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11brain.htm Pages 12-16: winter 1993 DOES THE BIBLE SPEAK OF THE BRAIN? Ed Babinski Does the Bible or the witless Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz mention the brain more frequently? If your answer was the scarecrow,
11canaan.htm Pages 6-7: WINTER 1993 Reprinted from The Firm Foundation.... WAS IT MORALLY RIGHT FOR GOD TO ORDER THE KILLING OF THE CANAANITES? Clarence Lavender The Bible teaches that God never does anything wrong.
11childr.htm Pages 7-11: winter 1993 SUFFER, LITTLE CHILDREN Farrell Till If you couldn't believe what you were seeing while reading the foregoing article, you probably have no background in Christian fundamentalism
11front.htm Front Page: winter 1993 LIVING ON BORROWED TIME Despite all the noise being made by the vociferous religious right and the influence it currently exerts on the Republican Party, there are clear indica-
11harmon.htm Pages 2-5: winter 1993 A PERFECT WORK OF HARMONY? Farrell Till In the second issue of TSR (Spring 1990, p. 14), we raised the question of harmony in the Bible in a short article with the same title as t
1amalk94.htm Was the Amalekite Massacre a Moral Atrocity? Farrell Till The story of the Israelite massacre of the Amalekite nation is recorded in 1 Samuel 15. The facts of the case, as claimed in this chapter, a
1back.htm THE UNFINISHED DEBATE On May 10, 1988, James H. Laws, Jr., a Church-of-Christ preacher and a professor of apologetics at Tennessee Bible College, challenged Farrell Till to a written debate on the iner
1back1.htm had advanced in favor with himself? We invite Mr. Jackson to answer these perplexing questions, but his past record of refusing such invitations, tells us that he will probably refuse this one too.
1back94.htm Morality... of body organs (including even cross-species transplants), artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, genetic mapping, gene splicing--these are all technolo- gies
1case1.htm Pages 2-4: winter 1992 A CASE IN POINT Dr. Robert H. Countess One ought to be able to apply the ICBI definition(s) of inerrancy to any page or verse or phrase or word of the Scriptures and thereupon judg
1debat94.htm Reprinted from the Firm Foundation.... The Dobbs-Till Debate Dub McClish On May 23-26, 1993, H. A. (Buster) Dobbs, Christian, and Farrell Till, atheist, engaged in a public debate in Portland, Texas. The
1dream94.htm And God Came to Abimelech in a Dream Farrell Till Genesis 20 records one of the doublets that tell of Abraham's habit of passing his wife Sarah off as his sister when they were living among strangers
1flat.htm Pages 9-11: winter 1990 THE FLAT-EARTH BELIEF OF BIBLE WRITERS Adrian Swindler All Christian sects recognize the Bible as the primary source of revela- tion. This compiled material was allegedly inspir
1front.htm Front Page: winter 1990 WHY ANOTHER RELIGIOUS PUBLICATION? If there is anything the world already has enough of, surely that would be religious publications. The pouches of our mail carriers bulge with
1front1.htm Front Page: winter 1992 SILENCE IN FANTASYLAND On October 26-28, 1978, the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI) met in Chicago to begin a ten-year project designed to define and defend th
1front94.htm "It is wrong, always, everywhere, and for everyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence" (W. K. Clifford). ______________________________________________________________________________ PVol
1hovin94.htm The Hovind-Till Debate Dr. Karen Bartelt On September 11, 1993, Kent Hovind, a "creation-scientist" evangelist from Pensa- cola, Florida, and TSR editor Farrell Till met in public debate at the Faith Bap
1hurrah.htm Pages 2-5: winter 1990 THE LAST HURRAH OF THE INERRANCY DOCTRINE Farrell Till Many fundamentalist Christians sincerely believe that the Bible is the verbally inspired word of God. As believers in verbal
1idol94.htm To Those Who Worship the Bible-Idol Dave E. Matson So you think that those antediluvian children may have been unduly influenced by their parents, part of the cancer that had to be cut out? Poor, li
