I asked this wonderful human being -- twice -- whether he was going to be the one holding down five year old girls and putting the bullets through their heads.

I never did get an answer.

From: "Brandon K. Montoya" <theintrepid@att.net>
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Newsgroups: alt.impeach.bush,
Subject: A Battle Against Illegal Workers, With an Unlikely Driving Force
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 00:33:29 GMT

"H. Reader" wrote:
> "Fredric L. Rice" <FRice@SkepticTank.ORG> wrote in message news:119mknaousrtvbe@corp.supernews.com...
> > I also agree that illegals are an extremely serious problem and that
> > our borders need to be clamped down _hard_. And that we need to go
> > after the illegals already here and the Republican companies that hire
> > these people.
> > But we also need to do it with compassion, humanity, and without the
> > white supremist motivations that marks so much of the anti-Mexican
> > actions and rhetoric these days.
> Okay. We'll make compassionate noises as we boot them
> back across the border.

Fuck that, they're invaders. I'm all for shooting any one of them that so much as try to slap the government agents who would politely guide them back to their proper country. And if we ever catch members of the Mexican military on our side of the border? Shoot on site, identify the bodies so we know what happened and then charge the family if they want the body back. If they don't pay? Ditch it.


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