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001doc.htm Counterfeiting Money by JRoger Before reading this article, it would be a very good idea to get a book on photo offset printing, for this is the method used in counterfeiting
002doc.htm Credit Card Fraud: For most of you out there, money is hard to come by. Until now: With the recent advent of plastic money (credit cards), it is easy to use someone else's credit card t
003doc.htm Making Plastic Explosives from Bleach by The Jolly Roger Potassium chlorate is an extremely volatile explosive compound, and has been used in the past as the main explosive filler in grenades
004doc.htm Picking Master Locks by The Jolly Roger Have you ever tried to impress someone by picking one of those Master combination locks and failed? The Master lock company made their
005doc.htm The Arts of Lockpicking I courtesy of The Jolly Roger Lockpicking I: Cars and assorted other locks While the basic themes of lockpicking and uninvited entry have not changed much in the la
006doc.htm The Arts of Lockpicking II courtesy of The Jolly Roger So you want to be a criminal. Well, if you want to be like James Bond and open a lock in fifteen seconds, then go to Hollywood, becau
007doc.htm Solidox Bombs by The Jolly Roger Most people are not aware that a volatile, extremely explosive chemical can be bought over the counter: Solidox. Solidox comes in an a
008doc.htm High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox rev. 4.14 by - Exodus - Have you ever wanted a lineman's handset? Surely every phreak has at least once considered the phun that he could have with one. After
009doc.htm How to make a CO2 bomb by the Jolly Roger You will have to use up the cartridge first by either shooting it or whatever. With a nail, force a hole bigger so as to allow the powder and wick to fi
010doc.htm Thermite II. or A better way to make Thermite by Jolly Roger Thermite is nasty shit. Here is a good and easy way to make it. The first step is to get some iron-oxide (which is RUST!). Here is
011doc.htm Touch Explosives by the Jolly Roger This is sort of a mild explosive, but it can be quite dangerous in large quantities. To make touch explosive (such as that found in a snap-n-
012doc.htm Letter Bombs by The Jolly Roger - You will first have to make a mild version of thermite. Use my recipe, but substitute iron fillings for rust. - Mix the iron with aluminum f
013doc.htm Paint Bombs by The Jolly Roger To make a pain bomb you simply need a metal pain can with a refastenable lid, a nice bright color paint (green, pink, purple, or some gross color
014doc.htm Ways to send a car to Hell by The Jolly Roger There are 1001 ways to destroy a car but I am going to cover only the ones that are the most fun (for you), the most destructive (for them), and t
015doc.htm Do ya hate school? by The Jolly Roger - One of my favorites for getting out of a class or two is to call in a bomb threat. Tell 'em that it is in a locker. Then they have to check them
016doc.htm Phone related vandalism by the Jolly Roger If you live where there are underground lines then you will be able to ruin someone's phone life very easily. All you must do is go to the
017doc.htm Highway radar jamming by The Jolly Roger Most drivers wanting to make better time on the open road will invest in one of those expensive radar detectors. However, this device will
018doc.htm Smoke Bombs by the Jolly Roger Here is the recipe for one helluva smoke bomb! 4 parts sugar 6 parts potassium nitrate (Salt Peter) Heat this mixture over a LOW flame until it melts
019doc.htm Mail Box Bombs by the Jolly Roger (1) Two litre bottle of chlorine (must contain sodium hypochlorate) Small amount of sugar Small amount of water Mix all three of these in
020doc.htm The easiest way to hotwire cars by the Jolly Roger Get in the car. Look under the dash. If it enclosed, forget it unless you want to cut through it. If you do, do it near the ignition.
021doc.htm How to make Napalm by the Jolly Roger - Pour some gas into an old bowl, or some kind of container. - Get some styrofoam and put it in the gas, until the gas won't eat anymor
022doc.htm How to make a fertilizer bomb by Jolly Roger Ingredients: - Newspaper - Fertilizer (the chemical kind, GREEN THUMB or ORCHO) - Cotton - Diesel fuel Make a pouch out of the newspaper an
023doc.htm Tennis Ball Bombs by The Jolly Roger Ingredients: - Strike anywhere matches - A tennis ball - A nice sharp knife - Duct tape Break a ton of matchheads off. Then cut a SMALL hol
024doc.htm Diskette Bombs by the Jolly Roger You need: - A disk - Scissors - White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colors!) - Clear nail polish - Carefully open up the disk
025doc.htm Unlisted Phone Numbers by The Jolly Roger There are a couple of different ways of doing this. Let's see if this one will help: Every city has one or more offices dedicated to a
026doc.htm Fuses by The Jolly Roger You would be surprised how many files are out there that use what falls under the category of a "fuse." They assume that you just have a few lying a
027doc.htm How to make Potassium Nitrate by The Jolly Roger Potassium Nitrate is an ingredient in making fuses, among other things. Here is how you make it: Materials needed: -3.5 gallons of nitra
028doc.htm -LIGHTBULB BOMBS 2 4.14 - Exodus - An automatic reaction to walking into a dark room is to turn on the light. This can be fatal, if a lightbulb bomb has been placed in
029doc.htm Under water igniters by The Jolly Roger Materials needed: -Pack of 10 silicon diodes (available at Radio Shack. you will know you got the right ones if they are very, very sma
030doc.htm Home-brew blast cannon by The Jolly Roger Materials needed: -1 plastic drain pipe, 3 feet long, at least 3 1/2 inches in diameter -1 smaller plastic pipe, about 6 inches long, 2
031doc.htm Chemical Equivalency list by the Jolly Roger Acacia.Gum Arabic Acetic Acid.Vinegar Al
032doc.htm Phone Taps by The Jolly Roger Here is some info on phone taps. In this file is a schematic for a simple wiretap & instructions for hooking up a small tape recorder
033doc.htm How to make a landmine by The Jolly Roger First, you need to get a pushbutton switch. Take the wires of it and connect one to a nine volt battery connector and the other to a s
034doc.htm A different kind of Molitoff Cocktail by the Jolly Roger Here is how you do it: - Get a coke bottle & fill it with gasoline about half full - Cram a piece of cloth into the neck of it nice
