This is highly informative coverage of the racists. While the anti-hate activists are willing to abide by the rules of polite society and to confirm with the City of Baldwin Park that they're peaceful, law-abiding citizens of the community, the white supremist hate mongers coming in from out of town and out of State specifically refuse to agree to abide by the rules of polite, civilized society.

This speaks volumes about what these racists are all about.

And of course the result was the police penning these animals up into a "Free Speech Zone" on June 25'th where nobody had to look at them.

Goverage can be found at June 25 Coverage.


Article Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 - 8:44:09 PM PST

Officials brace for SOS

Both sides urged to sign promises of nonviolence

By Shirley Hsu , Staff Writer

BALDWIN PARK -- In an effort to prevent violence at what is expected to be a heated protest Saturday, Baldwin Park officials said Wednesday they will ask participants on both sides to sign written pledges of nonviolence.

City volunteers will pass out the pledges to protesters convening at the Baldwin Park Metrolink station. Some are expected to denounce, and others to defend, a monument that an anti-illegal immigration group claims is anti-American but that local residents say upholds the heritage of the city.

The pledge asks people to promise not to incite violence or damage property, and to walk away from confrontations and stay behind police lines.

The pledges also will be e- mailed to various groups and posted on the blogs of both side's Web sites, said Adan Ortega, who has been hired by Baldwin Park to handle public relations over the protests. The city hired Ortega two weeks ago at a cost of about $5,000 per month.

"We just want to make the point that we want there to be peaceful and free expression of people's opinions. We want people to walk away from confrontation. And stay hydrated,' Ortega said.

Members of anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State claim the monument is seditious because of two inscribed quotes: "It was better before they came,' and "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is and will be again.'

Artist Judy Baca, who designed the monument, said that the first quote was actually uttered by a white person about Mexican immigrants.

Joseph Turner, executive director of Save Our State, wants the inscriptions removed from the 12-year-old monument. He said although his group "has no intention of initiating violence," he would not sign the pledge because he objected to the promise "to walk away from confrontation of any type.'

"I've stated very clearly that we're not going to allow anyone to intimidate or prevent us from exercising our First Amendment rights. If someone wants to attack me, I'm going to respond accordingly.'

Leaders of monument supporters The Committee to Defend Danzas Indigenas said they will support the nonviolence pledge.

"We're not interested in any kind of confrontation. We're committed to a nonviolent event, and chaos and potential conflict don't benefit anyone,' said Chris Silvas, the group's spokesman.

Silvas said he would encourage all members to sign the pledge.

"It's the intention of every person I've worked with to follow the law. That's why we filed for a permit and attempted to follow the ordinance.'

The city has no plans to remove or alter the monument because of contractual obligations with the artist as well as "community pride,' according to a prepared statement by Ortega.

"The monument stays,' Ortega said.

A demonstration May 14 drew more than 200, and police in riot gear had to keep the two opposing sides apart . On Saturday, the city will hand out tip sheets on public demonstration safety, advising protesters to stay off streets and drink plenty of water.

The last rally cost the city nearly $100,000, Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano said.

Turner said he hopes to cost Baldwin Park as much money as possible to pressure the city to change the monument.

"If we come back 10 times,' he said, "it'll cost them a million dollars."

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