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10megsat.htm This article was printed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Thursday, January 28, 1993. Geauga County is an exurban area just east of Cleveland. WOMAN WINS $10 MILLION IN "CULT" CASE By Sabrina Eaton Plain D
alamoadd.htm Tony Alamo P.O. Box 9078-3 Van Nuys, CA 91409 The way I look at it is this--it's costing him at _least_ 29 the cost of printing his hate-mongering respond. Let him spend his money s
alamota.htm Religion & Crime / "Satanic Conspiracy" Series #009 "Tony Alamo," by Dr Pepper I have never heard of anyone as paranoid as Tony Alamo. A few years ago his organization plastered southern California wit
ama_rock.htm Satanwatch by Kathleen Klenetsky AMA ties rock to Satanism and drugs However timidly, the American Medical Association has drawn attention to the causal link between rock and dangerous behavior. For the fi
aog.htm 26-Sep-90 Houston Chronicle. Trio on trial for `beating the devil' out of man HONDO (AP) - A pastor and two other men are on trial for allegedly trying to "beat the devil" out of a man earlier this year. C
atlantaa.htm [Big YAWN here. More unvarified, unsubstanciated, unrefereneced conjecture on the part of the author(s). Read with a large lump of salt.] Is Your Child Safe? The Significance of the Atlanta Child Murder
backmask.htm > I was recently talking to a fundamentalist who gave this argument > concerning the rock group Led Zepplin and Satan: > " If you play 'Stairway to Heaven' backwards it says, "Hail Satan" over > and over
bamaupd.htm The following are various news clippings from Cullman, Al and around the state of Alabama concerning animal mutilation related material.... Cullman Times: Exact date unknown - Late 1988 - Dog parts foun
bash.htm WITCH BASHING BY POLICE This file, courtesy of the W L P A, is from a Police bulletin called, The Police Marksman, published by Police Marksman Association, 6000 East Shirley Lane, Montgomery, Alabama 3
big-cult.htm ------ To: All Message #: 2967 >2972 From: Dan Holdgreiwe Submitted: 15 Nov 91 13:50:00 Subject: Cult Alert Bulletin #3 Status: Public Recei
billbiod.htm [ "Bill's Biography," also known as "Bill's Little White Lies." Read ] [ this with a great deal of skepticism. It's even humorous! Much of ] [ this has already been demonstrated false deception.
bits1.htm From The London Evening Standard, Tuesday 18 July 1989, Alexander Walker Column. ...I've had a little experience of the occult myself. Years ago, when a sore on a finger looked as if it were settling dow
blackbok.htm I saw a review for ANOTHER new schlock expose' posing as investigative journalism in the most recent edition of _Gnosis_. It is titled _Painted Black_ and written by Carl A. Raschke. I checked it out
bloodrnk.htm TO: Rowan Moonstone SUBJECT: BLOOD RGARDING BLOOD DRINKING: SOURCE: CULTS THAT KILL, LARRY KAHANER, WARNER BOOKS, C1989, PP. 103 "Det. Bill Wickersham: We were in California, in Anaheim going to a seminar
bugspray.htm Dave Gross Dec-05-92 12:57PM Ritual Abuse Taskforce Alleges Poisoning LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Several members of a county task force on satanic abuse say devil worshippers are using a bug spray chemical to po
ca-arson.htm UPn 09/21 2330 Video tape believed to reveal satanic[sic] arson fire SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) -- A video tape of a burning building, narrated by a whispering person believed to be a devil-worshipping a
catagain.htm 06-17-91 10:36 Don Allen On Cattle Mutes.. Originator: davidj@erra I recently spent some time with Linda Moutlen-Howe, who is the public world's leading authority on cattle mutilations. She began her study
cattlemu.htm 01-21-90 20:29 Eric Brown Animal Mutilations The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, NC recently reported on two animal mutilations this month (January) in nearby Cabarrus County. A cow and a deer were found
clerabs3.htm STRATEGIES FOR THE USING THE CLERGY ABUSE FILES The Witch Hunter has absolutely no authority to decided who has and has not the Spirit of Christ living within. Only their God has that privilege. They can
cultbook.htm BOOK REVIEW: SCHOLAR'S WORK ASSAILS CULT STEREOTYPE ISKCON WORLD REVIEW 10/87 "The Great American Cult Scare" has taken its toll on the spread of Krishna Consciousness in America and the world. Deprogram
dandd.htm Before reading this FAQ, it's important to understand which frequently asked question it is intended to answer. The question is "I have that some Christians are opposed to D&D. On what ground?" Thus
deaddogs.htm To: All Msg #89, 17-Jan-90 04:51pm Subject: Satanism Rumor A "Dead Dog" Filename: DEADDOGS.STL SATANISM RUMOR A "DEAD DOG" by J. Brad Hicks (St. Louis, MagickNet)
deprog.htm APn 03/24 0139 Satanism Treatment Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By CHARLES J. GANS Associated Press Writer CHICAGO (AP) -- At his parents' home, Mike painted his roo
devildue.htm from THE HUMANIST, March/April 1990: GIVING THE DEVIL MORE THAN HIS DUE by David Alexander (For occult crime "experts" and the American media, anti-satanist hysteria has become a growth industry.) "Never a
devldue2.htm First off, there is a good book out about these and many other people called "Satanism in America: How the Devil Got Much More Than His Due", that describes Rebecca Brown/Ruth Bailey and Elaine/Edna Mo
dm140990.htm "Satan Case" parents in clear, say police Daily Mail, 14.09.90 page 2 PARENTS of the 17 children in the Rochdale "Satanic rituals" inquiry will not be prosecuted, police said last night. A lengthy in