035doc.htm Phone Systems Tutorial by The Jolly Roger To start off, we will discuss the dialing procedures for domestic as well as international dialing. We will also take a look at the te
036doc.htm Phone Systems Tutorial part II by The Jolly Roger Part II will deal with the various types of operators, office heirarchy, & switching equipment. Operators There are many types
037doc.htm Basic Alliance Teleconferencing Courtesy of the Jolly Roger Introduction: This phile will deal with accessing, understanding and using the Alliance Teleconferencing Systems. it has man
038doc.htm Aqua Box Plans by Jolly Roger Every true phreaker lives in fear of the dreadded F.B.I. 'Lock In Trace.' For a long time, it was impossible to escape from the L
039doc.htm Hindenberg Bomb by the Jolly Roger Needed:1 Balloon 1 Bottle 1 Liquid Plumr 1 Piece Aluminum FoilL 1 Length Fuse Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumr and add a li
040doc.htm -How to Kill Someone-WITH YOUR BARE HANDS- AN EXCERPT FROM THE ANARCHISTS COOKBOOK II. Courtesy of Exodus This file will explain the basics of hand-to-hand combat, and w
042doc.htm Black Box Plans by The Jolly Roger Introduction: At any given time, the voltage running through your phone is about 20 Volts. When someone calls you, this voltage goes up
043doc.htm The Infamous Blotto Box!! by The Jolly Roger (I bet that NOONE has the balls to build this one!) Finally, it is here! What was first conceived as a joke to fool the innocent phreake
044doc.htm Blowgun by The Jolly Roger In this article I shall attempt to explain the use and manufacture of a powerfull blow-gun and making darts for the gun.The possesion o
045doc.htm Brown Box Plans by The Jolly Roger This is a fairly simple mod that can be made to any phone. All it does is allow you to take any two lines in your house and create a p
046doc.htm Calcium Carbide Bomb by The Jolly Roger This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Exercise extreme caution. Obtain some calcium carbide. This is the stuff that is used in carbide lamps
047doc.htm More Ways to Send a Car to Hell by The Jolly Roger Due to a lot of compliments, I have written an update to file 14. I have left the original intact. This expands upon the original idea
048doc.htm Ripping off Change Machines by the Jolly Roger Have you ever seen one of those really big changer machines in airports laundrymats or arcades that dispense change when you put in you
049doc.htm Clear Box Plans by The Jolly Roger The clear box is a new device which has just been invented that can be used throughout Canada and rural United States. The clear box wo
050doc.htm CNA List Courtesy of The Jolly Roger NPA TEL NO NPA TEL NO 201 201-676-7070 601 601-961-8139 202 304-343-7016 602 303-293-8777 203 203-789-6815 603
051doc.htm Electronic Terrorism by The Jolly Roger It starts when a big, dumb lummox rudely insults you. Being of a rational, intelligent disposition, you wisely choose to avoid a (direc
052doc.htm How to Start A Conference w/o 2600hz or M-F by The Jolly Roger (Originally an Apple file, forgive the upper case!) THIS METHOD OF STARTING THE CONF. DEPENDS ON YOUR ABILITY TO BULLSHIT THE OPE
053doc.htm How to Make Dynamite by The Jolly Roger Dynamite is nothing more than just nitroglycerin and a stablizing agent to make it much safer to use. For the sake of saving time, I wi
054doc.htm Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower by The Jolly Roger For this one, all you need is a car, a sparkplug, ignition wire and a switch. Install the spark plug into the last four or five inches
055doc.htm Breaking into BBS Express Courtesy of the Jolly Roger If you have high enough access on any BBS Express BBS you can get the Sysop's password without any problems and be able to log on as hi
056doc.htm Firebombs by the Jolly Roger Most fire bombs are simply gasoline filled bottles with a fuel soaked rag in the mouth (the bottle's mouth, not yours). The original Mol
057doc.htm Fuse Ignition Bomb by The Jolly Roger A four strand homemade fuse is used for this. It burns like fury. It is held down and concealed by a strip of bent tin cut from a can. T
058doc.htm Generic Bomb by the Jolly Roger 1) Aquire a glass container 2) Put in a few drops of gasoline 3) Cap the top 4) Now turn the container around to coat the inner surfaces
059doc.htm Green Box Plans by the Jolly Roger Paying the initial rate in order to use a red box (on certain fortresses) left a sour taste in many red boxers mouths, thus the green
060doc.htm Portable Grenade Launcher by the Jolly Roger If you have a bow, this one is for you. Remove the ferrule from an aluminum arrow, and fill the arrow with black powder (I use grade FFF
061doc.htm Hacking Tutorial Courtesy of the Jolly Roger What is hacking? According to popular belief the term hacker and hacking was founded at mit it comes from the root of a hack writer,some
062doc.htm The Basics of Hacking II Courtesy of the Jolly Roger Basics to know before doing anything, essential to your continuing career as one of the elite in the country. This article, "the intr
063doc.htm Hacking DEC's by the Jolly Roger In this article you will learn how to log in to dec's, logging out, and all the fun stuff to do in-between. All of this information is b
064doc.htm Harmless Bombs by the Jolly Roger To all those who do not wish to inflict bodily damage on their victims but only terror. These are weapons that should be used from high
065doc.htm Breaking Into Houses by the Jolly Roger Okay You Need: 1. Tear Gas or Mace 2. A BB/Pelet Gun 3. An Ice Pick 4. Thick Gloves What You Do Is: 1. Call the - of the house,
066doc.htm A Guide to Hypnotism Courtesy of the Jolly Roger (Originally an Apple file, forgive the uppercase!) - ! WHAT HYPNOTISM IS ! - HYPNOTISM, CONTR
067doc.htm The Remote Informer
068doc.htm Jackpotting ATM Machines courtesy of the Jolly Roger JACKPOTTING was done rather successfully a while back in (you guessed it) New York. What the culprits did was: Sever (actually cross ov
069doc.htm Jug Bomb by the Jolly Roger Take a glass jug, and put 3 to 4 drops of gasoline into it. Then put the cap on, and swish the gas around so the inner surface of the j
070doc.htm Fun at K-Mart by the Jolly Roger Well, first off, one must realise the importance of K-Marts in society today. First off, K-Marts provide things cheaper to those who can
