Christians don't hate. That's why the cult has the bloody history that it does: its followers year after year, genocide after genocide, invasion after invasion, keep pointing at the Christians that came before them demanding they're all not TRUE Christians. And, of course, Christianity is often used to justify one's actions.

My response through email is offered afterwards.

To: CN
Cc: CS
"Fredric L. Rice" <frice@linkline.com>,
"Joe Turner" <info@saveourstate.org>,
Subject: Distorted, Fabricated Article on Baldwin Park Rally on Skeptic Tank
From: JN
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 10:21:08 -0700

1) Wanna talk hate? Last time I checked, it wasn't Christians setting off car bombs in crowded market places.
2) Let us not confuse Christianity (a religious belief) with the distorted political policies of catholicism (an institution).
3) Time we lived in the here and now and stop worrying about who's ancient relatives f-ed over who.

Thank you.

From: Fredric L. Rice:

It was Christians that invaded an innocent country and slaughtered over 100,000 innocent people, all because they have dark skin and worship the "wrong" gods.

It was Christians that are forcing the people of Iraq to fight back, fight for their families, fight for their country, and fight against this fascist regime. (It's also Christians who claim anyone who fights to defend themselves against fascist invaders are some how "terrorists" or "insurgents.

You think Christians would just step aside and let some fascist regime come in and take over without putting up a fight? 'Course not. Yet when brown skinned people defend themselves, that's "terrorism.")

It was Christians that raped and tortured boys, taking video tape and photographs so that they could send their Christian families copies to masturbate with.

It was Christians that installed Saddam in power, Christians that propped him up and made him a staunch ally of the US, Christians that gave Saddam the blistering agents and the technology he needed to gas Iranians stationed within Kurdish townships, Christians that conducted cocaine and arm deals on orders from Christian Oliver North with America's enemies, Christians that enacted "USA PATRIOT Act" against the American people.

Trying to proclaim the utter evil of Christianity is some how excusable because the Christians are some how not "true" Christians is why the cult has its bloody history.

Look at what you people defend.

I reitterate: I'm against illegal aliens flooding into this country. I dislike the crime, the drugs, the pollution, the overcrowding, and everything else that results.

But what motivates you SOS / Minutemen et al. clowns is clear to see on your web sites and in your lies. The mere fact that you clowns have to go through your web sites and remove embarrassing truths from your own participants speaks volumes.

America doesn't need your hate. We have enough racism and enough fascism under the Bush regime to last us, thanks.


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