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3menghst.htm Date: Sat Jun 04 1994 09:24:02 To: Peter Berrett Subj: 3 men + a baby P_SKEPTICr ------------------------------- In a msg to All on <Jun 02 19:51>, Peter Berrett of 1:30163/15
afcolleg.htm Subject: Frequently Asked Questions Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 16:10:26 GMT Last-Modified: 94/1/17 Version: 1.04C 17 January 1994 Official Usenet Alt.Folklore.College Frequently Posted Leg
afiinf.htm Subject: Announcing ALT.FOLKLORE.INFO Date: 14 Oct 93 19:21:09 GMT To my Friends (and Friends of a Friend): Allow me to announce the arrival of Alt.Folklore.Info, a moderated newsgroup for the reporting o
afuclue1.htm Subject: A CLUE Date: 21 Apr 93 22:50:20 PST I was looking at some of the posts on here over the last few months and i have seen a rise in the clueless ones posting to the net so i have created the AFU C
afuclue2.htm Subject: CLUE 2 Date: 27 Apr 93 17:45:52 PST This is the 2nd model clue slightly changed from the last i hope it works well CLUE 2 _
afunight.htm Subject: Twas the Night Before Something Date: Thu, 23 DEC 93 12:22:50 EST I beg your forebearance, gentle souls, for what follows, in that I know it full well to be: a) trite, b) metrically challenged, c
afureadl.htm Here's the OFFICIAL AFU BOOK LIST -- Suggested Reading for when your news feed is down. If you can't find anything of interest on this list, you should probably be reading or If
afureply.htm STANDARD AFU REPLY FORM To :_ >From:_ I have read your recent post concerning_. I regret that due to severe time constraints
afuscale.htm Subject: AFUUL Scale I was going through my archives and discovered my uncompleted scale for measuring the UL-ness of various entries. I quickly finished it up, and I now submit it to the denizens of AF
afusurvg.htm Subject: AFU Survival Guide Date: 28 Feb 1993 05:21:23 GMT Summary: Excellent Introduction to Posting on AFU The following is a repost of Antony Cooper's excellent guide to posting on AFU. Suggested read
aidsmary.htm Subject: a variation on the "aids mary" ul i heard a new (to me anyway) version of the infamous "aids mary" ul tonight at work, told by a chirpy little 18-year-old who swore it really happened to a frien
alka-sel.htm Subject: Seagulls + ALKA-SELTZER = KABOOM! (redux) Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1993 04:11:00 GMT This isn't going to settle anything, but I nonetheless feel obligated to report my findings. The following is a let
alligato.htm Subject: Re: alligators in sewers? In article <> (A.T. Fear) writes: +> In article <> +> (Ge
april1da.htm Subject: Re: Origins of April Fools' Day? Date: 11 Apr 1993 15:25:57 GMT (Brian Abernathy) writes: +> +>The way I heard it: Originally, New Year's Day was April 1. Later, when +>t
arizonac.htm Subject: New UL: Arizona resorts pre-wired for casino gambling Here's another entry for the FAQ ftp site. I found it fortuitously on the front page of the Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Ariz.). This ought
bbshoax.htm From the pages of FidoNews: FidoNews 11-09 Page: 2 28 Feb 1994 Make Hoaxes Fast From the Canadian Hoax Interception Project (CHIP) @ 1:250/730 Electronic networks such
blndnuke.htm Subject: "Blind Girl Saw Test Explosion 120 Miles Away" Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 01:37:00 CDT The Fall 1993 issue of _The Skeptical Inquirer_ has an interesting write-up of an UL worth passing along to the g
bluestar.htm Subject: LSD flyers hit El Segundo -- L.A. Times article AUTHORITIES DISMISS FLYERS ABOUT LSD AS WORK OF PRANKSTERS * Drugs: The warnings, which have surfaced over the years, appear at an El Segund
