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1problem.htm Problems With a Global Flood From "Six 'Flood' Arguments Creationists Can't Answer" by Robert Schadewald, _Creation/Evolution_ IV (Summer 1982), pp. 12-13: "Scientific creationists interpret the fossils
2ndlaw00.htm There is an unfortunate problem with calling entropy a measure of disorder or randomness. One tends to think of entropy in terms of shuffling cards. As a matter of fact, that's usually how it is presen
7.htm All seven and we'll watch them fall they stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all with their intelect and their sabouiafair no one in the whole universe will ever compare I am yours now and you
a-xist.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: Woooweee! Just got my hands on some great source material: Naming the Antichrist - The History of an American Obsession By Robert Fuller (Professor of Religious Studies, Bradley Universit
abduct5u.htm Now that "Abduction Mania" resulting from the CBS-TV miniseries "Intruders" (May 17 and 19) will soon be upon us, I offer the following as if to "light one candle rather than curse the darkness." The aut
abort3.htm By: LARRY SITES To: CRYSTAL MANSFIELD Re: RE: BRUCIE'S BRAIN CM> My religious beliefs tell me that the soul enters the body at CM> birth. For most of history, religion has said that the soul did NOT
abortion.htm By: Kevan Coleman Re: MORE Xtian Terrorism Woman Held for Shooting Doctor Associated Press - 08/20/93 Rachelle Renae Shannon remains jailed in Wichita, Kan, today on an attempted murder charge after all
abortrc.htm By: Dr (Phd) Stephen Mumford Humanist Press The Catholic Church and Social Justice Issues Page 43 The Abortion Movement In 1980, Federal Judge John Dooling, United States District C
abortwar.htm By: Re: Stop the War Against Women! Via NY Transfer News Collective All the News that Doesn't Fit STOP THE WAR AGAINST WOMEN! By Rachel Nasca and Steve Kirschbaum Brookline, Mass. The
aclu2.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: Fuck the ACLU What _is_ it with the fucking ACLU anyway?! Here we've got a guy whos name is something like "Tod Jammerson" who has been convicted of 14 crimes in the past 22 years, 4
addressi.htm Subject: Re: Subscription to ICR? In article <> (Robert G Zuber) writes: > I'm considering subscribing to the ICR to recieve their, uh
afundi.htm By: Randy Edwards Re: [1 of 2] Anti-fundamentalist leaflet Subject: Anti-fundamentalist leaflet The text below is especially designed for anti-fundamentalist activists who may wish to distribute paper
aidsicon.htm By: Albertus Magnus Re: Aids and Christ [This was sent out by the Episcopal News Service on 3/16/95.] AIDS PAINTING AT CAPE TOWN CATHEDRAL SPARKS CONTROVERSY By James H. Thrall, deputy director of news an
airdoc.htm By: Don Allen Re: AIR #1 Report - 1/10 DISCLAIMER: The contents of this report do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views or positions of the poster. It is posted solely for informational purposes onl
alawites.htm By: David Rice Re: A Robertson Wet Dream ISTANBUL, Turkey (ITN) Unidentified gunmen raided four coffeehouses and a pastry shop, killing at least one person and wounding 25 others Sunday in apparent atta
aliensgo.htm AP 05/25 02:24 EDT V0549 Copyright 1994. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. WASHINGTON (AP) - Going where no congressional critics have gone before, a supermarket tabloid contends that 12 U.S. s
allstate.htm By: David Rice Re: Scientology / Allstate NORTHBROOK, Ill. (ITN) Allstate Corp. acknowledged Wednesday that it hired a consultant who taught "unacceptable" Church of Scientology management principles to
amenhote.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Dan Ceppa Re: Ikhnaton/Amenhotep monotheism and contemporary monotheism dc> Actually, David, it probably did exist. However, you must note dc> that gods in those times claimed variou
andersex.htm By: Gwenny the Pooh Re: Another fundy sex offender Heilsa, All! From the Denver Post, Sunday October 15, 1995 EX-MINISTER HELD IN SEX ASSAULT Colorado Springs-a former Coloardo Springs minister has been a
anticult.htm By: Jeff Freeman Re: Anti-Cult Candidate Chicago READER Section 1, Page 4 February 17, 1995 Copyright "The Anti-Cult Candidate" A mental patient who's convinced her family has belonged to a satanic cult for
antispam.htm By: David Rice Re: Spam Jake Day! Hormel Foods Right Spamerend David Rice Corporate Offices Sol-System-Wide Church of Holy Spam 1 Hormel Drive
aplst.htm By: Christopher Baker To: Ray Rozowski RR> Can anyone recommend any good books which deal with the atheist RR> perspective? I thought someone had mentioned one by Madalyn O'Hair, RR> but I didn't write it
apologyx.htm [cross-posted from CIVLIB Echo] [originally posted on 1:128/105] Dear CIVLIB Correspondents: Certain posts have recently been written by me, in exchanges in a rather heated discussion between myself an
ark.htm By: George Rudzinski Re: Ark 1 of 15 Note from the editor of this scanned ASCII formatted version: Several compromises were make in the scanning and translation from the printed text to the ASCII format.
arklarkd.htm By: David Rice Re: More on Ark Hoaxes, 1 of 2 This is some info re the Noah's Ark TV program that was trying to pass itself off as scientific proof of its existence. It was a load of rubbish. Fernand Navar
arktoo.htm By: Marty Leipzig Re: THe First Love Boat: S.S. Noah Count I had some R&R time coming (speaking of which, next time I go there, I'm going to load up on Pink Floyd, ELP, Tull and such. Those tapes sell for
athehist.htm By: Jim Gifford Re: Debate analysis: Part 1 (Threads you originate get letters; those I start get numbers. See?) I think that too many of the arguments that have been put forth by both you and others are
atheistl.htm By: Robert Curry To: Phil Morrison Re: major advances PM> Unless I am terribly wrong, the major advances in the world PM> have been made by dedicated Christians. o Florence Nightingale established nursing
ausfaq1.htm By: To: Fredric Rice Re: GET AUSCHWITZ AUSCHWITZ.FAQ1 Date: Tue, 17 Jan 95 02:44 PST Cc: Archive AUSCHWITZ: file auschwitz.faq1, part 1/1, size
baboon.htm By: David Rice To: John Gerhart Re: wisdom On 01-10-95 John Gerhart wrote to All. JG> Inside me is this persistent longing to reach out to JG> Someone[sic]; this desire to know if God[sic] has JG> anythin
badcops.htm By: Coridon Henshaw Re: PIGS PROVIDE ANTI-ABORTS WITH INFO Forwarded by Coridon Henshaw (1:250/820) Area : ANEWS (News of the US and World) From : Randy Edwards, 1:325/805 (Monday January 23 1995 21
banbooks.htm By: Dan Ceppa Re: Banned and Burned Censored Books Responding to the Meese commission's official approval of pressure-group censorship, Waldenbooks staged a promotion featuring 52 volumes that had been"cha
batdoc.htm By: Shelby Sherman To: Chris Ferree Re: SUPERSTITION 13 Apr 94 15:18, Chris Ferree wrote to Fredric Rice: CF> What are the verses dealing with bats/birds? Allow me. LEV 11:13 " `These are the birds you are
bb.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Bible Bunk I am in the process of putting together a file that will show through a convergence of evidence that christianity is bunk. It is currently over 70k so I will summarize only
bearsex.htm By: Scot Bear Re: Re: Amazon Warriors And speaking of Jewish humor, er, well, a joke told by a former writer for Jackie Gleason: A hunter spotted a bear and fired a shot at it with his rifle. He missed.