dmknight.htm How "Satanist" conman persuaded vicar to net him over 200,000 By Paul Vallely, The Times Newspaper, April 1986. Whether Derry Mainwaring Knight was a Satanist or a conman, or both, never seemed the q
drugcult.htm APn 03/17 1848 Cult Leader Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. DALLAS (AP) -- A woman who investigators say was the high priestess of a Mexican drug cult that sacrificed 15
edit6asc.htm EDITORIAL POLICY STATEMENT ORCRO MAGAZINE - 6th May 1990 As readers will be aware there was quite a gap between ORCRO#4 and ORCRO#5. During that time the editor, Ms North and the rest of the ORC
enem_evl.htm EIR NEWS SERVICE Wiesbaden, 27 Jan. 1989 (EIRNS): "I HAVE NO ENEMY WHO IS NOT EVIL" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. As I go to sentencing in the matter of the false verdict issued by a corrupted jury in Alexand
euthanar.htm Elderly told to welcome euthanasiam by Linda Everett Within days of one another, the London <Economist,> the "prestigious'' journal of moral indifferentism of Adam Smith's free enterprise economics, and t
exorcism.htm From "Sunday Times" Perth Western Australia, Sunday, January 30th, 1994. Exorcism team may face death charges MELBOURNE: Four people who performed an exorcism on a woman believed to be possessed by demo
exorcsm.htm Woman dies by exorcism... DATE: 04-15-91 LIMA, Peru (UPI) -- A woman bled to death during an exorcism conducted by members of her family who ripped out organs of her digestive tract in response to her dem
falsemem.htm False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Phone: 1-800-568-8882 Deals with the problem of false memories of abuse planted by therapists and other well meaning people.
fundoto.htm Josh Gordon OTO vs. Berkeley Police Lawsuit On September 12th, 1990 e.v., Ordo Templi Orientis and seven individual plaintiffs filed a suit in Federal Court against the City of Berkeley, County of Alameda
gemma.htm A Victim Who Never Was Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 Inset To File MS211090.ASC Many of the original stories of witches, devils and Satanic rituals originated from a boy, whom we shall call Derek. H
gemmamth.htm A Victim Who Never Was Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 Inset To File MS211090.ASC Many of the original stories of witches, devils and Satanic rituals originated from a boy, whom we sha
hallow.htm Feature taken from "Time Out" London's weekly guide - October 24-31 1990 - OUT OF SPIRITS Superstition is lining pockets, and occult shops and publishers are thriving in the current atmosphere of New Age c
hallow8.htm Downloaded from a local cult's bbs in the "CfC" network 10/24/90. Seems Johanna has no qualms about indoctrinating other peopl
hallowas.htm The following rewritten information was taken from "Astrological Lore Of All Ages" by Elbert Benjamine. It is currently out of print. The position of the sun in the zodiac during its annual journey arou
help-sat.htm -- Subject: Fundamentalist shrink: a sting operation Keywords: fundamentalism;brainwashing;child-abuse;parental rights Date: 7 Oct 92 01:18:37 GMT I'm looking for advice and information, fast. Legal and
hindiapa.htm The following article is reprinted from HINDUISM TODAY, September 1991: WESTERN PSYCHIATRISTS APOLOGIZE TO HINDU PEERS The American Psychiatric Association (APA) published a report in 1989 labelling the
hoaxmpd.htm Just to throw another story into this depressing pot, the AUtumn 92 issue of AMERICAN SCHOLAR has an article by Paul R. McHugh entitled "Psychiatric Misadventures." He talks about many different subjec
hoffman.htm Subject: Terri Hoffman Harvey, here's an article that you requested on Terri Hoffman from the Denver Post Jan 28, 1990. TROUBLING DEATHS OF SPIRITUAL SEEKERS: Allegations of mind control fololw Dallas cou
hoffman1.htm APn 04/28 0157 Metaphysical Case Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By DAVE PEGO Associated Press Writer DALLAS (AP) -- An instructor of metaphysics, questioned after nine peopl
hollo014.htm Florida Today, 17 Oct 91; Section B; State; Associated Press: School's ban on Halloween hadn't ghost of a chance {AP} Pine Island -- Teachers at an elementary school voted to reverse their ban on a Hall
id080890.htm Officer criticises lack of evidence From The Independent, Thurs 09.08.90 A POLICE expert in child abuse yesterday criticised the lack of evidence provided by groups highlighting cases of all
inquirer.htm THE IRRATIONAL INQUIRER - HEADLINES Our clone is possessed! New Jersey couple discovers awful truth in attic of Secaucus summer home. MS-DOS is tool of the devil! Israeli spy discovers secret pact. Big
is071090.htm Satanic inquisitors from the town hall By Rosie Waterhouse, Independent On Sunday, 07.10.90 The Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, Dan Crompton,[picture] right, wants to "kill off" the Nottingham
is120890.htm Adult "Survivors" tell horrific tales of ritual child abuse but the evidence is missing. Rosie Waterhouse reports. THE MAKING OF A SATANIC MYTH [Rosie Waterhouse, Independent On Sunday, 12.08.90, p8] ON
is160990.htm Child Abuse - or occult rituals? ROSIE WATERHOUSE traces the events leading to trauma for Rochdale families Satanic cults: how the hysteria swept Britain TWO WEEKS before satanic child abuse was "diag
j-renotn.htm from _The_Nation_. March 8, 1993 Beat the Devil JANET RENO'S COERCED CONFESSION by Alexander Cockburn Janet Reno used a 17-year-old undocumented Honduran worker to help her win a fierce re-election battle
jesus-ct.htm From Bob Brown, 1:388/33 (01 Mar 93 22:33) Waco, Texas - Heavily Armed Cult (sic) Watched By Police It is on the opposite side of town from us, but I am familiar with the community of Elk, the Mt.Carmel
