this ad in the Indigo Sun, one of the many local syrupy-sappy New Age magazines: WHAT EXACTLY IS IRIDOLOGY? By definition, it is the science and practice which revea
isdnfaq.htm By: Dave Osborne Re: ISDN FAQ 1.01) Summary of changes from the last version - Update to HP product info from (add to Who is shipping what) (Pierre Vidalenc) - Update to
j-jones.htm By: Norbert Sykes To: Andrew Masten Re: Thumb-sucking Fundy RS And so does the mass killings. Answer the damn question. RS Why does your god murder? AM What mass killings you refering to? MG Does
j-pres.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Jesus Runs for President What if . Jesus Christ was on earth in our time, and decided to run for President? Can you imagine the news coverage? . JESUS CHRIST DECLARES FOR PRESIDEN
jabberwo.htm By: DAVID RICE To: TIMOTHY BOWLBY Re: FAQ Material TB DON'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE? DON'T BELIEVE THE PODDERUB? JABBERWOCKY 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the
jsemfel.htm By: Marilyn Burge To: Michael Hardy Re: The Jesus Seminar Roster of Fellows Either discredit enough of them to make a statistically significant difference, using the Jesus Seminar's voting algorithm, or be
jw-door.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: JW's at the door While I was posing a minute ago, some JW's came to the door. Christopher (Abacus, RoboCop, et al.) told me that two Jesus Freaks were walking around outside so I stop
killyou.htm By: Fredric Rice To: AL SCHROEDER Re: HEY, I'M NEW, STAAL FR Why don't you and Al just do what every other Christanic fr cultist does and kill each other, allowing your intellectual fr superiors to talk
kirlian.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Four Your Ammusement I thought folks in HOLYSMOKE might enjoy this e-mail exchange between a True Believer and I: (Clint Brome) wrote: Since it came up recen
legalnew.htm By: Victor Dura Re: NRA Crime Strike NRA CrimeStrike 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030 * January 2, 1996 * 1-800-TOUGH-11 * Silly Inmate Lawsuits: 1995's "Worst Legal News" From a death row inmate
lincoln.htm By: Marilyn Burge To: Robert Berndt Re: Abe Lincoln RB To all who think that Abe Lincoln hated religion, you RB might find this interesting. RB A Proclamation RB From the President RB For a Day of
m-gate.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Messiah Gate 1 [From the WWW. Notice how this effectively deals with Al and Michael's claims about the disciples. LGS] Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. This fi
m-nuts.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: An interesting discourse - Part 0 The following crosspost (which I readily admit is ponderously long) was writen by a 19 year old Mormon who is also a Flaming True Believer in UFOs and a
m-virus.htm By: George Rudzinski Re: Macrovirus 1 DOCUMENT TITLE: New macro viruses target Word document files New macro viruses target Word document files Date: 23rd of August, 1995, updated 27th of October. Same inf
magic374.htm This is the full list of all the MAGIC Filenames available for File Request from Rights On!, 1:37414, in Titusville_FL_USA. With this list, you can always request the latest version of your favorite pro
marriage.htm By: David Worrell Re: Dating, Biblical style The Top 16 Biblical Ways to Acquire a Wife Find an attractive prisoner of war, bring her home, shave her head, trim her nails, and give her new clothes. Then s
mastur.htm By: Ryan Shaw Re: mormon info I'm posting this once again just in case any of you are having any problems as described below: Mormon Instructions on Masturbation From a Guide to Mormon Youth "Guide to Self-
melwhite.htm By: Scot Bear Re: Mel White letter to Patty Robertson Subj: OPEN LETTER from MEL WHITE to PAT ROBERTSON Date: 96-01-26 04:35:16 EST - Begin Forwarded Message - OPEN LETTER FROM MEL WHITE
mustreal.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: It Must Be Real! From _Skeptical Briefs_, December 1995; originally published in _Phactum_, the newsletter for the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking. It Must Be Real -
nazi-ban.htm By: Jon Heifetz Re: CIS ANNOUNCEMENTLIST 13 Here is CIS's press release and a list of banned newsgroups, as posted to Computer Underground Digest. Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 09:58:30 -0600 Subject: F
nightsta.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Cult Laugh-in Subject: Anti-Scn Jokes on "Nightstand" Date: 7 Dec 1995 07:25:12 GMT This past weekend, the talk-show spoof "Nightstand" did a "cult show." For those of you unfamiliar wi
nogods.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: No god? Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. This file made available by the Internet Infidels for The Freethought Web. How Do You KNOW There Is No God? by Frank R.
