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31 Dec 2001

Frontline Information Service - News 12/30/01





Boston Citizens for Animal Liberation hosted Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA's national tour of Stephen's offices on Friday, December 21st and Saturday, December 22nd.

On Friday the 21st, over 20 activist laid siege to the Boston office of Stephen's Inc. The building in which Stephen's leases an office was certainly worried as the entire lobby of was filled with security guards. Stephen's also showed their fear as Boston police officers and Massachusetts state troopers joined the hired goons of Stephen's Inc. to document us and watch our every move.

We were not deterred by their presence. From 2 to 5 pm, those in Boston's Financial District learned of the horrors of Huntingdon Life Sciences and of Stephen's Inc. mistake in investing $33 million dollars in HLS. There is no where for Stephen's to run, there is no where for them to hide!

Stephen's thought they could intimidate us with police officers and state troopers following us around. Stephen's thought they could intimidate us with their hired security force. They were wrong. When push came to shove, it was Stephen's hired security force that became the followed ones as we blocked them in to stick in their faces that we will not be deterred and HLS will be closed.

A few twists and turns aside and getting rid of the hired goons and the law enforcement agencies, we planned to make this weekend something that the Boston office of Stephen's Inc. would not easily forget. On Saturday night, activists paid a visit to the home of David Palimisano, an analyst at Stephen's Inc. in Boston. He probably got little sleep that night as he was woken up hearing his name called through a megaphone, informing him and his neighbors of what scum he is and that we will close HLS. And if he could fall back asleep knowing that we do in fact know where he sleeps at night, Sunday was not going to be much better as he would wake up that morning to find his front door and pouch plastered in Stephen's stickers.

Stephen's: there is no where for you to run, there is no where for you to hide. Your investment in HLS will be a loss. We have smashed them this year, making them so financially unstable that they can never regain any strength you hoped to instill in them.


View chapters from Michelle Rokke's undercover investigation into HLS, now posted at http://www.shacusa.net

Michelle's diary offers us a horrifying glimpse into the everyday hell for the animals living there. Her records and video footage reveal shocking brutality, pyschotic tendencies of the workers, and dangerous scientific fraud.

Let her words feed your passion and fuel your activism!



Boston Office:
175 Federal Street, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Main number: (617) 239-7500

Internal office information:

David Walsh, Exec VP

John Sullivan
(617) 239-7516

Charles Pluckhahn
(617) 239-7514

David Plamisano
(617) 239-7519

Raza Rafiq
(617) 239-7515

David Wood
(617) 239-7536

Thad Waugh


David Palmisano
Research Associate
[fred rice removed the home address]
phone number: (781) 893-3876

Charles W. Pluckhahn
CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst),
Senior Vice President
[fred rice removed the home address]
DOB: 10/1957
phone number: 527-2309


Every week there is a week-long phone/e-mail blockade against one of HLS's investors. Some of these investors will be big companies and others will be private investors. We will target a new investor each week. We need EVERYONE to take a few minutes each day and let these investors know that by supporting HLS, they are supporting animal abuse and torture.

Let's hit them where it hurts - their pockets!

Hint: A great way to block the number that you are calling/faxing from is to dial *67 BEFORE you dial the number. Great for sending black faxes!

For auto e-mailing, that uses encryption devices which masks who you are: http://www.animaldefenseleague.com/investor.shtml

Please take the time to put your feelings and outrage into your own words, someone has to read these letters and emails. It would be much more effective if they read a variety of letters, not just a form letter.


I am writing to urge you to discontinue your investment with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Animals are sentient, living beings and should not be used for experimentation or anger relief for staff members. Since the publicity, I am certain you are now aware of the horrendous pain and suffering animals at Huntingdon endure. Tests which force the animals to consume toxic doses of various chemicals, inhale noxious fumes, and have caustic chemicals applied to their raw skin is horrendous. What is even more outlandish is documentation showing staff throwing beagle puppies against walls and punching them in the face.

This is simply not good business. There are numerous companies discontinuing animal experimentation and instead, using computer simulations and the vast amount of previously accumulated data. You have the power and the ability to do something about the excruciating pain an annual 180,000 animals suffer. First, as an investor, you can demand they change their practices and you can demand the staff have psychological treatment. Second, you can cease your ownership of HLS stock and not invest in any other company practicing archaic and brutal animal research. I also encourage you to look beyond the bottom line when making future investments. Compassionate individuals, like yourself, with the gift of financial resources to invest can create long-term, far-reaching consequences toward a more benevolent world.


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