At The Skeptic Tank we get a lot of illiterate, freakish hate mail and while most of it gets moved into the "Fundy Rants" folder without review past the first sentence, I believe this True American Hero's email is a submission for the anti-racism / pro free-speech web page so I'll go ahead and add it.

It does a good job of allowing the bigots to express and expose themselves without having to otherwise lift a finger, and allowing them to expose themselves helps keep them from spreading and growing.

Notice the web sites referenced to support the clown's notions. (Might just as well quote FOX "News" or a Wonder Woman comic book.)

Also notice the abject denial of the photographs and an endless parade of unevidenced claims, none of which made the news. Pretty bizzare stuff but this is what we get daily from Creationist cultists so it's certainly not unique in our inbound mail box.

What's also telling is the myth building that goes on among Republican minds as the myths are told and retold. The outrageous claim that American flags were thrown to the ground and stepped on is unevidenced, as are the claims that hate slogans were yelled or cussing was engaged in by the good guys, as is the claim that one of the good guys threw a water bottle that hit one of the racist bigots.

As the right-wing racist rhetoric grows, so does the myths: a group of over 2300 peaceful anti-racism / pro-free speech activists gets turned into a raping, burning, pillaging, rampaging mob of Mexican Communists or something -- which then magically shrinks in number to about 200 or 300.

I was there. I took the photographs. I saw the SOS racists just standing there behaving themselves -- pathetically so -- and nearly suicidal because nobody would join them in their hate fest, and I saw the good guys enjoying opposing the bigots, doing so peacefully, calmly, and even respectfully by the religious.

If any of the outrageous myths SOS and its ilk like to play pretend with actually happened, it would have been splashed all over the right-wing television and newspaper news. Didn't happen.

Burn an American flag? And it wasn't on nation wide news? Maybe that's because of the "vast liberal media conspiracy." Invisible Mexicans and Asians in among the hate mongers who also don't show up on photographs? Maybe that's also part of the "vast Communist conspiracy." (And apparently there were a lot of invisible cops there, also.)

Also notice how none of the "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" a.k.a. KKK a.k.a. Aryan Nations et al. clowns can back up their claims about the anti-racism rally in Baldwin Park so they yark off into some bizarre Republican rant about other pickets, protests, and demonstrations elsewhere who knows how far or how long ago.

Can't support your Republican notions? Change the subject.

Bush Republicans are truly bizarre. Whether it's "weapons of mass destruction" or "Saddam attacked New York" or "we're not really racists," Bush Republicanism is the height of everything Nazi Germany was in all relevant respects, including fomenting hatred and bigotry under the guise of opposing racism.

Want to slaughter Iraqis and seize their oil? Claim you're "liberating" them.

No difference than these racist's demands they're opposing racism. Actions speak louder than words.

Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 18:46:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: CS
Subject: Distorted, Fabricated Article on Baldwin Park Rally on Skeptic Tank
Cc: Joe Turner <info@saveourstate.org>,

A few other lies that need to be addressed.

You say there 2300 protestors! What sort of drugs do you take? The police state 300. Most of us figured it was between 250-400. You're a dolt..

You also state that the cops (whose presence you understate) were there to protect the hatemongers opposing SOS. Let's see, 30 of us protesting peacefully, using no hatespeech confronted by a salivating mob of 300 third world-mannered, separatist, malfeasants with ski masks and facial bandanas, inciting violence against us need protection from US? EVERY picture you see of the police line shows that the police were facing THEM. The police told us repeatedly that they could not guarantee OUR safety - not theirs AND the police escorted US back to city hall for OUR safety and had to give us rides to our cars because they told us they had credible evidence that the crowd was staging an ambush for us on our way back. Why don't you call the Baldwin Park Police department if you want FACTS? Why? Because you don't want facts!

Here is an article on the senior citizen attacked by the vile gang of racist pigs you were supporting:


This should clarify who's side threw the bottle.

Again, your level of stupidity and ignorance is so staggering it really doesn't deserve a response but I cannot sit idle and watch people like you lie to this degree without some sort of rebuttal. Sadly, I am sure you will leave this site up to continue to mislead people as to what really happened. That makes you a cretin, Frederic.

Chris Spellman wrote:


Forgive me if you are NOT the idiot who wrote the nonsensical, misinformed, distortion of the facts on this page:


I don't even know where to begin to dissect this steaming pile of manure you wrote. There are SO many lies, distortions and ridiculous assumptions that it would take me three days to refute every single one.

Firstly, our group (yes, I was one of the people you called a bigot) is multi-ethnic. Even though you say, "Stay with me, now, as I search among their numbers for a Negro, Asian, Mexican, or Native American Indian..."

