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abiogene.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Abiogenesis Book Recommendations Updated: 02/27/92 Here are references and short reviews of some interesting titles relevant to the origin of life. Cairns-Smith, A. G.,
animal-d.htm Author: Chris Colby ( Title: Animal Development Overview of development and phylogenetic perspective **************************************************** Multicellular life Many groups
archaeo1.htm Author: Chris Nedin ( Title: On _Archaeopteryx_, Astronomers, and Forgery Update: 9/1/94 . . . On _Archaeopteryx_, Astronomers and Forgery INTRODUCTION _Archaeopteryx lithogr
archaeo2.htm Author: Chris Nedin ( Title: All About _Archaeopteryx_ Update: 6/28/94 Contents Introduction Archaeopteryx specimens Archaeopteryx features Archaeopteryx's avian features Archae
ark-hoax.htm Author: James Lippard ( Title: Sun Goes Down in Flames: The Jammal Ark Hoax [The following article is forthcoming (perhaps in a revised form) in _Skeptic_ magazine, vol. 2
book-rev.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Book Recommendations Updated: 02/27/92 One of the best ways to learn about the Creation/Evolution debate is to pick up a few books. The periodicals (recommended earli
c-decay.htm Author: Robert P.J. Day Title: The Decay of C-Decay [Originally appeared in the OASIS Newsletter, 385 Main Street, Beaverton, Ontario, Canada L0K 1A0] "If you propose that the universe and all in it is
caltech-.htm Author: Wayne Broughton ( Title: "Evolution and Creation" Seminar at Caltech Disappointing. That is my one word summary of the event which I first announced a few months ago an
canopy.htm Authors: Paul D. Farrar (, Bill Hyde ( Title: The Water/Vapor Canopy Explanation for the Deluge In this short and, I hope, simple note I will discuss the phys
coalprin.htm Author: R. Andrew MacRae ( Title: Footprints in Coal (GIF uuencoded at the end of this file) Description for file "footprints.gif" 769 X 1308 pixels, 1 bitplane. Part of
common-d.htm Author: Chris Colby ( Title: Some Evidence of Common Ancestry 1.] Comparative genetic and biochemical data DNA or protein sequence comparisons of closely related species (as determined
coralclo.htm Author: Hannu K. J. Poropudas Title: Using Coral as a Clock APPROXIMATE ANCIENT TIME FORMULA BASED ON FOSSIL DATA Hannu K. J. Poropudas (R&D Engineer, Nokia Telecommunications) (E-Mail Address: poropuda@tn
creati1.htm Author: Alan M. Feuerbacher ( Title: International Creation Conference in Beaverton, Oregon This past weekend, February 25-27, 1993, an International Creation Conference was held
creation.htm Authors: Robert Zuber (, Chris Colby (, Andy Peters (, Chris Stassen ( Title: Various Examples of Verifia
credent2.htm Authors: Micheal Cranford (, Bob Garwood ( Title: Creationist Credentials By Michael Cranford: The source of theinformation on colleges and universiti
credenti.htm Authors: Micheal Cranford (, Bob Garwood ( Title: Creationist Credentials By Michael Cranford: The source of theinformation on colleges and universiti
crs-cree.htm Author: Brett Vickers ( Title: Creation Research Society Creed The Creation Research Society, established to promote and fund "scientific" creation research, has a journal called the
darrow.htm Author: Rob Zuber Title: Clarence Darrow: Misquote >Leveling with his readers, Mr. Smith then noted that "in 1925, in >Dayton, Tennessee, at a time and place where only religious >creationism was legall
darwinis.htm Author: (Joel Hanes) Title: What, if anything, is "Darwinism"? In _One_Long_Argument_, Ernst Mayr (evolutionary biologist, and originator of the Biological Species Concept) summarizes
debate-a.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Age of Earth Debate Updated: 02/27/92 This is the first of two postings generated by the debate. It contains Bob [Bales]'s opening statement, my rebuttal, and Bob's c