1impreg.htm Pages 7-9: winter 1990 A reply to "The Last Hurrah...." THE INERRANCY DOCTRINE IS FOUND TO BE IMPREGNABLE Jerry Moffitt It is with great pleasure that I lift my pen in defense of God's word. Surely it is
1mail94.htm From the Mailbag I read your piece on why Saul died, In the real world of atoms and The problem with equal and infi- and it reminded me of the inconsistency energy, and that includes Bible ap
1mitch94.htm The Amalekite Destruction a Moral Atrocity? Lindell Mitchell Mr. Till agreed to affirm: "The Israelite destruction of the Amalekite nation as recorded in the Bible constituted a moral atrocity." His
1poly94.htm Polytheism in Genesis: Baal and Ashtoreth vs. Yahweh Sol Abrams Genesis 1:26-27 says, "And God said, `Let us make man in our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea....' And God
1saints1.htm Pages 14-15: winter 1992 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RESURRECTED SAINTS? Ed Babinski Two short verses in Matthew raise perhaps the most serious questions that can be put to a literal interpretation of the resu
1seth1.htm Pages 5-10, 16: winter 1992 SONS OF GOD: JUST THE GODLY LINEAGE OF SETH? Farrell Till In a front-page question-and-answer column in the June 1991 issue of Christian Courier, editor Wayne Jackson presente
1tarry1.htm Pages 11-13: winter 1992 DID THEY TARRY IN THE CITY? Farrell Till So much depends on the resurrection of Jesus. Without it, the whole superstructure of Christianity would collapse. To this, agreed eve
1voice94.htm This article was set-up by Dan Barker on a McIntosh computer. We have copied only the English text, without the picture and the Greek text that were included in the published article. All Greek word
22any.htm Pages 8-8: spring 1993 ANY LOOPHOLE WILL DO Farrell Till The how-it-could-have-been scenario is a common tactic that fundamentalists use to "explain" passages in the Bible that pose serious problems fo
22back.htm Back Page: spring 1993 GOD... which it thrives, it isn't very comforting to think that social progress in our country will continue to be impeded by those who seek to impose their interpretations of "Go
22birth.htm Pages 13-14, 16: spring 1993 A VIRGIN-BIRTH PROPHECY? Kenneth E. Nahigian Prophecy is a muddy science, and Bible prophecy more muddy than most. Take those Old Testament prophecies. Evangelists never ti
22commen.htm Page 15: spring 1993 GOD'S WORD AGAIN WITHOUT COMMENT Once again we will let the Bible speak for itself to show that it contains unsavory elements and is at times inconsistent and contradictory. The f
22exampl.htm Pages 2-7: spring 1993 AN EXAMPLE OF "PROPHECY FULFILLMENT" Farrell Till What about all of those amazing examples of prophecy fulfillment? This is a question that fundamentalists almost always resort to
22front.htm Front Page: spring 1993 GOD WAS WITH HIM In January, newspapers in Central Illinois reported the tragedy of a young man who was seriously maimed in a train accident. Wearing Walkman earphones as he st
22loop.htm Pages 9-11: spring 1993 WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANY-LOOPHOLE-WILL-DO HERMENEUTICS Dave Matson One solution, offered by the editor of a Bible newsletter, envisions two campfires in the courtyard. The rule th
22noah.htm Pages 5-7: spring 1993 COMMON SENSE AND NOAH'S FLOOD Farrell Till "The Impossible Voyage of Noah's Ark" by Robert A. Moore (Creation/Evolution, Winter 1983) is the most thorough exposure of absurd-
22reader.htm Page 12: spring 1993 READER REACTION We receive far more letters than we can respond to, but occasionally we print samples that contribute useful insights to the articles and materials we publish. ***
2amram.htm Pages 2-6: spring 1990 HOLES IN THE TWO-AMRAMS THEORY Farrell Till In our first issue of The Skeptical Review, I exchanged arguments with Jerry Moffitt on the general question of Bible inerrancy. Much o
2back.htm Back Page: spring 1990 A PERFECT WORK OF HARMONY? Inerrancy proponents often refer to the Bible's perfect harmony and consistency of theme as compelling evidence of verbal inspiration. Our reac- tion to
2back2.htm Back Page: spring 1992 LIVING.... defend the theory of evolution, but to give our fundamentalist readers some- thing to think about. As long as there is a living to be made at something, there will alwa