kevcar.htm This article was taken from an unknown publication. Sub titled "Church row witches plan pagan ritual". by Ian McCaffrey White witches hope to kill off plans to build a church in Pound Hill by performing a
kid-scan.htm Chanced upon an episode of that Australian TV show "Beyond 2000" last night on TDC. I arrived at the tail end of a story about a device called "KIDSCAN". This appears to be an adaptation of a lab-animal
kidnap.htm A year after the discovery of the grizzly sacrificial murders of 16 people in the border town of Matamoros, Mexico, just south of Brownsville, Texas, four spring-breakers came back from Matamoros with ha
larouche.htm To: Warren Grant Re: Lyndon LaRouche The above subject is one we can discuss at great length if you wish. Briefly, his group regards all forms of Paganism as "Satanism." He is a firm believer in all of t
larson3b.htm This edited posting was the response of the editor of the Christian Press Report, an electronic newpaper out of California. This repsonse was posted along with _The Two Faces of Bob_ in the June issue o
larsonex.htm By Ken Smith@ In an interview with the Evangelical Press, Bob Larson boasted that "Nobody is accusing me of doing any thing illegal, immoral, or unethical."F[1]@ So, just call me nobody. Larson is a pat
laveynow.htm "S.F. Satanist Ordered to Sell Home and Cult Memorabilia" by Bill Wallace, _San Francisco Chronicle_ August 28, 1991, Page A-17 __ Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, faces a devil of a proble
law-suit.htm San Jose Mercury News Tuesday, April 7, 1992 Est Founder sues critics; suit names Mercury News writer Mercury News Staff Report Werner Erhard, controversial founder of the self-improvement program know
laws-uk.htm Red Alert! Judging from the timing, by the time you get to read this it may be all over bar the shouting. If it isn't, then the threat will not necessarily have gone away and fast action will be appropri
lifespng.htm To: JON SHIBATA Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3302 (LIFESPRING) My ex-baoyfriend became extremely involved in Lifespring after a co-worker and his wife convinced him to attend "the training." It destroyed our long
lothlor2.htm NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (UPI) -- A witches' ceremony came to an abrupt halt over the weekend when angry neighbors and members of the nature worshiping coven exchanged gunshots, authorities said. The witche
lr-hist.htm THE SINISTER SIDE OF THE LAROUCHE NETWORK AND WHY WE SHOULD CARE by Chip Berlet From fall 1986 issue of Public Eye Magazine Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is a name familiar to most Illinois voters since last Apr
lucifer1.htm The fantasies that led to evil crimes. Express & Star:Tuesday November 9 1982 Unemployed Malcolm Smith, who used a web of lies to ensnare young girls into his perverted satanic sex ring, lived a
lucifer2.htm THE DEVIL INCARNATE Express & Star: Tuesday November 9. 1982 Four jailed for web of sex corruption. A judge today jailed two couples after hearing how they indulged themselves in devil worship and
lungrn4.htm UPce 01/12 2046 Ohio cult leader admitted killings, affidavit says By KATE CALLEN EL CAJON, Calif. (UPI) -- The leader of a religious cult admitted to his followers that he killed five members of an Ohi
lyn_prom.htm EIR NEWS SERVICE ITEM by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. DATE-LINE: LEESBURG, 20 Dec. 1988 "PROMETHEUS" LA ROUCHE SENDS REPLY TO WOULD-BE GODS OF OLYMPUS The would-be "gods of Olympus," who claim to control the R
m1160990.htm PROFESSOR WARNS OF SATAN MANIA DANGERS Mail On Sunday 16.09.90 Page 15 - Inset To File MS160990.ASC MANY social workers are over-influenced by what they hear at professional conferences abou
maas-sa.htm COUNSELOR DEFENDS HIS PAST AND PRESENT Satanic-trial [sic] Therapist Has Critics, Supporters By Pat Brennan and James V. Grimaldi The Orange County Register April 14, 1991 Pages A1 & A26 The softly lit sui
mcm2verd.htm UPn 07/13 1943 McMartin jury ends first week of deliberations with... McMartin jury ends first week of deliberations without verdict LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- Jurors in the McMartin Pre-School molestation
mcmartin.htm Molest Case Juror Becomes Ill LOS ANGELES (AP) - A juror fell ill Tuesday while deliberating the last 13 counts in the marathon McMartin Pre-School molestation trial, and the panel's talks bogged down on
mcmarver.htm McMartin Jury Verdict Readied LOS ANGELES (AP) - A judge prepared to unseal verdicts Thursday on 52 counts in a molestation case at a once prestigious nursery school after jurors said they were deadlocke
mcmcivil.htm Executive News Svc. APn 08/06 1712 Preschool Molest Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A federal judge Monday dismissed Peggy McMartin Buckey's $1 million ci
mcm_slnr.htm UPwe 02/06 2250 McMartin defendant to file slander suit LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A slander suit will be filed against one of the most vocal parents in the McMartin Pre-School case, an attorney for the woman
md_descr.htm UPma 01/20 1736 Cemetery desecrator charged in vandalism of Jewish school ROCKVILLE, Md. (UPI) -- A self-described Satanist from Montgomery County, who served prison time for digging up the remains of an
md_golds.htm UPma 02/04 1610 Goldsboro residents told teen deaths not occult-related GOLDSBORO, Md. (UPI) -- A small Eastern Shore town continues to struggle with the recent deaths of several teenagers, deaths that h
mesatrib.htm ANTI-SATANISTS SPREADING FEAR FOR PROFIT - from the Mesa Tribune, Mesa, AZ (date unknown) "Satanism has become an industry in America. But black-robed devil worshippers aren't the industry's leaders.
