We're still waiting for any video footage of the "Minuteman" vehicular assault with a deadly weapon which took place during this anti-race hate rally in Garden Grove, California, however some fairly good video -- though it's dark -- was taken and was posted by 1Planet1People to the Los Angeles Independent Media outlet's web site.

Here are links to the original as well as links to copies of the video tape that has been made available so far. As more video is made public (after being reviewed by lawyers for the victims, possibly) links to them as well as copies wll be made available here.

Update: The police claim they reviewed video tape of the assault and have allegedly released this suspect without criminal charges, trying to claim that the video shows the peaceful anti-hate protesters surrounding and pounding on the suspect's vehicle. That's highly doubtful and hopefully the good guys will sue and subpoena copies of that alleged video. Were such claims even remotely true, attempted murder should still have been an indictment, in my opinion.

- The racists leave
- Aggressive police officers seem to support the racists

Additional video covage of the Garden Grove anti-race hate rally offered by 1Planet1People can be found at the following.

- Part 1 of 3 on "Minuteman" protest
- Part 2 of 3 on "Minuteman" protest
- Part 3 of 3 on "Minuteman" protest

An excellent job, 1Planet1People, you did real good. Hopefully you'll be able to expose more of your video as time and legalities permit.

While we're here, here are some additional copies of photographs moved to the Dark Wind Project for backups.

Garden Grove Assault

- "Minuteman" defender Hal Netkin's bleeding assault victims
- Another photograph of same assault
- "Minuteman" defender Hal Netkin's vehicle before capture
- Another photograph of an assault victim
- "Minuteman" defender Hal Netkin's victims going to hospital
- "Minuteman" bigots on the wrong side of America. See any non-whites?
- Another look at "Minuteman" defender Hal Netkin's victims


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