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1701aans.txt Drawing
1701ans.txt Drawing
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2002doc.txt Subject: parody- 2002: The next Odyssey Date: 5 Apr 92 20:13:00 GMT Greetings all! Ok, I've bothered the people on this board enough times to post and repost parodies of stories. Well, I figured it was hi
3rdgendo.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION (Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson) WRITERS: Captain Gabriele Lestat....................Lani Christensen Commander Jacqueline Picard................Rebecca J. Anderson Commande
3rdstate.txt you can't complain now, ireshi. ;'> it seemed to him that the day was dragging on deliberately. it was intensely frustrating. realising that there was nothing better to do about it, he deliberately tem
a-la-q.txt While this story contains a small amount of PG-13 Sex, we do not consider it to be the main focus of the story. If there isn't enough sex in it for you, go read Points of View, or The Delightful Edu
actor.txt Steve Schiff 70530,3063 IMP work in progress. THE ONLY GOOD ACTOR IS A DEAD ACTOR by Steven L. Schiff Bradley Marks, the 48 year old president and CEO of Marks Media-Vision, snapped off h
actordoc.txt ST: The Actor's Generation Episode One Speed Trek Driver's log stardate 1991.3: Brent, Marina, and myself have been driving home from the set when an unexpected siren and falshing lights approached us from
aeiadoc.txt Subject: STORY: "Aeia," part I Date: 3 Aug 92 13:52:41 GMT Well, here goes; my first story on the net. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to ... Part II is written and m
alien2do.txt Well, after reading the Galactica meets Enterprise by Jeff Standish, I decided to write something myself, based on this "vs." idea that origi- nated in the rec.arts.startrek newsgroup. I have in mind t
alien3do.txt Subject: STORY: ST vs. ALIENS PART 2 Date: 9 Jul 92 21:21:56 GMT It's kind of funny. I didn't know anyone else was doing this as well when I started writing it. I haven't finished reading the other one,
aliendoc.txt -< Star Trek >- Alien: The Next Generation. Scene 1: Some planet deep in the Federation that no one has been to. Riker, Data, Geordie are checking out the flora. Riker: What do you make of it Data?
ameetsdd.txt Subject: A meets D (Repost, ask and ye shall get) Date: 26 Feb 92 16:21:21 GMT It was a cold night. Absolutely cold. Absolutely dark, and very very empty. In the distance, if there had been eyes to see it
andordoc.txt Subject: The Andorian Assault Summary: a continuation of "The Klingon Maneuver" Keywords: ST classic story set during _ST II, Wrath of Khan_ Date: 2 Jun 92 02:44:59 GMT This is my second net-posted story
android.txt okay, this is the true story of how nikolai and kelanie met. there was a knock at the door. nikolai looked up from the screen of the PC that was attack-dialing `the cafe'. there was a blurry shape on the
ansitrek.txt AnsiTrek 2.2 (May 1990) (c) copyright 1989-1990 Noel Gamboa AnsiTrek is a clip-art collection of Star Trek-related drawings, which I made to help sysops create fancy screens for their BBSs. The drawings a
antimat1.txt Dear Trekies: I have been asked to help write a play based on the theme of Star Trek. But since I don't consider myself a Trekie anymore (I think ST:TNG sux! It is centered around personalities, like a
argodoc.txt AARRGGHH! Another round of Enterprise vs. __________________________ fill in your favorite ship For those of you wondering how a battle between the Enterprise and the Space Cruiser Yamato or Argo (d
armusdoc.txt Captains Log: Stardate 23323.22. By order of the Vice Admerial of Star Fleet (Gene Roddenbury) we are in route to Armus's planet to rid oursleves of yet another cast This order from
atax.txt : -----=====Earth's Dreamlands=====----- (313)558-5024 - 9600 v.32 - Sysop: Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
ataxdoc.txt Subject: ATAX Date: 28 Feb 92 02:37:56 GMT Sender: (USENET News System) Chapter 1 Captain's Log, Stardate 44469.2: We've been ordered by Starfleet Command to intercept the Ferengi Tra
awakendo.txt I'm pretty happy with the comments I've gotten so far. They've been very helpful. A couple of people have expressed dissatisfaction with the computer's origins, and several others have enjoyed that pa
bab5epid.txt BBS: The Airtight Garage, San Francisco, Cal. Date: 04-18-94 (13:13) Number: 231 To: ALL Recvd: NO Subj: SPOILERS Episode Guide Conf: (10) Rec.Arts.S Date:
babbledo.txt Aliens, aliens, do we have aliens! Why, there are the Klingons who are now our friends, the Betazoids, who we wish weren't, the Romulans, who pretend to be nasty, but aren't, the Binars, who seem to be
bar2doc.txt Subject: Bar Trek II: The Best of Both Bars Date: 5 Feb 92 16:11:27 GMT Welcome to the sequel to Bar Trek, a parody I wrote last year. The characters are still the same, but for those who didn't see part
bartrek2.txt Hello, once again and welcome to part two of the much heralded parody... BarTrek. I won't take the time to give a list of who is who again..that is on part one. So without any further comes
bartrek3.txt Subject: BarTrek-"Geordie Diem" Date: 25 Mar 92 19:00:29 GMT Geordie Diem This one takes place shortly after The Best of Both Bars Part II. So you will not see Troi. Well, the characters are the same, but
bartrek4.txt Subject: BarTrek:"Picard, Any Card" Date: 21 Feb 92 21:28:16 GMT Welcome to another installment of BarTrek. I am still deciding if I should make this a weekly thing. It seems unlikely, due to class-relat
bartrek5.txt Subject: Bar Trek:"Who's Afraid of a Virginia Worf?" Date: 8 Apr 92 19:03:55 GMT BAR TREK-"Who's Afraid of a Virginia Worf?" Here is the fifth installment of the much heralded (NOT!) BarTrek series. Due t
bartrek6.txt Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1992 11:54:05 EDT Subject: BarTrek:"Datasomething" Welcome to another installment of BarTrek. The following story, and all others to follow, will take place during the time when all off
bartrekd.txt Welcome to the first ever parody concocted by Todd Bobenrieth and Tom Cusick. It entails the adventures of the USS Enterprise with its new crew of the guys from Cheers. Here is a list of which characte
baseball.txt k- Ah... hello Mister Spock. s- Good day, Captain. k- Are you an avid baseball fan? s- Baseball is a tactical game played on a geometric pattern of 4 sides with a spherical object. The purpose is to k
beforedo.txt STAR TREK "Where Man Has Gone Before..." Other Possibilities "Enterprises" "Generations" "Time and Time Again" First Draft by Michael J. Birmingham based on STAR TREK and STAR TREK: The Next Generation created
beingsdo.txt THE BEINGS by Douglas Bone ( [External shot of Enterprise underway on warp drive] [Voiceover to Picard] PICARD: Captain's log, stardate 43764.2. The Enterprise is transporting ove
bestsell.txt Story: "Bestseller" Author: S T A R T R E K V O Y A G E S Created by James Queen and Marc TaiLore Captain's Log, Stardate 5006.8 The Valiant is prepared to leave Starbase 23, a
betrayal.txt Subject: Betrayal - A Saavik Story Date: 14 Jul 92 06:14:43 GMT With the release of ST VI on Video and the recurring discussions re Saavik vs Valeris, I got to thinking. This short story is the result of
bgcspoof.txt Subject: Parody: Bubble Gum Cards Date: 16 Jan 92 23:31:40 GMT Well, due to the overwhelming demand for it (namely one person 8^), I'm reposting Ryan Mathews' it's-not-a-classic-but-it-should-be BGC paro
bishop00.txt Pyramid Scheme Written By Douglas M. Warren Copyright 1993 James washed his hands in the stained sink. Checking them a final time, he shook them dry, spattering droplets on the cloudy mirror. He skept
bizarre.txt well, i received some requests to repost, plus there's not a great deal of traffic on this group, so i've decided to repost the stories. this one was posted originally back in march or april of this y
biztrekd.txt Subject: repost, part 1, bizarre trek (new! easier to read!). Date: 28 Mar 92 17:36:00 GMT i'm reposting part 1 which i've fixed to make easier to read. i've gotten some nice comments. thanks a lot!!!! y
blacksix.txt Subject: Story, BA: DSIX Summary: The Black Adder meets Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Date: 9 Apr 92 20:45:05 GMT Rowan Atkinson as _____________________________ by Jeffrey Jacobs with Tony Robinson Tim McInnerny H
blind.txt BLIND SIGHT c Lyn Nichols <CIS 71574,3436> 8/93 "What would happen if you dove into the Seeing Pool?" Kitry asked in an offhand manner. She was idly twirling the base of her wine glass in lazy circles o
bobw2doc.txt My Attempt at: THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, Part 2 By Andres Castineiras (The characters are Gene's but the story is mine all mine) INT ENTERPRISE BRIDGE Repeat the last five minutes of part I, Picard/Locutius
bobw3doc.txt The Best of Both Worlds, Part III A Continuation of an Episode That Might Have Been By Andres Castineiras Copyright 1990 TEASER Riker (VO): Last time on Star Trek The Next Generation. Repeat scenes from Par
bobw4doc.txt The Best of Both Worlds, Part III A Continuation of an Episode That Might Have Been By Andres Castineiras Copyright 1990 Scene 4 INT SICKBAY CRUSHER, MENDEZ AND PICARD As we left them before the break, but
bobw5doc.txt They fire the weapon. 80% of the Borg ship is destroyed, and it also causes the Borg repair mechanism to generate defective parts. Also, the loss of so many borg at once has a severe psychological imp
bobw6doc.txt [ Generally leaves off where "The Best of Both Worlds" ended. ] RIKER: Worf....FIRE! WORF: Really? Where? [ Worf runs over to the wall-panel, grabs a fire extinguisher, and starts spraying
bobw7doc.txt You did not see the following scene in the aired version of "Best of Both Worlds": EXTERIOR Captain's Ready Room Shelby is standing in front of the door, looking determined. SHELBY: Captain Riker, I und
bopans.txt Drawing
bopwinga.txt Drawing
borgball.txt The Ballad of the Borg copyright Jim Cypser 1991 They were out there somewhere Coming too soon for us to prepare The faceless race, malevolent Whose arrival was a dread event But come they did, wielding the
borgdoc.txt RIKER: We have no choice now. Data retrieve that old file on recursion Jordi wrote when he was pissed off at our sysop. DATA: At once. What does that file do? RIKER: I'll tell you when it happens. WO
borgibmd.txt {ed Trek Parody-of-the-month-club strikes again} - This is an original, by myself which stems from some problems our department has been having with IBM mainframes, specifically their channel protocol..