mexicoma.htm UPsw 03/19 2234 Four Oklahomans briefly abducted on spring break MATAMOROS, Mexico (UPI) -- A Mexican judge Monday denied bond for three people accused of abducting four young Oklahomans during
millbiod.htm [ "Bill's Biography," also known as "Bill's Little White Lies." Read ] [ this with a great deal of skepticism. It's even humorous! Much of ] [ this has already been demonstrated false and deceptions.
mn_cemet.htm MENDOTA, Minn. (UPI) -- Authorities are investigating vandalism at an historic cemetery in Mendota. St. Peter's Church pastor Kevin1 grave markers were damaged last week. The parish was th
mn_grave.htm APn 02/15 0937 Body Found Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By PAM SCHMID Associated Press Writer ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A mutilated body found in the Mississippi River had bee
monopoly.htm "He wanted to be the car rather than the thimble or the hat." -- District attorney explaining Marc Cienkowski's murder with bow and arrow of Michael Klucznik in Doylestown Borough, PA over a game of Mono
moonuc.htm Dan Holdgreiwe on "Father" Moon. 1. Ex-member Testimonies The first media stories to appear about the UC were of the "here are some harmless cranks" variety that Neo-Paganism is currently enjoying. This
moonuni.htm To: Dan Holdgreiwe Re: Bonewits CDEF Dan-- Although the message I am replying to WOULD be an excellent one if it were based on the conjecture you believe it to be, I have bad news for you. I have had actua
morekid.htm THE SUN, September 11, 1990 by Guy Patrick More kids seized in devil row THREE more children have been taken into care in the Satanic sex abuse mysterm. And last night the welfare chief at the centre of t
morgmute.htm Date: 04-04-91 20:22 Subj: Human Mutilation? In the new issue of UFO Magazine, I have written an update on the investigation of what appear to be more mutilations involving humans. During the November 198
mosc_occ.htm Kremlin sponsors `New Age' kookery by Mark Burdman On Oct. 11, the Soviet Foreign Ministry sponsored a most unusual press conference. With Foreign Ministry spokesman Gennadi Gerasimov standing by his side,
ms160990.htm Child Abuse - or occult rituals? ROSIE WATERHOUSE traces the events leading to trauma for Rochdale families Satanic cults: how the hysteria swept Britain TWO WEEKS before satanic child abuse was "diag
ms161290.htm This File is Titled: MS161290.ASC Text Is Taken From The Mail On Sunday For 16 Dec 1990, p10,11,12 The Author Is Unidentified for legal reasons. Text Begins I am the father of three young girls taken aw
ms211090.htm ANALYSIS THE ATTACK ON INNOCENCE Venom has driven social workers and police apart The Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 p8,9,10,11 By IAIN WALKER, JOHN QUINN and PETER DAY The time has come for all those who care ab
ms211agn.htm A Victim Who Never Was Mail On Sunday 21.10.90 Inset To File MS211090.ASC Many of the original stories of witches, devils and Satanic rituals originated from a boy, whom we shall call Derek. He was tak
mutilate.htm Date: Mon 13 Nov 89 15:17:34 To: Aga Windwalker Subj: Animal Destruction and the Rise Of Satanic Activity AW> (I should say those who refer to themselves as Satanic) have a AW> tendency to maim and dest
namsem.htm SEMINAR NOTES ON THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT By Robert Hill, editor Keith E. Tolbert, director of ARC Fellowship, presented a two-day seminar November 4th and 5th, sponsored by Fairlane Assembly of God, Dearborn
newcults.htm RE: New "Cult" Found DATE: 03-25-91 AREA: 13 A new "dangerous cult" has been discovered in Seattle, Washington. Rick Ross, a self-styled "deprogrammer" affiliated with the Cult Awareness Network (CAN)
newsall.htm "Mystic Tours Fail After Church Intervention". Brighton & Hove Leader, 1 June 89. Canon Dominic Walker complains to Brighton Councils tourism committee concerning plans for mystic tours around Brighton. P
no-link.htm Abuse Case Shock - "No Satanic Abuse" Manchester Evening News - 25/9/90 By Matt Finnegan Rochdale's social services chief today said the case of the 20 children who have been made wards of court is not li
ns160990.htm "DANGEROUS NONSENSE" MAY HAVE CONVINCED SOCIAL WORKERS OF RITUAL ABUSE ANALYSIS: Where the devil is the evidence? By Barbara Jones and Andrew Chapman Mail On Sunday 16.09.90 p12,13,16 Listeners to BBC R
nspcc.htm IT WAS TOO BIG A TASK Manchester Evening News - 25-9-90 NSPCC officers were never the right people to take on the massive task of supervising child protection registers, says a top social services chief
nspcc01a.htm WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE UK???? Yes, the fundies are active in the UK too. The following is taken from the Times Newspaper of Tuesday 13 March 1990: NSPCC says ritual child abuse rife By Libby Jukes & Ri
nwhack.htm The Night of the Hackers . As you are surveying the dark and misty swamp you come across what appears to be a small cave. You light a torch and enter. You have walked se
oakridge.htm OAKRIDGE is a little town nestled in the green mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It's a typical small Oregon lumber town, the sort of place where people still talk about the day the town's bro
