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062794.htm Unofficial Summary of the Rush Limbaugh Show for Monday, June 27, 1994 by John Switzer This unofficial summary is copyright (c) 1994 by John Switzer. All Rights Reserved. These summaries are distributed o
10comman.htm This was left with us by one of the ICE-Arizona participants. I got it second hand and can't give the proper credit: The Ten Commandments of Chemistry Problems 1. Thou shalt read thy problem. 2. Whatsoe
93preds.htm The following is a CSICOP Press release scheduled for distribution to the media on 12/27/93. _ For more information contact: Barry Karr, CSICOP, 716-636-1425 BILL AND HILLARY CLINTON SEPARATE! MADONNA
abdinmnd.htm Date: Fri Nov 25 1994 19:13:00 Subj: New Scientist Article BAMA - NEW SCIENTIST - 19 November 1994 - Vol 144 No. 1952 Published by IPC Magazine
absurd00.htm Atrocities and Absurdities in the Bible And when the Lord thy God hath delivered it unto thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword: but the women, and the little ones, a
aidscnsp.htm [Note: You may want to see the two notes from Sysops at the end of this document before going on.] DESIGNER DISEASES AIDS As Biological & Psychological Warfare by Waves Forrest Despite repeated denials f
aidsinfo.htm Date: Sat May 14 1994 03:23:00 To: David Bloomberg Subj: Skepticism & AIDS SKEPTIC - Hi, David. I've just caught onto this thread, and I'm deep
aminospc.htm Date: Thu Jun 02 1994 21:06:00 Subj: Amino acids in space For educational purposes.... Arkansas Democrat-Gazette June 2, 1994 Page 10A Stargazers find building block of life adrift in galactic cloud The
anomaly0.htm Contradictions in the Bible Think not that I come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. - Matthew 10:28 ... all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. - Matthew 26:
argulgic.htm The following FAQ is brought to you from the Internet. Constructing a Logical Argument Although there is much argument on Usenet, the general quality of argument found is poor. This article attempts to
armegedn.htm The Bible on The End of the World But the end of all things is at hand... - 1 Peter 4:7 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now there are many anti
arp220do.htm FROM COMPUSERVE INFORMATION SERVICE, Space Forum, Library 17: Downloaded 6/27/92 Accesses: 913 Title : True-color Hubble image: Starburst Galaxy Arp 220 Keywords: STARBURST GALAXY HUBBLE ARP NASA True-co
astrleta.htm July 8, 1992 Voice of the People Chicago Tribune 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 To the Editor: It seems that every time I turn around, I hear another story about the "sorry state" of scientific knowl
astrlgyf.htm *[Note from David Bloomberg, Sysop of The Temples of Syrinx (FidoNet 233/12): This file is the Frequently Asked Questions list from the UseNet alt.astrology newsgroup. When reading this, remember that
astrolog.htm Date: 05-Apr-92 16:34 EDT Subj: FEA-National-Astrology By DONALD J. FREDERICK National Geographic For AP Special Features CHICAGO - More than one-third of American adults believe astrology has some s
astrotrv.htm ** Forwarded from "ASTRONOMY" ** (7847) Wed 25 Aug 93 19:56 By: Nick Stevens To: All Re: Astro Trivia 25 Aug 1993 Astronomy Trivia List: The following document is a collection of astronomcal trivia, collect
atheistd.htm Msg # 455 Date: 01 May 92 02:26:18 To: All Subj: Defining and labeling atheists _ There are more a-theists in the world than i
athfaq.htm Alt.Atheism Frequently Asked Questions Introduction This document contains responses to points which have been brought up repeatedly in the Usenet newsgroup alt.atheism. Points covered here are ones wh
athfaqxt.htm Introduction This document is a collection of miscellaneous "side notes" which are referenced by the main alt.atheism FAQ web. The material here is considered interesting, but not important enough to
ausguide.htm OCT 27 '94 AUST PSYCH SOCIETY 613 663 6177 The Australian Psychological Society Limited Guidelines Relating to Recovered Memories A CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT The Australian Psy
aynrandf.htm FAQ: Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Objectivism Archive-name: objectivism/faq Last-modified: 1994/09/16 Here is the current FAQ on Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. Please note the announcements at the en
badmed.htm Bad Medicine A Discussion of the New Morality By Bob Jones, III Humanity is sick, and "death is passed upon all men that all have sinned." History abounds with symptoms of the fatal disease-war, famine, la
bakerlet.htm Date: Sat Nov 20 1993 00:58:00 Subj: Comment/Correction, Dr. Baker ABDUCT - (Mutual UFO Network UFO Journal, Number 306, October 1993, Copyright
bbspagt2.htm SENT TO PRINT 8/9/91 2nd printing I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Represen