debate-r.htm Author: Rob P. J. Day Title: Public Debate with a Creationist On Friday, October 19, I debated the merits of creation science with Ian Taylor of the Creation Science Assoc. of Ontario (CSAO) at the Unive
debating.htm Authors: Richard Trott (, Eugenie C. Scott ( Title: Debating Creationists: Some Pointers Update: July 7, 1994 By Eugenie C. Scott: Debates and the Globetrotters Duri
evoludef.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: What Is Evolution? WHAT IS EVOLUTION? version 2, January 22, 1993 Most non-scientists seem to be quite confused about precise definitions of bio
evolufac.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: Evolution is a Fact and a Theory EVOLUTION AS A FACT AND A THEORY version 2.1 (January 22, 1993) When non-biologists talk about biological evol
evolures.htm Author: Chris Colby ( Title: Evidence for Evolution FAQ This is a compilation of my "evidence for evolution" posts to It is not in any particular order because each post
fabnaq.htm Author: Tom Scharle ( Title: FABNAQ - Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions I have decided to post for your criticism a list of FABNAQ - frequently asked but never a
faq-age-.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Age of the Earth Updated: 02/08/94 Overview: (I) How old is the earth, and how do we know? (II) Common creationist "dating methods" (III) Common creationist criticism
faq-god.htm Author: Warren Kurt VonRoeschlaub ( Title: God and Evolution FAQ This is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about the compatibility of belief in evolution and God fro
faq-intr.htm Author: Chris Colby ( Title: FAQ: Introduction to Evolutionary Biology AN INTRODUCTION TO EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY -- BY CHRIS COLBY ******************************************************
faq-list.htm Author: Matt Brinkman ( Title: A List of Important FAQ Files A single FAQ for is probably not possible due to the length such a file would attain. This FAQ is desig
faq-meri.htm Author: James Meritt ( Title: James Meritt's general anti-creationism FAQ Topics: }Creationism deserves equal time }Evolutionists themselves admit they have no proof }evolutionists them
faq-misc.htm Author: Mark Isaak ( Title: Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution Update: 1/3/95 A large part of the reason why Creationist arguments against evolution can sound so persuasive is beca
faq-noah.htm Author: Mark Isaak ( Title: Problems with a Global Flood Update: 5/31/94 Problems With a Global Flood (last modified 5/31/94) Mark Isaak (Email comments and con
faq-spec.htm Author: Joseph E. Boxhorn ( Title: FAQ: Observed Instances of Speciation 1.0 Introduction and Acknowledgements 1.1 Introduction This FAQ presents descriptions of instances where
faq-tran.htm Author: Kathleen Hunt ( Title: Transitional Fossils FAQ I've recently been re-reading Colbert's _Evolution of the Vertebrates_, and was reminded of the old "there aren't any transi
faq-veli.htm Author: Jim Meritt ( Title: FAQ: Velikovsky Critiqued I would like to thank the various members of the INTERNET and BITNET community of assisted me in proofing the document
faq-welc.htm Author: Andy Peters ( Title: The Official Welcome FAQ Welcome FAQ V. 1.1 Written and maintained by Andy Peters ( Sections or pass
feathers.htm Author: Paul Keck ( Title: Feathers: Created or Evolved? Date: Nov. 25, 1992 Bob Bales has been using the feather as an example of something apparently designed, and thus lending s
fishy-ex.htm Author: Robert Day ( Title: A Fishy Creationist Experiment The creationist research has been done, and examined, and it has been shown quite clearly to be utter rubbish. Some exam
fossil-h.htm Author: Jim Foley ( Title: Fossil Hominids Update: Jan. 10, 1995 The word "hominid" refers to members of the family of man, Hominidae, which consists of all species on our si