odindrug.htm Drug-trafficking trial RELIGIOUS EVIDENCE OMITTED by Karen Voyles Else Christensen's ties to a fellowship that believes in a Norse god were omitted from the evidence, but a phone call between the 79-year
opinion.htm The Law Versus Computers: A Confounding Terminal Case By Lee Dembart, Times Editorial Writer Los Angeles Times 08/11/85 Technology sometimes advances faster than the law, creating no- vel problems to chal
osborner.htm Ozzy Osborne: `A Bit Of Fun' NEW YORK (AP) - Heavy metal rock star Ozzy Osbourne says he's not into Satanism or drugs. He just wants to have fun. ``All I really do is have Halloween every night I'm on st
outline1.htm AN ILLUMINATI OUTLINE OF HISTORY Alpha and Omega -- Immanentizing of the Eschaton. 20,000,000 BC -- Recent Epoch of geeology begins; Ice Age ends; human beings spread to all parts of the world. 30,000 --
outline2.htm (Part 2, from Neil Wilgus' THE ILLUMINOIDS and other sources) 1917 -- United States enters World War I. Russian Revolution begins; Cheka, secret police of Bolsheviks, founded. 1918 -- Assassination of R
outline3.htm Illuminati History, Part 3 From Neil Wilgus' ILLUMINOIDS and other sources 1963 -- Assassination of Sylvanus Olympio of Togo, Abdul Karim Kassem of Iraq, Medgar Evers of US, Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietna
outline4.htm Illuminati History, Part 4 From Neil Wilgus' ILLUMINOIDS and other sources 1964 -- Assassination of Jigme P. Dorji of Bhutan. Deaths associated with Kennedy assassination: Betty Mooney MacDonald, former
outline5.htm Illuminati History, Part 5 From Neil Wilgus' ILLUMINOIDS and other sources 1970 -- Assassination of union leader Joseph Yablonski and his family in Pennsylvania. Attempted assassination of Pope Paul VI.
paintblk.htm Book Review PAINTED BLACK, by Carl A. Raschke. Harper & Row, 1990. Hardcover, 276 pages, $16.95. by Shawn Carlson, PhD For the last ten years, communities throughout America have suffered at the hands
pa_pocon.htm UPma 03/29 2221 Inquest testimony turns to devil worship By DAVID SINGLETON SCRANTON, Pa. (UPI) -- An inquest into the death of a mentally retarded New Jersey woman who disappeared from a su
persec5.htm February 1990 Thelema Lodge Calendar/Newsletter (March and April events) Mailed free within 100 miles of San Francisco California Copyright (c) O.T.O. and the Individual Authors, 1990 e.v. Limited licen
pryor007.htm Re: forces of darkness repost Originally printed in CHARISMA AND CHRISTIAN LIFE Magazine, Copyright 1991 Battling the Forces of Darkness The conversion of former Wicca priest Eric Pryor is a hopeful s
pryor008.htm Reborn Again? By Dave O'Brian San Jose Mercury News December 14 1991 - Eric Pryor, a onetime pagan, now preaches Pentecostalism and slams - his former calling - but doubts about his fund-raising, his since
pryorasc.htm INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND: The following transcript comes from a talk that Eric Pryor gave at the Victory in Jesus Church in Denver, Colorado at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, February 24, 1991. There were about
pryornut.htm Article 4352!!deccrl!bloom-beacon!!apple sun-barr!newstop!exodus!athena.Eng.Sun.COM!williamt Subject: Eric Pryor Follow-up Date: 8 Dec 90 20:28:24 G
rd-hicks.htm Robert D. Hicks in his book, _In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult_, Buffalo (NY): Prometheus Press, 1991 (ISBN: 0-87975-604-7). Hicks looks at the role of "cult cops" in establishing and supp
reb-brow.htm Religious & Crime / "Satanic Crime" Series #006 John Todd claimed that he was initiated as a "Grand Druid high priest" in 1971 by the "top witch in the world," Ruth Carter Stapleton; that President Ken
rec-cens.htm Subject: Censorship of recordings DON'T PASS THE BUCK STOP CENSORSHIP Arizona Senate Bill 1481: A bill to sticker so-called "offensive" records. "No person may sell or offer to sell any audio recording ph
records.htm UPma 01/01 Warning labels for record labels proposed in Delaware DOVER, Del. (UPI) -- A Delaware lawmaker has begun drafting legislation that would require warning labels about the contents of rec
recruit.htm Satan... . Why would a loving, true God allow suffering, murder, crime, and bad things to take place? Is one of the questions that I often hear. The answer is quite simple; it's not God who is doin
rehabsat.htm State worker reassigned after "satanic cult" story by Ted Bell Bee Staff Writer _Sacramento Bee_, Saturday Jan 16, 1993 A state employee who works with mental health patients has been reassigned to ad
released.htm Police release "Satan suspects" By BOB WESTERDALE [Sunday Mirror 01.07.90. Page 5] SEVENTEEN suspected members of a Satanist child-sex ring have been released by police. But, as they were released on b
res_stna.htm America's Resistance Movement: The Anti-Satanist Underground by Carol White ATLANTA, Oct. 7 (EIRNS)--Over 100 Christian leaders gathered this Friday and Saturday to arm themselves for the fight against t
retardsa.htm 'PURPORTED CULTISTS [SIC] COULDN'T KILL' by Mark Shaffer in "The Arizona Republic" Sunday, 28 June 1992 COOLIDGE- The Rev. Billy Brown smiles as he remembers the spiritual frenzy of the Cannaday brothers
rome_dco.htm Dianne Core's Speach from Rome Tribunal I wanted to be here. I am honored to be in the presence of so much wisdom and truth. Not a long time ago, I started looking after children who had been abused.
