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1 Jul 2001

Frontline Information Service - News 7/01/01



Undercover Investigation #4 Finds...

An UK group called Uncaged released several files of internal documents from HLS concerning a top secret xenotransplantation study that HLS was contracted to do by Imutran. The documents consisted on confidential dialogue between HLS and Imutran concerning the quality of research HLS was performing. Imutran on several occasions sent scathing communiqués because of HLS's inept procedures, lack of attention to protocol and time frames, and overall sloppy science.

The documents also revealed the horrific conditions and deaths of the baboons and pigs used in the heart transplant research. This expose also showed HLS to be in violation of Good Laboratory Practice laws, and in violation of the conditions the British government placed on HLS after the 1997 investigations.

The expose again landed HLS in the headlines, subject to a governmental inquiry, and saw Novartis (the parent company of Imutran) announce that it is closing it's UK operations and moving to America where there is a more hospitable climate for pharmaceutical research.

Every week there will be a week-long phone/e-mail blockade against one of HLS investors. Some of these investors will be big companies and others will be private investors. We will target a new investor each week. We need EVERYONE to take a few minutes each day and let these investors know that by supporting HLS, they are supporting animal abuse and torture.

Show them that WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Let's hit them where it hurt-their pockets!



Discover Financial is a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, last weeks investor. MSDW has very recently made a purchase of approximently 22 MILLION shares of HLS. With the combination of last weeks pressure and this week, we can make Discover/MSDW pull out of their investment in HLS!!!

Corporate Headquaters
Discover Financial Services, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
2500 LakeCook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL 60015
Toll free: 1-800-347-2683
Tele: 1-801-568-0205
Fax: 1-847-405-4688

Website: http://www.discoverfinancial.com

email: humanresources@discoverfinancial.com

Internet adresses:

email: websupport@novusnet.com

Toll free phone numbers:
Discover Business Services:
Private Issue: 1-800-474-2273
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Email addresses

David W. Nelms, President & CEO

Carlos M. Minetti, Executive Vice-President

Diane E. Offereins, Executive Vice-President

Ashoke Dutt, Executive Vice-President

Margaret J. Bellock, Senior Vice-President

Martin W. Slusarz, Senior Vice-President

Bruce L. Osborne, Senior Vice-President

Tom E. Dailey, Senior Vice-President
tomdailey@discoverfinancial.com or thomasdailey@discoverfinancial.com

Colleen Zambole, Vice-President

Cathy Edwards, Media Contact: cathyedwards@discoverfinancial.com
Beth Metzler, Media Contact: bethmetzler@discoverfinancial.com
Michele Martin: michelemartin@discoverfinancial.com
Leslie Mason: lesliemason@discoverfinancial.com
Daniel Collins: danielcollins@discoverfinancial.com
Mark Puttick: markputtick@discoverfinancial.com
Martin Dambrot: martindambrot@discoverfinancial.com
Paul Jakubowski: pauljakubowski@discoverfinancial.com
Rafal Szymczak: rafalszymczak@discoverfinancial.com
Tony Bedell: tonybedell@discoverfinancial.com
Vic Puodiziunas: vicpudiziunas@discoverfinancial.com
Santi Sirilan: santiagosirilan@discoverfinancial.com
Katie Mitchell: katiemitchell@discoverfinancial.com
Kevin Kellow: kevinkellow@discoverfinancial.com
Chalary Filipek: chalryfilipek@discoverfinancial.com
Ann Zhu: annzhu@discoverfinancial.com
Barb Bulger: barbbulger@discoverfinancial.com
Alicia Zatkowski: aliciazatowski@discoverfinancial.com
Sunil Mendu: sunilmendu@discoverfinancial.com
John Baipsys: johnbaipsys@discoverfinancial.com
Jeff Pukacz: jpukacz@discoverfinancial.com
Jim Ream: jimream@discoverfinancial.com
Jimmy Hurt: jimhurt@discoverfinancial.com
Nicole Biafore: nicolebiafore@discoverfinancial.com
James "Doug" Cleveland: jamesdcleveland@discoverfinancial.com


Toll free: 1-800-347-0326
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Greenwood Trust Co.
Attn: Security Dept.
PO Box 15183
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Kathy Roberts (General Manager)
248 Chapman Road
University Office Plaza
Newark, DE 19702

Rick Palmer (General Manager)
34 B. Sarlifter Avenue
Dover, DE 19901


Discover Card Services
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
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Tele: 1-513-829-5379
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Carole Westman 1-847-405-1388


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Death Certificates
Novus Services
c/c Probate
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Mike Daverio (General Manager)
3311 Mill Meadow Dr.
Hilliard, OH 43228-0540

Alice Staten (General Manager for Merchant)
Don Probst (General Manager for Customer Service)
777 New Albany Road
New Albany,OH 43054


Toll free: 1-800-474-2273
Fax: 1-602-516-3664

Discover Card Services
PO Box 30395
Salt Lake City, Ut 84130-0395

The Register
PO BOx 5005
Sandy, UT 84091-5005

Mike Farris (General Manager)
8475 S. Sandy Parkway
Sandy, UT 84070

Karen Ravas (General Manager)
1730 South 5420 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84070

Robert Myrick (General Manager)
855 E. 9400 South
Sandy, UT 84094

**Please take the time to put your feelings and outrage into your own words, someone has to read these letters and emails. It would be much more effective if they read a veriety of letters, not just a form letter.


I am writing to urge you to discontinue your investment with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Animals are sentient, living beings and should not be used for experimentation or anger relief for staff members. Since the publicity, I am certain you are now aware of the horrendous pain and suffering animals at Huntingdon endure. Tests which force the animals to consume toxic doses of various chemicals, inhale noxious fumes, and have caustic chemicals applied to their raw skin is horrendous. What is even more outlandish is documentation showing staff throwing beagle puppies against walls and punching them in the face. This is simply not good business. There are numerous companies discontinuing animal experimentation and instead, using computer simulations and the vast amount of previously accumulated data.

You have the power and the ability to do something about the excruciating pain an annual 180,000 animals suffer. First, as an investor, you can demand they change their practices and you can demand the staff have psychological treatment. Second, you can cease your ownership of HLS stock and not invest in any other company practicing archaic and brutal animal research.

I also encourage you to look beyond the bottom line when making future investments. Compassionate individuals, like yourself, with the gift of financial resources to invest can create long-term, far-reaching consequences toward a more benevolent world.

For auto-emailing visit: http://www.adl-online.com/investor.shtml


For More Information:


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