2bast94.htm No Bastards Allowed Farrell Till The law of Moses barred those of illegitimate birth from entering into the assembly of God: "A bastard shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh; even to the tenth ge
2front.htm Front Page: spring 1990 (continued p. 12) WE COME NOT TO DESTROY THE BIBLE Reaction to our first issue was mainly what we had expected. We received a few letters of praise, but most of the mail was ve
2front2.htm Front Page: spring 1992 THERE'S A LIVING IN IT A subscriber in Florida recently raised an interesting question: "Why can't these preachers simply admit that the Bible is not the inerrant book it has be
2imposs2.htm Pages 5-7: spring 1992 IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE? AN ANSWER Michael P. Hughes Quite often those who wish to discredit the Bible form an idea, then do their very best to find "proof" to support that idea
2legs94.htm Just Whose Legs Are Unequal? Farrell Till In our first exchange on the Amalekite massacre, Lindell Mitchell accused me of poor logic and evasion of the issue, but the readers should have no difficulty
2lie2.htm Pages 2-4: spring 1992 IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE? Farrell Till "God cannot lie. For this reason alone, we know that whatever he person- ally has communicated to mankind is true." This is how Editor Tom
2maze2.htm Pages 12-15: spring 1992 THE RESURRECTION MAZE Farrell Till When two or more statements contradict one another, they cannot all be right. If we apply this rule of evidence to the testimony of the "eyewi
2ninevh2.htm Pages 8-11: spring 1992 A VERY GREAT CITY Dave Matson Jonah 3:3 informs us that the old Assyrian capital, Nineveh, was an exceedingly great city, being three days' journey across! 'Twas a really, reall
2plug.htm Pages 7-11: spring 1990 A reply to "Holes...." PLUGGING "HOLES" IN THE TWO-AMRAMS THEORY Jerry Moffitt Any success, benefits, or accomplishments in any task are directly related to Him in whom we have com
33back.htm Back Page: summer 1993 do not debate the inerrancy issue in order to educate my opponents, because their minds are almost always anesthetized to reason and logic. I debate them in hopes of reachi
33corres.htm Pages 15-16: summer 1993 CORRESPONDENCE WITH GLEASON ARCHER Farrell Till Dr. Gleason Archer is undoubtedly the chief apostle of Bible inerrancy. His book Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties is the most o
33essenc.htm Page 10: summer 1993 Reprinted from Defender THE ESSENCE OF PROPHECY Bobby Liddell Prophecy is, by definition, that which is spoken forth. That which is spoken forth, in true prophecy, is that which coul
33front.htm Front Page: summer 1993 POISONING THE WELL Logical fallacies of every conceivable kind are much in evidence in apolo- getic literature written in defense of the Bible inerrancy doctrine, but few are more
33myth.htm Pages 11-14: summer 1993 THE MYTH OF PROPHECY FULFILLMENT Farrell Till At The Skeptical Review, we consider articles like the foregoing one to be an excellent source of materials detrimental to the bibl
33once.htm Pages 7-9: summer 1993 ONCE UPON A TIME.... Farrell Till Christian fundamentalists dismiss as liberal nonsense any interpretation of scriptures that is based on the existence of myths and legends in t
33sexual.htm Pages 5-7: summer 1993 SEXUAL CONDUCT PENTATEUCHAL STYLE Robert Countess, Ph.D. There are several biblical passages that I consider unambiguous in their implications or the inferences that may be drawn f
33spider.htm Pages 2-6: summer 1993 WILL THERE BE SPIDERS IN HEAVEN? Farrell Till The inerrancy doctrine is an inevitable consequence of belief in the divine inspiration of the scriptures. Inerrantists recognize th
3back3.htm Back Page: summer 1992 DID... tell "the things that happened in the way, and how he was known of them in the breaking of the bread" (v:34). So why would the apostles have disbe- lieved the report of the
3did3.htm Pages 11-13: summer 1992 DID THEY OR DIDN'T THEY? Farrell Till In the Autumn 1991 issue, we began a series of articles designed to show inconsistencies in the resurrection accounts of the four gospels.
