Date: 10-26-97 (06:13)
Subj: Message From Clark

From: Julianne Presson

Sincere Kind Wishes To ALL:

It is with an extreme amount of sorrow and pain that I find it necessary to post this communication. I find that I must do so due to the recent turn of events regarding this once fine conference.

As you all may or may not know, I created MetaUFO a few years back to provide a forum for those who not only had an interest in UFOs, but in the paranormal and other subjects generally covered by the blanket term "metaphysics". It was intended that the conference be for dialog treating the relationship between these subjects.

Over the last two years, I have been on a journey of inner work and personal spiritual growth. My direct contributions to the forum that I created and love have been few. I have however, been following the general flow of things and had offered my advice on occasion to my co_moderator, Julie Presson. On a few occasions I found it necessary to make my presence felt in a more overt manner when others had come into the echo and performed deeds in order to cause the maximum sort of disruption. Once these problems were eliviated, I again faded into the woodwork as it were.

I very recently underwent a serious operation. Intuition had informed me that it would be a difficult one. As Julie was under a lot of strain and had been at various times with the responsibility of the MetaUFO, I had often advised her that perhaps she should turn the day to day running of the echo over to another for a time. Compounding the equation we both were aware that our feed for the echo was suffering an ultimately fatal disease and would be soon giving up his participation in FidoNet.

Given all of that, Julie came to me telling me that she had some conversations with Jack and he had expressed a desire to take over the running of the echo. Knowing Jack well, I expressed my concerns about whether this was the wise thing to do given his past performance of an eratic moderatorial style. She assured me that he had expressed a desire to keep things as they were and perhaps expand upon them.

In the few weeks that have gone by, Jack has shown himself to be a being of little character and NO HONOR. He has appointed a co_moderator who is a professed overly sensitive Christian who believes crap is a dirty word. They have both demonstrated that neither understand a single line as taken from this conference's Rights and Responsibilities statement as they both have violated them on repeated and numerous occasion. Neither of them seem to know what the other is doing or intends. This has resulted in a lot of chaos and undesired disruption within the echo.

Pursuant to the above statement as to his lack of character, I make this due to Jack's refusal to turn the echo back to Julie as she has asked him to do. This was only right of her as Jack has shown an inability to handle the job. Unknown to Jack perhaps, is the fact that I never gave Julie permission to turn over the passwords for the echo to Jack Sargeant and in any event would never have done so without first having given Jack a few months probationary period to guage how well he did. Julie was trusting and thinking that she was acting in my best interest, gave him the needed data.

It should be plain to all that Jack Sargeant has here acted under false pretenses in the most gross manner. The childish actions that he has exhibited in recent weeks have surpassed the many that he has performed before. He should count himself fortunate in that were he living across town here in the Phoenix area, I would be sorely tempted to travel across town, knock on his door and give him the well deserved public spanking that he has been begging for quite a while now.

To ALL of you I want to apologise for what has transpired and our part in it. I will NOT apologise for Jack's BAD behavior as only HE is responsible for that.

To Jack I ask to show ALL concerned that you do have some Honor and that I AM wrong about you. I do not ask you Jack, but demand that you return the echo to the rightful owner which is myself. Failing that you are hereby put on notice that I will go to Adrian Walker and lodge an official complaint as to your underhanded manner of securing MetaUFO.

I have no desire to publically embarass Jack Sargeant further than he perpetrates upon himself frequently. What I want is for him to turn the echo back into the wise caretaking of the woman I love and get himself lost.

In any event I want each and every one of you to know that I have taken over the WebMaster duties for I AM America. Once the site is revamped, I AM going to institute a revolving mailing list forum at the site to entertain among subjects: Earth Changes, Messages and Teaching of the Ascended Masters, Intentional Community and many other metaphysically related topics. While I have yet to work out the particulars, the working address will something like community@iamamerica.com.

Having made that statement, I invite you all to watch for this on the internet within the next three months.

To you Jack, I state:

You obtained this echo under false pretenses by repeated promises to Julie to keep the echo the way it was. You lied Jack and now you are inviting Julie to leave if she doesn't like it! You must believe that you possess cast iron balls old man! The only sour grapes that any can see here is that which belongs to you as many of the old guard has abandoned UFO for the same reasons that those here are abandoning this once fine forum. Nice Job Jack! God, but I AM blessed that I no longer possess an ego of such gargantuan proportions! Were I to discover my behavior similar to yours, I fear I would take up an extended sabatical into the wilderness. I don't expect you to be, but simply put Jack, You Should Be Ashamed!

I AM calling upon you to show some character and honor by returning the echo into the safe keeping of Julie. You and your actions constitute a great interference into the work that is to be done with a great many individuals. Your petty ego and high handed behavior constitutes an unasked for interference into the spirituality of many who visit here. If you continue, you will perhaps find that the responsibility for this will prove to be more than you can bear.

Finally to paraphrase the words of a spiritual brother of mine of whom I AM fond of in particular, Jack, if you fail to do the honorable thing, then You Are Toast!

From: Jack Sargeant

So now it comes down to threats! You make me sick.

Your threats in e-mail also make me sick. Adrian Walker could care less how you "lost" your echo. He only concerns himself with passwords.

Now that I have returned META_UFO to you, you can do the honorable thing and NOT address anymore mail to me... Any where, anytime. The bridges are burned. Our friendship is at an end.

Good luck,


* Origin: -=Keep Watching the Skies=- Charlotte, NC (1:379/12)


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