beaten.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Beaten to Death for God BEATEN TO DEATH FOR GOD Kyung-A Ha, a Korean immigrant to the U.S., was brutally beaten to death over a six-hour period, while her attackers videotaped h
billtlk.htm By: Tyler A. Wunder To: Chris Vetter Re: belief In a msg of <Monday May 16 1994>, Derek Clayton writes to Chris Vetter: ->>> You produce the least little scrap of evidence that dead men get upa ->>> away a
billyrev.htm By: David Rice To: Bringfried Lilke Re: Hells' Bells! >BH> Not believing is the greatest sin of all. Billy Graham said >BH> this week in one of his daily newspaper columns that God can >BH> forgive everyt
blasph.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: Dr. James Robertson Re: Bubbling Blasphemies, Crawling Chaos, Carcinoma Carnivals DJ> We'll see how eager you are to spout this blasphemy when DJ>you stand in front of God on J
blocking.htm By: David Rice Re: In The News RICHMOND, Va. (ITN) A federal appeals court upheld the law against blocking access to abortion clinics on Monday, rejecting arguments that the law infringes on free-speech
book.htm MY GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE? First of all I would like to thank the sysop of this B.B.S. for allowing this kind of literature to be displayed in his or her forum. The power of computers is astounding. It c
booklst.htm By: Henry Mcgrattan Re: Bibliography For Skeptics @SUBJECT:Bibliography for Skeptics (no imagined superfriends N Scientists Confront Pseudoscience Abell, George and Barry Singer, eds., Science an
books2ls.htm By: Robert Curry To: Tim Ross Re: List 1 of 2 Here are some authors whose books you might find very interesting (selections taken from alt.atheism's resources FAQ). MICHAEL MARTIN "Atheism: A Phil
booksnew.htm New books from Arthur Frederick Ide "Yahweh's Wife"; paperback, 112 pp., Stock #5569, $15.00. Is the Judeo-Christian god male or female? Ide examines the tribal politics that created the god Yahweh as he
boom.htm By: DAVID RICE To: FREDRIC RICE Re: Boom! I walked up to my cubicle here at work this morning, and I found a group of people huddled in there, with worried, frightened faces. They were from facilities, sec
boylan7.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: David Dahl Re: Boylan - Cover Letter BEFORE THE BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS STATE OF CALIFORNIA In the Matter of the Accusation) Against: ) Richar
bozo.htm Picture of Bozo the Clown
brainpop.htm By: Jeff Freeman Re: Brain Explosion : How To Tell If Your Head's About To Blow Up : From the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, May 24, 1994 : MOSCOW- Doctors are blaming a rare electrical imbalance in the br
branham.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Anthony Grigor-Scott I see that Anthony Grigor-Scott has joined us. This deluded fundi is a follower of the "prophet", William Branham. James Randi writing in "Be Healed in the Name o
brethren.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Minnesota School Challenge From _Church & State_, February, 1995: Brethren 'Public School' Challenged in Minnesota Americans United [for Separation of Church and State] is assistin
brice.htm By: David Worrell To: DAVID RICE I lied - I did find the Brice faq There should be at least 4 Brice related messages following this one. The Brice Wellington FAQ Ar
brndapol.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Bernardin Reconciliation (File: BRNDAPOL.ZIP) To: WITCHHUNT <MIT.EDU!witchhunt> AP 5 Jan 95 6:35 EST V0637 Copyright 1995. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. CHICAGO (AP) -
bsa.htm By: Christopher Baker Re: Boy Scouts of America [Religious America ONLY that is] i now have the official BSA statement on 'god' and reproduce it below in its entirety. it is available as BSAGOD.htm [5K].
bunk.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: THE DETESTED BIBLE DON WARD to ALL on 03-12-95 09:10 re: THE DETESTED BIBLE DW>Do you know what's really crazy about the war on Christianity and bibli DW>values? You would think that e
ca42doc.htm By: Shelby Sherman Re: In the Name of God?? Here's a great question for you. Why does God permit people who are obviously unrepentant sinners to assume authority in his church(es)? Some examples: Art Phill
cairo.htm By: David Rice Re: Praise God! Kill infidel CAIRO, Egypt (ITN) Gunmen suspected of being Muslim militants killed five people and wounded three others Wednesday after climbing aboard a passenger train to
camoredo.htm By: David Rice To: Shelby Sherman Re: Catholic child abuse by clergy #1 of 3 Also as it happens, the religion with a PROVEN RECORD of child sexual abuse by its officials is CHRISTIANITY, not Satanism. I a
candlese.htm By: Rebecca Long To: Larry Johnson Re: Ear Candling I tried some of them out. The ones I bought at the health foods store are different than the ones I saw at the discovery expo, but are supposed to be "a
carlos.htm (37) Wed 25 Jan 95 8:23 Rcvd: Wed 25 Jan 14:40 By: Carlos Collazo, The Wizard of OS/2 (1:102/830) To: Fredric Rice Re: Pablo Kleinman St: Crash Rcvd @MSGID: 1:102/ 1d427691 Hi Fredric
castria.htm By: David Rice Re: Priest dbl murder/suicid MOUNTAIN LAKES, N.J., (ITN) A minister bought a 10-cent bookmark inscribed with the Lord's Prayer, then smashed his car into a concrete barrier, killing himse
ccn_app.htm CompuChurch (tm) Network (CCN) Membership Application General Information: The CompuChurch Network is a networked association of Computer- based telecommunications systems who are approved to offer one
cctxtbkd.htm A TEXTBOOK ABOUT COMPUCHURCH (tm) Rev. 10/5/93 TABLE OF CONTENTS "My Vision" by Rev. Alan Jennings.1 About CompuChurch (tm).2 Ways You Can Participate in Co
chocolat.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: [1/3] Chocolate!!! I found it! Here's the Chocolate Ritual! (Al, don't let your wife see the screen or she'll convert!!) THE CHOCOLATE RITUAL Copyright 1993, John Shepard, Performed
ci.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Christianity Index Christianity Index (Record Purity Test) Author: Russell Skingsley <> The following is a lovely bit of work from the infamous
cid4.htm By: Randy Edwards Re: [1 of 2] The Theology of Christian Identity Topic: CDR: Racist Ideology / Written 12:39 PM Mar 13, 1994 by markalf in igc:pol.right.foru / / - "CDR: Racist Ideolog
clinton.htm THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, 1993 T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, which explai
condom.htm KFI Am 640 Los Angeles mentioned an incident here in California where a student went to school dressed as a condom for Holloween. For some reason only the religiously brain dead could possibly understand
condonrp.htm By: Don Allen Re: EHP Challenge - 1/7 I scanned in the following text mailed to me by Angela Thompson, Research Coordinator for the Bigelow Foundation. This was in response to a request I posed to her reg
conflict.htm By: Simon Ewins To: Derek Williams Re: Judass DW> No conflict in Scripture bud!!! Action . Samuel/Kings . Chronicles Taken by David II Sam. 8.4:
coralage.htm One of my favorite examples is the Devonian corals, it goes something like this: 1) There are many species of coral that lay down daily and yearly layers of growth that can be counted. So if you find a s
cr.htm By: David Bloomberg To: Michael White Re: Christian Reconstruction In a msg to Michael White on <Feb 14 19:01>, Dave Horn of 1:104/810 writes: > Really? Ever hear of Christian Reconstructionism? MW> MW> Ch
cr2.htm By: Maureen O'Brien To: Maureen O'Brien Re: Xian Reconstructionism Grace Under Pressure The World According To Rev. R.J. Rushdoony By Marghe Covino _ He hardly seems like the Ayatollah
creation.htm The following is the first draft of the letter I will be sending to CBS concerning "Ancient Secrets of the Bible." Critical comments are welcomed, but please respond through e-mail unless you think your
crybaby.htm "CRYBABY" By Philip J. Klass Philip J. Klass is a member of the Executive Council, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). [Note: This article, written in 1981, wa
cs-kills.htm By: David Rice To: Don Martin Re: Cs Child Abuse >>[cuts] DM> As sheer serendipidy would have it, my wife and I surfed DM> to an old LA Law during a lazy afternoon last Sunday, and DM> one of the cases bein
csicopre.htm -=- What follows was pulled off of the I_UFO forum; a forum dedicated towards the dissemination and perpetuation of paranormal beliefs no matter how easilly they are debunked nor how often. In this miss