borgpund.txt Borg Puns..... What do you call a Borg actor who's a ham? Ernest BORGnine. What do you call a Borg with a long nose? Cyrano De BORGerac. What is a Borg's favorite cut of meat? BORG chops. What is the Borg's
braindoc.txt Subject: STTNG Parody: "The Search for Spock's Brain" Yet Another Star Trek: The Next Generation episode THE SILVER ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL "Silver Nemesis" ( NO!, That was a Dr Who story ) THE REAL SILVER
brokndrm.txt Subject: AUTOPOST: story/tng/ (part 01/03) - This story came from the alt.startrek.creative archive on - - ( - -
bubblgum.txt Subject: BUBBLEGUM TREK PART 1 - "We're not in Mega-Tokyo anymore, or are we?" Date: 13 Sep 92 21:31:07 GMT BUBBLEGUM TREK CAST OF CHARACTERS: THE KNIGHT SABERS: Sylia Stingray Lieutenant JG Priss (will ser
bureau.txt `Anyone who has not worked for them simply cannot understand them.' - Mille Vennamun, introduction to: `The Use of Ashes: Bureau of Procuration Manual' Half past eight. The bedside alarm woke Kelanie up
cardassd.txt The Cardassian Confrontation: Part One By Dave Learn She hung in space like a sleeping eagle. Proud, ready, prepared for action. A thousand thousand braces reached out to hold her frame in dry dock whil
cardassi.txt In response to numerous requests for the Cardassian Confrontation, I asked the original poster to send it to me so I could post it here. (His site doesn't receive alt.startrek.creative.) Please refer a
cavalier.txt Subject: ST:USS Cavalier, Total Repost (LONG) with note from author. (C) Copywrite 1992 by Thomas L. Burleigh. The following are the property of Paramount Pictures, Inc: the characters of William T. Ri
celebrit.txt written by yours truly Jonggu Moon Captn Piccard : Darth Vader ( the one and only ) Data : Sylvester Stallone Worf : Robin Williams Counselor Troi: Dr. Ruth Westheimer A CRIMSON ROM ^><^ PRODUCTION MCMXC
chaindoc.txt Subject: SCRIPT: "Chain of Command" Date: 9 May 92 00:07:55 GMT (Note: I co-wrote this, and am posting it with my dear co-writer and friend Greg "Maddog" Knauss. He's to blame for the whole thing!!! If y
channels.txt Opening Teaser You see the basic exterior shot of the Enterprise traveling at impulse speed. The ship appears to be orbiting a non-descript planet who major land masses have the approximate
cheersdo.txt [Scene opens as the camera pans in the Enterprise, in orbit around Earth. Zoom in onto Ten-Forward. A person is beaming into the room near the entrance. It is Worf.] Crowd: WORF!!! Worf: Good Evening. [R
cirttrek.txt Howdy! This is a little parody that I posted to a local newsgroup about a month or so ago. Some of the folks there thought I should share it with the rest of the StarTrek community here, but since it co
civstory.txt Scene: Outside shot of the Enteprise orbiting a red orange planet. Picard voice over: Captains Log Stardate 60107.4023. We have just finshed repairing the damage to science station on Seemu 3 and ar
collided.txt "When Worlds Collide": by King's Questor The characters from Star Trek are spending quite a lot of time in the 20th century nowadays. Somehow they find an amazing way to make it back without upsetting th
containd.txt Story: "What Stars Could Not Contain" Author: (Melanie A. Miller) What Stars Could Not Contain A Star Trek: The Next Generation Story by Melanie Miller PART ONE Captain's log, St
continue.txt Subject: PARODY: The Continuing Voyages Date: 6 Jan 92 21:49:47 GMT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : PROMO FOR STAR TREK:THE CONTINUING VOYAGES 1: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
critical.txt Have you noticed lately how the opponents that the Enterprise has to face are becoming more and more innocuous? (Apart from "A Matter of Honor", but was that really STTNG? There was action and tension
critpath.txt DANCING ON THE CRITICAL PATH fade in... ...somewhere in the electric nightmares, between the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Kwajalein Uplink. Two million common market creds flash like a school of crystal
cruelme.txt Star Trek The New Generation _Cruel_Mercy_ _Part_I_ By Patrick Parker, June 1992 Captain's Log, Stardate 48923.53. The Enterprise is en route to Earth, where the crew will receive a much- needed la
cruelmrc.txt Subject: _Cruel_Mercy_ PARTS I and II Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1992 21:08:37 GMT Star Trek The New Generation _Cruel_Mercy_ _Part_I_ By Patrick Parker, June 1992 Captain's Log, Stardate 48923.53. The Ente
cybermnp.txt Drawing
cylondoc.txt Note: The religious themes expressed & & in this document do not necessarily & & represent the views of StarFleet BBS & & nor Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek &
dalekpic.txt Drawing
dallasdo.txt Warning. This passage contains material that may be offensive to sensitive readers. Parental discretion is advised. One day, the Enterprise is docked in Starbase 69. Data takes a short period of shor
data2doc.txt Vignette 1. by Jesse Chisholm, 91.03.12 (Commander Data walks up to the holodeck door and stops to press a sequence of buttons.) Data: "Computer, call into foreground the special program titled `Moriart
dataans.txt Drawing
datadoc.txt Riker: Data, you've got two minutes to break into the Borg mainframe!! Data: Acknowledged, Captain. big-e# telnet telnet> open Trying 301.143.45.45 ... Conected to Es
datasday.txt Okay, here's the parody of Data's Day that I've been threatening to write. It might make more sense if you have seen the original episode, and you might want to see the Japanese anime movie, Project A-k
dbljprdy.txt This is an automated reposting of fiction from the alt.startrek.creative archives. Any comments, questions, etc. about the archives may be addressed to [story/tng/] co
deathbed.txt 95 page printout Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. This disk, its printout, or copies of either are to be copied and given away, but NOT sold. Bank of Wisdom, Box 926, Louisville,
deepsp9d.txt Subject: HACK-MAN parody: Deep Space Nine -- the First Adventure Date: 15 Apr 92 00:08:35 GMT It's been a few years since I've written a Star Trek parody for the net, so I thought I'd punch out a qui
deepspac.txt [Editors Note: The following ran in issue #24 of CCSTSG Enterprises, the monthly newsletter of the Central Connecticut Star Trek Support Group (7 Quarry St./Vernon, CT 06066, for more info), a few weeks
deitydoc.txt Subject: Deity Introduction Date: 18 Jan 92 01:52:29 GMT Introduction Well, I am thrilled to find such a newsgroup here. I like the idea of writing and posting on this, so I'll give it my best.
dementod.txt The following is a parody that was created by Bobby Picket and Peter Ferrara for the radio show, DOCTOR DEMENTO STAR DREK (You here the Star Trek theme song, and then the voice of Captain Jerk) Space, the
df9log.txt All right, this is the first DS9 parody around here, as far as I know. At last I do something first for once...anyway, sit back, crank up your CRTs, and enjoy:
dilemmad.txt Subject: The Writer's Dilemna (semi-parody) In the spirit of "Ten Ways To Bring Back Tasha Yar," here's another (shorter) item along a similar vein. Enjoy it (or not). Oh, yeah, this is copyrighted, ex
doctor1d.txt Subject: The Doctor And The Enterprise Pt1 Prologue: In 1979 I started writing a fanzine story in which the Doctor (from the "Doctor Who" universe) met up with the crew of the "original" "Star Trek" se
doctor2d.txt Subject: The Doctor and The Enterprise Pt2 The following are the rules for use of these files. A) You may read it -- FREE. B) You may print it to a printer -- FREE. C) You may make copies for your frie
doctor3d.txt Subject: The Doctor And The Enterprise Pt3 The following are the rules for use of these files. A) You may read it -- FREE. B) You may print it to a printer -- FREE. C) You may make copies for your frie
doctor4d.txt Subject: The Doctor And The Enterprise Pt4 The following are the rules for use of these files. A) You may read it -- FREE. B) You may print it to a printer -- FREE. C) You may make copies for your frie
doctorsd.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT PARODY "The Seven Doctors" spoofed by Harvey Newstrom Captain Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart Commander William Riker Jonathan Frakes Lieutenant Commander Data Brent Spiner A
doomdoc.txt TNG meets the Doomsday Machines copyright W. V. Smith 1991, all rights reserved. Opening scene: Enterprise moving- dropping out of warp drive- shuttle approaches- Cut to E bridge: Picard: Lt. Fisher, reduc
dreamsdo.txt Subject: SF Script Date: Sun, 26 May 91 12:01:51 PDT Copyright 1991 Charles McGrew and Eric Klien. All Rights Reserved. Final Version SYNOPSIS The story opens with the Enterprise arriving at Gibson's Folly
driftdoc.txt With the coming of a new season, and the disappearance of Diana Muldaur as the Chief Medical Doctor, L.A.S.T.P.A.T. proudly brings you the largest second season Star Trek : The Next Generation Cross-ove
drwhopic.txt Drawing
dunedoc.txt [On the bridge of the Relaint-Class cruiser Nadia. An alert sounds in the background.] First Officer: All scanners negative, Captain. Shields at maximum. Weapon batteries reporting fully operational
dwarfdoc.txt Subject: Dwarf Trek Date: 21 Apr 92 22:02:18 GMT Here it is, from the Home Office in Boulder Colorado, a parody linking one of my favorite sci-fi shows (Red Dwarf) to one that I would like more if it were
encountr.txt Subject: The _Enterprise_ Encounter Summary: one of the _Endeavor_ series Date: 18 Jul 92 07:16:13 GMT This is my third net-posted story about the crew of the _USS Endeavor_. Comments, as usual, are great
endeavor.txt The Klingon Maneuver by Andrew Clark (note - kkm is kilo-kilometer; it represents 1,000 kilometers) Captain's Log, USS Endeavor - Commander Lisa Tanaka commanding. We have been ordered to conduct a routi
entspecs.txt Subject: USS Enterprise Specification Manual:-) Date: 28 Oct 91 22:02:23 GMT re: Big E Specs Below is the copy of a letter sent me by my friends
epilogue.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPILOGUE CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Captain Jacqueline Picard..