bodypnt.htm Subject: Re: Skin Suffocation Date: 8 Sep 93 01:52:58 GMT (R. Michael Litchfield) writes: >A.s.b is being hit with the "if you get comepletely covered in paint you will >die of
bozokid.htm Subject: More on TV Legends First, (Dan Pearl) writes: +>> The "little bastards" comment was made by a radio personality by the name +>> of "Uncle Don" (in the 40's?). After his sig
calendar.htm Subject: Re: Calendar Changes (was: Gregorian Calendar Rationale) Summary: The British Act to adopt the Gregorian Calendar References: <> Date: Tue, 28 Jan 92 13:09:40 GMT
captains.htm Subject: Re: How to get married w/o religious ceremonies? Date: 1 Jun 1993 07:11:04 GMT Lee Rudolph forwards to a.f.u. an article from alt.atheism stating, among other things, that the captain of a "boa
chevnova.htm Subject: Chevrolet Nova Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1993 23:15:00 GMT I received a response from General Motors in answer to my inquiry about the alleged poor sales of the Chevrolet Nova in Spanish-speaking countri
chocolat.htm Subject: Love and Chocolate Date: 20 Sep 91 05:15:46 GMT In article <>, (Eleanor Evans) writes: > And of course we all know that people fall in love because t
chrstnrd.htm >From: (Glenn Davis) Subject: Re: Alleged attempt to ban religious broadcasting Date: 1 Apr 92 10:23:06 GMT References: <> <1992Mar30.163306.56
cocacol2.htm Subject: Coca-Cola ULs Date: 2 May 1993 11:52:59 -0500 I quote from the recently published ponderous tome _For God, Country and Coca-Cola -- The Unauthorized History of the Great American Soft Drink and
cocacola.htm Subject: Female horse fastened with wax Date: 15 Jun 1993 18:28:54 -0500 The Coca-Cola Company was kind enough to send me material from their archives concerning their attempts to translate the Coca-Col
coke3.htm Subject: Coca-Cola Police: Confirmation of UL Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 00:10:20 GMT Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous references (many by myself) to the legend that Coca-Cola has an a
coldsinf.htm Subject: Re: Wet hair on Winter mornings Date: 22 Oct 1993 02:23:51 GMT Andrew Welsh asks: ->Well, despite being sure it was in the FAQ I couldn't find this one so ->couldn't tell my Mom to stop saying it
coporg.htm This originated following a post claiming that cop was an acronym for "Constable On Patrol." Subject: Re: etymology of cop Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1993 00:48:44 GMT Praise Onions! Here is the OED's take on "co
coriolis.htm Subject: The pure truth on the Coriolis Farce (sic). Date: 7 Dec 1992 20:19:13 GMT Here, specially for that thrusting young Antipodean Wayne, is the straight dope on why the Coriolis force doesn't bend
cptpugin.htm Subject: Re: Captain Pugwash >In article <9111192151.AA01601@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> KG27515%UAFSYSB@UAFSYSA.UARK.EDU >> Don't tell me that's not true?! My former roomate, a Brit, told me that >> she watch
craigcrd.htm Now that I have your attention... DO NOT SEND ANY {GET WELL, POST, BUSINESS} CARDS TO CRAIG SHERGOLD! Craig Shergold is alive and well. He does not want any more cards. Gene Spafford has written an acco
craigoop.htm Subject: Craig Shergold strikes in Kennewick, WA, USA Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1992 22:31:19 GMT This particular Craig Shergold story has a nice bit of pathos in it.. >From The Oregonian, Wednesday January 8, 1
crapperi.htm Subject: Re: Thomas Crapper and Spread Spectrum (Jean-Marc Rocher) writes: +>I believe this started with the book "Flushed with Pride: The Life of Thomas +> Crapper", by the same
disneydt.htm Subject: Death at Disneyland! Date: 22 Oct 1993 21:14:13 GMT WAITING IN LINE TO DIE - DEATH AT DISNEYLAND - Disneyland has often been called "the happiest place on earth." Since its opening in 1955, hundre
