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ammi.htm Author: Ted Holden The argument against Velikovsky derived from the Babylonian Venus tablets is part of the so-called "Merrit FAQ" (Worlds in Confusion...). It turns out it is again Sagan and the rest, a
bass.htm Author: Ted Holden I am not a dynamical astronomer. Robert Bass is or was; I am uncertain as to whether he is still alive. His credentials read as follows: Rhodes scholar, doctorate under Aurel Wintne
biganims.htm Author: Ted Holden Most of the evidence being presented in support of the Saturn Myth concept is either historical and heavily dependant upon interpretations of mythological and classical themes, or of a
efr.htm Author: Ted Holden The following series of articles was posted to t.o by the Efemeral Research Foundation. I have retained it and simply include it in any large collection of catastrophist literature. I
emerald.htm Author: Ted Holden The standard interpretations of Egyptian pyramid texts date from the late 1800's. Nobody at that time had considered even the possibility of a different solar-system order having pert
equalib.htm Author: Ted Holden I claim that empirical evidence involving Venus is being doctored and falsified at every turn because it does not fit with scientists' pre-conceived ideas involving the age of our sola
mexegy.htm Author: Ted Holden If Velikovsky is correct about the big catastrophe if 1500 BC described in Worlds in Collision, one would expect (since 1500 BC isn't really THAT long ago) to find accounts in far off c
ohet-sum.htm Author: Mark Isaak Title: The Once Hollow Earth Theory THE ONCE HOLLOW EARTH THEORY Introduction In 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky published _Worlds in Collision_ [1], a book based on the premise that ancient m
re.htm Author: Ted Holden To the best of my understanding at least, the picture I shall try to present here is not precisely known in great detail. Nonetheless, at this point in time, a general outline is visib
read.htm Author: Ted Holden For those interested in following the unfolding saga of the revival of catastrophism as a basis for natural history, I would recommend Velikovsky's own books for starters. After that
rose.htm Author: Ted Holden The basic Holden article on dinosaur enigmas, in its entirity, was featured in a recent issue of The Velikovskian. It was very well received from all indications. Among the comments
sman.htm Author: Ted Holden Fairytales, ancient and modern, often have animals conversing with men in meaningful fashion. We assume this is entirely fanciful, and that there is no imaginable circumstance under w


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