Either you are:

A. Blind
B. Stupid
C. A Liar
D. All of the above

There were at least 6-10 Hispanics among us - myself included (My mother was born in Mexico). There were two Asians. There was a legal immigrant from Russia as well. You only saw what you wanted to see. Of all the people I know in my group, none of them fit the term, "bigot" or "racist". SOS has stated repeatedly that race is not our issue, its opposing illegal immigration and separatist hatred.

Incredibly, you accuse us of hatred and somehow, amazingly and disingenuously, ignored the massive barrage of racist hatespeech being spewed forth from the mob that surrounded us. Did you fail to notice the racist signs they brandished, calling us Nazi's, White Trash, Pilgrims, Rednicks, Racists, etc etc, and telling us to go back to Europe? Did you not hear them screaming "Get the fuck off our land!", or "Go back to the South!" and "You killed our people!"?. That was the tame stuff. There were numerous threats of violence and deluges of profane hatespeech I don't care to elaborate on.

Yes, most of them were in fact PRO-Illegal immigration. You are a flat-out liar saying none of them supported it.

And now let's examine YOUR bigotry. Love this quote from you:

"More fat Georgia Crackers?"

And then there is this laughable paragraph:

"Since it was getting hot and I had an 8 mile up-hill bicycle ride to look forward to, this was the last photograph of the event, this one of the racists with a number of news reporters and anti-racism activists mixed in among them. Larger numbers of anti-racist / pro-speech activists gathered in the parking lot of the food store, from what I was told later, and everybody behaved themselves."

That last line is CLASSIC. This was the biggest crowd of unruly, racist, hate-mongering people I have ever encountered. Several of their members urged the crowd to attack us, some used bullhorns to incite hatred. Oh and among them was Augustin Cebada of the hate group, The Brown Berets. Wanna see what they are all about? Go here:


That is Cebada and his thugs attacking senior citizens during a rally in West LA and burning the American flag. He's done this two or three times in the past. Also, check out Cebedas quotes:

"We're here today to show L.A., show the minority people here, the Anglo-Saxons, that we are here, the majority, we're here to stay. We do the work in this city, we take care of the spoiled brat children…. we are the majority here and we are not going to be pushed around." (AUGUSTIN CEBADA, Head of the Brown Berets, a Hispanic activist organization at a July 4, 1996 rally)

"Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks! Go back to Woodland Hills! Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die." [AUGUSTIN CEBADA Quoted in Barbara Coe, Reconquista, The Takeover of America, California Coalition for Immigration Reform, 1998, p. 20.]

Audio of this is also available:


Oh, and its clear you left TOO early. You missed the masked Mexican criminals that lined the crowd. Or, maybe you just CHOSE to IGNORE them?

Clearly you were blinded by your own, bizarre, liberal agenda. The hatred was indeed great and it was ALL on the Pro-Mexican side.

And I absolutely cannot let you get away with the following load of steaming bullshit:

"The hate mongers also claimed that American flags were being thrown to the ground, were being steped on, and the good guys were yelling profanities at the fascist hate mongers. Typical rightard Christofascist lies. Had _any_ of that happened, the television news that was there would have covered it in detail and it would have been splashed all over nation-wide television."

Its PLAINLY evident you were NOT at the rally. I was standing RIGHT in front of the fat, separatist bastard who in fact DID take out an American flag with the word "Imperialist" scrawled across it in black marker, throw it to the ground, spit and stomp on it. YES, it DID happen - we all saw it! One of their OWN members tried to stop him in fact. Idiot, do you realize how biased and PC the media is? They completely edited out the images and video of the racist mob opposing us.

Then there is this chunk of crap:

"What's disturbing is the claim that one of the hate mongers was hit in the head with a thrown bottle, something that I suspect was done by one of the hate mongers themselves."

YES, they (the racist Mexican protestors) DID throw a bottle which injured a 66 year-old member of our group. YES, they did throw another bottle that almost hit me. They were rabid, hateful and uncivil in every sense of the word. They WANTED violence against us. We never yelled racist remarks at them, we never threw bottles at them. The media covered this and the police have a video of the bottle being thrown from the Mexican racist side. I saw the bottle leave their side the moment it happen and strike our member.

Finally you say this:

"The hate mongers said they're not going to give up trying to spread Christian their hatred and bigotry in Baldwin Park."

Excuse me, I am not a Christian. I am non-religious. Many of the people with me are not Christians. Not one of us went to Baldwin Park promoting Christianity.

Its perfectly crystal clear that your head is lodged so far up your liberal ass that logic, reason and TRUTH is beyond your abilities. What a fucking insult this site is and a TOTAL distortion of the truth. You wanna see real pictures from the rally that convey what really happened? Probably not but here ya go:


Make sure and take note of the masked Mexican separatist thugs in the crowd.

And don't forget to check out the videos and the racist, anti-American animals that opposed us:


You claim you dont like illegal aliens "dislike racist bastards and Republican fascism". Well good for you. I am not a racist nor a Republican.

Pull your head out.



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