Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 20:05:59 -0600
From: Levi Jenssen <ljensen@bellsouth.net>
To: Fredric L. Rice
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart

Please take this page off the net it does not serve any purpose

Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, Billy Ghrahm, David Duke... They all continue to have thousands of followers even after they suffer repeated exposures of what they really stand for by the media.

How do they do it? How do they manage to teach their followers not to think to the point where ANYTHING can be ignored-away? From using their own cult's funds to buy air-conditioned dog houses to repeated rape of children, how do televangelist continue to bilk the ignorant and get away with fraud?

Here's a one-line explanation offered by Ken Young to the following:

It's hard to believe he'd embarrass himself to this extent in order to make excuses for a scumbag televangelist. Swaggart's car was seen REPEATEDLY in the parking area of the No-Tell Motel. Somebody put a bug in a reporter's ear.

Ken Young asks: "One can't go to a motel to cousel someone?"

There you have it: Swaggart wasn't fornicating with prostitutes, no, he was counseling hookers and "conducting research."

Take a glance at some of the freakish rants we've received from various cultists desperately trying to defend Jimmy Swaggart's supposedly immoral behavior:

From: TowersNews <TowersNews@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 17:38:12 EST
To: Fredric L. Rice
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart

I find your reply confusing.

Please respond using simple English so that your point and be understood.

A "little Truth" can be dangerous.. don't you agree?

Have you met "the man"?

Have you "heard" him preach?

Have you seen his "fruits of the Spirit"?

Have you spoken to anyone in "authority"?

Have you "thought" about the harm that you are doing to Jimmy Swaggart, his family and to his ministry?

I have asked myself these questions.

Would you like to discuss this further?


Dr. G. Towers
Towers Newsletter

Ironic, huh? Note the disjointed, meandering, illiterate rant prefaced with an appeal to use simple English. <smile> Love it. Cult followers are highly amusing when their leaders are exposed.

Another very strange phenomena in this cultist's rantings is the strange inability to discern when to enquote words and phrases. You'll see more of this unusual phenomena in some of this cultist's other rants offered below. The behavior is motivated, I believe, by the need to impress upon himself the assumption of importance of these words and phrases. It's anybody's guess, though, what an accurate explanation of the behavior would be.

From: TowersNews TowersNews@aol.com
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 22:19:12 EST
To: Fredric L. Rice
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart

I am sorry that you feel that The Swaggart Ministry is a cult.

Thank you for your clarification ib regard to your sources of information.

Newspaper articles and online commentaries aren't your best source.

Again, I invite you to go to Baton Rouge abd "see".

I traveled 1300 miles to "see" for myself.

Perhaps your agenda is not to search for the truth but to sensationalize

on the opinions of other uninformed representatives of the media.

I would suggest that you contact the National Examiner...

They have spent untold millions in an attempt o destroy people...

While "bashing" Swaggart on their front cover they decided it was time

again to "revive" the Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds divorce 21 years ago.

By the way... what are your literary credentials?

Towers Newsletter

The disjointed ranting is getting worse, huh? Now we have huge conspiracies involving millions of people. Presumably Jimmy Swaggart can save them. Provided they secretly meet at a sleezy motel, it would seem.

From: Peggy Haddon <phaddon@eatel.net>
To: Fredric L. Rice
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart posting
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 12:48:16 -0600

It's a sad thing for a person to be this so unforgiving...I wonder if you have never sinned....beware.....there is a God in heaven and he will come back to get His people and judge us all....can you imagine being eternally in the lake of fire.... I will pray daily for you .......and YOU NEED TO GET THAT THING OFF THE INTERNET.....you're only condemning yourself more and more....God bless and God forgive you

Is it just me or is every cult follower who worships Jimmy Swaggart an uneducated moron living in constant fear of the very gods they create?

All of the thinking these cultists directed toward their deity constructs doesn't help their hero any so it's quite certain such voodoo curses are bound to have zero effect upon the educated among the populace.

From: TowersNews TowersNews@aol.com
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 14:48:56 EST
To: Fredric L. Rice
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart

Where does your information or I should say misinformation come from?

Certainly you wouldn't rely upon the tabloids or would you?

Why don't you visit the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge and "see"?

If you want to know more about this man of God please contact me.


Dr. G. Towers
Towers Newsletter
(Editor & Publisher)

Circulation 42,000
Established 1978

And now the cultist attempts to appeal to Authority by claiming to be a doctor and listing "credentials" which -- to a cultist -- no doubt is quite impressive.

It's curious how these cult followers always manage to ignore the fact that their leaders get caught with their dicks in hand. Their leader's actions and behavior aren't even subject to debate when they're caught on video tape or get hauled in front of a judge for fraud.