beaver.htm Date: Tue Mar 29 1994 00:17:00 To: All Subj: Big Beaver P_GEN - The following article appeared in the 3/27/94 edition of the Lincoln Journal
berlitz.htm Date: Wed Oct 06 1993 17:44:00 To: All Subj: BERLITZ UFO - ( Since Charles Berlitz is a figure in UFOlogy, I thought that this article on t
bibleerr.htm COMMENTARY THE FLOOD (Part One of a two-part series)-A topic that has always been of great interest to students of the Bible is the Flood, an alleged event more cataclysmic than any other natural di
biblwtch.htm Date: Fri Aug 20 1993 02:04:00 To: All Subj: Witchcraft POLITICS - Here is something I pickup off of another board: From "The Encyclopedia of Wi
bigbang.htm Date: 25-Apr-92 16:38 EDT Subj: Big Bang-Quotes "If you're religious, it's like looking at God." - Research team leader George Smoot, an astrophysicist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the Universit
bios.htm This is an extended caption of the GIF graphics file called BIOS.GIF. Image and caption are courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. FIRST IMAGE OF THE GLOBAL BIOSPHERE This illustration of the glo
breasthp.htm Date: Fri May 27 1994 13:00:50 AP 05/27 09:17 EDT V0838 FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Forget silicone, says a hypnotist who ran newspaper ads saying he could help women develop larger breasts through the pow
britfals.htm Report dismisses Satanic child abuse as a myth by Hugh Muir This material posted 9 June 1994 by Clive Feather Clive D.W. Feather | Santa Cruz Operation | If you lie to the compiler,
britorig.htm Origins in Book of Revelations There was a sharp reaction from evangelical Christians last night to the suggestion that they were to blame for spreading the myth of satanic abuse [writes Damian Thompson
canguid.htm To: MIT.EDU!witchhunt Date: Sat, 12 Nov 94 14:48 EST Cc:!fina012 (c) The Buffalo News, 11/7/94, pg. 7. Guidelines May Restrict Repressed Memories For Sexual Abuse Convictions; U
cbs-sun.htm Date: 8 Jul 93 10:02:15 To: All Subj: Exposing CBS Part 1 of 7 _ By Tom Malone The gospel according to Andy Warhol promises that
chac06.htm EARTH CHANGES 006C-Comments from the People-Effective 10-1-94 File # CHAC06.htm-The update for CHAND4.htm has been broken into 3 files with this file containing updates for Sect. V, VI, VII, and VIII
chac07.htm EARTH CHANGES 007C-Comments from the People-Effective 11-1-94 File # CHAC07.htm-This is the update for CHAC06.htm. The section on COMMENTS contains observations and predictions from the people who a
chad06.htm EARTH CHANGES 006-Dated Prophesies-Effective 10-1-94 File # CHAD06.htm-The update for Earth Changes 005 (CHAND4.htm) has been broken into 3 files with this file containing updates for Sect. I & II of
chad07.htm EARTH CHANGES 007-Dated Prophesies-Effective 10-26-94 File # CHAD07.htm- This file contains prophesies of 22 people with approx. due date of occurrence during Earth Changes of the Tribulation time.
challeng.htm Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 01:53:26 -0400 Subject: A Challenge [Here's a piece I thought you folks might find of interest. I intend to do something with it as soon as I figure out who might care.... JR] A CH
chand4.htm EARTH CHANGES 005-Time Schedule -Effective 9-13-94 File # CHAND4.htm-This update file contains a listing of the prophesies of 28 voices regarding upcoming Earth Changes compiled by predicted date of
chanela0.htm Earth Changes / Body Changes-001 -Effective 8-30-94- CHANEL.A01 This file is a montage of 23 prophetic voices speaking on the changes that will occur within our bodies during the upcoming tribulatio
channelc.htm SKEPTICS CHALLENGE TRANCE-CHANNELERS TO BE TESTED, URGE PUBLIC TO BE CAUTIOUS LOS ANGELES - The Executive Council of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP)
chau06.htm EARTH CHANGES 006U-Undated Prophesies-Effective 10-1-94 File # CHAU06.htm-The update for EARTH CHANGES 005 (CHAND4.htm) has been broken into 3 files. This file contains updates for Sect. III & IV of
chiroqak.htm Date: Thu Aug 25 1994 23:28:00 Subj: Chiropractic Quackery Exerpts from "A Consumer's Guide to Alternative Medicine: A Close Look at Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Faith-Healing, and Other Unconventional
chnela04.htm EARTH CHANGES 002-TIME SCHEDULE-Revised 7-31-94 CHANEL.A04 This file contains the prophesies of 23 voices regarding upcoming Earth Changes. These are compiled by the predicted date of the event and by s
cis.htm #: 250342 S10/Paranormal Issues 04-Mar-92 23:25:26 Sb: CSICOP revealed Fm: Richard Broughton 72070,1677 To: ALL For anyone interested in CSICOP and the folks who run it: "CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overvi
clementi.htm Date: Wed Feb 23 1994 12:08:00 Subj: Clementine The DSPSE mission involves approximately two months in lunar orbit and then departure on a trajectory that will cause the spacecraft to pass by the as
