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angles9o.htm To: All Dec-13-93 12:35:06 Subject: More Stuff on the Occult This is a continuation of a series of messages that I posted a few days ago on Satanism and is based o
article1.htm DUNGEONS, DRAGONS, AND ALTAIR IV by James Lewis IV* The Temple of Set A recent radio broadcast devoted a bit of its time to some rather hysterical allegations of the anti- Dungeons and Dragons crowd. Every
article2.htm THE POWER OF A WORD James Lewis Magus of the Temple of Set Although the majority of us look with a bit of disfavor on structuring, it remains a fact that each Aeon, this one included, operate within the fram
article3.htm The Devil Made Me Do It! by R. Whitaker Power is a guiding force, one which attracts individuals to Black Magic. What confronts the dilletante -if they find a real school of Black Magic- is not a concepti
article4.htm THE THIRD EARL RUSSELL by James Lewis IV* of the Temple of Set 'The secret of happiness,' said Bertrand Russell during a celebration of his 92nd birthday, 'is to face the fact that the world is horrible.' Si
article5.htm The Law of One? - by Priest R. L. Whitaker Once upon a time in the Great Kingdom of the Law of One there arose and asserted a presence which had conceived of itself as something more than the
devildoc.htm SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL Evil comes in two distinct versions in John Milton's "Pardise Lost," Satan expresses the first and most obvious type-a fist-shaking, blasphemous evil, flashy and glamorous. Th
ethicsot.htm This file is an exerpt from The Book of Darkness, an official work of the Ordo Templi Satanis, P.O. Box 1093, Atwater, CA 95301. It is copyright 1991. All persons are hereby given permission to make copi
info1set.htm Welcome to the NATIONAL SATANIC BBS. Although we are a Satanic religious institution, we do not advocate principles or behaviour contrary to conventional morality. It is rather our purpose to instill in ou
info2set.htm General Information and Admissions Polcies Thank you for your inquiry. The Temple of Set is an institution unlike any you have previously encountered.Before you can make an informed decision concerning poss
info3set.htm Temple Degree Structure Supreme authority in the Temple of Set is held by the Council of Nine, which appoints both the High Priest of Set and the Executive Director. Initiates are Recognized within the T
info4set.htm Temple of Set Reading List Categories The Temple of Set Reading List contains 23 categories of knowledge we have found useful in developing a authentic perspective of the Left-Hand Path. Several hundred
infoset.htm TEMPLE OF SET Post Office Box 7622 Austin, TX 78713 (415) 771-9155 MCI-Mail: 314-3953 Telex: 6503143953 GENERAL INFORMATION AND ADMISSIONS POLICIES - Updated 1/XXIII AES - Thank you for your inquiry. The Temp
lilithto.htm To: Nythcar 13-Feb-94 03:10pm Subject: RE: Ndp Candidate Nyt> Are you one of the "some" who would consider you Satanic? I don't Nyt> remember ever seeing your thoug
luciferr.htm Re: Reclaiming Lucifer Good message! Every known religion supplanted an earlier religion, and usually some derogatory mythological niche was created for the deities and spirits of the older religion when
muffinse.htm SYSOP'S NOTE: The following file is the complete text of a letter sent by Dr. Michael Aquino to CBS after they aired a made-for-TV movie entitled "Do You Know the Muffin Man?" This movie was
poetry1s.htm DUST DEVILS - by Aleister Crowley In the Wind of the mind arises the turbulence called I. It breaks; down shower the barren thoughts. All life is choked. This desert is the Abyss wherein is the Un
poetry2s.htm IN HER EYES (Satan's Daughter) by Leon Stevens Thank you for a beautiful tuesday. In her eyes I see the sparks of innermost fire. She paints for me the song of the wind. Smiling she awakens the ravens of r
poetry3s.htm LIGEIA - by Edgar Allen Poe Lo! 'tis a gala night Within the lonesome latter years! An angel throng, bewinged, bedlight In veils, and drowned in tears, Sit in a theatre, to see A play of hopes and fears,
poetry4s.htm IVORY TOWERS - by R. Whitaker How many times have my ivory towers fallen? how many times did I rebuild them? block by block. But, I fear not! lessons are learnt. Each time the foundation grows mor
pretends.htm The following article appeared in Volume 4, #s 3&4 of THE BLACK FLAME: PRETENDERS TO THE THRONE: REGARDING THE TEMPLE OF SET By PETER H. GILMORE Throughout the 28 years of the existence of the Church of
satanism.htm To: All Dec-08-93 06:36:00 Subject: Satanism * Edited by Rick Vanderzwaag on 08-Dec-93 06:36 Throughout the many months that I have been carrying and reading this echo, I have c
sethorus.htm Set / Horus by Benjamin Rowe Copyright year, 1992 by Benjamin Rowe Permission is granted to distribute this work in electronic form, with the these conditions: 1) No fees may be charged for the distributi
sfpdset.htm Tree in the North, Continued On August 14, 1987 CE the San Francisco home of Lilith and myself was raided by San Francisco Police officer Glen Pamfiloff on a search warrant obtained as a consequence of t
tarot1se.htm THE PURPOSE AND FUNCTION OF A NEW TAROT - by R.L. Whitaker As is the case with all Great Works, this particular one -the redesign and development of an updated Tarot
tarot2se.htm THE INVERTED PENTAGRAM LAYOUT - by R. Whitaker I have never been much for the complicated layouts that are often designed for placing the Tarot cards. Understanding that the sp
tarotset.htm "The Purpose and Function of a New Tarot" Reprinted from: National Satanic BBS by Roger L. Whitaker, Priest of Set III* Temple of Set Electronic mail: CompuServe 72460,3034 As is the case with all Great W
tech1set.htm MAGIC AND MACHINES As one begins to study the complex of ideas and concepts pertinent to the interests of legitimite Satanism, one is always surprized AND interested to hear of the utilization of electro
tech2set.htm THE LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID - by R. Whitaker Of central importance to OIT is the study and cataloging of the subjective/objective impressions and manifestations which occur within an "a
tech3set.htm TONAL ANGULARITY MUSICK THAT KILLS - Tonal Angularity (or TA for short) in its most easily understood conceptual sense is the COMMAND TO LOOK* applied within the construction of the compone
tech4set.htm WHERE TO GET GEAR! - O.I.T. The following are addresses where scientific machinery may be purchased, and also where books may be obtained perintent to OIT interests. No longer should you s
tech5set.htm BINAURAL BEATS - by Priest R.L. Whitaker Temple of Set In 1839 an independent German experimenter by the name of H.W.Dove discovered a most unusual and fascinating audio phenomena which is cal
tech6set.htm 05 Jan 88 - 11:48 am LAKHOVSKY MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR - The MWO (multi wave oscillator) is a unique high voltage electronic device which was invented by the late (1942) Russia
tos-rept.htm To: Paul Suliin Msg #196, 25-Nov-90 06:02pm Subject: Aquino's Response, part i Paul Suliin, Thanx for calling me on the phone with your questions. Tim Maroney's article


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