071doc.htm Mace Substitute by the Jolly Roger 3 PARTS: Alcohol 1/2 PARTS: Iodine 1/2 PARTS: Salt Or: 3 PARTS: Alcohol 1 PARTS: Iodized Salt (Mortons) It's not actual mace, but it does a
072doc.htm How to grow Marijuana courtesy of the Jolly Roger MARIJUANA Marijuana is a deciduous plant which grows from seeds. The fibrous section of the plant was (has been replaced by synthet
073doc.htm Match Head Bomb by the Jolly Roger Simple safety match heads in a pipe, capped at both ends, make a devestating bomb. It is set off with a regular fuse. A plastic Baggie i
074doc.htm How To Terrorize McDonalds by the Jolly Roger (Originally an Apple file so excuse the upper case!!!) NOW, ALTHOUGH Mc DONALDS IS FAMOUS FOR IT'S ADVERTISING AND MAKING THE WHOLE
075doc.htm "Mentor's Last Words" courtesy of the Jolly Roger The following file is being reprinted in honor and sympathy for the many phreaks and hackers that have been busted recently by the Secr
076doc.htm The Myth of the 2600hz Detector courtesy of the Jolly Roger (Imported from the Apple so forgive the upper case!!) JUST ABOUT EVERYONE I TALK TO THESE DAYS ABOUT ESS SEEMS TO BE SCARED WITLESS A
077doc.htm Blue Box courtesy of the Jolly Roger To quote Karl Marx, blue boxing has always been the most noble form of phreaking. As opposed to such things as using an MCI code to mak
078doc.htm Napalm (Another way to make it.) by the Jolly Roger (See file 021 of Cookbook IV for an easy way to make it!!) About the best fire bomb is napalm. It has a thick consistancy, like jam and
079doc.htm Nitroglycerin Recipe by the Jolly Roger Like all chemists I must advise you all to take the greatest care and caution when you are doing this. Even if you have made this stuf
080doc.htm Operation: Fuckup by the Jolly Roger This is a guide for Anarchists and can be funny for non-believers and 12 and 13 year old runts, and can be a lexicon of deadly knowle
081doc.htm - How to "steal" local calls from most Payphones -
082doc.htm Pool Fun by the Jolly Roger First of all, you need know nothing about pools. The only thing you need know is what a pool filter looks like. If you don't know tha
083doc.htm Free Postage by the Jolly Roger The increasing cost of postage to mail letters and packages is bringing down our standard of living. To remedy this deplorable situatio
084doc.htm Unstable Explosives by the Jolly Roger Mix solid Nitric Iodine with househould ammonia. Wait overnight and then pour off the liquid. You will be left with a muddy substance.
085doc.htm Weird Drugs by the Jolly Roger Bananas: 1. Obtain 15 pounds of ripe yellow bananas 2. Peel all and eat the fruit. Save the peelings 3. Scrape all the insides of the pee
086doc.htm The Art of Carding by the Jolly Roger Obtaining a credit card number: There are many ways to obtain the information needed to card something. The most important things needed
087doc.htm Recognizing credit cards by the Jolly Roger Sample: American Express XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX MM/Y1 THRU MM/Y2 Y1 John Doe AX Explanation: The first date is the date th
088doc.htm How To Create A New Indentity By The Walking Glitch Courtesy of the Jolly Roger! You might be saying, "Hey Glitch, what do I need a new identity for?" The answer is simple. You might w
089doc.htm The Remote Informer
090doc.htm _ /he Remote Informer Newsletter!
091doc.htm _ /he Remote Informer Newsletter!
092doc.htm _ /he Remote Informer Newsletter!
093doc.htm The Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines courtesy of the Jolly Roger A loop is a wonderous device which the telephone company created as test numbers for telephone repairmen when testing equipment.
094doc.htm How Ma Bell Works by the Jolly Roger In this article, I will first describe the termination, wiring, and terminal hardware most commonly used in the Bell syst
095doc.htm Getting Money out of Pay Phones by the Jolly Roger I will now share with you my experiences with pay telephones. You will discover that it is possible to get money from a pay phone with
096doc.htm Computer Based PBX Courtesy of the Jolly Roger (Originally an Apple file for forgive the upper case!) TO GET A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT A PBX CAN DO, HERE ARE A FEW BASIC FUNDA
097doc.htm Subject: PC-Pursuit Port Statistic's Date: 06/29/89 Written by: PC-Pursuit Users Introduction: The last 30 days of PC-Pursuit have been extremely controversial. Users and ex-users have deman
098doc.htm Pearl Box Plans by the Jolly Roger The Pearl Box:Definition - This is a box that may substitute for many boxes which produce tones in hertz. The Pearl Box when operated
099doc.htm The Phreak file courtesy of the Jolly Roger 202 282 3010 UNIV. OF D.C. 202 553 0229 PENTAGON T.A.C. 202 635 5710 CATHOLIC UNIV. OF AMERICA 202 893 0330 DEF
100doc.htm Red Box Plans by the Jolly Roger Red boxing is simulating the tones produced by public payphones when you drop your money in. The tones are beeps of 2200 Hz 1700 Hz Ni
101doc.htm _RemObS_ by the Jolly Roger Some of you may have heard of devices called Remobs which stands for Remote Observation System. These Devices allow supposedly authorize
102doc.htm Scarlet Box Plans by the Jolly Roger The purpose of a Scarlet box is to create a very bad conection, it can be used to crash a BBS or just make life miserable for those you
103doc.htm Silver Box Plans by the Jolly Roger Introduction: First a bit of Phone Trivia. A standard telephone keypad has 12 buttons. These buttons, when pushed, produce a combinatio
104doc.htm Bell Trashing by the Jolly Roger The Phone Co. will go to extreams on occasions. In fact, unless you really know what to expect from them, they will suprise the heck out
105doc.htm Canadian WATS Phonebook courtesy of the Jolly Roger 800-227-4004 ROLM Collagen Corp. 800-227-8933 ROLM Collagen Corp. 800-268-4500 Voice Mail 800-268-4501 ROLM Texaco 800-268-4505 Voice Mail
106doc.htm Hacking TRW by the Jolly Roger When you call TRW, the dial up will identify itself with the message "TRW". It will then wait for you to type the appropiate answer ba
107doc.htm Hacking Vax's & Unix by the Jolly Roger Unix is a trademark of At&t (and you know what that means) _ In this article, we discuss the unix
108doc.htm Verification Circuits courtesy of the Jolly Roger (originally an Apple file so forgive the upper case!) 1. ONE BUSY VERIFICATION CONFERENCE CIRCUIT IS ALWAYS PROVIDED.THE CIRCUIT IS