disneyta.htm Subject: Re: Tattoo You (not!) Date: 28 Sep 1993 22:23:47 -0500 The running battle to extract permission from Disney to tattoo their characters on my body continues. To recap: The Walt Disney Company Bur
distilln.htm Subject: Re: UK mutation of Blue Star Date: 16 Jan 94 22:17:55 And now a mutation from the Land of the Trolls: Home distilling is a serious problem in some parts of Norway, including right here in Tr|ndel
dixieorg.htm Subject: Re: "Dixie" folk etymology Date: 16 Sep 1993 09:13:55 GMT In article <> (Brian Leibowitz) writes: >In article <26opr4$> I inquire
dollarsy.htm Subject: Re: Some random legends Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 15:49:49 GMT >In article <> writes: >> 14--Re: K and 11 on dollar bills is for Kennedy. I don't thinks so. >> Check your b
electric.htm Subject: The Edison Electric Chair? In article <> (Jim Kasprzak) writes: + ObUL: + + Tb. The electric chair as a method of execution was promoted by Thomas +
erniedie.htm This butchering of the FAQ to leave only the Ernie is not dead piece was done by Jason R. Heimbaugh ( Subject: FAQ 1.0 (at last!) Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1992 18:40:17 GMT ALT.TV.MUP
factfict.htm S.N.U.F.F. List Actually, I prefer calling this the SNUFF List (without periods), but that would have prevented its being seen by thousands of readers who have since used their kill files to relegate any
fireplac.htm Subject: Re: the fire inside's delightful... Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1993 16:38:15 GMT (AlexanderCCook) writes: >A fire in the fireplace makes the house colder. >Is this: >A. True >B. False >C
fluoresc.htm Subject: Lights on and off Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1993 01:13:06 GMT The U.S. Government has chosen not to give Terry Chan access to uk.misc. This site gives everybody access to anything, so here's Terry's art
folkfaq.htm Subject: alt.folklore.urban Frequently Asked Questions Date: 30 Oct 1993 20:05:36 GMT Summary: Urban legends supported, challenged and debunked Please read before posting to AFU Archive-name: folklore-fa
frankzap.htm Subject: Re: Big Brother/Zappa Date: 23 Dec 1993 11:16:40 -0600 In article <>, S. Mudgett aka little gator <> wrote: >In <931222.81277.WJR0
freepetl.htm Subject: 1-800-STOLEN PET Date: 13 APR 93 21:45:17 GMT The following letter appears in the Tuesday, April 13, 1993, edition of the New Bedford (Massachusetts) Standard-Times. I am sure its author would
germanln.htm >From: (Cynthia Kandolf) Subject: Return of the US Language UL Date: 12 Jul 92 16:43:24 GMT Sender: (NetNews Administrator) Those of you who have been around
glasswin.htm Subject: Glass Flow [Was Re: OBJECTIONS to afu faq (v.2.50 1/194) ] Date: 30 Jan 1994 04:15:56 GMT As part of a series of off-the-cuff objections to various points in the FAQ, cee1@Ra.MsState.Edu (Charle
hamburge.htm Subject: Re: Etymology of junk food names In article <> (Prasad Rao) writes: +What is the origin of the names "hot dog" and "hamburgher"? Char
hoaxbowl.htm Debunking the `Day of Dread' for Women; Data Lacking for Claim of Domestic Violence Surge After Super Bowl Byline: Ken Ringle 01/31/93 THE WASHINGTON POST As the beer cools and the testosterone surges on
honeymoo.htm Subject: Practicing for Their Honeymoon ... an Urban Legend PRACTICING FOR THEIR HONEYMOON by Jan Harold Brunvand When a minister tells you a story, you ought to believe it, right? M.H. for Fort Wayne, I
hooker1.htm Subject: Re: Verbing Nouns (Re: aluminium & Alzheimer's d) Date: 3 Oct 1993 05:56:12 GMT [post deleted - jrh] -- "That Lee is the winner [at the Battle of Chancellorsville] means someone is the loser, and