comments.htm Commentary on the Bible and Christianity As a literary monument the Bible is of much later origin than the Vedas; as a work of literary value it is surpassed by everything written in the last two thousan
consprot.htm CONSUMER PROTECTION FOR PSYCHIC FRAUD by Michael K Botts, Attorney at Law 421 W. 87th Street, Suite 1 P.O. Box 33008 Kansas City, Missouri 64114 (816) 444-8615 [Michael Botts is the Secretary of CSICOP's Le
courheal.htm SELF-HELP AUTHORS FREED FROM LIABILITY; SUIT INVOLVING INCEST CLAIMS CONTINUES San Francisco Chronicle (SF) - TUESDAY, September 6, 1994 By: Katy Butler, Chronicle Staff Writer Edition: FINAL Secti
crybabyp.htm "CRYBABY" By Philip J. Klass Philip J. Klass is a member of the Executive Council, Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). [Note: This article, written
cryonics.htm [The following was originally posted to USENET's news.answers and sci.cryonics newsgroups in 9 parts. Message headers and .signatures have been removed for clarity.] Xref: sci.cryonics:609 ne
csicop1m.htm Article #2 (21 is last): Subject: Welcome to the CSICOP Electronic News Stand. Date: Wed Jul 8 01:13:47 1992 About C.S.I.C.O.P. The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
daypray.htm To: All Sub: 05-may-94 Nat'l Day of Fear (Prayer) Date: 10 May 94 11:29:02 - How I Spent My National Day Of Fear The company that I work at had an employee put together an employee prayer meeting
dbunkgth.htm Date: Fri Jun 24 1994 00:00:00 Subj: Debunkers Gather DEBUNKERS GATHER ON ANNIVERSARY OF FIRST UFO SIGHTING 06/21/94 PORTLAND OREGONIAN It must be in the stars. On the 47th anniversary of the "flyi
dc-x.htm * Forwarded from "SB-NASA_NEWS" * Originally by Dan Dubrick * Originally to All * Originally dated 23 Sep 1993, 13:51 Part 1 of 2 Space Access Update #20 9/20/93 (Formerly "DC-X Update") Copyright 1993 by S
dcskeps.htm * Originally by Sheppard Gordon * Originally dated 7 Jul 1993, 11:17 Doubting Thomases, One & All; A Fun-Loving Congregation Of Washington-Area Skeptics Byline: Bill Sautter 06/08/90 THE WASHINGTON POST Do
defndsec.htm Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 21:34:00 Subj: In Defense of Humanism Free Inquiry Issue: Spring 1994 (Vol. 14 No. 2) Title: A Statement: In Defense of Secularism A Statement: In Defense of Secularism American
demonsdo.htm Doctors And Demons By James W. Williamson, M.D. The progress of science in general and medicine in particular has been greatly hindered by religion. A historical overview will show the negative relationsh
dollarma.htm THE "MASONIC" DOLLAR BILL INTRO NOTE: The Great Seal of the United States can be easily viewed on the back of a one-dollar bill. Although the colors mentioned in this article won't be visible, it is st
drakeeqn.htm From the SETI Institute ... THE DRAKE EQUATION How can we estimate the number of technological civilizations that might exist among the stars? While working as a radio astronomer at the National Radio Ast
drdebunk.htm Date: Thu Jun 16 1994 00:00:24 Subj: Paul Kurtz P_SKEPTIC - DR. DEBUNKER PHILOSOPHER PAUL KURTZ HAS BUILT AN EMPIRE ON SKEPTICAL INQUIRY 06/12/94 BU
dtn.htm MONROE TECHNIQUES FOR ASTRAL PROJECTION Note: After having studied many methods of Astral Projection, I have found that this is the easies to do. Monroe teaches these techniques in a week, but they can
duesbrg1.htm Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: Correlation but not causation by PETER H. DUESBERG ABSTRACT AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome defined by a severe d
duesbrg2.htm AIDS epidemiology: Inconsistencies with human immunodeficiency virus and with infectious disease by PETER H. DUESBERG ABSTRACT The newly defined syndrome AIDS includes 25 unrelated par
eclipse.htm (1015) Sun 31 Mar 91 8:44 By: Michael Corbin To: All Re: Eclipses In History St: @MSGID: 1:104/428 3f88bfda * Forwarded from "Astronomy" * Originally from Bruce Watson * Originally dated 03-29-91 13:42 [From
elfcancr.htm Power-Frequency Fields and Cancer (J. Moulder, v8, 17-Nov-93) Notice: This FAQ sheet may be redistributed as long at remains correctly attributed. If it is edited or condensed prior to redistribution
endworld.htm SUBJECT: RTw 10/28 0907 POLICE CLASH WITH S. KOREAN DOOMSDAY CROWDS (Eds. Updates with disturbances) By Andrew Steele SEOUL, Oct 28, Reuter - Police clashed with rowdy crowds outside a Seoul church on W
englisha.htm Report Dismisses Satanic Child Abuse as a Myth by Hugh Muir This material posted 9 June 1994 by Clive Feather Clive D.W. Feather | Santa Cruz Operation | If you lie to the compiler,
ettechdt.htm Date: Sun Dec 26 1993 21:59:00 To: All Subj: Detectability THE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF THE ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY OF THE ATLANTIC Volume 5, Number 5 - December 1993 [....] The Electronic Journal of the