rome_hzl.htm A call for a worldwide campaign to kill Satan by Helga Zepp-LaRouche on Jan. 19.> Dear friends of the Schiller Institute! This tribunal is urgently necessary to begin a process of re-establishing truth
rome_lhl.htm Lyndon LaRouche speech at Rome Tribunal, January 20, 1989 It's good to see you; it's good to be here. The art of warfare sometimes consists--as soon as you are engaged in one battle, or, to be more preci
rumormil.htm Message #8830 - CULT_WATCH Date : 29-Oct-90 19:26 From : Madoc To : All Subject : Weirdnet weirdness Replies : #8503 <--> #8869 This message is in response to the query by Harvey Smith regarding the rec
rumorsat.htm TO: DENVER PROPHIT DATE: 03-17-91 In a message to Rowan Moonstone <14 Mar 91 22:37> Denver Prophit wrote: DP> Well, in some areas, ie. Dallas Texas...Their are police reports DP> of victims lying amongst
rwotlhpa.htm The Right Wing Left Hand Path By Elizabeth Selwyn From Black Flame Winter XXIV A.S. The connection between Satanism and Fascism in Britain is well-known, though not well-explained. Nor has it
sacrafic.htm Another Christanic sacrafice in the news: INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (EP) -- Andrew Cate was sentenced to 60 years in prison March 31. Cate was convicted of fatally shoo
sagandoc.htm Carl Sagan a devil worshiper? Or worse; Sagan a devil himself? AUTHOR OF commentary: Milo Bennett, 07/Jan/90, Dallas, Texas. Abstract: Step with me now, if you will, away from the intellectual light and
salemtri.htm Salem Tricentennial SALEM, Mass. (AP) -- Arthur Miller, author of "The Crucible," a play about the Salem witch trials, will join the city in its 300th anniversary observation of the witchcraft hysteria. M
santeria.htm Executive News Svc. UPn 08/20 1740 L.A. panel OKs ban on animal sacrifices By HOWARD S. GANTMAN LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A City Council panel, alarmed by reports that hundreds of animals are beheaded, disem
sat.htm Tim Maroney said it pretty well: "Judge every case on its own merits. If the cases are incredible, lack any substantiating evidence, are used for personal gain, are insulting to a religious group, and ar
sat-ab3.htm RE: Arizona Republic editorial From the _Arizona Republic_ Weds. 27 Nov 1991 SATANISM'S ABUSES PUT IT BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF TOLERANCE By Gregory Smith Mr. Smith is a refrigeration engineer and free-lance w
sat-hype.htm From the Phoenix Gazette 24 June, 1989 SCAPEGOAT: Satanism scare is mostly hype, expert on cults says.... by Michelle Bearden Judging by Satan's popularity in news accounts and police reports these da
sat-morm.htm From The Bard. Allegations of Satanism at Mormons From the "Arizona Republic" Nov 3, 1991, pg A7 MORMONS STUDY SATANISM CLAIMS: Members Report Abuse As Kids By Renegade Cliques By James Coates; Chicago Tr
sat-surv.htm SATANIST SURVIVORS by Rex Springston [The following is a June 1988 excerpted article from the Richmond, Virginia "News Leader".) Cassandra Hoyer said she was being thrown to the ground by 30 Satanists when
satanbok.htm To: Michelle Hass Re: Satanic Conspiracy Myth Thanks for posting the L.A. Times article. Robert D. Hicks, a criminal- justice analyst who advises Virginia law enforcement agencies, has just authored a ne
satanetc.htm Msg#: 3516 BULLETIN BOARD 08/25/88 17:58:00 (Read 1 Times) To: NICK NATAS Subj: REPLY TO MSG# 3503 (ME!) The Black Pope I glad you refer to us as asses, I hope your not like the guy God had to use a dumb
satanhnd.htm |^| |^| | | | | Secret -- | | | | Satanic- \ \ | | |^| |^| |^| | | Conspiracy \ \ | | | | | | | | | | Member- \ \| --
satanicf.htm Subject: Re: Witches of the West Date: 2 Feb 1994 17:50:51 GMT (P. Plantec) writes: >For some years, I was the shrink in a small Colorado mining and cattle >town near Aspen. I'd heard
satanict.htm Hi all--this is a series of threads on supposed "satanic" crime primarily, but also includes threads and posts on other Christian Hysteric issues. Sources are MYSTERIA BBS, and the "bulletin board" (Cul
satanism.htm Copyright 1989 Michael A. Stackpole 3816 E. McDowell #204 Phoenix, AZ 85008-4328 (602) 231-8624 revision 1.1 Game Hysteria and the Truth by Michael A. Stackpole An Overview The publication of "Dungeon
satanist.htm To: Diane Vera Subject: Satanism You recently asked Jeff the Riffer in the Pagan echo whether it is necessary to be an asshole in order to be a Satanist. (I am NOT Mr. Riffer, nor am I you!) You
satankil.htm ITN News: Page 117:Oracle:Frame4/7:26.07.90. SATAN CULT BLAMED FOR 30 MURDERS. "Police in Northern Mexico have arrested 14 people accused of belonging to a Satanic cult suspected of carrying out mor
satanlaw.htm Pitchmen of the Satan Scare by Anson Shupe Published by the Wall Street Journal Friday, March 9, 1990 Last Sunday Roman Catholics who attended services at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York heard
satannot.htm Religion & Crime / "Satanic Conspiracy" Series #008 Posted in alt.atheist in four parts. From the Los Angeles Times, Tues. 23 Apr. 1991 SATANISM: SKEPTICS ABOUND Worry about devil worship has spread rapid
satanrsh.htm Editor's note: The following column was submitted by a member of the rock group Rush [Neil Peart] in response to Jim Hankins' July 19 coverage in the Daily Texan of a seminar entitled "No One Here Gets O