109doc.htm White Box Plans by the Jolly Roger Introduction: The White Box is simply a portable Touch-Tone keypad. For more information on Touch-Tone, see my Silver Box Plans. Material
110doc.htm The BLAST Box Courtesy of the Jolly Roger Ever want to really make yourself be heard? Ever talk to someone on the phone who just doesn't shut up? Or just call the operato
111doc.htm Dealing with the Rate & Route Operator It seems that fewer and fewer people have blue boxes these days, and that is really too bad. Blue boxes, while not all that great for making free calls (s
112doc.htm Cellular Phreaking courtesy of The Jolly Roger The cellular/mobile phone system is one that is perfectly set up to be exploited by phreaks with the proper knowledge and equipmen
113doc.htm Cheesebox Plans Courtesy of The Jolly Roger A Cheesebox (named for the type of box the first one was found in) is a type of box which will, in effect, make your telephone a Pay-Ph
115doc.htm Gold Box Plans by The Jolly Roger HOW TO BUILD IT _ You will need the following: Two 10K OHM and three 1.4K OHM resistors Two 2N3904 transistors Two Phot
116doc.htm The History of ESS Courtesy of the Jolly Roger Of all the new 1960s wonders of telephone technology - satellites, ultra modern Traffic Service Positions (TSPS) for operators, the pict
117doc.htm The Lunch Box Courtesy of Exodus Introduction The Lunch Box is a VERY simple transmitter which can be handy for all sorts of things. It is quite small and can easily be put in a
118doc.htm Olive Box Plans Courtesy of Exodus This is a relatively new box, and all it basically does is serve as a phone ringer. You have two choices for ringers, a piezoelectric transducer
119doc.htm The Tron Box Written by The GREAT Captain Crunch!! Courtesy of Exodus I I I I I I I I- (C) (C) (C) I I I I- I I I
121doc.htm Phreaker's Phunhouse Courtesy of Exodus The long awaited prequil to Phreaker's Guide has finally arrived. Conceived from the boredom and loneliness that could only be derived from: The
122doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 27, File 3 of 12 Prologue If you are not already familiar with NSFnet, I would suggest that you read: "Frontiers" (Phrack Inc., Volume Two, Issue 24, File 4 of
123doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 27, File 7 of 12 Prologue For None VMS Users DECnet is the network for DEC machines, in most cases you can say VAXes. DECnet allows you to do
124doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 28, File 4 of 12 Network Miscellany by Taran King June 1, 1989 ACSNET Australian Computer Science Network (ACSNET), also known as Oz, has its gat
125doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 28, File 5 of 12 /////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ || || || A Real Functioning PEARL BOX Schematic || ||
126doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 28, File 6 of 12 Snarfing Remote Files
127doc.htm Phrack Inc Volume Three, Issue 30, File 10 of 12 - Western Union Telex, TWX, and Tim
128doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 30, File 3 of 12 - - - - - - - - - - Hacking & Tymnet - -
129doc.htm Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 30, File 5 of 12 ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() () () () The DECWRL Mail Gateway () ()
130doc.htm Sodium Chlorate by the Jolly Roger Sodium Chlorate is a strong oxidizer used in the manufacture of explosives. It can be used in place of Potassium Chlorate. Material Requ
131doc.htm MERCURY FULMINATE 2 - Exodus - Mercury fulminate is perhaps one of the oldest known initiating compounds. It can be detonated by either heat or shock, which would make it of inf
132doc.htm Improvised Black Powder by the Jolly Roger Black powder can be prepared in a simple, safe manner. It may be used as blasting or gun powder. Material Required Potassium Nitrate
133doc.htm NITRIC ACID - Exodus - '94 There are several ways to make this most essential of all acids for explosives. One method by which it could be made will be presented. Once
134doc.htm Dust Bomb Instructions by the Jolly Roger An initiator which will initiate common material to produce dust explosions can be rapidly and easily constructed. This type of c
135doc.htm Carbon-Tet Explosive by the Jolly Roger A moist explosive mixture can be made from fine aluminum powder combined with carbon tetrachloride or tetrachloroethylene. This explos
136doc.htm Making Picric Acid from Aspirin by the Jolly Roger Picric Acid can be used as a booster explosive in detonators, a high explosive charge, or as an intermediate to preparing lead
137doc.htm Reclamation of RDX from C-4 Explosives by the Jolly Roger RDX can be obtained from C-4 explosives with the use of gasoline. It can be used as a booster explosive for detonators or as a high
138doc.htm Egg-based Gelled Flame Fuels by the Jolly Roger The white of any bird egg can be used to gel gasoline for use as a flame fuel which will adhere to target surfaces. Materials Req
139doc.htm Clothespin Switch by the Jolly Roger A spring type clothespin is used to make a circuit closing switch to actuate explosive charges, mines, booby traps, and alarm systems. Mate
140doc.htm Flexible Plate Switch by the Jolly Roger This flexible plate switch is used for initiating emplaced mines and explosives. Material Required: Two flexible metal sheets one appro
141doc.htm Low Signature Systems (Silencers) by the Jolly Roger Low signature systems (silencers) for improvised small arms weapons can be made from steel gas or water pipe and fittings. Material
142doc.htm IMPROVED CIGARETTE DELAY (By Atur {THE pyromaniac }) A variation on the standard cigarette display was invented by my good friend Atur (THE Pyromaniac). Rather than inserting the fuse int
143doc.htm Nicotine by the Jolly Roger Nicotine is an abundant poison. Easily found in tobacco products, in concentrated form a few drops can quickly kill someone. Here is how
144doc.htm Dried Seed Timer by the Jolly Roger A time delay device for electrical firing circuits can be made using the principle of expansion of dried seeds. Material Required: D
145doc.htm Nail Grenade by the Jolly Roger Effective fragmentation grenades can be made from a block of tnt or other blasting explosive and nails. Material Required: Block of T
146doc.htm The Bell Glossary courtesy of Exodus . .