ctdoc.htm By: David Macdonald To: Lois Frankel Re: Critical Thinking Project I am a college teacher. In conjunction with a friend, the biologist Michael Wirth of New England College, we are collecting syllabi of c
cultdoc.htm By: Marguerite Kendall Thought this might be interesting to some. Cornerstone Ministries P.O. Box 2183 Poquoson, Va 23662-0183 (804) 868-0793 CHRISTIAN OR CULT? Copyright 1993 by Cornerstone Ministries. Pe
cultdyn.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Cult Dynamics, 1/3 (File: CULTDYN.ZIP) Maybe the following will give you some idea about what cultism is. While we can concentrate on beliefs. it is the behaviour of the group
days.htm By: LARRY SITES To: ALL Re: God of the day. IS NOT! Fundis make a big deal about their "creator" god, some even claiming that the 6 days of Genesis creation is literal truth. What bunk. Here is clear evide
deafuk.htm By: David Rice Re: Tax Dollars & Cocaine MIAMI (ITN) A judge ordered the government to pay $871,000 to six people arrested and beaten in Honduras after U.S. drug agents planted cocaine on their plane in
dearxian.htm By: Phil Porvaznik Re: Dear Christian DEAR CHRISTIAN, I have heard the message of salvation many times: we are all sinners, and we can have forgiveness and eternal life if we confess and accept Jesus as Sa
debateev.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Creationist Debating, 1/3 This article forwarded from Eugenie Scott, Exec. Dir. of the National Center for Science Education: article begins here: Debates and the Globetrotters Eugen
defense.htm By: Marty Leipzig Re: D-Fens In Defense of Evolution If, as the creationists would have us believe, all life on Earth came into existence through a process of special creation, then the God presumably in c
designba.htm Many organisms show features of appallingly bad design. This is because evolution via natural selection cannot construct traits from scratch; new traits must be mod- ifications of previously existing tra
detsuits.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Detroit Lawsuits (File: DETSUITS.ZIP) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt PRODIGY(R) interactive personal service 01/12 4:17 PM Number of notes exported: 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
dominos.htm By: David Rice To: Judith Bandsma Re: Try God Dry! >DR> The owner of Dominos Pizza sends a large percentage of his >DR> profit to "Operation 'Rescue.'" He's a hyperfundy. JB> I just recently learned about
downfall.htm By: Wayne Michaels Re: Christian downfall There have been some recent posts about the christian brand of religion being on the way out. And of course the predictable response of "Is Not!" by our current c
dowsingd.htm By: Don Martin Re: Dousing There has been some discussion of water witching or dowsing here in the past. I found this in the book <The Straight Dope> by Cecil Adams (ISBN 0-914091-54-9) pp 128-129. "Needl
draftrc.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: RC Apology I have more info on the message I posted earlier: From the Chicago Tribune, 5/26/94: Vatican drafting Holocaust apology JERUSALEM-The Roman Catholic Church is drafting a
dust.htm By: David Rice To: Jesse Hornbacher Re: Mark Fox >MF> microscopic spheres not filled in? Hans Petersson, COSMIC >MF> SPHERICALS AND METEORITIC DUST, Scientific American p 202, >MF> February 123. Keep in mi
early.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Accuracy Hardy style 2nd DC> That leaves you believing in nothing more than second, DC> third, or even forth hand hearsay. MH> No, it leaves me with accurately transmitted copies of th
earthage.htm Entitled "Questions and the answer for chronologists", this is taken from the most recent issue of "New Scientist" Review of "The Age of the Earth", by G. Brent Dalrymple, Stanford Univ. Press, 474 pages
ecoworld.htm Via The NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 Subject: Pope's Campaign Against the Earth 2:11 pm May 20, 1992 by web:unactor in cdp:en.unced.general Mother Nature: Handmaid of the Pope? At U
einstein.htm By: David Rice To: Rick Gordon Re: what evidence would do? >>JW> I understand that Einstein (sp?) said he believed in a >>JW> creator of the universe etc. >CF> I understand you haven't been around here lon
elementn.htm By: Steve Quarrella Re: New Element! NEW SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY ANNOUNCED!!! The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by investigators at a major US research university. The element, ten
ellssuit.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Ells Suit (File: ELLSSUIT.ZIP) To: Jonathan Harris <MIT.EDU!WITCHHUNT> (Deleted material deals largely with the identity of Ells' center.) COUNSELOR HIT WITH ANOTHER SUIT Woman Clai
elmod509.htm ECHOLIST The EchoMail Conference List USERS GUIDE 01 Sep 95 ELMOD509.htm This Users' Guide is intended as a brief description of the EchoList, and a summar
elmod510.htm ECHOLIST The EchoMail Conference List USERS GUIDE 01 Oct 95 ELMOD510.htm This Users' Guide is intended as a brief description of the EchoList, and a summar
enuma.htm By: Arthur Fischer Re: The Old Testament revisited (READ for your own good) As I can tell from the massive arguements over Noah's Ark, etc, etc, it seems as though I may have typed this out many times.
equaldoc.htm By: David Rice Re: Equal Time Becomes LAW [This is from an old clipping from a National Lampoon magazine from a few years back (1987?) - JC] In keeping with the Supreme Court's decision to strike down Lo
ereflst.htm Weiberg, James R.Starczak, Victoria R.Jorg, Daniele. "Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory." Evolution. V46.P1214(7) August, 1992. Kluger, Jeffrey. "Go fish. (rapid
evolutio.htm By: Shelby Sherman To: Tyler A. Wunder Re: Theory of evolution TAW> Would someone "in-the-know" kindly lay out an evolutionary theory or TAW> two so Bill Wolff will provide us with his theory of crea
factevo.htm By: Shelby Sherman To: Jesse Hornbacher Re: Evolution etc 3 29 May 94 12:07, Jesse Hornbacher wrote to Fredric Rice: JH> Evolution is not an observed fact. The theory is to explain how JH> everything got
factnet.htm F.A.C.TNet reports serious censorship attempts Rcvd: Fri 31 Mar 19:23 To: Fredric Rice (1:102/890.0) (818) 335-9601 Fwd: Message from FACTNet Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 17:26:49 -0500 In article <3l5d8t$i
fascist.htm By: Ryan Shaw Re: FASCIST GROUPS AND ANTI-ABORTION ATTACKS Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 01:56:20 -0500 (EST) Workers World 3/2/95 FASCIST GROUPS LINKED TO ANTI-ABORTION ATTACKS By Shelley Ettinger A string of ars
fasoldar.htm On September 21'st of this year, KFI A.M. 640 Los Angeles talk radio had their usual 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning "Bible Studies" hour. Bill Handel picks one of the mythologies from the Christian Bible e
fells.htm By: Jeff Freeman Re: Witchhunt [From: ] "Jonathan G. Harris, Dept. of Chem Eng, MIT" <harris@MIT.EDU> [Re: ] Fells Acres update _
ffeed.htm By: David Rice Re: Forcefeeding dogma Michael R. Burhans - Out Of My Mind A Weekly Electronic Column
fishmanh.htm (court-stamped page numbers in (parenthesis)) (occassional descriptions of drawings in ( brackets also)) STEVEN FISHMAN filed Dismas House, Room 324 clerck US Dist
fms4-3.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: 1/9, FMSF March Newsletter (File: FMSF4-3.ZIP) F M S F O U N D A T I O N N E W S L E T T E R (e-mail
fmscosts.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Costs of FMS (File: FMSCOSTS.ZIP) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (c) Newsday, Inc., 1/9/1995, Pg. A-27 Viewpoint: Repressed Memories By Susan Kiss Sarnoff, DSW. Garden City I want to applaud
food.htm Here's something which just came across my desk that might be of some interest for your readers of your publication. It was reprinted from a FAX in "Freedom Writer." There is a photocopy of a FAX which
foul.htm By: David Rice Re: Cults cry "foul!" 18-May-94 09:24pm Churches & Abuse Today's Denver Post: CHURCHES SHIFT ABUSE DEFENSES Holding Groups Responsible 'violates religious freedom' By Virginia Culver Attorneys
freedom.htm By: David Worrell To: Crystal Mansfield AC>People who claim to be Christians are trying to destroy AC>your Freedom. Destruction of freedom is not Christlike. CM> Then why do they seek to: CM> make ou
freeze.htm By:, Central Computer Banks-mcws (1:102/851) To: Fredric Rice Re: Freeze, sucker! Freeze, sucker! Date:2/28/95 WINDOWS 95 WILL HAVE THE COOLEST USERS EVER REDMOND, WASHINGTON - In order
fundy.htm By: Dave Grubbs Re: LIMERICK There once was a chap named Bundy, who attended his church every Sunday. He said with a grin, while wiping his chin Don't think for yourself: be a fundy."