episode1.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #1: "United We Stand" CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Capta
episode2.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #2: "The Game Is Afoot" CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Cap
episode3.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #3: "The Omega Hour" (Part I) CHARACTERS: WRITTEN
episode4.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #4: "The Omega Hour" (Part II) CHARACTERS: WRITTEN
episode5.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #5: "Elements of Danger" CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Ac
episode6.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #6: "The Cat's Eye" CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Acting
episode7.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #7: "Into The Fire" CHARACTERS: WRITTEN BY: Captain
episode8.txt STAR TREK: THE THIRD GENERATION on Shadowlands BBS Created and Edited by Rebecca J. Anderson Ver. 2.0 (93/01/01) EPISODE #8: "Captain's (Rotten) Holiday" CHARACTERS: WRITT
episodes.txt EDITOR'S NOTE: Unlike real, scripted episodes such as may be found on TOS or TNG, the "episodes" of ST:3GEN are not particularly clear-cut, and there is a good deal of overlap. All I have done is isola
farpoint.txt {ed Yes, another Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation parody. I think it was International Trek Parody Month.} Okay, somebody asked for it, saying they were looking for Star Trek parodies. Now that the Next
fiftycnt.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody "Fifty Cents for Each Additional Minute" A LAST-PAT(1) Production. Written by: David E. Brooks Jr (brooks@corpane.UUCP) Rob Miracle (rwmira01@ulkyvx.bitnet) Russell Billings
finalmis.txt FINAL MISSION II A "STAR TREK: THE USER-FRIENDLY GENERATION" FARCE by Derek Zahn First Officer's log, stardate 44444.4. Nothing to report. Oh, hey, Francine, look -- six fours -- ouch, hey, don't do that
firedoc.txt Date: 11 Sep 92 20:29:23 GMT Well, here's part one of a TNG story I'm brainstorming (based on a story idea I came up with and am going to use somewhere, with borrowings from a certain author from the 192
fivemand.txt It occurred to me a while back, with all the talk of LaForge's turboshaft adventures, that such a scene had been done before on the big screen. And further soul-searching led me to the conclusion that
fivestar.txt Subject: Five Star Trek - (REPOST) Date: 17 Sep 92 21:47:19 GMT Space. The Enterprise floats slowly past. Riker: Anything? Data: No indications as to what may be causing the sub-space anomolies at this ti
flanders.txt Article 71144 of rec.arts.startrek: Subject: Star Trek VI: In Flanders Fields Date: 14 Mar 91 22:59:42 GMT Article-I.D.: ncsu.1991Mar14.225942.26156 Sender: (USENET News System) March 9-10, 1
football.txt All this talk about football plays and the like being mentioned in Star Trek has caused me to pull up an old parody I wrote last year, "Eason is Benched." (The title comes from a mispost to ras from rec
founddoc.txt After watching "First Contact" back in the misty wastes of the past, I decided to write about a similar situation, where the Enterprise was found by others, these others being somewhat more primitive th
frontier.txt Drawing
ftrek.txt S T A R T R E K - The Nude Generation Known Name This Story Starring: Jean-Luc Picard Long-Luc Dickhard William Riker William Rideher Be
future2d.txt PARODY: Back To The Future, Part II Here is my followup to the Star Trek parody by Ryan Matthews that I reposted last week. My sequel contains some of the same text used in its predecessor. These excerp
future3d.txt Back to the Future: the Next Generation Part Two By Dave Learn [This is a continuation of an earlier parody by Ryan Matthews. It may be easier to follow this if you have read the original. I have retaine
futuredo.txt [Opening scene : shuttlebay. Wesley is there with the arrogant scientist Dr. Stubbs, from "Evolution". The two are examining a shuttlecraft.] Wesley : So what you're saying is that this is no ordinary shu
galact1d.txt Battlestar Galactica meets Big E (Part I) Any any case, here it is, "Galactica and Enterprise" BTW- I did take a few literary freedom to make things fit, and I totally ignored the series Galactica: 1980
galact2d.txt Galactica and Enterprise, part 2 Well, what with the overwhelming response I received over part one of story, (and no flames! gasp!) I wrote part 2. However, due to its size, there is also a part 3 as
galact3d.txt Galactica and Enterprise, part 3 And now, the conclusion of this (not so) little saga of cross-series space and time wierdness. Hope you like the conslusion. Or not. I'll go get those asbestos shorts I
galtrek1.txt ENTERPRISE vs GALACTICA, chapter 1 of 6 To anyone who, with considerable justification, might wonder what exactly this is, let me (somewhat) explain. I do not have access to the rec.arts.startrek bboard,
galtrek2.txt GALACTICA vs ENTERPRISE, chapter 2 of 6 When last we left this sappy tale, the Enterprise, the Galactica and miscellaneous other ships had found themselves thrust together via some sort of space anomaly
galtrek3.txt ENTERPRISE vs GALACTICA, chapter 3 of 6 For no apparent reason, some of you are still reading this story. OK... the Enterprise and the Romulans have each contacted the Galactica in an effort to make mut
galtrek4.txt GALACTICA vs ENTERPRISE, chapter 4 of 6 The story at this moment: due to bizarre applications of poorly understood physics principles vaguely remembered by this author, the Enterprise, in two pieces, an
galtrek5.txt ENTERPRISE vs GALACTICA, chapter 5 of 6 For any of you who did not read the preceding chapters... now is not a good time to start. The Galactica is at war with the Enterprise once more. On the bridge, t
galtrek6.txt GALACTICA vs ENTERPRISE, chapter 6 of 6 We're on the home stretch here... Picard has decided to hold a peace conference between the various warring, observing and even disinterested parties in this story
gamesdoc.txt The following story is based on characters created by Gene Roddenberry and copyright by Paramount Pictures Corporation. No infringement of that copyright is intended. This story is copyright (c) 1988
generat.txt Date: 4 Aug 1994 18:49:47 -0500 Subject: GENERATIONS SCREENPLAY STAR TREK: Generations FADE IN: 1 EXT. SPACE (VFX-I) 1 A vast and sparkling starfield. A pinpoint of light appears and starts
generodd.txt Here is the obituary from today's LA Times...(reprinted w/o permission) GENE RODDENBERRY, CREATOR OF 'STAR TREK,' DIES AT 70 by George Ramos Times Staff Writer Gene Roddenberry, whose "Star Trek" concept
getdatad.txt (Bridge. Data exits turbolift, stops, turns around, notices doors are still open, begins to re-enter turbolift, doors close, and Data turns back around holding nose.) DATA: Daida repording for dudy, si
getlifed.txt Star Trek: Yet Another Generation Episode 69: Get A Life [Scene opens with usual stock footage of Enterprise flying through generic space] PICARD: Captain's Log... RIKER: With a head like that, he l
gh-pastd.txt This novel was begun the summer after 2nd season. Since there wasn't a whole bunch of TNG tech stuff out at the time, I was working from semi-official stuff, and the Paramount Writers'/Directors' Guide
ghosts3d.txt Copyright 1990 by David B. Mears and Eric Klien. All Rights Reserved. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION "The Ghosts of Yesteryear" ACT THREE FADE IN: INT. CONFERENCE ROOM Everyone including Jack is present. PI
ghostsdo.txt Copyright 1990 by David B. Mears and Eric Klien. All Rights Reserved. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION "The Ghosts of Yesteryear" ACT ONE FADE IN: INT. MAIN BRIDGE Geordi is sitting next to counselor Troi. GE
gift2.txt The Gift of the Iron Mother Copyright (c) Kent Brewster 1992 All Rights Reserved Prrt floated, inverted and comfortable within the warm, sea-wet atmosphere of the cavernous brood-chamber. Salty currents o
girlclub.txt : : Earth's Dreamlands : Info on: RPG's, :(313)558-5024 : area code : :RPGNet World HQ & Archive: Drugs, Industrial
goliathd.txt Star Wars meets Star Trek Episode: DAVID AND GOLIATH Kirk: Captain's Log: Stardate 8199.2. After reports came in of an unknown globular vessel that destroyed one of our colony planets, we are on patrol
greystar.txt Subject: Grey Stars 1 Date: 18 Apr 92 22:25:49 GMT This is the story that I started to write, sort of Appleseed-influenced Trek which takes place in the TNG universe (the TNG characters will appear later
gunpt2do.txt And now, in further more reasonably exciting continuation of the Parody of the Month Club's Star Trek season, we follow with the second part of Star Trek the Degeneration - Encounter at Centrepoint. We l
hatedoc.txt Subject: STORY: "Then Hate Me When Thou Wilt" Date: 25 Apr 92 17:01:59 GMT What follows is the prologue and first chapter of a new Star Trek story, "Then Hate Me When Thou Wilt." The title of the story
hhgdoc.txt T h e H i t c h h i k e r ' s G u i d e to
histakes.txt ("As previously seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation"...a recap of part 1) Riker: FIRE. Worf: Fir-- Sir! Ship decloaking! [GRRR...] Riker: Belay that order. On screen. (MegaBorg vessel decloaking <g
hnlnbib.txt A SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BOOKS AND ARTICLES BY AND ABOUT ROBERT ANSON HENLEIN The following bibliography was prepared for public distribution by: THE BIBLIOGRAPHER Post Office Box 2793 Kensington, Maryla
holedoc.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Giant Hole In Space" Teleplay by Karl Lehenbauer On the bridge of the Enterprise... Wesley: Captain, there's a giant... hole... in space. Sensors show nothing there at
holodeck.txt [The entire opening scene is animated, unless otherwise specified ... Pan across a typical 20th-century suburban American town, ultimately closing in on the Springfield Nuclear Plant. As the camera pul
homedoc.txt Home Is Where The Heart Is Star Trek: The Next Generation Novel Written By Andres Castineiras Theme: Data falls in love with a beautiful Enterprise scientist as Commander Riker, in temporary command of the E
honordoc.txt Subject: "For the Honor of the Empire" |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | After several long weeks I have finally finished this story. It is | | a serious sc
huckfinn.txt THE SPACE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry and (especially) Mark Twain) Copyright (C) 1990 by Jeffrey Rosenthal My name is Huck. Huck Finn. I reckon you don't know 'bo
huntdoc.txt Subject: Here's Sulu! (Title: HUNTING GROUNDS) Date: 7 Feb 92 04:25:21 GMT Thanks EVERYBODY for the letters of support!!! I have almost 30 now and I seem to be getting more every day. Also thanks for t
huntsulu.txt HUNTING GROUNDS Chapter 1 (My God,) he thought, (it's huge...) Victor Xavier Pennington probably realized that the massive starship literally filling the window of the shuttlecraft would be qui
iconsdoc.txt Yet Another Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Return of the Icons" Written by Dave Dugan Copiedright by Dave Dugan Worf and another Away Team (tm) member are running away from something on a planet.