147doc.htm Phone Dial Locks - How to Beat'em courtesy of Exodus Have you ever been in an office or somewhere and wanted to make a free phone call but some asshole put a lock on the phone to prevent out-going
148doc.htm Exchange Scanning courtesy of Exodus Almost every exchange in the bell system has test 's and other "goodies" such as loops with dial-ups. These "goodies" are usually found betwee
149doc.htm A Short History of Phreaking courtesy of Exodus Well now we know a little vocabulary, and now its into history, Phreak history. Back at MIT in 1964 arrived a student by the name of Stewart
150doc.htm -> Courtesy of the Exodus <- The AAG Proudly Presents The AAG Proudly Presents -
151doc.htm ->Courtesy of Exodus<- THE HISTORY OF BRITISH PHREAKING - - - - -
152doc.htm ->Courtesy of The Black Gate BBS<- Bad as Shit Recently, a telephone fanatic in the northwest made an interesting discovery. He was exploring the 804 area code (Virginia) and found out th
153doc.htm Telenet Courtesy of Exodus Orig. by JR It seems that not many of you know that Telenet is connected to about 80 computer-networks in the world. No, I don't mean 80 n
154doc.htm `Fucking with the Operator courtesy of Exodus Ever get an operator who gave you a hard time, and you didn't know what to do? Well if the operator hears you use a little Bell jargon, s
156doc.htm International Country Code Listing courtesy of Exodus Orig. by JR UNITED KINGDOM/IRELAND IRELAND.353 UNITED KINGDOM.44 EUROPE ANDORRA.
158doc.htm LSD courtesy of Exodus I think, of all the drugs on the black market today, LSD is the strangest. It is the most recent major drug to come to life in the psych
159doc.htm Bananas courtesy of Exodus Believe it or not, bananas do contain a small quantity of _Musa Sapientum bananadine_, which is a mild, short-lasting psychedelic. There
160doc.htm Yummy Marihuana Recipes courtesy of Exodus Acapulco Green 3 ripe avocados 1/2 cup chopped onions 2 teaspoons chili powder 3 tablespoons wine vinegar 1/2 cup chopped marahuana (grass) Mix the
161doc.htm Peanuts Orig. by the Jolly Roger Try this sometime when you are bored! 1) Take one pound of raw peanuts (not roasted!) 2) Shell them, saving the skins and discarding the shells. 3) Eat
162doc.htm Chemical Fire Bottle Orig. by the Jolly Roger This incendiary bottle is self-igniting on target impact. Materials Required How Used Common Source Sulphuric Acid S
163doc.htm Igniter from Book Matches by the Jolly Roger This is a hot igniter made from paper book matches for use with molotov cocktail and other incendiaries. Material Required: Paper book
164doc.htm "Red or White Powder" Propellant by the Jolly Roger "Red or White Powder" Propellant may be prepared in a simple, safe manner. The formulation described below will result in approximat
165doc.htm Pipe Hand Grenade by Exodus Hand Grenades can be made from a piece of iron pipe. The filler can be of plastic or granular military explosive, improvised explosi
166doc.htm U.K. CREDIT CARD FRAUD - 22/10/90 - Written by CREDITMAN U.K. credit card fraud is a lot easier than over in the States. The same basic 3 essentials are needed - 1.A safehouse. 2.Credit card number
167doc.htm POTASSIUM BOMB This is one of my favorites. This creates a very unstable explosive in a very stable continer. You will need: 1) A two-ended bottle. These are kinda hard to find, you have to look aroun
168doc.htm Your Legal Rights Because you possess this little collection of mostly illegal concepts, you should be aware of your legal rights IF arrested (hey, it happens to the worst of us). Your Legal Rights are:: 1
169doc.htm How The Law Protects Juvenile Offenders (or tries to, anyway) Juveniles accused of breaking the law are granted some special rights intended to protect the, because of their age. If a juvenile is charg
170doc.htm Down the Road' Missle This missle is aptly named because it travels best down a street or road. This is nothing more that harmless phun intended to scare the living shit out of oncoming cars. How To M
171doc.htm Phunn With Shotgun Shells This phile is for those have no concern for themselves or the person they wanna fuck over with this. (in short, a fucking MANIAC!!!) DoorBlams - Shotgun shells are wonder
172doc.htm Electronic Accessories Some phreaks believe in the down-n-dirty customizing of equipment by crafting it themselves.not me !. I believe that the other guy should build the stuff, and I'll steal it an
173doc.htm Drip Timer Another method of time delay for explosives that are detonated by electric means, is the drip timer. Fill a 'baggie' with water and then add as much salt as the water will hold. Seal it, l
174doc.htm STEALING It is strange just how many files there are out there that try to document the art of stealing. After all,
175doc.htm _ / \ {} MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION {} \_/ Easy explosive: -fill Kodak film case (y'know, the black cylinder with the g
176doc.htm Shaving Cream Bomb -EXODUS -This may not really be what we would consider a bomb, but it is a helluva great idea to phuck someone over. You will need: (1)-person y