3fifty3.htm Page 8: summer 1992 SQUEEZING FIFTY YEARS INTO TWENTY Farrell Till No contradictions in the Bible? That's what bibliolaters say, but the facts say something else. A simple example of discrepancy can be
3flat.htm Page 5-12: summer 1990 THE FLAT EARTH: STILL AN EMBARRASSMENT TO BIBLE INERRANTISTS Adrian Swindler As I proved in an earlier article ("The Flat-Earth Belief of Bible Writers," Winter Issue, 1990, pp. 9-
3front.htm Front Page: summer 1990 NO TAKERS Our second issue brought another wave of angry reaction. Some wrote REFUSED on their copies and had them returned to us, others sent us terse notes calling our publica
3front3.htm Front Page: summer 1992 INCREASING THE ADVANTAGE In all issues of TSR, we have offered the opposition equal space to rebut our lead articles. Although we have asked many inerrancy defenders to write r
3reader3.htm Pages 14-15: summer 1992 READER REACTION We receive many interesting letters that, regrettably, we have no space to print and often no time to respond to. In this issue, we are publishing three letters
3reply.htm Pages 2-5: summer 1990 A REPLY TO "THE FLAT-EARTH BELIEF OF BIBLE WRITERS" Jerry McDonald The claim was made by Adrian Swindler (Winter Issue, pp. 9-11) that the writers of the Bible believed and wrote i
3respon3.htm Pages 5-7: summer 1992 SARAH'S "POWER" TO CONCEIVE: A RESPONSE Bill Lockwood I am delighted to take in hand to review Farrell Till's article "Sarah's 'Power' To Conceive." With appreciation for the spa
3saints3.htm Pages 9-10, 16: summer 1992 MORE ABOUT THE RESURRECTED SAINTS Farrell Till The attention it has received indicates that Ed Babinski's article about the resurrected saints (TSR, Winter 1992, pp. 14-15)
3sarah3.htm Pages 2-5: summer 1992 SARAH'S "POWER" TO CONCEIVE Farrell Till Occasionally, we have recommended to our readers other publications and materials that we believe would assist them in their study of the
44babies.htm WHY DID MATTHEW NEED DEAD BABIES? Earle C. Beach The one biblical story that has been most offensive to me in my adult life is Matthew's tale of infanticide, sometimes referred to as the slaughter of th
44back.htm truths. The atheists, of course." So why do we do it? Why are we so evangelical about our skepticism? The answer is simple. There are many people trapped in the throes of Bible fundamentalism who wit
44becaus.htm BECAUSE THE BIBLE TELLS THEM SO Farrell Till For four days during the Gulf Coast Lectures in Portland, Texas, I sat patiently listening to fundamentalist preachers speak on various subjects related to t
44front.htm "Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect, and it is shameful to surrender it too soon or to the first caller" (George Santayana). ___________________________________________________________________
44letter.htm LETTER FROM A DEAD MAN Farrell Till An old adage says, "Dead men tell no tales." Well, maybe so, but according to the Bible, dead men can write letters. After Jehoram succeeded his father Jehoshaphat a
44likely.htm HOW LIKELY IS IT? Farrell Till When Pharaoh refused to release the Israelites from Egyptian bondage, the Hebrew god Yahweh per- formed wonders unlike anything the world had ever seen. Ten plagues were r
44mail.htm FROM THE MAILBAG A lifelong friend of the editor wrote to complain that our standing offer of space for rebuttals is hypocritical, because he has written letters that haven't been published. The foll
44prob.htm PROPHECY FULFILLMENT AND PROBABILITY Farrell Till Bible apologists love to use probability arguments, and most readers have undoubtedly encountered them in apologetic literature. Some situation perceive
44respon.htm LETTER FROM A DEAD MAN: A RESPONSE Jerry Moffitt It is a great joy to write a response to Mr. Till's article "Letter From a Dead Man." It is an undeserved honor to find myself writing in defense of the
4back.htm Back Page: autumn 1990 SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS All first-year subscriptions to The Skeptical Review are free. We will gladly send it to anyone who requests it as well as to those whom our readers recomm