impdom.txt This story was originally in 3 parts, but I have combined them into one file to make downloading easier. Mail all comments to the author: (Ruth Lim) Recent discuss
imperial.txt >From: (Ruth Lim) >Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1992 03:36:51 GMT >Subject: (LONG) Imperial Domination: Episode One >Message-ID: <> >Organization: HP Scientific Ins
infect1d.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION "INFECTION" A Story by Donald Burr Captain's Log, Stardate 42085.6: The Enterprise is currently engaged in mapping the recently- discovered Myserian star system. This relati
infocomd.txt Things we'd rather not see... ST:TNG the adventure game! by Infocom (who else?) Featuring "Deanna Troi!" [In "Encounter at farpoint"] Suddenly you feel pain, great pain. You wince noticibly at the backwash
inherit0.txt The following is the teaser and the next 5 acts will follow .... All this is copyright - Corinne Cullen Hawkins, all rights reserved. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. This script was written before l
inherit1.txt The following is the first act and the next 4 acts will follow .... The teaser was posted yesterday. All this is copyright - Corinne Cullen Hawkins, all rights reserved. Feedback is welcome and encourage
inherit2.txt Subject: SCRIPT: "Inheritance" - Acts II, III, IV, V OK, this is Acts II, III, IV, and V all in one posting. You can search for ACT to find the dividing points if you want to break it into individual ac
internet.txt I was watching Star Trek II again last night when suddenly I had this vision of what would happen if instead of a duel between starships, it was computer systems. What resulted is this: ----- Kirk: Wh
iondoc.txt "Star Trick: The Ion Tempest" Roger M. Wilcox CAPTAIN KIRK'S VOICE: Captain's log, stardate 2.71828. We are currently in orbit around the planet Seymoremalomaly, having come here in search of -- MR. SPOCK
iqdoc.txt I., Q. A parody? [Enterprise bridge. Q appears in a poof. Picard lowers his forehead to us palm.] Q: Hello, hello. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Applause.... [Bridge crew applauds unwillingly] Q: Enough
jklidoc.txt Subject: [KLI] Journal of the Klingon Language Institute Date: 10 Sep 92 04:12:47 GMT No serious student of Klingon languages can go without a subscription to the JOURNAL OF THE KLINGON LANGUAGE INSTITUT
jnturner.txt A friend of mine has written several seasons of Next Gen synopses under the premise that former Doctor producer John Nathan-Turner was producing them. (Hence any JNT references). I thought many of the pe
justdoit.txt Rusty n Edie's BBS This program is brought to you with the blessings of Rusty n Edie's
klinecho.txt Updated on: December 01, 1993 This file lists all the available echoes on KlinNet. Nodes are highly encouraged to carry all the echoes, bu
klinet.txt Drawing
kling1.txt An Introduction to The Klingon Language
kling2.txt An Introduction to the Klingon Language Part
kling3.txt An Introduction to the Klingon Language Part
kling4.txt An Introduction to the Klingon Language Par
kling5.txt An Introduction to the Klingon Language
kling6.txt An Introduction to the Klingon Language PART
klingman.txt Subject: The Klingon Maneuver Date: 20 Feb 92 07:57:30 GMT This is my first story posting; feedback through netmail would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy... The Klingon Maneuver by Andrew Clark (n
klingona.txt Drawing
klingond.txt Number: 93/679 [Star Trek] Date : Thu 11 Jul 1991 9:35a (08 Jul 91 19:38:00) From : Greg Mcneil To : All Title : reprint Klingon report St0689, Misc stuff TOS listing TO: Fleet Admiral Kang Imperial
klinlang.txt 29-May-84 11:13:05-EDT,6435;000000000001 Return-Path: <JAFFE@RU-BLUE.ARPA> Date: 24 May 1984 14:36-EDT To: rutgers!jaffe@seismo.ARPA Subject: Learn to speak klingonaase in one easy lesson! Current knowledg
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klinnet3.txt ;A KlinNet Nodelist for Friday, December 17, 1993 -- Day number 351 : 51078 ;A ;A ;A KlinNet is (c) 1993, to Robert J. Ferguson, and Klingon SoftWare Labs (tm) ;A 1992-93 -- All Rights Reserved. ;A ;A This
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klueless.txt Subject: A Star Trek Parody Keywords: parody, humor, bizarre Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 12:37:27 GMT Star Trek, The Next Generation Chapter One: What do you MEAN it's been backordered!! Bridge of the Enterprise, i
knetlist.txt Drawing
knetrule.txt Drawing
kobi-qdo.txt Kobiashi Q (part 1) PRESENTING!... From the man who last summer brought you "Star Drek: The Worst Generation" (the ONLY parody ever to be flamed to death before it ever got written): KOBIASHI MARU "Now hol
kobiyash.txt Captain's Log: Star Date 12123.4, USS Enterpise on Neutral Zone Patrol. Picard: "Data - adjust to Parabolic course to avoid entering Neutral Zone Data: "Ay,Ay Sir - New course is Mark 77.29 Troi: "Captai
lapsedoc.txt The following is a story line that hit me as I was falling asleep. The current discusssion on time travel does make me want to delay posting until such time as it is resolved, but hay, waht the hell... T
leaptkdc.txt Subject: LEAPTREK - PART I Date: 8 Jun 92 15:46:27 GMT LEAPTREK Katriena Knights It was cold, and fire, and electricity; it was pain and a suffocating sensation that drained him down to the bones he could n
leaptrek.txt LEAPTREK Katriena Knights It was cold, and fire, and electricity; it was pain and a suffocating sensation that drained him down to the bones he could no longer feel. And, since this misbegotten experim
liptondo.txt It was my custom, that, while watching ST:TNG on Monday nights, I would enjoy at least one cup of hot tea. On one particular night while pouring my tea, I had a rather strange thought . . . :-----------
livelong.txt Drawing
lostdoc.txt Subject: Star Trek meets Lost in Space Date: 28 May 92 01:10:25 GMT Star Trek Meets Lost in Space By Uri Lessing inspired by Jeremiah Wilton Captain Picard was sipping tea in personal quarters. There was
macgendo.txt Subject: Star Trek: The Mac Generation Date: 20 May 92 21:07:39 GMT Star Trek--The Mac Generation What if... The Big-E computer's were Macintoshes? I only hope I don't run out of MacJokes before the end of
macguyvr.txt [Fade in, MacGyver and Pete are being held hostage by terrorists) Pete: What are we going to do MacGyver? MacGyver: I'll think of something, we're in a laboratory, so that's a start. Pete: Hurry MacGyver!
marreddo.txt Hello, I'm Mark, and I've come up with a parody of the season premiere of ST:TNG. All references to persons either living or dead is purely coincidental. So, if you have any friends, relatives, pets,
mashtrek.txt MASH/Trek story: Again No More Angels. This story is a cross-over between MASH and Star Trek. It occurs after the death of Spock in STII:TWOK and in the later years of the MASH series. Comments and flatte
mastrtim.txt From Mon Apr 5 23:34:31 1993 Return-Path: <> Received: from by SMTP (5.65a) id AA09028; Mon, 5 Apr 93 23:34:31
mattress.txt this story should be read while listening to `Lorelei' by the Cocteau Twins. There is a knock at the front door. I rush to open it, because I know who it will be... you stand there, with an overnight
megusdoc.txt A NEW EPISODE FOR STAR TREK:THE NEXT GENERATION "THE CONFUSED PEOPLE OF MEGUS-2 WHO JUST NEED A LITTLE MORAL GUIDANCE" INTRO On the bridge with Riker in command... Geordi: ...and so the male Binar says to
minutedo.txt ...STAR TREK:The 1.5 Minute Parody III... ( Which this week lasts approximately 3 minutes instead. Yep, a feature-length parody! Well, nearly.....) This Weeks E
mirrordo.txt Mirror, Mirror: The Next Generation "Errand of Malice" by Michael Montoure Captain Picard leaned forward in his high-backed command chair, a faint smile playing around his taut lips. Next to him, Command
mistdoc.txt Subject: REPOST: Shadows in the MiST Date: 10 Aug 92 13:20:00 GMT this was a silly little thing i worte that attempted a crossover at... well, why don't you just read it! +
monkeydo.txt OK, my script was finally rejected. I'll be posting it to the net over the next few days. Sorry about the poor formatting, but it was a Macintosh file and I didn't want to spend a lot of time covertin
mudddoc.txt Roger C. Carmel, the actor famed for his portrayal of Harry Mudd, died Tuesday, November 13, 1986 in his Los Angeles area apartment. He was 54 years old at the time. Police suspect a drug overdose, as
netnews2.txt That's right! The Borg are back! But first, some scenes from last season's mind boggling episode of Star Trek: The Netnews Generation! SCENES FROM LAST EPISODE--SCENES FROM LAST EPISODE--SCENES FROM L
netnewsg.txt Due to the long wait after the cliffhanger episode of Star Trek: TNG, some of us have decided to come up with a new script everyone here can appreciate: "Central Pennsylvania, the boring frontier. Our m
netwebdo.txt Opening shot: A view of the bridge. Geordi and Data are at the helm positions. Worf and Troi are at their usual stations. Commander Riker is sitting in the Captain's chair, smirking as usual. Worf: Co
ngships.txt SHIPS OF THE 24th CENTURY Ships of the 24th Century, Revised Edition Published by Starfleet Designs. NOTE- For Extended information, look at the Bibliography at the end of this text. STARFLEET SHIPS GALAX
nitemare.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION -- "Nightmare on the Enterprise." The crew struggles to cope with the death of Wesley Crusher, as a murderer stalks the decks of the Enterprise. YULE LOG LISTING: Wesley
noneeddo.txt The following is the first part (of two) of a TNG script which was rejected by Paramount. The author is very interested in receiving feedback, and can be contacted at STAR TREK: THE NEX
notmanul.txt Subject: Not the Technical Manual (being posted a bit early) Sender: Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 01:06:45 GMT OK, there's been a lot of deman lately for someone to talk about time diala
noveldoc.txt Subject: STORY: The Great American Star Trek Novel. Date: 10 Aug 92 10:43:00 GMT This is the first part of a new set of stories I am working on. It will be presented in several installments. Chapters 1
oedipusd.txt Oedipus-3, by Jean-Luc the Bard The time: some time in the future. The place: somewhere in outer space. The Enterprise is en route to Oedipus-3, sent by Star Fleet Command to investigate a loss of com
old-tngd.txt STAR TREK XIII: THE OLD SERIES MEETS THE NEXT GENERATION CAPTAIN'S LOG, STARDATE 14111.7: We are investigating a strange variable naked singularity which has just reappeared after a 75 year absence. The l
oldtimes.txt Subject: Another parody Date: 17 Feb 92 05:42:56 GMT This is something that's been kicking around the back of my account for several months, growing a few words every time I looked at it. Some of the jok
omdoc.txt After reading the K/S Lady vr. OM conflict postings for the 5th day in a row I thought about the entire conflict and... Organians: "Since you cannot seem to end this conflict on your own, we have decided
opendoc.txt Subject: revised version, "Out in the Open" Date: 27 May 92 15:19:00 GMT this story was posted previously, oh, about two weeks ago. i got lots of nice comments, but also a lot of very helpful constructiv
oriondoc.txt Subject: ST Voyages #2 "Orion the Abductor" Date: 27 May 92 16:24:25 GMT Captain's Log, Stardate 5054.9 The Valiant has arrived at Starbase 23 for crew replacements and some minor repairs. Among them is
outingdo.txt Subject: The Outing Date: 14 Apr 92 22:55:00 GMT this is a short story that kind of explores beverly and picard's relationship as friends that i recently typed in, and thought i would let the world, or al
paink-ws.txt William Slattery 76630,3416 PAINKILLER Nurse Laurie Schroeder's hand rose in small jerks as if it were surprising itself, each movement bringing the middle knuckle of her mid- dle finger inexorably closer
paradoxd.txt A NEW EPISODE FOR ST:TNG...... "PARADOX" TEASER In the hall outside the holodeck, two technicians wearing overalls which say "Joe's Holodeck Repair Service" are closing the panels to the control circuitry
perplexd.txt Tim Murphy is embarassed to present: STAR TREK: THE PERPLEXED GENERATION The scene opens on the bridge, everyone is busily efficient doing arcane things to control panels. There is an innocuous crewman in
picardan.txt Drawing
primitiv.txt Hello to all. Let me know what you think. My e-mail address is below. If the response is favorable, I will post the remainder of the novel once completed. Followups to this posting set to rec.arts.startr
pulse.txt Gaeren was sitting on the floor, hunched up against the 'fridge with his arms wrapped around his head when Anya returned home. She practically danced in, swinging the bag that contained the clothing sh
purelydo.txt Subject: "Purely Alien" by Rob Darwin Keywords: TNG, horror flix, Sigourney "Cueball" Weaver Date: 14 May 92 06:05:00 GMT Star Trek: The Next Generation "Purely Alien" by Rob Darwin Copyright 1992 Prologue
qsbluesd.txt Q's Blues- A Short Story by Ann Savage "Stupid Human!" muttered Q, full of himself, still itching to put Picard in his place. He strode the halls heading where he knew he would find the captain, and looke
quantumd.txt Quantum Trek: The Parody Star Trek: The Nestles Generation EPISODE 69 "WHERE NO MAN HAS LEAPED BEFORE" [Bright Flash on Bridge] Geordie: What was that? Is it Q again? Riker: Shush, you! The Capta
rainda.txt Rain Dance Rain pounded on the cockpit glass as Devon moved his machine through the steamy marsh. The dark water swirled around the monstrous machines legs. The mech resembled an armored giant
rankdoc.txt R A N K S O F F E D E R A T I O N S T A R F L E E T by Kasey K.S. Chang (Ksc1) Revision: 11/20/92 INTRODUCTION This article attempts to clarify the confusing rank structure in Star Fleet. Many ranks
ravnroar.txt Subject: STTRR 1-5/20 repost Date: 2 Sep 92 13:44:53 GMT - STAR TREK ------------------------------------------------- - THE RAVEN'S ROAR ------------------------------------------------- Disclaime
rdw-sttg.txt : -----=====Earth's Dreamlands=====----- (313)558-5024 - 9600 v.32 - Sysop: Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
recognit.txt FEDERATION SHIP RECOGNITION MANUAL Federation Ship Recognition Manual For- St:RPG Printing- 1st Date-Stardate 9430.2 SHIP DATA Subject- Constitution Class XI Cruiser Model #- Mk I Dates in Service- 1/8801- 2/1
reinsdoc.txt This is a script I submitted to Paramount last year. For reasons which'll be obvious soon, they couldn't use it or even adapt the basic story. People have been asking what scripts look like; I thought
return2d.txt Subject: Alternate addition to The Return Date: 17 Mar 92 05:05:42 GMT Follow on to The Return: Picking up at the moment the original script left off, the big E is currently being held by the Death Star's
returndo.txt Subject: The Return, parts 1-7 Since it's been so long and folks have been asking, here is the complete story so far. (Originally begun in April, there was a 6-7 month gap between the posting of parts 6
revenged.txt Subject: Revenge: Chapter 1 Date: 4 Mar 92 02:50:44 GMT "Captain's log, stardate 8992.4. The Enterprise has been ordered to starbase 105 to pick up extra personnel and equipment. The purpose of this trans
rifts.txt The evil men pounded down the door. Somebody screamed, and the four ment brought up their standard issue laser rifles, switched them to stun, and mowed down the entire family...sixteen brothers and
rikerans.txt Drawing
roadrunr.txt What with Tom Sellick appearing on "Murder She Wrote", Jessica appearing on "Magnum P.I.", and characters from "Dynasty" and "Dallas" constantly getting confused as to which set they should go to, have
robotrek.txt RoboTrek: The Next Generation (or, The Best of Both Worlds part six) by Kenneth G. Haynes Opening Teaser- The Big E and the Borg cube face off as in the End of _The Best of Both Worlds_ Riker: Mr. Worf, <b
rockydoc.txt The Rocky Horror Star Trek Show ::: ::: with..
