Date: Thu, 4 Aug 94 12:17 CDT Subject: Promise Keepers Michael, I'm not so sure that Jesus

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Date: Thu, 4 Aug 94 12:17 CDT From: Dick Williams Subject: Promise Keepers Michael, I'm not so sure that Jesus ever taught that men (or anyone else) should take "leadership" (Fuhrerheit) and dedicate their lives to leading everyone else around. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." I would rather submit to the leadership of a loving and caring woman, than to any power-hungry male -- like McCartney at CU-Boulder. He has become the laughing-stock of the campus and has earned it! A true leader knows how to follow, to discern, and change his mind, modify his vision with new information and gentle persuasion. McCartney has none of those gifts. Like many a fundamentalist, "He just knows the Truth and his version of the truth has made him overbearing." We who live and work here know. Now, I respect and appreciate the testimonies of many who have said the Promise Keepers has given them a new vision, has helped them turn away from alcohol, drugs and/or abuse. Great! Now, the next step is for them to respect the gentle folk who have been following Christ all along and have a gentler and more loving view of their faith. I have heard so-called promise keepers ridiculing some of the Friends(Quakers) in Boulder, calling them "draft-dodgers" and "leftist wimps." This is the aspect of the authoritarian based movement that disturbs me! Dick Williams


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