nonsense.htm To: SHS Re: "SHB: A Threat to Humanism?" Ken Marsalek and Don Evans would like to believe that the SHB publications articles and writers are a potential threat to the humanist movement due
novaufo.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: UFOs on PBS WALL STREET JOURNAL (J) 022296 Copyright (c) 1996 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. By Dorothy Rabinowitz Tuesday, Feb. 27 Kidnapped by UFO's? "Nova" looks into the fantasies of
nutcasea.htm By: DAVID RICE To: JUDITH BANDSMA Re: NUT CASE #326522 -= Quoting Judith Bandsma to Douglas Duke =- -= Quoting Douglas Duke to John Musselwhite =- DD One can be ignorant if they insist. Laughing! Th
o170!gen.htm Opus 1.7+ File Repository [File request OPUS170 or 170 for Main files] Everything you Need for a New or Upgraded Opus BBS! ALL files ZIPped with NEW PKZIP 2.0+!! SDS-OPUS.001 Description of Software Distr
orgone1.htm By: Pete Porro Re: ORGONE.1 Excerpted from the Fall 1988 "Skeptical Inquirer" - the Journal of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) Vol.13, No.1 To subscrib
orgone2.htm By: Pete Porro To: Pete Porro Re: ORGONE.2 In 1956 the Food and Drug Administration, convinced that orgone boxes were damaging the health of gullible people by keeping them from needed medical care, ordere
overbord.htm By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: Scientology JJH And besides, in the event you were someone who had JJH deliberately infiltrated the organization: you were at JJH sea. Are you going to walk home?
pagans.htm By: Norbert Sykes Re: Pantheacon Stuff I just got back from San Jose, California's, 2nd annual Pantheacon, repository for the pagan, the weird, the failed trekkies, the outcasts, and the decidedly religio
pat-rob.htm By: Elliott Finesse Re: PAT ROBERTSON:certified W " The work of a secret feminist agenda that is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages w
pednutgu.htm By: Paul Nixon Re: Christoffel -1 This is posted for the edification of those who debate or discuss the gun control issue with antis and fence-sitters. Please note that I did not originate, nor do I agre
peru.htm By: Steve Quarrella To: Fredric Rice Re: The child has GOT to go! FR ~*~ Then the aunt saying to my mother that there was no FR choice and that the "child" would HAVE to go. - Dusty FR James,
pinocchi.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Jim Staal Re: Staal is Pinocchio to our Geppetto js When I offered an identicle one to Gwenny, it was js totally condemned by you, him many others on the echo. FR Your mock "apology
pl-vio.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Prolife violence poll Feminist Majority Foundation 1994 Clinic Violence Survey Report For the second year, the Feminist Majority Foundation concluded a nationwide survey of anti-ab
prolife.htm By: Ryan Shaw Re: [fwd] Pro-life Real Agenda * Forwarded (from: debate) by Ryan Shaw using timEd2 1.10+. * Originally from Marvin Kaplan (1:363210) to All. * Original dated: Wed Nov 29, 23:15 The real ag
pukeanan.htm By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Buchanan's Family Values THE DAILY IOWAN 111 Communications Center,Iowa City,Ia.,52242 -(Fax 319-335-6184 - or- 335-6297, print run 12,400) -(E-Mail: (NOTE: T
quadro.htm By: Jim Panzer Re: Quadro Tracker Interesting blurb by Michael Graczyk ala Assoc. Press.The Fed. Gov is investigating the Quadro Corp of Harlelyville, S.C. for selling a device that they (Quadro Cor
randi88.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Secrets of the Psychics Rebroadcast Just a reminder: the NOVA episode, "Secrets of the Psychics," will be rebroadcast on Tuesday the 23rd on PBS. Please consult local your local l
ranready.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Dowsing for Randi On Wedesday night the 7th, tune in to NBC Dateline (9:00 p.m. most areas) and see the Quadro device go down in flames My participation in that episode was going t
resonate.htm By: Fredric Rice To: John Brawley Re: evolution FR I'm sure he isn't. In any event one may pick through _any_ book of FR mythology and see "resonances" with biology. It doesn't make the FR mythologies
reword.htm By: Marilyn Burge To: Don Martin Re: Thumb-sucking Fundy DM Eric Hendrix said "Thumb-sucking Fundy" to Preston Simpson, adding: EH I also want to toss out another thought. DM Only you would so label
