By their words and their actions, you shall know them.

And we're all coming to know these "Save Our State" and "'Minutemen" True American Heros very well, aren't we? After one of their own supporters tried to run over and perhaps murder anyone non-white at the anti-race hate rally in Garden Grove, California, the pattern is becoming quite clear. The violence and hate is increasing, in my opinion.

According to extracts allegedly taken straight from the "Save Our State" web site, violent racist images are being used by "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" and their supporters. Just a few of them are allegedly faithfully reproduced from the IndyMedia.ORG web site below.

Whether these images were accurately lifted from the True American Hero's web sites in context and faithfully posted to IndyMedia.ORG is not known yet one thing's certain: considering the violent rhetoric and the latest vehicular assault this week, they seem to me to be fully in keeping with what these people stand for.

Take a look and be disgusted:




Lovely, aren't they? Here we have a number of organizations that share much of the same followers demanding that they're not a bunch of white racist hate mongering bigots and yet they allegedly create images like these and they express violent rhetoric, and one of their supporters apparently tried to kill people engaging in peaceful, Constitutionally protected protests against race hate.

Now I'm in favor of freedom of speech, and I would even defend these True American Hero's right to spew violent rhetoric and to create violent, racist images like these. But when they start running innocent American patriots over with their cars, that's no longer speech -- that's assault with a deadly weapon.

There could have been children under the "'Minuteman" supporter's tires at Garden Grove. I've got to wonder whethey they think brown-skinned people aren't human. Maybe that's why their follower (or supporter or whatever he was) ran down those innocent people.

What's left, however, is their own words, actions, and images.

What's left speaks volumes about what these people stand for.

Update: The police claim they reviewed video tape of the assault and have allegedly released this suspect without criminal charges, trying to claim that the video shows the peaceful anti-hate protesters surrounding and pounding on the suspect's vehicle. That's highly doubtful and hopefully the good guys will sue and subpoena copies of that alleged video. Were such claims even remotely true, attempted murder should still have been an indictment, in my opinion.


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