g-pagans.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: GREAT CHRISTIANS 1/2 ALAN KERN to DAN CEPPA on 03-23-95 07:49 re: GREAT CHRISTIANS AK>You're just jealous they're aren't any great pagans. The Pagan Greeks, unfamiliar with the Hebrew
gdanietz.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Family values Xtan style Robert O'Brien's Story. Excerpt from "Editor's Notes" from Freethought Today, Newspaper of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The unforgettable story of Robe
gellerts.htm By: Hong Ooi To: Mikolaj J. Habryn Re: Re: Urine Geller FG> to believe he is doing it with "mentalism". But I can't blame Geller for FG> his scam. he'found a good way to get wealthy. I would probably ke
gooddays.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: New newsletter 1/2 The following is reproduced by permission from a new newsletter by a frequent contributor to _The Skeptical Review_. Subscription info at the end. Enjoy! THE HANDY DA
gtsdoc.htm By: Marty Leipzig Re: The Geological Time Scale, Part 1. What with all this "Young Earth" nonsense floating about, I proudly present the Geological TIme Scale. 浜様様様様冤様様様様様様様様冤様様様様様用様
h-abc.htm By: Florida Today Re: Re: Attacks on learning list City makes attacks on learning list By Chris Evans Florida Today Palm Bay found its way into a national school censorship report this month because of a ti
hack2.htm Defcon By Elizabeth Weise Associated Press Las Vegas - First they cracked into a hotel television system, reprogramming it to scroll messages reading "Hackers rule!" across screens in 1,000 rooms. Later th
hackers.htm REAL HACKERS VANDALIZE WEB SITE By Yardena Arar Daily News Staff Writer [Photo of altered WWW picture with caption: "A World Wide Web site for the movie 'Hackers' was not viewed kindly by some real
hal.htm By: Brian Heess Re: Pentiums From!!brian To:,,, Date: Sun, 01 Jan 1995 03:13:28 -0800 Cc: brian
halluc.htm By: Hypatia To: All Re: Wierd @#$% Experience Hello all, I had a really wierd experience last night that I wanted to bounce off you because I can't figure out whether I dreamed the whole thing or have some
halluc2.htm By: Archemedies To: Hypatia Re: Wierd @#$% Experience hyp> I kept dreaming there was something, some kind of entity coming hyp> after me and making me paralyzed. In the dream I started saying, hyp> "In th
harms.htm By: Martin Eble Re: When Therapy Harms From the Internet: BEWARE THE TALKING CURE: PSYCHOTHERAPY MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR MENTAL HEALTH by Terence W. Campbell, Ph.D. ppbk, 265 pages, Upton Books, a division
harris2.htm Original From: Stewart Harris Original To: NIGEL KAY Subject: Belief To: Fredric Rice Datum: 01-05-94 23:13 Area: FIDO_UFO In 1975 I have a dream. There is a drawing. I wake u
hearsay.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Hearsay (File: HEARSAY.ZIP) To: WITCHHUNT <MIT.EDU!witchhunt> Attached is a recent Supreme Court case regadring hearsay testimony in a child abuse case. SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED
help.htm The file BOOK is in Ascii format and can be read on all IBM computers by using a word processor or by typing this command. TYPE BOOK The files with the wri extensions must be read in WINDOWS in WRITE.
heresy.htm By: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Bishop Tried for Heresy [1/3] I am posting a number of files gleaned from the Episcopal Diocese of Newark's Homepage. This involves the upcoming Church trial of Bishop Righter on
hislop.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: HiSlop's 2 Babylons JB> Alexander Hislop in his book, The Two Babylons, says, "The god whom JB>the Druids worshipped was Baal, as the blazing Baal- fires show-We JB>know that they
horse.htm By: George Rudzinski To: Alan Kern Re: Horse 1 of 9 Area: Evolutionary Mechanism Theory Discussion Author: Kathleen Hunt ( Title: Horse Evolution FAQ This is a companion file for
host.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: When Church & State Mix. From _Church & State_, February 1995: Non-Catholic Jailed in Timor for Mass Participation A non-Catholic who accepted communion during a Roman Catholic m
hoyleevo.htm By: Simon Ewins To: Marty Leipzig Re: Mating with Apes! SE> I like to see some real answers to the above. Try not to dance, SE> please. SE> A: What are the odds? SE> B: How are/were they calculated? ML> Hoyl
hsfaq.htm By: Autopost Re: HOLYSMOKE FAQ - HOLYFAQ.0 The Fidonet HOLYSMOKE Frequently Made-up Questions sheet Originally by David Rice, updated and maintained by C. J. Henshaw Last Revised 02 Jun 1994 INTRODUCTION b
hsfdq.htm By: Autopost Re: Frequently debunked claimes list - DEBUNKFQ.0 Frequently debunked fundi claims list Created and ma
hubbard.htm By: Randy Edwards Re: Fight Scientologist Censorship NOTE: This message was originally in conference "Alternative News -Fido" and was copied here by Robin Murray-o'hair. by Tony Sidaway
icr-cult.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: ICR censorship The ICR now has their own pulpit for preaching to the choir. They are apparently afraid of the truth and will not allow any non believers to question them in front of th
icr-fr.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Rebecca Boughton Re: ICR censorship LS> The ICR now has their own pulpit for preaching to the rb> Mr. Sites, I was quite interested in the post, rb> however, I have one question. Who o
icr36.htm By: Fredric Rice To: ANDREW CUMMINS Re: Fridric Rice - Hurtful truth ac> Well, we know that you are a liar. New Age Creationists such as yourself experience cognative disonance as a result of constantly ha
icr42.htm By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: ICR Credentials #1 of 2 RB> David Rice expressed the following opinions not too long ago in RB> this Forum and failed to present any way to verify the validity RB> of the
icr43.htm By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: Who is The ICR #1 of LIST OF PUBLICATIONS BY ICR FACULTY AND ADVISORS The following table lists all faculty members and technical advisors of the ICR cult who are in scie
icrwho.htm By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: Who is The ICR Continued #1 The "PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES" of the Graduate School: "The purpose of the ICR Graduate School is to discover truth about the universe by scient
ikhnat2.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Fredric Rice Re: Re: Ikhnaton/Amenhotep monotheism and contemporary monotheism FR> About 1375 the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV, the ruler of FR> the Eighteeenth Dynasy decreed monotheis
islamic.htm By: David Rice Re: Praise God! (Again) KADAI HAIDAR KHAN, Afghanistan (ITN) The president's soldiers blasted the mountains southwest of Kabul with heavy artillery Sunday as they launched a ground assaul
istanbul.htm By: David Rice Re: Another nation undr God ISTANBUL, Turkey (ITN) Sectarian differences have added more bloodshed to this country already troubled by ethnic Kurdish violence and held at a distance by it
jailed.htm By: Florida Today To: All Re: Re: Activists charged By Kathy Reakes Florida Today More than 100 local pro-life activists arrested two years ago will have to pay fines and spend time in jail following a de
judas.htm By: jonny vee Re: Judas was framed!!! PART ONE OF TWO: I saw this story in the newspaper this morning, thought that it might amuse some of y'all and piss off the rest, which means it's the perfect thing to
jw-bunk.htm By: Marty Leipzig Re: Jehovah's Witlesses Giving the Jehovah's Witlesses a Broadside One of the main elements of the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses is a specific interpretation of Daniel 4 which is v
koreshhi.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: Michael Hardy Re: Re: evidence MH>And we have evidence that Jesus rose from the dead. Time: Here and now. Surviving members of David Koresh's Branch Davidians report seeing David the
lang.htm Original Message Posted via THEIST_WATCH From: Robin Murray-o'hair @ 1:382/1006 Forwarded by: Christopher Baker @ 1:374/14 ANTI-ABORTION LANGUAGE INVESTIGATED The Justice Department will review stat
lc.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: White Sox Re: Re: Lovecraft's still fooling teeny-boppers. CW>> Try B Dalton Bookseller in your local mall. CW>> There really is a book by that name. WS> That is the lovecrafti
letter.htm By: Drew Webber Re: Letter Here's a letter I saw today in the local paper's letter to the editor column. I thought ya'll would like to see it. Right-to-Lifers Pampered I have lived long enough to know th