roger1.txt In Residence by KaRylin Jennifer worked slowly but methodically at the task of pulling up grass and weeds to create an area of bare dirt. A hundred square feet should be enough. Tall for a woman, with
roger2.txt A VISIT FROM PAULIE by KaRylin "My niece is coming for a visit," Jennifer commented to Roger as she put away the last of the dishes. "Oh?" Roger was in the process of cleaning his hand
roger3.txt "FOR SALE" by KaRylin Jennifer opened her eyes and looked at the clock on her bedside table. Ten o'clock! She hadn't meant to sleep in so late. She put on her housecoat and went downstairs. From a b
roger4.txt County Fair 2094 by KaRylin "Here, boy." Roger, repelled by the smell of decomposing blood, held the lump of hamburger well away from his face. "Come on, Duke, there's a good dog." But Kenneth's Great D
rogersdo.txt Scene 1: The bridge. All cast members are in place, except the captain. Worf: Entering the Neutral Zone, Commander. Riker[ over intercom ]: Commander, we are entering the Neutral Zone. Captain[ over in
romdawn.txt - STAR TREK MORALS OF WAR Massive Disclaimer : I am very flattered that someone has decided
romedoc.txt summary of previous episode "Plato's Grandchildren": Sean Penn debuts as "Lt. Jeff Spiccoli", the drugged-out surfer accidentally given a commission as Starfleet officer. The officers of the Enterprise f
romuland.txt The Decline and Fall of the ROMULAN EMPIRE EPISODE 1: ANTAGONIZE (Scene: Aboard the NCC-1701A, Captain James T. Kirk commanding.) Kirk: Captain's Log, Stardate 8369.5. The Enterprise is performing a rout
romutoke.txt This is what I hope will be the first of many parodies that I plan to write and upload to Starfleet -JGB [The scene opens with the Enterprise in orbit around an unusual planet. Captain Picard does the voi
sanemand.txt Star Trek: The Next (de)Generation "Where No Sane Man Would Go" Captain's Log, Stardate 32768.0: After a particularly poorly written but nonetheless successful first season, the Enterprise has been assign
scottydo.txt Kirk: "Ships Log, Star Date 120168.09. we have just met with a vessel from from the future which claims to be our Enterprise from the year 1987. I spoke with a man named Picard and found that they used
search.txt note on pronunciation: the words `Bythe' and `Bythian' rhyme with `python', more or less; the `TH' sound is similar to that in the word `the'. Up Against The Wall Gaeren was seated at his terminal, idly c
season5.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: FIFTH SEASON EPISODES Stolen from Paramount at great risk, here are a list of Fifth Season Episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation. 1) "Frenzy" -- Worf returns to the
secessdo.txt Subject: SCRIPT: "Secession" Date: 15 May 92 04:32:55 GMT Here is a copy of my rejected TNG script, "Secession". I would welcome any comments or criticisms. The script came back exactly eight weeks after
secretdo.txt SECRET OF THE LOST ENTERPRISE by Dennis William Franczak, (c)1990 Prologue: Stardate 24769.8 "What in the hell are they thinking of? Starfleet's taking a chance with this...You don't mess around with time
seeddoc.txt "Seed of Doubt" A Non-Canon Story by Joe L. Blanton, Jr. ACT I Scene 1: Captain Picard is silently looking out onto the stars from his readyroom. His hand
serpentd.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation
serpentf.txt Subject: The Serpent in the Silence part1 Date: Tue, 26 Feb 91 18:14:51 GMT [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] [] []
shadowdo.txt BOLDLY IN SHADOW Chapter 1 "Fire!" said Riker. He looked at his captain's face for what would be the last time. "Belay that order!" snapped another voice. Riker looked in shock at the motley group of peo
ships21d.txt STAR TREK SHIP LIST v2.1 compiled by Michael Rawdon FEDERATION (Including Human ships): Constitution Class: USS Constellation NCC-1017; TOS "Doomsday Machine" Burkett Commander: Matthew Decker
shipsans.txt Drawing
shipwrek.txt This story was rejected on the grounds that it was too mature for the magazine's target audience. Everyone who has read the story, though, has given me a positive response. Let me know what you thin
shulk.txt The Hunter and the Hunted Lieutenant Brown sat in his command pod 1 kilometer away from the enormous space hulk, a huge, derelict space ship thousands of years old. He sat in the dim room hunched over t
silenced.txt Subject: A Wesley story Date: 4 Aug 92 23:58:03 GMT Ever try a hand at collaborative writing? It's an often dun diversion, and it's amazing where it can go. This little story is a take-off on _The Silen
smug0doc.txt A Smuggler's Tale Copyright 1991 by Ting-Yu Hsu All rights reserved. This work may be freely archived in un- modified form as long as this copyright notice remains intact. It may not be redistributed
smug1doc.txt A Smuggler's Tale Copyright 1991 by Ting-Yu Hsu All rights reserved. This work may be freely archived in un- modified form as long as this copyright notice remains intact. It may not be redistributed
smug2doc.txt A Smuggler's Tale Copyright 1991 by Ting-Yu Hsu All rights reserved. This work may be freely archived in un- modified form as long as this copyright notice remains intact. It may not be redistributed
spaceflt.txt A Unified Spaceflight Chronology (Explanatory Notes) by Arnold E. van Beverhoudt, Jr. (January 1990) At least six different sources exist for chronologies of spaceflight and, more specifically, the
spiderdl.txt Duncan Long CompuServe ID# 72707,3525 Copyright (C) 1993 by Duncan Long. All rights reserved. SPIDER B GONE Should I ever find myself in front of a US Congressional committee,
spinoffs.txt Recently, rumors have been circulating in r.a.s. about the incipient demise of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". In fact, very reliable sources within Paramount have informed me that this is indeed tru
spockans.txt Drawing
spockdoc.txt Well, anyway, through this, my sister got to writing to someone named Sandy (don't remember the last name) who was founder/header/organizer or some such thing for something called the Star Trek Welcommi
sqzply.txt Copyright 1989 Michael A. Stackpole Squeeze Play As the bar's natural atmosphere raped my nostrils I had a sudden urge to remodel the place with a flame-thrower. From the outside, the boarded-over wind
ssdintro.txt Honor. Courage. Integrity. Dedication. JUSTICE. These are the words that built the legend that is the Special Security Division. A Legend that was written with the blood of those who have gone before us, th
st-aeia.txt Well, here goes; my first story on the net. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to ... Part II is written and may come out later today or tomorrow. "Aeia" PART ONE Captain'
st-locat.txt STAR TREK LOCATIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by: D. Joseph Creighton Updated: Dec 12, 1992 - Only information from "Star Trek", "Star Trek: The Next Generation", and the feature films will be considered for use
st-ships.txt Subject: STAR TREK SHIPS [Updated: Dec 12, 1992] Summary: This posting contains references to ships as they have appeared or have been mentioned in any Star Trek television series or feature film release
stahtwek.txt Date: 17 Oct 91 03:46:01 GMT If you have any sentience left at all, you will want to skip this message. My apologies for not making Dr. Crusher say 'He's dead, Jim.' at least once. Stah Twek, the a.s.c.
