The creator of the Dark Wind Project web site is a skeptic by the name of Fredric L. Rice, a 40-something white guy who also maintains the Skeptic Tank organization and its web sites. While opposing organized crime and domestic espionage and opposing quack medical frauds which prey on the gullible and ignorant, I also oppose environmental disasters like gun-toting Bush Republican SUV morons.

Lately I had heard about a bunch of racist hate mongers who had planned to protest a work of art in Baldwin Park, California, people who had demanded the work of art be removed claiming it was racist and seditious.

After examining the facts of the matter and finding the claim were lies, I started looking instead at the racist hate mongers themselves and what I found disgusted me. While proclaiming to be against illegal aliens invading the United States only, and while proclaiming their utter lack of hatred against all Mexicans, as I reviewed their web sites and as I read more about professed Nazis and other white supremist groups and individuals expressing their support for the "Save Our State" and "Minutemen" clowns, it became clear, in my opinion, that they're all racist hate mongers, some of whom have apparently recently started trying to cloak their hatred around the banner of being against only illegal Mexicans.

Normally organized skeptics concern themselves solely with the debunking of claims of the paranormal so in this respects I've diverged from the mainstream organized skeptic movement.

On the other hand, claims of Holocaust denial and revision lend themselves to skeptical, scientific inquiry and in that respects, a number of organized skeptics groups have addressed the issue of race hatred among the claimants of Holocaust denial, so addressing race hate and the rhetoric employed isn't unique among skeptics.

The Dark Wind project's web site attempts to take a look at these people with a focus on using their own words and actions to expose them. At the same time I offer my opinions about such people and what they do and stand for, knowing full well that my opinions may be inaccurate or incomplete. Knowing that bias can creep into any investigation, the best way to avoid bias is to let the evidence speak for itself, and in that respects, archiving racist bigot's own words and newspaper articles about them is an effort to lend accuracy to this project.

Though investigating and addressing race hatred is very new to me -- I only really started after the counter race hate rally in Baldwin Park, California discussed elsewhere on this web site -- what I find is that these things come and go in cycles. I fully expect this latest crop of racists to disappear back into the festering slime from which they came, probably after George W. Bush is removed from the White House and the growing fascism we find ourselves laboring under in the United States starts to abate once again.

When this latest cycle of race hatred and bigotry is over, this web site will become obsolete and the pages will be archived and then will be removed from the Internet. Opposing organized criminal corporations such as Scientology and opposing assaults against science such as Creationism will once against be my primary focus.

For now, this web site will continue to grow as comments by racists are uttered and as newspapers and civil rights organizations lend their voice to oppose these bigots.


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