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19 Oct 2001
Frontline: A.L.F. Target Iowa Animal Exploiters

Frontline Information Service - News 10/18/01

Animal Liberation Front Target Iowa Animal Exploiters

October 18, 2001

North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office Contact: David Barbarash, 250-703-6312

Animal Liberation Front Target Iowa Animal Exploiters 2,000 Mink Released from Jewell Fur Farm 162 Pigeons, Ducks, and Geese Rescued from Glenwood Facility

IOWA - This week the underground Animal Liberation Front has targeted two animal exploitation facilities in the mid-west state of Iowa, releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm and rescuing numerous birds from an animal research breeder. Both places have been previously targeted by the A.L.F.

This morning, in two separate Communiques sent to the A.L.F. Press Office, A.L.F. activists claimed responsibility for both actions. Although both occurred in the same state within three days of each other, it remains unclear whether the same A.L.F. cell is responsible for both actions.

Isebrand Fur Farm, Jewell, IA

In the late hours of Oct. 16, 2001, the A.L.F. entered an un-named fur farm on Tollman Rd. in Jewell, Iowa and opened all the mink cages, releasing an estimated 2000 mink into the surrounding area. Press Office records show that this fur farm is Isebrand Fur Farm, which was targeted previously by A.L.F. activists two years ago on Aug. 21, 1998 when 3000 mink were released. This most recent action was the 70th time animals have been released from a fur farm in North America since the campaign against fur farms began over six years ago.

The A.L.F. activists state in their Communique that they will be "tearing up fences, breaking down walls, and opening cages to free the animals" until the animals' "blood stops spilling." The full text of the Communique follows below.

Double T Farms, Glenwood, IA

In the early morning hours of Oct. 18, 2001 the A.L.F. entered several sheds at Double T Farms in Glenwood, Iowa (21655 Barrus Rd.) and cut the wire mesh fencing to pens holding pigeons, ducks, and geese, releasing an estimated 162 birds. The activists also state that the sheds were damaged or destroyed. This is the second time A.L.F. activists have targeted Double T Farms - on Sept. 09, 2000 A.L.F. activists rescued and released 215 pigeons.

Double T Farms breeds various species of birds for use in animal experimentation - "a cruel and senseless death at the hands of vivisectors," state the A.L.F. The activists further say that "there will be further visits until (the) operation is shut down." The full text of the Communique follows below.

Text of Isebrand Communique

The Animal Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the liberation of 2000 mink from a fur farm in Jewell, IA (Tollman Rd.) in the late hours of October 16th, 2001. Every animal was released.

Fences surrounding the farm were cut away, every cage opened, and 2000 mink ran to freedom. These animals were kept 3 and 4 to a small wire mesh cage. Their rescue came at the final hour, only a month from a violent death in the pelting season.

Captive bred mink are closely related to their wild ancestors, and have been shown to retain survival instincts when released - ensuring these liberated prisoners will live and thrive. The fur industry will move to condemn this action, using misleading half-truths and boldface lies. They point their fingers with blood stained hands. There is no defensible case for the taking of innocent life. Furthermore, there is no defensible argument against militant intervention to prevent this atrocity. When mink are no longer kept 4 to a small wire cage, when chickens are no longer kept packed in battery cages, when we stop calling dead animals food, when the blood stops spilling - these actions outside the law will no longer be needed. Until then, we will be tearing up fences, breaking down walls, and opening cages to free the animals. Terrorism against non-human animals will be met with liberation.

In this struggle for life against greed, compassion over sadism, our only recourse is to ignore laws and risk our freedom to save lives. Were you in a cage, whose side would you be on?


Text of Double T Farms Communique

In the early morning hours of October 18, 2001, the Animal Liberation Front visited Double T Farms (21655 Barrus Rd., Glenwood, Iowa.), a breeder of birds for vivisection.

We located the pigeon shed, and cut through the wire mesh perimeter. 62 pigeons were found and released. These pigeons were destined for a cruel and senseless death at the hands of vivisectors. All possible nesting boxes were emptied, and breeder tags were removed from each bird. The shed was also damaged.

A second aviary was containing ducks and geese was located, and 50 yards of netting cut away, allowing approximately 50 birds held captive within to escape.

A third aviary holding approximately 50 geese was similarly ripped apart, and those geese who did not immediately take flight were picked up and taken outside.

Approximately 162 birds were released.

This is the A.L.F.'s second visit to Double T Farms , and there will be further visits until Ted Golka's operation is shut down.

Risking our freedom for theirs -


North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office
***** The Voice of the A.L.F. *****

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