4contr.htm Page 11: autumn 1990 TEXTUAL CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE Is the Bible the work of perfect harmony that inerrancy believers claim it is? Suppose we let the Bible speak for itself and see what answer we
4effort4.htm ges 8, 16: autumn 1992 OUR OWN EFFORT A thousand dollars Is certainly nothing to sneeze at, so we decided to try for Ralph Nielsen's $1,000 offered in the summer issue. In taking the information from
4eviden4.htm Pages 4-8: autumn 1992 BIBLE INERRANCY: A BELIEF WITHOUT EVIDENCE Farrell Till I commend Mr. Miller for an excellent definition of the Bible inerrancy doctrine and perhaps an even better explanation of
4front.htm Front Page: autumn 1990 A YEAR IN REVIEW With this issue we complete our first year of publication. The results have been mixed. We have received compliments, and we have received denunciations. Admitt
4front4.htm Front Page: autumn 1992 TRUTH IS ITS OWN EXCUSE FOR BEING In the summer edition, we published Bill Lockwood's response to the problem of Sarah's seminal emission that was raised by a Greek expression u
4inadeq4.htm Pages 9-12: autumn 1992 A TYPICALLY INADEQUATE RESPONSE Farrell Till In the summer edition of TSR, Bill Lockwood attempted to resolve the problem of Sarah's alleged power to make "a deposit of semen," w
4inerr4.htm Pages 2-4: autumn 1992 WHY I BELIEVE IN THE INERRANCY OF THE SCRIPTURES Dave Miller "Inspiration" refers to the origin of the Bible, i.e., that it is "God- breathed" (II Tim. 3:16). Several terms are use
4jeremia.htm Pages 6-10, 12: autumn 1990 THE JEREMIAH DILEMMA Farrell Till Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known manu- scripts of the Old Testament dated from 895 A.D., a fact that raised sig
4respon4.htm Pages 12-16: autumn SARAH'S POWER TO CONCEIVE: A RESPONSE (II) Bill Lockwood Once again I thank Farrell Till for the space to rebut his arguments, and once more I encourage Till to open his columns to d
4science.htm Pages 2-5: autumn 1990 WHAT ABOUT SCIENTIFIC FOREKNOWLEDGE IN THE BIBLE? Farrell Till Any challenge to the Bible inerrancy doctrine will sooner or later encoun- ter the scientific-foreknowledge argument.
ado4.htm Pages 7-9: autumn 1991 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Steve Gunter Farrell Till alleges Genesis 6:1-4 proves the book of Genesis contains a mixture of mythology. In fact, Till has simply misread the passage.
back1.htm JANNES... some of their exploits. Not yet entirely clear, however, is the precise relationship between the loose traditions and the written composition (Vol. 2, p. 427). Obviously, then, a widely know
back2.htm errors in it. And if the Bible is riddled with scientific errors, they should wonder too about the truth of that often parroted claim that the Bible is inerrant in all details of history, geography,
back3.htm Back Page: summer 1991 NOTE... that the old Testament teaches the actual existence of only one God" and then concluded from this that "(a)ny interpretation of any passage that puts Bible writers in cont
back4.htm Back Page: autumn 1991 tion of their leader is a glitch in the Bible that must be explained before rational people can accept the inerrancy theory. *********************************** THE TILL-McDONAL
biol2.htm Pages 7-12: spring 1991 BIBLE BIOLOGY Farrell Till An earlier article ("What About Scientific Foreknowledge in the Bible?" Fall 1990), debunked the fundamentalist claim that the truth of verbal inspira- t
blood2.htm Pages 2-3: spring 1991 THE BLOOD OF JEZREEL Jerry McDonald In the spring 1990 issue of The Skeptical Review, Editor Farrell Till wrote an article entitled "A Perfect Work of Harmony?" in which he challen
boo1.htm Pages 10-11: winter 1991 SCIENTIFIC BOO-BOOS IN THE BIBLE Bibliolaters claim that the Bible is inerrant in every detail, in matters of history, science, geography, chronology, etc., as well as faith an
carlisle.htm By: David Rice To: Arthur Biele AB> Dr. Al Carlisle of the Utah State Prison System has AB> estimated that between forty and sixty thousand AB> satanic[sic] ritualistic murders occur in the US AB> each yea