stalofdo.txt Subject: ST:ALOF (ALL) REPOST Date: 30 Oct 92 16:15:24 GMT Sender: Star Trek: "A Leap of Faith" by: Jason Breti (c) Copyright 1992, Jason Breti Reproduction and copying granted as lon
stardr2d.txt STAR DREK: The Next Degeneration The Crew: Captain Jerk-Off Picknose Commander Will Reeker Lieutenant jg / Lieutenant / Lt. Commander (how'd he get promoted so fast) Gourd LaFarce Lieutenant Wharf Doctor Bev
starship.txt The following is a listing of all of the federation spaceships that have been either mentioned or seen in any First Priority Star Trek episode (refer to source list). I do not include other ships liste
startrek.txt Drawing
starwars.txt STAR WARS III: FALL OF THE REPUBLIC Story treatment by John L. Flynn Adapted from Part I: "The Adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi" The Journal of the Whills By George Lucas FADE IN: MAIN AND CREDIT TITLES SUPERIMP
star_win.txt "Star Trek Lost Episodes" transcript. finding a weakness in the Borg? And Mr. Data, have you been able to access their command pathways?" through our archives on late Twentieth-century computing technolog
stbookps.txt %!PS-Adobe-2.0 %%Creator: WordStar Release 6.0 B %%Pages: (atend) %%EndComments %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % % Here you can define a routine "cleanup" that wil
stcomand.txt Drawing
stdarkdo.txt Picard: Lt Shumway, you have the ship. Riker: <Yawn> See you in the morning Captain. Worf: Goodnight. ALF: Do I have to wear this dumb Officer Of the Deck armband? Picard: Yes. Goodnight. Offic
sthumord.txt Star Trek Tom Swifties: [Star Trek IV] "I think we found them," Kirk wailed. [any episode with a poker game] "Pass the cards," said Troi ideally. "Couldn't we play some other game?" asked O'Brien, wistfull
stinkerd.txt "Ain't I a Stinker?" Script and Teleplay by Tim Lynch Directed by Rob Bowman "Captain's Log, stardate 41586.2. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, the Ferengi have asked us to negotiate for terms of
stmapdoc.txt Examining SF films frame-by-frame on video can be fun. As an example, I recently examined the DeathStar in "Return of the Jedi" and tried to estimate its size. Of course, the makers of Star Trek and Star
stmowdoc.txt Subject: STMOW Chapters 1-10 repost Date: 31 Jul 92 02:39:26 GMT - STAR TREK ---------------------------------------------------- - MORALS OF WAR ---------------------------------------------------- T
stphysic.txt Subject: Star Fleet Command Physics Notes 1 Sender: Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1993 06:53:14 GMT From Star Fleet Command 21st Century Memorandum for the record to physicists in 1993. On the Super
sttmpans.txt Drawing
sttng01d.txt Picard: "Star Date 456.12 The Enterprise is on a routine mission to Belingese IV. We are in orbit over the planet Wilcox III - new prospective member of the Federation. I look forward to meeting with v
sttng02d.txt [Scene: USS Enterprise NCC-1701D bridge. Medium shot of command couch. Ryker is sitting in left seat of couch. Troi is standing right of right seat, emoting.] RYKER: What it it, Deanna? TROI: Pain .
sttng03d.txt The scene: A full-brass competency hearing, called after Captain Picard surrenders to a crippled Ferengi shuttle that has two mortally wounded crew members on board. Picard has been stripped of his rank
sttng04d.txt Question: What does one do with their empty hours at three in the morning? Answer: "The last encounter at a Farpoint now" [Scene: Bridge of the enterprise] Data: Captain, a Ferengi vessel is approaching! C
sttng05d.txt One Morning on The Enterprise NCC 1701-D... [On board t
sttng06d.txt Picard: Captain's Log, Star Date unknown. The Enterpise has just come out of Warp speed from an appearent "accident" with our Warp Engines. I sent Cmd. Ryker down to Engineering to find out what happe
sttng07d.txt Picard: "Personal log: Star Date 11.34.5. Wesley and I have beamed down to the Sixth Planet of the Ceti Alpha Six System. I have high hope that this will be a great place for people "Wesley's Age" to
sttng08d.txt STAR TREK: The Next Generation Episode XIII "Willi" [Special effects: Against a background of stars and nebulae, the Galaxy class ship Enterprise swiftly passes by the camera with an unrealistic, but aesth
sttng09d.txt Drawing
sttng10d.txt A friend of mine who is quite indifferent to Star Trek nevertheless watches TNG each Saturday with me. During the summer, she wanted to illustrate the multiple meanings of the word "bomber" in French,
sttng11d.txt Hang onto your seats, kids, it's another episode of STAR TREK: The Sexed Generation [Patrick Stewart dressed as Jean-Luc Picard steps into a trailer. Majel Barrett and Gene Roddenberry are sitting inside
sttng13d.txt Captain's Log Stardate 9161.75: We are on approach to the Delta Chi system. A survey vessel made contact with a civilization in this system some two decades ago, but the leaders of Darsinis felt they wer
sttng14d.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody "Elementary School, Dear Data" Written by: Rob Miracle and Russell Billings Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise, its ongoing mission,
sttng15d.txt Earlier, someone posted a suggestion for getting Denise Crosby back on TNG, which was promptly (and appropriately IMHO) immolated. Now we find that we have musical doctors. Well, with all that going o
sttng19d.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode XIX: Peace Restored Scene 1: Picard: Captain's log, supple... Troi: Pain! Oh the pain!! Picard: ...mental. Troi has been yelling too long now
sttng20d.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode XX: Share Minds but Kill the Kid ---------- Scene 1: [Sickbay...Kirk Enters] Kirk: How is she Bones? McC
sttng21d.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation
sttng22d.txt Scene 1: -------- Picard: Captain's log, 43258.2...While playing with our warp engines, Wesley has warped us into yet another unchartered region of our galaxy. Data: Sir, if we were to travel at warp nin
sttng23d.txt Sponsors: Life Sabres Candy - Now in Bubble Gum! Last time, on Star Trek: The Next Generation, we entered the Star Wars universe and encountered the Millinium Falcon with Leia, Solo, Luke, and Chewbacca.
sttng25d.txt Sponsors: Tri-Star Pictures proudly present: =====`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'===== WHO FRAMED Willy Riker See your favorite "Number One" charcter in this delightful comedy. Rated PG...No
sttng2an.txt Drawing
sttng30d.txt Would You Believe Another Silly ST:TNG Parody? [Prologue: bridge] Picard: Captain's log, Stardate 8699+3i. We are approaching Starbase 11 for personnel transfer. Dr. Crusher will step off there en rou
sttng35d.txt "Appliances Galore" Episode: ST:TNP, #UL-4 Written by : Russell Billings (REBILL02@ULKYVX.BITNET) : Rob Miracle (RWMIRA01@ULKYVX.BITNET) : Dave Brooks ( Edited by : E. Mu
sttng36d.txt After extrapolating all of the avaliable data, I ran a (very) long simulation battle on the basis of "What would happen if the Empire (from Star Wars) fought the Federation?"...Bear with us, the results
sttng37d.txt NEXT, ON AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION ... Data: Holiday Inn was a popular hotel chain of the late 20th century. THE AWAY TEAM GETS TRAPPED IN ANOTHER HOTEL, WHILE THE ENTERPRI
sttng38d.txt "Captain's Log, Stardate 3456.7. The Enterprise is enroute to the Gamma-Hydra-Snack-Cake system. Two planets of that system are inhabited by two different intelligent races, the Twinkeezi and the Ho-h
sttng39d.txt Captain's log, stardate 41592.65358979... er... oh, hell, can't they build clocks into these stupid things? We are approaching Alpha Beta Gamma III, a planet in the Fraternity system. Since the arriv
sttng3da.txt Drawing
sttng40d.txt Star Trek: The Nestles Generation EPISODE 69 "WHERE NO MAN HAS LEAPED BEFORE" [Bright Flash on Bridge] Geordie: What was that? Is it Q again? Riker: Shush, you! The Captain is giving a monologue,
sttng41d.txt These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her 5-year mission: to boldly go where no man has gone before! (Kirk enters Ladies' Room.) UHURA: Eeeek!!! Captain, we've got to stop meeting like thi
sttng42d.txt ST:The Odd Generation meets ST:The Nerd Generation Our story opens with Captain Kwirk in the Command Chair of the Enterplied A with a radical new set of pink windshield wipers. (Fade to the bridge) Spook:
sttng43d.txt Setting: Planet VintoVardle VI Robot: Warning! Warning! Warning!!! Alien presence detected!!! Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!! Data: I can not comprehend the action you are undertaking. Why i
sttng44d.txt The Enterprise is in the Arcturan Sector of the galaxy. The bridge receives an important message. WORF I'm getting a priority one distress call from what seems to be the Lepus solar system. DATA
sttng45d.txt These are the voyages of the starpimp Enterthighs. His 5 year mission, to explore strange new whores, to seek out and find new ways of molestation, to boldly come until all women are tired and sore. St
sttng46d.txt Kirk: (entering the bridge) Amazing. What did they do to my bridge? Picard: YOU'RE bridge, Admiral? Kirk: (contempt oozing) Sorry, Captain. Its a nice ship...who's the white stiff? Picard: This is
sttng47d.txt [Scene opens with the end of "Best of Both Worlds"] RIKER: FIRE!! TROI: My, God, you're right! Data's hair is on fire! Get the extinguisher! DATA: I must be thinking too hard. LOCUTIOUS: We demand that y
sttng48d.txt PICARD (VO) : Captain's Log, Stardate 45781.3. The ship has bid a fond farewell to Ensign Wesley Crusher as he enters Starfleet Academy. The entire crew wishes him success in school as well as life. [Sce
sttng49d.txt PREFACE: This script has basically one purpose: To eliminate Deanna Troi!!! Believe me, I know I speak for millions when I say that her character deserves to bite the biggie. Well, I may not
sttng50d.txt Here is the first part to a story that I've been kicking around in the back of my mind for a few years (since the first season). Though it could still use a bit of polishing up, I figured I might as we
sttng51d.txt Q and A : The new Star Trek : The Next Generation Novel by Doug Geiger Copyright (C) 1990 by Doug Geiger Chapter 1 Captain's Log - Stardate 42765.5 After the Enterprise's latest encoun- ter with Q, which r
sttng52d.txt Subject: TREK BOOK 2 Here's chapter two of my book. Please send any and all comments criticisms to the address below. Thanks. All comments will be compiled and I'll eventually do a massive re-write. Thanks
sttng53d.txt Here it as at long last, maybe: Chapter 3 Send me your comments, etc. Thanks... (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger CHAPTER 3 Captain's Log - Stardate 8051.2 The Enterprise has just completed a mission taking her dangerou
sttng54d.txt Subject: Trek book Chapter4 Here's another installment of my book. Keep those comments/criticisms coming...They're very helpful... (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger Chapter 4 Captain's Log - Stardate 42767.3 First Of
sttng55d.txt Subject: Trek book chapter 5 Here it is... at long last... it's ... MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS! Just kidding... actually, it's my book, part number 5. Before I append the book, I'd just like to take thi
sttng56d.txt Here, at long last is Chapter 6 of my Star Trek book. I took a little time off from posting in order to write Chapter 11 and catch up on some much needed school work and sleep. These won't be posted a
sttng57d.txt Here is a brand new, never before posted Chapter of my Star Trek book... As always, send comments and criticisms to the address at the bottom... (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger Chapter 7 Slowly, Chris started towa
sttng58d.txt CHAPTER 8... Don't accept any substitutes... But first, a question. Just out of curiosity, mind you, how does my book compare with other ST and ST:TNG novels? Now, on with the show... (C) 1991 - Doug Geig
sttng59d.txt (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger CHAPTER 9 Chris entered the gym looking for something to do. Looking around, he saw a volleyball game in progress. In other areas, people were lifting weights, jogging, and doing ex
sttng60d.txt (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger Chapter 10 "What the hell! They can't go that fast. Their shuttle was designed for impulse speeds only," pondered Picard. "Ensign Ferrar, lock on tractor beam. Grab them before t
sttng61d.txt (C) 1991 - Doug Geiger Chapter 11 The cubic ship floated through space, slowly rotating. The damage had been repaired and the light at its center pulsed blue-green. Having no other purpose, it had contin
sttng62d.txt CHAPTER 12 "How long until we rendezvous with the Enterprise?" rumbled Worf, from the chair beside Data. Data turned to him, looking away from the viewscreen for the first time in what Worf judged to be h
sttng63d.txt CHAPTER 13 Captain's Log, Stardate: the past. We are in pursuit of the Stardrive section of the Enterprise, after it was commandeered by Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, and Chief Engineer Scot
sttng64d.txt Chapter 14 From out of the midst of the explosion, came the Enterprise's Stardrive hull, shields flaring brightly where debris from the Borg ship passed through them. Even more surprising, the shields we
sttng65d.txt Chapter 15 Captain's Log, Stardate 8330.5: We are towing the energy creature through space in pursuit of the Stardrive Section. Commander Data has come up with a plan to defeat the Borg, and I have given
sttng66d.txt CHAPTER 16 Captain's Log, Supplemental: We have returned to our own time and Mister Data assures me that the Xin ship has been destroyed and also that we have had no noticeable impact on our own past. I o
sttng67d.txt Further Plot Complications- A Star Trek TNG Parody (C) Troy Rutter- 1991 The What-a-Surprise glided gracefully through inter-stellar space toward its destination- The dreaded planet called WritersStrike.