hooker2.htm Subject: Re: Sources on "Hooker" please Date: 29 Aug 1993 02:31:47 GMT (Bruce J. Baker) writes: -I gave an interested colleague a copy of the FAQ recently and he saw the -entry on the orig
hotwater.htm Subject: Re: Hot water Followup-To: rec.martial-arts Date: 25 Jul 92 06:12:10 GMT References: <> <> <> News-Software:
inflynn.htm Subject: Re: Movie legends In article <1992Jul1.203446.22549@leland.Stanford.EDU>, jon@leland.Stanford.EDU (Jon Corelis) writes: First of all Jon...great post! Thanks alot. > * The phrase "In like Fl
ironplr.htm Charles "new boy" Evans sez: > F. There is a pillar in India made of metal found nowhere else in the world. > my Indian friend here same one.. says ther is a weird kind of steel > alloy pillar the alloy
kjvbible.htm Subject: Shakespeare and the KJV It seems i've been called upon again to drag out my books one more time before the holidays... so here is a summary of what i was able to find about the King James Versio
legnsng.htm Subject: Proposed AFU anthem. Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1993 14:52:02 GMT I hearby reproduce, in full and without copyright permission, the words to "URBAN LEGENDS" from the 1989 album "Outdoor Elvis" by the Swir
lmermaid.htm Subject: "The Little Mermaid" cover Several months after writing (twice) to Buena Vista Home Video about the infamous phallic "Little Mermaid" video cover, I finally received a reply: Dear Mr. Mikkels
lucysky.htm Subject: Origins of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" title Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 05:39:00 GMT Anyone from either newsgroup with additional information on this subject in encouraged to provide it. All fa
m-and-mf.htm Subject: M&M's Chocolate Candies FAQ list Date: 13 May 1993 18:34:40 -0500 Not surprisingly, it turns out that the M&M/MARS company receives so many inquiries about their "M&M's" Chocolate Candies produc
malelact.htm Subject: Re: Men who breastfeed (next on Oprah..) Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 18:25:21 GMT Subject: Re: Men Who Breastfeed? (Next on Oprah) My SO is a Certified Lactation Consultant, head of La Leche League's
maptraps.htm From!!twcaps Mon Oct 14 16:45:22 PDT 1991 Article 25859 of alt.folklore.urban: >From: (Terry Chan) Subject: Cecil Adams on Copyright Traps in Maps (
mating.htm Subject: Re: Can Cats and Rabbits Mate? Date: 2 Feb 1994 20:57:43 GMT In article <>, (Joseph Lyons) writes: |> My girlfriend and I got into a argument abou
mbephone.htm Subject: Re: Buried with a telephone? Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 10:47:48 GMT (Caleb Cohen) writes: >John Ruschmeyer wrote in alt.folklore.urban: >> According to this legend, Mary Baker Eddie
menstrua.htm Subject: Re: women living together and concurrent cycles Date: 8 Oct 93 17:48:19 GMT > In article <> (Daniel B Case) writes about menstrual synchr
missingd.htm Subject: Re: The Missing Day (Found!) Date: 4 Jan 1994 19:12 MST In article <>, (Rene Vernon) writes... :I'm writing this in Adelaide, South
modemtax.htm The Modem Tax surfaced on a local bboard here in Pittsburgh. An enterprising fellow in our department (David Eckhardt) followed up with a definitive rebuttal from the FCC. Clip-and-save! (Incidentall
molasses.htm Subject: Re: Great Boston molasses flood? Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 00:10:30 GMT Scott Larson writes: >Can anyone confirm or deny that years ago there was a "great molasses >flood" in Boston. On January 15, 1
moonatm.htm >From: (Rev Dr Phil Herring BMath DD (Ret)) Subject: Re: moon size Date: 12 Aug 91 06:58:16 GMT Sender: References:<> <162