ripoff.htm By: Robert Jackson To: Jesse Jones Re: Christmas JJ I have enjoyed watching you all scurry for cover. The favored JJ defense for why heathens would celebrate Christmas seems to be that we JJ Christians
rnc-web.htm By: Victor Dura Re: Republican guest book Date: Sat, 30 Dec 95 09:49:18 UT To: Subject: FW: Tell Republican National Committee what you think The Republican National Committee main
robertso.htm By: George Rudzinski To: All Re: CC1 CIVIL RIGHTS ˙˙˙Presidential candidate Pat Robertson in 1988: "Opposes Civil Rights ˙˙˙Restoration Act; favors equal opportunity for all people; opposes ˙˙˙affirmative a
romech2.htm 61 - Number of people in file 78 - Number of events in file = PEOPLE ** 0 Polybius -200 1 -118 1 5 5 0 0 ** 1 Terence -185 0 -159 0 5
roswell.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: 12 GAO Report and Congressman Schiff The GAO Roswell report and Congressman Schiff. Philip J. Klass 112195 Skeptical Inquirer An 18-month search completed last summer of Uni
russia.htm By: Marty Leipzig Re: More tales from the warped side. Hello, again, All. If for the fact of nothing else to do (the kids and wife are off on some sort of Xmas-tine adventure in which I was thankfully exem
schroede.htm By: Martin Goldberg To: Hector Plasmic Re: Evidence For God HP Shouldn't you explain that Dr. Schroeder claims that a universal HP flood should _not_ have left any evidence of itself behind? HP Dr. Scho
sdslista.htm FSC-0081.ZIP A type-3 packet proposal, Mikael Staldal FSC-0080.ZIP Describing FidoNet with a layered model, Mikael Staldal ELFAQ512.ZIP Elist Frequently Asked Questions (01 Dec 95) ELMOD512.ZIP Elist U
sechum.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Secular Humanism Subject: University teaching secular humanism? Hello, everyone! We here at the University of Minnesota have been having a bit of a controversy lately, in the wake of Dav
secondgu.htm By: Paul Nixon Re: The embarrassing 2am 111 Combat Arms BBS 1630 S.W. Clay Street - Apt. 8-O Portland, Oregon 97201-6052 Voice: (503) 223-3160 BBS: (503) 221-1777 Fido 1:10568 The Emb
sexes.htm NEWS BULLETIN - Men and women are NOT alike. Sure, you thought you already knew that. But now we have proof! After countless hours of surveys and studies on the following topics, these facts have emerge
sg1.htm (234) Tue 20 Feb 96 10:38 By: Shelby Sherman To: Kenneth Mcabee Re: Hello! St: @EID:87fc 205454c0 @MSGID: 1:12367 3129a6e7 @REPLY: 1:271460 3128d063 @PID: GED3 2.5.b6 124LM3 19 Feb 96 14:20, quoting Kennet
shoggoth.htm By: Ryan Shaw Re: Lyric of the Week: Meet Cthulhu, Darling * Forwarded (from: masq_music) by Ryan Shaw using timEd2 1.10+. * Originally from Liche (235:11095) to All. * Original dated: Tue Jan 02, 00:16
sin.htm By: Frederick Leff To: Christian Miller Re: Forgiving Sins Preston Simpson wrote in a message to Christian Miller: PS And what would you do? Offer helpful advice? CM Excuses what? I stated a plain and s
smoke.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: 19th Cent Holysmoke?! I came across a document on the Freethought Web which contains a long series of lectures by Helen H. Gardner, with an introduction by Robert Ingersoll. Her wi
sofia.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: A little Help From Space SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) - Talk about foreign aid! Lured by three self-styled mediums, about 1,500 people gathered at an airfield in northern Bulgaria on Monday, a
soul.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Kenneth Mcabee Re: Soul train KM 1. Death on this earth, your body stops living and dies, KM however your soul or spirit lives on. Which one? The soul or the spirit? You keep talking abo
strekbib.htm Subject: I do not believe establishment story on AIDS origin Date: 27 Apr 90 10:25:09 GMT Sender: Here is why. Check the following references and it will become obvious that AIDS
strekmem.htm Subject: follow up to AIDS bibliography Date: 27 Apr 90 10:25:50 GMT Sender: The following paper, entitled "IS AIDS BIOLOGICAL WARFARE" was sent to me by Dr. Strecker who has no ac
stvwnter.htm Transcript of STVWNTER.WAV. The following contents are copyright 1994 by Greg Kudasz: "Hi Greg, this is, uh Steve Winter. I curse you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are filthy little false chri
suicide.htm Suicide assistance hotline, 617-976-HELP.