exorcise.htm 02/03 0243 AUSTRALIAN WOMAN DIES DURING FOUR-DAY EXORCIS MELBOURNE, Feb 3, Reuter - An Australian woman died from internal injuries during a four-day exorcism in a remote country town in the state of Vi
exorcsmm.htm Date: Mon Jan 31 1994 23:57:00 To: All Subj: Exorcism update SKEPTIC - From "Sunday Times" Perth Western Australia, Sunday, January 30th, 1994
exorpsyc.htm From the 10/9/93 Chicago Tribune: Psychologist loses license for exorcism PHOENIX-A state board revoked the Arizona license of a psychologist who says he successfully exorcized angry spirits from a 10-y
fabproph.htm This text copyright (c) 1993 by Jim Lippard, 2930 E. 1st St., Tucson, AZ 85716 ( Permission is granted to redistribute this file electronically provided this notice is retained. The Fab
faclcomm.htm file:// From _Skeptic_ vol. 2, no. 3, 1994, pp. 68-76. The following article is copyright (c) 1994 by the Skeptics So
facts007.htm Facts About the Bible 1. John 3:2 refers to Jesus Christ as "Rabbi," but teachers of the Jewish law were not called Rabbis until after the destruction of the Temple in 70 e.v. Jesus was supposed to have
fallacy.htm To: Subject: Re: Frog Argument file Date: Fri, 1 May 92 18:48:52 PDT In article <704687443.36@wyrm.rbbs-net.ORG> you write: > As a great fan of condensed education, I r
fcapa.htm Resolution on Facilitated Communication by the American Psychological Association Adopted in Council, August 14, 1994, Los Angeles, CA Facilitated communication (FC) has been widely adopted throughout Nor
fellsshr.htm Thought witch hunts went out of style with the end of the 17th century? Read the following story and find out about what a modern witch hunt is. Scary? Then send our government the message: END THE
fumelady.htm * Originally by Uucp, 1:104/422 * Originally to Michael Corbin, 1:104/428 * Originally dated 24 Feb 1994, 15:26 Authorities Puzzled By Fumes AP 02/23 03:37 EST V0692 Copyright 1994. The Associated Press. A
fumerep.htm from the Associated Press, 9/3/94: Report discounts 'mystery' patient fumes LOS ANGELES-Hospital workers who fainted after smelling mysterious fumes while treating a dying patient probably were just suf
galileo.htm (15) Tue 3 Nov 92 0:13 By: Don Allen To: All Re: Vatican & Galileo ** Forwarded from Usenet ** Article 25597 of sci.physics: barr!ames!agate!!!sichase Subject: NEWS: Galileo Cle
genius.htm file:// From _Skeptic_ vol. 2, no. 1, 1993, pp. 42-45. The following articles are copyrig
ghostsut.htm Date: Sat Oct 23 1993 11:29:00 To: All Subj: Ghostly Lawsuit #1 APn 10/23 0618 Ghostly Lawsuit Copyright, 1993. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. NEWPORT, Ky. (AP) - A mystery man name
goodman.htm SCIENTIFIC INFERENCE AND GOODMAN'S PARADOX by Mark Hodes Everyone knows that scientists are impartial, disinterested observers who examine raw data, notice regularities, and formulate general laws by a we
gulfwars.htm Date: Wed Jul 06 1994 00:00:16 Subj: Bandwagon Syndrome SKEPTIC - The band wagon syndrome Byline: Jim Schnabel 07/03/94 DENVER POST A subversion o
hallowen.htm (182) Sat 26 Sep 92 17:24 By: Christopher Baker To: Dan Eastman Re: The Origins of Halloween [this is available as an orange flyer/handout from American Atheist Press as their stock #8377, 20 for $2.00.
hoaxhist.htm Date: Thu Sep 16 1993 09:41:16 Subj: History of Hoaxes UFO - Books: Putting panties on pets 05/02/92 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH London HOAXERS AND THE
homeobgs.htm From the State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL), 1/30/94, Science Notes section: French experiment was bogus Five years ago the prestigious British journal Nature published results of a French experimen
homeoqst.htm Date: Mon Jan 24 1994 00:19:22 To: Steve Zadarnowski Subj: Re: Holographic internons Attr: SKEPTIC - SZ> I told her I'd gladly take any poison
houdini.htm Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 21:39:00 To: All Subj: Houdini News P_SKEPTIC - UPn 10/21 1456 Annual Houdini seance to be held in Cincinnati CINCINNATI
humanist.htm :Date: 20 Dec 90 08:14:26 PST :From: Rick_Moen@f207.n914.z8.RBBS-NET.ORG (The Skeptic's Board BBS) :To: SKEPTIC@YORKVM1.BITNET :Subj: Skeptics and Humanists The time has come, the Walrus said,
hvyelem.htm For Immediate Release! WORLD'S HEAVIEST ELEMENT DISCOVERED The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by physicists in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory materials sciences grou
iconstol.htm Date: Mon Jul 18 1994 00:06:00 To: All Subj: Weeping Icon SKEPTIC - Questions of Belief Arise Once Again Over `Weeping Icon' Insurer, for One,
ignobel.htm Date: Mon Oct 18 1993 15:02:00 To: All Subj: Ig Nobel - A CELEBRATING THE IG NOBELEST OF THEM ALL The Scientific Method: There's Madness in It 10/11/93 Newsday HE COULD MAKE a radio out of a coconut
