No, I don't make any of this stuff up.

There is a strong link between low IQ, racism, hatred of women, and hatred of gays, and the outrageously stupid notion that Earthquakes could be caused by Mexicans is what I would expect from the typical "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minuteman" moron.

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Link between illegals and earthquakes?
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Is there a link between the massive flood of illegal immigrants into California and the earthquakes it's currently experiencing? I'm sure that the population boom in the last several years due to immigration must be having an adverse impact on the California environment (water tables, etc.).

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we had another in Yucaipa today....
the inmates are running the asylum

Sen. Gil Sedition
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I'll say, I live in that area. I think we felt is better than Landers in the early 1990's. Maybe it was caused by a stampeed across the border!

Mexico is the World's 5th largest Oil Producer, 30+ BILLION dollars a year in revenue! Where does all that Money GO?????? Only cowards run from a corrupt government!!! If your seeking a better life, get rid of the crooks in Mexico City, thats 30+ BBBBBBBILLION in oil!!!! We would all be singing "O Canada" if our forefathers had run from a corupt government in 1776!


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QUOTE (Sen. Gil Sedition @ Jun 16 2005, 10:32 PM) I'll say, I live in that area. I think we felt is better than Landers in the early 1990's. Maybe it was caused by a stampeed across the border!

Uh yeah... ok...

no peeky panish
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even the ground wants them gone. If we pile enough illegals here, maybe an earthquake really WILL break california off into the sea. Good thing I can swim!


For Americans of all races ..... Everything; For illegal invaders ..... Nothing.


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