177doc.htm This is another good way to Compiled by: rip off a change or drink machine. - Exodus - You first get a nice new dollar to work with. Make sure there are no rip
178doc.htm Lockpicking for the EXTREME beginner. Brought to you by: - Exodus - This is really a good method for opening doors that are locked. The only problem with this, though, is that it only work
179doc.htm ANARCHY 'N' EXPLOSIVES > PRELUDE VOLUME < For you people that like blowing things up and shit like that, here's something that's not as dangerous or as difficult as more of the explosives available (o
180doc.htm ANARCHY 'N' EXPLOSIVES > VOLUME 2 < This volume defines a few varieties of misc explosives, charges, and whatever I had in mind at that time. Anyway, these formulas are not as precise in measure
181doc.htm ANARCHY 'N' EXPLOSIVES > VOLUME 3 < This is the MOST important or one of the most important volumes regarding the various mixtures of anarchy that I will be "publishing" to the "public". Also, i
182doc.htm ANARCHY 'N' EXPLOSIVES > VOLUME 4 4 < In this particular volume, we will be discussing types of Dynamite, these high-explosives being one of the more important or destructive of the anarchist's
183doc.htm ANARCHY 'N' EXPLOSIVES VOLUME 5 - 4/3/89 Well, hasn't it been long since Volume 4 of Anarchy 'n' Explosives? Well, I finally got around to typing up another volume. This one will be dedicated to the extr
184doc.htm .FBI raids major Ohio computer bulletin board; action follows joint investigation with SPA The Federation Bureau of Investigation on Saturday, Jan. 30, 1993, raided "Rusty & Edie's," a computer bulletin
185doc.htm BUYING EXPLOSIVES AND PROPELLANTS Almost any city or town of reasonable size has a gun store and one or more pharmacies. These are two of the places that potential terrorists visit in order to purchase e
186doc.htm LOCKPICKING 3 If it becomes necessary to pick a lock to enter a lab, the world's most effective lockpick is dynamite, followed by a sledgehammer. There are unfortunately, problems with noise and excess
187doc.htm LIST OF USEFUL HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS AND THEIR AVAILABILITY Anyone can get many chemicals from hardware stores, supermarkets, and drug stores to get the materials to make explosives or other dangerous comp
188doc.htm NITROGLYCERINE Nitroglycerine is one of the most sensitive explosives, if it is not the most sensitive. Although it is possible to make it safely, it is difficult. Many a young anarchist has been killed
189doc.htm PRODUCING CELLULOSE NITRATE (From andrew at CMU) I used to make nitrocellulose, though. It was not guncotton grade, because I didn't have oleum (H2SO4 with dissolved SO3); nevertheless it worked. At f
190doc.htm FUEL-OXODIZER MIXTURES - (AKA: Starter Explosives) There are nearly an infinite number of fuel-oxodizer mixtures that can be produced by a misguided individual in his own home. Some are very effective
191doc.htm FLASH POWDER (By Dr. Tiel) Here are a few basic precautions to take if you're crazy enough to produce your own flash powder: (1) Grind the oxidizer (KNO3, KClO3, KMnO4, KClO4 etc) separately in a cle
192doc.htm The Firey Explosive Pen Written by Blue Max of Anarchist-R-Us Materials Needed Here's a GREAT little trick to play on 1 One Ball Point `Click` pen your best fiend (no t
193doc.htm PIPE BOMBS FROM SOFT METAL PIPES - Exodus - First, one flattens one end of a copper or aluminum pipe carefully, making sure not to tear or rip the piping. Then, the flat end
194doc.htm SAFETY TIPS - HOW NOT TO GET KILLED (Ways to avoid scoring an "Own Goal") An "own goal" is the death of a person on your side from one of your own devices. It is obvious that these should be avoided
195doc.htm AMMONIUM TRIIODIDE CRYSTALS Ammonium triiodide crystals are foul-smelling purple colored crystals that decompose under the slightest amount of heat, friction, or shock, if they are made with the purest a
196doc.htm SULFURIC ACID by Exodus Sulfuric acid is far too difficult to make outside of a laboratory or industrial plant. However, it is readily available in an uncharged car b
197doc.htm BLACK POWDER 3 First made by the Chinese for use in fireworks, black powder was first used in weapons and explosives in the 12th century. It is very simple to make, but it is not very powerful or safe.
198doc.htm NITROCELLULOSE - Exodus - Nitrocellulose is usually called "gunpowder" or "guncotton". It is more stable than black powder, and it produces a much greater volume of hot g
1996.htm Here are my "psychic predictions" for the second half of this year, 1996. - drice 1) The President, Ms. Clinton and L. R. Hubbard will be named as "Unindicted co-conspirators" in the Whitewater land fr
199doc.htm R.D.X. 2 R.D.X., also called cyclonite, or composition C-1 (when mixed with plasticisers) is one of the most valuable of all military explosives. This is because it has more than 150% of the power of T.
200doc.htm Bark!