lies1icr.htm By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: REvolution You said to Hector Plasmic: >>RB>If my evidence was from ICR, I don't see what the problem >>RB> would be. >HP> ROFL! How about the fact that ICR has never mana
lies2icr.htm Authors: Various Title: ICR Whoppers This is a small sampler of creationist whoppers, gleaned from in recent months. When I wrote that I had sent an unnamed creationist a small sampler of ICR
lifton.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Lifton, 1/2 The following is an article from the July '95 (Vol. 3, #7) issue of The REALL News. It may be reprinted by other skeptics organizations as long asproper credit is giv
lilith2.htm By: David Rice To: J.J. Hitt Re: "Adam and Eve" myth You said on May-24-94 11:56:04: JJH> And THAT is the point I want to verify. Lots of Jewish JJH> folklore and mysticism is of Medieval European origin. J
losaltos.htm Today in Los Altos, California, a public school held a vote on whether to ignore the ignorance, superstition, hatred, and fear of the Nazi Religious Reich, and to continue with their Holloween tradition
lsd.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Urban Legends and TV The local TV station here fell for a well-known urban legend about "Blue Star Acid". They have an E-mail address, so I sent them the following. Their respons
lt3.htm By: Coridon Henshaw Re: Actions by fringe lawyers. Urgent Action: Linda Thompson Bodyguard Arrested by Killer Cops Date: Wed, 13 Sep 95 17:31 EST URGENT! BEN MOORE JAILED BY COPS WHO BEAT JOE LOVE TO DE
lunatics.htm Today: Mexico. Tomorow: Canada! Commentary upon curious characters by a curious character Here's a fun-loving group of right-wing Christian racists that I'm sure you're going to love! Quite impressivel
mack.htm ARE ALIENS ALREADY HERE? HARVARD'S CONTROVERSIAL JOHN MACK THINKS HE MAY HAVE THE ANSWER 05/24/94 CHICAGO TRIBUNE Five years ago, when a colleague asked Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack if he wanted to
magnetic.htm By: David Rice To: Mark Fox Re: Magnetic Fields cc: J.J. Hitt DR> Mark claimed that the Earth's magnetic field is DR> "decaying," when in fact it is not. MF> 1835.8.558 x 102 amps per meter MF> 1945.8.06
manson.htm By: David Rice To: All Re: C. Manson and G'N'Roses Magazine: the Body Politic Issue: April, 1994 Title: Roses to Manson & O.R. Author: Michael Novak Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns N' Roses, has introduced conv
mckowns.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: C.S. Church Let Off Hook CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH NOT LIABLE On Monday, April 3, the Minnesota State Appeals Court ruled that the Christian Science Church is not liable for dam
mctunnel.htm By: JEFF FREEMAN Re: McTunnels 1/2 To: <witchhunt@MIT.EDU> Subject: McMartin Tunnels McMartin Preschool Tunnel Claims: Evidence of a Hoax A revised edition of THE COURAGE TO HEAL, by Ellen Bass
memcolid.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: When Memories Collide (File: MEMCOLID.ZIP) Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 17:56:00 Subj: Memories Collide UFO - When Memories Co
miles6.htm By: DAVID RICE To: ALL Re: Letter #06 Rev. Austin Miles Rev David Michael Rice, Esq. P.O. Box 685 - Oakley, California
milk.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Clint Micheau Re: Assumption lesson St: Local Greetings, Clint! I know you'll not be allowed to read all of this yet I thought that, since you offered such good statistics, I would at l
milk3.htm By: J.J. Hitt Re: Elephant Head Update Hi All, Following up on the first message about the milk-drinking Ganesha-statuettes in India, it now is official that The Netherlands, and I guess some other Europe
mithra2d.htm By: David Rice To: Drew Webber Re: ARK HOAX You asked Fredric Rice: DW> For us ignorant people, can you explain how this Mithra DW> myth goes? He was a crucified Savior (one of 16 that predate the Jesus myth
mithra3d.htm By: Shelby Sherman To: Fredric Rice Re: Mithra 13 Apr 94 23:01, Fredric Rice wrote to Shelby Sherman: FR> Greetings, Pagan! Bite thy tongue. FR> Do you have a file containing the list of parallels between t
mithra4l.htm Main entry: Beck, Roger, 1937- Title: Planetary gods and planetary orders in the mysteries of Mithras / Roger Beck. - Imprint: Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1988. LCCN: 87
mithrado.htm By: Simon Ewins To: Johnny Mckinney Re: ARK HOAX JM> MITHRAISM JM> [MYTH rah iz em]- a Persian religious cult that flourished in JM> the late Roman Empire. In the second century A. D. it was stronger th
mithraso.htm Subject: Mithrasism and Christianity Date: 24 Jun 1994 09:24:19 GMT As promised, here's the commentry from "The Paganism in Our Christianity" by Arthur Weigall (paper edition published G. P. Putnam's Sons
mono.htm By: Cory Johnson Re: monotheism 1/3 "One God" is a Ritual Abuse Cult Should we be suprised when religious authorities get caught exploiting others for sex, money, or status? Those are not aberrations, bu
moomaw.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Ethics and Reagan's Pastor ETHICS AND REAGAN'S PASTOR School prayer proponents say that talking to god will make kids behave. But it doesn't seem to have done a thing for Donn
morals.htm By: LARRY SITES To: ANDREW CONNER MG> Where did the "Hebrew Morality" come from? MG> Try common sense. Its nto nice to take stuff from others. so we MG> write laws about them. No religion needed. AC> Di
morm2.htm By: LARRY SITES To: RIC REMINGTON FR>get to learn all about the magic underwear you'll some day FR>wear. RR>No. There isn't. I already wear the garments that are representative of RR>clothing that Adam and
morm8.htm By: LARRY SITES To: ANDREW CONNER Re: RE: WHY WE ARE HERE ANDREW CONNER to MATT GIWER on 02-22-95 22:22 re: RE: WHY WE ARE HERE AC> There were no books in print about the "AZTECS" or any ancient AC> "Ameri
mormons0.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Marilyn Burge Re: SEND THE MORMONS BACK TO HADES WHICH WHICH THEY CAME! mb> I really have a hard time understanding this Mormon thing that mb> keeps cropping up in this conference. I
na3.htm By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: National alliance /CI >>KDM> National Alliance >>KDM> Please include $1 for postage. >BN> Thanks. Boy, what is it about those mountain states? JH> Inbreeding. Fear, ignorance
nakedgod.htm By: Kevan Coleman Re: Naked for Christ Cops Chase Car, Find 20 Nude People - Associated Press - 08/20/93 Police in Vinton, La, were surprised when a driver wearing only a towel got out of a car they sto
neutrino.htm By: David Rice Re: In the News #1 NEW YORK (ITN) Scientists have produced strong evidence that tiny particles called neutrinos - so slight they were long thought to have no mass at all - do indeed hav
newnet.htm New Net Meeting Minutes 12 Nov 95 13:00:00 As most everyone in this general area knows by now, a meeting was held to discuss reworking the network topology just a bit to resolve finances, mail-flow techn
nicolael.htm By: David Rice To: Lois Frankel Re: Forced Parenting, #1 of 2 BS> Ah, and now we come to steriization of the poor, and the ethnic BS> minorities that mostly make up the poor in this country. If memory BS>
niv.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: NIV Defense Last night on a TV channel for Bible-worshipers I watched some of the authors of the NIV Revision of the Bible trying to defend their creative transliterations. The criticis
noahhoax.htm By: Anson Kennedy Re: Incredible Noah's Hoax The following was posted on usenet's sci.skeptic and talk.religion.misc newsgroups. Subject: CBS on 'Ark': Mum's Still the Word (News) Date: 9 Jul 93 16:30:53
nopray.htm By: sumner, (1:1/31) To: speaker to fundies Re: Religious Bodies on Prayer A Matter of Conscience: Why Faith Groups Oppose Government-Sponsored Prayers in Public Schools Compiled by: Americans U
nyschool.htm Msg # 207 Kill/Sent Date: 22 May 93 17:15:00 Subj: NYC School Board results _ From THE OREGONIAN, Saturday, May 22, 1993 NEW YO
odonnel.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Priestly Molestation PRIESTLY MOLESTER In the continuing saga of priests around the world who have molested children, documents telling of 32 years of sexual abuse by a priest w
ogilvie.htm By: David Rice Re: In The News #2 LOS ANGELES (ITN) A minister who is set to become the next U.S. Senate chaplain was sued by a woman who claims he talked her out of an abortion after she became pregnan
