The following was a lengthy run-on sentence so I've broken it down into something a bit more readable. As usual with all email submissions to The Skeptic Tank I've not altered the actual text itself, only the way it was formatted, otherwise such submissions become difficult for people to pick through and read.

In any event, the following email consists in most part of a typical Christian Republican conspiracy kook rant, one that even tries to play pretend that the right-wing extremist media in the United States is some how "liberal" and that photographs some how magically lie when presented by the good guys, and don't lie when presented by Christian Republican bigots. Who knows what this True American Hero's problem is.

This despite the fact that the right-wing media in this country refuses to cover the massive war crime atrocities against humanity this fascist regime -- this Christian fascist regime -- is committing in Iraq, and refuses to cover this fascist regime's "USA PATRIOT Act" fascism against the American people.

Amazing. The conspiracy kook rant even tries to claim that FOX is some how real news just because many Republicans actually believe it. Is it possible that this True American Hero thinks that Rupert Murdoc is actually a Jew and that the media is all part of the world-wide Jewish Conspiracy -- capital letters? Who knows? Who cares? We've all heard it all before. The tune hasn't changed in thousands of years, has it?

While that's going on, the True American Hero glibly denies over 2000 years of Christianity and its bloody, racist, hate filled history of genocide. Even while the Christian fascists fight to oppose equality for gays, blacks, Mexicans, and women, this True American Hero opens his frocking yap and proclaims that Christians don't hate.

Even while Christians have over the past 4 years slaughtered over 100,000 innocent Iraqis for the "sin" of having brown skin and worshipping the "wrong" gods, no less. This fascist Christian regime is raping, torturing, and murdering innocent children in Iraq every day and few Christians stand up and oppose this fascist Christian mass murderer named George W. Bush. Those that do are branded "not TRUE Christian" -- or traitors and terrorists among other things.

Indeed, the majority of Christian Republicanism supports and applauds the baby killing fascists, ignoring the endless assaults against American's rights, freedoms, and liberties even as they applaud their Fuhrer's war crime atroicties in Iraq. "USA PATRIOT Act?" Few Christian Republicans have ever read it. Few know that it nullifies completely every American's rights, freedoms, and liberties; that it cancels the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights; that it cancels the writ of habeus corpus and that this fascist Christian Republican regime has handed Osama bin Laden -- Bush's long time Saudi Arabian family friend -- everything he could have possible asked for.

Finally the notion that the racist bigots that got their clock cleaned for them in Baldwin Park were some how victims by the much more massive, peaceful, respectful anti-hate activists is pretty silly considering the photographic evidence. I was there. I took the photographs. The racist bigots were peaceful and depressed while the good guys were also peaceful, respectful, danced, sang, and had fun while opposing the bigots.

Oh: FOX "News" ratings for the past seven months:
Oct. 2004: 1,074,000
Nov. 2004: 891,000
Dec. 2004: 568,000
Jan. 2005: 564,000
Feb. 2005: 520,000
Mar. 2005: 498,000
Apr. 2005: 445,000

Subject: Distorted, Fabricated Article on Baldwin Park Rally on Skeptic Tank
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 18:45:37 -0700
From: CN
To: "Fredric L. Rice" <frice@linkline.com>
Cc: "Joe Turner" <info@saveourstate.org>,

Just an FYI Fredric, Christians do not hate!

As a Christian myself, the Bible states to love.

I am sorry that your experiences in life have provided a negative view on Christians.

Also please do not copy me on such horrible exchanges.

We are all Americans and should be patriotic to our country and law abiding. If someone is breaking the law, then they should be punished for such acts. And I have seen plenty of videos and photos of this Baldwin Park Rally, the "hatred" appears to have come from the opposing group, not the SOS Group.

And the media just for the record is very liberal. Plenty of magazine, newspaper, radio editorials speak of the liberal media. In fact this is the reason that Fox News Channel is up in ratings, since it is more conservative.

A majority of Americans feel the media is too liberal.

Finally, why can't we all unite as Americans, agree to disagree, and quit putting others down? Your article was just as angry and full of hate for others by the way.

I hope that you can read what you wrote and see this in your words.

Please, let's work together as Patriotic Americans!


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