201doc.htm ANFOS ANFO is an acronym for Ammonium Nitrate - Fuel Oil Solution. An ANFO solves the only other major problem with ammonium nitrate: its tendency to pick up water vapor from the air. This results in t
202doc.htm PICRIC ACID Brought to you by: - Exodus - Picric acid, also known as Tri-Nitro-Phenol, or T.N.P., is a military explosive that is most often used as a booster charge to set off anothe
203doc.htm CHEMICAL FIRE BOTTLE The chemical fire bottle is really an advanced molotov cocktail. Rather than using the burning cloth to ignite the flammable liquid, which has at best a fair chance of igniting the
204doc.htm Fun with dry ice. LOTS of fun with dry ice. (from the Usenet.) There is no standard formula for a dry ice bomb, however a generic form is as follows: Take a 2-liter soda bottle, empty it completely, t
205doc.htm IGNITION DEVICES There are many ways to ignite explosive devices. There is the classic "light the fuse, throw the bomb, and run" approach, and there are sensitive mercury switches, and many things in be
206doc.htm -FILM CANISTERS 2 (Originally By Bill) For a relatively low shrapnel explosion, I suggest pouring it into an empty 35mm film cannister. Poke a hole in the plastic lid for a fuse. These g
207doc.htm -BOOK BOMBS Exodus Concealing a bomb can be extremely difficult in a day and age where perpetrators of violence run wild. Bags and briefcases are often searched by au
208doc.htm -PHONE BOMBS - Exodus - The phone bomb is an explosive device that has been used in the past to kill or injure a specific individual. The basic idea is simple
209doc.htm SPECIAL AMMUNITION FOR BLOWGUNS The blowgun is an interesting weapon which has several advantages. A blowgun can be extremely accurate, concealable, and deliver an explosive or poisoned projectile. The
210doc.htm ROCKETS AND CANNONS Rockets and cannon are generally thought of as heavy artillery. Perpetrators of violence do not usually employ such devices, because they are difficult or impossible to acquire. They
211doc.htm BASIC PIPE CANNON - Exodus - A simple cannon can be made from a thick pipe by almost anyone. The only difficult part is finding a pipe that is extremely smooth on its i
212doc.htm SMOKE BOMBS 4.14 - Exodus - One type of pyrotechnic device that might be employed by a terrorist in many way would be a smoke bomb. Such a device could conceal the
213doc.htm FIRECRACKERS A simple firecracker can be made from cardboard tubing and epoxy. The instructions are below: 1) Cut a small piece of cardboard tubing from the tube you are using. "Small" means anythin
214doc.htm ->> LISTS OF SUPPLIERS AND MORE INFORMATION <<- Most, if not all, of the information in this publication can be obtained through a public or university library. There are also many pub
215doc.htm CHECKLIST FOR RAIDS ON LABS by: Exodus In the end, the serious terrorist would probably realize that if he/she wishes to make a truly useful explosive, he or she will have t
216doc.htm MISC ANARCHY! PART 2 - Tennis ball cannons - Information from the Usenet. The Usenet is a worldwide network of 15,000 machines and over 500,000 people- And growing! Addendum by The Editor:
217doc.htm OPENING COMBO LOCKS Touched up by V.T - The Editor First of all, let me tell you about the set-up of a lock. When the lock is locked, there is a curved piece of metal wedged inside the little notch
218doc.htm PYROTECHNICAL DELIGHTS WRITTEN BY RAGNER ROCKER Many of you out there probably have fantasies of revenge against teachers, principals and other people who are justassholes. depending on your level of hat
219doc.htm PrimoPyro1990 . Thermite Incendiaries and Formulas . DISCLAIMER : The making and possesion of the following devices and mixtures is probably illegal in most communities. The incendiaries are c
220doc.htm CONCLUSION Well, thats it! The Anarchist CookBook IV, release version 4.14. It has taken a little over a year to compile all these files from dozens of anarchy books and filez. I even gave up m
andrewsc.htm Subject: Questions for Andrew Milne, week 11 and still no answers Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:38 -0700 resending, was down for a few days Up to week 11 and no answers from Andy yet, though I s
badlands.htm Badlands
bigtrash.htm Dumpster Diving >Reprinted from the February 1991 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin c/o FBI, 10th and Pennsylvania, Washington, DC 20535, (202) 324-3000. By Thomas V. Kukura, J.D. Law enforcement
billgate.htm Net Soup Now, if I just had a little more hard data like this, I'd be able to finish my screenplay for The Omen IV. Subject:FW: funnier (fwd) Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 17:11:59 -0500 To: Multiple recipients
black2.htm Subject: RI-162i Black Scientology - Part XII Date: 20 Jun 1996 17:08:08 -0400 28 April 1995 RI-162i 'LRH on How SP Reiss ruins Ethics' from Ron's Inspector Message RI-162i for Internet LRH on 28 Apr 19
blacksci.htm Subject: RI-107i Black Scientology - Part I Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:32:03 -0400 13 March 1995 RI-107i 'LRH on Ultimate 3rd-Party Richard Reiss' from Ron's Inspector Message RI-107i for Internet Note: This i
bquizexe.htm MZD 4
bquoteki.htm To FFRF List, Did anyone see this article in newspapers or other media? According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 19, 1996. "Dadeville, Ala.- A man who lost an early-morning Bible- quoting contest
ca-ft.htm This message contains the file 'betrayal.ft2', which has been uuencoded. If you are using Pegasus Mail, then you can use the browser's eXtract function to lift the original contents out to a file
canch7.htm Subject: CAN closes doors Date: 26 Jun 1996 12:42:23 GMT This is a message recently posted to the trancenet listserv. Please repost to any newsgroup where you think there would be interest. DK /////////
cda.htm Comprehensive, up-to-date information on the CDA is available at: Communications Decency Act Enacted by the U.S. Congress on February 1, 1996 Text provided by t
conspire.htm Conspire
controlp.htm 15 8 14 0 0 1 7 176 14 1 14 4 14 7 0 -1 8 14 0
cookbook.htm Bark
corysci.htm Subject: Questions for Cory, week 25 and still no answers Date: 18 Jun 1996 05:51:46 -0700 A day late this week, was having some difficulties and nothing of mine was getting through. Nothin
credcre.htm Chris/ Fredric: Just saw the 26 June post, and thought I'd forward some info on the subject. David Buckna >Re: Yes, Creationism IS a child >molestation, we know. >From (Chris
disclaim.htm First, and foremost, let it be stated that Exodus, nor the Black Gate BBS, assumes no responsibilities for any use of the information prsented in this publication. The purpose of this is to show the
drugzar.htm - Windows for Power Mac: Insignia Solutions - Muckraker changes every other Wednesday (seven days left). Muckraker Drug Czar Here's the dope on the newly nominated drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey
godmen.htm By: Fredric Rice To: Rick Mcfarlane Re: Testing the claim of deities rm> If God, (perhaps at Charlie's request) presented himself to you, rm> personally, for direct observation, how would you identify rm>
hello.htm (410) Mon 20 Jan 97 0:41 By: Rod Swift To: All Re: HELL-o, a MUST READ post St: @EID:033f 22340520 @MSGID: 3:690/660.0 32e24ea0 Are the religious nut-cases getting worse or what??? Maybe we should pick Ki
humorsci.htm Subject: daily word 9 Date: 18 Jun 1996 01:04:57 GMT HUMOR, humor is rejection. The ability to reject. The ability to throw something away. That is humor. Hubbard had a bug up his ass about humor, as w
indexdoc.htm Index to the Anarchist Cookbook IV, ver. 4.14 COOKBOOK.IV: Intro by Exodus 001: Counterfeiting Money 002: Credit Card Fraud 003: Making Plastic Explosives from Bleach 004: Picking Master Locks 005:
india.htm Greetings, All. Hopefully the fact that you're reading this means that I have returned from India and you may welcome me back to the United States. As it is I'm sitting here inside of a government bui
inetcens.htm Net Censorship Crisis Black Thursday The date 1 February 1996 will be remembered as "Black Thursday" on the Internet. Ignoring howls of protest from civil liberties advocates, business groups, and thousa
iproto.htm Press here to go to the top of the rfc 'tree'.