onefam.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: One Family (File: ONEFAM.ZIP) One family's tragedy spawns national group 12/09/94 THE BALTIMORE SUN PHILADELPHIA - Pamela Freyd says she'd rather be doing anything than telling stra
or.htm By: Randy Edwards Re: Family Values and Operation Rescue NOTE: This message was originally in conference "Alternative News -Fido" and was copied here by Robin Murray-o'hair. [PNEWS CONFERENCES]
or2doc.htm By: Shelby Sherman Re: Beware! From The Commercial Appeal, 7/13/93 Jackson, Miss. - God will punish Americans for allowing legal abortions by sending floods, violence, and economic collapse that will spli
order.htm [Note: The marching orders which follow which instruct self-proclaimed "militia" extremists to conduct an armed attack on Washington was recalled just days before it was scheduled. Linda Thompson now a
origins.htm MH> Please tell me specifically what elements you think MH> Christianity borrowed from what pre-existing religions. The Christian myth is almost totally Pagan in origin. I used to think that anything out
origins2.htm Re: Origins of Fundamentalism To: Andrew Cummins Mike Ringgold Lee Grimsley William Morgan Christianity is an amalgam of pagan religions, picking the most successful features from each. =-=-=-= As to the
orvotron.htm Here is the latest newsletter from the nice folks at Orvotron. Enjoy! ORVOTRON The East Coast Power Point BIMONTHLY NEWSLETTER MAY\JUNE 1992 E-Mail Fido 1:379/703 Greetings Ascending Star People. Those of
outlook.htm By: Don Martin Re: Even Saints Get the BluesEven Saints Get the Blues In the Outlook section of the Washington Post for 10/29/95, there is an interesting article by Christopher Hitchens on everyone's favo
oviddoc.htm By: Chris Ferree To: Fredric Rice Re: VULGARITY AND HATRED? UP Discussing the controversial "VULGARITY AND HATRED?", Fredric Rice said. FR>The physics and genetics and geology and - well, everything -
pagani.htm By: Kevin Lamonte To: Nathan Dutton ND> -=> Quoting Fred Rice to Jennifer Matyko <=- ND> jm> Does anybody want to have a GOOD debate about > jm> witchcraft? if so, drop me a line. ND> What should we
pandas1.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Pandas in Plano, I Last May three candidates running for positions on the Plano, Texas, school board, were pushing the "values" issue, something which has become a buzzword for rel
pandas2.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Pandas in Plano, II The following appears in the current issue of The Skeptic, the newsletter of the North Texas Skeptics. Permission is granted to reprint this text for non comme
parent.htm By: J-Mag To: Samuel Wagar (cross/ Feminism) Re: From My Body =/= My Prop (Crossposted from FEMINISM by Bob Hirschfeld) Friday June 04 1993, Samuel Wagar writes to Randy Horton: SW> Hi, Randy. I had an i
pascal.htm By: Aaron Boyden To: Nicole Chardenet Re: Atheists & Fridge El > I'm not familiar with Pascal's Wager. What was it? On the off chance you wanted a ludicrously complete answer, I can provide the following.
pcdoc.htm By: Sean McCullough Re: PC and Crystal Weenies /1 POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and CRYSTAL WEENIES or WHAT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS REALLY IS Political much we've all heard on this subject!!
pennjoke.htm In PC Computing magazine, the April 1993 issue, I believe, Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) posted the following apology. It was brought to my attention by a hardware engineer who recognized the po
pervert.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Xtan child perversion SA> I find the concept of brainwashing little girls into believing SA> adult dogmatic fantasies to be reprehensible. Children are SA> impressionable, and it both
pk-man.htm By: DAVID RICE To: DAN CEPPA Re: Beat Women, for god! DR> "Promise Keeper" maifesto? It's unmasked evil is disgusting, DR> all the more so because the cult considers it a virtue. Maybe DR> I'll post it her
pk10.htm By: DAVID RICE To: DAN CEPPA Re: Beat Women, for god! >DR> "Promise Keeper" maifesto? It's unmasked evil is >DR> disgusting, 1. A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring >DR> Jesus Christ through worship,
pk8.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Lynda Bustilloz Re: Promise Keepers Cult: Utterly evil lb> Promise Keepers Promises lb> 1. A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring Jesus Christ Which, by the way, is their worse evil
poland.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Fertility Clinic Closed FERTILITY CLINIC CLOSED Next time a conservative religious leader tells you that the religious really don't want to legislate morals, just say to yours
popekill.htm By: Coridon Henshaw Re: POPE'S VISIT: Reactionary in Religious Garb Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 23:38:20 -0400 (EDT) Via Workers World News Service Reprinted from the Oct. 12, 1995 issue of Workers World newspap
pr-scamd.htm By: Kevan Coleman Re: PAT ROBERTSON ALERT The "Christian" Pat Robertsons $4.98 Telephone Gambling Scam A sucker is born every minute, a lesson I am sure Mr. Robertson has learned from years of begging for
pray-at.htm By: David Worrell Re: School Prayer Model school prayer Silver Spring, Maryland - School prayer advocates might like the following model. Although it's based loosely on the Lord's Prayer, and is generic en
prayerba.htm By: David Rice To: Jesse Hornbacher Re: Prayer >MG> Prayer is worse than useless. It is a waste of time. JH> Not only are you insensitive, you are ignorant. Prayer has JH> been more SCIENTIFICLY proven tha
priest.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Movie Release Date Moved FILM RELEASE DATE CHANGED On Friday, March 24, Miramax Films announced that it would change the release date in response to protests by Catholics. The f
priest2.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Priest to be Boycotted "PRIEST" TO BE BOYCOTTED Walt Disney Co. will be boycotted by two Roman Catholic organizations because one of its subsidiaries has produced a film in whic
profsuit.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Professor Sued (File: PROFSUIT.ZIP) PROFESSOR FIGHTING SUIT IS ON HIS OWN 02/01/95 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE The state risk manager's refusal to defend a University of Utah professor in
promise.htm Freedom Writer - September 1995 [ref001] Profile:Promise Keepers The Promise Keepers is the fastest-growing men's movement in America, and also the fastest-growing Religious Right group. This year, 600,00
protests.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Protests (File: PROTESTS.ZIP) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt Newspaper article, followed by comments: The Olympian Tuesday, January 10, 1995 Page C-1 Courts Judge allows picketing Peaceful
psychics.htm By: Dan Mckinnon Re: PSYCHIC CHALLENGE MADE? I'm posting this without comment, from another conference. Frankly, I'm skeptical without more info from purported challengers (viz., is the 100,000 in trust o
quotes8.htm ".difference of opinion is advantageous in religion. The several sects perform the office of a common censor over each other. Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women and children,
rahman.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Hang Her! HANG HER! What do you do with a woman? Hang her. At least that seems to be the answer in Bangladesh these days. Bangladesh has been in the news the past year because o
randiwin.htm To: Date: 5 Jan 1995 00:19:19 U Re: Geller capitulates X-Genie-Id: 2454953 X-Genie-From: JAMES.RANDI IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING, 'CAUSE THE FAT LADY SANG! Uri Geller, the f
ray-rice.htm By: John Prewett Re: Satan's influence @PID: MACWOOF 1.5.3 From- Daily News Miner [Fairbanks, AK newspaper] 19 March, 1995 [their headline] ANCHORAGE KILLER BLAMES 'DEVIL' Satanism had role in death of
recseatt.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Seattle Article, 1/3 (File: RECSEATT.ZIP) Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 23:24:22 Subj: Recovered Quackery UFO - RECOVERED MEMOR
rico2.htm By: Kevan Coleman Re: Court could curb Fundie Terrorism Top Court To Consider Applying RICO to Abortion Protestors The Supreme Court, returning to the controversy over abortion, said Monday it will decide
ris.htm By: sumner, (1:1/31) Re: Religion in Schools @Apparently-to: Religious Expression in Public Schools Separating Fact from Fiction Many questions remain unanswered
ris2.htm By: Charles Sumner, (1:1/31) To: speaker to fundies Re: Religion in Schools Religion In The Public Schools: A Joint Statement Of Current Law by 35 religious and civil liberties groups (listed b
