Another one of the things we can count on here at The Skeptic Tank are the white supremist and other like-flavored clowns quickly coming to the realization that their rhetoric doesn't look very good out under the light of public exposure. So they start demanding that their own words and identities be censored.

It's expected and I'm happy to oblige up to a point. From their perspective, they foment their hatred and bigotry among themselves and always find agreement among themselves. Then one of them makes the mistake of posting email to a public web site with a specific charter that specifically informs such bigots that their email submissions are public.

Creationists and Scientology customers also exhibit the same behavior, creating private forums where truth never shows its embarrassing self, causing discomfort when someone makes the mistake of exposing the rest to a public forum where truth creeps in.

If these bigots all indicate they want to hide and you would like to get in contact with any of them, email me and I'll forward to you their name and email address so you may contact them directly.

From: CN
To: CS
"Fredric L. Rice" <frice@linkline.com>
Cc: "Joe Turner" <info@saveourstate.org>,
Subject: Distorted, Fabricated Article on Baldwin Park Rally on Skeptic Tank Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 10:14:42 -0700

Dear Frederic,

Since I will not go to your site, I did not know until this e-mail that you have posted my personal information. This is actually not allowed without my or the others permission. Please remove. I may not agree with my friend on his views, but I do agree with taking our information off your site.

Thank you kindly!!

From Fredric L. Rice:

I see a note from one of you racists about how you don't want your names exposed on my anti-race hate web site.

Do all of you bigots want to hide? I'd be happy to remove your names and email addresses from my web site if all you racist bigots don't like the light of exposure.

Let me know. Thanks!


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