sttng68d.txt Item #7 The Star Trek Item. Mr. Spock took out his tricorder and took a reading. Mr. Spock: "Fascinating. Everything here has been obliterated, Captain. Very strange." Captain Kirk: "Spock! What in the
sttng70d.txt I told you all that I would be writing a parody that described my earlier question on the net (I NEED INFO ON FUNNY ST:TNG EPISODE), and I came through. How well? Read it and find out. Any comments/que
sttng71d.txt Any critics out there? I'm including a first attempt at posting a story of mine. Drop me a line email and/or post, and let me know. If enough people like it, I can post more. And yes, I _KNOW_ others h
sttngans.txt Drawing
sttngtos.txt Course: Very Long Star Trek Parody Prerequisites: any 4 ST:TNG episodes and the following ST:TOS episodes: Mirror, Mirror Obsession Operation -- Annihilate! The Man Trap
sttnp2do.txt Subject: Star Trek: The Next Parody Date: 11 Apr 92 20:53:10 GMT This is a short script I wrote up a little while ago. The plan is to actually film it, assuming we can get the use of a friend's camera. Do
sttnpdoc.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT PARODY -- Trek.Holodeck.Creative By Ken Kaufman ( [The entire opening scene is animated, unless otherwise specified ... Pan across a typical 20th-century subur
sttos2do.txt Star Trek: "Where No Man Has Acted Before" Captain's Log, Stardate 12345.6. The Enterprise is transporting vital medical supplies to the planet PMS-4. Dr. McCoy has advised that unless these suppl
sttos3do.txt Drawing
sttos4do.txt "All Our Everydays": The All-Old Generic [and Annotated] (and highly Condensed) ST:TOS episode... Captain's log, stardate 34539.1283 [the numbers get longer every rerun, ever notice that?] The Enterprise
sttos5do.txt STAR TREK - RECENTLY FOUND LOST EPISODE "THE TALLENS OF RIGEL 7." (Opening scene, lots of noise from the bridge) Sulu: Approaching Rigel 7, Captain. Kirk: Good. Put it up on the screen. (Pause) Sulu, I sa
sttosans.txt Drawing
sttosdoc.txt Captain's Log, Stardate 6020.65 We are {on a routine benchmarking mission / heading for a rendevous with the Potempkin to pick up some medical supplies that we have to bring to Alpha IV / going to LasVeg
stv6-2do.txt Star Trek 6 Dream Play Part II of VIII Story Eric R. Glover L E G A L N O T I C E Jeff D. Williamson
stv6-3do.txt And Now Part III of StarTrek VI: The Neutral Zone [Play that funky klingon music] In the void, A klingon L-42 Bird Of Prey glide into view. As it glides past our point of view. We are treated to a full
stv6doc.txt HEY The following DreamPlay is the intellectual property of its authors, E.Glover and J.Williamson. Any use of this work in part or in whole witho
stwars2d.txt Date: Thu, 16 Jul 92 15:34:04 -0400 Subject: SW vs. ST: The Final Chapter This is how I think this dispute should be settled... Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Episode IV Time: between Empire Strikes Back and
stwarsdo.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Picard: Captain's Log, Stardate 41412.3. We are on a diplomatic mission to the Desert Moon of Jannath [hereafter referr to as DMJ -Ed.]. On board is Starfleet Ambassador T
styxdoc.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody "Across the River Styx" Written by: Elizabeth Muncy (EHMUNC01@ULKYVX.BITNET) Russell Billings (REBILL02@ULKYVX.BITNET) and Rob Miracle (RWMIRA01@ULKYVX.BITNET) With help by:
subtledo.txt After seeing everybody on the net posting all of their Trek stories, I felt like I had to try my hand at it. So, after many sleepless nights of NOT studying, here is my contribution. It's called... "A
sunsetdo.txt Date: 1 Sep 91 02:41:44 GMT Well, I have not ONLY been flappin' my lips over RAS way this summer, but have also been typing away at a new little tale. This one is canon, or rather, it transpires complet
supermkt.txt Star Trek: The Next Supermarket by Dan Gookin Forced by Federation budget cuts in the late 24th century, the crew of the Starship Enterprise, 1701-D, found itself picking up part time work in order to mak
sweepstk.txt Space -- The Final Frontier These are the voyages of the starship, Enter-prize. Its ongoing mission, to exploit poor families, to seek out new lists and subscriptions, to boldly promote contests that no
takebusi.txt Taking Care of Business is a story stemming from an email game I've been running since this summer. The only player in the game is Karl Friesen ( His character, Silk, was one of the ch
talentdo.txt Subject: STORY: The Talent Show (featuring STTNG crew) Date: 31 Oct 92 15:20:29 GMT @%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@%@% %@ %@ @% The Talent Show @% %@
tallyhod.txt Subject: TALLYHO! Date: 9 Apr 92 06:24:00 GMT WARNING: The following STAR TREK parody contains several examples of ethnic jokes and other forms of politically incorrect humor. They are meant to enterta
tardisan.txt Drawing
tardispi.txt Drawing
tearglas.txt -----=====Earth's Dreamlands=====----- (313)558-5024 - 9600 v.32 - Sysop: Gug A Game Master Support BBS RPG, Homebrew Beer, & Fiction Text .
testtime.txt Subject: NEW STORY: Test of Time, Part 1 Date: 7 Jul 92 18:21:00 GMT Test of Time, Part 1 Copyright 1992 by Sandra Guzdek _______________________________________________________
the-endd.txt "Captain's log, stardate 50309.8. It is finished. As I look down from the bridge of the Enterprise, I see the smoking ruins of Earth. Paris. London. New York. Tokyo. San Francisco. They are all p
thedoctr.txt Subject: The Doctor And The Enterprise Pt1 Keywords: text Date: 8 Nov 91 16:58:12 GMT Prologue: In 1979 I started writing a fanzine story in which the Doctor (from the "Doctor Who" universe) met up with
thingsdo.txt Subject: ST:TNG Parody, "Still Looking for Things" Date: 14 May 92 20:02:15 GMT Okay, I wrote this thing a few months back as a cute intro to one of my submissions to this club called "Starships of the T
tilt.txt sorry about all the exposition, net-people. think of it as foreplay. if your imaginations don't stretch that far, the rude bits start around line 206. nikolai `Comme je deviens vielle fille, a manquer du
timelaps.txt /Due to recent / / events this / [][][][]/sig has been /[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] The abo/censored for / been [] Demetrius Pietz Federa/the duration / [] dpiet
timesync.txt Date: Saturday, 10 Oct 1992 16:18:30 MST Subject: STORY: "Timesync" Copyright Scott Hume 1992 In Counselor Troi's cabin, we see her sleeping as the camera dollies around her bed. We shift our point of vi
tng-asd.txt After seeing everybody on the net posting all of their Trek stories, I felt like I had to try my hand at it. So, after many sleepless nights of NOT studying, here is my contribution. It's called... "A
tng-rapd.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation Rap Yo, listen hard... my RAP It's about that new show..., it be CRAP. It's about this new crew... ...with a ship that's FAST Not a single crew member... one
tngdrink.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation The Canonical Drinking Game Compiled by: Mark Yocom ( Special Thanks To: Raymond Chen ( Christopher Becker (cmbecker@spac
tnglostd.txt FLASH!!! Would you believe...that ST:TNG is a ripoff? Hard to believe, but true. Irwin Allen, of Lost In Space, Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants fame has filed a lawsuit against Gene Roddenberry charg
tngminid.txt STAR TREK : THE NEXT GENERATION Mini-Parodies Announcer : Next time, on an all new episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation... ...Troi overdoes it on chocolate... [Scene: Troi shoveling handfuls
tngmus2d.txt _STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION MUSICAL_ copyright 1991 Matthew Wayne Gertz (Permission to copy electronically and to print copies is granted, but not to sell.) PICARD: Captain's Log, Star Date Fifty-Fou
tngmusic.txt Star Trek : The Next Generation, The Musical by Ryan Mathews [Opening scene: standard exterior shot of the Enterprise in warp] Picard : Captain's Log, stardate 47239.8. The Enterprise is enroute to a rend
tngsongd.txt (To the tune of "Hello hello") LaForge . . . LaForge, LaForge! I don't know why you see UV, I see LaForge! (To the tune of "Feeling Groovy") Calm down, you shouldn't scoff it, We gotta make a little prof-it!
tngstory.txt How's this for a plotline - = The Ferrengi steal Data (after all, he IS a rare commodity that would go for quite a nice price) = The E goes into pursuit and catch up to the Ferrengi on an isolated planet
tngtitle.txt Here is the list of episodes for the new ST:TNG season along with a brief summary of each: Week 1: "Wesley the <CENSORED>head" Wesley contracts a venereal disease after intercourse in the engine room. Al
toafsdoc.txt STAR TREK: "The Once and Future Starship" 8/9/91 - TEASER 1. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION "The Once and Future Starship" TEASER FADE IN: EXT. SPACE - THE ENTERPRISE-C (OPTICAL) Scene is of d
toondoc.txt Toon Trek: The Next Generation Before we begin, let me cue in the uninformed. The characters below are to the classic Warner Brothers characters (Bugs, Daffy, et al.) what Picard & Co. are to Kirk & Co.