swint1.htm By: David Dahl Re: Steve Winter on the Net Hello! I was browsing some newsgroups when I ran across a message from Steve Winter. And to think I thought only FidoNet and Prime were blessed by His holy prese
torts.htm THE LAW OF TORTS James J. Spinelli The Activity Bulletin Board Service - ABBS - (914) 779-4273 This paper is NOT intended as a substitute for a lawyer NOR as a do-it-yourself kit. It provides basic inform
triangle.htm By: Scot Bear To: Fredric Rice Re: Re: Texas Triangle Addresses Texas Triangle addresses: 1615 W. 6th St., Austin, TX 78703 Voice: 512-476-0576 Fax: 512-472-8154 Email: URL: http:www.ou
tulsaicr.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: PALUXY CLAIMS! * Originally By: Len Flank * Originally To: Shelby Sherman * Originally Re: PALUXY CLAIMS! * Original Area: EVOLUTION * Forwarded by : Blue Wave v2.11 SSWell the ICR is STI
u-geller.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Paranut on the hill TIME magazine this week covered briefly the announcement that Senator Claiborne Pell, D, Rhode Island would not run for re-election in 1996. They called him "the Hil
usaconco.htm ~0BPreamble~0B ~0A ~0A We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, ~0A establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common ~0A defence, promote t
ussr.htm By: Sue Armstrong To: Jesse Jones Re: The Constitution of the USSR, 1977 THe following is, AFAIK, the ENTIRE Constitution of the USSR, as ratified in 1977 under Brezhnev. Read it all and then tell me th
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violence.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Violent Protest [12] Violence and Disruption Statistics These numbers include only those incidents reported to NAF as of April 30, 1995; the actual number of incidents is likely
wacky.htm By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Wacky Germans Who says that Germans don't have a sense of humor? Originally reported in _Der Spiegel_, reprinted in the December 31 _National Review_: "Gunther Burpus remained wedged i
war.htm By: Kevin D. Mckenzie To: George Mooth Re: Our daily bread THE SUN IS ALSO A WARRIOR Leslie Fish (c) 1986 Two men walked on the beach in the sun. One left footprints, the other left none. One was a man who n
wind.htm The #holysmoke channel on Internet's Undernet servers is much like what we see here on HolySmoke yet real time. The claims that fundies make and the arguments they use to try to defend them are exactly
xmasup.htm By: Judith Bandsma To: Jesse Jones Re: CHRISTMAS JJ Good for you! I wish all heathens would do the same, and leave JJ our Holy Day alone! 'Scuse me? Seems to me that YOUR 'holy' day was co-opted at the
xmasyou.htm By: David Worrell To: Jesse Jones Re: Christmas I considered responding to your slightly modified annual Thanksgiving screed, but I thought it'd be more fun to forward it to Curry. I know how much you mis
zuni.htm By: Ric Carter Re: Zuni Philosophy #1 Reproduced in ZUNI FETISHES and ZUNI by Frank Hamilton Cushing. ZUNI PHILOSOPHY The A-shi-wi, or Zunis, suppose the sun, moon, and stars, the sky, earth, and sea, in a


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