rr.htm By: Ryan Shaw Re: Religious Right Forwarded (from: mensa) by Ryan Shaw using timEd 1.01+. Originally from Charles Sumner (1:2613/270) to All. Original dated: Jan 10 '95, 00:15 Perhaps you or others a
rragenda.htm By: David Rice To: Tim Mcgaughy Re: Worse until 1st comming -=> Quoting Tim Mcgaughy to Kenneth Mcabee <=- >KM> Not whining about how bad it is BTW, it has get even >KM> worse before Christ returns[sic]. S
rrpoll.htm By: David Worrell Re: republicans Of people planning to vote in the republican primaries, over 80% say they are not members of the "religious right," and 49%
russianb.htm By: David Rice Re: Cults Banned in Russia The below is an article reprinted from the Omaha World Herald on July 15, 1993 in the "World News" section. Permission was not given, and the views it represents
s-pome.htm What If Dr. Seuss Did Technical Training Manuals? IF a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, And the bus is interrupted as a very last resort, And the address of the memory makes your floppy disk a
s-street.htm Greetings, boys and girls. I was doing some shopping today and decided to pick up some light educational reading materials for my wait at the check-out counter and I ran into the following. For those of
sa-hs.htm By: Sue Armstrong To: Steve Wallis Re: Shearing all the Sheep And Brave Sir Steve ran away, screaming "g'day"! SW> Sue, im not the one playing-im not into games. As for your Perhaps you should. They can b
sacked.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Sacked, but wins! (File: SACKED.ZIP) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (c) 1994 The Daily Telegraph, December 22, 1994, Pg. 7 Woman wins false memory sacking fight By Wendy Holden A social worke
saganass.htm Mon 11 Sep 95 21:10 By: DAVID RICE Re: Carl Sagan : astrologer "Sagan say's there ain't no God but Sagan himself." - Pat Parrinello Speaking of which, I thought readers here would enjoy the following: -=- Sk
salvi.htm By: Re: Salvi & Freemason Conspiracy Theory [PNEWS CONFERENCES] / Written by cberlet in igc:pra.reports / / - "Salvi & Freemason Conspiracy Theory" - / Salvi,
salvi4.htm By: David Rice Re: In The News PANAMA CITY, Fla. (ITN) A county sheriff was convicted Friday of coercing five female inmates into performing oral sex on him in exchange for jail privileges. Al Harrison w
sands.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Saints and Sinners SAINTS AND SINNERS The Roman Catholic church is currently in hot water in the U.S., Ireland, and Australia because of the sexual antics of its priests. But a
satanhbo.htm By: Anson Kennedy Re: Satanism on HBO Since ritualistic satanic abuse and its associated conspiracy and false memory issues are of concern to skeptics, I thought the readers here might want to know about
sci-text.htm Scientology "church" at war with the world Fredric L. Rice The Skeptic Tank 1:102/890.0 (818) 335-9601 As most of you probably know, the "Church" of Scientology has been attacking Bulletin Board Systems
scientol.htm By: Mike Christy Re: Scientology TIME MAGAZINE Copyright 1991 Time Inc. DATE: May 6, 1991 PAGE: 50 LENGTH: Long SECTION: SPECIAL REPORT BYLINE: By RICHARD BEHAR COVER STORY The Thriving Cu
scopes.htm By: Hector Plasmic To: Don Ward Re: Re: deleted DW>Darrow asked the judge to instruct the jury to find his own client DW>(John Scopes) guilty as charged! Here's a reprint you may find despicable: To: Ron
scotsra.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Scottish SRA Claims (File: SCOTSRA.ZIP) Date: Tue Feb 28 1995 21:13:06 Subj: The devil you say? SKEPTIC - EDINBURGH, Feb 28
semi.htm By: Don Allen Re: Semiconducters 1 of 7 Forwarded from "BAMA" Originally by Walter Bartoo Originally to all Originally dated 2 Jun 1994, 18:29 1 of 7 ( FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ) Introduction by Bill Ram
sepmyth.htm By: Charles Sumner To: Carl Blanton Re: David Barton David Barton: "The Myth of Separation," 1989. (Barton also distributes videotapes which feature attacks on separation of church and state.) (This is a
serious.htm By: David Rice To: Fredric Rice Re: Only $10 to Join FORT WORTH, Texas (ITN) A group calling itself Dead Serious is offering $5,000 to anyone who legally kills to protect family, home or personal propert
sexabus.htm By: John Oliver Re: Sexual Abuse of Children Hello ALL, Rgds, exuality,alt.recovery.catholicism,talk.religion.misc Subject: Religion/sex abuse link proven Date: 4 Oct 1994 16:52:01 -0700 From "Sexual Abuse i
sg.htm By: Alan Jennings Re: GOD'S INSPIRED WORD The Book Star Goat ~~ The Restored Church of the Star Goat (RCSG) Reverend Fredric Rice, June 1993. GENERAL OVERVIEW Five million years ago, humanity landed (cras
sleep.htm By: Benjamin Leblanc To: Fredric Rice Re: Alien abductions research FR> While alien abduction claims are wide-spread, I suspect that the cause FR> for alien abduction phenomena and much of SRA is based up
smith1.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Andrew Conner Re: Re: Why PS> Furthermore, Smith was once convicted of conning people by way of PS> asserting that he could find hidden treasure with the PS> stones that were to be used f
smith2.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Andrew Conner Re: Re: P of G.P. -=> Quoting J.J. Hitt to Fredric Rice <=- AC> For what it is worth to you I remember that the scrolls were AC> thought to have been destroyed in the Chicag
smith3.htm By: J.J. Hitt To: Andrew Conner Re: Re: Morality AC> The Items that JJ truly enjoys. hee hee hee (Joke) JH> meat, white bread, wine, sexual excess, tobacco, spices, coffee, JH> cream, molasses, hon
socarol.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: S. Carolina Rel. Test UnConstitutional From _Church & State_, October 1995: South Carolina Religious Test Unconstitutional, Court Rules A South Carolina law requiring public offici
sodomy.htm By: David Worrell Re: Sodomy 1 Several people (I don't remember which people) were discussing the sodomy laws of various states. I thought the following text file might clear up some points. begin quot
sp-suit.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Satanic Panic Lawsuit (File: SP-SUIT.ZIP) To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt Subj: lawsuit against Jeffrey Victor, author of Satanic Panic 19 Jan 1995 08:51:56 -0800 (PST) For your interest: Fro
spam-me.htm By: Blanche Nonken To: All Spamites Re: Somethings Are Forever Howdy All, Some things really last forever. When I tell you this story, you are going to say I am crazy, but we already know that. Last Saturd
speciate.htm Author: Joseph E. Boxhorn ( Title: FAQ: Observed Instances of Speciation 1.0 Introduction and Acknowledgements 1.1 Introduction This FAQ presents descriptions of instances where
sperm.htm By: Mike Christy Re: Sperm Song St: EVERY SPERM IS SACRED (Michael Palin & Terry Jones) by Michael Palin and Terry Jones
spidoc.htm Incredible Mysteries of Sun Pictures by David Bloomberg Over the past few months, CBS has shown several specials produced by Sun International Pictures, Inc. These shows have all dealt with the
sraspoon.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Bent Spoon Award (File: SRASPOON.ZIP) (Jeff, you might consider forwarding this to the witchhunt list) From a New Zealand newspaper (via NZPA), date and actual name are not given
stalking.htm By: David Rice Re: In The News YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (ITN) A man accused of threatening an abortion doctor and his family was convicted Friday of stalking. Alan M. Smith, 41, faces similar allegations in a l
stanley.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Don Ward plagerizes DON WARD to MARTY LEIPZIG on 02-10-95 20:36 re: ANOTHER EXCUSE DW> While most evolutionists still insist that there are at least a few DW>examples of transitional
starwyn.htm By: Starwyn Re: witchcradt Sometimes I think that it's a real shame that witchcraft and Satanism don't live up to their media image. Ah, the romance of those cavernous crypts lit by massive black candles
sw.htm By: Fredric Rice Re: Mormon death cultism FR> Death cultists are instructed to demand that their "Jesus" FR> god will "return" before that [overpopulation] can happen. ls> Interesting, I've never been exp
swa.htm By: Sean McCullough Re: CWA (1) Concerned About CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: by Julie Schollenberger, Esq. "Everything the government has told you about AIDS since 1981 is a lie, p