toonidoc.txt Back by nearly popular demand... Toon Trek: The Next Generation (For an explanation of the casting of this and other "Toon Trek" episodes, see the pilot episode, "Encounter at Wayouttharpoint", available
toonjdoc.txt Toon Trek: The Next Generation (For an explanation of the casting of this and other "Toon Trek" episodes, see the pilot episode, "Encounter at Wayouttharpoint", available soon in Chuan Chee's archives, o
toonkdoc.txt Toon Trek: The Next Generation (For an explanation of the casting of this and other "Toon Trek" episodes, see the pilot episode, "Encounter at Wayouttharpoint", available soon in Chuan Chee's archives, o
trd1doc.txt CHAPTER ONE Captain's log: Stardate 10001.2. Captain Pavel Checkov Reporting. We have been assigned patrol duty along the Romulan neutral zone. While the crew of the INTREPID is a bit nervous about the pr
trd2doc.txt CHAPTER SIX connect. <I said get up!> Riley felt a sharp pain in his waist, but he still couldn't move. <Are you deaf, Earthen slime-dog? You are supposed to be borite mining now.> Riley felt something gr
trdawn2d.txt Subject: Entire Repost: Romulan Dawn: Part II: Sender: (USENET News System) Date: 1 Aug 92 11:53:13 EDT I have had some trouble getting the files over from my mac to this machine but ho
trek-vdo.txt How many of you people remember the TV series V. They made two min-series with it. This little story is about the lizard-like aliens meeting the Enterprise. Nothing is What it Seems Part I Captains Log: We
trekactd.txt Please note that my e-mail address is different than the one listed on this month's FAQL and other lists. The only place where I'll receive mail is at MONTHLY LIST OF "TREK ACTORS' OTHER RO
trekanim.txt [This file is from the Sf-Lovers Archives at Rutgers University. It is provided as part of a free service in connection with distribution of Sf-Lovers Digest. This file is currently maintained by the
trekbook.txt Star Trek (The Original Series) Pocket Books' Books Guide --------- Version 8 --------- Last Updated: April 26, 1991 Produced by Richard Muirden Book back cover and front inside cover text (c) Copyright 197
trekbrit.txt Subject: Parody p.092: The Lost Generation Date: 18 Oct 90 03:09:48 GMT Royal Milename: p.092 Category: Star Trek (tm) parodies Title(s): Star Trek: The Lost Generation Auffor(s): Elliott Buchholz Newsgr
trekdriv.txt Subject: Star Trek -- The Driving Game Date: 17 Jan 92 04:17:41 GMT Star Trek: TNG -- The Driving Game Version 1.0 by Chris Josephes Okay here it is. We've heard of the Drin
trekdrnk.txt +|+|+|+|+| All New!! The Exciting, The Wonderful... |+|+|+|+|+ +|+|+|+|+|+|+| Star Trek Drinking Game |+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+ The rulers are simple. Simply load up on your favorite beverage, tun
trekepsd.txt These are a few of my favorite episodes of Star Trek, synopsized to the best of my memory. (There may be spoilers, but only if you haven't seen every episode of Star Trek ever made, in which case, shame
trekfaqd.txt PERIODIC LIST OF "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" in REC.ARTS.STARTREK (last updated 9/4/91) This posting is intended to cut down on the "often asked questions" that seem to pop up every few months in the re
trekhhgd.txt Part One, or was it the beginning? Setting: deep space. Space is really, really big, so big it bigger than you can think of big. I mean HUGE, unimaginably vast its ... Okay, okay!
trekmusd.txt Subject: STAR TREK MUSIC posting frequency poster/address Frequently Asked Questions List monthly Otto Heuer Star Trek Music monthly
trekquiz.txt STAR TREK TRIVIA QUIZ It's multiple choice, so feel free to make multiple choices. SCORE: 5 points for each question answered (correctly or incorrectly), 10 bonus points for reading the instructions. 0-4
trekship.txt S H I P S O F S T A R T R E K compiled by Kasey K.S. Chang Part F of THE ULTIMATE STAR TREK REFERENCE now includes information from _Star Trek Chronology_! Updated: 4/13/93 WHY SUCH A LIST? Originally
treksong.txt Here are some songs that were originally destined to go with the "Unfinished Parody" I posted earlier. At your next party, fire up the Karaoke and go wild! :-) "I'm Just the Counselor" ("I'm Just a Gigol
trekxmas.txt Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Christmas Story" Data: Strictly speaking, we are not the next generation, but two generations after the original series with Captain Kirk. Riker: So that makes us "Star Tr
trialdoc.txt David B. Mears Hewlett-Packard Cupertino CA hplabs!hpda!mears mears@hpda.HP.COM Trial and Error Star Trek: The Next Generation This story is based on characters created by Gene Roddenberry and copyright by Pa
tribbles.txt STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION The Wrath of the Tribbles Picard: Captain's Log, Stardate Some Meaningless Number. Having successfully completed our first season, we are headed for a much needed rest on th
tselar.txt Star Trek The Next Generation _T'Selar_ _Part_I_ By Patrick Parker, June 1992 The doctor was not wearing her blue and black Starfleet regulation medical uniform. Instead she wore a coarse, neutral
tselardo.txt Subject: CORRECTED REPOST; _T'Selar_ part 1 Date: 12 Jul 92 02:30:50 GMT Star Trek The Next Generation _T'Selar_ _Part_I_ By Patrick Parker, June 1992 The doctor was not wearing her blue and black S
tsynctng.txt Copyright Scott Hume 1992 In Counselor Troi's cabin, we see her sleeping as the camera dollies around her bed. We shift our point of view to the Bridge where Data and a small complement of Bridge crew w
unfairdo.txt Subject: STTUQ 1-5/15 repost Date: 4 Sep 92 13:42:34 GMT - STAR TREK --------------------------------------------------- - THE UNFAIR QUO --------------------------------------------------- Part One
usfpdoc.txt Our Story So Far: None you idiot, this is the first batch! __ __ _____ _____ ______ / // // ___// ___// __ / / // // /__ / /_ / /_/ / / // //__ // __/ / ____/ / // /___/ // / / / /____//____//_/ /_/ Th
vax2doc.txt >>>>> On 1 Oct 90 20:22:19 GMT, (Kevin Lowey) said: >> the Borg based their entire >> group consciousness machinery on...UNIX!! No wonder it was so easily >> defeated. > Kevin> Na,
vaxdoc.txt These are the voyages of the StarVAX ENTERP::, it's five-year mission: to explore strange new nodes, to seek out new protocols, new hardware- to boldly address where no call-request packet has been addr
vaxtrek2.txt VAX Trek VI The Book, The Film, The Video: "The Search For Spock" Episode 1: ---------- Jim: "....Where's Spock?" Sulu: "I'm sorry Captain, I don't know" Jim: "Looks like we'll have to go and search for him
vaxtrek3.txt Star Trek VIII, "The Voyage Home" Episode 1 --------- [In the background a few red jerseyed cleaning operatives can be seen... apparently clearing up the debris left by a wild and riotous party] Captain's
vaxtrekd.txt VAX Trek V The Movie: "The Crunchy Bits" These are the voyages of the VAXShip Enterkey..Its five cpu minute mission to seek out and destroy all slightly dodgy files...To boldly split infinitives wher
vigil1do.txt Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1992 21:07:44 EST Subject: STORY: The Vigilante I General disclaimers apply All poetry taken from _The Collected Poems_ of Robert W. Service with out permission but with great respect. All
vigil2do.txt Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1992 21:12:09 EST Subject: STORY: The Vigilante II General disclaimers apply All poetry taken from _The Collected Poems_ of Robert W. Service with out permission but with great respect. as
vigil3do.txt Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1992 21:13:44 EST Subject: STORY: The Vigilante IIIA General disclaimers apply All poetry taken from _The Collected Poems_ of Robert W. Service with out permission but with great respect.
vulcphil.txt Subject: Intro to Vulcan Philosophical Paper Date: 10 Jul 92 03:33:42 GMT ... ..... ....... Greetings. This is Ambassador T'Sinde. I will soon be posting a brief outline I've written called "
warpdoc.txt Subject: Warp Equation -- REVEALED! (LONG) Keywords: I figured it out -- well almost. > Skip Haughay writes: > Finally, the folks at Star Trek have released a pretty much definitive > guide of how everyt
warphist.txt Subject: History of Warp Sender: Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1993 03:22:16 GMT Here is my own compilation of the History of the Warp drive... Hope this would answer quite a few of the questions... :
waynedoc.txt Date: Monday, 27 Apr 1992 19:22:14 EDT Subject: Wayne's World/TNG Part One Here it is! I didn't have time to go over it, so it's just a rough copy. It's not strictly Wayne's World, there's some Bill and
wesley2d.txt [On the bridge of the Enterprise. Wesley in command.] WESLEY: Set parabolic course to avoid entering neutral zone. EXTRA: C
wesley3d.txt Scene 1: Transporter Room 3 (what happened to 1 and 2?) Riker: First Officer's Log, stardate 6.02x10^23. Transporter Chief "Potatoes" O'Brien discovered a serious problem with the transporter after he be
wesleydo.txt Picard: "Star Date 144565.09. We are in orbit around Gamma-Bingulese VI, and we have established no contact with the civilization there. I anxiously awaiting a script change so I can get on with this ep
whaledoc.txt Subject: Belly of the Whale - part 1 Date: 6 Apr 92 03:32:27 GMT I have finished eliminating all direct cross-references to Dune from an earlier story posted here last summer. I have also removed Wesley
wisdomdo.txt Subject: STORY: Wisdom of the Ancients 1 Date: 26 Jul 92 21:49:18 GMT _______________________________________________________ Open onto Enterprise warping through starfield, pan through to bridge as Picar
witnessd.txt Subject: STORY: The Witness, Part 1 Date: 24 Apr 92 14:40:23 GMT I've been batting this idea around in my head for about two months now, and I've finally mustered up the courage to post it. It's a ST:TN
witnesst.txt - This story came from the alt.startrek.creative archive on - - ( - -
worf2doc.txt "TAKE MY WORF, PLEASE" "Captain's Log, Stardate 3666.6. Very little to report. The Enterprise, enroute from Point A to Point B, continues, ah, continues enroute. Cmdr. Riker continues to recover from
worfdoc.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody "Worf in the Fold" Written by: Russell Billings (netless, Snail Mail only :-( ) Elizabeth Hildebrand (eahild01@ulkyvx.bitnet) David E. Brooks Jr. (brooks@corpane.UUCP) Rob
worldsdo.txt About a year ago, I was approached by someone who asked me to write a Star Trek parody to be performed at the Toronto Trek convention. I agreed. Although the deadline for the '90 con was too close, I tr
wraithdo.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody "The Wraith of Kahn" A LAST-PAT(1) Production. Written by: Rob Miracle (rwmira01@ulkyvx.bitnet) Elizabeth Muncy (ehmunc01@ulkyvx.bitnet) Russell Billings (
wrathdoc.txt Subject: A meetds D THE SEQUEL Date: 25 Feb 92 01:42:11 GMT A Meets D II, The Wrath of Spock By: Steve Tonner "Captain's log, stardate 3675.9. The enterprise has been ordered to the polaria cluster to inve
writersd.txt A Day with the STAR TREK Writers "Gee, guys, it's time we come up with a new script." "Aw, do we have to already? I haven't gotten over last week's script yet." "Yes, it's time. That's what we're gettin
writguid.txt Star Trek: The Next Parody Writer's Guide Copyright, Copywright, Copywrite and Copyrite (C) 1989, LAST-PAT Productions Star Trek: The Next Parody Page 1 Purpose: The purpose of t
yar2doc.txt "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A YAR" "Captain's Log, Stardate 3754.4. The Enterprise is enroute to the Lutefisk System, where we have been invited to attend a field-test of a new Federation bio-warfare system, wh
yardoc.txt ST:TNG Paradoy By: J. Helmann (JFH2309@RITVAX.Bitnet) Scene 1: -------- In a corridor on Deck 3, section D. Wesley Crusher rounds a corner and "bumps" into Yar. WESLEY: Oh wow, that felt good! YAR: Tha
yesterdo.txt Well, what follows is a parody of both TREK generations, espsecially the newer, which a friend and I did a few years back after the debut of TNG. It was written to appear as if it were a script proposal
zombiedo.txt Kirk: Captain's Personal Log. Stardate 8976.4. Due to certain incidents resulting in my demotion to Captain, the Enterprise has been reassigned to less provocative duties. I haven't summoned up the cou


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