Marilyn Burge:
Debra McMurphree said he [Jimmy Swaggart] asked her to bring her 10-year-old daughter along because he thought slipping it into that tight little pussy would be quite a hoot. And THIS is your idea of somebody to respect!!??

Ken Young:
Yes. After all, he admitted he did something wrong, didn't he?

From:Fredric L. Rice
Date: Thu Mar 12 15:36:16 1998
To: TowersNews TowersNews@aol.com
Subject: Jimmy Swaggart

dc> If you want to know more about this man of God please contact me.

Yes, please. I would like to know how many prostitutes your hero was screwing both before and after he got caught with a hooker and her 7-year-old daughter in a hotel room.

Thanks in advance.

I know. Yes, I know. I just couldn't resist twisting the knife just a little. Imagine the amusement which will arise after the completion of the Jimmy Bakker exposures I'll be posting to the web site. That should really bring these cult followers out in large numbers.

As for this "man of god," let's take a quick review of what this "man of god" stands for:

-- Debra Murphree refering to Jimmy Swaggart, July 1988 --

"I was on my knees, doggie-style, with my feet hanging off the bed... He pulled his jogging suit down around his ankles and left his T-shirt on... He stuck it in and pumped a couple of time and pulled it out... He was very easy. A few pumps and that was it. He'd just moan, and as soon as he got done, he'd throw the rubber in the trash, tuck it in and walk out the door."

"I asked him 'Do you want a date?' And he said, 'All I want to do is jack off awhile and look at your tits."

When I seen him on TV, I'd mostly watch his motions, just to see how he acted. The same voice. I said "God, what a freak. Kinky. Here he is up there preaching for all this money and when I see him, he's kinky and cheap."

When I first met him, he offered $10 to jack off, and I said 'No' and he said, 'But I'm going to do it myself. You won't have to touch me.' And I said 'No, I won't do nothing under $20. Even if you want to look at my titties, you have to give me $20'.

"Would you ever think about letting her watch us?" -- quoting Jimmy Swaggart asking about her nine year old daughter.

He'd ask "Have the cops been hot?" and sometimes I'd say "Yes" and he'd get nervous and leave.

"He'd ask me if I'd ever let anyone screw my daughter when she was that young, and I said, 'No, She's only nine years old.' He asked me if she started developing [breasts] or if she had any hair down there. I said 'Nooo...' he even asked me if pussy was real tight or not... sometimes he used the word cunt... 'I can picture my cock going in and out of a pussy like that,' he said... I didn't know what to say. I though, 'This man's got to be sick."

It's important to note that the truth about Jimmy Swaggart came out _after_ he was caught. It's also important to point out that Murphree didn't look for and then speak to reporters about Jimmy. She was hammered by the media _after_ Jimmy was caught with his dick in hand.

Another interesting fact is that Jimmy got pulled over for weaving down a road upon suspicion of drunk driving. He was weaving while trying to stuff pornographic magazines under the seat of his car. There was another prostitute in the passenger side. Cult leaders are often quite amusing.

Update On Swaggart - Walk Away, Spring 1989

Hard times have fallen on former Assemblies of Gawd evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. His ministry plummeted after the world learned that he paid a New Orleans prostitute to engage in "pronographic" acts with him. More reciently, Penthouse alleged that Swaggart had been preoccupied with still another woman. The woman, a housewife who worked as a stripper, detailed her bizzare relationship with Swaggart.

Just over a year ago, Jimmy Swaggart Bible College was bursting at the seams with 1,500 students. A $9 million dormitory was under construction. Now, the unfinished building stands empty. All but 400 students have left.

Additionally, 600 employees have departed. Some 90 or so, of them AOG ministers who were given the ultimatum from their denominational headquarters -- "Swaggart or us, make your choice."

Swaggart reciently admitted that his haul was a mere $100,000 a day, half of what he needed to survive. And on another front, he still faces $90 million lawsuit from New Orleans preacher Marvin Gorman. Gorman has charged that Swaggart tried to destroy _his_ ministry through accusations of immoral conduct.

While Swaggart presses on, he blames the publishers of Penthouse for his problems. "They are demon-possessed... There is nothing they won't do."

"We should not make any agreements with the Soviet Union... they can sign all the peace treaties they want. They won't do any good. There are dark days coming... It's going to get worse... I'm not planning on going through the hell that is coming. The Lord will descend from heaven with a shout. My Lord! I'm happy about it! He's coming again! I don't care who it bothers. I don't care who it troubles. It thrills my soul!" -- Jimmy Swaggart, 22/Sep/85:

Now we know where his followers acquire their freakish, disjointed rants, huh?


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