Introduction to the Internet Protocols C R C
jw-087.htm Blood Transfusions: Sustaining the Purpose of God By David Henke, Watchman Fellowship, Columbus, GA Blood as used in the Bible is a symbol; it is not sacred in, and of, itself. The thing symbolized, li
look_at_.htm You know you're BadaSS when you're cruising in the
lt.htm Greetings, All. A lot of you will remember Linda Thompson, , and - as right-wing lunatics who actually believe that they have evidence that the United States was not only
lt2.htm Original to Kay Shapero @ 1:102/524 in furrydom Forwarded Wed May 03 1995 07:43:19 by Kay Shapero @ 1:102/524 On <04-28-95 08:33>, Kay Shapero had this to say to All about "(2/2) in re whac
market.htm Subject: Top 10 Marketing Goofs Date: Fri, 08 Mar 1996 To: 10. Chevrolet Nova didn't do well in Spanish speaking countries . Nova means 'No Go' . 9. Bacardi concocted a fruity drink
matson-v.htm How Good Are Those Young-Earth Arguments? A Close Look at Dr. Hovind's List of Young-Earth Arguments and Other Claims April 21, 1994 Copies of this paper may be made and sold by Edward T. Babinski, the N
miracle.htm By: DAVID RICE Re: Miracles: quotes "Indeed, Mr. Jefferson, what could be invented to debase the ancient Christianism, which Greeks, Romans, Hebrews and Christian factions, above all the Catholics, have n
moredead.htm 05/July/96 KTLA Los Angeles just reported the murder of a Christian woman at the hands of three Christians who spent at minimum 6 hours engaged in an occult ritual. One of the three, it seems, engaged
nogods2.htm After Clark's posting concerning the lack of god-belief in Britain, I checked my references and sent in the following letter. Please feel free to plagiarize me, and if anything gets printed, send me a c
nut.htm Here's a sample of the level of intelligence and logic that we get here at The Skeptic Tank from Creationists and right-wing extremists. The subject is one of finding new Creationist arguments that have
paranorm.htm Subject: What Bruce Daniel Kettler has against Twitch Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 05:29:23 -0700 I can't remember all the newsgroups that Bruce has posted to, so I'm taking a stab at just a few of them. The
picklock.htm Simplex 5-button combination locks: Hobbit's in-depth evaluation This deals with the Simplex or Unican 5-button all-mechanical combination locks. They are usually used in a variety of secure but
pk2.htm By: David Bloomberg To: James Davis Re: Promise Keepers In a msg to Joseph Nagarya on , James Davis of 1:343/305 writes: JD> Returning to the original topic; Promise Keepers is a Christian B
prouty3.htm Fletcher Prouty, Mark Lane, JFK Assassination Theories, & the Fascist Right I am posting this at the request of some folks who are active in this conference. Please do not deluge me with E-mail. When I us
rabbit.htm There once was a rabbit who gave one carrot in every ten to the church, who took its little bunnies in for religious instruction and morality infusions, and who talked to God all the time and asked Hi
rocket.htm HOME BUILT ROCKET ENGINES This is that information on home constructed rocket engines I mentioned I would put together. I hope I've covered everything you could possibly need to put something together,
ros.htm Subject: The Roswell debris Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 21:38:57 -0700 DESCRIPTIONS OF ROSWELL CRASH DEBRIS BY CIVILIAN AND MILITARY WITNESSES Compiled by David Rudiak The eyewitness descriptions are derived f
rrupdate.htm MAD Magazine number 343, March 1996, has a letter published in their "Letters & Tomatoes Department" from "Jim Davis" from Sunnyvale CA." titled "APE MISBEHAVIN.'" I was always aware that dweebs, geeks,
silly-q.htm Here is a typical lengthy tirade that we see introducted by Creationists repeatedly on the computer networks. Every Creationist who posts these rhetorical questions thinks they are the first to do so w
spamart.htm Alt.Religions.Scientology - cult spams the network Fredric Rice The Skeptic Tank (818) 335-9601 Clocking in on the "Just-when-you-thought-they-couldn't- get-any-lower" port: As most members of FidoNet and
tm17.htm ci.skeptic Subject: Re: TRANCENET ALERT: WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT TM CRISIS Date: 13 Jun 1996 07:12:43 GMT more details and continuous bulletins on the Maharishi's bizarre prediction of imminent global biolo
tojarg.htm The Talk.Origins Archive The Talk.Origins Archive Jargon Wesley R. Elsberry ( - Compiled by: Wesley R. Elsberry,, wesley.elsberry@f385.n386.
woman.htm By: Robin Murray-o'hair Re: Kill a Woman for God _ KILL A WOMAN FOR GOD Honor killings - in Islamic Arab culture, that's when women are killed by male relatives in order to preserve the "
zimmerdo.htm Phil Zimmermann Cleared! Copy of message posted via CYPHERPUNKS Date: 12 Jan 96 22:37:22 From: @ 1:102/903.100 To: All Subject: News Release Yesterday morning, I received word fro


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