genesis.htm Author: Unknown Title: A verse-by-verse transcription of the book of Genesis (KJV) Book 01 Genesis 001:001 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 001:002 And the earth was without form, an
genetic-.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: Random Genetic Drift FAQ RANDOM GENETIC DRIFT version 1, January 22, 1993 The two most important mechanisms of evolution
gish-ros.htm Author: William E. Hamliton Title: Gish/Ross Focus on the Family Interview Focus on the family discussion with Hugh Ross and Duane Gish August 12, 13 1992 Jim Dobson, the host opened the program: Dobson: (
hitching.htm Author: Alan M. Feuerbacher ( Title: Francis Hitching: Commonly quoted by Creationists Francis Hitching is the author of, among other books, _The Neck of the Giraffe_." He believ
horses.htm Author: Kathleen Hunt ( Title: Horse Evolution FAQ This is a companion file for the transitional fossils FAQ. In this post I will try to describe the modern view of evolution wit
how-not-.htm Author: James Lippard ( Title: How Not to Argue with Creationists Jim Lippard Department of Philosophy University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721 lippard@ccit
icecores.htm Author: Matt Brinkman ( Title: Ice-core Dating FAQ Outline I. Methods of Dating Ice Cores A. Counting of Annual Layers 1. Temperature Dependent 2. Irradiation Dependent B. Using Pre-
icr-cata.htm Author: Steven Linke ( Title: ICR Graduate School Catalogue and List of Publications I have seen an occasional interest from newsgroup readers for the names of Creationist researche
icr-gcdp.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Evaluation of ICR Grand Canyon Research Project [DRAFT] Updated: 04/22/94 NOTE: Austin has promised to publish all of his data at some point, and this work cannot rea
icr-visi.htm Author: Steven Linke ( Title: A Visit to the ICR Museum I visited the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) on August 27th. This institute seems to be a common topic of debate on th
icr-whop.htm Authors: Various Title: ICR Whoppers This is a small sampler of creationist whoppers, gleaned from in recent months. When I wrote that I had sent an unnamed creationist a small sampler of ICR
isochron.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Isochron Dating Updated: 04/22/94 (added Section 6) CONTENTS: 1. Generic Radiometric Dating 2. What's wrong with non-isochron dating methods? 3. Generic Isochron Dati
jargon.htm Author: Wesley Elsberry (elsberry@beta.tricity.wsu.EDU) Title: The Jargon File: Debate Terminology The Echo Jargon File Version 1.03 931106 Compiled by: Wesley R. Els
johnson.htm Authors: James Lippard (, Bill Hamilton (, Title: Critiques of Creationist Phillip Johnson's Views Update: June 7, 1994 By James Lippard: Johnson sent
jpg.htm CAPTIONS FOR FOSSIL IMAGES - version 0.2 - 17/01/94 This collection of images consists of various kinds of fossils, concentrating on types that are either attractive, bizarre, or evolutionarily interest
jury-rig.htm Author: Chris Colby ( Title: Evidence for Jury-Rigged Design This is a post that presents evidence to back up my claim that there is evidence of jury-rigged design in nature. The firs
jw-book.htm Author: Corey Carroll ( Title: Review of JW book, _Life_, by a former Witness Just thought I'd post this in view of the recent uprise of Antti. I've been gone due to our system cra
jw-disho.htm Authors: C. J. Silverio (, Robert Derrick (, Alan M. Feuerbacher (, Robert Day ( Title: Dishonesty of Jehovah's Witnes
jw-evolu.htm Author: Alan M. Feuerbacher ( Title: Jehovah's Witnesses and Evolution This is exactly the problem with the JW _Life_ book! A subject such as evolution versus creation can only
jw-gener.htm Authors: Walter Smith (, Alan M. Feuerbacher ( Title: Jehovah's Witnesses in General By Walter Smith: On the subject of the Jehovah's Witnesses / Watchtower