ignobel9.htm The mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR") Issue Number 1995-06 October, 1994 ISSN 1076-500X The mini-journal of inflated research and personalities published by The Annals of Improbable Research
intro000.htm A Call to Heresy - Second Edition Containing Biblical Quotations Regarding Women, Sex, Slavery, Race, and the End of the World, as well as a Collection of Contradictions, Atrocities and Absurdities, Bib
introath.htm An Introduction to Atheism Written by mathew <> with help from Michael Wang <> This article attempts to provide a general introduction to atheism. Whilst I hav
itbghlet.htm David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 August 16, 1994 Letters to the Editor Illinois Times P.O. Box 3524 Springfield, IL 62708 To the Editor: I read the allegations about Bovine Growth Hormone (B
itcultsa.htm REALL Letterhead David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 (XXX) XXX-XXXX October 25, 1993 Letters to the Editor Illinois Times P.O. Box 3524 Springfield, IL 62708 To the Editor: Wendy Stasell'
judastro.htm ASTROLGY BIBLIO - astrology-and-judaism-biblio.htm TAGGING CONVENTIONS Characters that are not part of the safe low ASCII set have been tagged. This will allow users of this document to search and re
jupcomet.htm Date: 21 Oct 93 05:05:13 GMT Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1993 15:08:40 GMT CONTACT: Ray Villard, STScI FOR RELEASE: October 18, 1993 (410) 338-4514 PRESS RELEASE NO.: STScI-PR93-22 Dr. Harold Weaver (410) 338-5004 H
jwgen.htm Authors: Walter Smith (, Alan M. Feuerbacher ( Title: Jehovah's Witnesses in General By Walter Smith: On the subject of the Jehovah's Witnesses / Watchtower
liars.htm Date: Sun Apr 25 1993 00:56:10 To: All Subj: Liars 1 Attr: UFO - * Forwarded from "HUMAN" * Originally by Benoit Touchette * Originally to
makingof.htm Robert Sheaffer Box 10441 San Jose, CA 95157 May, 1991 The Making of the Messiah New Book Confronts Christianity with its Greatest Challenge in Decades A new book scheduled for November, 1991 publication
marsobs1.htm Date: Fri Aug 27 1993 13:51:02 Subj: Mars Observer PI #1 1/ SKEPTIC - The following is the first of three articles posted to USENET's
marsobs2.htm Date: Fri Aug 27 1993 00:00:00 Subj: Mars Observer PI #2 1/ SKEPTIC - This is the second message by the Mars Observer Principle investigator, Mi
marsobs3.htm Date: Fri Aug 27 1993 14:15:00 Subj: Mars Observer PI #3 1/ SKEPTIC - This is the third and final article by Mars Observer Principle Investigato
marsscnc.htm From _SCIENCE_, Vol. 261, Sept. 10, 1993, p. 1392: A Face-Off on Mars Although the silence from the Mars Observer was deafening, and the atmosphere inside the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was one of q
marsvibe.htm Date: Fri Feb 25 1994 14:10:10 To: Don Allen Subj: TESTING SKEPTIC - 'Loving vibes' can't make Mars Observer speak up Probe still lost in space
masshyst.htm Date: Sun Apr 03 1994 19:10:00 Subj: Mass hysteria UFO - Some more information on "Mass Hysteria" follows. Thanks to Robert Sheaffer - Scept
meteors.htm International Meteor Organization 1993 Meteor Shower Calendar compiled by Alastair McBeath, based on contributions from Malcolm Currie, Dieter Heinlein, Andre Knoefel, and Ralf Koschack. prepared for Usen
militia.htm Date: Wed Nov 02 1994 07:55:00 To: Crackpot Subj: Militia POLITICS - CHICAGO TRIBUNE DATE: Monday, October 31, 1994 SOURCE: By George de Lama,
mini-air.htm The mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR") Issue Number 1994-07 November, 1994. ISSN 1076-500X Key words: science humor,improbable research,Ig Nobel The mini-journal of inflated research and per
mini1994.htm The mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR") Issue Number 1994-08 December, 1994 ISSN 1076-500X Key words: science,humor,improbable research,Ig Nobel The mini-journal of inflated research and person
ncahflgl.htm ***** Pamphlet from the National Council against Health Fraud ***** AVOIDING LEGAL PROBLEMS Combatting health fraud, quackery, and misinformation understandably exposes activists to an increased risk of
ncsebbs1.htm Article #1 (26 is last): Subject: About the National Center for Science Education Date: Tue Sep 1 06:30:33 1992 Welcome to the offical computer bulletin-board of The National Center for Science Educ
neshoax2.htm The State Journal-Register March 16, 1994 via The Associated Press Researchers say famed 'Nessie' photo a hoax LONDON - The purported Loch Ness monster pictured in a famous 1934 photo was just a toy subma
nessfish.htm Loch Ness monster could really be lost Baltic sturgeon Associated Press, 1/2/94 LONDON-Forget the leftover dinosaur theory. The legendary Loch Ness monster may be nothing more than a lovelorn Baltic st
nesshoax.htm Date: Tue Mar 15 1994 21:43:26 To: All Subj: Nessie Hoax? SKEPTIC - Chicago Tribune, 3/14/94 via Reuters Nessie the monster only 'a little joke,