challeng.htm Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 01:53:26 -0400 Subject: A Challenge [Here's a piece I thought you folks might find of interest. I intend to do something with it as soon as I figure out who might care.... JR] A CH
duck4.htm Pages 2-6: autumn 1991 IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCK.... Farrell Till Like all literature contemporary to the times, the Bible contains mythol- ogy. Fundamentalists vehemently deny this, but it is an inescapa
earth.htm By: David Rice To: Tyler A. Wunder Re: Earth Age. How we KNOW, #1 of 4 You said to Marty Leipzig: TAW> I have a friend here and we were speaking about dating TAW> techniques, age of the earth, etc. What go
front1.htm Front Page: winter 1991 THE JANNES-JAMBRES SYNDROME Is there no limit to what bibliolaters will resort to in order to defend the inerrancy doctrine? We thought we had heard just about every desperate g
front2.htm Front Page: spring 1991 PLAYING THE ODDS "If I am right and you are wrong...." How many times have bibliolaters said this to skeptics after all rational efforts to defend the Bible have failed? What th
front3.htm Front Page: summer 1991 THE DEAVER-TILL DEBATE On March 25-28, Farrell Till met Mac Deaver, a Church-of-Christ preacher from Austin, Texas, in oral debate on the campus of Southwest Texas State Universi
front4.htm Front Page: autumn 1991 SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES What a difference a year makes! When we began publication last year, many of our free trial-subscriptions were greeted with angry rejections. Copies were
gelfee.htm July 28, 1993. A court order has just been issued in Washington today regarding the "Appeal for Reconsideration" made by Mr. Geller against the $106,000 he was ordered to pay CSICOP. The appeal was refus
gelllos.htm Another decision goes against Geller! Geller loses another one - this time to Victor Stenger and the courts in Hawaii! The motion to dismiss the lawsuit against Victor Stenger, a leading skeptic and phys
guide.htm From!!aa538 Date: Thu, 15 Dec 1994 09:09:37 -0500 To: Subject: new book info. (fwd) Date: Tue, 13 Dec Dear Barry, Thanks for the note. Here
holocaus.htm Subject: File 1--Holocaust revisionism goes up in flame wars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eye WEEKLY November 10 1994 To
jehovah3.htm Pages 5-7, 12: summer 1991 JEHOVAH, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD Mac Deaver In Farrell Till's article. "Yahweh, the God of Gods," he took the position that "(m)onotheism or the belief that Yahweh was the only
jehu2.htm Pages 3-6, 12: spring 1991 AHAB, JEZEBEL, JEHU, AND THE BLOOD OF JEZREEL There is apparently no limit to the far-fetched scenarios that Bible funda- mentalists are willing to conjecture in defense of the
know4.htm Pages 10-12: autumn 1991 WHY DIDN'T THEY KNOW? Farrell Till John's account of the resurrection has Peter and another disciple running to the empty tomb after hearing from Mary Magdalene that the body of
land1.htm Pages 2-6, 11: winter 1991 YAHWEH'S FAILED LAND PROMISE Farrell Till In their desperate efforts to prove that the Bible was verbally inspired of God, inerrancy believers often point to prophecy fulfill
maas.htm (1050) Mon 22 Aug 94 10:39 By: David Rice To: J.J. Hitt Re: Satanic Hysteria #1 St: @EID:f2f4 1d1654e0 @PID: ProBoard 2.01 rJ @TID: FastEcho 1.41/g 10280 with: Elvi Freudenhammer '----------------------------
mantrack.htm LB> Amongst others. There are hundreds of sites, world-over, of LB> human footprints in rock. The ones at Paluxy with the human LB> footprints inside the dino ones have all of the stress and LB> shear pa
more3.htm Page 11: summer 1991 MORE PROBLEMS FOR BIBLIOLATERS Bibliolaters want us to believe that the Bible is a work so harmoniously perfect that only divine inspiration can explain its existence. They never t
possess1.htm Pages 7-9: winter 1991 POSSESSION OF THE PROMISED LAND Charles Coats It is my pleasure to be able to write a response to Mr. Till's article concerning "Yahweh's Failed Land Promise." Since our articles
rand001.htm Wow! The Mars Observer is safe at last! Heavy psychics are on the job, folks! "Riley G" (he who bats 0 for 6) has announced that he and his buddy Uri Geller are willing to go to NASA headquarters and