tempt.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Temptation Is Everywhere TEMPTATION IS EVERYWHERE As usual, the Roman Catholic church was in on the pedophilic action. In early February three of its priests in Landover, Maryla
terroris.htm By: Coridon Henshaw Re: Anti-Abortion Terror Escalates in California Feb 16, 1995 ANTI-ABORTION TERROR ESCALATES IN CALIFORNIA Four Women's Clinics Attacked in February By Tom Burghardt Bay Area Coalition f
thrdoubt.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Doubts? (File: THRDOUBT.ZIP) Date: Fri Feb 17 1995 23:24:28 Subj: Doubt repressed memories UFO - Therapist sees `people
trilobyt.htm By: LARRY SITES To: TYLER A. WUNDER Re: THE ARK OF NOAH re Ray Speakmon RS>> Explain why a trilobite was found compressed in a child's RS>> footprint (Dr. Clifford Burdick) TA> I'd prefer to be able to
tripoli2.htm TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE BEY AND SUBJECTS OF TRIPOLI OF BARBARY 8 Stat. 154, Treaty Series 358 Treaty signed at Tripoli November 4, 1796, and at Algiers
truth.htm Poem: Listen to the wind. What do you hear? If you listen close you can hear our spirit calling you. We are the spirits of righteousness. We are few but with the strength of legions. The roar is ri
ufonuts.htm By: John Powell Re: Secrecy THE SCIENCE AND POLITICS OF UFO RESEARCH A Symposium, October 28 and 29, 1995, at the Radisson Hotel St. Paul, Minnesota. Presented by The Science Museum of Minnesota in coopera
ulc_minr.htm Rules for ULC_MINISTERS CCN Echo Moderator: Alan Jennings ULC_MINISTERS is a _privately_distributed_echo_ originating from CompuChurch Universal Life Church, FidoNet 1:3800/6. It is a
undercov.htm By: Albertus Magnus Re: Undercover #1 Title: Undercover With the Religious Right Author: Donna Minkowitz Undercover With the Religious Right Donna Minkowitz braves self-loathing, outright hatred, and so
vacat2.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Vacation #1 of What I did on my Summer Vacation. In August, during Dragonfest, I took a week off work and went on vacation. I chartered a thirty-two-foot yacht called "Sloop de Jour" o
vatican.htm MICROSOFT Bids to Acquire Catholic Church By Hank Vorjes VATICAN CITY (AP) - In a joint press conference in St. Peter's Square this morning, MICROSOFT Corp. and the Vatican announced that the Redmond sof
virgin.htm By: LARRY SITES Re: Virgin birth myth 1 The following posts are from the electronic version of THE STORY OF RELIGIOUS CONTROVERSY from Bank of Wisdom, Box 926, Louisville, KY 40201 This file was downloa
virus.htm From!!brian To:,,, Date: Mon, 09 Jan 1995 23:08:01 -0800 Author: at Intern
vistaout.htm By: David Bloomberg To: David Rice Re: Custer in Plano Original to David Rice at 1:325/805 in "EVOLUTION" Forwarded Sun Feb 26 1995 10:24:59 by David Bloomberg at 1:2430/2112 In a msg to David Bloombe
warnke2.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: Selling Satan To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt (witchhunt) I just finished reading SELLING SATAN by Mike Hertenstein & John Trott (1993, Cornerstone, Chicago, IL) and I wanted to post a note r
watac.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Women's Rally for Priesthood WOMEN RALLY TO JOIN PRIESTHOOD WHAT'S NEXT? BLACKS TO JOIN KKK? According to the Australian Association Press (3/25/95), Women and the Australian Ch
webber.htm By: Jack O'Neill To: Fredric Rice FR> I've been looking through my files trying to find the name and number of FR> the clown who gave John Prewett the belief that JFK and Henry Kissinger FR> are going to
whitewas.htm By: David Bloomberg Re: UK social workers exonerated (File: UKEXON.ZIP) The following is being posted for informational purposes only. The Independent May 17, 1995, Wednesday Social workers in 'ritual abus
whunt1.htm "THE GREAT OREGON WITCH HUNT" A high school girl commits suicide and a small town falls victim to fears and hysteria right out of the Middle Ages. By Stephanie Fox OAKRIDGE is a little town nestled in
whunt2.htm By: JEFF FREEMAN To: WITCHHUNT Re: Gilmer hunt 1/2 The North Texas Skeptic, February 1995 Modern-day witch hunt in Texas By Virginia Vaughn Editor's note: Ginny Vaughn reviews a high-profile case
wifebeat.htm By: Nicole Chardenet Re: The Devil You Say! I found this little gem in the Bristol Press, our local newspaper, yesterday.I thought we could add this to the list of Stupid Fundy Tricks. IS DEVIL TO BLA
wilcox.htm By: JEFF FREEMAN Re: Wilcox 1/3 From WITCHHUNT@MIT.EDU Following is the first part of a lengthy article about the Jenny Wilcox case, which I have been promising to post for some time. I w
wolff1.htm By: Bill Wolff To: Coridon Henshaw Re: For everyone's ammusment. [1] So Coridon. What part of all this truth do you find amusing? Btw, I am so glad you posted this message
wolff2.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Bill Wolff Re: Misquoting. MG> You are a coward who quoted Dr. Sagan out of context and now MG> return over and over to try and protect your crdulity. It won't MG> work. You are a ia
wt001.htm A HISTORY OF THE WARFARE OF SCIENCE WITH THEOLOGY IN CHRISTENDOM, by ANDREW DICKSON WHITE. Digitized by Cardinalis Etext Press, C.E.K. Posted to Wiretap in July 1993, as wartheo.htm. The table of contents
wt002.htm Science halted for a time. The accepted doctrine became this: that the only reason why all the nebula are not resolved into distinct stars is that our telescopes are not sufficiently powerful. But in tim
wt003.htm in England, Dean Cockburn was denouncing Mary Somerville and the geologists to the delight of churchmen; and the Rev. Mellor Brown was doing the same thing for the edification of dissenters. In America t
wt004.htm theologic thought to various religions of antiquity, and Cosmas appears to have urged upon the early Church this Egyptian idea of the construction of the world, just as another Egyptian ecclesiastic, Ath
wt005.htm brings forward an angel to make the usual orthodox answers. Later, Milton seems to lean toward the Copernican theory, for, referring to the earth, he says: "Or she from west her silent course advance With
wt006.htm geographer of Louis XIII, and an intimate friend of Descartes, addressed to the young Louis XIV a vehement protest against the superstition, basing his arguments not on astronomy, but on common sense. A
wt007.htm the Old Testament, he soon entangled himself in very serious difficulties; but, in spite of the great fathers of the first three centuries, he reduced the antiquity of man on the earth by nearly a thousa
wt008.htm CHAPTER IX. THE "FALL OF MAN" AND ETHNOLOGY. WE have seen that, closely connected with the main lines of investigation in archaeology and anthropology, there were other researches throwing much light on t
wt009.htm (NOTE: this para should have been moved from pp 18 to pp 19.) In spite of these tortures, lightning and tempests continued, and great men arose in the Church throughout Europe in every generation to poin
wt010.htm interesting to know that among the men thus contemptuously characterized were Brewster, Faraday, and Dalton. Nor was this a mere isolated exhibition of feeling; it lasted many years, and was especially s
wt011.htm and church, while frequently secretly consulting them, openly proscribed them. Gregory of Tours tells us of an archdeacon who, having been partially cured of disease of the eyes by St. Martin, sought furt
wt012.htm Nor has the recent history of the United States been less fruitful in lessons. Yellow fever, which formerly swept not only Southern cities but even New York and Philadelphia, has now been almost entirely
wt013.htm Before long Mr. Parris had much upon his hands. Many of his hardy, independent parishioners disliked his ways. Quarrels arose. Some of the leading men of the congregation were pitted against him. The pre
wt014.htm But a far more powerful theologian entered the field in England to save the sacred theory of language-Dr. Adam Clarke. He was no less severe against Philology than against Geology. In 1804, as President
wt015.htm Very characteristic is his dealing with the myth of Lot's wife. Though more than once at Usdum,-though giving valuable information regarding the sea, shore, and mountains there, he carefully avoids all
wt016.htm In a very mild exercise, then, of critical judgment, Erasmus omitted this text from the first two editions of his Greek Testament as evidently spurious. A storm arose at once. In England, Lee, afterward
wt017.htm But none of these considerations availed in his behalf at first. The outcry against the work was deafening: churchmen and dissenters rushed forward to attack it. Archdeacon Denison, chairman of the commi


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