I mention this to All because I've been in touch with a Catholic church master who agreed that my Clergy Abuse series is both accurate and appalling. While several Catholic and Protestant priests have made the same comment before, it is possible that this last one will help me compile a report on how "treatment" of pedophiles actually works in the Catholic cult -- at least from his perspective.

Dave Hamilton:
DH> Do they have the first cure for pedophelia?

Fredric Rice:
That's a wonderful question. Sadly they don't. From what I understand the priesthood is run through a program which teaches them how to handle further complaints so that the cult's coffers don't suffer. Any time spent on "treatment" and "therapy" is as Marilyn notes:

Marilyn Burge:
MB> I have often wondered just what this 'treatment' facility
MB> does in that regard. I've imagined that the 'inmates' spend
MB> considerable time in prayer and meditation, along with
MB> 'counseling' where they are reminded that pedophelia is a
MB> sin (actually, I rather imagine they are told that ALL sex
MB> is a sin and that it is left at that). After a time spent
MB> resting and 'praying,' they are then shuttled to another
MB> parish, far from the one where they got caught.

Fredric Rice:
That's what was basically reported on PBS with the added note that they're supposed to have a fellow priest keeping an eye on them and making sure they don't get alone with children any more. The problem is that the cult is dying out... USA Today (an issue in the month of Feb, 1998) noted that the number of sheep to cult followers is at an all-time high for the Catholic cult.

There just aren't enough cult masters available for watching their pedophiles at all times. They're "treated" to "therapy" which is first and foremost a school for teaching priests and their masters how to avoid getting caught and how to avoid paying monetary penalties after getting caught. They're trained to go to their body of available lawyers FIRST and without delay at the first sign of any complaint.

Don Martin:
dm> Well "Megan's Law" (in which the addresses of child
dm> molesters returning to society must be made available to their
dm> new neighbors) has been found to be Constitutional;

Fredric Rice:
It has been applied, Don, many times here in Southern California with great success... the sex offenders are always -- ALWAYS -- driven out into the desert where they can't hurt anyone. There was much complaint by the FUCKING A.C.L.U. that it was unconstitutional but there is a great public safety issue involved here; the public has the right to know. The FUCKING A.C.L.U. wanted to suggest that only the law enforcement officers and the school system's officers had any need to know.

Don Martin:
dm> it remains to be seen whether the Church will obey its dictates.

Fredric Rice:
Prediction: They won't. The Catholic cult has long adopted the convenient belief that they should be allowed to "handle" criminals within their own ranks -- just as if they were a military "service."

Several masters of pedophile priests, when asked why they don't take their compilation of complaints to the police authorities, demand that they think "it's best" for both the priest and their victims if the cult "handles" the complaint. After all, the evil bastards demand, the police only worry about the "mortal body" of their priests rather than the "mortal soul" that they want to play pretend with.

Don Martin:
dm> Considering that they have hitherto done the contrary, acting to
dm> conceal rather than to reveal ordained pedophiles, I suspect that
dm> they would rather turn to championing the maintenance of the wall
dm> between church and state.

Fredric Rice:
They already use the excuse that disclosure of criminal actions and offering of evidence violates the "patient/doctor" privilege.

I've yet to have a cultist ever explain why they don't execute or otherwise toss out of the nest all of their pedophile members. The answer, I think, is because if they did that, there would be very few priests around the world next Sunday.

* Origin: Hatred is not a "family value." (1:218/890)


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