satanscr.htm TEMPLE OF SET Post Office Box 470307, San Francisco, CA 94147 STATEMENT FOR _WITCHCRAFT, SATANISM & OCCULT CRIME - FIFTH EDITION_ by Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. High Priest of Set March 26, 1993CE _The "Satani
satantm.htm Subject: Re: Satanism for Christians and others }}}:-) The making of a distinction between "real" X and "phony" X (where X is a member of some religion) is a Christian tactic, not a Satanic one. After h
satanwhy.htm Subject: Psychic Clorine Re: Passing The Torch We see a pattern consisting of the rise and fall of religions that bring enlightenment and tyrany to Mankind throught history. There is evidence, Anthropolog
sathbo2a.htm Since ritualistic Satanic abuse and its associated conspiracy and false memory issues are of concern to skeptics, I thought the readers here might want to know about an upcoming documentary on HBO. The f
satmorm2.htm #: 173147 S13/META-CHRISTIANITY 02-Nov-91 09:01:57 Sb: #Mormon/Occult Fm: James Spencer 70662,3504 To: All I'm still looking for breaking news on the story which appreared Friday (9/25) in the Salt Lake Tr
satrumor.htm The Following News Report is from the Independent, one of the United Kingdom National "qualities" of 1 June 1990: CARE WORKERS "LED CHILDREN TO INVENT SEX ALLEGATIONS" By Jack O'Sullivan - Health
schnoebi.htm Public message # 2298 CULT_WATCH ECHO Entered 18:36 Monday 14-Jan-91 To: Bill Schnoebelen Re: Satanists? Bill, on page 206 of your book "Wicca, Satan's Little White Lie" published by Chick Publicat
schnosli.htm Re: repost on Chick book There is a book that is now being distributed by Chick Publications. The book is Titled "Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie" and is written by William Schnoebelen, a former Alexand
scicltn.htm The basic steps of an audit can be described as: 1) Set a "full memory" frame. 2) Induce revery. 3) Install canceller. 4) Age regress. 5) "Find" appropriate example. | repeat steps 5 & 6 until 6) "Dischar
sciento0.htm Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 Nihasa-- The reason that Nathan Velcroh and the pro-Scientology faction hereabouts accuse you of hatemongering is simple: They can't tolerate the exposure of the nature of L
scientol.htm Michelle Hass on Scientology I have been watching, with definate interest, the banter back and forth about the Church of Scientology article in Time Magazine. Unlike many who have "bashed" the C of S, I
sexabuse.htm Book Review: The Politics of Child Abuse By: Brad Hicks THE POLITICS OF CHILD ABUSE Paul and Shirley Eberle, 1985 After a rave review in a recent _Whole Earth Review_ and a rave review from Lilith Aqui
sideshow.htm From CORNERSTONE magazine, volume 18, issue 90, pages 3-8: S A T A N ' S S I D E S H O W Gretchen & Bob Passantino and Jon Trott Step right up! It's Satan's Underground! A hundred thousand copies
sideshw2.htm Author: Jon Trott Source: Cornerstone, vol. 18, issue 91, p. 16 Date: 1990 Title: LAUREN STRATFORD UPDATE: THE BOOK'S WITHDRAWN, SOME QUESTIONS REMAIN In response to "The True Lauren Stratford Story," au
skaterit.htm Executive News Svc. UPn 07/24 1048 Woman charged in skateboarder ritual MILTON, Pa. (UPI) -- A woman who said she could cast a spell to make a 13-year-old a better skateboarder faces animal cruelty and
ss120890.htm Adult "Survivors" tell horrific tales of ritual child abuse but the evidence is missing. Rosie Waterhouse reports. THE MAKING OF A SATANIC MYTH [Rosie Waterhouse, Independent On Sunday, 12.08.90, p8] ON
stigmata.htm I wondered when this would appear here. The following is quoted without permission from The Washington Post, Monday, March 9, 1992, Page D3, typos are probably my fault: At Va. Church, Reports of Miracl
stonheng.htm UPn 06/21 0549 Dawn breaks quietly at Stonehenge By KARIN DAVIES LONDON (UPI) -- The first day of summer broke quietly at Stonehenge Thursday, ending several years of confrontration between sun worship
stratbok.htm TO: ROWAN MOONSTONE DATE: 03-14-91 I'm kinda puzzled. I'm looking at the Jan 1991 issue of _Saints Alive_ and I see that they are still offering Bill Sch's books. Where did you get your information that h
survivrs.htm WHY I DON'T BELIEVE THE "SURVIVORS" OF OCCULT GROUPS. by Rowan Moonstone Recently on this echo, several people have taken Pagans to task for naysaying the Christian sources dealing with former practitione
swastick.htm ON THE SWASTICKA by "the Bard" This is a precis of information found on the use and meaning of the swasticka in various cultures and ideologies. Swastica: Sanscrit "su" or "good" ; "asti" or "to be" Prama
swoop1.htm Report in Daily Mail, Wednesday, June 27, 1990 By-lined by Andrew Loudon PREACHERS HELD IN CHILD SEX SWOOP SEVENTEEN people were arrested yesterday by police investigating child sex abuse and devil worshi
swoop2.htm Snap report from the Press Association - early 27th June, 1990. 17 HELD IN CHILD SEX PROBE Seventeen people have been arrested on Merseyside following a major probe into alleged child sex abuse by police
swoop3.htm report from "Daily Mirror" Wednesday, June 27, 1990 by-lined Frank Corless RAID ON SATAN CULT SEX BEASTS POLICE launched dramatic dawn raids yesterday to smash an alleged devil-worshipping child sex ring.