mrsfield.htm Subject: RECIPE: Chewy chocolate-chip cookies Date: 21 Dec 85 06:46:35 GMT Copyright (C) 1985 USENET Community Trust Permission to copy without fee all or part of this material is granted provided
napoleon.htm Subject: Re: Napoleon's penis manley@optilink.UUCP (Dave Manley) writes: >Speaking of detached members did anyone see a recent story >regarding Napoleon's autopsy? Supposedly, the doctor, sick >of deali
nylonorg.htm Subject: Re: Nylon In article <>, (Mark Brader) quotes the OED: ># nylon ... [Invented word, with -on suggested by rayon, cotton. ># There is no eviden
okorg.htm >From: (Terry Chan) Subject: Sheesh! Okay Already! References: <> <> <16682@exodus.Eng.Sun.COM> <1991Jul12.161737.2014@
palded2.htm Subject: Re: Clues for you all Summary: Paul Is Dead (PID) hoax again In article <92930406064529/> (DPM) writes: >
patentre.htm Subject: Patent office UL Date: 25 Jun 1993 00:05:48 GMT At AFU West VI Bob O'Bob asked about the legend that an official of the U.S. Patent Office had resigned believing that everything had been invente
pauldead.htm Subject: Re: I'm Your Tree/Metallica "Sad But True" Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 11:26:14 GMT btapeworm@ooldea.awadi (Bionic Tapeworm) writes: >(Incidentally, I could imagine the "supermen" message as the inne
paulhrvy.htm Subject: Paul Harvey source of UL's? The following was published in a local paper (and therefore is true) as excerpted from 'Paul Harvey's For What It's Worth' (Bantom Books), and since it's from a book
pcollins.htm Subject: Re: Hotel California and Satanism Date: 9 May 1993 00:46:02 GMT References: <1sfb6iINNhe@eli.CS.YALE.EDU> <1sh4luINNcb@darkstar.UCSC.EDU> (Ethan Evan Prater) writes: +
pepsisyr.htm Subject: Diet Pepsi, scratch and sniff offer Date: 16 Jun 1993 02:08:05 GMT Here is a letter, recently despatched to the industrial effluent company Pepsico. I will let you know the response. Dear Sirs,
pi-indyi.htm From!ucbvax!!!!!utgpu!utzoo!sq!msb Wed Aug 7 09:26:16 PDT 1991 Article 20993 of alt.folklore.urban: >From: msb@sq.
poinsett.htm Subject: Re: Poinsettias It's time to settle the poinsettia argument (yeah, right.) I went to the library and read several books on poisonous plants. >From "Plants poisonous to people in Florida and oth
portbomb.htm Subject: Re: Atomic bomb explosion in Port Chicago, California Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 01:59:08 GMT In article <1994Jan18.204031.6814@guvax>, wrote: > In article <CJsoxs.KHI
postit.htm Subject: Post-it, Scratch'n'Sniff - Related? Date: 20 Dec 1993 18:29:05 GMT Hope you haven't there/that/t-shirted this yet. Here's a summary about the history of the Post-it note that I read in Wilson Qu
pulltab2.htm Subject: Re: Aluminum can tabs worth 80 bucks? Summary: It aliens...I'm sure... Date: 2 Jun 93 16:53:22 GMT Article-I.D.: gaia.1uilu2$ndh References: <> <1udfq5$l5q@gaia
pulltabi.htm In Cecil Adams' latest column, he tackles the subject of saving pop-can tabs to pay for time on kidney dialysis machines. I've omitted the somewhat rambling question, but here is the text of Cecil's re
pulltabs.htm Subject: Pull Tabs and Dialysis Addenda Date: 13 May 1993 06:24:54 GMT Having seen some recent posts on the subject, I thought I'd comment a bit on this UL. As some of you more industrious readers may b
rollbeer.htm Subject: Re: Rolling Rock Beer; what does "33" mean? Date: 8 Sep 1993 01:38:04 GMT In article <26jagk$> (Alan Light) writes: >In <26i89n$> jas30@
salemwtc.htm Subject: Burn her, she's a witch . . . Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1993 01:45:00 GMT This might be the longest running unresolved discontinuous thread in a.f.u. (That is, the subject came up, no definitive answer