newrockt.htm Date: Wed Sep 15 1993 13:33:04 Subj: "new rocket" 1/2 UFO - In the interest of clearing up some misconceptions about what was and was not invo
noftl.htm From _The Science Gap: Dispelling the Myths and Understanding the Reality of Science_, by Dr. Milton A. Rothman (former professor of physics at Trenton State College and former research physicist at th
nostgulf.htm Nostradamus _1991 Steve Englehart These are the Nostradamus quatrains that SEEM to have a bearing on the rest of the century. I emphasize "seem" because they're all open to varying degrees of interpre
nutindxs.htm Date: Thu May 13 1993 11:18:02 To: All The following has been posted several times on the Internet. Unfortunately, I have lost the message headers which give the original poster's name. THE CRACKPOT
obsrpt.htm Donald L. Savage Headquarters, Washington, D.C. January 5, 1994 (Phone: 202/358-1547) James Gately Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. (Phone: 202/767-2541) RELEASE: 94-1 MARS OBSERV
pepshoax.htm Date: Wed Jan 12 1994 11:44:32 P_SKEPTIC - NEW YORK (AP) - More than a few Americans seized on a report in early June of a syringe found in a can of
phobeami.htm Fast Phobia Cure (also known as 6-Minute Phobia Cure) The basic pattern is as follows: Find or select the earliest memory of the response (the triggering event, if known); dissociate two or more levels;
phobosen.htm Date: Tue Jan 31 1989 13:44:46 To: All Subj: The final moments of Phobos 2 Attr: ASK_UFO - * Forwarded from "ParaNet Skeptics Conference" * O
physics.htm (127) Sun 17 May 92 0:29 By: Don Allen To: Jerry Woody Re: Physics-FAQ 1/9 St: @EID:116b 01d0e979 @MSGID: 1:363/29 458106d3 ** Forwarded from Usenet ** Article 15701 of sci.physics: Subject: Frequently Aske
planets.htm Original From: SCOTT HAGIE To: ALL Date/Number: 02/27/94 - 0000062 On: MERCOPUS - 0724 - Astronomy-IN I pulled this off the Internet, and found it VERY interesting. NEW YORK (AP) - As Archimedes said, Eur
pmotion1.htm (word processor parameters LM=1, RM=70, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 PMOTION1.ASC This is a story from a book called FOI
pmotion2.htm (word processor parameters LM=1, RM=70, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 PMOTION2.ASC This is a story from a book called FOI
pmotion3.htm (word processor parameters LM=1, RM=70, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 PMOTION3.ASC This is a story from a book called FOI
polyfail.htm Date: Sun Feb 27 1994 09:21:10 To: All Subj: Ames Passed Polygraph POLITICS - As seen on a wire service Saturday, February 26, 1994; Report: Ame
polygrph.htm * Originally by Sheppard Gordon * Originally to All * Originally dated 28 Aug 1993, 10:24 [Beating a polygraph machine is easy. This text file suggests some simplistic strategies. No one should consider i
predicts.htm Press Release - December 1990 - For Immediate Release Contacts: Yves Barbero 415-285-4358 Robert Steiner 415-235-5516 Robert Sheaffer 408-379-2854, 408-492-2000 Bay Area Skeptics, 4030 Moraga, San F
preds91.htm Yves Barbero 415-285-4358 Robert Steiner 415-235-5516 Robert Sheaffer 408-379-2854 (For Immediate Release) PSYCHICS' PREDICTIONS FIZZLE FOR 1991 Saddam Hussein was not killed in an accidental nuclear e
prnmllet.htm Date: Fri Oct 15 1993 09:40:20 To: All Subj: A quick note to a publisher. Attr: SKEPTIC - Greetings, all. I am rather new to this echo, yet I
proper_c.htm Proper Criticism by Ray Hyman Since the founding of CSICOP in 1976, and with the growing number of localized skeptical groups, the skeptic finds more ways to state his or her case. The broadcast and prin
prophdsc.htm Date: 11 Apr 94 18:23:39 GMT Hi folks. Here follows the opening disclaimer from NBC's "Ancient Prophecies", which was repeated last night (4-10-94): The following is not a news program or a documentary.
proveneg.htm Article 36875 of sci.skeptic: Subject: Proving Negatives and the Paranormal 1/8 Sender: Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1993 15:20:33 GMT X-Mailer: PSILink-DOS (3.4) The following is from the _Skept
psydtlet.htm November 8, 1992 Voice of the People Chicago Tribune 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 To the Editor: In the subtitle of your story, "Weird Science" about "psychic detectives" (Tempo, October 27), the q
quackthr.htm Date: Wed Jan 13 1993 10:27:48 Subj: Characterization of quack theories * Forwarded by Rich Veraa * Original From: Russell Turpin, * Original Date: Jan 07 10:51 -*- Listening to
rah9411.htm _ _ _ _ _ / _ / / \ \ \ \ \ / _\/_ \ / /_/ /andom / /\ \ccess \ \_\ \umor | |_| | / _ _/ / _ \ \ _ \ \_ \_/ / / \ \
randcult.htm file:// From _Skeptic_ vol. 2, no. 2, 1993, pp. 74-81. The following article is copyright (
randguid.htm Objectivism Resource Guide (ORG) Archive-Name: objectivism/resources Posting-Frequency: fortnightly Last-Modified: 1994/09/19 Jay Allen's OBJECTIVISM RESOURCE GUIDE (ORG) VERSION 4.
