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12 Mar 2002

Frontline Information Service - News 3/12/02


Another one bites the dust! Last week Hughes Janitorial Services - the company that helps keep HLS's bloody business bearable for their sloppy staff - caved into our pressure campaign and announced they would no longer be doing business with the lab. This is a direct hit on the infrastructure of HLS and sure to raise the operating costs. With no janitors or cleaning supplies, HLS - you will have to do what you were caught saying in one of the last exposes - and "WIPE YOUR ASS ON THAT DATA!"

This week we turn our attention back to those financially responsible for keeping HLS afloat. Charles Schwab acts as a stockbroker for HLS - trading in HLS's dismal shares. Although the volume traded may be miniscule - the facility is still there, provided by Schwab. Letters have been sent to Schwab executives asking that their company join with other responsible brokerages, such as Paragon and Charles Schwab Private Placement UK, and STOP trading in Huntingdon's stock (HTDLY) and soon to be Life Sciences Research (LSRI).

According to their web site, it is one of Schwab's goals to provide, "... the most useful and ethical financial services in the world." IF this is true Schwab can not continue to scoff at ethical investors and maintain their collaborative ties with HLS. Huntingdon is a dying company and a dead end investment, please appeal to this brokerage firm to deliver a crippling blow to this kind of torment by discontinuing their sale of HLS stock.





Anyone anywhere can phone Charles Schwab and let them know what you think of animal cruelty for FREE. Use a payphone and call:

1-877-476-2370. The number for their online investment service is

1-800-272-4922 TeleBroker

1-800-225-8570 24 hour a day Help Desk

1-800-435-4000 Schwab by Phone system


Countless people look to Charles Schwab for investment advice and turn to their extensive website. A useful tool to many investors is the message board system that allows people to post PUBLIC messages about particular stocks that Schwab trades. Let' see what these analysts think of HLS by bombarding this message board with helpful comments about HLS's future (or lack thereof!)



Charles Schwab makes it a point of responding to all inquires about their business and companies they trade for. Please send an email reminding this brokerage firm that they are helping to continue a clear and consistent pattern of animal cruelty. Also remind them their UK arm of the company has long since decided to stop buying and selling in HLS's shares and the US side should act no differently.



Charles Schwab has over 400 offices across the country and there is likely one in your neighborhood. Grab a few friends and pay a visit to your local

Schwab center and show them the pictures of the dirty work they make possible. On http://www.shacusa.net we have downloadable leaflets and high resolution pictures. Go Get' em!

Find local offices by going to http://www.charlesschwab.comand then clicking on "Visit your local investment center." This handy tool gives you a map and directions from your location to theirs!

How convenient.


Take advantage of the information this company puts out about itself to formulate an appeal to their consciences, business sense, or privacy - by understanding who and where these executives came from. The Schwab website was kind enough to provide us with their bios and even pictures. The people responsible for what is going on inside of HLS have names and they have addresses - we can all make a difference!

Their executive committee follows below, and bio's of all execs can be found on http://www.aboutschwab.com/proom/whowho.html


Hint: A great way to block the number that you are calling/faxing from is to

dial *67 BEFORE you dial the number.

Great for sending black faxes! (Unfortunately doesn't work for 800 numbers)

For auto e-mailing, that uses encryption devices which masks who you are: http://www.animaldefenseleague.com/investor.shtml

Please take the time to put your feelings and outrage into your own words, someone has to read these letters and emails. It would be much more effective if they read a variety of letters, not just a form letter.


I am writing to urge you to discontinue your business relations with Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Animals are sentient, living beings and should not be used for experimentation or anger relief for staff members. Since the publicity, I am certain you are now aware of the horrendous pain and suffering animals at Huntingdon endure. Tests which force the animals to consume toxic doses of various chemicals, inhale noxious fumes, and have caustic chemicals applied to their raw skin is horrendous. What is even more outlandish is documentation showing staff throwing beagle puppies against walls and punching them in the face.

This is simply not good business. There are numerous companies discontinuing animal experimentation and instead, using computer simulations and the vast amount of previously accumulated data. Compassionate individuals, like yourself, with the gift of financial resources to invest can create long-term, far-reaching consequences toward a more benevolent world.




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