saturnv.htm Subject: Saturn V and stuff (was Re: stat - where'd it come from?) Date: 15 Dec 1993 04:29:16 GMT In article <ab401.755743498@freenet>, Paul Tomblin <> wrote: >1. NASA lost the bl
scorpion.htm Subject: Scorpions (was, Re: Submarines) Date: 30 Oct 93 17:57:11 GMT (Bear Giles) writes: >I've heard of rattlesnakes biting themselves (and dying), and young birds >flying in
slimnl2.htm Subject: Re: Subliminal Advertising (was: Little Me Date: 31 Mar 93 16:48:47 GMT >From The Straight Dope. On September 12, 1957, a market researcher named James M. Vicary called a press conference to ann
smotherk.htm Subject: Re: Yet Another UL? Date: 11 May 1993 01:21:36 GMT writes: +Yesterday my husband and I were watching a videotape of "Quigley Down +Under", a movie starring Tom Selleck
snappler.htm "Snapple Escapes the Grip of Rumors" by Barbara Presley Noble _New York Times_, January 19, 1993 At first, there were only one or two inquiries, by phone and very specific: Was Snapple, soda maker to th
spacebod.htm Here is a definative answer from the FAQ list of Subject: Frequently Asked Questions 12/15 - Controversial Questions HOW LONG CAN A HUMAN LIVE UNPROTECTED IN SPACE If you *don't* try to hold y
spanishf.htm Subject: Spanish Fly [Billionth iteration of very ancient reference to Spanish Fly deleted.] Spanish Fly (pulverized blister-beetles) contains cantharides, which can cause physical arousal of a sort, by
stallone.htm Subject: AFU Party at Kitty & Stallone's [As I mentioned a year ago, in March 1992] Sylvester Stallone did indeed get his first movie acting role in a porn movie, called "Party at Kitty and Stud's". Thi
sublimin.htm Subject: Re: Need sources for subliminal advertising Date: 8 May 1992 22:00:04 GMT In article <> (Sean Smith) writes: +In article <1904@israel.nysernet.
tomatoes.htm Subject: alt.folklore.urban Frequ Date: 1 Jun 93 21:20:00 GMT re: FAQ... TC>Tb.Tomatoes are not vegetables, they're berries. [Thanks, Scott C.] I don't know if this will help in classifying it as 100% t
toothbrs.htm From!!agate!!!noc.MR.NET!!ebestrom Sun Apr 26 22:37:40 PDT 1992 Article 39874 of alt.folklore.urban: >From:
tuna.htm Subject: More details on the "cat food sold as tuna" story There was some discussion not too long ago about an entry in the FAQ list that was something like "woman removes tuna label from can, finds cat
urbanleg.htm Subject: Urban Legends in the Popular Media Here's a pretty good column on urban legends which some may find interesting. There's a bit on urban legends and JHB's forthcoming book. It's from a section
vendingm.htm From Mon Mar 1 13:22:07 1993 Sender: Cc: Subject: Re: Mystery of the killer towels In-Reply-To: Your message of "Sun, 28 Feb 93
waltzing.htm Subject: Waltzing Matilda Date: 6 Oct 1993 20:32:58 -0500 In the AFU FAQ (which, by the way, is an entertaining read and one of the most comprehensive FAQs I ever seen. Kudos to Terry) appears the follow
weldinge.htm Subject: Re: Welding contact lenses [The Answer] Date: 9 May 1993 01:22:01 GMT References: <> <1993May7.192040.29281@pasteur.Berkeley.EDU> ab961@Freenet.carleton.
whitehar.htm Subject: Re: Head bangin' In article <> (robin rosenbaum) writes: +In article <> (Terry Chan) writes: +>Final
wizardhn.htm Subject: Re: a)Oz hanging death b)Aluminum dust Date: 29 Aug 1993 02:07:22 GMT In response to someone bringing this damn thread back up again, ak251@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mitchel Harris, but really Beve
wlkman2.htm Subject: Jumbo jet nosedive: Walkman to blame? "It all started with a rumor that was soon widely reported as fact: a DC-10, on final approach to New York's JFK airport, suddenly pitched violently to th


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