swoop4.htm Fudges from "Daily Telegraph", and "The Independent" 27th June 1990. Daily Telegraph CHILD ABUSE RAIDS Police investigating the sexual abuse of children as young as eight, raided homes in Merseyside yeste
swoop5.htm Report in "The Sun" Wednesday, June 27, 1990 By-lined by John Troup 17 HELD IN SATAN SEX KIDS SWOOP "Occult" gang broken A CHILD-sex gang which dabbles in devil-worship was smashed yesterday after 100 poli
syn.htm Thanks to Rowan Moonstone, of Oklahoma City, for the following materials. Section One is an excerpt from the May 28, 1986 broadcast of a Christian radio talk-show called "Point of View" by Marlin
textbook.htm This article was an editorial in the Saturday, 9/29/90 Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Listed Editors on the masthead were Ron Martin, Editor, Tom Teepen, Editorial Page Editor, and John W. Walter, J
transcrp.htm Transcription of interview on Radio 4 PM. 12.9.90 Studio."...Children from Rochdale who are involved in allegations of ritualistic child abuse. The children were made wards of court after claims th
ucmreprt.htm RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT RESOURCES CENTER 629 S. Howes Ft. Collins, CO 80521 (303) 482-8487 Hal Mansfield, Director August 1989 SPECIAL REPORT ON WICCA (WITCHCRAFT) AND PAGANISM During the summer of 1989, Hal Mans
undergnd.htm James J. Lippard Lauren Stratford's _Satan's Underground_ This book, published in 1988, was shown to be almost entirely fabrication by an investigative report published in 1990 in the Christian magazine _
vaticanz.htm Vatican Warns About Zen, Yoga VATICAN CITY (AP) - The Vatican Thursday cautioned Roman Catholics that Eastern meditation practices such as Zen and yoga can ``degenerate into a cult of the body'' that deb
w-course.htm POLICE SEE A WITCH FOR COURSE, NOT CURSE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER (PI) - SUNDAY September 30, 1990 By: Michelle Rizzo, Special to The Inquirer First it seemed funny: They joked about being turned into fr
warnke.htm Files in this archive: CONTENTS You're reading it now FORMAT.NOT General notes on composition and structure of textfiles WARNKE.htm main article: "Selling Satan: The Tragic History of
warnke2a.htm Last year, Cornerstone Magazine printed a series of articles alleging that Christian comedian Mike Warnke fabricated much of his testimony about his "Satanic" past. The articles, as well as follow-up st
warnke3a.htm LEXINGTON, Ky. (EP) -- Comedian Mike Warnke has released the findings of a "council of elders" convened to look into charges that Warnke falsified his testimony, was guilty of moral failure, and misused
warnkeli.htm Article 7733 (2 more) in Subject: Mike Warnke Exposed in Cornerstone magazine Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1992 04:52:00 GMT Followup-To: In article <1992Jul20.142448.10094@c
warnkere.htm NEW ARTICLE BEGINS HERE Warnke Ministries Statement July 15, 1992 Recently, <Cornerstone Magazine>, a so-called "avante-garde Christian" publication from Chicago, Illinois, printed
wesay.htm From the Birmingham Evening Mail. Tuesday July 24 1990. The WE SAY column. Nothing magic in the occult. IT is a frightening thought that some children
witchhou.htm The Witching Hour By Joan Connell Mercury News Religion & Ethics Editor San Jose Mercury News - Sat. Oct. 20 1990 As Halloween approaches, fundamentalists mar
wj-hills.htm Executive News Svc. APn 07/24 0459 Satanist Sentence Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. BRADENTON, Fla. (AP) -- A self-proclaimed Satanist was sentenced to an 80-year prison ter
xian-sex.htm 462/485 05 Jan 90 21:30:00 To: Mike Arst Subj: Re: "Saint" Augustine Attr: [Kim] >> "Saint" Augustine is NOT one of my favorite people. >> The Pagels I've been reading lately has convinced m
yoga-ban.htm APn 09/07 1549 Yoga Banned Copyright, 1990. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. TOCCOA, Ga. (AP) -- Yoga is a form of New Age mysticism that can lead to devil worship, says a man who led protest


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