knee-joi.htm Author: James Lippard ( Title: Lucy's knee joint: How creationists deal with their errors Update: August 11, 1994 LUCY'S KNEE JOINT: A CASE STUDY IN CREATIONISTS' WILLINGNESS TO
kouznets.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: Russian Creationist Dmitri Kouznetsov is no scientist Jim Loucks ( defends Scientific Creationism by quoting from an in
lewis-ov.htm Author: Joel Hanes ( Title: Geology in Error?: The Lewis Overthrust >In the rocky mountains, from Canada down to the state of Montana, >there is large geological overshoot where the
mammoths.htm Authors: Sue Bishop (, Philip R. Burns ( Title: Preserved Woolly Mammoth Remains: Catastrophic Origins? By Sue Bishop: Since Ted Holden has repeatedly insisted that t
marsupia.htm Author: Chris Nedin ( Title: The Natural History of Marsupials > The question is not how the escaped from Australia etc, but how > they got back there. But the evolutionist
modern-s.htm Author: Larry A. Moran ( Title: The Modern Synthesis of Genetics and Evolution THE MODERN SYNTHESIS A Theory of the Mechanism of Evolution (version 1.5, January 22, 1993) Many
oearori.htm Authors: Various Title: Old Age of the Earth and Creationist Lack of Response In article <5650@tekfdi.FDI.TEK.COM>, bobb@tekfdi.FDI.TEK.COM (Robert Bales) writes: > > 2) The citing of rocks which date to
orgnsuci.htm File: abiogenesis-books Author: Chris Stassen ( Title: FAQ: Abiogenesis Book Recommendations Update: Feb. 27, 1992 File: animal-development Author: Chris Colby ( Title: A
periodic.htm Author: Chris Stassen Subject: FAQ: Creation/Evolution Organizations and Periodicals Updated: 07/08/93 5pm This FAQ contains short descriptions of various periodicals relevant to th
po-halos.htm Author: John Brawley ( Title: Evolution's Tiny Violences Copyright (c) 1992 by John Brawley. Permission hereby granted to copy and disseminate. EVOLUTION'S TINY
raceori.htm Authors: Richard Trott (, James Lippard ( Title: Creationism Implies Racism? By Richard Trott: Henry M. Morris, among many other creationists, has repe
racism.htm Authors: Richard Trott (, James Lippard ( Title: Creationism Implies Racism? By Richard Trott: Henry M. Morris, among many other creationists, has repe
reading-.htm Draft Author: Chris Stassen This is a list constructed to balance the creationist reading list written for soc.religion.christian. I apoligize if it ended up a little longer than the other. I think the
simulati.htm Author: Vladimir F. Levchenko ( Title: The Experience of Simulation of Evolutionary Process THE EXPERIENCE OF SIMULATION OF EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS Vladimir F.Levchenko Institute of Evolutiona
speciati.htm Authors: Chris Stassen (stassen@netcom.uucp), jwm@sun4.uucp (James W. Meritt), Anneliese Lilje (, L. Drew Davis ( Title: A List of Observed Speciation Even
stumpers.htm Author: Tom Scharle ( Title: Stumper Questions for Creationists Questions directed to scientific creationists, young-earth creationists and others in opposition to convention
teds-wor.htm Author: Andrew MacRae ( Title: Ted Holden's world (with uuencoded GIF image) This file contains notes for the bitmap image file "jurassic.gif" which is uuencoded at the en
tierra.htm Author: Thomas Ray ( Title: TIERRA - Evolution Simulator Announcement TIERRA UPDATE: (Source release, abstract, publications, lectures, new results) This message contains: 1) Announceme
uciorg.htm -rw-r--r-- 1 1448 5 456 Aug 4 1993 .message -rw-r--r-- 1 1448 5 21361 Jan 20 15:59 ANNOUNCEMENT -rw-r--r-- 1 1448 5 15910 Jan 20 15:58 FILELIST -rw-r--r--
venusyng.htm Author: Tim Thompson ( Title: Is Venus Young? Is Venus a "young planet"? Could it be only a few thousand years old, as opposed to the few billion that standard theories wo
vision.htm Author: Mickey Rowe ( Title: Evolution of Color Vision EVOLUTION AND COLOR VISION I: OPSIN GENES Bob Bales brought up an interesting topic in a recent post (well, it was recen


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