rand004.htm In a previous article, Justin M. Sanders asked about the depositions. Here's a letter circulating in the public domain. Message #61 (67 is last): Date: Sat Apr 4 17:13:00 1992 From: geller-hotline%
rand008.htm Date: Mon Sep 21 22:55:49 1992 Subject: Update.... To: Today I was served with an action that Mr. Geller has been talking about and promising for over a year. It involves
rand012.htm The following is a press release from Randi's defense people, cleared by his lawyer. It's corroborated by a June 5 article in the Baltimore Sun by Norris West. Date: Sat Jun 5 20:11:46 1993 Subject: Bal
rand013.htm The Baltimore Sun Saturday June 5, 1993 Magician defamed scientist, jury rules By Norris West Staff Writer A federal jury ruled yesterday that "The Amazing Randi," a magician, defamed a Finksburg scientist
rand016.htm I've received a report from Hungary that the father of the "kidnapped" girl, 18-year-old Helga Farkas, the one Geller was asked to locate, has now offered the entire ransom money (about US$250,000) for
rand032.htm [The following is the text of a news release from The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.] LAWSUIT AGAINST CSICOP DISMISSED A federal court in Washington, D.C h
randast.htm James Randi --- WIzard writes: When Erich von Daniken (author of "Chariots of the Gods?" and other such trashy but highly successful stuff) visited Australia a few years ago, his
randfax.htm James Randi has asked that the following message be given wide distribution among the Skeptics community: Date: 15-Jan-92 10:34 EST Subj: Please send a fax... ... I'm off to Budapest to help them open a
randi-13.htm Geller news and more. I'm told that Mr. Geller has put in an appeal against the court ruling that he must pay just under $150,000 to CSICOP. Who knows how long that will take to be decided? These legal
randi07.htm About ten years ago I attenede a BOuchercon (mystery writers/readers convention) in NY. THe Saturday night entertainment and as a last minute substitute they were able to get the Amazing Randi - far bett
randi11.htm Just when I'd thought that Mr. Geller was really old news, I received a serious offer for a book on the "Geller Redux" idea. Since the material developed as a result of legal actions (depositions, test
randi15.htm I've been informed that the publishing house in Japan that Mr. Geller sued has settled out-of-court, for an "undisclosed" amount of money. If it's anything like the other amounts he's been "winning," I
randnov.htm APn 10/18 0000 AP on TV-Amazing Randi Copyright, 1993. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. By SCOTT WILLIAMS AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- The Amazing Randi, first name James, really is ra
randtxt.htm From Skeptic vol. 1, no. 1, Spring 1992, pp. 22-31. The following article is copyright (c) 1992 by the Skeptics Society, 2761 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001, (818) 794-3119. Permission has been gr
skeptic.htm (78) Sat 23 Jul 94 11:07 By: David Bloomberg To: All Re: Skeptics Manifesto From _Skeptic_ vol. 1, no. 1, 1992, pp. 15-21. The following article is copyright (c) 1992 by the Skeptics Society, 2761 N. Mar
ufocults.htm By: Don Allen To: All Re: The UFO Cults ** Extract from: "Phenomenon - Forty Years of Flying Saucers". Edited by John Spencer & Hillary Evans. Copyright 1988 by BUFORA. Avon Books. ISBN: 0-380-70654-7 ** Th
warnke.htm Re: Warnke (Barb, this is a portion of the review I mentioned to you in Netmail.) To: witchhunt , drscience.PEN.TEK.COM!steves The following book review is Most Interesting. Self proc
wisdom3.htm Pages 8-10: summer 1991 THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON? Sandra Till The Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God? As a child growing up in the '40s in Southeast Missouri, completely surrounded by the fundame
yahweh3.htm Pages 2-4: summer 1991 YAHWEH, THE GOD OF GODS Farrell Till Many Bible fundamentalists believe that while the nations around them wallowed in the mire of polytheism the Hebrews practiced a strict monoth


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