randi.htm From Skeptic vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 1992, pp. 22-31. The following article is copyright (c) 1992 by the Skeptics Society, 2761 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001, (818) 794-3119. Permission has been gr
randi2.htm To: Date: 21 Oct 93 11:28:08 EDT Subject: Geller in Australia Status: OR When Erich von Daniken (author of "Chariots of the Gods?" and other such trashy but highly successf
reasonpe.htm Voodoo and Violence An Interview with Penn Jilette by Steve Kurtz The recent calls by Attorney General Janet Reno and Sen. Paul Simon (D- Ill.) to limit and regulate media violence init
religqot.htm Sat 24 Oct 92 20:36 By: David Rice To: All Re: Founders Quotes, #1 "The New Testament, they tell us, is founded upon the prophecies of the Old; if so, it must follow the fate of its foundation.'' [Thomas Pa
relsciae.htm Religion and Science by Albert Einstein Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with the satisfaction of deeply felt needs and the assuagement of pain. One has to keep this const
resdefn.htm Found on the SKEPTIC mail list: RESEARCH DEFINITIONS The following phrases, frequently found in technical writings, are defined here for your edification and enlightenment. This list was plagiarized from
rileyfaq.htm Frequently Asked Questions on Riley G This is a FAQ concerning Riley G and his multitudinous posts. All suggestions for additions to and revisions of this FAQ are welcome. Current: 8/11/93 Contents 0.
rsnhealr.htm Chicago Tribune 1/10/94 Some Russian voters put faith in superstar healer Associated Press NEW YORK-Like the legendary Siberian mystic Grigory Rasputin, faith-healing superstar Anatoly Kashpirovsky is gett
rune1194.htm =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= RUNE'S RAG - Your Best Electronic MagaZine Dedicated to Writers and Readers of every Genr
sci-ig.htm Date: Wed Jul 06 1994 00:00:26 Subj: Ignorant about science SKEPTIC - SCIENCE POLL PROVIDES THOUGHT FOR ANTHROPOLOGISTS 07/03/94 The Columbus Dispa
science.htm SCIENTOTLGY CRITIQUE SHEET A Publication of Apologetic Research Coalition INCORPORATED NAME: Church of Scientology COMMON DESCRIPTORS: Scientology, Dianetics, International Association of Scientologists
scimyths.htm Date: Tue Apr 19 1994 13:52:10 To: All Subj: Myths About Science 1/3 SKEPTIC - From THE SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, FALL 1989 p.25-34 MYTHS ABOUT SCIEN
sciwitch.htm file:// From _Skeptic_ vol. 1, no. 4, Winter 1992, pp. 34-43. The following article is copyright (c) 1992 b
seattlec.htm Date: Thu Jun 16 1994 00:00:30 Subj: Seattle Conventions UFO - PSEUDOSCIENCE, SKEPTICISM TO MAKE A CLOSE ENCOUNTER 06/12/94 THE SEATTLE TIM
setiaccl.htm PUBLIC APPEAL BY ARTHUR C. CLARKE FOR RESTORATION OF NASA's HRMS SETI PROJECT The following message was faxed to me today by Arthur C. Clarke from his home in Sri Lanka. This is in response to our recen
sex002.htm The Bible on Sex It is good for a man not to touch a woman. - 1 Corinthians 7:1 For there are some eunuchs which were so born from their mother's womb; and there are some eunuchs which were made eunuchs o
shcinf.htm Subject: Re: SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION Date: 18 Nov 1993 17:31:38 GMT What Spontaneous human combustion refers to is where people have been found burned to death but nearby bits of furniture (eg the c
shtlboom.htm Date: Sun Jul 03 1994 14:29:00 To: All Subj: NASA and Sonic Booms BAMA - Space Shuttles and Sonic Booms One of the most distinctive feature
sjraltmd.htm [This letter was printed on Sept. 12, with minor editing.] REALL Letterhead David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 (XXX) XXX-XXXX August 25, 1993 The State Journal-Register One Copley Pla
sjrs-has.htm David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 November 2, 1994 The State Journal-Register One Copley Plaza Springfield, IL 62705 To the Editor: With election time here, many people are making decisions
skepbox.htm Date: Thu Aug 19 1993 11:26:00 To: All Subj: Skeptic Conf Starts today UFO - ONE THING'S FOR SURE, DOUBTERS WILL GATHER 08/16/93 PORTLAND OR
skepcon2.htm From the Chicago Tribune, 6/26/94: Outer space creatures need not apply on Earth Associated Press TUKWILA, Wash.-So you believe Earth has been visited by unidentified flying objects and the evidence has
skepcon3.htm Date: Tue Jun 28 1994 00:00:02 Subj: Knowledge gap=disaster SKEPTIC - Knowledge gap is formula for disaster, Sagan says 06/26/94 The Ottawa Citize
skepcon4.htm Date: Tue Jun 28 1994 00:00:04 Subj: Skeptic Convention SKEPTIC - CONVENTION OF SKEPTICS 06/25/94 THE SEATTLE TIMES Ever been kidnapped by a UFO? Be
skepcon5.htm Date: Tue Jun 28 1994 00:00:08 Subj: Mack at Skeptic conf. SKEPTIC - Skeptics eager to debunk claims of alien abductions 06/25/94 Seattle Times Jo
skepdbnk.htm Date: Mon Aug 02 1993 02:24:26 UFO - Don, you mentioned a distinction, extremely popular in this echo, between skeptics and debunkers. I reall
skepticd.htm Date: Fri Dec 18 1992 18:39:08 P_SKEPTIC - WHAT IS A SKEPTIC? Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary gives this definition: skeptic n [L or Gk; L s
skepticf.htm Archive-name: skeptic-faq Last-modified: 94/08/04 Version: skeptic-faq.text 1.18 The Frequently Questioned Answers ================================= Introduction This is the sci.skeptic FAQ. It i
skeptics.htm file:// From _Skeptic_ vol. 1, no. 1, 1992, pp. 15-21. The following article is copyri
slavery0.htm The Bible on Slavery and Race Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. - Romans 13:1 Servants, obey in all things your
strecker.htm Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 18:35:20 To: Sweet Sue Subj: Skepticism & AIDS SKEPTIC - In a msg to Tyler A. Wunder on <Apr 23 15:52>, Sweet Sue of 93:
subscrip.htm Support the ARTS. Save a TREE, no paper - buy Electronic Magazines! If you are reading this ON-LINE, simply write down the information and mail to the address below! SUBSCRIPTIONS: You can have RUNE
sysopfrm.htm PLEASE, I need YOUR *help* supporting the authors who write for RUNE'S RAG.
taken4xt.htm Msg # 371 Date: 01 Jun 92 18:55:52 To: All Subj: Wicca Parts 1 & 2 _ [cross-posted from NEW_AGE_ECHO] [originally poste
taoshuma.htm Chicago Tribune, 12/26/93 Mystery hum drives some Taos residents to distraction, others to disbelief By Hugh Dellios TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER TAOS, N.M.-Two years ago, Paul Loumena and Alexandra Lorraine left
teachkid.htm Date: Wed Aug 17 1994 21:28:00 Subj: Secular Humanist Kids 1 Magazine: Free Inquiry Issue: Summer 1994 (vol. 14 no. 3) Title: So What Do You Teach Your Kids? Author: Tom Malone The first question Chris
theist15.htm THE UNACKNOWLEDGED REVOLUTION "Why do we exist?" Secular Answer: Religious Revolution Humanity's most ancient intellectual constructs are its religions. As is well known, all religious beliefs have, ove
theologn.htm (Page 2) JESUS' SINLESSNESS. Although some of the NT (New Testament) says Jesus was sinless, eg. 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:l5, elsewhere it is strongly hinted that he had sinned. Why else would he
theoryde.htm Date: Mon May 03 1993 17:26:14 UFO - [This text originally used in discussion of definition of "hypothesis" vs. "theory". - D.B. ] From _Colleg
thinking.htm THINKING WELL AND THINKING LOGICALLY by Mark Hodes I. The Thesis The literature of skepticism has generated its share of cliches. Skeptics claim to use scientific reasoning, to think logically, to be guide
timetrvl.htm Time Travel and the Laws of Physics An Exercise in Speculation by Joey Swails (c) 1992 Wouldn't it be wonderful if travel to another time was possible. Time travel has been a mainstay of fantasy and scien
turinasc.htm SOILED LINEN TURIN.ASC by William Bennetta The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot-long piece of linen that bears two full-length images; one a front view, the other a rear
uriloses.htm To:!broadcast-geller-hotline Date: Tue, 25 Oct 1994 13:34:12 -0400 For Immediate Release For Further Information, Contact: Michael Powers at 800-853-7545 Alleged "Psychic" Uri Geller loses libel
usgsdows.htm * Originally From: (John DeLaughter) * Originally Posted: sci.skeptic * Original Subject: Re: Water dowsing * Originally Dated: 5 Oct 1994 01:53:46 GMT In response to several req
vampirel.htm Subject: Re: I did the mash Date: 8 Nov 93 17:44:59 GMT In article <mdntobINN2k7@appserv.Eng.Sun.COM> linden@positive.Eng.Sun.COM (Peter van der Linden) writes: >MONSTER EATS KILLED BY
veggie.htm Date: Sat Apr 30 1994 22:25:26 To: Frank Hudson Subj: Vegetarianism SCI&TECH - In a msg to Joseph Simkins on <Apr 20 22:25>, Frank Hudson of 3:
vitaprov.htm FDA: Supplements must prove claims ASSOCIATED PRESS, Chicago Tribune, 12/30/93 WASHINGTON-Beginning this summer, dietary supplements can't claim they prevent cancer or alleviate AIDS, thwart hair loss or
walskep.htm 91Sep08 4:17 pm from Cyberelf @ C-86 Test System _ MN Hello, Backfence. 91Sep09 7:22 pm from John Logajan @ C-86 Test System _ MN Dominic Duvall - debunking is the proposing of alternate explanations.
warnke.htm Files in this archive: CONTENTS You're reading it now FORMAT.NOT General notes on composition and structure of textfiles WARNKE.htm main article: "Selling Satan: The Tragic History of
whynotas.htm Why I Am Not A Christian This lecture was delivered on March 6, 1927, at the Battersea Town Hall under the auspices of the South London branch of the National Secular Society. As your chairman has told yo
women001.htm The Bible on Women Unto the women he (God) said "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule
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yogimeda.htm Chicago Tribune Sunday, February 20, 1994 Guru says meditation is Mozambique's hope Promise of actual heaven on Earth NEW YORK TIMES NEWS SERVICE MAPUTO, Mozambique-Since war-battered Mozambique began to l


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